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On isomorphism classes and invariants of low dimensional complex filiform Leibniz algebras (part 2)Jun 11 2008The paper is an implementation in low dimensional cases of the classification method presented before by Rakhimov and Bekbaev. We give a complete classification of a subclass of complex filiform Leibniz algebras obtained from the naturally graded non-Lie ... More
On Isomorphism Classes and Invariants of Low Dimensional Complex Filiform Leibniz Algebras (PART 1)Oct 01 2007The paper aims to investigate the classification problem of low dimensional complex none Lie filiform Leibniz algebras. There are two sources to get classification of filiform Leibniz algebras. The first of them is the naturally graded none Lie filiform ... More
Future Large-Scale Memristive Device Crossbar Arrays: Limits Imposed by Sneak-Path Currents on Read OperationsJul 08 2015Passive crossbar arrays based upon memristive devices, at crosspoints, hold great promise for the future high-density and non-volatile memories. The most significant challenge facing memristive device based crossbars today is the problem of sneak-path ... More
Non-volatile Complementary Resistive Switch-based Content Addressable MemoryAug 18 2011Oct 16 2011This paper presents a novel resistive-only Binary and Ternary Content Addressable Memory (B/TCAM) cell that consists of two Complementary Resistive Switches (CRSs). The operation of such a cell relies on a logic$\rightarrow$ON state transition that enables ... More
An Analytical Approach for Memristive NanoarchitecturesJun 15 2011Dec 13 2011As conventional memory technologies are challenged by their technological physical limits, emerging technologies driven by novel materials are becoming an attractive option for future memory architectures. Among these technologies, Resistive Memories ... More
Supervised Texture Segmentation: A Comparative StudyJan 02 2016This paper aims to compare between four different types of feature extraction approaches in terms of texture segmentation. The feature extraction methods that were used for segmentation are Gabor filters (GF), Gaussian Markov random fields (GMRF), run-length ... More
Memristor-based Synaptic Networks and Logical Operations Using In-Situ ComputingAug 21 2011We present new computational building blocks based on memristive devices. These blocks, can be used to implement either supervised or unsupervised learning modules. This is achieved using a crosspoint architecture which is an efficient array implementation ... More
Isomorphism classes and invariants of low dimensional filiform Leibniz algebrasDec 14 2013In this study, we extend the result on classification of a subclass of filiform Leibniz algebras in low dimensions to dimensions seven and eight based on the technique used by Rakhimov and Bekbaev for classification of subclasses which arise from naturally ... More
Analytical Model of the Time Developing Turbulent Boundary LayerJun 04 2007We present an analytical model for the time-developing turbulent boundary layer (TD-TBL) over a flat plate. The model provides explicit formulae for the temporal behavior of the wall-shear stress and both the temporal and spatial distributions of the ... More
Superconducting energy gap of $2H$-NbSe$_2$ in phonon spectroscopyOct 01 2016We present a high energy-resolution inelastic x-ray scattering data investigation of the charge-density-wave (CDW) soft phonon mode upon entering the superconducting state in $2H$-NbSe$_2$. Measurements were done close to the CDW ordering wavevector $\mathbf{q}_{CDW}$ ... More
BMOBench: Black-Box Multi-Objective Optimization Benchmarking PlatformMay 23 2016This document briefly describes the Black-Box Multi-Objective Optimization Benchmarking (BMOBench) platform. It presents the test problems, evaluation procedure, and experimental setup. To this end, the BMOBench is demonstrated by comparing recent multi-objective ... More
Embedded Bandits for Large-Scale Black-Box OptimizationNov 27 2016Random embedding has been applied with empirical success to large-scale black-box optimization problems with low effective dimensions. This paper proposes the EmbeddedHunter algorithm, which incorporates the technique in a hierarchical stochastic bandit ... More
Viscosity solutions of second order integral-partial differential equations: A new resultAug 19 2015Sep 03 2016We show existence and uniqueness of a continuous with polynomial growth viscosity solution of a system of second order integral-partial differential equations (IPDEs for short) without assuming the usual monotonicity condition of the generator with respect ... More
Arithmetic differential equations and $E$-functionsNov 12 2005Let $K$ be a number field. We give an arithmetic characterization at infinity of the differential operator of $K[x,d/dx]$ with minimal degree in $x$ annihilating a given $E$-function.
A note on Bernstein property of a fourth order complex partial differential equationsJul 10 2017For a smooth strictly plurisubharmonic function $u$ on a open set $\Omega\subset\mathbb{C}^{n}$ and $F$ a $C^{1}$ nondecreasing function on $\mathbf{R}^{*}_{+}$, we investigate the complex partial differential equations $$\Delta_{g}\log\det(u_{i\bar j})=F(\det(u_{i\bar ... More
A random string with reflection in a convex domainApr 07 2010Apr 12 2010We study the motion of a random string in a convex domain $O$ in $\R^d$, namely the solution of a vector-valued stochastic heat equation, confined in the closure of $O$ and reflected at the boundary of $O$. We study the structure of the reflection measure ... More
Exemples de composantes irréductibles et non réduites du schéma de Hilbert des courbes lisses et connexes de ${\bf P}^3$ (II)Jan 29 1997Soit $H_{d,g}$ le sch\'ema de Hilbert des courbes lisses et connexes de degr\'e $d$ et genre $g$ de l'espace projectif ${\bf P}^3$ sur un corps $k$ alg\'ebriquement clos de caract\'eristique nulle. Le but principal de cet article est d'exhiber des composantes ... More
An arithmetic study of the formal Laplace transform in several variablesMar 24 2011Let $K$ be a number field, and let $K(x_1,...,x_d)$ be the field of rational fractions in the variables $x_1,...,x_d$. In this paper, we introduce two kinds of Laplace transform adapted to solutions of the differential $K(x_1,...,x_d)$-modules with regular ... More
Liouville-type results for stationary maps of a class of functional related to pullback metricsJul 08 2017We study a generalized functional related to the pullback metrics (3). We derive the first variation formula which yield stationary maps. We introduce the stress-energy tensor which is naturally linked to conservation law and yield monotonicity formula ... More
TopCom: Index for Shortest Distance Query in Directed GraphFeb 04 2016Dec 05 2016Finding shortest distance between two vertices in a graph is an important problem due to its numerous applications in diverse domains, including geo-spatial databases, social network analysis, and information retrieval. Classical algorithms (such as, ... More
Double polarization asymmetry as a possible filter for $Θ^+$'s parityDec 25 2003Mar 07 2004We present an analysis of the Beam-Target double polarization asymmetry for the photoproduction of $\Theta^+$ in $\gamma n\to \Theta^+ K^-$. We show that this quantity can serve as a filter for the determination of the $\Theta^+$'s spin-parity assignment ... More
An Efficient Framework for Floor-plan Prediction of Dynamic Runtime Reconfigurable SystemsSep 29 2016Several embedded application domains for reconfigurable systems tend to combine frequent changes with high performance demands of their workloads such as image processing, wearable computing and network processors. Time multiplexing of reconfigurable ... More
Generalized Dirichlet to Neumann operator on invariant differential forms and equivariant cohomologyOct 03 2010In a recent paper, Belishev and Sharafutdinov consider a compact Riemannian manifold $M$ with boundary $\partial M$. They define a generalized Dirichlet to Neumann (DN) operator $\Lambda$ on all forms on the boundary and they prove that the real additive ... More
Witten-Hodge theory on manifolds with boundary and equivariant cohomologyApr 15 2010May 06 2011We consider a compact, oriented, smooth Riemannian manifold $M$ (with or without boundary) and we suppose $G$ is a torus acting by isometries on $M$. Given $X$ in the Lie algebra and corresponding vector field $X_M$ on $M$, one defines Witten's inhomogeneous ... More
Cr doped III-V nitrides: potential candidates for spintronicsJan 21 2011Studies of Cr-doped III-V nitrides, dilute magnetic alloys, in the zinc-blende crystal structure are presented. The objective of the work is to investigate half-metallicity in Al(0.75)Cr(0.25)N, Ga(0.75)Cr(0.25)N and In(0.75)Cr(0.25)N for their possible ... More
Suppression of charge density wave order by disorder in Pd-intercalated ErTe$_3$Jan 23 2019Disorder is generically anticipated to suppress long range charge density wave (CDW) order. We report transport, thermodynamic, and scattering experiments on Pd$_x$ErTe$_3$, a model CDW system with disorder induced by intercalation. The pristine parent ... More
Weakly bound solitons and two-soliton molecules in dipolar Bose-Einstein condensatesDec 22 2018Analytic expressions have been derived for the interaction potential between dipolar bright solitons and the binding energy of a two-soliton molecule. The properties of these localized structures are explored with a focus on their behavior in the weakly ... More
Combined Analysis of the Binary-Lens Caustic-Crossing Event MACHO 98-SMC-1Jul 19 1999We fit the data for the binary-lens microlensing event MACHO 98-SMC-1 from 5 different microlensing collaborations and find two distinct solutions characterized by binary separation d and mass ratio q: (d,q)=(0.54,0.50) and (d,q)=(3.65,0.36), where d ... More
Q-A: Towards the Solution of Usability-Security Tension in User AuthenticationJul 27 2014Users often choose passwords that are easy to remember but also easy to guess by attackers. Recent studies have revealed the vulnerability of textual passwords to shoulder surfing and keystroke loggers. It remains a critical challenge in password research ... More
The Beta Flexible Weibull DistributionMar 16 2017We introduce in this paper a new generalization of the flexible Weibull distribution with four parameters. This model based on the Beta generalized (BG) distribution, Eugene et al. \cite{Eugeneetal2002}, they first using the BG distribution for generating ... More
Optimal control and zero-sum stochastic differential game problems of mean-field typeMar 19 2016We show existence of an optimal control and a saddle-point for respectively a control problem and zero-sum differential game associated with payoff functionals of mean field type, under dynamics driven by weak solutions of stochastic differential equations ... More
Pseudo-euclidean Jordan algebrasNov 22 2008A Jordan algebra J is said to be pseudo-euclidean if J is endowed with an associative non-degenerate symmetric bilinear form B. B is said an associative scalar product on J. First, we provide a description of the pseudo-euclidean Jordan K-algebras in ... More
Universal inequalities for the eigenvalues of a power of the Laplace operatorJan 28 2010In this paper, we obtain a new abstract formula relating eigenvalues of a self-adjoint operator to two families of symmetric and skew-symmetric operators and their commutators. This formula generalizes earlier ones obtained by Harrell, Stubbe, Hook, Ashbaugh, ... More
Regularity of Nash payoffs of Markovian nonzero-sum stochastic differential gamesNov 07 2017Oct 23 2018In this paper we deal with the problem of existence of a smooth solution of the Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman-Isaacs (HJBI for short) system of equations associated with nonzero-sum stochastic differential games. We consider the problem in unbounded domains ... More
Viscosity solution of system of variational inequalities with interconnected bilateral obstacles and connections to multiple modes switching game of jump-diffusion processesJul 17 2015In this paper, we study a general class of nonlinear second-order variational inequalities with interconnected bilateral obstacles with non-local term, related to a multiple modes switching game with jumps. Using systems of penalized unilateral backward ... More
On discrimination between the Lindley and xgamma distributionsDec 25 2018For a given data set the problem of selecting either Lindley or xgamma distribution with unknown parameter is investigated in this article. Both these distributions can be used quite effectively for analyzing skewed non-negative data and in modeling time-to-event ... More
Ultracold atoms in an optical lattice with dynamically variable periodicityMay 26 2010Aug 12 2010The use of a dynamic "accordion" lattice with ultracold atoms is demonstrated. Ultracold atoms of $^{87}$Rb are trapped in a two-dimensional optical lattice, and the spacing of the lattice is then increased in both directions from 2.2 to 5.5 microns. ... More
Vector meson photoproduction studied in its radiative decay channelFeb 02 2005Apr 22 2005We provide an analysis of vector meson photoproduction in the channel of the vector meson decaying into a pseudoscalar meson plus a photon, i.e. $V\to P\gamma$. It is shown that non-trivial kinematic correlations arise from the measurement of the $P\gamma$ ... More
Damping of longitudinal magneto-acoustic oscillations in slowly varying coronal plasmaNov 11 2010We investigate the propagation of MHD waves in a homogenous, magnetized plasma in a weakly stratified atmosphere, representing hot coronal loops. In most of earlier studies a time-independent equilibrium is considered. Here we abandon this restriction ... More
Expectation values of descendent fields in the sine-Gordon modelJul 30 1998We obtain exactly the vacuum expectation values $<(\partial\phi)^2 ({\bar\partial}\phi) e^{i\alpha\phi}>$ in the sine-Gordon model and $<L_{-2}{\bar L}_{-2} \Phi_{l,k}>$ in $\Phi_{1,3}$ perturbed minimal CFT. We discuss applications of these results to ... More
Evidence for Exotic J^{PC}=1^{-+} Meson Production in the Reaction pi- p --> eta pi- p at 18 GeV/cFeb 02 1999Jul 19 1999Details of the analysis of the eta pi- system studied in the reaction pi^{-} p --> eta pi^{-} p at 18 GeV/c are given. Separate analyses for the 2 gamma and pi+ pi- pi0 decay modes of the eta are presented. An amplitude analysis of the data indicates ... More
Q^2 Dependence of the S_{11}(1535) Photocoupling and Evidence for a P-wave resonance in eta electroproductionApr 19 2007New cross sections for the reaction $ep \to e'\eta p$ are reported for total center of mass energy $W$=1.5--2.3 GeV and invariant squared momentum transfer $Q^2$=0.13--3.3 GeV$^2$. This large kinematic range allows extraction of new information about ... More
Differential subordinations and superordinations for generalized Bessel functionsOct 21 2014Differential subordination and superordination preserving properties for univalent functions in the open unit disk with an operator involving generalized Bessel functions are derived. Some particular cases involving trigonometric functions of our main ... More
Lp-Solutions for Reected Backward Stochastic Differential EquationsJul 11 2008This paper deals with the problem of existence and uniqueness of a solution for a backward stochastic differential equation (BSDE for short) with one reflecting barrier in the case when the terminal value, the generator and the obstacle process are Lp-integrable ... More
Classification of quadratic Lie algebras of low dimensionApr 21 2014In this paper we give the classification of the irreducible non solvable Lie algebras of dimensions $\leq 13$ with nondegenerate, symmetric and invariant bilinear forms.
Functionally recursive rings of matrices-Two examplesDec 21 2008Oct 22 2009We define the notions of finite-state and functionally recursive matrices and their growth. We also introduce two rings generated by functionally recursive matrices. The first is isomorphic to the 2-generated free ring. The second is a 2-generated monomial ... More
Virtual Endomorphisms of Nilpotent GroupsFeb 07 2006Oct 12 2006A virtual endomorphism of a group G is a homomorphism f from H into G where H is a subgroup of G of finite index m. The triple (G,H,f) produces a state-closed (or, self-similar) representation t of G on the 1-rooted m-ary tree. This paper is a study of ... More
Condensation of DeterminantsDec 05 2007In this paper we tried to condense the determinant of n square matrix to the determinant of (n - 1) square matrix with the mathematical proof.
A Measurement of the W Boson MassDec 22 1997We report a measurement of the W boson mass based on an integrated luminosity of 82 pb$^{-1}$ from \ppbar collisions at $\sqrt{s}=1.8$ TeV recorded in 1994--1995 by the \Dzero detector at the Fermilab Tevatron. We identify W bosons by their decays to ... More
stdchk: A Checkpoint Storage System for Desktop Grid ComputingJun 25 2007Nov 23 2007Checkpointing is an indispensable technique to provide fault tolerance for long-running high-throughput applications like those running on desktop grids. This paper argues that a dedicated checkpoint storage system, optimized to operate in these environments, ... More
Electronic-government in Saudi Arabia: A positive revolution in the peninsulaMay 17 2012The informatization practice of countries all over the world has shown that the level of a government's informatization is one main factor that can affect its international competitive power. At present, e-government construction is regarded as one of ... More
Sampling in de Branges Spaces and Naimark DilationFeb 04 2016We consider the problem of sampling in de Branges spaces and develop some necessary conditions and some sufficient conditions for sampling sequences, which generalize some well-known sampling results in the Paley-Wiener space. These conditions are obtained ... More
How strongly do hydrogen and water molecules stick to carbon nanomaterials?Feb 09 2017The interaction strength of molecular hydrogen and water to carbon nanomaterials is relevant to, among many applications, hydrogen storage, water treatment, and water flow. However, accurate interaction energies for hydrogen and water with carbon nanotubes(CNTs) ... More
Wave vector dependent electron-phonon coupling drives charge-density-wave formation in TbTe3Oct 28 2014Jun 29 2015We present a high energy-resolution inelastic x-ray scattering investigation of the soft phonon mode in the charge-density-wave system TbTe$_3$. We analyze our data based on lattice dynamical calculations using density-functional-perturbation-theory and ... More
Neutrosophic soft sets and neutrosophic soft matrices based on decision makingApr 02 2014Maji\cite{maj-13}, firstly proposed neutrosophic soft sets can handle the indeterminate information and inconsistent information which exists commonly in belief systems. In this paper, we have firstly redefined complement, union and compared our definitions ... More
On Classification of Finite-Dimensional Superbialgebras and Hopf SuperalgebrasJan 04 2013Jan 02 2014The purpose of this paper is to investigate finite-dimensional superbialgebras and Hopf superalgebras. We study connected superbialgebras and provide a classification of non-trivial superbialgebras and Hopf superalgebras in dimension $n$ with $n\leq 4$. ... More
"Universal" inequalities for the eigenvalues of the biharmonic operatorJan 27 2010In this paper, we establish universal inequalities for eigenvalues of the clamped plate problem on compact submanifolds of Euclidean spaces, of spheres and of real, complex and quaternionic projective spaces. We also prove similar results for the biharmonic ... More
Autonomous Calibration of Single Spin Qubit OperationsApr 21 2017Fully autonomous precise control of qubits is crucial for quantum information processing, quantum communication, and quantum sensing applications. It requires minimal human intervention on the ability to model, to predict and to anticipate the quantum ... More
LISA-2020: An Intermediate Scale Space Gravitational Wave Observatory for This DecadeFeb 10 2013Over the last three decades, an exceptionally good science case has been made for pursuing gravitational wave (GW) astronomy. This has engendered a worldwide effort to detect the extremely weak signals generated by expected sources. With the next round ... More
Equations différentielles $p$-adiques et Séries Gevrey arithmétiquesNov 12 2005Let $K$ be a number field. This paper is devoted to a $p$-adic study of the algebraic differential equation of $K[x,d/dx]$ with minimal degree in $x$ annihilating a given $E$-function. Precisely, we prove a conjecture of yves Andr\'e (conjecture 4.7 of ... More
Connectedness in the Pluri-fine TopologyJan 30 2008We study connectedness in the pluri-fine topology on $\CC^n$ and obtain the following results. If $\Omega$ is a pluri-finely open and pluri-finely connected set in $\CC^n$ and $E\subset\CC^n$ is pluripolar, then $\Omega\setminus E$ is pluri-finely connected. ... More
Miyachi's Theorem for the Quaternion Fourier TransformNov 20 2017The quaternion Fourier transform (QFT) satisfies some uncertainty principles similar to the Euclidean Fourier transform. In this paper, we establish Miyachi's theorem for this transform.
The (r1,...,rp)-Bell polynomialsDec 13 2012Aug 09 2013In a previous paper, Mihoubi et al. introduced the $(r_{1},...,r_{p}) $-Stirling numbers and the $(r_{1},...,r_{p}) $-Bell polynomials and gave some of their combinatorial and algebraic properties. These numbers and polynomials generalize, respectively, ... More
Beurling's Theorem for the Two-sided Quaternion Fourier TransformNov 11 2017The two-sided quaternion Fourier transform satisfies some uncertainty principles similar to the Euclidean Fourier transform. A generalization of Beurling's theorem, Hardy, Cowling-Price and Gelfand-Shilov theorems, is obtained for the two-sided quaternion ... More
Effect of Mobility and Traffic Models on the Energy Consumption in MANET Routing ProtocolsApr 11 2013A Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) is a group of mobile nodes that can be set up randomly and formed without the need of any existing network infrastructure or centralized administration. In this network the mobile devices are dependent on battery power, ... More
The Automorphism Tower of Groups acting on Rooted TreesAug 13 2003Mar 14 2006The group of isometries W of a regular rooted tree, and many of its subgroups with branching structure, have groups of automorphisms induced by conjugation in W. This fact has stimulated the computation of the group of automorphisms of such well-known ... More
Laplacian eigenvalues functionals and metric deformations on compact manifoldsJan 26 2007In this paper, we investigate critical points of the Laplacian's eigenvalues considered as functionals on the space of Riemmannian metrics or a conformal class of metrics on a compact manifold. We obtain necessary and sufficient conditions for a metric ... More
The Finite Horizon Optimal Multi-Modes Switching Problem: the Viscosity Solution ApproachMay 09 2008In this paper we show existence and uniqueness of a solution for a system of m variational partial differential inequalities with inter-connected obstacles. This system is the deterministic version of the Verification Theorem of the Markovian optimal ... More
Continuity Properties of Finely Plurisubharmonic Functions and pluripolarityJun 11 2009We prove that every bounded finely plurisubharmonic function can be locally (in the pluri-fine topology) written as the difference of two usual plurisubharmonic functions. As a consequence finely plurisubharmonic functions are continuous with respect ... More
Ring-theoretic properties of PVMDsJul 05 2006We extend to Pr\"ufer $v$-multiplication domains some distinguished ring-theoretic properties of Pr\"ufer domains. In particular we consider the $t##$-property, the $t$-radical trace property, $w$-divisoriality and $w$-stability.
A Perturbative Approach to Neutron Stars in $f(T, \mathcal{T})-$GravityApr 10 2017We derive a Tolman-Oppenheimer-Volkoff equation in neutron star systems within the modified $f(T, \mathcal{T})$-gravity class of models using a perturbative approach. In our approach $f(T, \mathcal{T})$-gravity is considered to be a static spherically ... More
A heat kernel version of Miyachi's Theorem for the Laguerre hypergroupDec 05 2018Let $\mathbb{K}=[0,+\infty[\times\mathbb{R}$ the Laguerre Hypergroup. In this paper, we are going to formulate and prove an analogue of Miyachi's uncertainty principle for the Laguerre-Hypergroup Fourier transform. Our version will be in terms of the ... More
The uncertainty principle for the two-sided quaternion Fourier transformSep 19 2017In this paper, we provide the Heisenberg's inequality and the Hardy's theorem for the two-sided quaternion Fourier transform.
Straintronic magneto-tunneling-junction based ternary content addressable memoryOct 13 2016Oct 21 2016Straintronic magneto-tunneling junction (s-MTJ) switches, whose resistances are controlled with voltage-generated strain in the magnetostrictive free layer of the MTJ, are extremely energy-efficient switches that would dissipate a few aJ of energy during ... More
A skew stochastic heat equationMay 13 2011Oct 21 2011We consider a stochastic heat equation driven by a space-time white noise and with a singular drift, where a local-time in space appears. The process we study has an explicit invariant measure of Gibbs type, with a non-convex potential. We obtain existence ... More
Viscosity solutions of systems of PDEs with interconnected obstacles and Multi modes switching problemsApr 14 2011Dec 09 2011This paper deals with existence and uniqueness, in viscosity sense, of a solution for a system of m variational partial differential inequalities with inter-connected obstacles. A particular case of this system is the deterministic version of the Verification ... More
Quark Stars in $f(T, \mathcal{T})-$GravityJan 17 2017We derive a working model for the Tolman-Oppenheimer-Volkoff equation for quark star systems within the modified $f(T, \mathcal{T})$-gravity class of models. We consider $f(T, \mathcal{T})$-gravity for a static spherically symmetric space-time. In this ... More
Viscosity solutions for second order integro-differential equations without monotonicity conditions: The Probabilistic ApproachNov 09 2014May 11 2015In this paper, we establish a new uniqueness result of a (continuous) viscosity solution for some integro-partial differential equation (IPDE in short). The novelty is that we relax the so-called monotonicity assumption on the driver, assumption which ... More
The Riemannian barycentre as a proxy for global optimisationFeb 11 2019Let $M$ be a simply-connected compact Riemannian symmetric space, and $U$ a twice-differentiable function on $M$, with unique global minimum at $x^* \in M$. The idea of the present work is to replace the problem of searching for the global minimum of ... More
Benedicks-Amrein-Berthier type theorem related to the two-sided Quaternion Fourier transformJul 11 2018The main objective of the present paper is to establish a new uncertainty principle (UP) for the two-sided quaternion Fourier transform (QFT). This result is an extension of a result of Benedicks, Amrein and Berthier, which states that a nonzero function ... More
Observation of $X(3872)\to J/ψγ$ and search for $X(3872)\toψ'γ$ in B decaysMay 01 2011We report a study of $B\to (J/\psi \gamma) K$ and $B\to (\psi' \gamma)K$ decay modes using $772\times 10^{6}$ $B\bar{B}$ events collected at the \Upsilon(4S)$ resonance with the Belle detector at the KEKB energy-asymmetric $e^+ e^-$ collider. We observe ... More
Enhancement of super-exchange pairing in the periodically-driven Hubbard modelAug 13 2016Aug 05 2017Recent experiments performed on cuprates and alkali-doped fullerides have demonstated that key signatures of superconductivity can be induced above the equilibrium critical temperature by optical modulation. These observations in disparate physical systems ... More
Systems of Cosserat--Zhilin in Newtonian MechanicsFeb 26 2016Mechanical systems of Cosserat--Zhilin are introduced as the main object of Newtonian (non--relativistic) mechanics on the base of new notions of vector calculus - sliders and screw measures (bi-measures). The differential equations of motion are derived ... More
On Concept of Mechanical SystemFeb 28 2013The paper gives a screw axiomatics of rational mechanics, namely: 1. introduces the main measures of mechanics: the mass measure, the scalar and (vector) screw measures of motion, the (vector) screw measure of impressed action, the increment velocity ... More
Optic phonons and the soft mode in 2H-NbSe2Mar 26 2013May 23 2013We present an investigation of the lattice dynamics of the charge-density-wave compound 2H-NbSe2. We analyze the precise nature of the wave vector dependent electron-phonon coupling (EPC) and derive the bare dispersion of the charge-density-wave (CDW) ... More
Superconductivity and hybrid soft modes in TiSe$_2$Oct 04 2016The competition between superconductivity and other ground states of solids is one of the challenging topics in condensed matter physics. Apart from high-temperature superconductors [1,2] this interplay also plays a central role in the layered transition-metal ... More
Size-dependent lattice dynamics of atomically precise cadmium selenide quantum dotsOct 21 2018Material properties depend sensitively on the atomic arrangements and atomic bonding, but these are notoriously difficult to measure in nanosized atomic clusters due to the small size of the objects and the challenge of obtaining bulk samples of identical ... More
An inelastic x-ray study of phonon broadening and charge density wave formation in ortho-II ordered YBa2Cu3O6.54Jul 05 2013Sep 02 2013Inelastic x-ray scattering is used to investigate charge density wave (CDW) formation and the low-energy lattice dynamics of the underdoped high temperature superconductor ortho-II YBa2Cu3O6.54. We find that, for a temperature ~1/3 of the CDW onset temperature ... More
Lattice dynamics and the nature of structural transitions in organolead halide perovskitesAug 18 2016Organolead halide perovskites are a family of hybrid organic-inorganic compounds whose remarkable optoelectronic properties have been under intensive scrutiny in recent years. Here we use inelastic X-ray scattering to study low-energy lattice excitations ... More
Extended Phonon Collapse and the Origin of the Charge-Density-Wave in NbSe$_2$Mar 29 2011We report inelastic x-ray scattering measurements of the temperature dependence of phonon dispersion in the prototypical charge-density-wave (CDW) compound NbSe2. Surprisingly, acoustic phonons soften to zero frequency and become overdamped over an extended ... More
Probing electronic order via coupling to low energy phonons in superconducting Bi$_2$Sr$_{2-x}$La$_x$CuO$_{6+δ}$Feb 22 2012We report high-resolution inelastic x-ray scattering measurements of the acoustic phonons in the single-layer cuprate $Bi_{2}Sr_{2-x)La_{x}CuO_{6+\delta}$. These measurements reveal anomalous broadening of the longitudinal acoustic phonon near the (1/4,1/4,0) ... More
Finite-Temperature Properties of Ba(Zr,Ti)O$_3$ Relaxors From First PrinciplesJun 04 2012A first-principles-based technique is developed to investigate properties of Ba(Zr,Ti)O$_3$ relaxor ferroelectrics as a function of temperature. The use of this scheme provides answers to important, unresolved and/or controversial questions, such as: ... More
Tuning dissociation using isoelectronically doped graphene and hexagonal boron nitride: water and other small moleculesMar 24 2016Novel uses for 2-dimensional materials like graphene and hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) are being frequently discovered especially for membrane and catalysis applications. Still however, a great deal remains to be understood about the interaction of environmentally ... More
DyLink2Vec: Effective Feature Representation for Link Prediction in Dynamic NetworksApr 16 2018The temporal dynamics of a complex system such as a social network or a communication network can be studied by understanding the patterns of link appearance and disappearance over time. A critical task along this understanding is to predict the link ... More
The influence of a metallic sheet on an evanescent mode atomic mirrorSep 08 2000A theory of evanescent mode atomic mirrors utilising a metallic sheet on a dielectric substrate is described. The emphasis here is on the role of the metallic sheet and on the evaluation of atomic trajectories using the field- dipole orientation picture. ... More
Water on hexagonal boron nitride from diffusion Monte CarloMay 13 2015Despite a recent flurry of experimental and simulation studies, an accurate estimate of the interaction strength of water molecules with hexagonal boron nitride is lacking. Here we report quantum Monte Carlo results for the adsorption of a water monomer ... More
Linearization of third-order ordinary differential equations u'''=f(x,u,u',u'') via point transformationsMar 17 2018The linearization problem by use of the Cartan equivalence method for scalar third-order ODEs via point transformations was solved partially in [1,2]. In order to solve this problem completely, the Cartan equivalence method is applied to provide an invariant ... More
Generalized relativistic anisotropic models for compact starsNov 05 2015Nov 25 2015We present new anisotropic generalization of Buchdahl [1] type perfect fluid solution by using the method of earlier work [2]. In similar approach we have constructed the new pressure anisotropy factor ${\Delta}$ by the help both the metric potential ... More
ExoMol molecular line lists - XVII The rotation-vibration spectrum of hot SO$_3$Jul 05 2016Sulphur trioxide (SO$_3$) is a trace species in the atmospheres of the Earth and Venus, as well as well as being an industrial product and an environmental pollutant. A variational line list for $^{32}$S$^{16}$O$_{3}$, named UYT2, is presented containing ... More
Discovery of 6.035GHz Hydroxyl Maser Flares in IRAS18566+0408Apr 03 2012We report the discovery of 6.035GHz hydroxyl (OH) maser flares toward the massive star forming region IRAS18566+0408 (G37.55+0.20), which is the only region known to show periodic formaldehyde (4.8 GHz H2CO) and methanol (6.7 GHz CH3OH) maser flares. ... More