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Robust Structural Identification via Polyhedral Template MatchingMar 16 2016Apr 18 2016Successful scientific applications of large-scale molecular dynamics often rely on automated methods for identifying the local crystalline structure of condensed phases. Many existing methods for structural identification, such as Common Neighbour Analysis, ... More
Solid-state quantum optics with quantum dots in photonic nanostructuresNov 30 2012Quantum nanophotonics has become a new research frontier where quantum optics is combined with nanophotonics in order to enhance and control the interaction between strongly confined light and quantum emitters. Such progress provides a promising pathway ... More
Pointwise estimates on derivatives of Coulombic wave functions and their electron densitiesMar 09 2018We prove a priori bounds for all derivatives of non-relativistic Coulombic eigenfunctions, involving negative powers of the distance to the singularities of the many-body potential. We use these to derive bounds for all derivatives of the corresponding ... More
Role of the first coordination shell in determining the equilibrium structure and dynamics of simple liquidsJun 09 2011Aug 04 2011The traditional view that the physical properties of a simple liquid are determined primarily by its repulsive forces was recently challenged by Berthier and Tarjus, who showed that in some cases ignoring the attractions leads to large errors in the dynamics ... More
Time inhomogeneity in longest gap and longest run problemsOct 02 2015Consider an inhomogeneous Poisson process and let $D$ be the first of its epochs which is followed by a gap of size $\ell>0$. We establish a criterion for $D<\infty$ a.s., as well as for $D$ being long-tailed and short-tailed, and obtain logarithmic tail ... More
A complete characterization of connected Lie groups with the Approximation PropertyDec 09 2014Feb 12 2016We give a complete characterization of connected Lie groups with the Approximation Property for groups (AP). To this end, we introduce a strengthening of property (T), that we call property (T*), which is a natural obstruction to the AP. In order to define ... More
Wideband impedance measurement in the human ear canal; In vivo study on 32 subjectsNov 08 2018The human ear canal couples the external sound field to the eardrum and the solid parts of the middle ear. Therefore, knowledge of the acoustic impedance of the human ear is widely used in the industry to develop audio devices such as smartphones, headsets, ... More
Nonparametric Modeling of Dynamic Functional Connectivity in fMRI DataJan 04 2016Jun 08 2016Dynamic functional connectivity (FC) has in recent years become a topic of interest in the neuroimaging community. Several models and methods exist for both functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and electroencephalography (EEG), and the results ... More
Polarimetric Neutron Tomography of Magnetic Fields: Uniqueness of Solution and ReconstructionMar 25 2019Mar 27 2019We consider the problem of determination of a magnetic field from three dimensional polarimetric neutron tomography data. We see that this is an example of a non-Abelian ray transform and that the problem has a globally unique solution for smooth magnetic ... More
Probabilistic PARAFAC2Jun 21 2018The PARAFAC2 is a multimodal factor analysis model suitable for analyzing multi-way data when one of the modes has incomparable observation units, for example because of differences in signal sampling or batch sizes. A fully probabilistic treatment of ... More
Laue three dimensional neutron diffractionFeb 08 2019This article presents a measurement technique and data analysis tool to perform 3D grain distribution mapping and indexing of oligocrystalline samples using neutrons: Laue three-dimensional neutron diffraction (Laue3DND). The approach builds on forward ... More
Convolutional LSTM Networks for Subcellular Localization of ProteinsMar 06 2015Machine learning is widely used to analyze biological sequence data. Non-sequential models such as SVMs or feed-forward neural networks are often used although they have no natural way of handling sequences of varying length. Recurrent neural networks ... More
On connected Lie groups and the Approximation PropertyMar 16 2016Recently, a complete characterization of connected Lie groups with the Approximation Property was given. The proof used of the newly introduced property (T*). We present here a short proof of the same result avoiding the use of property (T*). Using property ... More
Groups whose Fourier algebra and Rajchman algebra coincideSep 09 2016We study locally compact groups for which the Fourier algebra coincides with the Rajchman algebra. In particular, we show that there exist uncountably many non-compact groups with this property. Generalizing a result of Hewitt and Zuckerman, we show that ... More
On the Hardness of Partially Dynamic Graph Problems and Connections to DiameterFeb 22 2016May 03 2016Conditional lower bounds for dynamic graph problems has received a great deal of attention in recent years. While many results are now known for the fully-dynamic case and such bounds often imply worst-case bounds for the partially dynamic setting, it ... More
Only Bayes should learn a manifold (on the estimation of differential geometric structure from data)Jun 13 2018Jun 14 2018We investigate learning of the differential geometric structure of a data manifold embedded in a high-dimensional Euclidean space. We first analyze kernel-based algorithms and show that under the usual regularizations, non-probabilistic methods cannot ... More
Weak amenability and simply connected Lie groupsMay 05 2015Following an approach of Ozawa, we show that several semidirect products are not weakly amenable. As a consequence, we are able to characterize the simply connected Lie groups that are weakly amenable.
Sequential Neural Models with Stochastic LayersMay 24 2016How can we efficiently propagate uncertainty in a latent state representation with recurrent neural networks? This paper introduces stochastic recurrent neural networks which glue a deterministic recurrent neural network and a state space model together ... More
Crystallization of the Kob-Andersen binary Lennard-Jones liquidDec 03 2007Feb 09 2008At density 1.2 the Kob-Andersen binary Lennard-Jones liquid partly crystallizes in the temperature interval [0.39, 0.44] after typically 10-100 microseconds (Argon units). The crystallization is initiated by a phase separation where the large (A) particles ... More
Scalable Model-Based Management of Correlated Dimensional Time Series in ModelarDBMar 25 2019To monitor critical infrastructure, high quality sensors sampled at a high frequency are increasingly installed. However, due to the big amounts of data produced, only simple aggregates are stored. This removes outliers and hides fluctuations that could ... More
Young Cool Stars Divided on the Issue of RotationNov 09 2008We present the results of a combination of new stellar rotation periods and extensive information about membership in the young open clusters M35 and M34. The observations show that late-type members of both clusters divide into two distinct groups, each ... More
Network Communication with operators in Dedekind Finite and Stably Finite RingsJul 05 2015Messages in communication networks often are considered as "discrete" taking values in some finite alphabet (e.g. a finite field). However, if we want to consider for example communication based on analogue signals, we will have to consider messages that ... More
Nucleation and droplet growth from supersaturated vapor at temperatures below the triple point temperatureApr 23 2016In 1897 Ostwald formulated his step rule for formation of the most stable crystal state for a system with crystal polymorphism. The rule describes the irreversible way a system converts to the crystal with lowest free energy. But in fact the irreversible ... More
C*-stability of discrete groupsAug 21 2018Oct 16 2018A group may be considered $C^*$-stable if almost representations of the group in a $C^*$-algebra are always close to actual representations. We initiate a systematic study of which discrete groups are $C^*$-stable or only stable with respect to some subclass ... More
Ground state energy of a dilute two-dimensional Bose gas from the Bogoliubov free energy functionalMar 21 2019We extend the analysis of the Bogoliubov free energy functional to two dimensions at very low temperatures. For sufficiently weak interactions, we prove two term asymptotics for the ground state energy.
Dynamics of homogeneous nucleationOct 05 2015The classical nucleation theory for homogeneous nucleation is formulated as a theory for a density fluctuation in a supersaturated gas at a given temperature. But Molecular Dynamics simulations reveal that it is small cold clusters which initiates the ... More
An Array AlgebraDec 29 2008This is a proposal of an algebra which aims at distributed array processing. The focus lies on re-arranging and distributing array data, which may be multi-dimensional. The context of the work is scientific processing; thus, the core science operations ... More
The Weight in EnumerationDec 02 2016In our setting enumeration amounts to generate all solutions of a problem instance without duplicates. We address the problem of enumerating the models of B-formulae. A B-formula is a propositional formula whose connectives are taken from a fixed set ... More
Introduction to Machine ProtectionAug 08 2016Protection of accelerator equipment is as old as accelerator technology and was for many years related to high-power equipment. Examples are the protection of powering equipment from overheating (magnets, power converters, high-current cables), of superconducting ... More
Machine Protection and Interlock Systems for Circular Machines - Example for LHCAug 10 2016This paper introduces the protection of circular particle accelerators from accidental beam losses. Already the energy stored in the beams for accelerators such as the TEVATRON at Fermilab and Super Proton Synchrotron (SPS) at CERN could cause serious ... More
Counting rational points and lower bounds for Galois orbitsFeb 06 2018In this article we present a new method to obtain polynomial lower bounds for Galois orbits of torsion points of one dimensional group varieties.
Local Grand Unification in the Heterotic LandscapeJun 30 2009Sep 03 2009We consider the possibility that the unification of the electroweak interactions and the strong force arises from string theory, at energies significantly lower than the string scale. As a tool, an effective grand unified field theory in six dimensions ... More
Gauge-Higgs Unification from the Heterotic StringAug 31 2007We present a 6D orbifold model on $T^2/\Z2$ which emerges as intermediate step in the compactification of the heterotic string to the supersymmetric standard model in four dimensions. It has $\SU6$ gauge symmetry in the bulk and two pairs of inequivalent ... More
Hadronic fluctuations and correlations at nonzero chemical potentialOct 22 2009We present a lattice study of fluctuations and correlations among the conserved charges baryon number and strangeness in (2+1)-flavor QCD. The lattice calculations are based on a Taylor expansion of the pressure. Results are presented at zero and nonzero ... More
Lattice Simulations with Chemical PotentialAug 31 2004After giving an overview of recently invented methods for simulating lattice QCD at small mu/T, we discuss some results for bulk thermodynamic quantities of QCD matter coming from those methods. We focus on the transition line and the critical endpoint ... More
The 3/5-conjecture for weakly $S(K_{1,3})$-free forestsJul 10 2015The $3/5$-conjecture for the domination game states that the game domination numbers of an isolate-free graph $G$ on $n$ vertices are bounded as follows: $\gamma_g(G)\leq \frac{3n}5 $ and $\gamma_g'(G)\leq \frac{3n+2}5 $. Recent progress have been done ... More
Ring extensions invariant under group actionMar 26 2014May 07 2014Let $G$ be a subgroup of the automorphism group of a commutative ring with identity $T$. Let $R$ be a subring of $T$ such that $R$ is invariant under the action by $G$. We show $R^G\subset T^G$ is a minimal ring extension whenever $R\subset T$ is a minimal ... More
Relative K-theory and class field theory for arithmetic surfacesApr 29 2002In this paper we extend the unramified class field theory for arithmetic surfaces of K. Kato and S. Saito to the relative case. Let X be a regular proper arithmetic surface and let Y be the support of divisor on X. Let CH_0(X,Y) denote the relative Chow ... More
The effect of relative velocity and density perturbations between baryons and dark matter on the clustering of galaxiesFeb 29 2016Aug 24 2016Pre-recombination acoustic oscillations induce non-adiabatic perturbations between baryons and dark matter, corresponding to a constant relative-density $\delta_{bc}$ and decaying relative-velocity perturbation $\vec{v}_{bc}$. Due to their significant ... More
Towards a self-consistent halo model for the nonlinear large-scale structureNov 06 2015Feb 17 2016The halo model is a theoretically and empirically well-motivated framework for predicting the statistics of the nonlinear matter distribution in the Universe. However, current incarnations of the halo model suffer from two major deficiencies: $(i)$ they ... More
The Numerical Simulation of TurbulenceDec 06 2007In this contribution, I give an overview of the various approaches toward the numerical modelling of turbulence, particularly, in the interstellar medium. The discussion is placed in a physical context, i. e. computational problems are motivated from ... More
Celestial mechanics in Kerr spacetimeFeb 26 2002The dynamical parameters conventionally used to specify the orbit of a test particle in Kerr spacetime are the energy $E$, the axial component of the angular momentum, $L_{z}$, and Carter's constant $Q$. These parameters are obtained by solving the Hamilton-Jacobi ... More
Quantum Algorithms for many-to-one Functions to Solve the Regulator and the Principal Ideal ProblemDec 24 2009We propose new quantum algorithms to solve the regulator and the principal ideal problem in a real-quadratic number field. We improve the algorithms proposed by Hallgren by using two different techniques. The first improvement is the usage of a period ... More
On the relation between 2 and infty in Galois cohomology of number fieldsAug 24 2000We remove the assumption "let p be odd or k totally imaginary" from several well-known theorems in Galois cohomology of number fields. For example, we show that the Galois group of the maximal extension of a number field k which is unramified outside ... More
Tame coverings of arithmetic schemesMay 31 2000We extend the notion of a tame covering of a pair (X,D) where X is a regular scheme and D is a normal crossing divisor (cf. SGA1), to pairs (X,Y) where X is an arbitrary scheme and Y is a closed subset in X. We show that the abelianized tame fundamental ... More
The Petersen graph has no quantum symmetryJan 09 2018Jan 17 2018In 2007, Banica and Bichon asked whether the well-known Petersen graph has quantum symmetry. In this article, we show that the Petersen graph has no quantum symmetry, i.e. the quantum automorphism group of the Petersen graph is its usual automorphism ... More
Monodromic Dark EnergySep 05 2017Oct 06 2017Since the discovery of the accelerated expansion of the Universe, the constraints on the equation of state $w_\text{DE}$ of dark energy, the stress-energy component responsible for the acceleration, have tightened significantly. These constraints generally ... More
Ground states of the 2D sticky disc model: fine properties and $N^{3/4}$ law for the deviation from the asymptotic Wulff shapeFeb 26 2013Mar 05 2013We investigate ground state configurations for a general finite number $N$ of particles of the Heitmann-Radin sticky disc pair potential model in two dimensions. Exact energy minimizers are shown to exhibit large microscopic fluctuations about the asymptotic ... More
Direct photon production and flow at low transverse momenta in pp, p-Pb and Pb-Pb collisionsDec 19 2018Low transverse momentum direct photon measurements have been carried out by the ALICE experiment at the CERN LHC in small collision systems (pp, $\sqrt{s}=2.76$ and 8 TeV and p--Pb, $\sqrt{s_\text{NN}}=5.02$ TeV) as well as in heavy-ion collisions (Pb--Pb, ... More
Über Pro-p-Fundamentalgruppen markierter arithmetischer KurvenJun 04 2008Jan 16 2009Let k be a global field, p an odd prime number different from char(k) and S, T disjoint, finite sets of primes of k. Let G_S^T(k)(p)=Gal(k_S^T(p)|k) be the Galois group of the maximal p-extension of k which is unramified outside S and completely split ... More
On pro-p fundamental groups of marked arithmetic curvesJun 11 2008Jan 16 2009Let k be a global field, p an odd prime number different from char(k) and S, T disjoint, finite sets of primes of k. Let G_S^T(k)(p)=Gal(k_S^T(p)|k) be the Galois group of the maximal p-extension of k which is unramified outside S and completely split ... More
Machine ProtectionJan 20 2016The protection of accelerator equipment is as old as accelerator technology and was for many years related to high-power equipment. Examples are the protection of powering equipment from overheating (magnets, power converters, high-current cables), of ... More
On the electronic structure of the charge-ordered phase in epitaxial and polycrystalline La1-xCaxMnO3 (x = 0.55, 0.67) perovskite manganitesMar 28 2008In this work the charge transport properties of charge ordered (CO) La1-xCaxMnO3 (LCMO) (x= 0.55, 0.67) epitaxial thin films and polycrystals are discussed following the recent controversy of localised electron states vs. weakly or de- localised charge ... More
Quark and Gluon Sivers FunctionsNov 14 2005The physics of hadron single transverse spin asymmetries is discussed. Possible measurements of both the quark and gluon Sivers functions are proposed.
Shadowing and Antishadowing in Neutrino Deep Inelastic ScatteringJul 07 2005The coherence of multiscattering quark nuclear processes leads to shadowing and antishadowing of the electromagnetic nuclear structure functions in agreement with measurements. This picture leads to substantially different antishadowing for charged and ... More
Injectives Hulls and Projective Covers in Categories of Generalized Uniform HypergraphsJul 24 2018We construct injective hulls and projective covers in categories of generalized uniform hypergraphs which generalizes the constructions in the category of quivers and the category of undirected graphs. While the constructions are not functorial, they ... More
On the existence and uniqueness of self-adjoint realizations of discrete (magnetic) Schrödinger operatorsMay 22 2018In this expository paper we answer two fundamental questions concerning discrete magnetic Schr\"odinger operator associated with weighted graphs. We discuss when formal expressions of such operators give rise to self-adjoint operators, i.e., when they ... More
A note on reflected Dirichlet formsNov 23 2017In this paper we give an algebraic construction of the (active) reflected Dirich- let form. We prove that it is the maximal Silverstein extension whenever the given form does not possess a killing part and we prove that Dirichlet forms need not have a ... More
A Note on the Schmid-Witt symbol and Higher Local FieldsSep 13 2017For a local field of characteristic $p>0$, $K$, the combination of local class field theory and Artin-Schreier-Witt theory yield what is known as the Schmid-Witt symbol. The symbol encodes interesting data about the ramification theory of $p$-extensions ... More
Energy formsMar 15 2017In this thesis we study energy forms. These are quadratic forms on the space of real-valued measurable $m$-a.e. determined functions $$E:L^0(m) \to [0,\infty],$$ which assign to a measurable function $f$ its energy $E(f)$. Their two defining characteristics ... More
Luminosities and Space Densities of Gamma-Ray BurstsAug 18 1999We use a homogeneous sample of gamma-ray bursts (GRB) extracted from 5.9 years of BATSE DISCLA data (astro-ph/9908190) and a variety of broken power-law luminosity functions to derive GRB luminosities and space densities. Luminosity functions that are ... More
$T$-adic Exponential Sums over AffinoidsJan 16 2019We introduce and develop $(\pi,p)$-adic Dwork theory for $L$-functions of exponential sums associated to one-variable rational functions, interpolating $p^k$-order exponential sums over affinoids. Namely, we prove a generalization of the Dwork-Monsky-Reich ... More
On the Birational Geometry of Schubert VarietiesAug 27 2012Mar 05 2015We classify all Q-factorializations of (co)minuscule Schubert varieties by using their Mori dream space structure. As a corollary we obtain a description of all IH-small resolutions of (co)minuscule Schubert varieties generalizing results of Perrin. We ... More
Hecke algebras and affine flag varieties in characteristic pJan 24 2015Oct 02 2015Let G be a split semi-simple p-adic group and let H be its Iwahori-Hecke algebra with coefficients in the algebraic closure k of the finite field with p elements. Let F be the affine flag variety over k associated with G. We show, in the simply connected ... More
Exponential Objects in Categories of Generalized Uniform HypergraphsJul 24 2018We construct exponential objects in categories of generalized uniform hypergraphs and use embeddings induced by nerve-realization adjunctions to show why conventional categories of graphs and hypergraphs do not have exponential objects.
On the étale site of a marked schemeFeb 13 2017We verify basic properties of the \'etale site of a `scheme with marking'. The coverings are \'etale coverings that split over all marked points. Familiar cases are the small \'etale site (no marking) and the Nisnevich site (all points are marked).
Stable flatness of nonarchimedean hyperenveloping algebrasJul 17 2008Dec 14 2012Let L be a p-adic local field and g a finite dimensional Lie algebra over L. We show that its hyperenveloping algebra F(g) is a stably flat completion of its universal enveloping algebra. As a consequence the relative cohomology for the locally convex ... More
Analytic vectors in continuous p-adic representationsNov 13 2007Oct 01 2012Given a compact p-adic Lie group G over a finite unramified extension L/Q_p let G_0 be the product over all Galois conjugates of G. We construct an exact and faithful functor from admissible G-Banach space representations to admissible locally L-analytic ... More
Singular Homology of Arithmetic SchemesMar 28 2007Jul 30 2007We construct a singular homology theory on the category of schemes of finite type over a Dedekind domain and verify several basic properties. For arithmetic schemes we construct a reciprocity isomorphism between the integral singular homology in degree ... More
Invisible stimuli, implicit thresholds: Why invisibility judgments cannot be interpreted in isolationJun 04 2013May 22 2014Some studies of unconscious cognition rely on judgments of participants stating that they have "not seen" the critical stimulus (e.g., in a masked-priming experiment). Trials in which participants gave "not-seen" judgments are then treated as those where ... More
On the applicability of the level set method beyond the flamelet regime in thermonuclear supernova simulationsJan 15 2007In thermonuclear supernovae, intermediate mass elements are mostly produced by distributed burning provided that a deflagration to detonation transition does not set in. Apart from the two-dimensional study by Roepke & Hillebrandt (2005), very little ... More
Spectroscopic Measurements Using the H1 and ZEUS DetectorsJun 08 2005Results on spectroscopy from the H1 and ZEUS collaborations are presented. The main focus is to search for baryon states which could be interpreted as pentaquarks. This includes states decaying to K^0_sp and K^0_s\bar{p}, \Xi\pi and D*p. In addition an ... More
Frustrated polaritonsFeb 05 2016Artificially engineered light-matter systems constitute a novel, versatile architecture for the quantum simulation of driven, dissipative phase transitions and non-equilibrium quantum many-body systems. Here, we review recent experimental as well as theoretical ... More
Counting rational points and lower bounds for Galois orbitsFeb 06 2018Feb 13 2018In this article we present a new method to obtain polynomial lower bounds for Galois orbits of torsion points of one dimensional group varieties.
Transverse Target Spin asymmetries in exclusive $ρ^0$ muoproductionNov 06 2013Generalized Parton Distributions (GPDs) provide a dynamical picture of the nucleon. The exclusive production of $\rho^0$ mesons on a transversely polarised target is sensitive to the nucleon helicity-flip GPDs $E$ which are related to the total angular ... More
Recurrence of cocycles and stationary random walksAug 09 2006We survey distributional properties of $\mathbb{R}^d$-valued cocycles of finite measure preserving ergodic transformations (or, equivalently, of stationary random walks in $\mathbb{R}^d$) which determine recurrence or transience.
Elicitation of ambiguous beliefs with mixing betsFeb 20 2019I consider the elicitation of ambiguous beliefs about an event. I introduce a mechanism that allows to identify an interval of probabilities (representing ambiguity perception) for several classes of ambiguity averse preferences. The agent reveals her ... More
Physics of Nuclear AntishadowingNov 14 2005Shadowing and antishadowing of the electromagnetic nuclear structure functions are produced by the coherence of multiscattering quark nuclear processes. This picture leads to substantially different antishadowing for charged and neutral current processes, ... More
Picard groups in $p$-adic Fourier theoryMar 27 2009Jun 25 2013Let $L$ be a proper finite extension of the field of $p$-adic numbers and let $o\subset L$ be its integers, viewed as an abelian locally $L$-analytic group. Let $\hat{o}$ be the rigid analytic group variety parametrizing the locally analytic characters ... More
Bridgeland Stability on Threefolds - Some Wall CrossingsSep 15 2015Following up on the construction of Bridgeland stability condition on $\mathbb{P}^3$ by Macr\`i, we compute first examples of wall crossing behaviour. In particular, for Hilbert schemes of curves such as twisted cubics or complete intersections of the ... More
Counterexample to the Generalized Bogomolov-Gieseker Inequality for ThreefoldsFeb 16 2016We give a counterexample to the generalized Bogomolov-Gieseker inequality for threefolds conjectured by Bayer, Macr\`i and Toda using the blow up of a point over three dimensional projective space.
Rank two sheaves with maximal third Chern character in three-dimensional projective spaceNov 29 2018We give a complete classification of semistable rank two sheaves on three-dimensional projective space with maximal third Chern character. This implies an explicit description of their moduli spaces. As an open subset they contain rank two reflexive sheaves ... More
A Two Stage CVT / Eikonal Convection Mesh Deformation Approach for Large Nodal DeformationsNov 27 2014A two step mesh deformation approach for large nodal deformations, typically arising from non-parametric shape optimization, fluid-structure interaction or computer graphics, is considered. Two major difficulties, collapsed cells and an undesirable parameterization, ... More
Characterization of highly anisotropic three-dimensionally nanostructured surfacesAug 13 2013Generalized ellipsometry, a non-destructive optical characterization technique, is employed to determine geometrical structure parameters and anisotropic dielectric properties of highly spatially coherent three-dimensionally nanostructured thin films ... More
Large-scale Velocities and Primordial Non-GaussianityMay 21 2010Jun 01 2010We study the peculiar velocities of density peaks in the presence of primordial non-Gaussianity. Rare, high density peaks in the initial density field can be identified with tracers such as galaxies and clusters in the evolved matter distribution. The ... More
Self-Consistent Cosmological Simulations of DGP Braneworld GravityMay 06 2009Sep 16 2009We perform cosmological N-body simulations of the Dvali-Gabadadze-Porrati braneworld model, by solving the full non-linear equations of motion for the scalar degree of freedom in this model, the brane bending mode. While coupling universally to matter, ... More
Weak Lensing Probes of Modified GravityMay 30 2008Jul 14 2008We study the effect of modifications to General Relativity on large scale weak lensing observables. In particular, we consider three modified gravity scenarios: f(R) gravity, the DGP model, and TeVeS theory. Weak lensing is sensitive to the growth of ... More
Dynamical Masses in Modified GravityMar 01 2010Mar 11 2010Differences in masses inferred from dynamics, such as velocity dispersions or X-rays, and those inferred from lensing are a generic prediction of modified gravity theories. Viable models however must include some non-linear mechanism to restore General ... More
Cosmological Simulations of Normal-Branch Braneworld GravityOct 01 2009Nov 30 2009We introduce a cosmological model based on the normal branch of DGP braneworld gravity with a smooth dark energy component on the brane. The expansion history in this model is identical to LambdaCDM, thus evading all geometric constraints on the DGP cross-over ... More
Sources of false positives and false negatives in the STATCHECK algorithm: Reply to Nuijten et al. (2015)Oct 04 2016Oct 10 2016STATCHECK is an R algorithm designed to scan papers automatically for inconsistencies between test statistics and their associated p values (Nuijten et al., 2015). The goal of this comment is to point out an important and well-documented flaw in this ... More
Sources of false positives and false negatives in the STATCHECK algorithm: Reply to Nuijten et al. (2016)Oct 04 2016Nov 15 2016STATCHECK is an R algorithm designed to scan papers automatically for inconsistencies between test statistics and their associated p values (Nuijten et al., 2016). The goal of this comment is to point out an important and well-documented flaw in this ... More
Topological Entropy Bounds for Switched Linear Systems with Lie StructureOct 09 2016In this thesis, we provide an initial investigation into bounds for topological entropy of switched linear systems. Entropy measures, roughly, the information needed to describe the behavior of a system with finite precision on finite time horizons, in ... More
Canonical Lifts of Cycle Classes of SectionsSep 13 2016We present a general strategy to construct canonical lifts of $\ell$-adic cycle classes of sections of $p$-adic projective anabelian curves to the cohomology of suitable integral models. Using this strategy, we give the construction of a canonical lift ... More
Density functional for ternary non-additive hard sphere mixturesAug 31 2011Sep 27 2011Based on fundamental measure theory, a Helmholtz free energy density functional for three-component mixtures of hard spheres with general, non-additive interaction distances is constructed. The functional constitutes a generalization of the previously ... More
Luminosity Function of Gamma-Ray Bursts Derived Without Benefit of RedshiftsJan 10 2001We show that the Euclidean value of <V/Vmax> for gamma-ray bursts (GRB) selected on a timescale of 1024 ms is correlated with spectral hardness. The value of <V/Vmax> ranges from 0.42 for soft bursts to 0.26 for the hardest bursts. Given that the Euclidean ... More
Luminosities, Space Densities and Redshift Distributions of Gamma-Ray BurstsJan 07 2000We use the BD2 sample of gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) based on 5.9 years of BATSE DISCLA data with a variety of models of the luminosity function to derive characteristic GRB luminosities, space densities and redshift distributions. Previously published results ... More
Luminosities and Space Densities of Short Gamma-Ray BurstsAug 29 2001Using the Euclidean value of <V/Vmax> as a cosmological distance indicator, we derive the isotropic-equivalent characteristic peak luminosity of gamma-ray bursts both longer and shorter than 2 s. The short bursts have essentially the same characteristic ... More
Conserved charge fluctuations with HISQ fermionsJan 28 2013We calculate cumulants of fluctuations of net-baryon number, net-electric charge and net-strangeness, in the framework of lattice regularized QCD. We use a highly improved staggered quark (HISQ) action on lattices with temporal extent of N_tau=6,8 and ... More
QCD bulk thermodynamics and conserved charge fluctuations with HISQ fermionsDec 18 2012After briefly reviewing recent progress by the HotQCD collaboration in studying the 2+1 flavor QCD equation of state, we will focus on results on fluctuations of conserved charges by the BNL-Bielefeld and HotQCD collaborations. Higher order cumulants ... More
Strangeness at high temperaturesOct 11 2013We use up to fourth order cumulants of net strangeness fluctuations and their correlations with net baryon number fluctuations to extract information on the strange meson and baryon contribution to the low temperature hadron resonance gas, the dissolution ... More