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Stochastic Impulse Control of Non-Markovian ProcessesJun 17 2008We consider a class of stochastic impulse control problems of general stochastic processes i.e. not necessarily Markovian. Under fairly general conditions we establish existence of an optimal impulse control. We also prove existence of combined optimal ... More
Viscosity solutions of second order integral-partial differential equations: A new resultAug 19 2015Sep 03 2016We show existence and uniqueness of a continuous with polynomial growth viscosity solution of a system of second order integral-partial differential equations (IPDEs for short) without assuming the usual monotonicity condition of the generator with respect ... More
Viscosity solutions of systems of variational inequalities with interconnected bilateral obstacles of non-local typeJul 17 2015Apr 04 2017In this paper, we study systems of nonlinear second-order variational inequalities with interconnected bilateral obstacles with non-local terms. They are of min-max and max-min types and related to a multiple modes zero-sum switching game in the jump-diffusion ... More
Viscosity solution of system of variational inequalities with interconnected bilateral obstacles and connections to multiple modes switching game of jump-diffusion processesJul 17 2015In this paper, we study a general class of nonlinear second-order variational inequalities with interconnected bilateral obstacles with non-local term, related to a multiple modes switching game with jumps. Using systems of penalized unilateral backward ... More
Lp-Solutions for Reected Backward Stochastic Differential EquationsJul 11 2008This paper deals with the problem of existence and uniqueness of a solution for a backward stochastic differential equation (BSDE for short) with one reflecting barrier in the case when the terminal value, the generator and the obstacle process are Lp-integrable ... More
The Continuous Time Nonzero-sum Dynkin Game Problem and Application in Game OptionsOct 31 2008In this paper we study the nonzero-sum Dynkin game in continuous time which is a two player non-cooperative game on stopping times. We show that it has a Nash equilibrium point for general stochastic processes. As an application, we consider the problem ... More
The Multi-player Nonzero-sum Dynkin Game in Continuous TimeSep 29 2011In this paper we study the N-player nonzero-sum Dynkin game ($N\geq 3$) in continuous time, which is a non-cooperative game where the strategies are stopping times. We show that the game has a Nash equilibrium point for general payoff processes.
The Starting and Stopping Problem under Knightian Uncertainty and Related Systems of Reflected BSDEsOct 04 2007This article deals with the starting and stopping problem under Knightian uncertainty, i.e., roughly speaking, when the probability under which the future evolves is not exactly known. We show that the lower price of a plant submitted to the decisions ... More
Mean-field backward-forward stochastic differential equations and nonzero sum stochastic differential gamesApr 12 2019We study a general class of fully coupled backward-forward stochastic differential equations of mean-field type (MF-BFSDE). We derive existence and uniqueness results for such a system under weak monotonicity assumptions and without the non-degeneracy ... More
Regularity of Nash payoffs of Markovian nonzero-sum stochastic differential gamesNov 07 2017Oct 23 2018In this paper we deal with the problem of existence of a smooth solution of the Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman-Isaacs (HJBI for short) system of equations associated with nonzero-sum stochastic differential games. We consider the problem in unbounded domains ... More
The Finite Horizon Optimal Multi-Modes Switching Problem: the Viscosity Solution ApproachMay 09 2008In this paper we show existence and uniqueness of a solution for a system of m variational partial differential inequalities with inter-connected obstacles. This system is the deterministic version of the Verification Theorem of the Markovian optimal ... More
Viscosity Solutions of Systems of Variational Inequalities with Interconnected Bilateral ObstaclesNov 21 2012We study a general class of nonlinear second-order variational inequalities with interconnected bilateral obstacles, related to a multiple modes switching game. Under rather weak assumptions, using systems of penalized unilateral backward SDEs, we construct ... More
A Generalized Mixed Zero-sum Stochastic Differential Game and Double Barrier Reflected BSDEs with Quadratic Growth CoefficientJul 09 2008Jun 30 2009This article is dedicated to the study of mixed zero-sum two-player stochastic differential games in the situation when the player's cost functionals are modeled by doubly controlled reflected backward stochastic equations with two barriers whose coefficients ... More
A Finite Horizon Optimal Multiple Switching ProblemJul 18 2007We consider the problem of optimal multiple switching in finite horizon, when the state of the system, including the switching costs, is a general adapted stochastic process. The problem is formulated as an extended impulse control problem and completely ... More
A note on non-Robba $p$-adic differential equationsMar 25 2011Let $\mathcal{M}$ be a differential module, whose coefficients are analytic elements on an open annulus $I$ ($\subset \bR_{>0}$) in a valued field, complete and algebraically closed of inequal characteristic, and let $R(\mathcal{M}, r)$ be the radius ... More
An arithmetic study of the formal Laplace transform in several variablesApr 05 2006Mar 28 2011This version has been withdrawn. The new and final version is on ArXiv 1103.4878
Arithmetic differential equations and $E$-functionsNov 12 2005Let $K$ be a number field. We give an arithmetic characterization at infinity of the differential operator of $K[x,d/dx]$ with minimal degree in $x$ annihilating a given $E$-function.
A note on Bernstein property of a fourth order complex partial differential equationsJul 10 2017For a smooth strictly plurisubharmonic function $u$ on a open set $\Omega\subset\mathbb{C}^{n}$ and $F$ a $C^{1}$ nondecreasing function on $\mathbf{R}^{*}_{+}$, we investigate the complex partial differential equations $$\Delta_{g}\log\det(u_{i\bar j})=F(\det(u_{i\bar ... More
Bergman kernel estimates and Toeplitz operators on holomorphic line bundlesJul 06 2017We characterize operator-theoretic properties (boundedness, compactness, and Schatten class membership) of Toeplitz operators with positive measure symbols on Bergman spaces of holomorphic hermitian line bundles over K\"ahler Cartan-Hadamard manifolds ... More
The Cauchy interlace theorem for symmetrizable matricesMar 14 2016Symmetrizable matrices are those which are symmetric when multiplied by a diagonal matrix with positive entries. The Cauchy interlace theorem states that the eigenvalues of a real symmetric matrix interlace with those of any principal submatrix (obtained ... More
Liouville-type results for stationary maps of a class of functional related to pullback metricsJul 08 2017We study a generalized functional related to the pullback metrics (3). We derive the first variation formula which yield stationary maps. We introduce the stress-energy tensor which is naturally linked to conservation law and yield monotonicity formula ... More
An arithmetic study of the formal Laplace transform in several variablesMar 24 2011Let $K$ be a number field, and let $K(x_1,...,x_d)$ be the field of rational fractions in the variables $x_1,...,x_d$. In this paper, we introduce two kinds of Laplace transform adapted to solutions of the differential $K(x_1,...,x_d)$-modules with regular ... More
Exemples de composantes irréductibles et non réduites du schéma de Hilbert des courbes lisses et connexes de ${\bf P}^3$ (II)Jan 29 1997Soit $H_{d,g}$ le sch\'ema de Hilbert des courbes lisses et connexes de degr\'e $d$ et genre $g$ de l'espace projectif ${\bf P}^3$ sur un corps $k$ alg\'ebriquement clos de caract\'eristique nulle. Le but principal de cet article est d'exhiber des composantes ... More
A random string with reflection in a convex domainApr 07 2010Apr 12 2010We study the motion of a random string in a convex domain $O$ in $\R^d$, namely the solution of a vector-valued stochastic heat equation, confined in the closure of $O$ and reflected at the boundary of $O$. We study the structure of the reflection measure ... More
A Generalization of a Levitin and Parnovski Universal Inequality for EigenvaluesDec 03 2010In this paper, we derive "universal" inequalities for the sums of eigenvalues of the Hodge de Rham Laplacian on Euclidean closed Submanifolds and of eigenvalues of the Kohn Laplacian on the Heisenberg group. These inequalities generalize the Levitin-Parnovski ... More
Universal inequalities for the eigenvalues of a power of the Laplace operatorJan 28 2010In this paper, we obtain a new abstract formula relating eigenvalues of a self-adjoint operator to two families of symmetric and skew-symmetric operators and their commutators. This formula generalizes earlier ones obtained by Harrell, Stubbe, Hook, Ashbaugh, ... More
Optimization Based Solutions for Control and State Estimation in Non-holonomic Mobile Robots: Stability, Distributed Control, and Relative LocalizationMar 16 2018Interest in designing, manufacturing, and using autonomous robots has been rapidly growing during the most recent decade. The main motivation for this interest is the wide range of potential applications these autonomous systems can serve in. The applications ... More
Turán Type Inequality for The Hahn-Exton $q$-Bessel FunctionsDec 05 2015Dec 11 2015The aim of this paper is to establish Tur\'an -type inequality for the Hahn-Exton $q$-Bessel functions. The result is obtained by the use of limit transition.
Identities and congruences involving the Fubini polynomialsJun 27 2017In this paper, we investigate the umbral representation of the Fubini polynomials $F_{x}^{n}:=F_{n}(x)$ to derive some properties involving these polynomials. For any prime number $p$ and any polynomial $f$ with integer coefficients, we show $(f(F_{x}))^{p}\equiv ... More
Optimal control and zero-sum stochastic differential game problems of mean-field typeMar 19 2016We show existence of an optimal control and a saddle-point for respectively a control problem and zero-sum differential game associated with payoff functionals of mean field type, under dynamics driven by weak solutions of stochastic differential equations ... More
Intuitionistic Neutrosophic Soft SetNov 14 2013In this paper we study the concept of intuitionistic neutrosophic set of Bhowmik and Pal. We have introduced this concept in soft sets and defined intuitionistic neutrosophic soft set. Some definitions and operations have been introduced on intuitionistic ... More
Optimal control and zero-sum stochastic differential game problems of mean-field typeMar 19 2016Nov 30 2016We show existence of an optimal control and a saddle-point for respectively a control problem and zero-sum differential game associated with payoff functionals of mean field type, under dynamics driven by weak solutions of stochastic differential equations ... More
A mixed problem for a Boussinesq hyperbolic equation with integral conditionNov 15 2008A hyperbolic problem wich combines a classical(Dirichlet) and a non-local contraint is considered.The existence and uniqueness of strong solutions are proved,we use a functionnal analysis method based on a priori estimate and on the density of the range ... More
Pseudo-euclidean Jordan algebrasNov 22 2008A Jordan algebra J is said to be pseudo-euclidean if J is endowed with an associative non-degenerate symmetric bilinear form B. B is said an associative scalar product on J. First, we provide a description of the pseudo-euclidean Jordan K-algebras in ... More
Warped metrics for location-scale modelsFeb 23 2017This paper argues that a class of Riemannian metrics, called warped metrics, plays a fundamental role in statistical problems involving location-scale models. The paper reports three new results : i) the Rao-Fisher metric of any location-scale model is ... More
Pointwise estimate for the Bergman kernel of the weighted Bergman spaces with exponential type weightsJul 06 2017Let $AL^{2}_{\phi}(\mathbb{D})$ denote the closed subspace of $L^{2}(\mathbb{D},e^{-2\phi}d\lambda)$ consisting of holomorphic functions in the unit disc ${\mathbb D}$. For certain class of subharmonic funcions $\phi : {\mathbb D}\rightarrow{\mathbb D}$, ... More
Classification of quadratic Lie algebras of low dimensionApr 21 2014In this paper we give the classification of the irreducible non solvable Lie algebras of dimensions $\leq 13$ with nondegenerate, symmetric and invariant bilinear forms.
Virtual Endomorphisms of Nilpotent GroupsFeb 07 2006Oct 12 2006A virtual endomorphism of a group G is a homomorphism f from H into G where H is a subgroup of G of finite index m. The triple (G,H,f) produces a state-closed (or, self-similar) representation t of G on the 1-rooted m-ary tree. This paper is a study of ... More
Functionally recursive rings of matrices-Two examplesDec 21 2008Oct 22 2009We define the notions of finite-state and functionally recursive matrices and their growth. We also introduce two rings generated by functionally recursive matrices. The first is isomorphic to the 2-generated free ring. The second is a 2-generated monomial ... More
Condensation of DeterminantsDec 05 2007In this paper we tried to condense the determinant of n square matrix to the determinant of (n - 1) square matrix with the mathematical proof.
Angle of Arrival Detection with Fifth Order Phase OperatorsSep 23 2014In this paper, a fifth order propagator operators are proposed for estimating the Angles Of Arrival (AOA) of narrowband electromagnetic waves impinging on antenna array when its number of sensors is larger than the number of radiating sources. The array ... More
An original Propagator for large arrayMar 16 2015In this paper, we demonstrate that when the ratio $n$ of the number of antenna elements $N$ to the number $P$ of radiating sources is superior or equal to $2$, then it is possible to choose a propagator from a set of $n(n+1)/2-1$ operators to compute ... More
Fast, asymptotically efficient, recursive estimation in a Riemannian manifoldMay 17 2018Aug 13 2018Stochastic optimisation in Riemannian manifolds, especially the Riemannian stochastic gradient method, has attracted much recent attention. The present work applies stochastic optimisation to the task of recursive estimation of a statistical parameter ... More
Some identities involving Appell polynomialsSep 12 2017In this papier, by the classical umbral calculus method, we establish identities involving the Appell polynomials and extend some existing identities.
Optimal control and zero-sum stochastic differential game problems of mean-field typeMar 19 2016Jul 22 2017We establish existence of nearly-optimal controls, conditions for existence of an optimal control and a saddle-point for respectively a control problem and zero-sum differential game associated with payoff functionals of mean-field type, under dynamics ... More
Quaternionic structure and analysis of some Kramers-Fokker-Planck operatorsJul 05 2018The present article is concerned with global subelliptic estimates for Kramers-Fokker-Planck operators with polynomials of degree less than or equal to two. The constants appearing in those estimates are accurately formulated in terms of the coefficients ... More
Existence and exponential stability of a damped wave equation with dynamic boundary conditions and a delay termJun 05 2012In this paper we consider a multi-dimensional wave equation with dynamic boundary conditions related to the Kelvin-Voigt damping and a delay term acting on the boundary. If the weight of the delay term in the feedback is less than the weight of the term ... More
Exponential decay for solutions to semilinear damped wave equationDec 18 2008Jun 02 2010This paper is concerned with decay estimate of solutions to the semilinear wave equation with strong damping in a bounded domain. Introducing an appropriate Lyaponuv function, we prove that when the damping is linear, we can find initial data, for which ... More
Asymptotic stability and blow up for a semilinear damped wave equation with dynamic boundary conditionsNov 17 2008Jul 16 2011In this paper we consider a multi-dimensional wave equation with dynamic boundary conditions, related to the Kelvin-Voigt damping. Global existence and asymptotic stability of solutions starting in a stable set are proved. Blow up for solutions of the ... More
Semistar linkedness and flatness, Prüfer semistar multiplication domainsMay 23 2003In 1994, Matsuda and Okabe introduced the notion of semistar operation, extending the "classical" concept of star operation. In this paper, we introduce and study the notions of semistar linkedness and semistar flatness which are natural generalizations, ... More
The two-sided Gabor quaternion Fourier transform and some uncertainty principlesNov 30 2018In this paper, we define a new transform called the Gabor quaternionic Fourier transform (GQFT), which generalizes the classical windowed Fourier transform to quaternion valued-signals, we give several important properties such as the Plancherel formula ... More
Stability of the flat FLRW metric in $f(T)$ gravityDec 31 2016In this paper, we investigate the stability of the flat FLRW metric in $f(T)$ gravity. This is achieved by analysing the small perturbations, $\delta$ about the Hubble parameter and the matter energy density, $\delta_\text{m}$. We find that $\delta \propto ... More
On the Feasibility of Generic Deep Disaggregation for Single-Load ExtractionFeb 05 2018Recently, and with the growing development of big energy datasets, data-driven learning techniques began to represent a potential solution to the energy disaggregation problem outperforming engineered and hand-crafted models. However, most proposed deep ... More
Local existence and exponential growth for a semilinear damped wave equation with dynamic boundary conditionsOct 06 2008In this paper we consider a multi-dimensional damped semiliear wave equation with dynamic boundary conditions, related to the Kelvin-Voigt damping. We firstly prove the local existence by using the Faedo-Galerkin approximations combined with a contraction ... More
Wellposedness and decay rates for the Cauchy problem of the Moore-Gibson-Thompson equation arising in high intensity ultrasoundMar 14 2016In this paper, we study the Moore--Gibson--Thompson equation in $\mathbb{R}^N$, which is a third order in time equation that arises in viscous thermally relaxing fluids and also in viscoelastic materials (then under the name of \emph{standard linear viscoelastic} ... More
The Continuous quaternion Algebra-Valued Wavelet Transform and the Associated Uncertainty PrincipleFeb 22 2019The purpose of this article is to extend the wavelet transform to quaternion algebra using the kernel of the two-sided quaternion Fourier transform (QFT). We study some fundamental properties of this extension such as scaling, translation, rotation, Parseval's ... More
Neutrosophic soft sets and neutrosophic soft matrices based on decision makingApr 02 2014Maji\cite{maj-13}, firstly proposed neutrosophic soft sets can handle the indeterminate information and inconsistent information which exists commonly in belief systems. In this paper, we have firstly redefined complement, union and compared our definitions ... More
Mutation Analysis for SecuritySep 24 2013Security has become, nowadays, a major concern for the organizations as the majority of its applications are exposed to Internet, which increases the threats of security considerably. Thus, the solution is to improve tools and mechanisms to strengthen ... More
Existence of Nash Equilibrium Points for Markovian Nonzero-sum Stochastic Differential Games with Unbounded CoefficientsAug 27 2013Aug 05 2014This paper is related to nonzero-sum stochastic differential games in the Markovian framework. We show existence of a Nash equilibrium point for the game when the drift is no longer bounded and only satisfies a linear growth condition. The main tool is ... More
"Universal" inequalities for the eigenvalues of the biharmonic operatorJan 27 2010In this paper, we establish universal inequalities for eigenvalues of the clamped plate problem on compact submanifolds of Euclidean spaces, of spheres and of real, complex and quaternionic projective spaces. We also prove similar results for the biharmonic ... More
Global subelliptic estimates for Kramers-Fokker-Planck operators with some class of polynomialDec 17 2018In this article we study some Kramers-Fokker-Planck operators with polynomial potential V (q) with degree greater than two having quadratic limiting behavior. This work provide accurate global Subelliptic estimates for KFP operators under some conditions ... More
On Classification of Finite-Dimensional Superbialgebras and Hopf SuperalgebrasJan 04 2013Jan 02 2014The purpose of this paper is to investigate finite-dimensional superbialgebras and Hopf superalgebras. We study connected superbialgebras and provide a classification of non-trivial superbialgebras and Hopf superalgebras in dimension $n$ with $n\leq 4$. ... More
Uniqueness of solutions to the Schrodinger equation on the Heisenberg groupJun 28 2010This paper deals with the Schr{\"o}dinger equation $i\partial_s u({\bf z},t;s)-\cal L u({\bf z}, t;s)=0,$ where $\cal L$ is the sub-Laplacian on the Heisenberg group. Assume that the initial data $f$ satisfies $| f({\bf z},t)| \leq C q_a({\bf z},t),$ ... More
Gravitomagnetic effects in quadratic gravity with a scalar fieldOct 10 2016The two gravitomagnetic effects which influence bodies orbiting around a gravitational source are the geodetic effect and the Lense-Thirring effect. The former describes the precession angle of the axis of a spinning gyroscope while in orbit around a ... More
Connectedness in the Pluri-fine TopologyJan 30 2008We study connectedness in the pluri-fine topology on $\CC^n$ and obtain the following results. If $\Omega$ is a pluri-finely open and pluri-finely connected set in $\CC^n$ and $E\subset\CC^n$ is pluripolar, then $\Omega\setminus E$ is pluri-finely connected. ... More
Equations différentielles $p$-adiques et Séries Gevrey arithmétiquesNov 12 2005Let $K$ be a number field. This paper is devoted to a $p$-adic study of the algebraic differential equation of $K[x,d/dx]$ with minimal degree in $x$ annihilating a given $E$-function. Precisely, we prove a conjecture of yves Andr\'e (conjecture 4.7 of ... More
Growth factor in $f(T,\mathcal{T})$ gravityDec 03 2016We investigate the growth factor for sub-horizon modes during late times in $f(T,\mathcal{T})$ gravity, where $T$ is the torsion scalar and $\mathcal{T}$ is the trace of the stress-energy tensor. This is achieved by obtaining the modified M\'{e}sz\'{a}ros ... More
Cohomology of infinite groups realizing fusion systemsJan 02 2019Given a fusion system $\mathcal{F}$ defined on a $p$-group $S$, there exist infinite group models, constructed by Leary and Stancu, and Robinson, that realize $\mathcal{F}$. We study these models when $\mathcal{F}$ is a fusion system of a finite group ... More
Effect of Mobility and Traffic Models on the Energy Consumption in MANET Routing ProtocolsApr 11 2013A Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) is a group of mobile nodes that can be set up randomly and formed without the need of any existing network infrastructure or centralized administration. In this network the mobile devices are dependent on battery power, ... More
Global existence and exponential growth for a viscoelastic wave equation with dynamic boundary conditionsFeb 17 2013The goal of this work is to study a model of the wave equation with dynamic boundary conditions and a viscoelastic term. First, applying the Faedo-Galerkin method combined with the fixed point theorem, we show the existence and uniqueness of a local in ... More
A Perturbative Approach to Neutron Stars in $f(T, \mathcal{T})-$GravityApr 10 2017We derive a Tolman-Oppenheimer-Volkoff equation in neutron star systems within the modified $f(T, \mathcal{T})$-gravity class of models using a perturbative approach. In our approach $f(T, \mathcal{T})$-gravity is considered to be a static spherically ... More
Laplacian eigenvalues functionals and metric deformations on compact manifoldsJan 26 2007In this paper, we investigate critical points of the Laplacian's eigenvalues considered as functionals on the space of Riemmannian metrics or a conformal class of metrics on a compact manifold. We obtain necessary and sufficient conditions for a metric ... More
A heat kernel version of Miyachi's Theorem for the Laguerre hypergroupDec 05 2018Let $\mathbb{K}=[0,+\infty[\times\mathbb{R}$ the Laguerre Hypergroup. In this paper, we are going to formulate and prove an analogue of Miyachi's uncertainty principle for the Laguerre-Hypergroup Fourier transform. Our version will be in terms of the ... More
The uncertainty principle for the two-sided quaternion Fourier transformSep 19 2017In this paper, we provide the Heisenberg's inequality and the Hardy's theorem for the two-sided quaternion Fourier transform.
Ring-theoretic properties of PVMDsJul 05 2006We extend to Pr\"ufer $v$-multiplication domains some distinguished ring-theoretic properties of Pr\"ufer domains. In particular we consider the $t##$-property, the $t$-radical trace property, $w$-divisoriality and $w$-stability.
w-Divisorial DomainsDec 22 2004We study the class of domains in which each w-ideal is divisorial, extending several properties of divisorial and totally divisorial domains to a much wider class of domains. In particular we consider PvMDs and Mori domains.
The Automorphism Tower of Groups acting on Rooted TreesAug 13 2003Mar 14 2006The group of isometries W of a regular rooted tree, and many of its subgroups with branching structure, have groups of automorphisms induced by conjugation in W. This fact has stimulated the computation of the group of automorphisms of such well-known ... More
Beurling's Theorem for the Two-sided Quaternion Fourier TransformNov 11 2017The two-sided quaternion Fourier transform satisfies some uncertainty principles similar to the Euclidean Fourier transform. A generalization of Beurling's theorem, Hardy, Cowling-Price and Gelfand-Shilov theorems, is obtained for the two-sided quaternion ... More
Some applications of the chromatic polynomialsFeb 04 2014The chromatic polynomials are studied by several authors and have important applications in different frameworks, specially, in graph theory and enumerative combinatorics. The aim of this work is to establish some properties of the coefficients of the ... More
Reflected Backward SDEs with General JumpsDec 20 2008Sep 09 2011In the first part of this paper we give a solution for the one-dimensional reflected backward stochastic differential equation (BSDE for short) when the noise is driven by a Brownian motion and an independent Poisson point process. The reflecting process ... More
The image of a finely holomorphic map is pluripolarJan 04 2007Jan 30 2008We prove that the image of a finely holomorphic map on a fine domain in $\mathbb{C}$ is pluripolar subset of $\mathbb{C}^{n}$. We also discuss the relationship between pluripolar hulls and finely holomorphic function.
Exact fuzzy solution of the fuzzy heat-like equationsMay 12 2013In this paper, the Buckley-Feuring method (BFM) and the variational iteration method (VIM) are used for find exact fuzzy solution of the fuzzy heat-like equations in one and two dimensions. Several examples are given to show the new theorem of Buckley-Feuring ... More
A risk management approach to capital allocationJun 12 2015The European insurance sector will soon be faced with the application of Solvency 2 regulation norms. It will create a real change in risk management practices. The ORSA approach of the second pillar makes the capital allocation an important exercise ... More
Large time behavior for the fast diffusion equation with critical absorptionSep 07 2014We study the large time behavior of nonnegative solutions to the Cauchy problem for a fast diffusion equation with critical zero order absorption $$ \partial_{t}u-\Delta u^m+u^q=0 \quad \quad \hbox{in} \ (0,\infty)\times\real^N\, $$ with $m_c:=(N-2)_{+}/N ... More
Description de la structure de certaines superalgèbres de Lie quadratiques via la notion de $T^*$-extensionFeb 17 2000In this note we introduce the notion of $T^*-$extension $T^*{\mathfrak g}$ of a Lie superalgebra ${\mathfrak g}$, i.e. an extension of ${\mathfrak g}$ by its dual space ${\mathfrak g}^*$. The natural pairing induces on $T^*{\mathfrak g}$ an even supersymmetric ... More
Generalized Uncertainty Principles associated with the Quaternionic Offset Linear Canonical TransformJul 11 2018Jan 14 2019The quaternionic offset linear canonical transform (QOLCT) can be thought as a generalization of the quaternionic linear canonical transform (QLCT). In this paper we define the QOLCT, we derive the relationship between the QOLCT and the quaternion Fourier ... More
Bilinear residual Neural Network for the identification and forecasting of dynamical systemsDec 19 2017Due to the increasing availability of large-scale observation and simulation datasets, data-driven representations arise as efficient and relevant computation representations of dynamical systems for a wide range of applications, where model-driven models ... More
Helgason Gabor Fourier transform and uncertainty principlesDec 06 2018Windowing a Fourier transform is a useful tool, which gives us the similarity between the signal and time frequency signal, and it allows to get sense when/where ceratin frequencies occur in the input signal, this method is introduced by Dennis Gabor. ... More
On isomorphism classes and invariants of low dimensional complex filiform Leibniz algebras (part 2)Jun 11 2008The paper is an implementation in low dimensional cases of the classification method presented before by Rakhimov and Bekbaev. We give a complete classification of a subclass of complex filiform Leibniz algebras obtained from the naturally graded non-Lie ... More
Unique representation domains, IIJul 21 2008Given a star operation * of finite type, we call a domain R a *-unique representation domain (*-URD) if each *-invertible *-ideal of R can be uniquely expressed as a *-product of pairwise *-comaximal ideals with prime radical. When * is the t-operation ... More
Generalized Tachyonic Teleparallel cosmologyJan 15 2019Apr 12 2019In this paper we propose a new dark energy model in the teleparallel alternative of general relativity, by considering a generalized non--minimal coupling of a tachyonic scalar field with the teleparallel boundary term. Within the framework of teleparallel ... More
The pluri-fine topology is locally connectedDec 12 2005We prove that the pluri-fine topology on any open set $\Omega$ in $\mathbb{C}^{n}$ is locally connected. This answers a question by Fuglede in [4]. See also Bedford [6].
Quark Stars in $f(T, \mathcal{T})-$GravityJan 17 2017We derive a working model for the Tolman-Oppenheimer-Volkoff equation for quark star systems within the modified $f(T, \mathcal{T})$-gravity class of models. We consider $f(T, \mathcal{T})$-gravity for a static spherically symmetric space-time. In this ... More
Pluripolar hulls and fine analytic structureSep 13 2007Jan 30 2008We discuss the relation between pluripolar hulls and fine analytic structure. Our main result is the following. For each non polar subset $S$ of the complex plane $\mathbb C$ we prove that there exists a pluripolar set $E \subset (S \times \mathbb C)$ ... More
The Riemannian barycentre as a proxy for global optimisationFeb 11 2019Let $M$ be a simply-connected compact Riemannian symmetric space, and $U$ a twice-differentiable function on $M$, with unique global minimum at $x^* \in M$. The idea of the present work is to replace the problem of searching for the global minimum of ... More
The EPR correlation in Kerr-Newman spacetimeJan 05 2010Jun 23 2010The EPR correlation has become an integral part of quantum communications as has general relativity in classical communication theory, however when combined an apparent deterioration is observed for spin states. We consider appropriate changes in directions ... More
Donoho-Stark's Uncertainty Principles in Real Clifford AlgebrasFeb 22 2019The Clifford Fourier transform (CFT) has been shown to be a powerful tool in the Clifford analysis. In this work, several uncertainty inequalities are established in the real Clifford algebra $Cl_{(p,q)}$, \ including the Hausdorf-Young inequality, and ... More
Viscosity solutions for second order integro-differential equations without monotonicity conditions: The Probabilistic ApproachNov 09 2014May 11 2015In this paper, we establish a new uniqueness result of a (continuous) viscosity solution for some integro-partial differential equation (IPDE in short). The novelty is that we relax the so-called monotonicity assumption on the driver, assumption which ... More
On the Cauchy problem for the standard linear solid model with heat conduction: Fourier versus CattaneoMar 25 2019In this paper, we consider the standard linear solid model in $\mathbb{R}^N$ coupled, first, with the Fourier law of heat conduction and, second, with the Cattaneo law. First, we give the appropriate functional setting to prove the well-posedness of both ... More
Benedicks-Amrein-Berthier type theorem related to the two-sided Quaternion Fourier transformJul 11 2018The main objective of the present paper is to establish a new uncertainty principle (UP) for the two-sided quaternion Fourier transform (QFT). This result is an extension of a result of Benedicks, Amrein and Berthier, which states that a nonzero function ... More