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Energy spectrum, the spin polarization, and the optical selection rules of the Kronig-Penney superlattice model with spin-orbit couplingSep 15 2017Feb 22 2018The Kronig-Penney model, an exactly solvable one-dimensional model of crystal in solid physics, shows how the allowed and forbidden bands are formed in solids. In this paper, we study this model in the presence of both strong spin-orbit coupling and the ... More
Spin manipulation and spin dephasing in quantum dot integrated with a general slanting magnetic fieldApr 16 2018Aug 30 2018A slanting magnetic field is usually used to realize a slight hybridization between the spin and orbital degrees of freedom in a semiconductor quantum dot, such that the spin is manipulable by an external oscillating electric-field. Here we show that, ... More
Distributed quantum election schemeApr 02 2013Jun 28 2013In an electronic voting protocol, a distributed scheme can be used for forbidding the malicious acts of the voting administrator and the counter during the election, but it cannot prevent them from collaborating to trace the ballots and destroy their ... More
Quantum election scheme based on anonymous quantum key distributionDec 06 2011Feb 20 2012An unconditionally secure authority-certified anonymous quantum key distribution scheme using conjugate coding is presented, base on which we construct a quantum election scheme without the help of entanglement state. We show that this election scheme ... More
Some monotone properties for solutions to a reaction-diffusion modelSep 18 2018Dec 20 2018Motivated by the recent investigation of a predator-prey model in heterogeneous environments \cite{LouYuan-WangBiao}, we show that the maximum of the unique positive solution of the scalar equation \begin{equation}\label{eq:01}\begin{cases} \mu\Delta\theta+(m(x)-\theta)\theta=0 ... More
Finite-size corrections to quantized particle transport in topological charge pumpsMay 31 2017Sep 12 2017We investigate the quantization of adiabatic charge transport in the insulating ground state of finite systems. Topological charge pumps are used in experiments as an indicator of topological order. In the thermodynamic limit the transport can be related ... More
A parabolic-hyperbolic system modeling the growth of a tumorMar 20 2018Aug 22 2018In this paper, we consider a model with tumor microenvironment involving nutrient density, extracellular matrix and matrix-degrading enzymes, which satisfy a coupled system of PDEs with a free boundary. For this coupled parabolic-hyperbolic free boundary ... More
Toward A Deep Understanding of What Makes a Scientific Visualization MemorableAug 02 2018Aug 26 2018We report results from a preliminary study exploring the memorability of spatial scientific visualizations, the goal of which is to understand the visual features that contribute to memorability. The evaluation metrics include three objective measures ... More
Anisotropic exchange coupling in a nanowire double quantum dot with strong spin-orbit couplingDec 31 2013Jul 11 2014A spin-orbit qubit is a hybrid qubit that contains both orbital and spin degrees of freedom of an electron in a quantum dot. Here we study the exchange coupling between two spin-orbit qubits in a nanowire double quantum dot (DQD) with strong spin-orbit ... More
Microwave Photocurrent from the Helical Edge state of InAs/GaInSb BilayersJun 09 2018We measure microwave photocurrent in devices made from InAs/GaInSb bilayers where both insulating bulk state and conducting edge state were observed in the inverted-band regime, consistent with the theoretical prediction for a quantum spin Hall (QSH) ... More
Dynamics and asymptotic profiles of endemic equilibrium for two frequency-dependent SIS epidemic models with cross-diffusionJul 04 2017Jul 19 2018This paper is concerned with two frequency-dependent SIS epidemic reaction-diffusion models in heterogeneous environment, with a cross-diffusion term modeling the effect that susceptible individuals tend to move away from higher concentration of infected ... More
A Mean-Field Matrix-Analytic Method for Bike Sharing Systems under Markovian EnvironmentOct 05 2016Feb 13 2018To reduce automobile exhaust pollution, traffic congestion and parking difficulties, bike-sharing systems are rapidly developed in many countries and more than 500 major cities in the world over the past decade. In this paper, we discuss a large-scale ... More
Highly Efficient Forward and Backward Propagation of Convolutional Neural Networks for Pixelwise ClassificationDec 15 2014Dec 16 2014We present highly efficient algorithms for performing forward and backward propagation of Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) for pixelwise classification on images. For pixelwise classification tasks, such as image segmentation and object detection, surrounding ... More
Patch-based Texture Synthesis for Image InpaintingMay 05 2016Image inpaiting is an important task in image processing and vision. In this paper, we develop a general method for patch-based image inpainting by synthesizing new textures from existing one. A novel framework is introduced to find several optimal candidate ... More
Metamaterials Mimicking Dynamic Spacetime, D-brane and Noncommutativity in String TheoryMay 31 2010Feb 03 2011We propose an executable scheme to mimic the expanding cosmos in 1+2 dimensions in laboratory. Furthermore, we develop a general procedure to use nonlinear metamaterials to mimic D-brane and noncommutativity in string theory.
Isovector scalar $a_0(980)$ and $a_0(1450)$ resonances in the $B\rightarrow ψ(K\bar{K},πη) $ decaysNov 30 2018We present an analysis of two isovector scalar resonant contributions to the $B$ decays into charmonia plus $K\bar K$ or $\pi\eta$ pair in the perturbative QCD approach. The Flatt\'{e} model for the $a_0(980)$ resonance and the Breit Wigner formula for ... More
EgoNet-UIUC: A Dataset For Ego Network ResearchSep 17 2013In this report, we introduce the version one of EgoNet-UIUC, which is a dataset for ego network research. The dataset contains about 230 ego networks in Linkedin, which have about 33K users (with their attributes) and 283K relationships (with their relationship ... More
Boosted scalar confronting 750 GeV di-photon excessMay 06 2016Jun 06 2016We consider the di-photon signal arises from two bunches of collimated photon jets emitting from a pair of highly boosted scalars. Following the discussion of detecting the photon jets at the collider, we extend the two-Higgs-doublet model (2HDM) by adding ... More
Convergence of a decoupled mixed FEM for miscible displacement in interfacial porous mediaJun 10 2014Jun 17 2014In this paper, we study the stability and convergence of a decoupled and linearized mixed finite element method (FEM) for incompressible miscible displacement in a porous media whose permeability and porosity are discontinuous across some interfaces. ... More
Controllable exchange coupling between two singlet-triplet qubitsJun 14 2012Nov 07 2012We study controllable exchange coupling between two singlet-triplet qubits. We start from the original second quantized Hamiltonian of a quadruple quantum dot system and obtain the effective spin-spin interaction between the two qubits using the projection ... More
Multi-view Point Cloud Registration with Adaptive Convergence Threshold and its Application on 3D Model RetrievalNov 25 2018Dec 25 2018Multi-view point cloud registration is a hot topic in the communities of multimedia technology and artificial intelligence (AI). In this paper, we propose a framework to reconstruct the 3D models by the multi-view point cloud registration algorithm with ... More
New insights into hadron production mechanism from $p_{T}$ spectra in $pp$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}=7$ TeVJul 21 2017Aug 19 2017We show that the experimental data of mid-rapidity $p_{T}$ spectra for proton, $\Lambda$, $\Xi$ , $\Omega^{-}$, $\text{K(892)}^{*0}$ and $\Xi(1530)^{*0}$ in minimum-bias $pp$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}=7$ TeV can be systemically explained by the quark combination ... More
Hyperfine interaction mediated electric-dipole spin resonance: the role of frequency modulationNov 20 2015Apr 14 2016The electron spin in a semiconductor quantum dot can be coherently controlled by an external electric field, an effect called electric-dipole spin resonance (EDSR). Several mechanisms can give rise to the EDSR effect, among which there is a hyperfine ... More
Pseudo Slice Energy Spread in Dynamics of Electron Beams Moving through Magnetic BendsJan 13 2014In the previous canonical formulation of beam dynamics for an electron bunch moving ultrarelativistically through magnetic bending systems, we have shown that the transverse dynamics equation for a particle in the bunch has a driving term which behaves ... More
A spin dephasing mechanism mediated by the interplay between the spin-orbit coupling and the asymmetrical confining potential in semiconductor quantum dotMay 28 2018Sep 11 2018Understanding the spin dephasing mechanism is of fundamental importance in all potential applications of the spin qubit. Here we demonstrate a spin dephasing mechanism in semiconductor quantum dot due to the $1/f$ charge noise. The spin-charge interaction ... More
Phase-dependent quantum correlation in cavity-atom systemJan 03 2019We propose a scheme to manipulate quantum correlation of output lights from two sides of a cavity by phase control. A probe laser is set to split into two beams in an interferometer with a relative phase in two arms which drive the cavity mode in opposite ... More
Fast Symbolic 3D Registration SolutionMay 12 20183D registration has always been performed invoking singular value decomposition (SVD) or eigenvalue decomposition (EIG) in real engineering practices. However, numerical algorithms suffer from uncertainty of convergence in many cases. A novel fast symbolic ... More
Highly-tunable efficient second-harmonic generation in a lithium niobate nanophotonic waveguideApr 10 2018Highly-tunable coherent light generation is crucial for many important photonic applications. Second-harmonic generation (SHG) is a dominant approach for this purpose, which, however, exhibits a trade-off between the conversion efficiency and the wavelength ... More
High-Q two-dimensional lithium niobate photonic crystal slab nanoresonatorsJun 12 2018Lithium niobate (LN), known as "silicon of photonics," exhibits outstanding material characteristics with great potential for broad applications. Enhancing light-matter interaction in the nanoscopic scale would result in intriguing device characteristics ... More
Natural Language Inference by Tree-Based Convolution and Heuristic MatchingDec 28 2015May 13 2016In this paper, we propose the TBCNN-pair model to recognize entailment and contradiction between two sentences. In our model, a tree-based convolutional neural network (TBCNN) captures sentence-level semantics; then heuristic matching layers like concatenation, ... More
Semileptonic decays of $B_c$ meson to S-wave charmonium states in the perturbative QCD approachFeb 29 2016Inspired by the recent measurement of the ratio of $B_c$ branching fractions to $J/\psi \pi^+$ and $J/\psi \mu^+\nu_{\mu}$ final states at the LHCb detector, we study the semileptonic decays of $B_c$ meson to the S-wave ground and radially excited 2S ... More
Densely Connected Bidirectional LSTM with Applications to Sentence ClassificationFeb 03 2018Deep neural networks have recently been shown to achieve highly competitive performance in many computer vision tasks due to their abilities of exploring in a much larger hypothesis space. However, since most deep architectures like stacked RNNs tend ... More
A Novel Stochastic Stratified Average Gradient Method: Convergence Rate and Its ComplexityOct 21 2017Dec 03 2017SGD (Stochastic Gradient Descent) is a popular algorithm for large scale optimization problems due to its low iterative cost. However, SGD can not achieve linear convergence rate as FGD (Full Gradient Descent) because of the inherent gradient variance. ... More
An exactly solvable model for a strongly spin-orbit-coupled nanowire quantum dotSep 11 2015In the presence of spin-orbit coupling, quantum models for semiconductor materials are generally not exactly solvable. As a result, understanding of the strong spin-orbit coupling effects in these systems remains poor. Here we develop an analytical method ... More
Improved training for online end-to-end speech recognition systemsNov 06 2017Aug 30 2018Achieving high accuracy with end-to-end speech recognizers requires careful parameter initialization prior to training. Otherwise, the networks may fail to find a good local optimum. This is particularly true for online networks, such as unidirectional ... More
ELCA Evaluation for Keyword Search on Probabilistic XML DataOct 13 2011As probabilistic data management is becoming one of the main research focuses and keyword search is turning into a more popular query means, it is natural to think how to support keyword queries on probabilistic XML data. With regards to keyword query ... More
The discrepancy between Einstein mass and dynamical mass for SIS and power-law mass modelsMar 02 2018We investigate the discrepancy between the two-dimensional projected lensing mass and the dynam- ical mass for an ensemble of 97 strong gravitational lensing systems discovered by the Sloan Lens ACS (SLACS) Survey, the BOSS Emission-Line Lens Survey (BELLS), ... More
Multiple Location Profiling for Users and Relationships from Social Network and ContentAug 01 2012Users' locations are important for many applications such as personalized search and localized content delivery. In this paper, we study the problem of profiling Twitter users' locations with their following network and tweets. We propose a multiple location ... More
An amplitudes-perturbation data augmentation method in convolutional neural networks for EEG decodingNov 06 2018Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) system provides a pathway between humans and the outside world by analyzing brain signals which contain potential neural information. Electroencephalography (EEG) is one of most commonly used brain signals and EEG recognition ... More
Constraining the distribution of dark matter in inner galaxy with indirect detection signal: The case of tentative 130 gev γ-ray lineApr 30 2013The dark matter distribution in the very inner region of our Galaxy is still in debate. In the N-body simulations a cuspy dark matter halo density profile is favored. Several dissipative baryonic processes however are found to be able to significantly ... More
Linear Vlasov solver for microbunching gain estimation with inclusion of CSR, LSC and linac geometric impedancesAug 19 2015As is known, microbunching instability (MBI) has been one of the most challenging issues in designs of magnetic chicanes for short-wavelength free-electron lasers or linear colliders, as well as those of transport lines for recirculating or energy recovery ... More
Network reconstruction by the stationary distribution of random walk processOct 15 2014Mar 15 2016It is known that the stationary distribution of the random walk process is dependent on the structure of the network. This could provide us a solution of the network reconstruction. However, the stationary distribution of the random walk process can only ... More
Two are Better than One: An Ensemble of Retrieval- and Generation-Based Dialog SystemsOct 23 2016Open-domain human-computer conversation has attracted much attention in the field of NLP. Contrary to rule- or template-based domain-specific dialog systems, open-domain conversation usually requires data-driven approaches, which can be roughly divided ... More
A Nonlinear Solution to Closed Queueing Networks for Bike Sharing Systems with Markovian Arrival Processes and under an Irreducible Path GraphJul 21 2017As a favorite urban public transport mode, the bike sharing system is a large-scale and complicated system, and there exists a key requirement that a user and a bike should be matched sufficiently in time. Such matched behavior makes analysis of the bike ... More
A Unified Framework for Analyzing Closed Queueing Networks in Bike Sharing SystemsJun 05 2016During the last decade bike sharing systems have emerged as a public transport mode in urban short trips in more than 500 major cities around the world. For the mobility service mode, many challenges from its operations are not well addressed yet, for ... More
Deep Distribution RegressionMar 14 2019Due to their flexibility and predictive performance, machine-learning based regression methods have become an important tool for predictive modeling and forecasting. However, most methods focus on estimating the conditional mean or specific quantiles ... More
Semi-nonlinear nanophotonic waveguides for highly efficient second-harmonic generationSep 17 2018Quadratic optical parametric processes form the foundation for a variety of applications related to classical and quantum frequency conversion, which have attracted significant interest recently in on-chip implementation. These processes rely on phase ... More
Solar system tests for realistic $f(T)$ models with nonminimal torsion-matter couplingOct 17 2016In the previous paper, we have constructed two $f(T)$ models with nonminimal torsion-matter coupling extension, which are successful in describing the evolution history of the Universe including the radiation-dominated era, the matter-dominated era, and ... More
Alignment dependent ultrafast electron-nuclear dynamics in high-order harmonic generationOct 17 2016We investigated the high-order harmonic generation (HHG) process of diatomic molecular ion $\mathrm{H}_2^+$ in non-Born-Oppenheimer approximations. The corresponding three-dimensional time-dependent Schr\"odinger equation is solved with arbitrary alignment ... More
Identifying exotic hidden-charm pentaquarksJul 14 2015Aug 29 2015The LHCb Collaboration at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN discovered two pentaquark states $P_c(4380)$ and $P_c(4450)$. These two hidden-charm states are interpreted as the loosely bound $\Sigma_c(2455)D^*$ and $\Sigma_c^*(2520)D^*$ molecular states ... More
Group Based Interference AlignmentJul 07 2010Dec 12 2010In the $K$-user single-input single-output (SISO) frequency-selective fading interference channel, it is shown that the maximal achievable multiplexing gain is almost surely $K/2$ by using interference alignment (IA). However, when the signaling dimensions ... More
Backward and Forward Language Modeling for Constrained Sentence GenerationDec 21 2015Jan 03 2016Recent language models, especially those based on recurrent neural networks (RNNs), make it possible to generate natural language from a learned probability. Language generation has wide applications including machine translation, summarization, question ... More
Spatio-temporal propagation of traffic jams in urban traffic networksMay 19 2017Since the first reported traffic jam about a century ago, traffic congestion has been intensively studied with various methods ranging from macroscopic to microscopic viewpoint. However, due to the population growth and fast civilization, traffic congestion ... More
Expectile Matrix Factorization for Skewed Data AnalysisJun 07 2016Mar 03 2017Matrix factorization is a popular approach to solving matrix estimation problems based on partial observations. Existing matrix factorization is based on least squares and aims to yield a low-rank matrix to interpret the conditional sample means given ... More
Strong Orbital Interaction in pi-pi Stacking SystemJan 06 2016A simple prototypical model of aromatic pi-pi stacking system -- benzene sandwich dimer is investigated by ab initio calculations based on second-order Moller-Plesset perturbation theory (MP2) and Minnesota hybrid functional M06-2X.
Robustness of networks with topologies of dependency linksDec 06 2014The robustness of complex networks with dependencies has been studied in recent years. However, previous studies focused on the robustness of networks composed of dependency links without network topology. In this study, we will analyze the percolation ... More
Chat More If You Like: Dynamic Cue Words Planning to Flow Longer ConversationsNov 19 2018To build an open-domain multi-turn conversation system is one of the most interesting and challenging tasks in Artificial Intelligence. Many research efforts have been dedicated to building such dialogue systems, yet few shed light on modeling the conversation ... More
Effect of leakage delay on Hopf bifurcation in a fractional BAM neural networkDec 03 2018Recently, the influence of leakage delay on the dynamics of integer-order neural networks has been investigated extensively. It has been confirmed that fractional calculus can depict the memory and hereditary attributes of neural networks more accurately. ... More
Fluid and Diffusion Limits for Bike Sharing SystemsJul 21 2017Bike sharing systems have rapidly developed around the world, and they are served as a promising strategy to improve urban traffic congestion and to decrease polluting gas emissions. So far performance analysis of bike sharing systems always exists many ... More
Tree-structured Kronecker Convolutional Network for Semantic SegmentationDec 12 2018Dec 15 2018Most existing semantic segmentation methods employ atrous convolution to enlarge the receptive field of filters, but neglect partial information. To tackle this issue, we firstly propose a novel Kronecker convolution which adopts Kronecker product to ... More
Fast Rigid 3D Registration Solution: A Simple Method Free of SVD and Eigen-DecompositionJun 02 2018Jul 02 2018A novel solution is obtained to solve the rigid 3D registration problem, motivated by previous eigen-decomposition approaches. Different from existing solvers, the proposed algorithm does not require sophisticated matrix operations e.g. singular value ... More
Spin-orbit coupling and electric-dipole spin resonance in a nanowire double quantum dotMay 15 2018We study the electric-dipole transitions for a single electron in a double quantum dot located in a semiconductor nanowire. Enabled by spin-orbit coupling (SOC), electric-dipole spin resonance (EDSR) for such an electron can be generated via two mechanisms: ... More
Top HyperchargeOct 05 2007We propose a top hypercharge model with gauge symmetry SU(3)_C x SU(2)_L x U(1)_1 x U(1)_2 where the first two families of the Standard Model (SM) fermions are charged under U(1)_1 while the third family is charged under U(1)_2. The U(1)_1 x U(1)_2 gauge ... More
Beyond Face Rotation: Global and Local Perception GAN for Photorealistic and Identity Preserving Frontal View SynthesisApr 13 2017Aug 04 2017Photorealistic frontal view synthesis from a single face image has a wide range of applications in the field of face recognition. Although data-driven deep learning methods have been proposed to address this problem by seeking solutions from ample face ... More
SFA: Small Faces Attention Face DetectorDec 20 2018In recent year, tremendous strides have been made in face detection thanks to deep learning. However, most published face detectors deteriorate dramatically as the faces become smaller. In this paper, we present the Small Faces Attention (SFA) face detector ... More
Direct CP violation in $τ^\pm\rightarrow K^\pm ρ^0 (ω)ν_τ\rightarrow K^\pm π^+π^-ν_τ$Aug 01 2014We study the direct CP violation in the $\tau^\pm\rightarrow K^\pm \rho^0 (\omega)\nu_\tau \rightarrow K^\pm \pi^+\pi^-\nu_\tau$ decay process in the Standard Model. An interesting mechanism involving the charge symmetry violating mixing between $\rho^0$ ... More
A scenario on the power-law total mass-density profile of the inner regions of early-type-galaxiesMay 17 2018Nov 14 2018We naturally obtain a power-law total mass-density profile for the inner regions (within several effective radius) of early-type galaxies(ETGs) from space-time structures, which are described by the static spherically-symmetric solutions of Einstein equations ... More
A novel energy-based phase field model for ferrodroplet deformation and breakup in a uniform magnetic fieldMar 30 2017Oct 30 2017In this paper, we propose a novel, thermodynamically consistent phase field model to simulate the deformation and breakup of a ferrodroplet that is immersed in a viscous medium and subject to an applied uniform magnetic field. Instead of using the magnetic ... More
Automated Low-cost Terrestrial Laser Scanner for Measuring Diameters at Breast Height and Heights of Forest TreesFeb 08 2017May 09 2017Terrestrial laser scanner is a kind of fast, high-precision data acquisition device, which had been more and more applied to the research areas of forest inventory. In this study, a kind of automated low-cost terrestrial laser scanner was designed and ... More
Approximate Quantum Adders with Genetic Algorithms: An IBM Quantum ExperienceNov 23 2016Jul 21 2017It has been proven that quantum adders are forbidden by the laws of quantum mechanics. We analyze theoretical proposals for the implementation of approximate quantum adders and optimize them by means of genetic algorithms, improving previous protocols ... More
Leptophobic Dark Matter and the Baryon Number Violation ScaleOct 15 2018Jan 24 2019We discuss the possible connection between the scale for baryon number violation and the cosmological bound on the dark matter relic density. A simple gauge theory for baryon number which predicts the existence of a leptophobic cold dark matter particle ... More
On End-to-End Program Generation from User Intention by Deep Neural NetworksOct 25 2015This paper envisions an end-to-end program generation scenario using recurrent neural networks (RNNs): Users can express their intention in natural language; an RNN then automatically generates corresponding code in a characterby-by-character fashion. ... More
On the Achievability of Interference Alignment for Three-Cell Constant Cellular Interfering NetworksJul 23 2011Mar 01 2012For a three-cell constant cellular interfering network, a new property of alignment is identified, i.e., interference alignment (IA) solution obtained in an user-cooperation scenario can also be applied in a non-cooperation environment. By using this ... More
Theoretical investigation of coherent synchrotron radiation induced microbunching instability in transport and recirculation arcsAug 24 2014Aug 28 2014The coherent synchrotron radiation (CSR) of a high brightness electron beam traversing a series of dipoles, such as recirculation or transport arcs, may lead to the microbunching instability. We extend and develop a semi-analytical approach of the CSR-induced ... More
Investigation of Pedestrian Dynamics in Circle Antipode ExperimentsAug 04 2018To explore the pedestrian motion navigation and conflict reaction mechanisms in practice, we organized a series of circle antipode experiments. In the experiments, pedestrians are uniformly initialized on the circle and required to leave for their antipodal ... More
Preference-driven Similarity JoinJun 13 2017Jul 11 2017Similarity join, which can find similar objects (e.g., products, names, addresses) across different sources, is powerful in dealing with variety in big data, especially web data. Threshold-driven similarity join, which has been extensively studied in ... More
Convergence to global equilibrium for Fokker-Planck equations on a graph and Talagrand-type inequalitiesAug 31 2014In recent work, Chow, Huang, Li and Zhou introduced the study of Fokker-Planck equations for a free energy function defined on a finite graph. When $N\ge 2$ is the number of vertices of the graph, they show that the corresponding Fokker-Planck equation ... More
$L_p$-Brunn-Minkowski inequality for $p\in (1-\frac{c}{n^{\frac{3}{2}}}, 1)$Nov 26 2018Kolesnikov-Milman [9] established a local $L_p$-Brunn-Minkowski inequality for $p\in(1-c/n^{\frac{3}{2}},1).$ Based on their local uniqueness results for the $L_p$-Minkowski problem, we prove in this paper the (global) $L_p$-Brunn-Minkowski inequality. ... More
Different production sources of light nuclei in relativistic heavy-ion collisionsOct 24 2017We propose a new method, i.e., an exclusive quark combination model + an inclusive hadron recombination model, to study different production sources of light nuclei in relativistic heavy-ion collisions. We take deuterons and $^3$He produced in Pb-Pb collisions ... More
Anomaly Analysis for Co-located Datacenter Workloads in the Alibaba ClusterNov 14 2018In warehouse-scale cloud datacenters, co-locating online services and offline batch jobs is an efficient approach to improving datacenter utilization. To better facilitate the understanding of interactions among the co-located workloads and their real-world ... More
Dose conversion coefficients for Chinese reference adult male and female voxel phantoms from idealized neutron exposuresDec 01 2015A new set of fluence-to-dose conversion coefficients based on the Chinese reference adult voxel phantoms CRAM and CRAF are presented for six idealized external neutron exposures from 10-8 MeV to 20 MeV. The voxel phantoms CRAM and CRAF were adjusted from ... More
Implementing the Deutsch's algorithm with spin-orbital angular momentum of photon without interferometerJul 24 2012Deutsch's algorithm is the simplest quantum algorithm which shows the acceleration of quantum computer. In this paper, we theoretically advance a scheme to implement quantum Deutsch's algorithm in spin-orbital angular momentum space. Our scheme exploits ... More
On the post-quantum security of encrypted key exchange protocolsMay 24 2013Jun 21 2013We investigate the post-quantum security of the encrypted key exchange(EKE) protocols based on some basic physical parameters of ion-trap quantum computer, and show that the EKE protocol with a 40-bit password will be secure against a quantum adversary ... More
Nematic crossover in BaFe$_2$As$_2$ under uniaxial stressJul 08 2015Raman scattering can detect spontaneous point-group symmetry breaking without resorting to single-domain samples. Here we use this technique to study $\mathrm{BaFe_2As_2}$, the parent compound of the "122" Fe-based superconductors. We show that an applied ... More
Negative refraction at deep-ultraviolet frequency in monocrystalline graphiteFeb 01 2010Negative refraction is such a prominent electromagnetic phenomenon that most researchers believe it can only occur in artificially engineered metamaterials. In this article, we report negative refraction for all incident angles for the first time in a ... More
DeepTrend: A Deep Hierarchical Neural Network for Traffic Flow PredictionJul 11 2017In this paper, we consider the temporal pattern in traffic flow time series, and implement a deep learning model for traffic flow prediction. Detrending based methods decompose original flow series into trend and residual series, in which trend describes ... More
Weighted Motion Averaging for the Registration of Multi-View Range ScansFeb 21 2017Apr 09 2017Multi-view registration is a fundamental but challenging problem in 3D reconstruction and robot vision. Although the original motion averaging algorithm has been introduced as an effective means to solve the multi-view registration problem, it does not ... More
Gamma-ray burst jet breaks revisitedApr 06 2018Gamma-ray Burst (GRB) collimation has been inferred with the observations of achromatic steepening in GRB light curves, known as jet breaks. Identifying a jet break from a GRB afterglow lightcurve allows a measurement of the jet opening angle and true ... More
Style Separation and Synthesis via Generative Adversarial NetworksNov 07 2018Style synthesis attracts great interests recently, while few works focus on its dual problem "style separation". In this paper, we propose the Style Separation and Synthesis Generative Adversarial Network (S3-GAN) to simultaneously implement style separation ... More
Complete hyperentangled-Bell-state analysis for photon systems assisted by quantum-dot spins in optical microcavitiesJul 01 2012Oct 15 2012Bell-state analysis (BSA) is essential in quantum communication, but it is impossible to distinguish unambiguously the four Bell states in the polarization degree of freedom (DOF) of two-photon systems with only linear optical elements, except for the ... More
Sequence to Backward and Forward Sequences: A Content-Introducing Approach to Generative Short-Text ConversationJul 04 2016Oct 13 2016Using neural networks to generate replies in human-computer dialogue systems is attracting increasing attention over the past few years. However, the performance is not satisfactory: the neural network tends to generate safe, universally relevant replies ... More
A Single-species Atomic Co-magnetometer Based on 87Rb atomsDec 17 2018The co-magnetometer has been one of the most sensitive device to test new physics related to spin-dependent interactions. But the co-magnetometers based on overlapping ensembles of different spin species usually suffer from systematic errors resulting ... More
PointCNN: Convolution On $\mathcal{X}$-Transformed PointsJan 23 2018Nov 05 2018We present a simple and general framework for feature learning from point clouds. The key to the success of CNNs is the convolution operator that is capable of leveraging spatially-local correlation in data represented densely in grids (e.g. images). ... More
Exotic Hadron Bound State Production at Hadronic CollidersOct 14 2016May 17 2017The non-relativistic wave function framework is applied to study the production and decay of the exotic hadrons which can be effectively described as bound states of other hadrons. Employing the factorized formulation, we investigate the production of ... More
Spatio-Temporal Road Scene Reconstruction using Superpixel MRFNov 24 2018Nov 27 2018Scene models construction based on image rendering is a hot topic in the computer vision community. In this paper, we propose a framework to construct road scene models based on 3D corridor structures. The construction of scene models consists of two ... More
More on products of Baire spacesFeb 20 2017Aug 24 2017New results on the Baire product problem are presented. It is shown that an arbitrary product of almost locally ccc Baire spaces is Baire; moreover, the product of a Baire space and a 1st countable space which is $\beta$-unfavorable in the strong Choquet ... More
Max-Min Fair Millimetre-Wave BackhaulingSep 20 20175G mobile networks are expected to provide pervasive high speed wireless connectivity, to support increasingly resource intensive user applications. Network hyper-densification therefore becomes necessary, though connecting to the Internet tens of thousands ... More
Multiple Hybrid Phase Transition: Bootstrap Percolation on Complex Networks with CommunitiesJan 19 2014Jul 01 2014Bootstrap percolation is a well-known model to study the spreading of rumors, new products or innovations on social networks. The empirical studies show that community structure is ubiquitous among various social networks. Thus, studying the bootstrap ... More
The effect of Cr impurity to superconductivity in electron-doped BaFe2-xNixAs2Sep 23 2014We use transport and magnetization measurements to study the effect of Cr-doping to the phase diagram of the electron-doped superconducting BaFe2-xNixAs2 iron pnictides. In principle, adding Cr to electron-doped BaFe2-xNixAs2 should be equivalent to the ... More
Improving Text-to-SQL Evaluation MethodologyJun 23 2018To be informative, an evaluation must measure how well systems generalize to realistic unseen data. We identify limitations of and propose improvements to current evaluations of text-to-SQL systems. First, we compare human-generated and automatically ... More