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Static Cylindrically Symmetric Interior Solutions in f(R) GravityJan 26 2013We investigate some exact static cylindrically symmetric solutions for a perfect fluid in the metric $f(R)$ theory of gravity. For this purpose, three different families of solutions are explored. We evaluate energy density, pressure, Ricci scalar and ... More
Generic uniqueness of least area planes in hyperbolic spaceAug 04 2004Mar 15 2009We study the number of solutions of the asymptotic Plateau problem in H^3. By using the analytical results in our previous paper, and some topological arguments, we show that there exists an open dense subset of C^3 Jordan curves in S^2_{infty}(H^3) such ... More
Non-properly Embedded Minimal Planes in Hyperbolic 3-SpaceJan 20 2011In this paper, we show that there are non-properly embedded minimal surfaces with finite topology in a simply connected Riemannian 3-manifold with nonpositive curvature. We show this result by constructing a non-properly embedded minimal plane in hyperbolic ... More
Embedded Plateau ProblemMay 11 2010May 12 2010We show that if C is a simple closed curve bounding an embedded disk in a closed 3-manifold M, then there exists a disk D in M with boundary C such that D minimizes the area among the embedded disks with boundary C. Moreover, D is smooth, minimal and ... More
Properly Embedded Least Area Planes in Gromov Hyperbolic 3-SpacesSep 04 2006Sep 05 2006We show that for any simple closed curve in the sphere at infinity of a Gromov hyperbolic 3-space with cocompact metric, there exist a properly embedded least area plane in the space spanning the given curve. This gives a positive answer to a conjecture ... More
Embeddedness of the solutions to the H-Plateau ProblemApr 02 2015Feb 16 2017We generalize Meeks and Yau's embeddedness result on the solutions of the Plateau problem to the constant mean curvature disks. We show that any minimizing H-disk in an H_0-convex domain is embedded for any H in [0,H_0). In particular, for the unit ball ... More
Asymptotic Plateau Problem in H2xRApr 06 2016We give a fairly complete solution to the asymptotic Plateau Problem for area minimizing surfaces in H2xR. In particular, we identify the collection of Jordan curves in the asymptotic boundary of H2xR, which bounds an area minimizing surface in H2xR. ... More
Examples of Area Minimizing Surfaces in 3-manifoldsOct 16 2012In this paper, we give some examples of area minimizing surfaces to clarify some well-known features of these surfaces in more general settings. The first example is about Meeks-Yau's result on embeddedness of solution to the Plateau problem. We construct ... More
Least Area Planes in Hyperbolic 3-Space are Properly EmbeddedDec 05 2007We show that if P is an embedded least area (area minimizing) plane in hyperbolic 3-space whose asymptotic boundary is a simple closed curve with at least one smooth point, then P is properly embedded.
$H$-Surfaces with Arbitrary Topology in Hyperbolic 3-SpaceNov 19 2013In this paper, we show that any open orientable surface S can be properly embedded in H^3 as a minimizing H-surface for any 0<=H<1. We obtained this result by proving a version of the bridge principle at infinity for H-surfaces. We also show that any ... More
Asymptotic Plateau Problem in H2xRApr 06 2016Jan 03 2018We give a fairly complete solution to the asymptotic Plateau Problem for area minimizing surfaces in H2xR. In particular, we identify the collection of Jordan curves in the asymptotic boundary of H2xR, which bounds an area minimizing surface in H2xR. ... More
Locally Rotationally Symmetric Vacuum Solutions in f(R) GravityDec 05 2013This paper is devoted to find the Locally Rotationally Symmetric (LRS) vacuum solutions in the context of f(R) theory of gravity. Actually, we have considered the three metrics representing the whole family of LRS spacetimes and solved the field equations ... More
Uniform 1-Cochains and Genuine LaminationsApr 07 2003Apr 25 2003We construct a pair of transverse genuine laminations on an atoroidal 3-manifold admitting transversely orientable uniform 1-cochain. The laminations are induced by the uniform 1-cochain and they are indeed the "straightening" of the coarse laminations ... More
MINERvA Detector: Description and PerformanceSep 13 2011The MINERvA experiment is aimed at precisely measuring the cross-sections for various neutrino interaction channels. It is located at Fermilab in the underground cavern in front of MINOS near detector. MINERvA is a fine-grained scintillator with electromagnetic ... More
Number of Least Area Planes in Gromov Hyperbolic 3-SpacesMay 14 2008We show that for a generic simple closed curve C in the asymptotic boundary of a Gromov hyperbolic 3-space with cocompact metric X, there exist a unique least area plane P in X with asymptotic boundary C. This result has interesting topological applications ... More
Minimal Planes in Hyperbolic SpaceOct 13 2003We show a generic finiteness result for least area planes in 3-dimensional hyperbolic space. Moreover, we prove that the space of minimal immersions of disk into hyperbolic space is a submanifold of a product bundle over a space of immersions of circle ... More
Embeddedness of the solutions to the H-Plateau ProblemApr 02 2015We generalize Meeks and Yau's embeddedness result on the solutions of the Plateau problem to the constant mean curvature disks. We show that any minimizing H-disk in an H_0-convex domain is embedded for any H in [0,H_0). In particular, for the unit ball ... More
Embedded $H$-Planes in Hyperbolic 3-SpaceMay 08 2017We show that for any C^0 Jordan curve C in the sphere at infinity of H^3, there exists an embedded $H$-plane P_H in H^3 with asymptotic boundary C for any H in (-1,1). As a corollary, we proved that any quasi-Fuchsian hyperbolic 3-manifold M=SxR contains ... More
Minimal Surfaces with Arbitrary Topology in H^2xRApr 01 2014Sep 22 2014We show that any open orientable surface S can be properly embedded in H^2xR as an area minimizing surface. We obtained this result by proving a bridge principle at infinity for H^2xR for vertical bridges in the asymptotic boundary. Furthermore, we studied ... More
Design of a Compact Reversible Read-Only-Memory with MOS TransistorsNov 07 2015Energy conservative devices are the need of the modern technology which leads to the development of reversible logic. The synthesis of reversible logic has become an intensely studied area as it overcomes the problem of power dissipation associated with ... More
Minimal Surfaces in Hyperbolic 3-manifoldsJun 27 2018In this paper, we show the existence of smoothly embedded closed minimal surfaces in infinite volume hyperbolic $3$-manifolds except some special cases.
Asymptotic Plateau ProblemJul 03 2009Apr 01 2010This is a survey of old and recent results about the asymptotic Plateau problem. Our aim is to give a fairly complete picture of the field, and present the current situation.
Nonuniqueness of the solutions to the asymptotic Plateau problemMar 27 2006Oct 02 2009Because of the relevance of the results, this paper is merged into the paper titled "On the Number of Solutions to Asymptotic Plateau Problem" (arXiv:math.DG/0505593) as a new section.
Generic Uniqueness of Area Minimizing Disks for Extreme CurvesOct 28 2008Jul 03 2009We show that for a generic nullhomotopic simple closed curve C in the boundary of a compact, orientable, mean convex 3-manifold M with trivial second homology, there is a unique area minimizing disk D embedded in M where the boundary of D is C. We also ... More
Minimizing Constant Mean Curvature Hypersurfaces in Hyperbolic SpaceAug 17 2005We study the constant mean curvature (CMC) hypersurfaces in hyperbolic space whose asymptotic boundaries are closed codimension-1 submanifolds in sphere at infinity. We consider CMC hypersurfaces as generalizations of minimal hypersurfaces. We naturally ... More
Mean Convex Hulls and Least Area Disks spanning Extreme CurvesDec 29 2004Jun 06 2005We show that for any extreme curve in a 3-manifold M, there exist a canonical mean convex hull containing all least area disks spanning the curve. Similar result is true for asymptotic case in hyperbolic 3-space such that for any asymptotic curve, there ... More
The degenerate Fermi gas of $π$ electrons in fullerenes and the $σ$ surface instabilitiesSep 05 2016The departure from perfect spherical symmetry in the case of fullerenes, C60 being the sole exception, induces instabilities due to the stresses generated by the pentagonal protrusions in the sigma-bonded surfaces. By assuming sigma and pi separability ... More
Neutrino asymmetry generation in the early Universe (from active-sterile neutrino oscillations)May 15 2001Neutrino asymmetry generation from active-sterile neutrino oscillations in the early Universe has different important cosmological effects. We discuss its basic features and present recent results on the borders of the generation for mixing angles $\sin^2 ... More
Open Clusters in the Kepler Field, II. NGC 6866Mar 27 2014We have developed a maximum-likelihood procedure to fit theoretical isochrones to the observed cluster color-magnitude diagrams of NGC 6866, an open cluster in the Kepler Spacecraft field of view. The Markov-Chain Monte Carlo algorithm permits exploration ... More
Developments in LeptogenesisFeb 16 2011Latest developments in leptogenesis are reviewed with a particular emphasis on the proposals to test leptogenesis. We discuss in particular the important role played by light and heavy flavour effects in the determination of the final asymmetry and the ... More
Update on neutrino mixing in the early UniverseAug 22 2001Oct 24 2001From the current cosmological observations of CMB and nuclear abundances we show, with an analytic procedure, that the total effective number of extra neutrino species $\Delta N_{\nu}^{\rm tot}< 0.3$. We also describe the possible signatures of non standard ... More
Amplification of Isocurvature Perturbations induced by Active-Sterile Neutrino OscillationsNov 03 1999We show how the generation of a lepton number in the Early Universe induced by active-sterile neutrino oscillations, in presence of small baryon number inhomogeneities, gives rise to the formation of lepton domains, regions with different values of active ... More
Derived Ramanujan Primes : R'_{n}Oct 25 2012Oct 29 2012We study the Ramanujan-prime-counting function along the lines of Ramanujan's original work on Bertrand's Postulate. We show that the number of Ramanujan primes between x and 2x tends to infinity with x. This analysis leads us to define a new sequence ... More
Error-and-Erasure Decoding for Block Codes with FeedbackMar 25 2009Sep 01 2011Inner and outer bounds are derived on the optimal performance of fixed length block codes on discrete memoryless channels with feedback and errors-and-erasures decoding. First an inner bound is derived using a two phase encoding scheme with communication ... More
Uniqueness of Area Minimizing Surfaces for Extreme CurvesJul 19 2012Let M be a compact, orientable, mean convex 3-manifold with boundary. We show that the set of all simple closed curves in the boundary of M which bound unique area minimizing disks in M is dense in the space of simple closed curves in the boundary of ... More
Enhanced aodv route discovery and route establishment for qos provision for real time transmission in manetApr 19 2014MANET is a temporary connection of mobile nodes via wireless links having no centralized base station. We developed a protocol with an enhanced route discovery mechanism that avoids the pre-transmission delay. When a source node wants to communicate with ... More
An introduction to leptogenesis and neutrino propertiesJun 14 2012This is an introductory review of the main features of leptogenesis, one of the most attractive models of baryogenesis for the explanation of the matter-antimatter asymmetry of the Universe. The calculation of the asymmetry in leptogenesis is intimately ... More
Seesaw geometry and leptogenesisFeb 09 2005Aug 22 2005The representation of the seesaw orthogonal matrix in the complex plane establishes a graphical correspondence between neutrino mass models and geometrical configurations, particularly useful to study relevant aspects of leptogenesis. We first derive ... More
Active-sterile neutrino oscillations in the early Universe and the atmospheric neutrino anomalyFeb 02 2000Cosmology cannot rule out the solution nu_mu <-> nu_s to the atmospheric neutrino data and thus only Earth experiments will be able to give a definitive answer. This conclusion holds when a generation of lepton number is taken into account and one assumes ... More
Entropy production in the Early Universe. A new mechanismAug 05 1997We expose briefly the role of entropy in the early universe and in particular the importance of searching for new mechanisms of entropy production. We describe a mechanism that shows how entropy is produced during early annihilations and under which conditions ... More
Separation of Signals Consisting of Amplitude and Instantaneous Frequency RRC Pulses Using SNR Uniform TrainingJan 30 2016This work presents sample mean and sample variance based features that distinguish continuous phase FSK from QAM and PSK modulations. Root raised cosine pulses are used for signal generation. Support vector machines are employed for signals separation. ... More
Time-resolved inner-shell photoelectron spectroscopy: from a bound molecule to an isolated atomJan 25 2019Due to its element- and site-specificity, inner-shell photoelectron spectroscopy is a widely used technique to probe the chemical structure of matter. Here we show that time-resolved inner-shell photoelectron spectroscopy can be employed to observe ultrafast ... More
Addendum to: Update on neutrino mixing in the early UniverseFeb 20 2003Mar 31 2003In the light of the recent WMAP results we update the constraints on a class of non standard BBN models with a simultaneous combination of non standard neutrino distributions and extra effective number of neutrinos in the expansion rate. These models ... More
The cosmological information on neutrino mixingNov 06 2001Cosmology provides interesting information on neutrino mixing models with sterile neutrinos. In this case non standard BBN effects can be relevant. We show how the recent measurement of the baryon content from the observations of CMB anisotropies together ... More
News on LeptogenesisNov 12 2002Nov 15 2002The possibility to explain the CMB measurement of the baryon asymmetry with leptogenesis results in a stringent bound on the neutrino masses such that [(m_1)^2+(m_2)^2+(m_3)^2]^(1/2) < 0.30 eV. We discuss the implications of such a bound for future experiments ... More
Signal reconstruction in diffusion-based molecular communicationJan 31 2019Feb 01 2019Molecular Communication (MC) is an important nanoscale communication paradigm, which is employed for the interconnection of the nanomachines (NMs) to form nanonetworks. A transmitter NM (TN) sends the information symbols by emitting molecules into the ... More
Heavy traffic analysis of open processing networks with complete resource pooling: asymptotic optimality of discrete review policiesMar 23 2005We consider a class of open stochastic processing networks, with feedback routing and overlapping server capabilities, in heavy traffic. The networks we consider satisfy the so-called complete resource pooling condition and therefore have one-dimensional ... More
SO(10)-inspired solution to the problem of the initial conditions in leptogenesisAug 05 2013Nov 14 2013We show that, within SO(10)-inspired leptogenesis, there exists a solution, with definite constraints on low energy neutrino parameters, able simultaneously to reproduce the observed baryon asymmetry and to satisfy the conditions for the independence ... More
Flavor effects on leptogenesis predictionsJul 31 2006Mar 17 2007Flavor effects in leptogenesis reduce the region of the see-saw parameter space where the final predictions do not depend on the initial conditions, the strong wash-out regime. In this case we show that the lowest bounds holding on the lightest right-handed ... More
Active-Sterile neutrino oscillations and BBN+CMBR constraintsAug 24 2000Nov 13 2000We show how active-sterile neutrino oscillations in the early Universe can play an interesting role in explaining the current observations of CMBR anisotropies and light element abundances. We describe different possible phenomenological scenarios in ... More
Orbifold Lens Spaces that are Isospectral but not IsometricFeb 14 2009Aug 28 2009We answer Mark Kacs famous question - can one hear the shape of a drum - in the negative for orbifolds that are spherical space forms. This is done by extending the techniques developed by A. Ikeda on Lens Spaces to the orbifold setting. Several results ... More
Leptogenesis, neutrino mixing data and the absolute neutrino mass scaleJun 10 2004Recent developments in thermal leptogenesis are reviewed. Neutrino mixing data favor a simple picture where the matter-anti matter asymmetry is generated by the decays of the heavy RH neutrinos mildly close to thermal equilibrium and, remarkably, in the ... More
On Convexification of Range Measurement Based Sensor and Source Localization ProblemsOct 25 2013This manuscript is a preliminary pre-print version of a journal submission by the authors, revisiting the problem of range measurement based localization of a signal source or a sensor. The major geometric difficulty of the problem comes from the non-convex ... More
On optimality gaps in the Halfin--Whitt regimeMar 08 2012We consider optimal control of a multi-class queue in the Halfin--Whitt regime, and revisit the notion of asymptotic optimality and the associated optimality gaps. The existing results in the literature for such systems provide asymptotically optimal ... More
Some results on counting roots of polynomials and the Sylvester resultantSep 27 2016We present two results, the first on the distribution of the roots of a polynomial over the ring of integers modulo $n$ and the second on the distribution of the roots of the Sylvester resultant of two multivariate polynomials. The second result has application ... More
On Modeling the Costs of CensorshipSep 10 2014We argue that the evaluation of censorship evasion tools should depend upon economic models of censorship. We illustrate our position with a simple model of the costs of censorship. We show how this model makes suggestions for how to evade censorship. ... More
Gaussian-state quantum-illumination receivers for target detectionNov 04 2009The signal half of an entangled twin-beam, generated using spontaneous parametric downconversion, interrogates a region of space that is suspected of containing a target, and has high loss and high (entanglement-breaking) background noise. A joint measurement ... More
Validity of the third law of thermodynamics for the Tsallis entropyFeb 23 2016Bento \textit{et al.} [Phys. Rev. E 91, 022105 (2015)] recently stated that the Tsallis entropy violates the third law of thermodynamics for $0 < q <1$ in the sub-additive regime. We first show that the division between the regimes $q < 1$ and $q > 1$ ... More
Comment on "Third Law of thermodynamics as a key test of generalized entropies"Jul 14 2015Bento \textit{et al.} [Phys. Rev. E 91, 022105 (2015)] state that the Tsallis entropy violates the third law of thermodynamics for $q \leq 0$ and $0<q<1$. We show that their results are valid only for $q \geq 1$, since there is no distribution maximizing ... More
Successful type I Leptogenesis with SO(10)-inspired mass relationsSep 15 2008It is well-known that thermal leptogenesis through the decays of the lightest right-handed neutrinos encounters serious difficulties when SO(10)-inspired mass conditions are imposed on the Dirac neutrino mass matrix and light neutrino masses are generated ... More
Active-sterile neutrino oscillations in the early Universe: asymmetry generation at low |delta m^2| and the Landau-Zener approximationMar 19 2001Dec 15 2001It is well established that active-sterile neutrino oscillations generate large neutrino asymmetries for very small mixing angles ($\sin^2 2\theta_0\lesssim 10^{-4}$), negative values of $\delta m^2$ and provided that $|\delta m^2|\gtrsim 10^{-4} {\rm ... More
On the sign of the neutrino asymmetry induced by active-sterile neutrino oscillations in the early UniverseDec 01 1999Jan 31 2000We deal with the problem of the final sign of the neutrino asymmetry generated by active-sterile neutrino oscillations in the Early Universe solving the full momentum dependent quantum kinetic equations. We study the parameter region $10^{-2} \stackrel{<}{\sim} ... More
The minimal scenario of leptogenesisNov 02 2012We review the main features and results of thermal leptogenesis within the type I seesaw mechanism, the minimal extension of the Standard Model explaining neutrino masses and mixing. After presenting the simplest approach, the vanilla scenario, we discuss ... More
Flavor effects in thermal leptogenesisFeb 08 2007We review recent developments in leptogenesis on flavor effects. Their account discloses an important connection between the matter-antimatter asymmetry of the Universe and CP violation at low energies. Besides, they modify the upper bound on the neutrino ... More
Photophysics of indole upon x-ray absorptionFeb 08 2018A photofragmentation study of gas-phase indole (C$_8$H$_7$N) upon single-photon ionization at a photon energy of 420 eV is presented. Indole was primarily inner-shell ionized at its nitrogen and carbon $1s$ orbitals. Electrons and ions were measured in ... More
The Millimeter Astronomy Legacy Team 90 GHz Survey (MALT90) and ALMAMar 12 2013ALMA will revolutionize our understanding of star formation within our galaxy, but before we can use ALMA we need to know where to look. The Millimeter Astronomy Legacy Team 90 GHz (MALT90) Survey is a large international project to map the molecular ... More
Testing SO(10)-inspired leptogenesis with low energy neutrino experimentsDec 10 2010Apr 12 2011We extend the results of a previous analysis of ours showing that, when both heavy and light flavour effects are taken into account, successful minimal (type I + thermal) leptogenesis with SO(10)-inspired relations is possible. Barring fine tuned choices ... More
Leptogenesis beyond the limit of hierarchical heavy neutrino massesMar 15 2006Jun 02 2006We calculate the baryon asymmetry of the Universe in thermal leptogenesis beyond the usual lightest right-handed (RH) neutrino dominated scenario (N_1DS) and in particular beyond the hierarchical limit (HL), M_1 << M_2 << M_3, for the RH neutrino mass ... More
New aspects of leptogenesis boundsJul 07 2008Oct 16 2008We present a general analysis that reveals new aspects of the leptogenesis bounds on neutrino masses and on the reheat temperature of the Universe. After revisiting a known effect coming from an unbounded term in the total CP asymmetry, we show that an ... More
Common fixed points for three or four mappings via common fixed point for two mappingsFeb 15 2013In this paper, we shall show that some coincidence point and common fixed point results for three or four mappings could easily be obtained from the corresponding fixed point results for two mappings.
Finsler Geometric Local Indicator of Chaos for single orbits in the Henon-Heiles hamiltonianJul 09 1998Translating the dynamics of the Henon--Heiles hamiltonian as a geodesic flow on a Finsler manifold, we obtain a local and synthetic Geometric Indicator of Chaos (GIC) for two degrees of freedom continuous dynamical systems. It represents a link between ... More
The (In)stability of Bianchi IX Dynamics: Geodesic Deviation Equations in Finsler SpacesJul 09 1998We explore the dynamical stability of the minisuperspace Hamiltonian of the Bianchi IX cosmological models, giving a gauge-invariant and unapproximated description of the full continuous dynamics, achieved through a geometrical description of the equations ... More
Cold Dark Matter from heavy Right-Handed neutrino mixingDec 30 2008Nov 04 2009We show that, within the see-saw mechanism, an almost decoupled RH neutrino species N_DM with mass M_DM \gtrsim 100 GeV can play the role of Dark Matter (DM). The N_DM's can be produced from non-adiabatic conversions of thermalized (source) RH neutrinos ... More
AndorEstimator: Android based Software Cost Estimation ApplicationMay 08 2016The main aim of the proposed system is to assist the software development team to estimate the cost, effort and maintenance of the project under development. Android-based platform, namely MIT App Inventor is used for the development of application, which ... More
Unequal Error Protection: An Information Theoretic PerspectiveMar 18 2008Oct 25 2009An information theoretic framework for unequal error protection is developed in terms of the exponential error bounds. The fundamental difference between the bit-wise and message-wise unequal error protection (UEP) is demonstrated, for fixed length block ... More
Motion Primitives for Robotic Flight ControlSep 25 2006Oct 15 2008We introduce a simple framework for learning aggressive maneuvers in flight control of UAVs. Having inspired from biological environment, dynamic movement primitives are analyzed and extended using nonlinear contraction theory. Accordingly, primitives ... More
Adaptive Training for Correlated Fading Channels with FeedbackAug 10 2009We consider data transmission through a time-selective, correlated (first-order Markov) Rayleigh fading channel subject to an average power constraint. The channel is estimated at the receiver with a pilot signal, and the estimate is fed back to the transmitter. ... More
Mirror Duality in a Joyce ManifoldJul 10 2007Aug 19 2009Previously the two of the authors defined a notion of dual Calabi-Yau manifolds in a G_2 manifold, and described a process to obtain them. Here we apply this process to a compact G_2 manifold, constructed by Joyce, and as a result we obtain a pair of ... More
Multi-Dimensional Phase Space Methods for Mass Measurements and Decay Topology DeterminationNov 29 2016Collider events with multi-stage cascade decays fill out the kinematically allowed region in phase space with a density that is enhanced at the boundary. The boundary encodes all available information about the spectrum and is well populated even with ... More
Finitely Many Dirac-Delta Interactions on Riemannian ManifoldsJul 19 2006This work is intended as an attempt to study the non-perturbative renormalization of bound state problem of finitely many Dirac-delta interactions on Riemannian manifolds, S^2, H^2 and H^3. We formulate the problem in terms of a finite dimensional matrix, ... More
The Neutrino Mass Window for BaryogenesisFeb 12 2003Interactions of heavy Majorana neutrinos in the thermal phase of the early universe may be the origin of the cosmological matter-antimatter asymmetry. This mechanism of baryogenesis implies stringent constraints on light and heavy Majorana neutrino masses. ... More
Supersymmetric $SO(10)$-inspired leptogenesis and a new $N_2$-dominated scenarioDec 21 2015Feb 15 2016We study the supersymmetric extension of $SO(10)$-inspired thermal leptogenesis showing the constraints on neutrino parameters and on the reheat temperature $T_{\rm RH}$ that derive from the condition of successful leptogenesis from next-to-lightest right ... More
Viability of Dirac phase leptogenesisJul 20 2007Jun 05 2008We discuss the conditions for a non-vanishing Dirac phase \delta and mixing angle \theta_{13}, sources of CP violation in neutrino oscillations, to be uniquely responsible for the observed matter-antimatter asymmetry of the universe through leptogenesis. ... More
Finite-time erasing of information stored in fermionic bitsNov 22 2012Jan 30 2013We address the issue of minimizing the heat generated when erasing the information stored in an array of quantum dots in finite time. We identify the fundamental limitations and trade-offs involved in this process and analyze how a feedback operation ... More
The $ν_μ\leftrightarrow ν_s$ interpretation of the atmospheric neutrino data and cosmological constraintsJul 29 1999Dec 22 1999The data on atmospheric neutrinos can be explained assuming the existence of oscillations between muon neutrinos and light sterile neutrinos with mixing close to maximal, and Delta_m^2 approximately equal to 3 E-3 (eV^2). This interpretation of the data ... More
Entropic repulsion of Gaussian free field on high-dimensional Sierpinski carpet graphsJul 22 2013Jul 19 2015Consider the free field on a fractal graph based on a high-dimensional Sierpinski carpet (e.g. the Menger sponge), that is, a centered Gaussian field whose covariance is the Green's function for simple random walk on the graph. Moreover assume that a ... More
Cosmic Microwave Background, Matter-Antimatter Asymmetry and Neutrino MassesMay 31 2002Aug 10 2007We study the implications of thermal leptogenesis for neutrino parameters. Assuming that decays of N_1, the lightest of the heavy Majorana neutrinos, initiate baryogenesis, we show that the final baryon asymmetry is determined by only four parameters: ... More
Some Aspects of Thermal LeptogenesisJun 01 2004Properties of neutrinos may be the origin of the matter-antimatter asymmetry of the universe. In the seesaw model for neutrino masses this leads to important constraints on the properties of light and heavy neutrinos. In particular, an upper bound on ... More
Leptogenesis for PedestriansJan 30 2004During the process of thermal leptogenesis temperature decreases by about one order of magnitude while the baryon asymmetry is generated. We present an analytical description of this process so that the dependence on the neutrino mass parameters becomes ... More
Optimal channel allocation with dynamic power control in cellular networksMar 18 2011Techniques for channel allocation in cellular networks have been an area of intense research interest for many years. An efficient channel allocation scheme can significantly reduce call-blocking and calldropping probabilities. Another important issue ... More
Signal-to-noise ratio of Gaussian-state ghost imagingSep 24 2008Jan 05 2009The signal-to-noise ratios (SNRs) of three Gaussian-state ghost imaging configurations--distinguished by the nature of their light sources--are derived. Two use classical-state light, specifically a joint signal-reference field state that has either the ... More
Unified Theory of Ghost Imaging with Gaussian-State LightDec 20 2007The theory of ghost imaging is developed in a Gaussian-state framework that both encompasses prior work - on thermal-state and biphoton-state imagers - and provides a complete understanding of the boundary between classical and quantum behavior in such ... More
Fast instability indicator in few dimensional dynamical systemsAug 07 2001Using the tools of Differential Geometry, we define a new <<fast>> chaoticity indicator, able to detect dynamical instability of trajectories much more effectively, (i.e. "quickly") than the usual tools, like Lyapunov Characteristic Numbers (LCN's) or ... More
Latent Agents in Networks: Estimation and PricingAug 14 2018Dec 12 2018We focus on a setting where agents in a social network consume a product that exhibits positive local network externalities. A seller has access to data on past consumption decisions/prices for a subset of observable agents, and can target these agents ... More
The problem of the initial conditions in flavoured leptogenesis and the tauon N_2-dominated scenarioJul 09 2010Apr 11 2011We discuss the conditions to realize a scenario of strong thermal leptogenesis, where the final asymmetry is fully independent of the initial conditions, when both heavy and light flavor effects are taken into account. In particular the contribution to ... More
Twist/Writhe Partitioning in a Coarse-Grained DNA Minicircle ModelDec 04 2009Dec 06 2009Here we present a systematic study of supercoil formation in DNA minicircles under varying linking number by using molecular dynamics simulations of a two-bead coarse-grained model. Our model is designed with the purpose of simulating long chains without ... More
Group theory, entropy and the third law of thermodynamicsAug 14 2016Curado \textit{et al.} [Ann. Phys. \textbf{366} (2016) 22] have recently studied the axiomatic structure and the universality of a three-parameter trace-form entropy inspired by the group-theoretical structure. In this work, we study the group-theoretical ... More
Beyond Thresholding: Analysis and Improvements for Deterministic Parameter EstimationJan 23 2008Hard-threshold estimators are popular in signal processing applications. We provide a detailed study of using hard-threshold estimators for estimating an unknown deterministic signal when additive white Gaussian noise corrupts observations. The analysis, ... More
Gaussian-State Theory of Two-Photon ImagingApr 16 2008Biphoton states of signal and idler fields--obtained from spontaneous parametric downconversion (SPDC) in the low-brightness, low-flux regime--have been utilized in several quantum imaging configurations to exceed the resolution performance of conventional ... More
Ghost Imaging: What is quantum, what is notDec 10 2006We provide a unified treatment of classical and quantum Gaussian-state sources that unambiguously identifies which features of ghost imaging are strictly quantum mechanical. We show that ghost-image formation is fundamentally classical, with the image ... More