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The complete study on the inclusive production of Υ + γ at the LHCJan 08 2019In this paper we investigate the inclusive associated production of {\Upsilon} + {\gamma} at the hadron collider. We calculate the color-singlet sub-processes and all three color-octet sub-processes at the next-to-leading order. Seven sets of long distance ... More
The next-to-leading-order QCD correction to inclusive J/ψ(Υ) production in Z^0 decayJul 14 2010In this paper, we study the $J/\psi(\Upsilon)$ production in Z boson decay in color-singlet model(CSM). We calculate the next-to-leading-order (NLO) QCD correction to $Z \to Quarkonium+Q\bar{Q}$, the dominant contribution in the CSM, with the vector and ... More
Testing the QCD fragmentation mechanism on heavy quarkonium production at LHCFeb 01 2011We calculate the fragmentation function for charm quark into J/psi at the QCD next-to-leading-order (NLO) and find that the produced J/psi is of larger momentum fraction than it is at the leading-order. Based on the fragmentation function and partonic ... More
J/ψpolarization in photo-production up-to the next-to-leading order of QCDJan 29 2009Oct 02 2009We investigate the J/psi polarization in photoproduction at the Hadron Electron Ring Accelerator(HERA) up to the next-to-leading order of QCD. The results show that the transverse momentum p_t and energy fraction z distributions of J/psi production do ... More
QED contribution to the production of J/ψ+c\bar{c}+X at the Tevatron and LHCApr 14 2009May 04 2009We calculate \alpha^{2}\alpha_{s}^{2} order QED contribution to J/\psi production in pp(\bar{p})\to J/\psi+c\bar{c} color-singlet process at the Tevatron and LHC in the framework of non-relativistic QCD. The contribution of the interference between the ... More
Communication constrained cloud-based long-term visual localization in real timeMar 10 2019Visual localization is one of the primary capabilities for mobile robots. Long-term visual localization in real time is particularly challenging, in which the robot is required to efficiently localize itself using visual data where appearance may change ... More
Influence of inhomogeneities on holographic mutual information and butterfly effectApr 13 2017Jun 07 2017We study the effect of inhomogeneity, which is induced by the graviton mass in massive gravity, on the mutual information and the chaotic behavior of a 2+1-dimensional field theory from the gauge/gravity duality. When the system is near-homogeneous, the ... More
Word Embedding based Correlation Model for Question/Answer MatchingNov 15 2015Nov 26 2016With the development of community based question answering (Q&A) services, a large scale of Q&A archives have been accumulated and are an important information and knowledge resource on the web. Question and answer matching has been attached much importance ... More
Laser map aided visual inertial localization in changing environmentMar 03 2018Long-term visual localization in outdoor environment is a challenging problem, especially faced with the cross-seasonal, bi-directional tasks and changing environment. In this paper we propose a novel visual inertial localization framework that localizes ... More
Bivariate Causal Discovery and its Applications to Gene Expression and Imaging Data AnalysisMay 10 2018The mainstream of research in genetics, epigenetics and imaging data analysis focuses on statistical association or exploring statistical dependence between variables. Despite their significant progresses in genetic research, understanding the etiology ... More
2-Entity RANSAC for robust visual localization in changing environmentMar 10 2019Visual localization has attracted considerable attention due to its low-cost and stable sensor, which is desired in many applications, such as autonomous driving, inspection robots and unmanned aerial vehicles. However, current visual localization methods ... More
Next-to-Leading-Order study on the associate production of $J/ψ+γ$ at the LHCJan 27 2014The associate $J/\psi+\gamma$ production at the LHC is studied completely at next-to-leading-order (NLO) within the framework of nonrelativistic QCD. By using three sets of color-octet long-distance matrix elements (LDMEs) obtained in previous prompt ... More
Next-to-Leading-Order QCD corrections to J/ψ(Υ)+γ production at the LHCNov 06 2008Jan 12 2009In this work, we calculate the next-to-leading-order (NLO) QCD corrections to the process $p+p \to J/\psi + \gamma$ via the color-singlet mechanism at the LHC. The results show that the partial cross section ($p_t^{J/\psi}>$3GeV and $|y^{J/\psi,\gamma}|<$3) ... More
Non-Abelian Chiral Spin Liquid on the Kagome LatticeSep 01 2015May 13 2018We study $S=1$ spin liquid states on the kagome lattice constructed by Gutzwiller-projected $p_x+ip_y$ superconductors. We show that the obtained spin liquids are either non-Abelian or Abelian topological phases, depending on the topology of the fermionic ... More
Shared Causal Paths underlying Alzheimer's dementia and Type 2 DiabetesJan 16 2019Background: Although Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a central nervous system disease and type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is a metabolic disorder, an increasing number of genetic epidemiological studies show clear link between AD and T2DM. The current approach ... More
Microwave transmissions through superconducting coplanar waveguide resonators with different coupling configurationsApr 10 2013We design and fabricate two types of superconducting niobium coplanar waveguide microwave resonators with different coupling capacitors on high purity Si substrates. Their microwave transmissions are measured at the temperatures of 20 mK. It is found ... More
A short proof of an identity for cubic partitionsApr 30 2010In this note, we will give a short proof of an identity for cubic partitions.
Finite Groups Whose Character Graphs Associated with Codegrees Have No TrianglesAug 28 2015Motivated by the Problem $164$ proposed by Y. Berkovich and E. Zhmud' in their book "Characters of finite groups, Part $1$", we give a characterization of finite groups whose irreducible character codegrees are prime powers. This is based on a new kind ... More
On the possible wave-packet collapse induced by topological disconnectivity and experimental suggestionsJan 08 2008Sep 27 2008The purpose of this paper is to explore the possibility of a wave-packet collapse induced by topological disconnectivity, based on the discussions of the wave-corpuscle duality. Several experimental suggestions are proposed to test this sort of wave-packet ... More
Macroscopic quantum coherence in antiferromagnetic molecular magnetsJun 20 2000The macroscopic quantum coherence in a biaxial antiferromagnetic molecular magnet in the presence of magnetic field acting parallel to its hard anisotropy axis is studied within the two-sublattice model. On the basis of instanton technique in the spin-coherent-state ... More
Effects of arbitrarily directed field on spin phase oscillations in biaxial molecular magnetsMay 30 2000Quantum phase interference and spin-parity effects are studied in biaxial molecular magnets in a magnetic field at an arbitrarily directed angle. The calculations of the ground-state tunnel splitting are performed on the basis of the instanton technique ... More
Multi-session Map Construction in Outdoor Dynamic EnvironmentJul 21 2018Map construction in large scale outdoor environment is of importance for robots to robustly fulfill their tasks. Massive sessions of data should be merged to distinguish low dynamics in the map, which otherwise might debase the performance of localization ... More
J/ψProduction Via Photon Fragmentation at Hadron CollidersApr 09 2009The transverse momentum ($p_t$) distributions of production and polarization for $J/\psi$ measured by CDF Collaboration are still challenging our understanding of the heavy quarkonium production mechanism even with recent significant theoretical progresses ... More
LocNet: Global localization in 3D point clouds for mobile vehiclesDec 06 2017Jul 10 2018Global localization in 3D point clouds is a challenging problem of estimating the pose of vehicles without any prior knowledge. In this paper, a solution to this problem is presented by achieving place recognition and metric pose estimation in the global ... More
Fano resonances can provide two criteria to distinguish Majorana bound states from other candidates in experimentsDec 14 2015There are still debates on whether the observed zero energy peak in the experiment by Stevan {\it et al.} [Science 346, 602(2014)] reveals the existence of the long pursuing Majorana bound states (MBS). we propose that, by mounting two scanning tunneling ... More
Why does bulk boundary correspondence fail in some non-hermitian topological modelsMay 17 2017Bulk boundary correspondence is crucial to topological insulator as it associates the boundary states (with zero energy, chiral or helical) to topological numbers defined in bulk. The application of this correspondence needs a prerequisite condition which ... More
An explicit multistep method for the Wigner problemNov 25 2014Feb 11 2015An explicit multistep scheme is proposed for solving the initial-value Wigner problem. In this scheme, the integrated form of the Wigner equation is approximated by extrapolation or interpolation polynomials on backwards characteristics, and the pseudo-differential ... More
Function Estimation via ReconstructionMay 25 2018This paper introduces an interpolation-based method, called the reconstruction approach, for function estimation in nonparametric models. Based on the fact that interpolation usually has negligible errors compared to statistical estimation, the reconstruction ... More
Better Solution Principle: A Facet of Concordance between Optimization and StatisticsFeb 16 2014Jan 16 2019Many statistical methods require solutions to optimization problems. When the global solution is hard to attain, statisticians always use the better if there are two solutions for chosen, where the word "better" is understood in the sense of optimization. ... More
On cyclic codes of composite length and the minimal distanceMar 31 2017In an interesting paper Professor Cunsheng Ding provided three constructions of cyclic codes of length being a product of two primes. Numerical data shows that many codes from these constructions are best cyclic codes of the same length and dimension ... More
The weight distributions of a class of cyclic codes IIIOct 10 2012Recently, the weight distributions of the duals of the cyclic codes with two zeros have been obtained for several cases. In this paper we solve one more special case. The problem of finding the weight distribution is transformed into a problem of evaluating ... More
The weight distributions of a class of cyclic codes IIOct 10 2012Recently, the weight distributions of the duals of the cyclic codes with two zeros have been obtained for several cases. In this paper we use the method developed before to solve one more special case. We make extensive use of standard tools in number ... More
A Siegel-Weil formula for $(U(1,1), U(V))$ over a function field with $\dim V$ greater than 2Dec 16 2017We establish a Siegel-Weil formula for the dual pair $(U(1,1), U(V))$ over a function field, where $V$ is a hermitian space of dimension greater than 2.
On best subset regressionDec 05 2011Dec 04 2012In this paper we discuss the variable selection method from \ell0-norm constrained regression, which is equivalent to the problem of finding the best subset of a fixed size. Our study focuses on two aspects, consistency and computation. We prove that ... More
Local optimization-based statistical inferenceFeb 02 2015Apr 20 2015This paper introduces a local optimization-based approach to test statistical hypotheses and to construct confidence intervals. This approach can be viewed as an extension of bootstrap, and yields asymptotically valid tests and confidence intervals as ... More
The Graph and Range Singularity Spectra of Random Wavelet Series built from Gibbs measuresJan 25 2010We consider multifractal random wavelet series built from Gibbs measures, and study the singularity spectra associated with the graph and range of these functions restricted to their iso-H\"older sets. To obtain these singularity spectra, we use a family ... More
A weak second term identity of the regularized Siegel-Weil formula for unitary groupsMay 28 2012Mar 25 2013Following W.T.Gan and S.Takeda, we obtain a weak second term identity of the regularized Siegel-Weil formula for the unitary dual pair $(U(n,n),U(V))$, where $V$ is a split hermitian space of dimension $2r$ with $r+1 \leq n \leq 2r-1$. As an application, ... More
Core partitions with distinct partsAug 31 2015In this paper we study $(t, t + 1)$-core partitions with distinct parts. We obtain results on the number, the largest size and the average size of such partitions, which verify a conjecture of Amdeberhan.
The number of simultaneous core partitionsSep 24 2014Oct 12 2014Amdeberhan conjectured that the number of $(t,t+1, t+2)$-core partitions is $\sum_{0\leq k\leq [\frac{t}{2}]}\frac{1}{k+1}\binom{t}{2k}\binom{2k}{k}$. In this paper, we obtain the generating function of the numbers $f_t$ of $(t, t + 1, ..., t + p)$-core ... More
On positive proportion of rank zero twists of elliptic curves over QNov 20 2013Extending the idea of \cite{dab2} and using the 2-descent method, we provide three general families of elliptic curves over Q such that a positive proportion of prime-twists of such elliptic curves have rank zero simultaneously.
Finite Groups Whose Character Graphs Associated with Codegrees Have No TrianglesAug 28 2015Mar 19 2017Motivated by the Problem $164$ proposed by Y. Berkovich and E. Zhmud' in their book "Characters of finite groups, Part $1$", we give a characterization of finite groups whose irreducible character codegrees are prime powers. This is based on a new kind ... More
A character of Siegel modular group of level 2 from theta constantsJan 10 2017Mar 23 2017Given a characteristic, we define a character of the Siegel modular group of level 2, the computations of their values are also obtained. By using our theorems, some key theorems of Igusa [1] can be recovered.
Euler's partition theorem for all moduli and new companions to Rogers-Ramanujan-Andrews-Gordon identitiesJul 26 2016In this paper, we give a conjecture, which generalises Euler's partition theorem involving odd parts and different parts for all moduli. We prove this conjecture for two family partitions. We give $q$-difference equations for the related generating function ... More
The weight distributions of a class of cyclic codesNov 14 2011Recently, the weight distributions of the duals of the cyclic codes with two zeros have been obtained for several cases. In this paper we provide a slightly different approach toward the general problem and use it to solve one more special case. We make ... More
On Hopf algebras over the unique $12$-dimensional Hopf algebra without the dual Chevalley propertyDec 03 2017Jul 02 2018Let $\mathds{k}$ be an algebraically closed field of characteristic zero. We determine all finite-dimensional Hopf algebras over $\mathds{k}$ whose Hopf coradical is isomorphic to the unique $12$-dimensional Hopf algebra $\mathcal{C}$ without the dual ... More
The graph, range and level set singularity spectra of $b$-adic independent cascade functionNov 06 2009Jan 25 2010With the "iso-H\"older" sets of a function we naturally associate subsets of the graph, range and level set of the function. We compute the associated singularity spectra for a class of statistically self-similar multifractal functions, namely the $b$-adic ... More
Poisson Subsampling Algorithms for Large Sample Linear Regression in Massive DataSep 07 2015Nov 23 2015Large sample size brings the computation bottleneck for modern data analysis. Subsampling is one of efficient strategies to handle this problem. In previous studies, researchers make more fo- cus on subsampling with replacement (SSR) than on subsampling ... More
Localized Asymmetric Atomic Matter Waves in Two-Component Bose-Einstein Condensates Coupled with Two Photon Microwave FieldMar 01 2007We investigate localized atomic matter waves in two-component Bose-Einstein condensates coupled by the two photon microwave field. Interestingly, the oscillations of localized atomic matter waves will gradually decay and finally become non-oscillating ... More
Abnormal Quantum Gravity Effect: Experimental Scheme with Superfluid Helium Sphere and Applications to Accelerating UniverseJan 25 2011May 25 2011From the general assumption that gravity originates from the coupling and thermal equilibrium between matter and vacuum, after a derivation of Newton's law of gravitation and an interpretation of the attractive gravity force between two classical objects, ... More
On the quantitative interpretation of dark energy by quantum effect of gravity and experimental scheme with atom interferometerJan 06 2011Jan 10 2011From the general principle that gravity originates from the coupling and thermal equilibrium between matter and vacuum background, we give two simple equations to calculate the quantum effect of gravity. From these two equations, we calculate the ratio ... More
Hom-Lie groups of a class of Hom-Lie algebraOct 18 2018In this paper, the definition of Hom-Lie groups is given and one conntected component of Lie group $GL(V)$, which is not a subgroup of $GL(V)$, is a Hom-Lie group. More, we proved that there is a one-to-one relationship between Hom-Lie groups and Hom-Lie ... More
A complement on representations of Hom-Lie algebrasMar 04 2017Sep 05 2018In this paper, we give a new series of coboundary operators of Hom-Lie algebras. And prove that cohomology groups with respect to coboundary operators are isomorphic. Then, we revisit representations of Hom-Lie algebras, and generalize the relation between ... More
Distribution of zeta zeroes for abelian covers of algebraic curves over a finite fieldJan 30 2013For a function field $k$ over a finite field with $\mathbb{F}_q$ as the field of constant, and a finite abelian group $G$ whose exponent is divisible by $q-1$, we study the distribution of zeta zeroes for a random $G$-extension of $k$, ordered by the ... More
Congruences modulo powers of 5 for three-colored Frobenius partitionsFeb 27 2010Apr 27 2010Motivated by a question of Lovejoy \cite{lovejoy}, we show that three-colored Frobenius partition function $\c3$ and related arithmetic fuction $\cc3$ vanish modulo some powers of 5 in certain arithmetic progressions.
Small Values of Coefficients of a Half Lerch SumMay 31 2016Jun 03 2016Andrews, Dyson and Hickerson proved many interesting properties of coefficients for a Ramanujan's $q$-hypergeometric series by relating it to real quadratic field $\Q(\sqrt{6})$ and using the arithmetic of $\Q(\sqrt{6})$, hence solved a conjecture of ... More
3D-SSD: Learning Hierarchical Features from RGB-D Images for Amodal 3D Object DetectionNov 01 2017Feb 21 2018This paper aims at developing a faster and a more accurate solution to the amodal 3D object detection problem for indoor scenes. It is achieved through a novel neural network that takes a pair of RGB-D images as the input and delivers oriented 3D bounding ... More
On automorphisms of quasi-circular domains fixing the originMar 30 2014Jan 27 2015It is known that automorphisms of quasi-circular domains fixing the origin are polynomial mappings. By introducing the so-called resonance order and quasi-resonance order, we provide a uniform upper bound for the degree of such polynomial automorphisms. ... More
Stochastic Optimization of Smooth LossNov 30 2013In this paper, we first prove a high probability bound rather than an expectation bound for stochastic optimization with smooth loss. Furthermore, the existing analysis requires the knowledge of optimal classifier for tuning the step size in order to ... More
The excluded minors for the class of matroids that are graphic or bicircular liftSep 10 2016Bicircular lift matroids are a class of matroids defined on the edge set of a graph. For a given graph $G$, the circuits of its bicircular lift matroid $L(G)$ are the edge sets of those subgraphs of $G$ that contain at least two cycles, and are minimal ... More
What Information Really Matters in Supervisor Reduction?Aug 14 2016To make a supervisor comprehensible to a layman has been a long-lasting goal in the supervisory control community. One strategy is to reduce the size of a supervisor to generate a control equivalent version, whose size is hopefully much smaller than the ... More
Localisation, Communication and Networking with VLC: Challenges and OpportunitiesSep 06 2017The forthcoming Fifth Generation (5G) era raises the expectation for ubiquitous wireless connectivity to enhance human experiences in information and knowledge sharing as well as in entertainment and social interactions. The promising Visible Light Communications ... More
Local algebras with radical cubic zero are PCM-freeAug 28 2013Sep 01 2013An artin algebra is said to be PCM-free if every finitely generated Gorenstein projective module with a projective submodule is projective. In this paper, we show that artin local algebras with radical cubic zero are PCM-free.
On the canonical maps of nonsingular threefolds of general typeDec 21 2016Dec 28 2016Let $S$ be a nonsingular minimal complex projective surface of general type and the canonical map of $S$ is generically finite. Beauville showed that the geometric genus of the image of the canonical map is vanishing or equals the geometric genus of $S$ ... More
Smooth solution to higher dimensional complex Plateau problemDec 07 2017Dec 14 2017Let $X$ be a compact connected strongly pseudoconvex $CR$ manifold of real dimension $2n-1$ in $\mathbb{C}^{N}$. For $n\ge 3$, Yau solved the complex Plateau problem of hypersurface type by checking a bunch of Kohn-Rossi cohomology groups in 1981. In ... More
The Briot-Bouquet systems and the center families for holomorphic dynamical systemsJul 15 2013We give a complete solution to the existence of isochronous center families for holomorphic dynamical systems. The study of center families for n-dimensional holomorphic dynamical systems naturally leads to the study of (n-1)-dimensional Briot-Bouquet ... More
A brief survey on local holomorphic dynamics in higher dimensionsJan 26 2015We give a brief survey on local holomorphic dynamics in higher dimensions. The main novelty of this note is that we will organize the material by the "level" of local invariants rather than the type of maps.
Motivic cohomology of quaternionic Shimura varieties and level raisingJan 07 2019Jan 29 2019We study the motivic cohomology of the special fiber of quaternionic Shimura varieties at a prime of good reduction. We exhibit classes in these motivic cohomology groups and use this to give an explicit geometric realization of level raising between ... More
Expressing Sparse Matrix Computations for Productive Performance on Spatial ArchitecturesOct 12 2018This paper addresses spatial programming of sparse matrix computations for productive performance. The challenge is how to express an irregular computation and its optimizations in a regular way. A sparse matrix has (non-zero) values and a structure. ... More
Productively Expressing High-performance Spatial Designs of Givens Rotation-based QR Decomposition AlgorithmMay 19 2018QR decomposition is used prevalently in wireless communication. In this paper, we express the Givens-rotation-based QR decomposition algorithm on a spatial architecture using T2S (Temporal To Spatial), a high-productivity spatial programming methodology ... More
Enhancement of coherent energy transfer by disorder and temperature in light harvesting processesAug 27 2012We investigate the influence of static disorder and thermal excitations on excitonic energy transport in the light-harvesting apparatus of photosynthetic systems by solving the Schr\"{o}dinger equation and taking into account the coherent hoppings of ... More
Attention-Based Deep Distance Metric Learning for Aspect-Phrase GroupingApr 29 2016Aspect phrase grouping is an important task for aspect finding in aspect-level sentiment analysis and it is a challenging problem due to polysemy and its context dependency. In this paper we propose an Attention-based Deep Distance Metric Learning (ADDML) ... More
Nonnegatively curved hypersurfaces with free boundary on a sphereJul 11 2017We prove that in Euclidean space $R^{n+1}$ any compact immersed nonnegatively curved hypersurface $M$ with free boundary on the sphere $S^n$ is an embedded convex topological disk. In particular, when the $m^{th}$ mean curvature of $M$ is constant, for ... More
Stochastic maximum principle under probability distortionOct 31 2017Aug 23 2018Within the framework of the cumulative prospective theory of Kahneman and Tversky, this paper considers a continuous-time behavioral portfolio selection problem whose model includes both running and terminal terms in the objective functional. Despite ... More
A second-order stochastic maximum principle for generalized mean-field control problemApr 26 2017In this paper, we study the generalized mean-field stochastic control problem when the usual stochastic maximum principle (SMP) is not applicable due to the singularity of the Hamiltonian function. In this case, we derive a second order SMP. We introduce ... More
Interpretable Sparse Proximate Factors for Large DimensionsMay 09 2018Sep 17 2018This paper approximates latent statistical factors with sparse and easy-to-interpret proximate factors. Latent factors in a large-dimensional factor model can be estimated by principal component analysis, but are usually hard to interpret. By shrinking ... More
Charm Production at RHICMay 28 2004Jul 13 2004The latest results for open charm and $J/\psi$ production in p-p, d-Au and Au-Au from the PHENIX and STAR experiments at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=200$ GeV at RHIC are presented. The preliminary data show open charm production follows binary scaling in d-Au and ... More
Wave function of string and membrane and spacetime geometryNov 04 2002Nov 18 2002A first-quantized string (and membrane) theory is developed here by using a general wave function of the string (and membrane), analogously to the first-quantized quantum theory of a point particle. From the general wave function of the string (and membrane), ... More
A Liouville theorem for solutions of degenerate Monge-Ampère equationsNov 27 2012In this paper, we give a new proof of a celebrated theorem of J\"orgens which states that every classical convex solution of \[ \det\nabla^2 u (x)=1\quad {in} \mathbb{R}^2 \] has to be a second order polynomial. Our arguments do not use complex analysis, ... More
A sharp Sobolev trace inequality involving the mean curvature on Riemannian manifoldsSep 19 2013In this paper, we examine the boundary $L^2$ term of the sharp Sobolev trace inequality $\|u\|_{L^{q}(\pa M)}^2\leq S \|\nabla_g u\|_{L^2(M)}^2 +A(M,g)\|u\|^2_{L^2(\pa M)}$ on Riemannian manifolds $(M,g)$ with boundaries $\pa M$, where $q=\frac{2(n-1)}{n-2}$, ... More
Operator-valued Triebel-Lizorkin spacesApr 05 2018This paper is devoted to the study of operator-valued Triebel-Lizorkin spaces. We develop some Fourier multiplier theorems for square functions as our main tool, and then study the operator-valued Triebel-Lizorkin spaces on $\mathbb{R}^d$. As in the classical ... More
A Harnack inequality for fractional Laplace equations with lower order termsDec 29 2010We establish a Harnack inequality of fractional Laplace equations without imposing sign condition on the coefficient of zero order term via the Moser's iteration and John-Nirenberg inequality.
Geometric coherence and quantum state discriminationJan 18 2018Sep 18 2018The operational meaning of coherence measure lies at very heart of the coherence theory. In this paper, we provide an operational interpretation for geometric coherence, by proving that the geometric coherence of a quantum state is equal to the minimum ... More
Coded Distributed Computing with Heterogeneous Function AssignmentsFeb 27 2019Coded distributed computing (CDC) introduced by Li et. al. is an effective technique to trade computation load for communication load in a MapReduce framework. CDC achieves an optimal trade-off by duplicating map computations at $r$ computing nodes to ... More
Coded Distributed Computing with Heterogeneous Function AssignmentsFeb 27 2019Mar 01 2019Coded distributed computing (CDC) introduced by Li et. al. is an effective technique to trade computation load for communication load in a MapReduce framework. CDC achieves an optimal trade-off by duplicating map computations at $r$ computing nodes to ... More
Spatiotemporal Decoupling Based LiDAR-Camera Calibration under Arbitrary ConfigurationsMar 14 2019LiDAR-camera calibration is a precondition for many heterogeneous systems that fuse data from LiDAR and camera. However, the constraint from the common field of view and the requirement for strict time synchronization make the calibration a challenging ... More
Towards Practical File Packetizations in Wireless Device-to-Device Caching NetworksDec 19 2017We consider wireless device-to-device (D2D) caching networks with single-hop transmissions. Previous work has demonstrated that caching and coded multicasting can significantly increase per user throughput. However, the state-of-the-art coded caching ... More
Schauder estimates for solutions of linear parabolic integro-differential equationsMay 05 2014Oct 04 2014We prove optimal pointwise Schauder estimates in the spatial variables for solutions of linear parabolic integro-differential equations. Optimal H\"older estimates in space-time for those spatial derivatives are also obtained.
Can defects be fixed with weak test suites? An analysis of 50 defects from Defects4JMay 11 2017May 12 2017Automated program repair techniques, which target to generating correct patches for real world defects automatically, have gained a lot of attention in the last decade. Many different techniques and tools have been proposed and developed. However, even ... More
Large deviations for locally monotone stochastic partial differential equations driven by Levy noiseMay 21 2016In this paper, we establish a large deviation principle for a type of stochastic partial differential equations (SPDEs) with locally monotone coefficients driven by L\'evy noise. The weak convergence method plays an important role.
Two classes of linear codes with a few weights based on twisted Kloosterman sumsJan 17 2019Linear codes with a few weights have wide applications in information security, data storage systems, consuming electronics and communication systems. Construction of the linear codes with a few weights and determination of their parameters are an important ... More
On a Theorem of Kyureghyan and PottOct 05 2018In the paper of Gohar M. Kyureghyan and Alexander Pott (Designs, Codes and Cryptography, 29, 149-164, 2003), the linear feedback polynomials of the Sidel'nikov-Lempel-Cohn-Eastman sequences were determined for some special cases. When referring to that ... More
Relativistic two-fluid hydrodynamics with quantized vorticity from the nonlinear Klein-Gordon equationDec 29 2016We consider a relativistic two-fluid model of superfluidity, in which the superfluid is described by an order parameter that is a complex scalar field satisfying the nonlinear Klein-Gordon equation (NLKG). The coupling to the normal fluid is introduced ... More
Approximate McKean-Vlasov Representations for a class of SPDEsOct 31 2005The solution $\vartheta =(\vartheta_{t})_{t\geq 0}$ of a class of linear stochastic partial differential equations is approximated using Clark's robust representation approach (\cite{c}, \cite{cc}). The ensuing approximations are shown to coincide with ... More
A Novel Statistical Method Based on Dynamic Models for ClassificationOct 26 2014Realizations of stochastic process are often observed temporal data or functional data. There are growing interests in classification of dynamic or functional data. The basic feature of functional data is that the functional data have infinite dimensions ... More
An Efficient Sufficient Dimension Reduction Method for Identifying Genetic Variants of Clinical SignificanceJan 15 2013Fast and cheaper next generation sequencing technologies will generate unprecedentedly massive and highly-dimensional genomic and epigenomic variation data. In the near future, a routine part of medical record will include the sequenced genomes. A fundamental ... More
A Note on Cross Correlation Distribution of Ternary m-SequencesAug 27 2014Sep 03 2014In this note, we prove a conjecture proposed by Tao Zhang, Shuxing Li, Tao Feng and Gennian Ge, IEEE Transaction on Information Theory, vol. 60, no. 5, May 2014. This conjecture is about the cross correlation distribution of ternary $m$-sequences.
A NOT operation on Majorana qubits with mobilizable solitons in an extended Su-Schrieffer-Heeger modelJun 21 2014Coupling Majorana qubits with other qubits is an absolute essential in storing, manipulating and transferring informations for topological quantum computing. We theoretically propose a manner to coupling Majorana qubits with solitons, another kind of ... More
Atomic Quantum Corrals for Bose-Einstein CondensatesDec 25 2008Jul 23 2009We consider the dynamics of Bose-Einstein condensates in a corral-like potential. Compared to the electronic quantum corrals, the atomic quantum corrals have the advantage of allowing direct and convenient observation of the wave dynamics. Our numerical ... More
Linear mappings of local preserving-majorization on matrix algebrasJan 09 2013Jan 10 2013Let $\M_{n\times n}$ be the algebra of all $n\times n$ matrices. For $x,y\in {R}^{n}$ it is said that $x$ is majorized by $y$ if there is a double stochastic matrix $A\in {M}_{n\times n}$ such that $x=Ay$ (denoted by $x\prec y$). Suppose that $\Phi$ is ... More
Transferable Natural Language Interface to Structured Queries aided by Adversarial GenerationDec 04 2018Dec 07 2018A natural language interface (NLI) to structured query is intriguing due to its wide industrial applications and high economical values. In this work, we tackle the problem of domain adaptation for NLI with limited data on target domain. Two important ... More