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Teff and logg dependence of FeH in M-dwarfsDec 11 2008We present synthetic FeH band spectra in the z-filter range for several M-dwarf models with logg=3.0-5.0 [cgs] and Teff=2800K -3450K. Our aim is to characterize convective velocities in M-dwarfs and to give a rough estimate of the range in which 3D-atmosphere ... More
Non-linear pulsations in Wolf-Rayet starsAug 07 2009Numerical simulations of the evolution of strange-mode instabilities into the non-linear regime have been performed for a wide range of stellar parameters for Wolf-Rayet stars. It has been shown that the Wolf-Rayet models reach radial velocities which ... More
The minimal dimensions of faithful representations for Heisenberg Lie superalgebrasAug 06 2013Apr 25 2016This paper aims to characterize the minimal dimensions and super-dimensions of faithful representations for the Heisenberg Lie superalgebras over an algebraically closed field of characteristic zero.
Signatures of Majorana Zero Modes in Spin-Resolved Current CorrelationsNov 03 2014Apr 28 2015We consider a normal lead coupled to a Majorana bound state. We show that the spin-resolved current correlations exhibit unique features which distinguish Majorana bound states from other low-energy resonances. In particular, the spin-up and spin-down ... More
Current Correlations in a Majorana Beam SplitterSep 01 2015Dec 15 2015We study current correlations in a $T$-junction composed of a grounded topological superconductor and of two normal-metal leads which are biased at a voltage $V$. We show that the existence of an isolated Majorana zero mode in the junction dictates a ... More
Fractional charges on an integer quantum Hall edgeDec 23 2008May 20 2009We propose ways to create and detect fractionally charged excitations in \emph{integer} quantum Hall edge states. The charge fractionalization occurs due to the Coulomb interaction between electrons propagating on different edge channels. The fractional ... More
The multiplier and cohomology of Lie superalgebrasNov 01 2018In this paper, all (super)algebras are over a field $\mathbb{F}$ of characteristic different from $2, 3$. We construct the so-called 5-sequences of cohomology for central extensions of a Lie superalgebra and prove that they are exact. Then we prove that ... More
Epitaxial Growth of Large-area Bilayer Graphene on Ru(0001)Jun 04 2014Large-area bilayer graphene (BG) is grown epitaxially on Ru(0001) surface and characterized by low temperature scanning tunneling microscopy. The lattice of the bottom layer of BG is stretched by 1.2%, while strain is absent from the top layer. The lattice ... More
Deep Learning Based Rib Centerline Extraction and LabelingSep 19 2018Jan 14 2019Automated extraction and labeling of rib centerlines is a typically needed prerequisite for more advanced assisted reading tools that help the radiologist to efficiently inspect all 24 ribs in a CT volume. In this paper, we combine a deep learning-based ... More
On $\mathrm{ID}^{*}$-superderivations of Lie superalgebrasSep 04 2018Let $L$ be a Lie superalgebra over a field of characteristic different from $2, 3$. Write $\mathrm{ID}^{*}(L)$ for the Lie superalgebra consisting of superderivations mapping $L$ to $L^{2}$ and central elements to zero. In this paper we first give an ... More
Restricted Kac modules of Hamiltonian Lie superalgebras of odd typeMar 01 2014This paper aims to describe the restricted Kac modules of restricted Hamiltonian Lie superalgebras of odd type over an algebraically closed field of characteristic $p>3$. In particular, a sufficient and necessary condition for the restricted Kac modules ... More
Signatures of topological Josephson junctionsApr 14 2016Jul 25 2016Quasiparticle poisoning and diabatic transitions may significantly narrow the window for the experimental observation of the $4\pi$-periodic $dc$ Josephson effect predicted for topological Josephson junctions. Here, we show that switching current measurements ... More
Fractional chiral superconductorsJul 20 2017Two-dimensional $p_x+ip_y$ topological superconductors host gapless Majorana edge modes, as well as Majorana bound states at the core of $h/2e$ vortices. Here we construct a model realizing the fractional counterpart of this phase: a fractional chiral ... More
Maximal graded subalgebras of Witt and Special superalgebrasNov 18 2009Mar 08 2010This paper has been withdrawn by the author due to that the main results and approaches are closedly parallel to the ones in Lie algebra case.
Cohomology of Heisenberg Lie SuperalgebrasAug 30 2013Apr 25 2016Suppose the ground field to be algebraically closed and of characteristic different from $2$ and $3$. All Heisenberg Lie superalgebras consist of two super versions of the Heisenberg Lie algebras, $\frak{h}_{2m,n}$ and $\frak{ba}_n$ with $m$ a nonnegative ... More
Filtration, automorphisms and classification of the infinite dimensional odd Contact superalgebras superalgebrasJan 04 2010The principal filtration of the infinite-dimensional odd Contact Lie superalgebra over a field of characteristic $p>2$ is proved to be invariant under the automorphism group by investigating ad-nilpotent elements and determining certain invariants such ... More
Maximal Subalgebras for Modular Graded Lie Superalgebras of Odd Cartan TypeSep 01 2013Apr 25 2016The purpose of this paper is to determine all maximal graded subalgebras of the four infinite series of finite-dimensional graded Lie superalgebras of odd Cartan type over an algebraically closed field of characteristic $p>3$. All maximal graded subalgebras ... More
Superderivations for Modular Graded Lie Superalgebras of Cartan-typeJun 16 2011Jun 27 2011Superderivations for the eight families of finite or infinite dimensional graded Lie superalgebras of Cartan-type over a field of characteristic $p>3$ are completely determined by a uniform approach: The infinite dimensional case is reduced to the finite ... More
Classification of nilpotent Lie superalgebras of multiplier-rank $\leq 2$Jul 24 2018In this paper, we introduce the concept of (super-)multiplier-rank for Lie superalgeras and classify all the finite-dimensional nilpotent Lie superalgebras of multiplier-rank $\leq 2$ over an algebraically closed field of characteristic zero. In the process, ... More
Hom-Lie superalgebra structures on exceptional simple Lie superalgebras of vector fieldsApr 11 2016In this paper, the Hom-Lie superalgebra structures on exceptional simple Lie superalgebras of vector fields are studied. Taking advantage of the Z-grading structures and the transitivity, we prove that there is only the trivial Hom-Lie superalgebra structures ... More
On cohomology of filiform Lie superalgebrasSep 03 2018Suppose the ground field $\mathbb{F}$ is an algebraically closed field of characteristic different from 2, 3. We determine the Betti numbers and make a decomposition of the associative superalgebra of the cohomology for the model filiform Lie superalgebra. ... More
Fundamental M-dwarf parameters from high-resolution spectra using PHOENIX ACES models: I. Parameter accuracy and benchmark starsJan 08 2016M-dwarf stars are the most numerous stars in the Universe; they span a wide range in mass and are in the focus of ongoing and planned exoplanet surveys. To investigate and understand their physical nature, detailed spectral information and accurate stellar ... More
A dynamically-packed planetary system around GJ667C with three super-Earths in its habitable zoneJun 25 2013Since low-mass stars have low luminosities, orbits at which liquid water can exist on Earth-sized planets are relatively close-in, which produces Doppler signals that are detectable using state-of-the-art Doppler spectroscopy. GJ 667C is already known ... More
When does Bone Suppression and Lung Field Segmentation Improve Chest X-Ray Disease Classification?Oct 17 2018Chest radiography is the most common clinical examination type. To improve the quality of patient care and to reduce workload, methods for automatic pathology classification have been developed. In this contribution we investigate the usefulness of two ... More
Stability of nodal quasi-particles in superconductors with coexisting ordersSep 30 2007Jan 29 2008We establish a condition for the perturbative stability of zero energy nodal points in the quasi-particle spectrum of superconductors in the presence of coexisting \textit{commensurate} orders. The nodes are found to be stable if the Hamiltonian is invariant ... More
Extracting the Dynamic Magnetic Contrast in Time-Resolved X-ray Transmission MicroscopyMay 29 2019Jun 03 2019Using a time-resolved detection scheme in scanning transmission X-ray microscopy (STXM) we measured element resolved ferromagnetic resonance (FMR) at microwave frequencies up to 10\,GHz and a spatial resolution down to 20\,nm at two different synchrotrons. ... More
Coarse-grained strain dynamics and backwards/forwards dispersionOct 19 2006A Particle Tracking Velocimetry experiment has been performed in a turbulent flow at intermediate Reynolds number. We present experimentally obtained stretching rates for particle pairs in the inertial range. When compensated by a characteristic time ... More
Extracting the Dynamic Magnetic Contrast in Time-Resolved X-ray Transmission MicroscopyMay 29 2019Using a time-resolved detection scheme in scanning transmission X-ray microscopy (STXM) we measured element resolved ferromagnetic resonance (FMR) at microwave frequencies up to 10\,GHz and a spatial resolution down to 20\,nm at two different synchrotrons. ... More
The digital data processing concepts of the LOFT missionAug 27 2014The Large Observatory for X-ray Timing (LOFT) is one of the five mission candidates that were considered by ESA for an M3 mission (with a launch opportunity in 2022 - 2024). LOFT features two instruments: the Large Area Detector (LAD) and the Wide Field ... More
State-dependence of climate sensitivity: attractor constraints and palaeoclimate regimesApr 12 2016Equilibrium climate sensitivity is a frequently used measure to predict long-term climate change. However, both climate models and observational data suggest a rather large uncertainty on climate sensitivity (CS). The reasons for this include: the climate ... More
Extreme sensitivity and climate tipping pointsMay 28 2019A climate state close to a tipping point will have a degenerate linear response to perturbations, which can be associated with extreme values of the equilibrium climate sensitivity (ECS). In this paper we contrast linearized (`instantaneous') with fully ... More
Analytical Solving of Partial Differential Equations using Symbolic ComputingNov 01 1995This work presents a brief discussion and a plan towards the analytical solving of Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) using symbolic computing, as well as an implementation of part of this plan as the PDEtools software-package of commands.
Exponentially long lifetime of universal quasi-steady states in topological Floquet pumpsJan 24 2019Topological phenomena in periodically driven, isolated quantum many body systems are difficult to obtain due to the generic tendency of such systems to heat up towards a maximum entropy state in the long time limit. Here we investigate a mechanism to ... More
The Pin Groups in Physics: C, P, and TDec 06 2000We review the role in physics of the Pin groups, double covers of the full Lorentz group. Pin(1,3) is to O(1,3) what Spin(1,3) is to SO(1,3). The existence of two Pin groups offers a classification of fermions based on their properties under space or ... More
Moment-volume coupling in La(Fe$_{1-x}$Si$_x$)$_{13}$Aug 28 2017We investigate the origin of the volume change and magnetoelastic interaction observed at the magnetic first-order transition in the magnetocaloric system La(Fe$_{1-x}$Si$_x$)$_{13}$ by means of first-principles calculations combined with the fixed-spin ... More
Quasilinear spin voltage profiles in spin thermoelectricsJan 17 2011Recent experiments show that spin thermoelectrics is a promising approach to generate spin voltages. While spin chemical potentials are often limited to a surface layer of the order of the spin diffusion length, we show that thermoelectrically induced ... More
Statistical mechanics of the inverse Ising problem and the optimal objective functionNov 14 2016The inverse Ising problem seeks to reconstruct the parameters of an Ising Hamiltonian on the basis of spin configurations sampled from the Boltzmann measure. Recently, strategies to solve the inverse Ising problem based on convex optimisation have proven ... More
Crystal rules for $(\ell,0)$-JM partitionsJul 19 2011Vazirani and the author \cite{BV} gave a new interpretation of what we called $\ell$-partitions, also known as $(\ell,0)$-Carter partitions. The primary interpretation of such a partition $\lambda$ is that it corresponds to a Specht module $S^{\lambda}$ ... More
The ladder crystalJan 22 2009Jul 19 2011n this paper I introduce a new description of the crystal $B(\Lambda_0)$ of $\hat{\mathfrak{sl}_\ell}$. As in the Misra-Miwa model of $B(\Lambda_0)$, the nodes of this crystal are indexed by partitions and the $i$-arrows correspond to adding a box of ... More
Adjoint cohomology of Heisenberg Lie superalgebrasSep 10 2018Oct 31 2018Suppose the ground field $\F$ is an algebraically closed field of characteristic zero. In this paper, the adjoint cohomology of Heisenberg Lie superalgebras is studied by using the Hochschild-Serre spectral sequence. In particular, we determine the Betti ... More
Associative forms and second cohomologies of Lie superalgebras $HO$ and $KO$Nov 18 2009We consider two families of finite-dimensional simple Lie superalgebras of Cartan type, denoted by HO and KO, over an algebraically closed field of characteristic p>3. Using the weight space decompositions and the principal gradings we first show that ... More
Derivations for the even part of the Hamiltonian superalgebra in positive characteristicOct 26 2005In this paper we consider the derivations for even part of the finite-dimensional Hamiltonian superalgebra $H$ over a field of prime characteristic. We first introduce an ideal $\frak{N}$ of $H_{\bar{0}}$ and show that the derivation space from $H_{\bar{0}}$ ... More
Unraveling the dominant role of phonons in the ultrafast non-local dynamics of a photoexcited metal/insulator heterostructureFeb 14 2019Exploiting the element specificity of soft x-ray spectroscopy, we analyze the microscopic origin of ultrafast non-local dynamics induced by localized optical excitation in metal-insulator heterostructures. The performed ultraviolet pump - soft x-ray probe ... More
Fibonacci numbers and orthogonal polynomialsSep 11 2006Aug 05 2010We prove that the sequence $(1/F_{n+2})_{n\ge 0}$ of reciprocals of the Fibonacci numbers is a moment sequence of a certain discrete probability, and we identify the orthogonal polynomials as little $q$-Jacobi polynomials with $q=(1-\sqrt{5})/(1+\sqrt{5})$. ... More
Dynamics of gene expression and the regulatory inference problemDec 21 2007Mar 05 2008From the response to external stimuli to cell division and death, the dynamics of living cells is based on the expression of specific genes at specific times. The decision when to express a gene is implemented by the binding and unbinding of transcription ... More
Lagrangian one-particle velocity statistics in a turbulent flowOct 19 2006We present Lagrangian one-particle statistics from the Risoe PTV experiment of a turbulent flow. We estimate the Lagrangian Kolmogorov constant $C_0$ and find that it is affected by the large scale inhomogeneities of the flow. The pdf of temporal velocity ... More
A quantum algorithm for the quantum Schur-Weyl transformMay 17 2012We construct an efficient quantum algorithm to compute the quantum Schur-Weyl transform for any value of the quantum parameter $q \in [0,\infty]$. Our algorithm is a $q$-deformation of the Bacon-Chuang-Harrow algorithm, in the sense that it has the same ... More
Stochastic Resonance in Spatially Extended Systems: The Role of Far from Equilibrium PotentialsSep 25 2001Previous works have shown numerically that the response of a ``stochastic resonator'' is enhanced as a consequence of spatial coupling. Also, similar results have been obtained in a reaction-diffusion model by studying the phenomenon of stochastic resonance ... More
Response maxima in modulated turbulenceMay 23 2003Isotropic and homogeneous turbulence driven by an energy input modulated in time is studied within a variable range mean-field theory. The response of the system, observed in the second order moment of the large-scale velocity difference D(L,t)=<<(\u(x+L)-\u(x))^2>>~Re(t)^2$, ... More
Response maxima in modulated turbulence Part II: Numerical simulationsMay 23 2003Numerical simulations of fully developed turbulence driven by a modulated energy input rate or driving force are performed within two dynamical cascade models, the GOY shell model and a reduced wave vector set approximation of the Navier-Stokes equation ... More
Time-Energy Uncertainty Relations for Neutrino Oscillation and MÖssbauer Neutrino ExperimentMar 04 2008May 19 2008Using the Mandelstam-Tamm method we derive time-energy uncertainty relations for neutrino oscillations. We demonstrate that the small energy uncertainty of antineutrinos in a recently considered experiment with recoilless resonant (M\"ossbauer) production ... More
Gamma strength function and level densities of $^{208}$Pb from forward-angle proton scattering at 295 MeVSep 04 2016Gamma strength functions (GSFs) and level densities (LDs) are essential ingredients of statistical nuclear reaction theory with many applications in astrophysics, reactor design, and waste transmutation. The aim of the present work is a test of systematic ... More
Element-resolved thermodynamics of magnetocaloric LaFe$_{13-x}$Si$_x$Aug 18 2014Nov 13 2014By combination of two independent approaches, nuclear resonant inelastic X-ray scattering and first-principles calculations in the framework of density functional theory, we determine the element-resolved vibrational density of states in the ferromagnetic ... More
A new extensive library of PHOENIX stellar atmospheres and synthetic spectraMar 22 2013Apr 24 2013We present a new library of high-resolution synthetic spectra based on the stellar atmosphere code PHOENIX that can be used for a wide range of applications of spectral analysis and stellar parameter synthesis. The spherical mode of PHOENIX was used to ... More
Quantized magnetization density in periodically driven systemsOct 12 2016Oct 25 2017We study micromotion in two-dimensional periodically driven systems in which all bulk Floquet eigenstates are localized by disorder. We show that this micromotion gives rise to a quantized time-averaged magnetization density when the system is filled ... More
Semi-globally Exponential Trajectory Tracking for a Class of Spherical RobotsAug 04 2016Mar 01 2017A spherical robot consists of an externally spherical rigid body rolling on a two-dimensional surface, actuated by an auxiliary mechanism. For a class of actuation mechanisms, we derive a controller for the geometric center of the sphere to asymptotically ... More
Effects of CdCl$_2$ treatment on the local electronic properties of polycrystalline CdTe measured with photoemission electron microscopyOct 19 2017To investigate the effects of CdCl$_2$ treatment on the local electronic properties of polycrystalline CdTe films, we conducted a photoemission electron microscopy (PEEM) study of polished surfaces of CdTe films in superstrate configuration, with and ... More
Local Electronic Structure Changes in Polycrystalline CdTe with CdCl$_2$ Treatment and Air ExposureMar 05 2018Post-deposition CdCl$_2$ treatment of polycrystalline CdTe is known to increase photovoltaic efficiency. However, the precise chemical, structural, and electronic changes that underpin this improvement are still debated. In this study, spectroscopic photoemission ... More
Neutrino oscillations and uncertainty relationsFeb 14 2011Oct 11 2011We show that coherent flavor neutrino states are produced (and detected) due to the momentum-coordinate Heisenberg uncertainty relation. The Mandelstam-Tamm time-energy uncertainty relation requires non-stationary neutrino states for oscillations to happen ... More
Are Neutrino Oscillations a Non-stationary Phenomenon?Mar 30 2009We discuss different schemes of neutrino oscillations and the time-energy uncertainty relation. From the results of the K2K and MINOS accelerator experiments follows that neutrino oscillations are a non-stationary phenomenon and that the standard time-energy ... More
Peer Grading in a Course on Algorithms and Data Structures: Machine Learning Algorithms do not Improve over Simple BaselinesJun 02 2015Feb 10 2016Peer grading is the process of students reviewing each others' work, such as homework submissions, and has lately become a popular mechanism used in massive open online courses (MOOCs). Intrigued by this idea, we used it in a course on algorithms and ... More
Fermi velocity renormalization and dynamical gap generation in grapheneAug 28 2013Jan 12 2015We study the renormalization of the Fermi velocity by the long-range Coulomb interactions between the charge carriers in the Dirac-cone approximation for the effective low-energy description of the electronic excitations in graphene at half filling. Solving ... More
Kugo-Ojima confinement criterion, Zwanziger-Gribov horizon condition, and infrared critical exponents in Landau gauge QCDJan 15 2003The Kugo-Ojima confinement criterion and its relation to the infrared behaviour of the gluon and ghost propagators in Landau gauge QCD are reviewed. The realization of this confinement criterion (which in Landau gauge relates to Zwanziger's horizon condition) ... More
On Consistent Theories of Massive Spin-2 Fields Coupled to GravityAug 07 2012May 02 2013We consider the issues that arise out of interpreting the ghost-free bimetric theory as a theory of a spin-2 field coupled to gravity. This requires identifying a gravitational metric and parameterizing deviations of the resulting theory from general ... More
Metric Formulation of Ghost-Free Multivielbein TheoryApr 23 2012We formulate the recently proposed ghost-free theory of multiple interacting vielbeins in terms of their corresponding metrics. This is achieved by reintroducing all local Lorentz invariances broken by the multivielbein interaction potential which, in ... More
Brane Induced Gravity, its Ghost and the Cosmological Constant ProblemJul 07 2010May 26 2011"Brane Induced Gravity" is regarded as a promising framework for addressing the cosmological constant problem, but it also suffers from a ghost instability for parameter values that make it phenomenologically viable. We carry out a detailed analysis of ... More
Predicting Stellar Angular Diameters from $V$, $I_C$, $H$, $K$ PhotometrySep 12 2017Determining the physical properties of microlensing events depends on having accurate angular sizes of the source star. Using long-baseline optical interferometry we are able to measure the angular sizes of nearby stars with uncertainties $\leq 2\%$. ... More
Constraining the Surface Inhomogeneity and Settling Times of Metals on Accreting White DwarfsAug 21 2008Aug 26 2008Due to the short settling times of metals in DA white dwarf atmospheres, any white dwarfs with photospheric metals must be actively accreting. It is therefore natural to expect that the metals may not be deposited uniformly on the surface of the star. ... More
Global three-dimensional simulations of magnetic field evolution in a galactic disk. II. Gas rich galaxiesJan 30 1998A fully three-dimensional computation of induction processes in a disk is performed to investigate the evolution of a large-scale magnetic field in gas-rich barred and spiral galaxies in the presence of field diffusion. As input parameters we use time ... More
Particular Solutions in Bimetric Theory and Their ImplicationsJul 10 2014Nov 17 2014Ghost-free bimetric theory can describe gravity in the presence of an extra spin-2 field. We study certain aspects of dynamics in this theory: (1) It is shown that if either of the metrics is an Einstein solution then the other is always forced to be ... More
The Madala hypothesis with Run 1 and 2 data at the LHCSep 27 2017The Madala hypothesis postulates a new heavy scalar, H, which explains several independent anomalous features seen in ATLAS and CMS data simultaneously. It has already been discussed and constrained in the literature by Run 1 results, and its underlying ... More
Leaf litter decomposition -- Estimates of global variability based on Yasso07 modelJun 04 2009Litter decomposition is an important process in the global carbon cycle. It accounts for most of the heterotrophic soil respiration and results in formation of more stable soil organic carbon (SOC) which is the largest terrestrial carbon stock. Litter ... More
A Hybrid Quasi-Newton Projected-Gradient Method with Application to Lasso and Basis-Pursuit DenoiseNov 16 2016We propose a new algorithm for the optimization of convex functions over a polyhedral set in Rn. The algorithm extends the spectral projected-gradient method with limited-memory BFGS iterates restricted to the present face whenever possible. We prove ... More
Path categories and propositional identity typesApr 20 2016Sep 20 2016Connections between homotopy theory and type theory have recently attracted a lot of attention, with Voevodsky's univalent foundations and the interpretation of Martin-Lof's identity types in Quillen model categories as some of the highlights. In this ... More
Closable Hankel operators and moment problemsMay 08 2019Jun 04 2019In a paper from 2016 D. R. Yafaev considers Hankel operators associated with Hamburger moment sequences q_n and claims that the corresponding Hankel form is closable if and only if the moment sequence tends to 0. The claim is not correct, since we prove ... More
Study of the $pd\to ^3\textrm{He} K^+K^-$ and $pd\to ^3\textrm{He} φ$ reactions close to thresholdAug 28 2006Two--kaon production in proton--deuteron collisions has been studied at three energies close to threshold using a calibrated magnetic spectrograph to measure the final $^3$He and a vertex detector to measure the $K^+K^-$ pair. Differential and total cross ... More
Many-body effects in x-ray absorption and magnetic circular dichroism spectra within the LSDA+DMFT frameworkMay 19 2011The theoretical description of photoemission spectra of transition metals was greatly improved recently by accounting for the correlations between the d electrons within the local spin density approximation (LSDA) plus dynamical mean field theory (DMFT). ... More
The Low-Temperature Nuclear Spin Equilibrium of H3+ in Collisions with H2Sep 13 2012Recent observations of H2 and H3+ in diffuse interstellar sightlines revealed a difference in the nuclear spin excitation temperatures of the two species. This discrepancy comes as a surprise, as H3+ and H2 should undergo frequent thermalizing collisions ... More
Study of the pd(dp) -> 3He pi pi reactions close to thresholdAug 04 2016New experimental data on the pd -> 3He pi+ pi- reaction obtained with the COSY-MOMO detector below the three-pion threshold are presented. The reaction was also studied in inverse kinematics with a deuteron beam and the higher counting rates achieved ... More
Maximal Subalgebras for Lie Superalgebras of Cartan TypeApr 20 2013The maximal graded subalgebras for four families of Lie superalgebras of Cartan type over a field of prime characteristic are studied. All maximal reducible graded subalgebras are described completely and their isomorphism classes, dimension formulas ... More
Stochastic differential equations with path-independent solutionsSep 04 2012We present a condition for a stochastic differential equation dX_{t}={\mu}(t,X_{t})dt+{\sigma}(t,X_{t})dB_{t} to have a unique functional solution of the form Z(t,B_{t}). The condition expresses a relation between {\mu} and {\sigma}. A generalization ... More
On some results of Cufaro Petroni about Student t-processesMar 21 2008This paper deals with Student t-processes as studied in (Cufaro Petroni N 2007 J. Phys. A, Math. Theor. 40(10), 2227-2250). We prove and extend some conjectures expressed by Cufaro Petroni about the asymptotical behavior of a Student t-process and the ... More
A topos for a nonstandard functional interpretationJan 16 2013We introduce a new topos in order to give a semantic account of the nonstandard functional interpretation introduced by Eyvind Briseid, Pavol Safarik and the author.
A Kuroda-style j-translationAug 29 2017Aug 02 2018In topos theory it is well-known that any nucleus j gives rise to a translation of intuitionistic logic into itself in a way which generalises the Goedel-Gentzen negative translation. Here we show that there exists a similar j-translation which is more ... More
Multicanonical RecursionsMar 16 1995Mar 17 1995The problem of calculating multicanonical parameters recursively is discussed. I describe in detail a computational implementation which has worked reasonably well in practice.
On the state dependency of fast feedback processes in (palaeo) climate sensitivityMar 21 2014Apr 30 2014Palaeo data have been frequently used to determine the equilibrium (Charney) climate sensitivity $S^a$, and - if slow feedback processes (e.g. land ice-albedo) are adequately taken into account - they indicate a similar range as estimates based on instrumental ... More
Display of probability densities for data from a continuous distributionMay 03 2011Based on cumulative distribution functions, Fourier series expansion and Kolmogorov tests, we present a simple method to display probability densities for data drawn from a continuous distribution. It is often more efficient than using histograms.
Biased Metropolis Sampling for Rugged Free Energy LandscapesJun 24 2003Aug 08 2003Metropolis simulations of all-atom models of peptides (i.e. small proteins) are considered. Inspired by the funnel picture of Bryngelson and Wolyness, a transformation of the updating probabilities of the dihedral angles is defined, which uses probability ... More
Status of the Lambda Lattice Scale for the SU(3) Wilson gauge actionOct 07 2014Jan 31 2015With the emergence of the Yang-Mills gradient flow technique there is renewed interest in the issue of scale setting in lattice gauge theory. Here I compare for the SU(3) Wilson gauge action non-perturbative scale functions of Edwards, Heller and Klassen ... More
Non-deterministic inductive definitionsApr 14 2011Sep 14 2012We study a new proof principle in the context of constructive Zermelo-Fraenkel set theory based on what we will call "non-deterministic inductive definitions". We give applications to formal topology as well as a predicative justification of this principle. ... More
Markov-Chain Monte Carlo Methods for Simulations of BiomoleculesSep 04 2007The computer revolution has been driven by a sustained increase of computational speed of approximately one order of magnitude (a factor of ten) every five years since about 1950. In natural sciences this has led to a continuous increase of the importance ... More
New Algorithm to Investigate Neural NetworksApr 01 1996Sep 05 1996Random cost simulations were introduced as a method to investigate optimization problems in systems with conflicting constraints. Here I study the approach in connection with the training of a feed-forward multilayer perceptron, as used in high energy ... More
Signal Confidence Limits from a Neural Network Data AnalysisMar 01 1997May 13 1997This paper deals with a situation of some importance for the analysis of experimental data via Neural Network (NN) or similar devices: Let $N$ data be given, such that $N=N_s+N_b$, where $N_s$ is the number of signals, $N_b$ the number of background events, ... More
Solvability of the Hankel determinant problem for real sequencesMay 04 2016May 09 2016To each nonzero sequence $s:= \{s_{n}\}_{n \geq 0}$ of real numbers we associate the Hankel determinants $D_{n} = \det \mathcal{H}_{n}$ of the Hankel matrices $\mathcal{H}_{n}:= (s_{i + j})_{i, j = 0}^{n}$, $n \geq 0$, and the nonempty set $N_{s}:= \{n ... More
Predicative toposesJul 04 2012We explain the motivation for looking for a predicative analogue of the notion of a topos and propose two definitions. For both notions of a predicative topos we will present the basic results, providing the groundwork for future work in this area.
Sheaves for predicative toposesJul 22 2005In this paper, we identify some categorical structures in which one can model predicative formal systems: in other words, predicative analogues of the notion of a topos, with the aim of using sheaf models to interprete predicative formal systems. Among ... More
Noise Probe of the Dynamic Phase Separation in La2/3Ca1/3MnO3Mar 17 2000Giant Random Telegraph Noise (RTN) in the resistance fluctuation of a macroscopic film of perovskite-type manganese oxide La2/3Ca1/3MnO3 has been observed at various temperatures ranging from 4K to 170K, well below the Curie temperature (TC = 210K). The ... More
p-Groups have unbounded realization multiplicitySep 19 2011In this paper we interpret the solutions to a particular Galois embedding problem over an extension K/F whose Galois group is a finite, cyclic p group in terms of certain Galois submodules within the parameterizing space of elementary p-abelian extensions ... More
On a fixed point in the metric space of normalized Hausdorff moment sequencesMar 19 2010We show that the transformation (x_n)_{n\ge 1}\to (1/(1+x_1+...+x_n))_{n\ge 1} of the compact set of sequences (x_n)_{n\ge 1} of numbers from the unit interval [0,1] has a unique fixed point, which is attractive. The fixed point turns out to be a Hausdorff ... More
Inverse of Infinite Hankel Moment MatricesJan 18 2018Oct 06 2018Let $(s_n)_{n\ge 0}$ denote an indeterminate Hamburger moment sequence and let $\mathcal H=\{s_{m+n}\}$ be the corresponding positive definite Hankel matrix. We consider the question if there exists an infinite symmetric matrix $\mathcal A=\{a_{j,k}\}$, ... More