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Anomalous Advection-Diffusion Models for Avascular Tumour GrowthMay 14 2019In this study, we model avascular tumour growth in epithelial tissue. This can help us to get a macroscopic view of the interaction between the tumour with its surrounding microenvironment and the physical changes within the tumour spheroid. This understanding ... More
Modeling Tumor Angiogenesis with Cellular AutomataAug 01 2019Angiogenesis is the formation of new blood vessels from the existing vessels. During tumor angiogenesis, tumor cells secret a number of chemical substrates called tumor angiogenic factors (TAFs). These factors diffuse through the extracellular matrix ... More
Tunable variation of optical properties of polymer capped gold nanoparticlesApr 08 2008Optical properties of polymer capped gold nanoparticles of various sizes (diameter 3-6 nm) have been studied. We present a new scheme to extract size dependent variation of total dielectric function of gold nanoparticles from measured UV-Vis absorption ... More
Diffuse neutron reflectivity and AFM study of interface morphology of an electro-deposited Ni/Cu filmApr 04 2008We present a detailed study of the interface morphology of an electro-deposited (ED) Ni/Cu bilayer film by using off-specular (diffuse) neutron reflectivity technique and Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM). The Ni/Cu bilayer has been electro-deposited on seed ... More
Online Tracking of Skin Colour Regions Against a Complex BackgroundOct 15 2014Online tracking of human activity against a complex background is a challenging task for many applications. In this paper, we have developed a robust technique for localizing skin colour regions from unconstrained image frames. A simple and fast segmentation ... More
Quantization and Conformal Properties of a Generalized Calogero ModelSep 15 2006Sep 22 2006We analyze a generalization of the quantum Calogero model with the underlying conformal symmetry, paying special attention to the two-body model deformation. Owing to the underlying $ SU(1,1) $ symmetry, we find that the analytic solutions of this model ... More
Online interpretation of numeric sign language using 2-d skeletal modelOct 15 2014Gesturing is one of the natural modes of human communication. Signs produced by gestures can have a basic meaning coupled with additional information that is layered over the basic meaning of the sign. Sign language is an important example of communicative ... More
A Comparative Study Between a Micromechanical Cantilever Resonator and MEMS-based Passives for Band-pass Filtering ApplicationJun 09 2011Over the past few years, significant growth has been observed in using MEMS based passive components in the RF microelectronics domain, especially in transceiver components. This is due to some excellent properties of the MEMS devices like low loss, excellent ... More
Inequivalent Quantizations of the Rational Calogero ModelAug 19 2002Mar 13 2003We show that the rational Calogero model with suitable boundary condition admits quantum states with non-equispaced energy levels. Such a spectrum generically consists of infinitely many positive energy states and a single negative energy state. The new ... More
Near-Horizon States of Black Holes and Calogero ModelsApr 08 2003We find self-adjoint extensions of the rational Calogero model in presence of the harmonic interaction. The corresponding eigenfunctions may describe the near-horizon quantum states of certain types of black holes.
Novel Quantum States of the Rational Calogero Models Without the Confining InteractionJul 04 2002Mar 06 2003We show that the N-particle A_{N-1} and B_N rational Calogero models without the harmonic interaction admit a new class of bound and scattering states. These states owe their existence to the self-adjoint extensions of the corresponding Hamiltonians, ... More
A novel alternative to analyzing multiple choice questions via discrimination indexJun 19 2019The value of multiple choice questions (MCQs) in seeking large-scale, high-stakes, educational assessment is widely established. Students' responses to test items with a multiple-choice question format enable assess the extent of students' understanding ... More
Signature of multiple glassy states in micellar nanoparticle-polymer compositesSep 11 2008We present results of temperature dependent measurements of dynamics of micellar nanoparticle - polymer composites of fixed volume fraction and variable polymer chain grafting density. For nanoparticles with lower grafting density we observe dynamically ... More
Discontinuous Absorbing State Transition in $(1+1)$ DimensionOct 11 2010A $(1+1)$ dimensional model of directed percolation is introduced where sites on a tilted square lattice are connected to their neighbours by $N$ channels, operated at both ends by valves which are either open or closed. The spreading fluid is assumed ... More
Revisiting Absorbing Phase Transition in Energy Exchange ModelsJun 13 2012Jul 13 2013A recent study of conserved Manna model, with both discrete and continuous variable, indicates that absorbing phase transitions therein belong to the directed percolation (DP) universality class. In this context we revisit critical behaviour in energy ... More
$η_c$ production and dimuon enhancement in heavy ion collisionsJan 14 2003Dilepton production in heavy ion collisions, in the Intermediate Mass Region (IMR) has consistently shown an excess over theoretical estimates. An attempt to understand this discrepancy between the observed dilepton pairs and the theoretical estimate ... More
Dissipative collisions in $^{16}$O + $^{27}$Al at E$_{lab}$=116 MeVJul 15 2002The inclusive energy distributions of fragments (3$\leq$Z$\leq$7) emitted in the reaction $^{16}$O + $^{27}$Al at $E_{lab} = $116 MeV have been measured in the angular range $\theta_{lab} $= 15$^\circ$ - 115$^\circ$. A non-linear optimisation procedure ... More
Two-dimensional Induced FerromagnetismFeb 25 2003Feb 28 2003Magnetic properties of materials confined to nanometer length scales are providing important information regarding low dimensional physics. Using gadolinium based Langmuir-Blodgett films, we demonstrate that two-dimensional ferromagnetic order can be ... More
Nonlinear Hydromagnetic Wave Support of a Stratified Molecular CloudJun 23 2003We perform numerical simulations of nonlinear MHD waves in a gravitationally stratified molecular cloud that is bounded by a hot and tenuous external medium. We study the relation between the strength of the turbulence and various global properties of ... More
Orbital Selectivity and Magnetic Ordering in Fe intercalated Dirac Semimetal Bi$_2$Se$_3$Jun 12 2019In this paper we investigate the intercalation effects of Iron (Fe) in the van der Waals gap of Bi$_2$Se$_3$ on the magnetic and transport properties using first-principles band structure estimations combined using dynamical mean-field theory. Inclusion ... More
Superconductivity induced by Ag intercalation in Dirac semimetal Bi$_2$Se$_3$Apr 07 2019Superconductivity in a doped topological insulator (TI) is a very interesting phenomenon and constitute a new finding of the modern day condensed matter physics. Here we have investigated the physical and transport properties of such an intercalated TI, ... More
Influence of projectile <alpha>- breakup threshold on complete fusionMar 24 2006Complete fusion excitations for 11,10B+159Tb have been measured at energies around the respective Coulomb barriers, and the existing complete fusion measurements for 7Li+159Tb have been extended to higher energies. The measurements show significant reduction ... More
Length scale of dynamic heterogeneity in polymer nanocompositesSep 30 2008Using X- ray photon correlation spectroscopy measurements on gold nanoparticles embedded in polymethylmethacrylate we provide evidence for existence of an intrinsic length scale for dynamic heterogeneity in polymer nanocomposites similar to that in other ... More
Oblique Angle Deposition of HfO2 Thin Films: Investigation of Elastic and Micro Structural PropertiesJun 26 2014Oblique angle deposition of oxides is being famous for fabricating inhomogeneous thin films with variation of refractive index along thickness in a functional form. Inhomogeneous layers play a key role in the development of rugate interference devices ... More
Exclusive light particle measurements for the system $^{19}$F + $^{12}$C at 96 MeVAug 08 2001Oct 04 2001Decay sequence of hot ${31}^$P nucleus has been investigated through exclusive light charged particle measurements in coincidence with individual evaporation residues using the reaction ${19}^$F (96 MeV) + ${12}^$C. Information on the sequential decay ... More
Light charged particle evaporation from hot ${31}^$P nucleus at E$^*$ ~ 60 MeVAug 03 2001Feb 12 2002The energy spectra of evaporated light charged particles (LCP) $\alpha$, p, d and t have been measured in $7^$Li(47 MeV) + ${24}^$Mg and ${19}^$F(96 MeV)+ ${12}^$C reactions. Both the systems populate the same compound nucleus ${31}^$F at excitation energy ... More
A queueing-theoretic model for resource allocation in one-dimensional distributed service networkJan 08 2019We consider assignment policies that allocate resources to requesting users, where everyone is located on a one-dimensional line. First, we consider a unidirectional problem where a resource can only be allocated to a user located to its left as exemplified ... More
Antiferromagnetic Coupling between Surface and Bulk Magnetization and Anomalous Magnetic Transport in Electro-deposited Co FilmFeb 17 2016We report an interesting magnetic behavior of a Co film (thickness ~ 350 {\AA}) grown on Si/Ti/Cu buffer layer by electro-deposition (ED) technique. Using depth sensitive X-ray reflectivity and polarized neutron reflectivity (PNR) we observed two layer ... More
Multi-pronged events from Coulomb fission of nuclei at very low energiesNov 29 2008Multi-pronged tracks have been recorded in the polyethylene terephthalate (C$_{10}$H$_8$O$_4$)$_n$ solid state nuclear track detector by exposure to a $^{252}$Cf fission source. After chemical etching, two-prong to six-pronged tracks along with single ... More
Spin polarised nuclear matter and its application to neutron starsApr 25 1996An equation of state(EOS) of nuclear matter with explicit inclusion of a spin-isospin dependent force is constructed from a finite range, momentum and density dependent effective interaction. This EOS is found to be in good agreement with those obtained ... More
Physical properties and electrochemical performance of Zn-substituted Na$_{0.44}$Mn$_{1-x}$Zn$_x$O$_2$ nanostructures as cathode in Na-ion batteriesAug 13 2018We report the synthesis, physical properties and electrochemical performance of Zn substituted Na$_{0.44}$Mn$_{1-x}$Zn$_x$O$_2$ ($x=$ 0 -- 0.02) nanostructures as cathode in Na-ion batteries for energy storage applications. These samples stabilize in ... More
Spatial anisotropy and heterogeneity in contractility and adhesion distribution may contribute to cell steering during migrationOct 27 2013Transition from random to persistent cell motility requires spatiotemporal organization of the cytoskeleton and focal adhesions. The influence of these two structures on cell steering can also be gleaned from trypsin de-adhesion experiments, wherein cells ... More
Dissipation of angular momentum in light heavy ion collisionSep 08 2003Jan 07 2004The inclusive energy distributions of fragments (4$\leq$Z$\leq$7) emitted in the reactions $^{16}$O (116 MeV) + $^{27}$Al, $^{28}$Si, $^{20}$Ne (145 MeV) + $^{27}$Al, $^{59}$Co have been measured in the angular range $\theta_{lab} $= 10$^\circ$ - 65$^\circ$. ... More
2+1 Quantum Gravity with Barbero-Immirzi like parameter on Toric Spatial FoliationSep 23 2009Mar 17 2010We consider gravity in 2+1 space-time dimensions, with negative cosmological constant and a `Barbero-Immirzi' (B-I) like parameter, when the space-time topology is of the form $ T^2 \times \mathbbm{R}$. The phase space structure, both in covariant and ... More
TASEP on a ring with internal degrees of freedomAug 02 2010A totally asymmetric exclusion process on a ring with $\nu$ non-conserved internal degrees of freedom, where particles hop forward with a rate that depends on their internal state, has been studied. We show, using a mapping of the model to a zero range ... More
Two-dimensional random walk in a bounded domainOct 30 2009Mar 09 2010In a recent Letter Ciftci and Cakmak [EPL 87, 60003 (2009)] showed that the two dimensional random walk in a bounded domain, where walkers which cross the boundary return to a base curve near origin with deterministic rules, can produce regular patterns. ... More
Self-organised criticality in stochastic sandpiles: Connection to directed percolationOct 11 2014May 19 2015We introduce a stochastic sandpile model where finite drive and dissipation are coupled to the activity field. The absorbing phase transition here, as expected, belongs to the directed percolation (DP) universality class. We focus on the small drive and ... More
Nonzero-sum Risk-sensitive Stochastic Games on a Countable State SpaceMar 11 2016The infinite horizon risk-sensitive discounted-cost and ergodic-cost nonzero-sum stochastic games for controlled Markov chains with countably many states are analyzed. For the discounted-cost game, we prove the existence of Nash equilibrium strategies ... More
Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process on a Cayley TreeMar 17 2010May 28 2011We study the asymmetric exclusion process on a regular Cayley tree with arbitrary co-ordination number. In this model particles can enter the system only at the parent site and exit from one of the sites at the last level. In the bulk they move from the ... More
Varieties of scaling regimes in hydromagnetic turbulenceNov 20 2018Nov 21 2018We revisit the scaling properties of the energy spectra in fully developed incompressible homogeneous turbulence in forced magnetofluids (MHD) in three dimensions (3D), which are believed to be characterised by {\em universal scaling exponents} in the ... More
Fluctuating hydrodynamics and turbulence in a rotating fluid: Universal propertiesDec 23 2011We analyze the statistical properties of three-dimensional ($3d$) turbulence in a rotating fluid. To this end we introduce a generating functional to study the statistical properties of the velocity field $\bf v$. We obtain the master equation from the ... More
Scaling in a temperature quench in systems with a Lifshitz point: Nonconserved and conserved order parametersDec 04 2003We study the growth of an N-component (including N=1) order parameter when a system with a Lifshitz point is quenched from the homogeneous disordered state to the ordered states. We study the scaling behaviours of the structure factors for both the non-conserved ... More
Restricted Exclusion Processes without Particle Conservation Flows to Directed PercolationJun 13 2012Absorbing phase transition in restricted exclusion processes are characterized by simple integer exponents. We show that this critical behaviour flows to the directed percolation (DP) universality class when particle conservation is broken suitably. The ... More
Kolmogorov or Bolgiano-Obukhov: Universal scaling in stably stratified turbulent fluidsMay 22 2019We set up the scaling theory for stably stratified turbulent fluids. For a system having infinite extent in the horizontal directions, but with a finite width in the vertical direction, this theory predicts that the inertial range can display three possible ... More
The dynamo effect - A dynamic renormalisation group approachDec 06 1998The Dynamo effect is used to describe the generation of magnetic fields in astrophysical objects. However, no rigorous derivation of the dynamo equation is available. We justify the form of the equation using an Operator Product Expansion (OPE) of the ... More
Local asymptotic minimax risk bounds in a locally asymptotically mixture of normal experiments under asymmetric lossNov 07 2006Local asymptotic minimax risk bounds in a locally asymptotically mixture of normal family of distributions have been investigated under asymmetric loss functions and the asymptotic distribution of the optimal estimator that attains the bound has been ... More
Microelectromechanical system cantilever-based frequency doublersOct 12 2012Microelectromechanical system (MEMS) based on-chip resonators offer great potential for high frequency signal processing circuits like reference oscillators and filters. This is due to their exceptional features like small size, large frequency-quality ... More
Consistent 3D Quantum Gravity on Lens SpacesSep 05 2011Dec 23 2011We study non-perturbative quantization of 3d gravity with positive cosmological constant (de Sitter space being the prototype vacuum solution, whose Euclideanization of course gives the three sphere) on the background topology of lens space, which is ... More
Active Absorbing State Phase Transition Beyond Directed Percolation : A Class of Exactly Solvable ModelsDec 17 2008Jul 28 2009We introduce and solve a model of hardcore particles on a one dimensional periodic lattice which undergoes an active-absorbing state phase transition at finite density. In this model an occupied site is defined to be active if its left neighbour is occupied ... More
Particle Ordering in Zero Range Process : Exact spatial correlations of the corresponding exclusion modelsDec 15 2009Sep 02 2010A one dimensional exclusion process is introduced where particles hop to a neighbouring vacant site with a rate that depends on the size of the block they belong to. This model is equivalent to a zero range process (ZRP) and shares the same steady state ... More
Evaporation of alpha particles from $^31$P nucleusJul 24 1998The energy spectra of alpha particles have been measured in coincidence with the evaporation residues for the decay of the compound nucleus $^31$P produced in the reaction $^19$F (96 MeV) + $^12$C. The data have been compared with the predictions of the ... More
Scrambled geometric net integration over general product spacesMar 10 2015Quasi-Monte Carlo (QMC) sampling has been developed for integration over $[0,1]^s$ where it has superior accuracy to Monte Carlo (MC) for integrands of bounded variation. Scrambled net quadrature gives allows replication based error estimation for QMC ... More
Stochastic Modeling of Single Molecule Michaelis Menten KineticsJan 19 2009We develop an general formalism of single enzyme kinetics in two dimension where substrates diffuse stochastically on a square lattice in presence of disorder. The dynamics of the model could be decoupled effectively to two stochastic processes, (a) the ... More
Modeling wealth distribution in growing marketsMar 27 2008Jul 28 2009We introduce an auto-regressive model which captures the growing nature of realistic markets. In our model agents do not trade with other agents, they interact indirectly only through a market. Change of their wealth depends, linearly on how much they ... More
Universal properties of three-dimensional magnetohydrodynamic turbulence: Do Alfvén waves matter?Jun 25 2005We analyse the effects of the propagating Alfv\'en waves, arising due to non-zero mean magnetic fields, on the nonequilibrium steady states of three-dimensional (3d) homogeneous Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) turbulence. In particular, the effects of Alfv\'en ... More
Inner crust of neutron stars with mass-fitted Skyrme interactionNov 09 2016The mass, radius and crustal fraction of moment of inertia in neutron stars are calculated using $\beta$-equilibrated nuclear matter obtained from Skyrme effective interaction. The transition density, pressure and proton fraction at the inner edge separating ... More
Application of Statistical Features in Handwritten Devnagari Character RecognitionJun 30 2010In this paper a scheme for offline Handwritten Devnagari Character Recognition is proposed, which uses different feature extraction methodologies and recognition algorithms. The proposed system assumes no constraints in writing style or size. First the ... More
Fuzzy Classification of Facial Component ParametersJun 30 2010Jul 05 2010This paper presents a novel type-2 Fuzzy logic System to define the Shape of a facial component with the crisp output. This work is the part of our main research effort to design a system (called FASY) which offers a novel face construction approach based ... More
Multiferroicity and magneto-electric effect in Gd$_2$BaNiO$_5$Jul 20 2014We report the observation of electric polarization in the magnetically ordered state of the Haldane chain compound, Gd$_2$BaNiO$_5$, with strongly correlated magnetic and dielectric properties. The results of dc magnetic susceptibility and heat capacity ... More
Effect of Edge Roughness on Electronic Transport in Graphene Nanoribbon Channel Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect TransistorsDec 18 2007Results of quantum mechanical simulations of the influence of edge disorder on transport in graphene nanoribbon metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs) are reported. The addition of edge disorder significantly reduces ON-state currents ... More
Half lives of proton emitters with KDE0v1 Skyrme interactionJun 29 2018The half-lives of proton radioactivity of proton emitters are investigated theoretically by using KDE0v1 Skyrme interaction. The total barrier potential in the proton radioactive nuclei is calculated as the sum of the nuclear, Coulomb and centrifugal ... More
Proton radioactivity half lives with Skyrme interactionsNov 15 2011May 31 2012The potential barrier impeding the spontaneous emission of protons in the proton radioactive nuclei is calculated as the sum of nuclear, Coulomb and centrifugal contributions. The nuclear part of the proton-nucleus interaction potential is obtained in ... More
Proton radioactivity with a Yukawa effective interactionDec 07 2009Apr 26 2011The half lives of proton radioactivity of proton emitters are investigated theoretically. Proton-nucleus interaction potentials are obtained by folding the densities of the daughter nuclei with a finite range effective nucleon-nucleon interaction having ... More
Magnetoelectric coupling in Haldane spin chain system, Dy2BaNiO5Apr 16 2013Sep 18 2013We report the results of various measurements, namely magnetization, complex dielectric permittivity and electric polarization (P) on Dy2BaNiO5 as a function of temperature (T) and magnetic-field (H), apart from heat-capacity (C), with the primary motivation ... More
Laser-driven accelerated growth of dendritic patternsDec 01 2011Dec 02 2011We report a scheme for very significantly accelerating growth of dendritic patterns in diverse liquids, making use of only a few hundred microwatts of laser power in the presence of an efficient absorber like carbon nanotubes (CNTs). The CNTs act as a ... More
An Efficient Method for Quantum Transport Calculations in Nanostructures using Full Band StructureJan 06 2008Scaling of semiconductor devices has reached a stage where it has become absolutely imperative to consider the quantum mechanical aspects of transport in these ultra small devices. In these simulations, often one excludes a rigorous band structure treatment, ... More
Effect of size and aspect ratio on structural parameters and evidence of shape transition in zinc oxide nanostructuresAug 07 2013Dependence of structural parameters on the size of nanoparticles is a topic of general interest where the effect of shape is often neglected. We report a comprehensive study on size dependent structural parameters of ZnO nanostructures (NS) having a wide ... More
Nonlocal Regularization and Spontaneously Broken Abelian Gauge Theories for an Arbitrary Gauge ParameterFeb 25 2001Feb 28 2001We study the non-local regularization for the case of a spontaneously broken abelian gauge theory in the R_xi gauge with an arbitrary gauge parameter xi. We consider a simple abelian-Higgs model with chiral couplings as an example. We show that if we ... More
Dielectric Hysteresis, Relaxation Dynamics, and Non-volatile Memory Effect in Carbon Nanotube Dispersed Liquid CrystalMay 07 2009Aug 07 2009The self-organizing properties of nematic liquid crystals (LC) can be used to template carbon nanotubes (CNTs) on a macroscopic dimension. The nematic director field, coupled to the dispersed CNT long-axis, enables controlled director reorientation using ... More
Isochrones of M67 with an Expanded Set of ParametersMay 18 2017We create isochrones of M67 using the Yale Rotating Stellar Evolution Code. In addition to metallicity, parameters that are traditionally held fixed, such as the mixing length parameter and initial helium abundance, also vary. The amount of convective ... More
Initiative in Nuclear Theory at the Variable Energy Cyclotron CentreJun 24 2005We recall the path breaking contributions of the nuclear theory group of the Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre, Kolkata. From a beginning of just one person in 1970s, the group has steadily developed into a leading group in the country today, with seminal ... More
Directed Self-Assembly of Quantum Dots in a Nematic Liquid CrystalDec 08 2008Self organizing anisotropic nematic liquid crystals (LCs) induce self-assembly on quantum dots (QDs) to form one-dimensional chains along the nematic director. Spatial ordering of QDs, achieved in the nematic LC matrix, can be controlled in a preferred ... More
Extended self-similarity of atmospheric boundary layer wind fields in mesoscale regime: Is it real?Sep 27 2015In this letter, we study the scaling properties of multi-year observed and atmospheric model-generated wind time series. We have found that the extended self-similarity holds for the observed series, and remarkably, the scaling exponents corresponding ... More
Solar Cycle Related Changes at the Base of the Convection ZoneJul 02 2008The frequencies of solar oscillations are known to change with solar activity. We use Principal Component Analysis to examine these changes with high precision. In addition to the well-documented changes in solar normal mode oscillations with activity ... More
Testing an Ansatz for the Leading Secular Loop Corrections from Quantum Gravity during InflationJun 08 2016Sep 30 2016It is widely believed that the leading secular loop corrections from quantum gravity can be subsumed into a coordinate redefinition. Hence the apparent infrared logarithm corrections to any quantity would be just the result of taking the expectation value ... More
Nematic Anchoring on Carbon NanotubesJul 26 2009Sep 28 2009A dilute suspension of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) in a nematic liquid crystal (LC) does not disturb the LC director. Due to a strong LC-CNT anchoring energy and structural symmetry matching, CNT long axis follows the director field, possessing enhanced dielectric ... More
A Novel Approach to Discontinuous Bond Percolation TransitionAug 25 2010May 13 2011We introduce a bond percolation procedure on a $D$-dimensional lattice where two neighbouring sites are connected by $N$ channels, each operated by valves at both ends. Out of a total of $N$, randomly chosen $n$ valves are open at every site. A bond is ... More
Self-regulated gravitational accretion in protostellar discsSep 13 2007We present a numerical model for the evolution of a protostellar disc that has formed self-consistently from the collapse of a molecular cloud core. The global evolution of the disc is followed for several million years after its formation. The capture ... More
A Broadband Spectro-polarimetric View of the NVSS Rotation Measure Catalogue I: Breaking the nπ-ambiguityMay 10 2019The NRAO VLA Sky Survey (NVSS) Rotation Measure (RM) catalogue is invaluable for the study of cosmic magnetism. However, the RM values reported in it can be affected by n$\pi$-ambiguity, resulting in deviations of the reported RM from the true values ... More
A Broadband Spectro-polarimetric View of the NVSS Rotation Measure Catalogue II: Effects of Off-axis Instrumental PolarisationMay 10 2019The NRAO VLA Sky Survey (NVSS) Rotation Measure (RM) catalogue has enabled numerous studies in cosmic magnetism, and will continue being a unique dataset complementing future polarisation surveys. Robust comparisons with these new surveys will however ... More
From the NVSS RM Catalogue to Future Polarisation SurveysOct 08 2018With rotation measure (RM) towards 37,543 polarised sources, the Taylor et al. (2009) RM catalogue has been widely exploited in studies of the foreground magneto-ionic media. However, due to limitations imposed by observations in survey mode in the narrowband ... More
Continuous minimax theoremsOct 29 2012Nov 11 2013In classical matrix theory, there exist useful extremal characterizations of eigenvalues and their sums for Hermitian matrices (due to Ky Fan, Courant-Fischer-Weyl and Wielandt) and some consequences such as the majorization assertion in Lidskii's theorem. ... More
Resource Allocation in One-dimensional Distributed Service NetworksJan 08 2019May 26 2019We consider assignment policies that allocate resources to users, where both resources and users are located on a one-dimensional line. First, we consider unidirectional assignment policies that allocate resources only to users located to their left. ... More
A queueing-theoretic model for resource allocation in one-dimensional distributed service networkJan 08 2019Mar 09 2019We consider assignment policies that allocate resources to users, where both resources and users are located on a one-dimensional line. First, we consider unidirectional assignment policies that allocate resources only to users located to their left. ... More
Random matrix route to image denoisingApr 08 2010We make use of recent results from random matrix theory to identify a derived threshold, for isolating noise from image features. The procedure assumes the existence of a set of noisy images, where denoising can be carried out on individual rows or columns ... More
Absorbing State Phase Transition in presence of Conserved Continuous Local FieldFeb 08 2011Jun 07 2012We study absorbing state phase transition in one dimension in presence of a conserved continuous local field (CCLF) called energy. A pair of sites on a lattice is said to be active if one or both sites posses more energy than a pre-defined threshold. ... More
Absorbing Phase Transition in a Four State Predator Prey Model in One DimensionApr 19 2011May 18 2011The model of competition between densities of two different species, called predator and prey, is studied on a one dimensional periodic lattice, where each site can be in one of the four states say, empty, or occupied by a single predator, or occupied ... More
Mean Magnetic Field and Noise Cross-Correlation in Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence: Results from a One-Dimensional ModelNov 02 1998We show that a recently proposed [J. Fleischer and P.H. Diamond, {\em Phys. Rev. E}{\bf 58}, R2709 (1998)] one-dimensional Burgers-like model for magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) is in effect identical to existing models for drifting lines and sedimenting lattices. ... More
Bimodal response in periodically driven diffusive systemsDec 07 2010We study the response of one dimensional diffusive systems, consisting of particles interacting via symmetric or asymmetric exclusion, to time-periodic driving from two reservoirs coupled to the ends. The dynamical response of the system can be characterized ... More
Quantum dot with spin-orbit interaction in noncommutative phase space and analog Landau levelsJun 30 2009We have studied a quantum dot with Rashba spin orbit interaction on a plane where the position and momentum coordinates are considered to be noncommutative. The energy spectrum of the system is found to be equivalent to that of a quantum dot with Rashba ... More
Beam energy dependence of pseudorapidity distributions of charged particles produced in heavy-ion collisions at RHIC and LHC energiesApr 29 2016Heavy-ion collisions at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider at Brookhaven National Laboratory and the Large Hadron Collider at CERN probe matter at extreme conditions of temperature and energy density. Most of the global properties of the collisions can ... More
Unconventional charge and spin dependent transport properties of a graphene nanoribbon with line-disorderNov 26 2018Electronic transport with a line (or a few lines) of Anderson type disorder in a zigzag graphene nanoribbon is investigated in presence of Rashba spin-orbit interaction. Such line disorders give rise to peculiar behavior in both charge as well as spin-polarized ... More
CMB Observations and the Production of Chemical Elements at the End of the Dark AgesNov 28 2003Dec 09 2003The metallicity evolution and ionization history of the universe must leave its imprint on the Cosmic Microwave Background through resonant scattering of CMB photons by atoms, ions and molecules. These transitions partially erase original temperature ... More
A Unified Treatment of the Characters of SU(2) and SU(1,1)Nov 28 1996Jan 19 1997The character problems of SU(2) and SU(1,1) are reexamined from the standpoint of a physicist by employing the Hilbert space method which is shown to yield a completely unified treatment for SU(2) and the discrete series of representations of SU(1,1). ... More
J/psi+gamma production at the LHCJan 12 1999May 03 1999The associated production of J/psi + gamma at the LHC is studied within the NRQCD framework. The signal we focus on is the production of a J/psi and an isolated photon produced back-to-back, with their transverse momenta balanced. It is shown that even ... More
Comments on "Critical Study on the Absorbing Phase Transition in a Four-State Predator-Prey Model in One Dimension"Sep 21 2011In a recent article [arXiv:1108.5127] Park has shown that the four-state predator-prey model studied earlier in [J. Stat. Mech, L05001 (2011)] belongs to Directed Percolation (DP) universality class. It was claimed that predator density is not a reasonable ... More
Controlled engineering of spin polarized transport properties in a zigzag graphene nanojunctionOct 22 2018We investigate a novel way to manipulate the spin polarized transmission in a two terminal zigzag graphene nanoribbon in presence of Rashba spin-orbit (SO) interaction with circular shaped cavity engraved into it. A usual technique to control the spin ... More
Interface sensitivity on spin transport through a three-terminal graphene nanoribbonSep 18 2018Spin dependent transport in a three-terminal graphene nanoribbon (GNR) is investigated in presence of Rashba spin-orbit interaction. Such a three-terminal structure is shown to be highly effective in filtering electron spins from an unpolarized source ... More
Sub-barrier fusion excitation for the system $^7$Li+$^{28}$SiAug 06 2008The sub-barrier fusion excitation functions are measured for the first time for the system $^7$Li +$^{28}$Si by the characteristic $\gamma$-ray method in the energy range $E_{lab}$= 7-11.5 MeV. The results show an enhancement, below the barrier, by about ... More
Influence of the nuclear matter equation of state on the r-mode instability using the finite-range simple effective interactionDec 20 2017The characteristic physical properties of rotating neutron stars under the r-mode oscillation are evaluated using the finite-range simple effective interaction. Emphasis is given on examining the influence of the stiffness of both the symmetric and asymmetric ... More