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Observation of Nuclear Quantum Effects and Hydrogen Bond Symmetrisation in High Pressure IceMar 19 2018Hydrogen bond symmetrisations in H-bonded systems triggered by pressure induced nuclear quantum effects (NQEs) is a long-known concept1 but experimental evidences in high-pressure ices have remained elusive with conventional methods2,3. Theoretical works ... More
Improving Resolution of Solid State NMR in Dense Molecular HydrogenAug 03 2019Recent advancements in radio-frequency resonator designs have led to the implementation of nuclear magnetic resonance in diamond anvil cells (DACs) at pressures well above 100 GPa. However, a relatively low resolution and the absence of decoupling sequences ... More
NMR close to Mega-Bar PressuresMar 14 2018The past 15 years have seen an astonishing increase in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) sensitivity and accessible pressure range in high-pressure NMR experiments, owing to a series of new developments of NMR spectroscopy applied to the diamond anvil ... More
Pressure induced Hydrogen-Hydrogen interaction in metallic FeH revealed by NMRFeb 08 2019Knowledge of the behavior of hydrogen in metal hydrides is the key for understanding their electronic properties. So far, no experimental methods exist to access these properties beyond 100 GPa, where high-Tc superconductivity emerges. Here, we present ... More
FeOOH instability at the lower mantle conditionsAug 06 2019Goethite, {\alpha}-FeOOH, is a major component among oxidized iron species, called rust, which formed as a product of metabolism of anoxygenic prokaryotes (1, 2) inhabiting the Earth from about 3.8 billion years (Gy) ago until the Great Oxidation Event ... More