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Environmental Stability of Bismuthene: Oxidation Mechanism and Structural Stability of 2D PnictogensJul 10 2019Recently a new group of two dimensional (2D) materials, originating from the group V elements (pnictogens), has gained global attention owing to their outstanding properties.
On b- and tau-multiplicities per event in SUSY (mSUGRA) and instrumental implicationsMay 27 1999We investigate the probability to find a b or tau in SUSY production with the mSUGRA model. We find that in the entire parameter space the probability per event to find a b-jet of E_T^b > 50 GeV within CMS acceptance (eta < 2.4) is significant for all ... More
Coherent states in complex variables and classical dynamicsApr 30 2011Jun 03 2011It was studied coherent states in complex variables in SU(2), SU(3), SU(4) groups and in general in SU(n) group. Using the completeness relation of the coherent state, we obtain a path integral expression for transition amplitude which connects a pair ... More
Simultaneous Search for Two Higgs Bosons of Minimal Supersymmetry at the LHCMar 28 1996The prospects of detecting the CP-odd Higgs pseudoscalar ($A$) in the minimal supersymmetric model via its decay into a $Z$ boson and the lighter CP-even Higgs scalar ($h$) at the CERN Large Hadron Collider are investigated. The final state of $Z \to ... More
Regular and chaotic dynamics of a matter-wave soliton near the atomic mirrorNov 22 2014The dynamics of the soliton in a self-attractive Bose-Einstein condensate under the gravity are investigated. First, we apply the inverse scattering method, which gives rise to equation of motion for the center-of-mass coordinate of the soliton. We analyze ... More
Recent results from the Belle experimentNov 29 2006We report the recent results of a search for the decay B- --> tau- anti-nu_tau, observations of new resonances X, Y and Z, and the first results from Upsilon(5S) data collected with the Belle detector at KEKB e+e- collider.
On pre-Hamiltonian Cycles in Hamiltonian DigraphsApr 30 2014Let $D$ be a strongly connected directed graph of order $n\geq 4$. In \cite{[14]} (J. of Graph Theory, Vol.16, No. 5, 51-59, 1992) Y. Manoussakis proved the following theorem: Suppose that $D$ satisfies the following condition for every triple $x,y,z$ ... More
About $K^o, \bar K^o$ meson oscillations at strangeness violation by weak interactions without and with taking into account meson decaysMar 07 2013This work considers $K^0, \bar K^0$ meson mixings and oscillations via $K^0_1, K^0_2$ meson states at strangeness violation by weak interactions in two cases - without and with taking into account $K^0_1, K^0_2$ meson decays. In the first case the oscillation ... More
Global attractors for the one dimensional wave equation with displacement dependent dampingDec 20 2010We study the long-time behavior of solutions of the one dimensional wave equation with nonlinear damping coefficient. We prove that if the damping coefficient function is strictly positive near the origin then this equation possesses a global attractor. ... More
Bouncing cosmology without anisotropyOct 12 2010Using non-linear equation of state for pressure and density energy, we show that the universe is began with a smooth and isotropic bounce. We use a non-linear equation of state which is a binary mixture of perfect fluid and dark energy. We show that in ... More
Neutrino oscillations: theory and phenomenologyOct 05 2006Oct 05 2006A brief overview of selected topics in the theory and phenomenology of neutrino oscillations is given. These include: oscillations in vacuum and in matter; phenomenology of 3-flavour neutrino oscillations and effective 2-flavour approximations; CP and ... More
Floquet theory of neutrino oscillations in the earthAug 14 2000We review the Floquet theory of linear differential equations with periodic coefficients and discuss its applications to neutrino oscillations in matter of periodically varying density. In particular, we consider parametric resonance in neutrino oscillations ... More
Parametric resonance in neutrino oscillations in matterJul 20 1999Neutrino oscillations in matter can exhibit a specific resonance enhancement -- parametric resonance, which is different from the MSW resonance. Oscillations of atmospheric and solar neutrinos inside the earth can undergo parametric enhancement when neutrino ... More
On the Fourier-Laplace Transform of Functionals on a Weighted Space of Infinitely Differentiable FunctionsNov 10 1999The strong dual space of linear continuous functionals on a weighted space G of infinitely differentiable functions defined on the real line is described in terms of their Fourier-Laplace transforms.
On a space of entire functions and its Fourier transformationJan 13 2015A space of entire functions of several complex variables rapidly decreasing on ${\mathbb R}^n$ and such that their growth along $i{\mathbb R}^n$ is majorized with a help of a family of weight functions (not radial in general) is considered in the paper. ... More
On infinite iterations of the functor of idempotent probability measuresJun 17 2019In this paper we establish that the functor of idempotent probability measures acting in the category of compacta and their continous mappings is perfect metrisable
Complete population transfer in a degenerate 3-level atomJun 23 2003We find conditions required to achieve complete population transfer, via coherent population trapping, from an initial state to a designated final state at a designated time in a degenerate 3-level atom, where transitions are caused by an external interaction. ... More
Complete population transfer in degenerate n-state atomsJun 03 2003Jun 11 2003We find a set of conditions to achieve complete population transfer, via coherent population trapping, from an initial state to a designated final state at a designated time in a degenerate n-state atom, where the transitions are caused by an external ... More
Universal cluster size distribution in a system of randomly spaced particlesDec 03 2018The distribution function of particles over clusters consisting of them is proposed for a system of identical intersecting spheres, the centres of which are uniformly distributed in space. Distribution is universal in the sense that the form of the distribution ... More
Population control of 2s-2p transitions in hydrogenJun 23 2003We consider the time evolution of the occupation probabilities for the 2s-2p transition in a hydrogen atom interacting with an external field, V(t). A two-state model and a dipole approximation are used. In the case of degenerate energy levels an analytical ... More
On Leibniz superalgebras which even part is sl_2May 02 2019This article deals with a Leibniz superalgebras $L=L_0\oplus L_1,$ whose even part is a simple Lie algebra $\mathfrak{sl}_2$. We describe all such Leibniz superalgebras when odd part is an irreducible Leibniz bi-module on $\mathfrak{sl}_2 $. We show that ... More
Quantum time ordering and degeneracy. II: Coherent population transfer between degenerate statesAug 02 2003We find conditions required to achieve complete population transfer, via coherent population trapping, from an initial state to a designated final state at a designated time in a degenerate $n$-state atom, where transitions are caused by an external interaction. ... More
Neutrino oscillations in the scheme of mass mixings and problem of smallness of angle mixing $θ_{1 3}$Jun 14 2012In the framework of the mass mixing scheme we have considered mixings and oscillations of $\nu_e, \nu_\mu, \nu_\tau$ neutrinos and obtained expressions for angle mixings and lengths of oscillations in dependence on components of the nondiagonal mass matrix. ... More
The correction of Horava-Lifshitz black hole from holographic engineApr 11 2016The critical behavior of Horava-Lifshitz (HL) black hole complectly different with other black holes. Because the phase transition in the non-extended phase space exists only for hyperbolic horizon case. On the other hand in the case of extended phase ... More
Equivalence Principle (EP) and Solar System Constraints on $R(1\pm ε\ln({R \over R_c}))$ model of GravityJun 09 2010Jan 18 2011Experiments on the violation of equivalence principle (EP) and solar system give a number of constraints in which any modified gravity model must satisfy them. We study these constraints on a kind of $f(R)$ gravity as $f(R) = R(1\pm \epsilon \ln({R \over ... More
On the extension of the sensitive area of an extensive air shower surface arrayJan 06 2016A large distance between true and reconstructed core locations of an extensive air shower (EAS) may results in great systematic mis-estimation of EAS parameters. The reconstruction of those EASs whose core locations are outside the boundary of a surface ... More
Homologous Gravitational Collapse in Lagrangian Coordinate: Planetary System in Protostar and Cavity in Pre-SupernovaApr 13 2012The classical problem of spherical homologous gravitational collapse with a polytropic equation of state for pressure is examined in Lagrangian fluid coordinate, where the position of each initial fluid element {\eta} = r(0) is followed in time by the ... More
Inverse scattering transform for the Toda lattice with steplike initial dataAug 03 2010We study the solution of the Toda lattice Cauchy problem with steplike initial data. The initial data are supposed to tend to zero as $n \to +\infty$. By the inverse scattering transform method formulas allowing us to find solution of the Toda lattice ... More
Constant-roll approach to non-canonical inflationMar 01 2018Mar 16 2019The scenario of constant-roll inflation is studied where the inflaton is a scalar field with modified kinetic term, known as non-canonical scalar field. This modification leads to some changes in the slow-roll parameters, and also by taking the second ... More
Neutrino oscillations beyond two flavoursJul 29 2002I review some theoretical aspects of neutrino oscillations in the case when more than two neutrino flavours are involved. These include: approximate analytic solutions for 3-flavour (3f) oscillations in matter; matter effects in nu_mu - nu_tau oscillations; ... More
News about nu'sNov 28 2000We review new results in neutrino physics, including the latest data of the Super-Kamiokande, SNO and K2K experiments.
Remarks on parametric resonance of neutrino oscillations in the earthMar 09 1999Neutrino oscillations in matter can exhibit a specific resonance enhancement -- parametric resonance, which is different from the MSW resonance. Recently it has been shown that the oscillations of atmospheric and solar neutrinos inside the earth can undergo ... More
A Dynamical Left--Right Symmetry Breaking ModelJun 15 1995Left--right symmetry breaking in a model with composite Higgs scalars is discussed. It is assumed that the low--energy degrees of freedom are just fermions and gauge bosons and that the Higgs bosons are generated dynamically through a set of gauge-- and ... More
On a space of entire functions and its Fourier transformMar 13 2017A space of entire functions of several complex variables rapidly decreasing on ${\mathbb R}^n$ and such that their growth along $i{\mathbb R}^n$ is majorized with the help of a family of weight functions is considered in this paper. For such space an ... More
On perturbation of a surjective convolution operatorDec 16 2016Let $\mu \in {\cal E}'({\mathbb R}^n)$ be a compactly supported distribution such that its support is a convex set with non-empty interior. Let $X_2$ be a convex domain in ${\mathbb R}^n$, $X_1 = X_2 + supp \ \mu $. Assuming that a convolution operator ... More
Optimal quadrature formulas of closed type in the space $L_2^{(m)}(0,1)$May 02 2010It is discussed the problem on construction of optimal quadrature formulas in the sense of Sard in the space $L_2^{(m)}(0,1)$, when the nodes of quadrature formulas are equally spaced. Here the representations of optimal coefficients for any natural numbers ... More
Cycles of each even lengths in balanced bipartite digraphsJul 14 2016Let $D$ be a strongly connected balanced bipartite directed graph of order $2a\geq 4$. Let $x,y$ be distinct vertices in $D$. $\{x,y\}$ dominates a vertex $z$ if $x\rightarrow z$ and $y\rightarrow z$; in this case, we call the pair $\{x,y\}$ dominating. ... More
Gravitational Baryogenesis in Anisotropic UniverseOct 24 2010The interaction between Ricci scalar curvature and the baryon number current, dynamically breaks CPT in an expanding universe and leads to baryon asymmetry. Using this kind of interaction and study the gravitational baryogenesis in the Bianchi type I ... More
Analysis of Poisson Networks and Their Relation with Random Cellular StructuresMar 13 1996We perform a detailed analysis of the statistical properties of Poisson networks and show that the metric and topological properties of random cellular structures, can not be derived from simple models of random networks based on a poisson point distribution ... More
Holographic Dark Energy Like in $f(R)$ GravityOct 12 2010We investigate the corresponding relation between $f(R)$ gravity and holographic dark energy. We introduce a kind of energy density from $f(R)$ which has role of the same as holographic dark energy. We obtain the differential equation that specify the ... More
Features of description of composite system's motion in twist-deformed space-timeDec 31 2018Composite system made of $N$ particles is considered in twist-deformed space-time. It is shown that in the space the motion of the center-of-mass of the system depends on the relative motion. Influence of deformation on the motion of the center-of-mass ... More
On the Anisotropic Big Bang Cosmology With A General Non-Linear EoSOct 12 2010We study the anisotropic Big Bang cosmology for a general non-linear equation of state (EoS) in standard general relativity cosmology in early times. According to brane world cosmology and loop quantum gravity which introduce a quadratic term in the energy ... More
On a Hilbert space of entire functionsOct 17 2017A weighted Hilbert space $F^2_{\varphi}$ of entire functions of $n$ variables is considered in the paper. The weight function $\varphi$ is a convex function on ${\mathbb C}^n$ depending on modules of variables and growing at infinity faster than $a \Vert ... More
The Efimov's effect for the Fridrix's modelNov 20 2009We study existance of infinitely many egenvalues of the Fridrix's model.
The Efimov's effect for a model of a three particle discrete Shrödinger operatorNov 20 2009In the paper we study existance of infinitly many egenvalues for a model of a three particle discrete Shr\"odinger operator.
The Discrete Analogue of the Operator $d^{2m}/dx^{2m}$ and its PropertiesJan 04 2010In this paper the discrete analogue $D_m[\beta]$ of the differential operator $d^{2m}/dx^{2m}$ is constructed and its some new properties are proved.
Sufficient conditions for Hamiltonian cycles in bipartite digraphsApr 29 2016We prove two sharp sufficient conditions for hamiltonian cycles in balanced bipartite directed graph. Let $D$ be a strongly connected balanced bipartite directed graph of order $2a$. Let $x,y$ be distinct vertices in $D$. $\{x,y\}$ dominates a vertex ... More
On cyclability of digraphsFeb 18 2016Given a directed graph $D$ of order $n\geq 4$ and a nonempty subset $Y$ of vertices of $D$ such that in $D$ every vertex of $Y$ reachable from every other vertex of $Y$. Assume that for every triple $x,y,z\in Y$ such that $x$ and $y$ are nonadjacent: ... More
More on generalized simplicial chiral modelsJul 22 2000By generalizing the auxiliary field term in the Lagrangian of simplicial chiral models on a (d-1)-dimensional simplex, the generalized simplicial chiral models has been introduced in \c{Ali}. These models can be solved analytically only in d=0 and d=2 ... More
Heat Engine of black holesApr 29 2015Feb 28 2016As we know, the cosmological constant in different theories of gravity acts as a thermodynamics variable. The cosmological constant exists in different actions of gravity and also appears in the solution of such theories. These lead to use the black hole ... More
Reconstructing f(R) model from Holographic DE: Using the observational evidenceMar 17 2012Jan 14 2014We investigate the corresponding relation between $f(R)$ gravity and an interacting holographic dark energy. By obtaining conditions needed for some observational evidence such as, positive acceleration expansion of universe, crossing the phantom divide ... More
Parameters of noncommutativity in Lie-algebraic noncommutative spaceNov 01 2018We find condition on the parameters of noncommutativity on which a list of important results can be obtained in a space with Lie-algebraic noncommutativity. Namely, we show that the weak equivalence principle is recovered in the space, the Poisson brackets ... More
Vacuum energy and relativistic invarianceApr 04 2002Jun 04 2002It is argued that the zero-point energies of free quantum fields diverge at most quadratically and not quartically, as is generally believed. This is a consequence of the relativistic invariance which requires that the energy density of the vacuum $\rho$ ... More
Dynamical localization of gauge fields on a braneJul 25 2001Aug 09 2001We propose a dynamical mechanism of localization of gauge fields on a brane in which gauge bosons are excitations of the brane itself or composites made out of matter fields localized on the brane. The mechanism is operative for both Abelian and non-Abelian ... More
Seesaw mechanism and the neutrino mass matrixJan 05 2000The seesaw mechanism of neutrino mass generation is analysed under the following assumptions: (1) minimal seesaw with no Higgs triplets, (2) hierarchical Dirac masses of neutrinos, (3) large lepton mixing primarily or solely due to the mixing in the right-handed ... More
Atmospheric NeutrinosFeb 16 1994Recent results of atmospheric neutrino experiments are reviewed and their possible interpretations are discussed, main emphasis being put on the neutrino oscillation hypothesis.
The neutrino magnetic moment and time variations of the solar neutrino fluxMay 28 1997Feb 26 1998The present status of the neutrino magnetic moment solutions of the solar neutrino problem is summarized. After a brief review of the basics of the neutrino spin and spin-flavor precession I discuss the experimental data and show how the neutrino resonant ... More
Perfect correspondences and Chow motivesOct 01 2013It is an open conjecture of Orlov that the bounded derived category of coherent sheaves of a smooth projective variety determines its Chow motive with rational coefficients. In this master's thesis we introduce a category of \emph{perfect correspondences}, ... More
A new model-independent approach for finding the arrival direction of an extensive air showerJul 26 2016A new accurate method for reconstructing the arrival direction of an extensive air shower (EAS) is described. Compared to existing methods, it is not subject to minimization of a function and, therefore, is fast and stable. This method also does not need ... More
On Hamiltonian Bypasses in Digraphs with the Condition of Y. ManoussakisApr 30 2014Let $D$ be a strongly connected directed graph of order $n\geq 4$ vertices which satisfies the following condition for every triple $x,y,z$ of vertices such that $x$ and $y$ are non-adjacent: If there is no arc from $x$ to $z$, then $d(x)+d(y)+d^+(x)+d^-(z)\geq ... More
Problem of oscillations presence at $CP$ violation in the system of $K^o$ mesonsJan 22 2014Feb 24 2014In this work there are considered two approaches to the description of $K^o, \bar K^o$ meson transitions into $K_S (K^o_1)$ mesons at $CP$ violation in weak interactions. The first approach uses the standard theory of oscillations and the second approach ... More
The classification of algebras of level twoFeb 20 2015This paper is devoted to the description of complex finite-dimensional algebras of level two. We obtain the classification of algebras of level two in the varieties of Jordan, Lie and associative algebras.
Composite system in noncommutative space and the equivalence principleMay 05 2014The motion of a composite system made of N particles is examined in a space with a canonical noncommutative algebra of coordinates. It is found that the coordinates of the center-of-mass position satisfy noncommutative algebra with effective parameter. ... More
Constraint Algebras in Gauge Invariant SystemsJul 22 1994The Hamiltonian description for a wide class of mechanical systems, having local symmetry transformations depending on time derivatives of the gauge parameters of arbitrary order, is constructed. The Poisson brackets of the Hamiltonian and constraints ... More
Ground state of finite nuclei evaluated from realistic interactionsMay 08 2002Ground state properties of finite nuclei ($^{16}$O and $^{40}$Ca) are evaluated from realistic nucleon-nucleon interactions. The calculations are based on the Brueckner-Hartree-Fock approximation. Special attention is paid to the role of the energy spectrum ... More
Alfvén Wave Driven High Frequency Waves in the Solar Atmosphere: Implications for Ion HeatingFeb 06 2014This work is an extension of Kaghashvili [1999] where ion-cyclotron wave dissipation channel for Alfv\'en waves was discussed. While our earlier study dealt with the mode coupling in the commonly discussed sense, here we study changes in the initial waveform ... More
The modified Horava-Lifshitz black hole from holographic engineApr 11 2016Nov 06 2016In this paper we take cosmological constant as thermodynamic pressure and its conjugate quantity will be thermodynamic volume. This expression help us to investigate the phase transition and holography heat engine in the modified Horava-Lifshitz (HL) ... More
On weighted polynomial approximationDec 26 2017Let $\varPhi:{\mathbb R}^n \to [1, \infty)$ be a semi-continuous from below function such that $\lim \limits_{x \to \infty} \displaystyle \frac {\ln \varPhi(x)} {\Vert x \Vert} = +\infty$. It is shown that polynomials are dense in $C_{\varPhi}({\mathbb ... More
Brane Cosmology for Vacuum and Cosmological Constant BulkJun 09 2010We consider the cosmology of a 3-brane universe, in a five dimensional space time (Bulk). We present some solutions to the five-dimensional Einstein equation, where a perfect fluid is confined to the 3-brane. We investigate the evolution of brane for ... More
Brane Cosmology With Generalized Chaplygin Gas in The BulkJun 09 2010We find exact solution of the Einstein equations in the context of the brane world scenario. We have supposed a {generalized chaplygin gas} equation of state for bulk. This study display a constant energy density and pressure for bulk in late time. It ... More
Representation of Infinitely Differentiable Functions by Dirichlet SeriesJul 13 2001The problem of representation of elements of weighted space of infinitely differentiable functions on real line by exponential series is considered.
Matter effects in oscillations of neutrinos traveling short distances in matterNov 09 2000Feb 20 2001It is well known that when the distance $t$ traveled by neutrinos in matter is short, matter effects in oscillations of neutrino flavour are small and decrease with decreasing $t$ more rapidly than the oscillations effects themselves. We discuss the reason ... More
Neutrino physicsJan 25 2000Jan 31 2000In the present lectures the following topics are considered: general properties of neutrinos, neutrino mass phenomenology (Dirac and Majorana masses), neutrino masses in the simplest extensions of the standard model (including the seesaw mechanism), neutrino ... More
Small entries of neutrino mass matricesSep 01 1999Sep 15 1999We consider phenomenologically allowed structures of the neutrino mass matrix in the case of three light neutrino species. Constraints from the solar, atmospheric and reactor neutrino experiments as well as those from the neutrinoless double beta decay ... More
Neutrino Magnetic Moments and the Solar Neutrino ProblemMay 15 1994Present status of the neutrino magnetic moment solutions of the solar neutrino problem is reviewed. In particular, we discuss a possibility of reconciling different degrees of suppression and time variation of the signal (or lack of such a variation) ... More
Parametric resonance of neutrino oscillations and passage of solar and atmospheric neutrinos through the earthMay 10 1998Oct 29 1998We present an exact analytic solution to the neutrino evolution equation in matter with periodic step-function density profile and discuss in detail the parametric resonance of neutrino oscillations that can occur in such a system. Solar and atmospheric ... More
Backreaction effects due to matter coupled higher derivative gravitySep 29 2014Nov 28 2014AdS-hydrodynamics has proven to be a useful tool for obtaining transport coefficients observed in the collective flow of strongly coupled fluids like quark gluon plasma (QGP). Particularly, the ratio of shear viscosity to entropy density ${\eta/ s}$ obtained ... More
Self-consistent treatment of the self-energy in nuclear matterOct 30 2003The influence of hole-hole propagation in addition to the conventional particle-particle propagation, on the energy per nucleon and the momentum distribution is investigated. The results are compared to the Brueckner-Hartree-Fock (BHF) calculations with ... More
Dynamical localization of matter wave solitons in managed barrier potentialsOct 04 2006The bright matter wave soliton propagation through a barrier with a rapidly oscillating position is investigated. The averaged over rapid oscillations Gross-Pitaevskii (GP) equation is derived. It is shown that the soliton is dynamically trapped by the ... More
Flat bands and dynamical localization of spin-orbit coupled Bose-Einstein condensatesDec 07 2018Flat bands and dynamical localization of binary mixtures of Bose-Einstein condensates, with spin-orbit coupling subjected to a deep optical lattice which is shaking in time and to a periodic time modulation of the Zeeman field, are investigated. In contrast ... More
Berry phase for coherent states in spin systemsMar 31 2011In this paper we obtain Berry phase from Schr\"odinger equation. For vector states, basic kets are coherent states in real parameterization. We calculate Berry phase for spin S=1/2 and spin S=1 in SU(2) group and Berry phase for spin S=1 in SU(3) group. ... More
Quantum field theoretic approach to neutrino oscillations in matterMay 28 2012Oct 25 2012We consider neutrino oscillations in non-uniform matter in a quantum field theoretic (QFT) approach, in which neutrino production, propagation and detection are considered as a single process. We find the conditions under which the oscillation probability ... More
Interplay of type I and type II seesaw contributions to neutrino massSep 05 2006Jan 18 2007Type I and type II seesaw contributions to the mass matrix of light neutrinos are inherently related if left-right symmetry is realized at high energy scales. We investigate implications of such a relation for the interpretation of neutrino data. We proved ... More
SNO and the neutrino magnetic moment solution of the solar neutrino problemMay 17 2000Assuming that the solar neutrino deficit observed in the Homestake, SAGE, Gallex, Kamiokande and Super-Kamiokande experiments is due to the interaction of the neutrino transition magnetic moment with the solar magnetic field, we calculate the expected ... More
Thermodynamics of Charged Rotating Accelerating AdS Alack Holes: P-V criticality and Heat EngineJun 22 2019In this paper, we consider charged rotating and slowly accelerating AdS black holes and study their thermodynamical properties. First, we investigate phase transition and thermal stability in canonical ensemble with fixed cosmological constant. We show ... More
Inhomogenous Poisson Networks and Random Cellular StructuresFeb 25 2002we study the statistical properties of inhomogenous Poisson networks. we perform a detailed analysis of the statistical properties of Poisson networks and show that the topological properties of random cellular structures, can be derived from these models ... More
Advanced Lanczos diagonalization for models of quantum disordered systemsFeb 03 2000Mar 03 2000An application of an effective numerical algorithm for solving eigenvalue problems which arise in modelling electronic properties of quantum disordered systems is considered. We study the electron states at the localization-delocalization transition induced ... More
Universal Fluctuations in Spectra of Disordered Systems at the Anderson TransitionJun 25 1995Using the level--spacing distribution and the total probability function of the numbers of levels in a given energy interval we analyze the crossover of the level statistics between the delocalized and the localized regimes. By numerically calculating ... More
Critical level statistics at the Anderson transition in four-dimensional disordered systemsOct 22 1998The level spacing distribution is numerically calculated at the disorder-induced metal--insulator transition for dimensionality d=4 by applying the Lanczos diagonalisation. The critical level statistics are shown to deviate stronger from the result of ... More
Symmetry breaking induced by random fluctuations for Bose-Einstein condensates in a double-well trapSep 18 2004This paper is devoted to the study of the dynamics of two weakly-coupled Bose-Einstein condensates confined in a double-well trap and perturbed by random external forces. Energy diffusion due to random forcing allows the system to visit symmetry-breaking ... More
A Simple Classification of SolitonsJun 06 2012Jun 07 2012In this report, fundamental educational concepts of linear and non-linear equations and solutions of nonlinear equations from the book High-Temperature Superconductivity: The Nonlinear Mechanism and Tunneling Measurements (Kluwer Academic Publishers, ... More
Comments on "Light deflection by Damour-Solodukhin wormholes and Gauss-Bonnet theorem, Phys. Rev. D 98, 044033 (2018) by Ali Övgün"Nov 02 2018The purpose of this Comment is to point out that there are conceptual and mathematical flaws in the analysis in "Light deflection by Damour-Solodukhin wormholes and Gauss-Bonnet theorem, Phys. Rev. D 98, 044033 (2018) by Ali \"{O}vg\"{u}n".
Duality in Left-Right Symmetric Seesaw MechanismSep 27 2005Mar 07 2006We consider type I+II seesaw mechanism, where the exchanges of both right-handed neutrinos and isotriplet Higgs bosons contribute to the neutrino mass. Working in the left-right symmetric framework and assuming the mass matrix of light neutrinos $m_\nu$ ... More
Solar neutrino oscillations and bounds on neutrino magnetic moment and solar magnetic fieldSep 17 2002Sep 18 2002If the observed deficit of solar neutrinos is due to neutrino oscillations, neutrino conversions caused by the interaction of their transition magnetic moments with the solar magnetic field (spin-flavour precession) can still be present at a subdominant ... More
Critical level spacing distribution of two-dimensional disordered systems with spin-orbit couplingJun 16 1995The energy level statistics of 2D electrons with spin-orbit scattering are considered near the disorder induced metal-insulator transition. Using the Ando model, the nearest-level-spacing distribution is calculated numerically at the critical point. It ... More
Gap-Townes solitons and localized excitations in low dimensional Bose Einstein condensates in optical latticesApr 18 2005Nov 05 2005We discuss localized ground states of Bose-Einstein condensates in optical lattices with attractive and repulsive three-body interactions in the framework of a quintic nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation which extends the Gross-Pitaevskii equation to the ... More
Propagation of matter wave solitons in periodic and random nonlinear potentialsNov 10 2005We study the motion of bright matter wave solitons in nonlinear potentials, produced by periodic or random spatial variations of the atomic scattering length. We obtain analytical results for the soliton motion, the radiation of matter wave, and the radiative ... More
Effective Action for Self-Interacting Scalar Field in 3-dimensional BallJan 15 2002In this paper we have considered the renormalized one-loop effective action for massless self-interacting scalar field in the 3-dimensional ball. The scalar field satisfies Dirichlet boundary condition on the ball. Using heat kernel expansion method we ... More
More on Phase Structure of Nonlocal 2D Generalized Yang-Mills Theories (nlgYM$_2$'s)Feb 25 2002We study the phase structure of nonlocal two dimensional generalized Yang - Mills theories (nlgYM$_2$) and it is shown that all order of $\phi^{2k}$ model of these theories has phase transition only on compact manifold with $g = 0$(on sphere), and the ... More
Scaling of Level Statistics at the Disorder-Induced Metal-Insulator TransitionJul 12 1995The distribution of energy level separations for lattices of sizes up to 28$\times$28$\times$28 sites is numerically calculated for the Anderson model. The results show one-parameter scaling. The size-independent universality of the critical level spacing ... More