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A Fast Potential and Self-Gravity Solver for Non-Axisymmetric DisksDec 02 2008Disk self-gravity could play an important role in the dynamic evolution of interaction between disks and embedded protoplanets. We have developed a fast and accurate solver to calculate the disk potential and disk self-gravity forces for disk systems ... More
Decay of entanglement in coupled, driven systems with bipartite decoherenceJun 03 2009We analyze a system of two qubits embedded in two different environments. The qubits are coupled to each other and driven on-resonance by two external classical sources. In the secular limit, we obtain exact analytical results for the evolution of the ... More
Momentum vortices on pairs production by two counter-rotating fieldsJul 05 2017Multiphoton pair production is investigated by focusing on the momentum structures of produced pairs in the polarization plane for the two circularly polarized fields. Upon the momentum spectra, different from the concentric rings with the familiar Ramsey ... More
Nanoscale Lasers Based on Carbon PeapodsNov 07 2004A scheme of nanoscale lasers based on the so-called carbon peapods is examined in details. Since there is considerable cylindrical empty space in the middle of a single-wall carbon nanotube (SWCNT), it can serve as a laser resonant cavity that consists ... More
Effective quantum state reconstruction using compressive sensing in NMR quantum computingJun 15 2017The number of measurements required to reconstruct the states of quantum systems increases exponentially with the quantum system dimensions, which makes the state reconstruction of high-qubit quantum systems have a great challenge in physical quantum ... More
Relation between the skew-rank of an oriented graph and the independence number of its underlying graphApr 23 2017An oriented graph $G^\sigma$ is a digraph without loops or multiple arcs whose underlying graph is $G$. Let $S\left(G^\sigma\right)$ be the skew-adjacency matrix of $G^\sigma$ and $\alpha(G)$ be the independence number of $G$. The rank of $S(G^\sigma)$ ... More
Propagation of Uncertainty and Analysis of Signal-to-Noise in Nonlinear Compliance Estimations of an Arterial System ModelMar 24 2014The arterial system dynamically loads the heart through changes in arterial compliance. The pressure-volume relation of arteries is known to be nonlinear, but arterial compliance is often modeled as a constant value, due to ease of estimation and interpretation. ... More
Structure and formation energy of carbon nanotube capsSep 07 2005We present a detailed study of the geometry, structure and energetics of carbon nanotube caps. We show that the structure of a cap uniquely determines the chirality of the nanotube that can be attached to it. The structure of the cap is specified in a ... More
Detections of X-ray emissions from Type Ia Supernova 2003lxSep 05 2011We present a study of a young (few years old) supernova remnant 2003lx which was first discovered in X-ray through two serendipitous Swift observations in 2008 January and the corresponding merged image revealed a 7\sigma source detection at $2.1\pm1.2$ ... More
Charge pumping in monolayer graphene driven by a series of time-periodic potentialsAug 03 2010Mar 04 2012We applied the Floquet scattering-matrix formalism to studying the electronic transport properties in a mesoscopic Dirac system. Using the method, we investigate theoretically quantum pumping driven by a series of time-periodic potentials in graphene ... More
Swift Observations of X-ray supernovaeSep 05 2011We present a result of X-ray supernovae (SNe) survey using the Swift satellite public archive. An automatic searching program was designed to search X-ray SNe among all of the Swift archival observations between November 2004 and February 2011. Using ... More
Multiple chiral doublet candidate nucleus $^{105}$Rh in a relativistic mean-field approachMar 25 2011Following the reports of two pairs of chiral doublet bands observed in $^{105}$Rh, the adiabatic and configuration-fixed constrained triaxial relativistic mean-field (RMF) calculations are performed to investigate their triaxial deformations with the ... More
Room temperature green light emissions from nonpolar cubic InGaN/GaN multi quantum wellsFeb 05 2007Cubic InGaN/GaN multi quantum wells (MQWs) with high structural and optical quality are achieved by utilizing free-standing 3C-SiC (001) substrates and optimizing InGaN quantum well growth. Superlattice peaks up to 5th order are clearly resolved in X-ray ... More
X-ray and gamma-ray variability of Mrk 421Aug 01 2016We present an ordinary case in the momentum diffusion equation for the electron spectrum evolution and investigate the energy spectra and time dependent properties of flare in Mrk 421 in the frame of a time-dependent one-zone synchrotron self-Compton ... More
The Potential of FAST in Detecting Celestial Hydroxyl Masers and Related Science TopicsApr 14 2019The Five Hundred Meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST) will make contributions to the study of Galactic and extragalactic masers. The telescope, now finished construction and commissioning in China, has an innovative design that leads to the ... More
Light Walls Around Sunspots Observed by the Interface Region Imaging SpectrographApr 02 2016The Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) mission provides high-resolution observations of the chromosphere and transition region. We try to determine whether the light walls exist somewhere else in active regions besides light bridges. Employing ... More
Optical Properties of Quantum-Dot-Doped Liquid ScintillatorsJul 17 2013Aug 13 2013Semiconductor nanoparticles (quantum dots) were studied in the context of liquid scintillator development for upcoming neutrino experiments. The unique optical and chemical properties of quantum dots are particularly promising for the use in neutrinoless ... More
Plasmonic Route to Reconfigurable Polarization OpticsMay 06 2014Surface plasmon polariton (SPP) as a bounded mode on a metal/dielectric interface intrinsically has a definite transverse magnetic (TM) polarization that usually lacks further manipulations. However, the in-plane longitudinal components of SPP field can ... More
Persistent Magnetism in Silver-doped BaFe2As2 CrystalsJul 11 2016We investigate the thermodynamic and transport properties of silver-substituted BaFe2As2 (122) crystals, up to ~4.5%. Similar to other transition-metal substitutions in 122, Ag diminishes the antiferromagnetic (TN) and structural (TS) transition temperatures, ... More
Eruption of a multi-flux-rope system in solar active region 12673 leading to the two largest flares in Solar Cycle 24Aug 21 2018Oct 22 2018Solar active region (AR) 12673 in 2017 September produced two largest flares in Solar Cycle 24: the X9.3 flare on September 06 and the X8.2 flare on September 10. We attempt to investigate the evolutions of the two great flares and their associated complex ... More
Density dependencies of interaction strengths and their influence on nuclear matter and neutron star in relativistic mean field theoryFeb 13 2004The density dependencies of various effective interaction strengths in the relativistic mean field are studied and carefully compared for nuclear matter and neutron stars. The influences of different density dependencies are presented and discussed on ... More
Damping of long wavelength collective modes in spinor Bose-Fermi mixturesJan 20 2015Jul 17 2015Using an effective field theory we describe the low energy bosonic excitations in a three dimensional ultra-cold mixture of spin-1 bosons and spin-1/2 fermions. We establish an interesting fermionic excitation induced generic damping of the usual undamped ... More
Quantum oscillations in topological superconductor candidate Cu$_{0.25}$Bi$_2$Se$_3$Jul 02 2012Quantum oscillations are generally studied to resolve the electronic structure of topological insulators. In Cu$_{0.25}$Bi$_2$Se$_3$, the prime candidate of topological superconductors, quantum oscillations are still not observed in magnetotransport measurement. ... More
On Stochastic Error and Computational Efficiency of the Markov Chain Monte Carlo MethodApr 14 2012Jan 07 2015In Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) simulations, the thermal equilibria quantities are estimated by ensemble average over a sample set containing a large number of correlated samples. These samples are selected in accordance with the probability distribution ... More
Enhancement of CO detection in Al doped grapheneJun 19 2008A principle of enhancement CO adsorption was developed theoretically by using density functional theory through doping Al into graphene. The results show that the Al doped graphene has strong chemisorption of CO molecule by forming Al-CO bond, where CO ... More
K to pi and K to 0 in 2+1 Flavor Partially Quenched Chiral Perturbation TheoryAug 25 2008Sep 01 2008We calculate results for K to pi and K to 0 matrix elements to next-to-leading order in 2+1 flavor partially quenched chiral perturbation theory. Results are presented for both the Delta I=1/2 and 3/2 channels, for chiral operators corresponding to current-current, ... More
Gamma-Ray Bursts are Produced Predominately in the Early UniverseNov 16 2003Apr 20 2004It is known that some observed gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) are produced at cosmological distances and that the GRB production rate may follow the star formation rate. We model the BATSE-detected intensity distribution of long GRBs in order to determine their ... More
Low-Complexity Linear Precoding for Secure Spatial ModulationMay 28 2018In this work, we investigate linear precoding for secure spatial modulation. With secure spatial modulation, the achievable secrecy rate does not have an easy-to-compute mathematical expression, and hence, has to be evaluated numerically, which leads ... More
The Invisible Quantum BarrierFeb 06 2008May 08 2010We construct the invisible quantum barrier which represents the phenomenon of quantum reflection using the available data. We use the Abel equation to invert the data. The resulting invisible quantum barrier is double-valued in both axes. We study this ... More
Distance Determination of Variable Galactic SourcesDec 04 2002We have developed a timing analysis method to determine the distances of variable galactic X-ray sources based on the method advanced by Tr\"{u}mper and Sch\"{o}nfelder in 1973. The light-curve of the halo produced by the scattering of X-rays off the ... More
Convergent Semidefinite Programming Relaxations for Global Bilevel Polynomial Optimization ProblemsJun 06 2015Jan 13 2016In this paper, we consider a bilevel polynomial optimization problem where the objective and the constraint functions of both the upper and the lower level problems are polynomials. We present methods for finding its global minimizers and global minimum ... More
Many body localization and quantum non-ergodicity in a model with a single-particle mobility edgeMar 31 2015Oct 28 2015We investigate many body localization in the presence of a single particle mobility edge. By considering an interacting deterministic model with an incommensurate potential in one dimension we find that the single particle mobility edge in the noninteracting ... More
The potential to octant degeneracy solution in JUNOAug 11 2018This research continues to focus on the idea using cyclotronic antineutrino source for purposes of neutrino physics. Long baseline experiments suffer from degeneracies and correlations between $\Theta_{23}$, $\delta_{\rm CP}$ and the mass hierarchy (MH). ... More
Two-Dimensional Navier-Stokes Simulation of Breaking WavesMay 23 1996Numerical simulations describing plunging breakers including the splash-up phenomenon are presented. The motion is governed by the classical, incompressible, two-dimensional Navier-Stokes equation. The numerical modelling of this two-phase flow is based ... More
Finite difference approximations for a size-structured population model with distributed states in the recruitmentFeb 25 2014In this paper we consider a size-structured population model where individuals may be recruited into the population at different sizes. First and second order finite difference schemes are developed to approximate the solution of the mathematical model. ... More
Anomalous Rashba spin-orbit interaction in InAs/GaSb quantum wellsMar 31 2008We investigate theoretically the Rashba spin-orbit interaction in InAs/GaSb quantum wells(QWs). We find that the Rashba spin-splitting (RSS) depends sensitively on the thickness of the InAs layer. The RSS exhibits nonlinear behavior for narrow InAs/GaSb ... More
Dust Emission from the Perseus Molecular CloudMay 27 2008Using far-infrared emission maps taken by IRAS and Spitzer and a near-infrared extinction map derived from 2MASS data, we have made dust temperature and column density maps of the Perseus molecular cloud. We show that the emission from transiently heated ... More
Scalable solid-state quantum computation in decoherence-free subspaces with trapped ionsMar 24 2006We propose a decoherence-free subspaces (DFS) scheme to realize scalable quantum computation with trapped ions. The spin-dependent Coulomb interaction is exploited, and the universal set of unconventional geometric quantum gates is achieved in encoded ... More
The block spectrum of RNA pseudoknot structuresJun 12 2018In this paper we analyze the length-spectrum of blocks in $\gamma$-structures. $\gamma$-structures are a class of RNA pseudoknot structures that plays a key role in the context of polynomial time RNA folding. A $\gamma$-structure is constructed by nesting ... More
Synthesis of monoclinic IrTe2 under high pressure and its physical propertiesMay 22 2015In a pressure-temperature (P-T) diagram for synthesizing IrTe2 compounds, the well-studied trigonal (H) phase with the CdI2-type structure is stable at low pressures. The superconducting cubic (C) phase can be synthesized under higher temperatures and ... More
Bayesian non-linear large scale structure inference of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey data release 7Nov 12 2009In this work we present the first non-linear, non-Gaussian full Bayesian large scale structure analysis of the cosmic density field conducted so far. The density inference is based on the Sloan Digital Sky Survey data release 7, which covers the northern ... More
Dimensionality effects on the Holstein polaronSep 15 2001Feb 28 2002Based on a recently developed variational method, we explore the properties of the Holstein polaron on an infinite lattice in $D$ dimensions, where $ 1 \le D \le 4$. The computational method converges as a power law, so that highly accurate results can ... More
Reliability of the Estimation of CP Asymmetries for Nonleptonic $B^{0} - \bar{B}^{0}$ Decays into Non-CP-Eigen statesAug 17 1994CP asymmetries for two-body-nonleptonic $B^{0} - \bar{B}^{0}$ decay into non-CP-eigen states are calculated using two different methods: (i) Bauer, Stech, and Wirbel factorization method to compute the decay amplitudes directly; (ii) using $B^{0}, \bar{B}^{0}$ ... More
Doubly Heavy Baryon Production at γγColliderJan 25 2007Oct 10 2007The inclusive production of doubly heavy baryons $\Xi_{cc}$ and $\Xi_{bb}$ at $\gamma\gamma$ collider is investigated. It is found that the contribution from the heavy quark pair $QQ$ in color triplet and color sextet are important.
Nuclear quantum shape-phase transitions in odd-mass systemsMar 06 2018Microscopic signatures of nuclear ground-state shape phase transitions in odd-mass Eu isotopes are explored starting from excitation spectra and collective wave functions obtained by diagonalization of a core-quasiparticle coupling Hamiltonian based on ... More
Octupole degree of freedom for the critical-point candidate nucleus $^{152}$Sm in a reflection-asymmetric relativistic mean-field approachMar 11 2010The potential energy surfaces of even-even $^{146-156}$Sm are investigated in the constrained reflection-asymmetric relativistic mean-field approach with parameter set PK1. It is shown that the critical-point candidate nucleus $^{152}$Sm marks the shape/phase ... More
Quantum reflection: The invisible quantum barrierApr 18 2008Sep 08 2009We construct the invisible quantum barrier which represents the phenomenon of quantum reflection using the available data. We use the Abel equation to invert the data. The resulting invisible quantum barrier is double-valued in both axes. We study this ... More
Phase-Averaged Gamma-Ray Spectra from MSPsNov 04 2013{\it Fermi}-LAT has detected pulsed gamma-ray emissions with high confidences from more than 40 millisecond pulsars (MSPs). Here we study the phase-averaged gamma-ray properties of MSPs by using revised version of a self-consistent outer gap model. In ... More
Potential of octant degeneracy resolution in JUNOAug 11 2018Mar 16 2019This research continues to focus on the idea using cyclotronic antineutrino source for purposes of neutrino physics. Long baseline experiments suffer from degeneracies and correlations between $\Theta_{23}$, $\delta_{\rm CP}$ and the mass hierarchy (MH). ... More
Absence of magnetic thermal conductivity in the quantum spin liquid candidate YbMgGaO4Nov 23 2016We present the ultra-low-temperature specific heat and thermal conductivity measurements on the single crystals of YbMgGaO$_4$, which was recently argued to be a promising candidate for quantum spin liquid (QSL). In the zero magnetic field, a large magnetic ... More
Freezing of a Stripe LiquidOct 09 2001Feb 13 2002The existence of a stripe-liquid phase in a layered nickelate, La(1.725)Sr(0.275)NiO(4), is demonstrated through neutron scattering measurements. We show that incommensurate magnetic fluctuations evolve continuously through the charge-ordering temperature, ... More
Giant Magnetocaloric Effect in Re-entrant Ferromagnet PrMn1.4Fe0.6Ge2Aug 20 2008Sep 01 2008Three first order magnetic phase transitions (FOMT) have been detected at TCPr, TNinter and TCinter over the temperature range from 5 K to 340 K at fields up to 9 T in PrMn1.4Fe0.6Ge2, and the magnetocaloric effect (MCE) around these transitions evaluated. ... More
Temperature dependent photon emission spectra of free excitons in phonon field of GaNJan 29 2005Temperature-dependent radiative recombination of free excitons involving one or two LO phonons in GaN is investigated in detail. It is found that both phonon sidebands possess asymmetric lineshape and their energy spacings from the zero phonon line strongly ... More
Crossover from Kramers to phase-diffusion switching in hysteretic DC-SQUIDsMar 31 2005We have measured and propose a model for switching rates in hysteretic DC-SQUID in the regime where phase diffusion processes start to occur. We show that the switching rates in this regime are smaller than the rates given by Kramers' formula due to retrapping ... More
Topological Equivalence and Curvature Convergence: Bezier Surface ApproximationNov 21 2013A set of control points can determine a Bezier surface and a triangulated surface simultaneously. We prove that the triangulated surface becomes homeomorphic and ambient isotopic to the Bezier surface via subdivision. We also show that the total Gaussian ... More
Broadband Relaxation-Optimized Polarization Transfer in Magnetic ResonanceJul 22 2004Many applications of magnetic resonance are limited by rapid loss of spin coherence caused by large transverse relaxation rates. In nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) of large proteins, increased relaxation losses lead to poor sensitivity of experiments ... More
Diversity of multiwavelength emission bumps in the GRB 100219A afterglowDec 04 2011Context. Multi-wavelength observations of gamma-ray burst (GRB) afterglows provide important information about the activity of their central engines and their environments. In particular, the short timescale variability, such as bumps and/or rebrightening ... More
Low-Temperature Low-Field Phases of the Pyrochlore Quantum Magnet Tb$_2$Ti$_2$O$_7$Jun 24 2012Feb 24 2013By means of ac magnetic-susceptibility measurements, we find evidence for a new magnetic phase of Tb$_2$Ti$_2$O$_7$ below about 140 mK in zero magnetic field. In magnetic fields parallel to [111], this phase---exhibiting frequency- and amplitude-dependent ... More
A single-sided linear synchronous motor with a high temperature superconducting coil as the excitation systemOct 22 2010Thrust measurements were performed on a coil made of YBa2Cu3O7-d coated conductor acting as the excitation system of a single-sided linear synchronous motor. The superconducting coil was a single pancake in the shape of a racetrack with 100 turns, the ... More
Low energy fast events from radon progenies at the surface of a CsI(Tl) scintillatorAug 22 2011Aug 27 2012In searches for rare phenomena such as elastic scattering of dark matter particles or neutrinoless double beta decay, alpha decays of Rn222 progenies attached to the surfaces of the detection material have been identified as a serious source of background. ... More
Inhomogeneity in barrier height at graphene/Si (GaAs) Schottky junctionsMar 12 2015Graphene interfaced with a semiconductor forms a Schottky junction with rectifying properties, however, fluctuations in the Schottky barrier height are often observed. In this work, Schottky junctions are fabricated by transferring chemical vapor deposited ... More
Correspondence: Reply to "On the understanding of current-induced spin polarization of 3D topological insulators"Apr 08 2019We reported the first spin potentiometric measurement to electrically detect spin polarization arising from spin-momentum locking in topological insulator (TI) surface states using ferromagnet/tunnel barrier contacts [1]. This method has been adopted ... More
Measurement of Change of 7Be Decay Rate in Be and AuJun 01 2003We have measured the possible change of the decay rate of 7Be implanted into hosts of natural beryllium and natural gold. No difference between the 7Be decay rates in the two hosts is observed within the experimental precision of 0.12%. This result implies ... More
Potential Vorticity Evolution of a Protoplanetary Disk with An Embedded ProtoplanetMar 18 2005We present two-dimensional inviscid hydrodynamic simulations of a protoplanetary disk with an embedded planet, emphasizing the evolution of potential vorticity (the ratio of vorticity to density) and its dependence on numerical resolutions. By analyzing ... More
Carrier transport in reverse-biased graphene/semiconductor Schottky junctionsMar 30 2015Reverse-biased graphene (Gr)/semiconductor Schottky diodes exhibit much enhanced sensitivity for gas sensing. However, carrier transport across the junctions is not fully understood yet. Here, Gr/SiC, Gr/GaAs and Gr/Si Schottky junctions under reverse-bias ... More
Tunable deep-subwavelength superscattering using graphene monolayersMar 13 2015In this Letter, we theoretically propose for the first time that graphene monolayers can be used for superscatterer designs. We show that the scattering cross section of the bare deep-subwavelength dielectric cylinder is markedly enhanced by six orders ... More
Projectile fragment emission in fragmentation of $^{56}$Fe on C, Al,and CH$_{2}$ targets at 471 A MeVSep 17 2013The emission angle and the transverse momentum distributions of projectile fragments produced in fragmentation of $^{56}$Fe on CH$_{2}$, C, and Al targets at 471 A MeV are measured. It is found that for the same target the average value and width of angular ... More
New Limits on Interactions between Weakly Interacting Massive Particles and Nucleons Obtained with CsI(Tl) Crystal DetectorsApr 12 2012May 09 2012New limits are presented on the cross section for Weakly Interacting Massive Particle (WIMP) nucleon scattering in the KIMS CsI(T) detector array at the Yangyang Underground Laboratory. The exposure used for these results is 24524.3 kg\cdotdays. Nuclei ... More
Sunward-propagating Alfvénic fluctuations observed in the heliosphereJun 10 2016The mixture/interaction of anti-sunward-propagating Alfv\'enic fluctuations (AFs) and sunward-propagating Alfv\'enic fluctuations (SAFs) is believed to result in the decrease of the Alfv\'enicity of solar wind fluctuations with increasing heliocentric ... More
Sensitivity to neutrino-antineutrino transitions for boron neutrinosMay 14 2019Neutrino-antineutrino conversion is an important new physics process. The observation of this phenomenon could indicate total lepton number violation and potential CPT-violation. Searching for the appearance of electron antineutrinos from solar neutrinos ... More
Architected Various MnO6 Octahedral Layers MnO2 NanostructuresJul 13 2012A series of MnO2 unique nanostructures were synthesized by a facile hydrothermal method with microwave-assisted procedures. A novel nanostructure formation mechanism has been proposed, that MnO6 octahedral nuclei and molecular layers can be rearranged ... More
Structural-configurated magnetic plasmon bands in connected ring chainsJul 24 2009Magnetic resonance coupling between connected split ring resonators (SRRs) and magnetic plasmon (MP) excitations in the connected SRR chains were theoretically studied. By changing the connection configuration, two different coupling behaviors were observed, ... More
Abnormal Magnetic Behaviors in Unique Square alpha-MnO2 NanotubesJul 13 2012Systematic magnetic measurements have been performed in unique$\alpha - MnO_2$ square nanotubes synthesized by a facile hydrothermal method with microwave-assisted procedures. Unusual magnetic phenomena (abnormal magnetization verse temperature (M - T) ... More
High-pressure study of the Weyl semimetal NbAsJun 01 2015Jun 04 2015We performed a series of high-pressure synchrotron X-ray diffraction (XRD) and resistance measurements on the Weyl semimetal NbAs. The crystal structure remains stable up to 26 GPa according to the powder XRD data. The resistance of NbAs single crystal ... More
Limits on WIMP-nucleon interactions with CsI(Tl) crystal detectorsApr 03 2007Aug 14 2007The Korea Invisible Mass Search(KIMS) experiment presents new limits on WIMP-nucleon cross section using the data from an exposure of 3409 kgd taken with low background CsI(Tl) crystals at Yangyang underground laboratory. The most stringent limit on the ... More
Anomalous magneto-optical Kerr effect in perpendicularly magnetized Co/Pt films on two-dimensional colloidal crystalsMar 02 2009Mar 04 2009We have studied the magneto-optical Kerr effect and optical reflectance of perpendicular magnetized Co/Pt films on self-assembly two-dimensional polystyrene spheres. It is shown that the magneto-optical and the reflectance spectra are correlated to each ... More
Enhanced Raman sideband cooling of caesium atoms in a vapour-loaded magneto-optical trapMar 19 2015We report enhanced three-dimensional degenerated Raman sideband cooling (3D DRSC) of caesium (Cs) atoms in a standard single-cell vapour-loading magneto-optical trap. Our improved scheme involves using a separate repumping laser and optimized lattice ... More
Anomalous Raman Spectra and Thickness Dependent Electronic properties of WSe2Mar 23 2013Apr 09 2013Typical Raman spectra of transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) display two prominent peaks, E2g and A1g, that are well separated from each other. We find that these modes are degenerate in bulk WSe2 yielding one single Raman peak. As the dimensionality ... More
Improvement of critical current density in the Cu/MgB2 and Ag/MgB2 superconducting wires using the fast formation methodJan 15 2002The powder in tube method has been used to fabricate Ag and Cu clad MgB2 wires using an in-situ reaction method. The effects of short time sintering on the critical current densities of Ag and Cu clad MgB2 wires were studied. All the samples were examined ... More
Accretion Disks in Active Galactic Nuclei: Gas Supply Driven by Star FormationJul 23 2010Self-gravitating accretion disks collapse to star-forming(SF) regions extending to the inner edge of the dusty torus in active galactic nuclei (AGNs). A full set of equations including feedback of star formation is given to describe the dynamics of the ... More
Spectral analysis of Gene co-expression network of ZebrafishAug 23 2012We analyze the gene expression data of Zebrafish under the combined framework of complex networks and random matrix theory. The nearest neighbor spacing distribution of the corresponding matrix spectra follows random matrix predictions of Gaussian orthogonal ... More
Liquid Scintillator Response to Proton Recoils in the 10-100 keV RangeApr 17 2018May 08 2018We study the response of EJ-301 liquid scintillator to monochromatic 244.6 $\pm$ 8.4 keV neutrons, targeting the 10-100 keV proton recoil energy interval. Limited experimental information exists for proton light yield in this range, for this or any other ... More
Energy transfer and position measurement in quantum mechanicsAug 14 2018Feb 10 2019The Dirac delta function can be defined by the limitation of the rectangular function covering a unit area with decrease of the width of the rectangle to zero, and in quantum mechanics the eigenvectors of the position operator take the form of the delta ... More
On Dust Extinction of Gamma-ray Burst Host GalaxiesAug 29 2008Although it is well recognized that gamma-ray burst (GRB) afterglows are obscured and reddened by dust in their host galaxies, the wavelength-dependence and quantity of dust extinction are still poorly known. Current studies on this mostly rely on fitting ... More
Coexisted Three-component Bosons and Two-component Weyl Bosons in TiS, ZrSe and HfTeNov 22 2017In analogy to various fermions of electrons in topological semimetals, topological mechanical states with two type of bosons, Dirac and Weyl bosons, were reported in some macroscopic systems of kHz frequency and those with a type of doubly-Weyl phonons ... More
Multi-wavelength variability properties of Fermi blazar S5 0716+714Jan 20 2014S5 0716+714 is a typical BL Lacertae object. In this paper we present the analysis and results of long term simultaneous observations in the radio, near-infrared, optical, X-ray and $\gamma$-ray bands, together with our own photometric observations for ... More
Calculation of the Nucleon Axial Form Factor Using Staggered Lattice QCDOct 14 2016The nucleon axial form factor is a dominant contribution to errors in neutrino oscillation studies. Lattice QCD calculations can help control theory errors by providing first-principles information on nucleon form factors. In these proceedings, we present ... More
Numerical study of the $E\otimes e$ Jahn-Teller polaron and bipolaronNov 06 2002The properties of the polaron and bipolaron are explored in the 1D Jahn-Teller model with dynamical quantum phonons. The ground-state properties of the polaron and bipolaron are computed using a recently developed variational method. Dynamical properties ... More
Magnetic shielding and exotic spin-dependent interactionsMay 21 2016Experiments searching for exotic spin-dependent interactions typically employ magnetic shielding between the source of the exotic field and the interrogated spins. We explore the question of what effect magnetic shielding has on detectable signals induced ... More
Reconfigurable Digital Channelizer Design Using Factored Markov Decision ProcessesDec 22 2017In this work, a novel digital channelizer design is developed through the use of a compact, system-level modeling approach. The model efficiently captures key properties of a digital channelizer system and its time-varying operation. The model applies ... More
Full superconducting gap in the doped topological crystalline insulator, Sn$_{0.6}$In$_{0.4}$TeJul 07 2013The thermal conductivity of the doped topological crystalline insulator, Sn$_{0.6}$In$_{0.4}$Te superconducting single crystal with $T_c =$ 4.1 K, was measured down to 50 mK. It is found that the residual linear term $\kappa_0/T$ is negligible in zero ... More
On-line Quantum State Estimation Using Continuous Weak Measurement and Compressed SensingAug 30 2018We propose a new protocol for on-line quantum system estimation on the basis of continuous weak-measurements with the help of compressive sensing and the optimization algorithm. By directly measuring the state of the probe system, we indirectly obtain ... More
Interpretation of the "S-shaped" temperature dependence of luminescent peaks from semiconductorsFeb 12 2005The ``S-shape'' (decrease-increase-decrease) temperature dependence of luminescence peak shift from semiconductors is considered. A luminescence model for localized state ensemble was employed to interpret this anomalous temperature dependence of emission ... More
Designing optimal transport networksAug 26 2009We investigate the optimal design of networks for a general transport system. Our network is built from a regular two-dimensional ($d=2$) square lattice to be improved by adding long-range connections (shortcuts) with probability $P_{ij} \sim r_{ij}^{-\alpha}$, ... More
Manipulating femtosecond magnetism through pressure: First-principles calculationsOct 24 2013Inspired by a recent pressure experiment in fcc Ni, we propose a simple method to use pressure to investigate the laser-induced femtosecond magnetism. Since the pressure effect on the electronic and magnetic properties can be well controlled experimentally, ... More
Flashing coherently rotating carbon sticks in $^{24}$Mg+$^{24}$Mg collisionSep 25 2013Apr 05 2015The present discussion rises a number of the questions. For example, is rotational coherence of large molecules necessarily destroyed in the conventionally statistical limit of structureless non-selective continuum (for fixed total spin and parity values) ... More
A model for luminescence of localized state ensembleNov 05 2004A distribution function for localized carriers, $f(E,T)=\frac{1}{e^{(E-E_a)/k_BT}+\tau_{tr}/\tau_r}$, is proposed by solving a rate equation, in which, electrical carriers' generation, thermal escape, recapture and radiative recombination are taken into ... More
Measurement of the dead layer thickness in a p-type point contact germanium detectorJan 17 2016A 994g mass p-type PCGe detector was deployed by the first phase of the China Dark matter EXperiment aiming at the direct searches of light weakly interacting massive particles. Measuring the thickness of the dead layer of a p-type germanium detector ... More
INTEGRAL and Swift/XRT observations on IGR J18179-1621Jul 17 2012IGR J18179-1621 is a hard X-ray binary transient discovered recently by INTEGRAL. Here we report on detailed timing and spectral analysis on IGR J18179-1621 in X-rays based on available INTEGRAL and Swift data. From the INTEGRAL analysis, IGR J18179-1621 ... More
High-precision Distribution of Highly-stable Optical Pulse Trains with Sub-10-fs Timing JitterFeb 23 2014High-precision optical pulse trains distribution via fibre links has made huge impacts in many fields. In most published works, the accuracies are still fundamentally limited by some unavoidable noises, such as thermal and shot noise from conventional ... More