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Transforming opacity verification to nonblocking verification in modular systemsApr 12 2019We consider the verification of current-state and K-step opacity for systems modeled as interacting non-deterministic finite-state automata. We describe a new methodology for compositional opacity verification that employs abstraction, in the form of ... More
CPNet: A Context Preserver Convolutional Neural Network for Detecting Shadows in Single RGB ImagesOct 13 2018Automatic detection of shadow regions in an image is a difficult task due to the lack of prior information about the illumination source and the dynamic of the scene objects. To address this problem, in this paper, a deep-learning based segmentation method ... More
The role of the encapsulated cargo in microcompartment assemblyJul 18 2018Bacterial microcompartments are large, roughly icosahedral shells that assemble around enzymes and re- actants involved in certain metabolic pathways in bacteria. Motivated by microcompartment assembly, we use coarse-grained computational and theoretical ... More
Cloud Detection Algorithm for Remote Sensing Images Using Fully Convolutional Neural NetworksOct 13 2018This paper presents a deep-learning based framework for addressing the problem of accurate cloud detection in remote sensing images. This framework benefits from a Fully Convolutional Neural Network (FCN), which is capable of pixel-level labeling of cloud ... More
NMR diagnosis of pseudo-scalar superconductivity in 3D Dirac materialsJul 12 2018Jul 14 2018Recently observed 4{\pi} periodic Andreev bound states in three dimensional Dirac materials are attributed to convnetional superconducting pairing. Our alternative explanation in terms of a novel form of parity breaking pseudo-scalar superconducting order ... More
Modelling the CMB angular correlation function in the framework of NCGApr 19 2016Apr 27 2016Following many theories which predict existence of the multiverse and by the conjecture that our space-time may have a generalized geometrical structure at the fundamental level, we are interested in non-commutative geometry (NCG) formalism to study a ... More
A single potential governing convergence of conjugate gradient, accelerated gradient and geometric descentDec 27 2017Jan 10 2019Nesterov's accelerated gradient (AG) method for minimizing a smooth strongly convex function $f$ is known to reduce $f({\bf x}_k)-f({\bf x}^*)$ by a factor of $\epsilon\in(0,1)$ after $k=O(\sqrt{L/\ell}\log(1/\epsilon))$ iterations, where $\ell,L$ are ... More
Practical Integer-to-Binary Mapping for Quantum AnnealersJun 06 2017Recent advancements in quantum annealing hardware and numerous studies in this area suggests that quantum annealers have the potential to be effective in solving unconstrained binary quadratic programming problems. Naturally, one may desire to expand ... More
Faraday Rotation and Circular Dichroism Spectra of Gold and Silver Nanoparticle AggregatesDec 08 2012We study the magneto-optical response of noble metal nanoparticle clusters. We consider the interaction between the light-induced dipoles of particles. In the presence of a magnetic field, the simplest achiral cluster, a dimer, exhibits circular dichroism ... More
On anti-invariant semi-Riemannian submersions from Lorentzian (para)Sasakian manifoldsFeb 08 2017Aug 30 2017In this paper we study a semi-Riemannian submersion from Lorentzian (para)almost contact manifolds and find necessary and sufficient conditions for the characteristic vector field to be vertical or horizontal. We also obtain decomposition theorems for ... More
IMRO: a proximal quasi-Newton method for solving $l_1$-regularized least square problemJan 17 2014Jan 19 2017We present a proximal quasi-Newton method in which the approximation of the Hessian has the special format of "identity minus rank one" (IMRO) in each iteration. The proposed structure enables us to effectively recover the proximal point. The algorithm ... More
Dark Matter in the Higgs Triplet ModelFeb 09 2015Sep 15 2015The inability to predict neutrino masses and the existence of the dark matter are two essential shortcomings of the Standard Model. The Higgs Triplet Model provides an elegant resolution of neutrino masses via the seesaw mechanism. We show here that introducing ... More
Optimal investment and consumption for pairs trading financial markets on small time intervalDec 08 2017Sep 21 2018In this paper we consider a pairs trading financial market with the spread of risky assets defined by the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck (OU) process. We implement an optimal strategy for power utility functions for investment/consumption problem. Through the Feynman-Kac ... More
A subgradient approach for constrained binary programming via quantum adiabatic evolutionMay 31 2016In an earlier work [14], Ronagh et al. propose a method for solving the Lagrangian dual of a constrained binary quadratic programming problem via quantum adiabatic evolution using an outer approximation method. This should be an efficient prescription ... More
IMRO: a proximal quasi-Newton method for solving $l_1$-regularized least square problemJan 17 2014We present a proximal quasi-Newton method in which the approximation of the Hessian has the special format of "identity minus rank one" (IMRO) in each iteration. The proposed structure enables us to effectively recover the proximal point. The algorithm ... More
Gender Recognition Based on Sift FeaturesAug 06 2011This paper proposes a robust approach for face detection and gender classification in color images. Previous researches about gender recognition suppose an expensive computational and time-consuming pre-processing step in order to alignment in which face ... More
Optimal investment and consumption for Ornstein-Uhlenbeck spread financial markets with logarithmic utilitySep 21 2018We consider a spread financial market defined by the multidimensional Ornstein--Uhlenbeck (OU) process. We study the optimal consumption/investment problem for logarithmic utility functions in the base of stochastic dynamical programming method. We show ... More
Speeding Up Budgeted Stochastic Gradient Descent SVM Training with Precomputed Golden Section SearchJun 26 2018Limiting the model size of a kernel support vector machine to a pre-defined budget is a well-established technique that allows to scale SVM learning and prediction to large-scale data. Its core addition to simple stochastic gradient training is budget ... More
Perfect imaging: they don't do it with mirrorsJul 01 2010Aug 19 2010Imaging with a spherical mirror in empty space is compared with the case when the mirror is filled with the medium of Maxwell's fish eye. Exact time-dependent solutions of Maxwell's equations show that perfect imaging is not achievable with an electrical ... More
Neutrino Dark Matter in the Higgs Triplet ModelSep 15 2015We analyze the effects of introducing vector-like leptons in the Higgs Triplet Model providing the lightest vector-like neutrino as a Dark Matter candidate. We explore the effect of the relic density constraint on the mass and Yukawa coupling of dark ... More
Vector Quarks in the Higgs Triplet ModelMay 16 2014We analyze the effects of introducing vector fermions in the Higgs Triplet Model. In this scenario, the model contains, in addition to the Standard Model particle content, one triplet Higgs representation, and a variety of vector-like fermion states, ... More
Vector Leptons in the Higgs Triplet ModelAug 13 2013We analyze the phenomenological implications of introducing vector-like leptons on the Higgs sector in the Higgs Triplet Model. We impose only a parity symmetry which disallows mixing between the new states and the ordinary leptons. If the vector leptons ... More
A Subgradient Approach for Constrained Binary Optimization via Quantum Adiabatic EvolutionMay 31 2016Jan 25 2017An earlier work [18] proposes a method for solving the Lagrangian dual of a constrained binary quadratic programming problem via quantum adiabatic evolution using an outer approximation method. This should be an efficient prescription for solving the ... More
Multi-Merge Budget Maintenance for Stochastic Gradient Descent SVM TrainingJun 26 2018Budgeted Stochastic Gradient Descent (BSGD) is a state-of-the-art technique for training large-scale kernelized support vector machines. The budget constraint is maintained incrementally by merging two points whenever the pre-defined budget is exceeded. ... More
On the Cooperative Communication over Cognitive Interference ChannelJan 28 2014In this paper, we investigate the problem of communication over cognitive interference channel (CIC) with partially cooperating (PC) destinations (CIC-PC). This channel consists of two source nodes communicating two independent messages to their corresponding ... More
Detecting and correcting the loss of independence in nonlinear conjugate gradientFeb 07 2012Jul 25 2013It is well known that search directions in nonlinear conjugate gradient (CG) can sometimes become nearly dependent, causing a dramatic slow-down in the convergence rate. We provide a theoretical analysis of this loss of independence. The analysis applies ... More
A Theory of Enzyme Chemotaxis: Comparison Between Experiment and ModelSep 07 2018Enzymes show two distinct transport behaviors in the presence of their substrates in solution. First, their diffusivity enhances with increasing substrate concentration. In addition, enzymes perform directional motion toward regions with high substrate ... More
Spin Transfer Torque in the Semiconductor/Ferromagnetic Structure in the Presence of Rashba EffectAug 06 2016Spin transfer torque in magnetic structures occurs when the transverse component of the spin current that flows from the nonmagnetic medium to ferromagnetic medium are absorbed by the interface. In this paper, considering the Rashba effect on semiconductor ... More
Digital Hurewicz Theorem and Digital Homology theoryFeb 06 2019Feb 28 2019In this paper, we develop homology groups for digital images based on cubical singular homology theory for topological spaces. Using this homology, we present digital Hurewicz theorem for the fundamental group of digital images. We also show that the ... More
A unified convergence bound for conjugate gradient and accelerated gradientMay 01 2016Nesterov's accelerated gradient method for minimizing a smooth strongly convex function $f$ is known to reduce $f(\x_k)-f(\x^*)$ by a factor of $\eps\in(0,1)$ after $k\ge O(\sqrt{L/\ell}\log(1/\eps))$ iterations, where $\ell,L$ are the two parameters ... More
A Fast Iterative Method for Removing Sparse Noise from Sparse SignalsFeb 08 2019In this paper, we propose a new method to reconstruct a signal corrupted by noise where both signal and noise are sparse but in different domains. The problem investigated in this paper arises in different applications such as impulsive noise cancellation ... More
Emergence of global scaling behaviour in the coupled Earth-atmosphere interactionSep 27 2016Scale invariance property in the global geometry of Earth may lead to a coupled interactive behaviour between various components of the climate system. One of the most interesting correlations exists between spatial statistics of the global topography ... More
The eShel Spectrograph: A Radial-velocity Tool at the Wise ObservatoryMar 29 2017The eShel, an off-the-shelf, fiber-fed echelle spectrograph ($R \approx 10,000$), was installed on the 1m telescope at the Wise observatory in Israel. We report the installation of the multi-order spectrograph, and describe our pipeline to extract stellar ... More
Neutral Higgs Bosons in the Higgs Triplet Model with nontrivial mixingNov 29 2012We revisit the neutral Higgs sector of the Higgs Triplet Model, with non-negligible mixing in the CP-even Higgs sector. We examine the possibility that one of the Higgs boson state is the particle observed at the LHC at 125 GeV, and the other is either ... More
Automatic Generation of OWL Ontology from XML Data SourceJun 04 2012The eXtensible Markup Language (XML) can be used as data exchange format in different domains. It allows different parties to exchange data by providing common understanding of the basic concepts in the domain. XML covers the syntactic level, but lacks ... More
Dual SVM Training on a BudgetJun 26 2018We present a dual subspace ascent algorithm for support vector machine training that respects a budget constraint limiting the number of support vectors. Budget methods are effective for reducing the training time of kernel SVM while retaining high accuracy. ... More
Cloud-Net: An end-to-end Cloud Detection Algorithm for Landsat 8 ImageryJan 29 2019Cloud detection in satellite images is an important first-step in many remote sensing applications. This problem is more challenging when only a limited number of spectral bands are available. To address this problem, a deep learning-based algorithm is ... More
A laboratory investigation of thermally induced pore pressures in the Callovo-Oxfordian ClaystoneMar 21 2013In the framework of research into radioactive waste disposal, it was decided to investigate the thermally induce pore pressure occurring in the Callovo-Oxfordian claystone, a possible host rock in which the ANDRA underground laboratory of Bure (East of ... More
Ruthenium Tetrazole-Based Electroluminescent Device: The Key Role of Counter-Ions for the Light Emission PropertiesMay 04 2018Light-emitting electrochemical cells (LECs), thanks to their simple device structure and the tunable emission wavelength of the light-emitting layer, are emerging as a class of electrochemical device candidate for the development of next-generation solid-state ... More
Predicting the Severity of Breast Masses with Data Mining MethodsMay 30 2013Mammography is the most effective and available tool for breast cancer screening. However, the low positive predictive value of breast biopsy resulting from mammogram interpretation leads to approximately 70% unnecessary biopsies with benign outcomes. ... More
OpenCourseWare Observatory -- Does the Quality of OpenCourseWare Live up to its Promise?Oct 21 2014Apr 14 2015A vast amount of OpenCourseWare (OCW) is meanwhile being published online to make educational content accessible to larger audiences. The awareness of such courses among users and the popularity of systems providing such courses are increasing. However, ... More
Quantum gate description for induced coherence without induced emission and related phenomenaJul 18 2017We introduce unitary quantum gates for photon pair creation in spontaneous parametric down-conversion nonlinear crystals (NLs) and for photon path alignment. These are the two key ingredients for the method of "induced coherence without induced emission" ... More
Star formation laws in the Andromeda galaxy: gas, stars, metals and the surface density of star formationDec 21 2015We use hierarchical Bayesian regression analysis to investigate star formation laws in the Andromeda galaxy (M31) in both local (30, 155, and 750pc) and global cases. We study and compare the well-known Kennicutt-Schmidt law, the extended Schmidt law ... More
On independent $[1,2]$-sets in treesNov 30 2015An independent $[1,k]$-set $S$ in a graph $G$ is a dominating set which is independent and such that every vertex not in $S$ has at most $k$ neighbors in it. The existence of such sets is not guaranteed in every graph and trees having an independent $[1,k]$-set ... More
Profiles of separations: in graphs, matroids and beyondOct 27 2011Apr 17 2017We show that all the tangles in a finite graph or matroid can be distinguished by a single tree-decomposition that is invariant under the automorphisms of the graph or matroid. This comes as a corollary of a similar decomposition theorem for more general ... More
An ADMM Algorithm for Clustering Partially Observed NetworksOct 15 2014Jan 26 2015Community detection has attracted increasing attention during the past decade, and many algorithms have been proposed to find the underlying community structure in a given network. Many of these algorithms are based on modularity maximization, and these ... More
Implementation and optimization of Wavelet modulation in Additive Gaussian channelsAug 25 2013In this paper, we investigate the implementation of wavelet modulation (WM) in a digital communication system and propose novel methods to improve its performance. We will put particular focus on the structure of an optimal detector in AWGN channels and ... More
Fleet management for autonomous vehiclesSep 06 2016The VIPAFLEET project consists in developing models and algorithms for man- aging a fleet of Individual Public Autonomous Vehicles (VIPA). Hereby, we consider a fleet of cars distributed at specified stations in an industrial area to supply internal transportation, ... More
Optimizing Face Recognition Using PCAJun 07 2012Principle Component Analysis PCA is a classical feature extraction and data representation technique widely used in pattern recognition. It is one of the most successful techniques in face recognition. But it has drawback of high computational especially ... More
Cycle Chacterization of the Aubry Set for Weakly Coupled Hamilton-Jacobi SystemsApr 27 2016We study a class of weakly coupled systems of Hamilton-acobi equations using the random frame introduced in a previous paper of Mitake-Siconolfi-Tran-Yamada. We provide a cycle condition characterizing the points of Aubry set. This generalizes a property ... More
Profiles of separations: in graphs, matroids and beyondOct 27 2011Oct 06 2016We show that all the tangles in a finite graph or matroid can be distinguished by a single tree-decomposition that is invariant under the automorphisms of the graph or matroid. This comes as a corollary of a similar decomposition theorem for more general ... More
Tuning thermoelectric efficiency of polyaniline sheet by strain engineeringFeb 05 2019Two-dimensional polyaniline monolayer (C3N) has been recently synthesized as an indirect semiconductor with high electron mobility. In this research, with combination of density functional theory and Green function formalism, we investigate electrical ... More
Fleet management for autonomous vehicles: Online PDP under special constraintsMar 30 2017The VIPAFLEET project consists in developing models and algorithms for man- aging a fleet of Individual Public Autonomous Vehicles (VIPA). Hereby, we consider a fleet of cars distributed at specified stations in an industrial area to supply internal transportation, ... More
High Saturation Magnetization, Low Coercivity and Fine YIG Nanoparticles Prepared by Modifying Co-Precipitation MethodNov 29 2018Nanoparticles with their specific properties newly have drawn a great deal of attention of researchers [1-3]Yttrium iron Garnet magnetic nanoparticles (YIG-NPs) are promising materials with novel applications in microwave, spintronics, magnonics, and ... More
Semantic Publishing Challenge - Assessing the Quality of Scientific Output by Information Extraction and InterlinkingAug 25 2015The Semantic Publishing Challenge series aims at investigating novel approaches for improving scholarly publishing using Linked Data technology. In 2014 we had bootstrapped this effort with a focus on extracting information from non-semantic publications ... More
A Novel (k,n) Secret Sharing Scheme from Quadratic Residues for Grayscale ImagesAug 14 2014Aug 22 2014A new grayscale image encryption algorithm based on $(k,n)$ threshold secret sharing is proposed. The scheme allows a secret image to be transformed into $n$ shares, where any $k \le n$ shares can be used to reconstruct the secret image, while the knowledge ... More
Star Formation in Las Campanas Compact GroupsJul 11 1999Compact groups (CGs) of galaxies offer an exceptional laboratory for the study of dense galaxian environments --- where interactions, tidally induced activity, and mergers are expected to be at their highest rate of occurrence. Here, we present first ... More
Towards an Ontology based integrated Framework for Semantic WebMay 30 2013This Ontologies are widely used as a means for solving the information heterogeneity problems on the web because of their capability to provide explicit meaning to the information. They become an efficient tool for knowledge representation in a structured ... More
An Orientation Selective Neural Network and its Application to Cosmic Muon IdentificationFeb 15 1996We propose a novel method for identification of a linear pattern of pixels on a two-dimensional grid. Following principles employed by the visual cortex, we employ orientation selective neurons in a neural network which performs this task. The method ... More
Quasi-efficient domination in gridsApr 28 2016May 02 2016Domination of grids has been proved to be a demanding task and with the addition of independence it becomes more challenging. It is known that no grid with $m,n \geq 5$ has an efficient dominating set, also called perfect code, that is, an independent ... More
Quenching of exciton recombination in strained two-dimensional monochalcogenidesApr 09 2019We predict that long-lived excitons with very large binding energies can also exist in a single or few layers of monochalcogenides such as GaSe. Our theoretical study shows that excitons confined by a radial local strain field are unable to recombine ... More
A Novel Motion Detection Method Resistant to Severe Illumination ChangesDec 11 2016Oct 05 2017Recently, there has been a considerable attention given to the motion detection problem due to the explosive growth of its applications in video analysis and surveillance systems. While the previous approaches can produce good results, an accurate detection ... More
Breaking the temporal resolution limit by superoscillating optical beatsJul 08 2016Band-limited functions can oscillate locally at an arbitrarily fast rate through an interference phenomenon known as superoscillations. Using an optical pulse with a superoscillatory envelope we experimentally break the temporal Fourier-transform limit ... More
Nonparametric Density Estimation Using Partially Rank-Ordered Set Samples With Application in Estimating the Distribution of Wheat YieldJan 06 2014We study nonparametric estimation of an unknown density function $f$ based on the ranked-based observations obtained from a partially rank-ordered set (PROS) sampling design. PROS sampling design has many applications in environmental, ecological and ... More
A Fully Bayesian Infinite Generative Model for Dynamic Texture SegmentationJan 13 2019Generative dynamic texture models (GDTMs) are widely used for dynamic texture (DT) segmentation in the video sequences. GDTMs represent DTs as a set of linear dynamical systems (LDSs). A major limitation of these models concerns the automatic selection ... More
A New Upper Bound on Total Domination Number of Bipartite GraphsDec 28 2014Let $ G $ be a graph. A subset $S \subseteq V(G) $ is called a total dominating set if every vertex of $G$ is adjacent to at least one vertex of $S$. The total domination number, $\gamma_{t}$($G$), is the minimum cardinality of a total dominating set ... More
Precision ultrasound sensing on a chipMay 03 2018Oct 08 2018Ultrasound sensors have wide applications across science and technology. However, improved sensitivity is required for both miniaturisation and increased spatial resolution. Here, we introduce cavity optomechanical ultrasound sensing, where dual optical ... More
Exploring Increasing-Chord Paths and TreesFeb 27 2017Jul 01 2017A straight-line drawing $\Gamma$ of a graph $G=(V,E)$ is a drawing of $G$ in the Euclidean plane, where every vertex in $G$ is mapped to a distinct point, and every edge in $G$ is mapped to a straight line segment between their endpoints. A path $P$ in ... More
A Novel Motion Detection Method Resistant to Severe Illumination ChangesDec 11 2016Mar 15 2018Recently, there has been a considerable attention given to the motion detection problem due to the explosive growth of its applications in video analysis and surveillance systems. While the previous approaches can produce good results, an accurate detection ... More
Decentralized Clustering and Linking by Networked AgentsOct 28 2016We consider the problem of decentralized clustering and estimation over multi-task networks, where agents infer and track different models of interest. The agents do not know beforehand which model is generating their own data. They also do not know which ... More
Mapping Large Scale Research Metadata to Linked Data: A Performance Comparison of HBase, CSV and XMLJun 12 2015Jul 06 2015OpenAIRE, the Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe, comprises a database of all EC FP7 and H2020 funded research projects, including metadata of their results (publications and datasets). These data are stored in an HBase NoSQL database, ... More
Identifying and Improving Dataset References in Social Sciences Full TextsMar 06 2016Mar 29 2016Scientific full text papers are usually stored in separate places than their underlying research datasets. Authors typically make references to datasets by mentioning them for example by using their titles and the year of publication. However, in most ... More
Two Flow-Based Approaches for the Static Relocation Problem in Carsharing SystemsNov 09 2015In a carsharing system, a fleet of cars is distributed at stations in an urban area, customers can take and return cars at any time and station. For operating such a system in a satisfactory way, the stations have to keep a good ratio between the numbers ... More
A Semi-Automatic Approach for Detecting Dataset References in Social Science TextsNov 06 2016Today, full-texts of scientific articles are often stored in different locations than the used datasets. Dataset registries aim at a closer integration by making datasets citable but authors typically refer to datasets using inconsistent abbreviations ... More
Multistage Campaigning in Social NetworksJun 13 2016We consider the problem of how to optimize multi-stage campaigning over social networks. The dynamic programming framework is employed to balance the high present reward and large penalty on low future outcome in the presence of extensive uncertainties. ... More
Towards a Cloud-Based Service for Maintaining and Analyzing Data About Scientific EventsNov 13 2017Nov 28 2017We propose the new cloud-based service OpenResearch for managing and analyzing data about scientific events such as conferences and workshops in a persistent and reliable way. This includes data about scientific articles, participants, acceptance rates, ... More
Phonon number measurements using single photon opto-mechanicsMay 15 2012Jul 25 2012We describe a system composed of two coupled optical cavity modes with a coupling modulated by a bulk mechanical resonator. In addition, one of the cavity modes is irreversibly coupled to a single photon source. Our scheme is an opto-mechanical realisation ... More
RRH clustering and transmit precoding for interference-limited 5G CRAN downlinkOct 26 2015In this work, we consider cloud RAN architecture and focus on the downlink of an antenna domain (AD) exposed to external interference from neighboring ADs. With system sum-rate as performance metric, and assuming that perfect channel state information ... More
A new estimator for Weibull distribution parameters: Comprehensive comparative study for Weibull DistributionFeb 14 2019Weibull distribution has received a wide range of applications in engineering and science. The utility and usefulness of an estimator is highly subject to the field of practitioner's study. In practice users looking for their desired estimator under different ... More
K-Nearest Neighbour algorithm coupled with logistic regression in medical case-based reasoning systems. Application to prediction of access to the renal transplant waiting list in BrittanyMar 07 2013Introduction. Case Based Reasoning (CBR) is an emerg- ing decision making paradigm in medical research where new cases are solved relying on previously solved similar cases. Usually, a database of solved cases is provided, and every case is described ... More
Quasiparticle and Optical Spectroscopy of Organic Semiconductors Pentacene and PTCDA from First PrinciplesOct 21 2011Feb 01 2012The broad use of organic semiconductors for optoelectronic applications relies on quantitative understanding and control of their spectroscopic properties. Of paramount importance are the transport gap - the difference between ionization potential and ... More
Coordination and Antenna Domain Formation in Cloud-RAN systemsJun 28 2016We study here the problem of Antenna Domain Formation (ADF) in cloud RAN systems, whereby multiple remote radio-heads (RRHs) are each to be assigned to a set of antenna domains (ADs), such that the total interference between the ADs is minimized. We formulate ... More
Video-Based Facial Expression Recognition Using Local Directional Binary PatternMar 05 2015Automatic facial expression analysis is a challenging issue and influenced so many areas such as human computer interaction. Due to the uncertainties of the light intensity and light direction, the face gray shades are uneven and the expression recognition ... More
TED-LIUM 3: twice as much data and corpus repartition for experiments on speaker adaptationMay 12 2018Jul 03 2018In this paper, we present TED-LIUM release 3 corpus dedicated to speech recognition in English, that multiplies by more than two the available data to train acoustic models in comparison with TED-LIUM 2. We present the recent development on Automatic ... More
Beam Profiler Network (BPNet) -- A Deep Learning Approach to Mode Demultiplexing of Laguerre-Gaussian Optical BeamsApr 14 2019The transverse field profile of light is being recognized as a resource for classical and quantum communications for which reliable methods of sorting or demultiplexing spatial optical modes are required. Here, we demonstrate, experimentally, state-of-the-art ... More
Decentralized Decision-Making Over Multi-Task NetworksDec 20 2018Dec 24 2018In important applications involving multi-task networks with multiple objectives, agents in the network need to decide between these multiple objectives and reach an agreement about which single objective to follow for the network. In this work we propose ... More
End-to-end named entity extraction from speechMay 30 2018Named entity recognition (NER) is among SLU tasks that usually extract semantic information from textual documents. Until now, NER from speech is made through a pipeline process that consists in processing first an automatic speech recognition (ASR) on ... More
Quantitative Molecular Orbital Energies within a $G_0W_0$ ApproximationApr 02 2012Using many-body perturbation theory within the $G_0W_0$ approximation, we explore routes for computing the ionization potential (IP), electron affinity (EA), and fundamental gap of three gas-phase molecules -- benzene, thiophene, and (1,4) diamino-benzene ... More
Effects of self-consistency and plasmon-pole models on GW calculations for closed-shell moleculesSep 09 2014We present theoretical calculations of quasiparticle energies in closed-shell molecules using the GW method. We compare three different approaches: a full-frequency $G_0W_0$ (FF-$G_0W_0$) method with density functional theory (DFT-PBE) used as a starting ... More
Performance Bounds for Antenna Domain SystemsJun 27 2016In this work, we investigate the so-called antenna domain formation problem, as the optimal assignment of users to antenna domains, in cloud radio access networks. We focus on theoretical aspects of the problem, namely, the finding of lower bounds, on ... More
Dynamically contracted algebra of observables for dissipative quantum systemsNov 25 2015A method is discussed to analyze the dynamics of a dissipative quantum system. The method hinges upon the definition of an alternative (time-dependent) product among the observables of the system. In the long time limit this yields a contracted algebra. ... More
Dark Matter and Collider Studies in the Left-Right Symmetric Model with Vector-Like LeptonsDec 19 2016May 31 2017In the context of a left-right symmetric model, we introduce one full generation of vectorlike lepton doublets (both left and right-handed) together with their mirror doublets. We show that the lightest vectorlike neutrino in the model is right-handed, ... More
Scalable Realization of Surface Code Quantum Memory by Applying Multi-Qubit Parity Detector GatesNov 22 2018Nov 26 2018We analytically designed the control bias pulses to realize new multi-qubit parity detector gates for 2-Dimensional (2D) array of superconducting flux qubits with non-tunable couplings. We designed two 5-qubit gates such that the middle qubit is the target ... More
ASR error management for improving spoken language understandingMay 26 2017This paper addresses the problem of automatic speech recognition (ASR) error detection and their use for improving spoken language understanding (SLU) systems. In this study, the SLU task consists in automatically extracting, from ASR transcriptions , ... More
A Survey of Open Clusters in the u'g'r'i'z' Filter System: III. Results for the Cluster NGC 188Nov 29 2006We continue our series of papers describing the results of a photometric survey of open star clusters, primarily in the southern hemisphere, taken in the u'g'r'i'z' filter system. The entire observed sample covered more than 100 clusters, but here we ... More
Learning-Based Resource Allocation Scheme for TDD-Based CRAN SystemAug 29 2016Explosive growth in the use of smart wireless devices has necessitated the provision of higher data rates and always-on connectivity, which are the main motivators for designing the fifth generation (5G) systems. To achieve higher system efficiency, massive ... More
A Catalog of Very Isolated Galaxies from the SDSS Data Release 1Oct 06 2004We present a new catalog of isolated galaxies obtained through an automated systematic search. These 2980 isolated galaxies were found in approximately 2099 sq deg of sky in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data Release 1 (SDSS DR1) photometry. The selection ... More
Quantum and classical control of single photon states via a mechanical resonatorMar 29 2016Jun 20 2016Optomechanical systems typically use light to control the quantum state of a mechanical resonator. In this paper, we propose a scheme for controlling the quantum state of light using the mechanical degree of freedom as a controlled beam splitter. Preparing ... More
Unveiling Scholarly Communities over Knowledge GraphsJul 18 2018Knowledge graphs represent the meaning of properties of real-world entities and relationships among them in a natural way. Exploiting semantics encoded in knowledge graphs enables the implementation of knowledge-driven tasks such as semantic retrieval, ... More
Regression Monte Carlo for Microgrid ManagementFeb 28 2018We study an islanded microgrid system designed to supply a small village with the power produced by photovoltaic panels, wind turbines and a diesel generator. A battery storage system device is used to shift power from times of high renewable production ... More