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Energy spectrum, the spin polarization, and the optical selection rules of the Kronig-Penney superlattice model with spin-orbit couplingSep 15 2017Feb 22 2018The Kronig-Penney model, an exactly solvable one-dimensional model of crystal in solid physics, shows how the allowed and forbidden bands are formed in solids. In this paper, we study this model in the presence of both strong spin-orbit coupling and the ... More
Spin manipulation and spin dephasing in quantum dot integrated with a slanting magnetic fieldApr 16 2018Apr 28 2019A slanting magnetic field is usually used to realize a slight hybridization between the spin and orbital degrees of freedom in a semiconductor quantum dot, such that the spin is manipulable by an external oscillating electric field. Here we show that, ... More
A spin dephasing mechanism mediated by the interplay between the spin-orbit coupling and the asymmetrical confining potential in semiconductor quantum dotMay 28 2018Sep 11 2018Understanding the spin dephasing mechanism is of fundamental importance in all potential applications of the spin qubit. Here we demonstrate a spin dephasing mechanism in semiconductor quantum dot due to the $1/f$ charge noise. The spin-charge interaction ... More
Hyperfine interaction mediated electric-dipole spin resonance: the role of frequency modulationNov 20 2015Apr 14 2016The electron spin in a semiconductor quantum dot can be coherently controlled by an external electric field, an effect called electric-dipole spin resonance (EDSR). Several mechanisms can give rise to the EDSR effect, among which there is a hyperfine ... More
Pseudo Slice Energy Spread in Dynamics of Electron Beams Moving through Magnetic BendsJan 13 2014In the previous canonical formulation of beam dynamics for an electron bunch moving ultrarelativistically through magnetic bending systems, we have shown that the transverse dynamics equation for a particle in the bunch has a driving term which behaves ... More
Quantum election scheme based on anonymous quantum key distributionDec 06 2011Feb 20 2012An unconditionally secure authority-certified anonymous quantum key distribution scheme using conjugate coding is presented, base on which we construct a quantum election scheme without the help of entanglement state. We show that this election scheme ... More
Distributed quantum election schemeApr 02 2013Jun 28 2013In an electronic voting protocol, a distributed scheme can be used for forbidding the malicious acts of the voting administrator and the counter during the election, but it cannot prevent them from collaborating to trace the ballots and destroy their ... More
On the post-quantum security of encrypted key exchange protocolsMay 24 2013Jun 21 2013We investigate the post-quantum security of the encrypted key exchange(EKE) protocols based on some basic physical parameters of ion-trap quantum computer, and show that the EKE protocol with a 40-bit password will be secure against a quantum adversary ... More
Finite-size corrections to quantized particle transport in topological charge pumpsMay 31 2017Sep 12 2017We investigate the quantization of adiabatic charge transport in the insulating ground state of finite systems. Topological charge pumps are used in experiments as an indicator of topological order. In the thermodynamic limit the transport can be related ... More
Max-Min Fair Resource Allocation in Millimetre-Wave BackhaulsSep 20 2017Apr 10 20195G mobile networks are expected to provide pervasive high speed wireless connectivity, to support increasingly resource intensive user applications. Network hyper-densification therefore becomes necessary, though connecting to the Internet tens of thousands ... More
More on products of Baire spacesFeb 20 2017Aug 24 2017New results on the Baire product problem are presented. It is shown that an arbitrary product of almost locally ccc Baire spaces is Baire; moreover, the product of a Baire space and a 1st countable space which is $\beta$-unfavorable in the strong Choquet ... More
Some monotone properties for solutions to a reaction-diffusion modelSep 18 2018Dec 20 2018Motivated by the recent investigation of a predator-prey model in heterogeneous environments \cite{LouYuan-WangBiao}, we show that the maximum of the unique positive solution of the scalar equation \begin{equation}\label{eq:01}\begin{cases} \mu\Delta\theta+(m(x)-\theta)\theta=0 ... More
Spin-relaxation anisotropy in a nanowire quantum dot with strong spin-orbit couplingJan 25 2018Jul 18 2018We study the impacts of the magnetic field direction on the spin-manipulation and the spin-relaxation in a one-dimensional quantum dot with strong spin-orbit coupling. The energy spectrum and the corresponding eigenfunctions in the quantum dot are obtained ... More
CH-π interaction-induced deep orbital deformation in a benzene-methane weak binding systemJun 03 2015The nonbonding interaction between benzene and methane, called CH-{\pi} interaction, plays an important role in physical, chemical, and biological fields. CH-{\pi} interaction can decrease the system total energy and promote the formation of special geometric ... More
Branching ratios and $CP$ asymmetries of $B\rightarrow χ_{c1}K(π)$ decaysFeb 25 2018Jun 08 2018We investigate the exclusive nonleptonic decays $B\rightarrow \chi_{c1}K(\pi)$ in the conventional perturbative QCD (PQCD) formalism. The predictions of branching ratios and $CP$ asymmetries are given in detail. We compare our results with available experimental ... More
Asynchronous Stochastic Proximal Methods for Nonconvex Nonsmooth OptimizationFeb 24 2018Sep 15 2018We study stochastic algorithms for solving nonconvex optimization problems with a convex yet possibly nonsmooth regularizer, which find wide applications in many practical machine learning applications. However, compared to asynchronous parallel stochastic ... More
Patch-based Texture Synthesis for Image InpaintingMay 05 2016Image inpaiting is an important task in image processing and vision. In this paper, we develop a general method for patch-based image inpainting by synthesizing new textures from existing one. A novel framework is introduced to find several optimal candidate ... More
Energy Stability and Convergence of SAV Block-centered Finite Difference Method for Gradient FlowsDec 05 2018We present in this paper construction and analysis of a block-centered finite difference method for the spatial discretization of the scalar auxiliary variable Crank-Nicolson scheme (SAV/CN-BCFD) for gradient flows, and show rigorously that scheme is ... More
On a diffusive SIS epidemic model with mass action mechanism and birth-death effect: Analysis, simulations and comparison with other mechanismsJul 10 2018In the present paper, we are concerned with an SIS epidemic reaction-diffusion model governed by mass action infection mechanism and linear birth-death growth with no flux boundary condition. By performing qualitative analysis, we study the stability ... More
Branching ratios, $CP$ asymmetries and polarizations of $B\rightarrow ψ(2S) V$ decaysJul 09 2017We analyzed the nonleptonic decays $B/B_s\to \psi(2S) V $ with $V=(\rho, \omega, K^{*}, \phi)$ by employing the perturbative QCD (PQCD) factorization approach. Here the branching ratios, the $CP$ asymmetries and the complete set of polarization observables ... More
Optimal Resource Allocation with Node and Link Capacity Constraints in Complex NetworksFeb 22 2017With the tremendous increase of the Internet traffic, achieving the best performance with limited resources is becoming an extremely urgent problem. In order to address this concern, in this paper, we build an optimization problem which aims to maximize ... More
Angle-of-Attack Modulation in Trajectory Tracking for a Reusable Launch VehicleJun 08 2016This paper deals with the problem of angle-of-attack modulation with the aim of enhancing transient performance of entry guidance during bank reversals, while compensating adverse effects of fast time-varying transient disturbances. An extended single-input/single-output ... More
Distributed Interference Alignment with Low OverheadJun 28 2011Based on closed-form interference alignment (IA) solutions, a low overhead distributed interference alignment (LOIA) scheme is proposed in this paper for the $K$-user SISO interference channel, and extension to multiple antenna scenario is also considered. ... More
A generalized power iteration method for solving quadratic problem on the Stiefel manifoldJan 02 2017In this paper, we first propose a novel generalized power iteration method (GPI) to solve the quadratic problem on the Stiefel manifold (QPSM) as min_{W^TW=I}Tr(W^TAW-2W^TB) along with the theoretical analysis. Accordingly, its special case known as the ... More
Strong-lensing Measurement of the Mass-density Profile out to 3 Effective Radii for $z \sim 0.5$ Early-type GalaxiesMay 17 2018Jul 03 2018We measure the total mass-density profiles out to three effective radii for a sample of 63 $z \sim 0.5$, massive early-type galaxies (ETGs) acting as strong gravitational lenses through a joint analysis of lensing and stellar dynamics. The compilation ... More
Dynamics and asymptotic profiles of endemic equilibrium for two frequency-dependent SIS epidemic models with cross-diffusionJul 04 2017Jul 19 2018This paper is concerned with two frequency-dependent SIS epidemic reaction-diffusion models in heterogeneous environment, with a cross-diffusion term modeling the effect that susceptible individuals tend to move away from higher concentration of infected ... More
A Mean-Field Matrix-Analytic Method for Bike Sharing Systems under Markovian EnvironmentOct 05 2016Feb 13 2018To reduce automobile exhaust pollution, traffic congestion and parking difficulties, bike-sharing systems are rapidly developed in many countries and more than 500 major cities in the world over the past decade. In this paper, we discuss a large-scale ... More
Multi-view Point Cloud Registration with Adaptive Convergence Threshold and its Application on 3D Model RetrievalNov 25 2018Dec 25 2018Multi-view point cloud registration is a hot topic in the communities of multimedia technology and artificial intelligence (AI). In this paper, we propose a framework to reconstruct the 3D models by the multi-view point cloud registration algorithm with ... More
New insights into hadron production mechanism from $p_{T}$ spectra in $pp$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}=7$ TeVJul 21 2017Aug 19 2017We show that the experimental data of mid-rapidity $p_{T}$ spectra for proton, $\Lambda$, $\Xi$ , $\Omega^{-}$, $\text{K(892)}^{*0}$ and $\Xi(1530)^{*0}$ in minimum-bias $pp$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}=7$ TeV can be systemically explained by the quark combination ... More
Low-Temperature Conductivity of Weakly Interacting Quantum Spin Hall Edges in Strained-Layer InAs/GaInSbJul 27 2017Dec 12 2017We report low-temperature transport measurements in strained InAs/Ga0.68In0.32Sb quantum wells, which supports time-reversal symmetry-protected helical edge states. The temperature and bias voltage dependence of the helical edge conductance for devices ... More
Anomalous Conductance Oscillations in the Hybridization Gap of InAs/GaSb Quantum WellsMay 10 2019We observe the magnetic oscillation of electric conductance in the two-dimensional InAs/GaSb quantum spin Hall insulator. Its insulating bulk origin is unambiguously demonstrated by the antiphase oscillations of the conductance and the resistance. Characteristically, ... More
Spin manipulation and spin dephasing in quantum dot integrated with a general slanting magnetic fieldApr 16 2018Aug 30 2018A slanting magnetic field is usually used to realize a slight hybridization between the spin and orbital degrees of freedom in a semiconductor quantum dot, such that the spin is manipulable by an external oscillating electric-field. Here we show that, ... More
Anomaly Analysis for Co-located Datacenter Workloads in the Alibaba ClusterNov 14 2018In warehouse-scale cloud datacenters, co-locating online services and offline batch jobs is an efficient approach to improving datacenter utilization. To better facilitate the understanding of interactions among the co-located workloads and their real-world ... More
Low-rank Label Propagation for Semi-supervised Learning with 100 Millions SamplesFeb 28 2017The success of semi-supervised learning crucially relies on the scalability to a huge amount of unlabelled data that are needed to capture the underlying manifold structure for better classification. Since computing the pairwise similarity between the ... More
Beyond Face Rotation: Global and Local Perception GAN for Photorealistic and Identity Preserving Frontal View SynthesisApr 13 2017Aug 04 2017Photorealistic frontal view synthesis from a single face image has a wide range of applications in the field of face recognition. Although data-driven deep learning methods have been proposed to address this problem by seeking solutions from ample face ... More
SFA: Small Faces Attention Face DetectorDec 20 2018In recent year, tremendous strides have been made in face detection thanks to deep learning. However, most published face detectors deteriorate dramatically as the faces become smaller. In this paper, we present the Small Faces Attention (SFA) face detector ... More
Convergence to global equilibrium for Fokker-Planck equations on a graph and Talagrand-type inequalitiesAug 31 2014In recent work, Chow, Huang, Li and Zhou introduced the study of Fokker-Planck equations for a free energy function defined on a finite graph. When $N\ge 2$ is the number of vertices of the graph, they show that the corresponding Fokker-Planck equation ... More
On the Achievability of Interference Alignment for Three-Cell Constant Cellular Interfering NetworksJul 23 2011Mar 01 2012For a three-cell constant cellular interfering network, a new property of alignment is identified, i.e., interference alignment (IA) solution obtained in an user-cooperation scenario can also be applied in a non-cooperation environment. By using this ... More
Top HyperchargeOct 05 2007We propose a top hypercharge model with gauge symmetry SU(3)_C x SU(2)_L x U(1)_1 x U(1)_2 where the first two families of the Standard Model (SM) fermions are charged under U(1)_1 while the third family is charged under U(1)_2. The U(1)_1 x U(1)_2 gauge ... More
Investigation of Pedestrian Dynamics in Circle Antipode ExperimentsAug 04 2018To explore the pedestrian motion navigation and conflict reaction mechanisms in practice, we organized a series of circle antipode experiments. In the experiments, pedestrians are uniformly initialized on the circle and required to leave for their antipodal ... More
Constraining the Rastall parameters in static spacetimes with galaxy-scale strong gravitational lensingMar 21 2019Apr 01 2019Recently, Rastall gravity is undergoing a significant surge in popularity. We obtain a power-law total mass-density profile for the inner region (within several effective radius) of early-type galaxies (ETGs) from the space-time structures which are described ... More
The discrepancy between Einstein mass and dynamical mass for SIS and power-law mass modelsMar 02 2018We investigate the discrepancy between the two-dimensional projected lensing mass and the dynam- ical mass for an ensemble of 97 strong gravitational lensing systems discovered by the Sloan Lens ACS (SLACS) Survey, the BOSS Emission-Line Lens Survey (BELLS), ... More
Molecular quantum phase transistorApr 01 2008Apr 17 2008This paper has been withdrawn by the authors due to some technical problems in the paper.
Linear Vlasov solver for microbunching gain estimation with inclusion of CSR, LSC and linac geometric impedancesAug 19 2015As is known, microbunching instability (MBI) has been one of the most challenging issues in designs of magnetic chicanes for short-wavelength free-electron lasers or linear colliders, as well as those of transport lines for recirculating or energy recovery ... More
Multiple Location Profiling for Users and Relationships from Social Network and ContentAug 01 2012Users' locations are important for many applications such as personalized search and localized content delivery. In this paper, we study the problem of profiling Twitter users' locations with their following network and tweets. We propose a multiple location ... More
Deep Distribution RegressionMar 14 2019Due to their flexibility and predictive performance, machine-learning based regression methods have become an important tool for predictive modeling and forecasting. However, most methods focus on estimating the conditional mean or specific quantiles ... More
A Nonlinear Solution to Closed Queueing Networks for Bike Sharing Systems with Markovian Arrival Processes and under an Irreducible Path GraphJul 21 2017As a favorite urban public transport mode, the bike sharing system is a large-scale and complicated system, and there exists a key requirement that a user and a bike should be matched sufficiently in time. Such matched behavior makes analysis of the bike ... More
Semi-nonlinear nanophotonic waveguides for highly efficient second-harmonic generationSep 17 2018Quadratic optical parametric processes form the foundation for a variety of applications related to classical and quantum frequency conversion, which have attracted significant interest recently in on-chip implementation. These processes rely on phase ... More
MiSC: Mixed Strategies CrowdsourcingMay 17 2019Popular crowdsourcing techniques mostly focus on evaluating workers' labeling quality before adjusting their weights during label aggregation. Recently, another cohort of models regard crowdsourced annotations as incomplete tensors and recover unfilled ... More
Improved training for online end-to-end speech recognition systemsNov 06 2017Aug 30 2018Achieving high accuracy with end-to-end speech recognizers requires careful parameter initialization prior to training. Otherwise, the networks may fail to find a good local optimum. This is particularly true for online networks, such as unidirectional ... More
Advancing Connectionist Temporal Classification With Attention ModelingMar 15 2018In this study, we propose advancing all-neural speech recognition by directly incorporating attention modeling within the Connectionist Temporal Classification (CTC) framework. In particular, we derive new context vectors using time convolution features ... More
Advancing Acoustic-to-Word CTC Model with Attention and Mixed-UnitsDec 31 2018The acoustic-to-word model based on the Connectionist Temporal Classification (CTC) criterion is a natural end-to-end (E2E) system directly targeting word as output unit. Two issues exist in the system: first, the current output of the CTC model relies ... More
ELCA Evaluation for Keyword Search on Probabilistic XML DataOct 13 2011As probabilistic data management is becoming one of the main research focuses and keyword search is turning into a more popular query means, it is natural to think how to support keyword queries on probabilistic XML data. With regards to keyword query ... More
A Unified Framework for Analyzing Closed Queueing Networks in Bike Sharing SystemsJun 05 2016During the last decade bike sharing systems have emerged as a public transport mode in urban short trips in more than 500 major cities around the world. For the mobility service mode, many challenges from its operations are not well addressed yet, for ... More
Semileptonic decays of $B_c$ meson to S-wave charmonium states in the perturbative QCD approachFeb 29 2016Inspired by the recent measurement of the ratio of $B_c$ branching fractions to $J/\psi \pi^+$ and $J/\psi \mu^+\nu_{\mu}$ final states at the LHCb detector, we study the semileptonic decays of $B_c$ meson to the S-wave ground and radially excited 2S ... More
Orbital Angular Momentum Waves: Generation, Detection and Emerging ApplicationsMar 19 2019Orbital angular momentum (OAM) has aroused a widespread interest in many fields, especially in telecommunications due to its potential for unleashing new capacity in the severely congested spectrum of commercial communication systems. Beams carrying OAM ... More
An exactly solvable model for a strongly spin-orbit-coupled nanowire quantum dotSep 11 2015In the presence of spin-orbit coupling, quantum models for semiconductor materials are generally not exactly solvable. As a result, understanding of the strong spin-orbit coupling effects in these systems remains poor. Here we develop an analytical method ... More
Multistage CSR microbunching gain development in transport or recirculation arcsAug 19 2015Coherent synchrotron radiation (CSR) induced microbunching instability has been one of the most challenging issues in the design of modern accelerators. A linear Vlasov solver has been developed [1] and applied to investigate the physical processes of ... More
Driver Behavior Recognition via Interwoven Deep Convolutional Neural Nets with Multi-stream InputsNov 22 2018Recognizing driver behaviors is becoming vital for in-vehicle systems that seek to reduce the incidence of car accidents rooted in cognitive distraction. In this paper, we harness the exceptional feature extraction abilities of deep learning and propose ... More
TypeSQL: Knowledge-based Type-Aware Neural Text-to-SQL GenerationApr 25 2018Interacting with relational databases through natural language helps users of any background easily query and analyze a vast amount of data. This requires a system that understands users' questions and converts them to SQL queries automatically. In this ... More
Role Playing Learning for Socially Concomitant Mobile Robot NavigationMay 29 2017In this paper, we present the Role Playing Learning (RPL) scheme for a mobile robot to navigate socially with its human companion in populated environments. Neural networks (NN) are constructed to parameterize a stochastic policy that directly maps sensory ... More
Flow by Gauss curvature to the Aleksandrov and dual Minkowski problemsDec 21 2017In this paper we study a contracting flow of closed, convex hypersurfaces in the Euclidean space $\mathbb R^{n+1}$ with speed $f r^{\alpha} K$, where $K$ is the Gauss curvature, $r$ is the distance from the hypersurface to the origin, and $f$ is a positive ... More
Quantitative Function and Algorithm for Community Detection in Bipartite NetworksJan 02 2015Mar 31 2015Community detection in complex networks is a topic of high interest in many fields. Bipartite networks are a special type of complex networks in which nodes are decomposed into two disjoint sets, and only nodes between the two sets can be connected. Bipartite ... More
van der Waals-like phase separation instability of a driven granular gas in three dimensionsApr 24 2007We show that the van der Waals-like phase separation instability of a driven granular gas at zero gravity, previously investigated in two-dimensional settings, persists in three dimensions. We consider a monodisperse granular gas driven by a thermal wall ... More
Quasi-SLCA based Keyword Query Processing over Probabilistic XML DataJan 11 2013The probabilistic threshold query is one of the most common queries in uncertain databases, where a result satisfying the query must be also with probability meeting the threshold requirement. In this paper, we investigate probabilistic threshold keyword ... More
AdaCos: Adaptively Scaling Cosine Logits for Effectively Learning Deep Face RepresentationsMay 01 2019May 07 2019The cosine-based softmax losses and their variants achieve great success in deep learning based face recognition. However, hyperparameter settings in these losses have significant influences on the optimization path as well as the final recognition performance. ... More
A Novel Stochastic Stratified Average Gradient Method: Convergence Rate and Its ComplexityOct 21 2017Dec 03 2017SGD (Stochastic Gradient Descent) is a popular algorithm for large scale optimization problems due to its low iterative cost. However, SGD can not achieve linear convergence rate as FGD (Full Gradient Descent) because of the inherent gradient variance. ... More
Advancing Acoustic-to-Word CTC ModelMar 15 2018The acoustic-to-word model based on the connectionist temporal classification (CTC) criterion was shown as a natural end-to-end (E2E) model directly targeting words as output units. However, the word-based CTC model suffers from the out-of-vocabulary ... More
Densely Connected Bidirectional LSTM with Applications to Sentence ClassificationFeb 03 2018Deep neural networks have recently been shown to achieve highly competitive performance in many computer vision tasks due to their abilities of exploring in a much larger hypothesis space. However, since most deep architectures like stacked RNNs tend ... More
The impacts of the quantum-dot confining potential on the spin-orbit effectSep 30 2017May 09 2018For a nanowire quantum dot with the confining potential modeled by both the infinite and the finite square wells, we obtain exactly the energy spectrum and the wave functions in the strong spin-orbit coupling regime. We find that regardless of how small ... More
Spin-Pair Tunneling in Mn$_3$ Single-Molecule MagnetNov 02 2014We report spin-pair tunneling observed in Mn$_3$ single-molecule magnet, which is a crystal with 2D network of identical exchange coupling. We observed a series of extra quantum tunnelings by the ac susceptibility measurements, and demonstrated these ... More
Classicality and amplification in postselected weak measurementOct 01 2015Oct 12 2015Nearly thirty years ago the possibility of anomalous weak amplfication (AWA) was revealed by Aharonov, Albert and Vaidman [1]. Recently two papers presents two AWA schemes which are beyond the traditional proposal given by them [14, 15]. At the first ... More
High-Q two-dimensional lithium niobate photonic crystal slab nanoresonatorsJun 12 2018Lithium niobate (LN), known as "silicon of photonics," exhibits outstanding material characteristics with great potential for broad applications. Enhancing light-matter interaction in the nanoscopic scale would result in intriguing device characteristics ... More
Highly-tunable efficient second-harmonic generation in a lithium niobate nanophotonic waveguideApr 10 2018Highly-tunable coherent light generation is crucial for many important photonic applications. Second-harmonic generation (SHG) is a dominant approach for this purpose, which, however, exhibits a trade-off between the conversion efficiency and the wavelength ... More
Fast Symbolic 3D Registration SolutionMay 12 20183D registration has always been performed invoking singular value decomposition (SVD) or eigenvalue decomposition (EIG) in real engineering practices. However, numerical algorithms suffer from uncertainty of convergence in many cases. A novel fast symbolic ... More
Phase-dependent quantum correlation in cavity-atom systemJan 03 2019We propose a scheme to manipulate quantum correlation of output lights from two sides of a cavity by phase control. A probe laser is set to split into two beams in an interferometer with a relative phase in two arms which drive the cavity mode in opposite ... More
An perturbation-iteration method for multi-peak solitons in nonlocal nonlinear mediaNov 22 2017An perturbation-iteration method is developed for the computation of the Hermite-Gaussian-like solitons with arbitrary peak numbers in nonlocal nonlinear media. This method is based on the perturbed model of the Schr\"{o}dinger equation for the harmonic ... More
Nonperturbative stochastic dynamics driven by strongly correlated colored noisesJun 27 2014Feb 13 2015We establish for the first time an exact stochastic dynamical equation for an open quantum systems coupled to correlated noises. We rigorously investigate the nonequilibrium dynamics of a qubit system under the influence of two strongly correlated non-Markovian ... More
CSR induced microbunching gain estimation including transient effects in transport and recirculation arcsMay 07 2015The coherent synchrotron radiation (CSR) of a high brightness electron beam traversing a series of dipoles, such as transport or recirculation arcs, may result in the microbunching instability ({\mu}BI). To accurately quantify the direct consequence of ... More
Controlling a Nanowire Spin-Orbit Qubit via Electric-Dipole Spin ResonanceApr 11 2013Sep 04 2013A semiconductor nanowire quantum dot with strong spin-orbit coupling (SOC) can be used to achieve a spin-orbit qubit. In contrast to a spin qubit, the spin-orbit qubit can respond to an external ac electric field, an effect called electric-dipole spin ... More
Deep Flow-Guided Video InpaintingMay 08 2019Video inpainting, which aims at filling in missing regions of a video, remains challenging due to the difficulty of preserving the precise spatial and temporal coherence of video contents. In this work we propose a novel flow-guided video inpainting approach. ... More
CGMH: Constrained Sentence Generation by Metropolis-Hastings SamplingNov 14 2018In real-world applications of natural language generation, there are often constraints on the target sentences in addition to fluency and naturalness requirements. Existing language generation techniques are usually based on recurrent neural networks ... More
The coevolution of overconfidence and bluffing in the resource competition gameFeb 18 2016Resources are often limited, therefore it is essential how convincingly competitors present their claims for them. Beside a player's natural capacity, here overconfidence and bluffing may also play a decisive role and influence how to share a restricted ... More
Privacy Preserving Record Linkage via grams ProjectionsAug 14 2012Record linkage has been extensively used in various data mining applications involving sharing data. While the amount of available data is growing, the concern of disclosing sensitive information poses the problem of utility vs privacy. In this paper, ... More
Neural network-based arithmetic coding of intra prediction modes in HEVCSep 18 2017In both H.264 and HEVC, context-adaptive binary arithmetic coding (CABAC) is adopted as the entropy coding method. CABAC relies on manually designed binarization processes as well as handcrafted context models, which may restrict the compression efficiency. ... More
Magnetic moments of the spin-1/2 singly charmed baryons in covariant baryon chiral perturbation theoryDec 19 2018Recent experimental advances have reignited theoretical interests in heavy-flavor hadrons. In this work, we study the magnetic moments of the spin-1/2 singly charmed baryons up to the next-to-leading order in covariant baryon chiral perturbation theory ... More
Semileptonic decays of $B_c$ meson to S-wave charmonium states in the perturbative QCD approachFeb 29 2016Oct 24 2016Inspired by the recent measurement of the ratio of $B_c$ branching fractions to $J/\psi \pi^+$ and $J/\psi \mu^+\nu_{\mu}$ final states at the LHCb detector, we study the semileptonic decays of $B_c$ meson to the S-wave ground and radially excited 2S ... More
Implementing the Deutsch's algorithm with spin-orbital angular momentum of photon without interferometerJul 24 2012Deutsch's algorithm is the simplest quantum algorithm which shows the acceleration of quantum computer. In this paper, we theoretically advance a scheme to implement quantum Deutsch's algorithm in spin-orbital angular momentum space. Our scheme exploits ... More
Thermopower and Nernst measurements in a half-filled lowest Landau levelJun 09 2018Motivated by recent proposal by Potter et al. [Phys. Rev. X 6, 031026 (2016)] concerning possible thermoelectric signatures of Dirac composite fermions, we perform a systematic experimental study of thermoelectric transport of an ultrahigh-mobility GaAs/AlxGa1-xAs ... More
Weighted Motion Averaging for the Registration of Multi-View Range ScansFeb 21 2017Apr 09 2017Multi-view registration is a fundamental but challenging problem in 3D reconstruction and robot vision. Although the original motion averaging algorithm has been introduced as an effective means to solve the multi-view registration problem, it does not ... More
Negative refraction at deep-ultraviolet frequency in monocrystalline graphiteFeb 01 2010Negative refraction is such a prominent electromagnetic phenomenon that most researchers believe it can only occur in artificially engineered metamaterials. In this article, we report negative refraction for all incident angles for the first time in a ... More
Effects of Shock Waves on Neutrino Oscillations in Three Supernova ModelsDec 23 2014It has been realized that the shock wave effects play an important role in neutrino oscillations during the supernova explosion. In recent years, with the development of simulations about supernova explosion, we have a better understanding about the density ... More
Imitating Targets from all sides: An Unsupervised Transfer Learning method for Person Re-identificationApr 10 2019Person re-identification (Re-ID) models usually show a limited performance when they are trained on one dataset and tested on another dataset due to the inter-dataset bias (e.g. completely different identities and backgrounds) and the intra-dataset difference ... More
Enhancing Remote Sensing Image Retrieval with Triplet Deep Metric Learning NetworkFeb 15 2019With the rapid growing of remotely sensed imagery data, there is a high demand for effective and efficient image retrieval tools to manage and exploit such data. In this letter, we present a novel content-based remote sensing image retrieval method based ... More
Implementation of one-dimensional quantum walks on spin-orbital angular momentum space of photonsFeb 03 2010Photons can carry spin angular momentum (SAM) and orbital angular momentum (OAM), which can be used to realize a qubit system and a high-dimension system respectively. This spin-orbital system is very suitable for implementing one-dimensional discrete-time ... More
How Transferable are Neural Networks in NLP Applications?Mar 19 2016Transfer learning is aimed to make use of valuable knowledge in a source domain to help the model performance in a target domain. It is particularly important to neural networks because neural models are very likely to be overfitting. In some fields like ... More
A parabolic-hyperbolic system modeling the growth of a tumorMar 20 2018Aug 22 2018In this paper, we consider a model with tumor microenvironment involving nutrient density, extracellular matrix and matrix-degrading enzymes, which satisfy a coupled system of PDEs with a free boundary. For this coupled parabolic-hyperbolic free boundary ... More
INSQ: An Influential Neighbor Set Based Moving kNN Query Processing SystemFeb 01 2016Feb 02 2016We revisit the moving k nearest neighbor (MkNN) query, which computes one's k nearest neighbor set and maintains it while at move. Existing MkNN algorithms are mostly safe region based, which lack efficiency due to either computing small safe regions ... More
Metallic-Line Stars Identified from Low Resolution Spectra of LAMOST DR5Apr 05 2019LAMOST DR5 released more than 200,000 low resolution spectra of early-type stars with S/N>50. Searching for metallic-line (Am) stars in such a large database and study of their statistical properties are presented in this paper. Six machine learning algorithms ... More
Large-Scale Domain Adaptation via Teacher-Student LearningAug 17 2017High accuracy speech recognition requires a large amount of transcribed data for supervised training. In the absence of such data, domain adaptation of a well-trained acoustic model can be performed, but even here, high accuracy usually requires significant ... More