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The complete study on the inclusive production of Υ + γ at the LHCJan 08 2019In this paper we investigate the inclusive associated production of {\Upsilon} + {\gamma} at the hadron collider. We calculate the color-singlet sub-processes and all three color-octet sub-processes at the next-to-leading order. Seven sets of long distance ... More
Next-to-Leading-Order study on the associate production of $J/ψ+γ$ at the LHCJan 27 2014The associate $J/\psi+\gamma$ production at the LHC is studied completely at next-to-leading-order (NLO) within the framework of nonrelativistic QCD. By using three sets of color-octet long-distance matrix elements (LDMEs) obtained in previous prompt ... More
Next-to-Leading-Order QCD corrections to J/ψ(Υ)+γ production at the LHCNov 06 2008Jan 12 2009In this work, we calculate the next-to-leading-order (NLO) QCD corrections to the process $p+p \to J/\psi + \gamma$ via the color-singlet mechanism at the LHC. The results show that the partial cross section ($p_t^{J/\psi}>$3GeV and $|y^{J/\psi,\gamma}|<$3) ... More
QED contribution to the production of J/ψ+c\bar{c}+X at the Tevatron and LHCApr 14 2009May 04 2009We calculate \alpha^{2}\alpha_{s}^{2} order QED contribution to J/\psi production in pp(\bar{p})\to J/\psi+c\bar{c} color-singlet process at the Tevatron and LHC in the framework of non-relativistic QCD. The contribution of the interference between the ... More
3D-SSD: Learning Hierarchical Features from RGB-D Images for Amodal 3D Object DetectionNov 01 2017Feb 21 2018This paper aims at developing a faster and a more accurate solution to the amodal 3D object detection problem for indoor scenes. It is achieved through a novel neural network that takes a pair of RGB-D images as the input and delivers oriented 3D bounding ... More
Communication constrained cloud-based long-term visual localization in real timeMar 10 2019Visual localization is one of the primary capabilities for mobile robots. Long-term visual localization in real time is particularly challenging, in which the robot is required to efficiently localize itself using visual data where appearance may change ... More
J/ψpolarization in photo-production up-to the next-to-leading order of QCDJan 29 2009Oct 02 2009We investigate the J/psi polarization in photoproduction at the Hadron Electron Ring Accelerator(HERA) up to the next-to-leading order of QCD. The results show that the transverse momentum p_t and energy fraction z distributions of J/psi production do ... More
J/ψProduction Via Photon Fragmentation at Hadron CollidersApr 09 2009The transverse momentum ($p_t$) distributions of production and polarization for $J/\psi$ measured by CDF Collaboration are still challenging our understanding of the heavy quarkonium production mechanism even with recent significant theoretical progresses ... More
Multi-session Map Construction in Outdoor Dynamic EnvironmentJul 21 2018Map construction in large scale outdoor environment is of importance for robots to robustly fulfill their tasks. Massive sessions of data should be merged to distinguish low dynamics in the map, which otherwise might debase the performance of localization ... More
Word Embedding based Correlation Model for Question/Answer MatchingNov 15 2015Nov 26 2016With the development of community based question answering (Q&A) services, a large scale of Q&A archives have been accumulated and are an important information and knowledge resource on the web. Question and answer matching has been attached much importance ... More
LiDAR-Camera Calibration under Arbitrary Configurations: Observability and MethodsMar 14 2019May 14 2019LiDAR-camera calibration is a precondition for many heterogeneous systems that fuse data from LiDAR and camera. However, the constraint from common field of view and the requirement for strict time synchronization make the calibration a challenging problem. ... More
Laser map aided visual inertial localization in changing environmentMar 03 2018Long-term visual localization in outdoor environment is a challenging problem, especially faced with the cross-seasonal, bi-directional tasks and changing environment. In this paper we propose a novel visual inertial localization framework that localizes ... More
The next-to-leading-order QCD correction to inclusive J/ψ(Υ) production in Z^0 decayJul 14 2010In this paper, we study the $J/\psi(\Upsilon)$ production in Z boson decay in color-singlet model(CSM). We calculate the next-to-leading-order (NLO) QCD correction to $Z \to Quarkonium+Q\bar{Q}$, the dominant contribution in the CSM, with the vector and ... More
Testing the QCD fragmentation mechanism on heavy quarkonium production at LHCFeb 01 2011We calculate the fragmentation function for charm quark into J/psi at the QCD next-to-leading-order (NLO) and find that the produced J/psi is of larger momentum fraction than it is at the leading-order. Based on the fragmentation function and partonic ... More
Core partitions with distinct partsAug 31 2015In this paper we study $(t, t + 1)$-core partitions with distinct parts. We obtain results on the number, the largest size and the average size of such partitions, which verify a conjecture of Amdeberhan.
Homotopy type of manifolds with partially horoconvex boundarySep 19 2018Let $M$ be an $n$-dimensional compact connected manifold with boundary, $\kappa>0$ a constant and $1\leq q\leq n-1$ an integer. We prove that $M$ supports a Riemannian metric with the interior $q$-curvature $K_q\geq -q\kappa^2$ and the boundary $q$-curvature ... More
A de-gauging approach to physics beyond the Standard ModelJun 06 2016By studying the t-J model for superconductivity, the Pati-Salam model and the Haplon model for particle unifications, we extract their common feature which is the spin-charge separation of fermions. This becomes a de-gauging process for charged fermions ... More
Phase of Quark Condensate and Topological Current in QCDOct 31 2013We propose a new topological charge term in QCD based on flux-tube models. It couples a superflow of the phase of the quark condensate to the Chern-Simons current. The usual $\theta$-parameter is replaced by the phase of the quark condensate, which becomes ... More
Descriptions of Objectives and Processes of Mechanical LearningMay 31 2017In [1], we introduced mechanical learning and proposed 2 approaches to mechanical learning. Here, we follow one such approach to well describe the objects and the processes of learning. We discuss 2 kinds of patterns: objective and subjective pattern. ... More
Dark fermions from the Standard Model via spin-charge separationMay 31 2016We study a new composite scenario of the lepton sector in the Standard Model by a de-gauging procedure called spin-charge separation and propose that leptons are bound states of some neutral fermions and Higgs bosons. Continuing this procedure we may ... More
A weak second term identity of the regularized Siegel-Weil formula for unitary groupsMay 28 2012Mar 25 2013Following W.T.Gan and S.Takeda, we obtain a weak second term identity of the regularized Siegel-Weil formula for the unitary dual pair $(U(n,n),U(V))$, where $V$ is a split hermitian space of dimension $2r$ with $r+1 \leq n \leq 2r-1$. As an application, ... More
On Hopf algebras over the unique $12$-dimensional Hopf algebra without the dual Chevalley propertyDec 03 2017Jul 02 2018Let $\mathds{k}$ be an algebraically closed field of characteristic zero. We determine all finite-dimensional Hopf algebras over $\mathds{k}$ whose Hopf coradical is isomorphic to the unique $12$-dimensional Hopf algebra $\mathcal{C}$ without the dual ... More
A short proof of an identity for cubic partitionsApr 30 2010In this note, we will give a short proof of an identity for cubic partitions.
Extended Klein model and a bound on curves with negative self-intersectionOct 26 2016Mar 10 2018Let $S$ be an irreducible smooth projective surface and $\mathcal{F}$ a collection of curves with negative self-intersection on $S$ such that no positive combination $aC_1 + bC_2$ is connected nef. In this paper, we provide an alternate proof that $\mathcal{F}$ ... More
Two congruences involving Andrews-Paule's broken 3-diamond partitions and 5-diamond partitionsJun 11 2010Jun 16 2010In this note, we will give proofs of two congruences involving broken 3-diamond partitions and broken 5-diamond partitions which were conjectured by Peter Paule and Silviu Radu.
A positivity conjecture related first positive rank and crank moments for overpartitionsMay 30 2016Recently, Andrews, Chan, Kim and Osburn introduced a $q$-series $h(q)$ for the study of the first positive rank and crank moments for overpartitions. They conjectured that for all integers $m \geq 3$, \begin{equation*}\label{hqcon} \frac{1}{(q)_{\infty}} ... More
Abnormal Quantum Gravity Effect: Experimental Scheme with Superfluid Helium Sphere and Applications to Accelerating UniverseJan 25 2011May 25 2011From the general assumption that gravity originates from the coupling and thermal equilibrium between matter and vacuum, after a derivation of Newton's law of gravitation and an interpretation of the attractive gravity force between two classical objects, ... More
On the quantitative interpretation of dark energy by quantum effect of gravity and experimental scheme with atom interferometerJan 06 2011Jan 10 2011From the general principle that gravity originates from the coupling and thermal equilibrium between matter and vacuum background, we give two simple equations to calculate the quantum effect of gravity. From these two equations, we calculate the ratio ... More
Hom-Lie groups of a class of Hom-Lie algebraOct 18 2018In this paper, the definition of Hom-Lie groups is given and one conntected component of Lie group $GL(V)$, which is not a subgroup of $GL(V)$, is a Hom-Lie group. More, we proved that there is a one-to-one relationship between Hom-Lie groups and Hom-Lie ... More
A complement on representations of Hom-Lie algebrasMar 04 2017Sep 05 2018In this paper, we give a new series of coboundary operators of Hom-Lie algebras. And prove that cohomology groups with respect to coboundary operators are isomorphic. Then, we revisit representations of Hom-Lie algebras, and generalize the relation between ... More
Distribution of zeta zeroes for abelian covers of algebraic curves over a finite fieldJan 30 2013For a function field $k$ over a finite field with $\mathbb{F}_q$ as the field of constant, and a finite abelian group $G$ whose exponent is divisible by $q-1$, we study the distribution of zeta zeroes for a random $G$-extension of $k$, ordered by the ... More
Finite Groups Whose Character Graphs Associated with Codegrees Have No TrianglesAug 28 2015Motivated by the Problem $164$ proposed by Y. Berkovich and E. Zhmud' in their book "Characters of finite groups, Part $1$", we give a characterization of finite groups whose irreducible character codegrees are prime powers. This is based on a new kind ... More
On Hopf algebras over basic Hopf algebras of dimension 24Sep 11 2018We determine finite-dimensional Hopf algebras over an algebraically closed field of characteristic zero, whose Hopf coradical is isomorphic to a non-pointed basic Hopf algebra of dimension $24$ and the infinitesimal braidings are simple objects, under ... More
Finite-dimensional Hopf algebras over the smallest non-pointed basic Hopf algebraJan 18 2018May 15 2018We classify finite-dimensional Hopf algebras over an algebraically closed field of characteristic zero whose Hopf coradcial is isomorphic to the smallest non-pointed basic Hopf algebra, under the assumption that the diagrams are strictly graded. In particular, ... More
Equivalent description of Hom-Lie algebroidsJul 04 2018Sep 05 2018In this paper, we study representations of Hom-Lie algebroids, give some properties of Hom-Lie algebroids and discuss equivalent statements of Hom-Lie algebroids. Then, we prove that two known definitions of Hom-Lie algebroids can be transformed into ... More
Realization of a Josephson SwitchAug 27 2013Oct 02 2013It has been proposed that intermittent weak links between spontaneously broken symmetry systems can give rise to a novel type of time crystal. Here a practical construction is analyzed in greater detail. For a film-geometry Josephson junction, an applied ... More
A stochastic log-Laplace equationOct 06 2004We study a nonlinear stochastic partial differential equation whose solution is the conditional log-Laplace functional of a superprocess in a random environment. We establish its existence and uniqueness by smoothing out the nonlinear term and making ... More
On the Siegel-Weil formula for classical groups over function fieldsJun 06 2018Jan 07 2019We establish a Siegel-Weil formula for classical groups over function fields, which asserts in many cases that the Siegel Eisenstein series is equal to a theta integral. This is a function-field analogue of the classical result proved by Weil in his 1965 ... More
Precision Measurement of the Spin-dependent Asymmetry in the Threshold Region of $^3\vec{\mathrm{He}}(\vec{e},e')$Oct 12 2001We present the first precision measurement of the spin-dependent asymmetry in the threshold region of $^3\vec{\rm He}(\vec{e},e')$ at $Q^2$-values of 0.1 and 0.2 (GeV/c)$^2$. The agreement between the data and non-relativistic Faddeev calculations which ... More
Function Estimation via ReconstructionMay 25 2018This paper introduces an interpolation-based method, called the reconstruction approach, for function estimation in nonparametric models. Based on the fact that interpolation usually has negligible errors compared to statistical estimation, the reconstruction ... More
Better Solution Principle: A Facet of Concordance between Optimization and StatisticsFeb 16 2014Jan 16 2019Many statistical methods require solutions to optimization problems. When the global solution is hard to attain, statisticians always use the better if there are two solutions for chosen, where the word "better" is understood in the sense of optimization. ... More
Comparison of Steklov eigenvalues on a domain and Laplacian eigenvalues on its boundary in Riemannian manifoldsApr 07 2017Oct 03 2018We prove that in Riemannian manifolds the $k$-th Steklov eigenvalue on a domain and the square root of the $k$-th Laplacian eigenvalue on its boundary can be mutually controlled in terms of the maximum principal curvature of the boundary under sectional ... More
Algebraic Expression of Subjective Spatial and Temporal PatternsMay 26 2018May 31 2018Universal learning machine is a theory trying to study machine learning from mathematical point of view. The outside world is reflected inside an universal learning machine according to pattern of incoming data. This is subjective pattern of learning ... More
Gauged Nambu-Jona-Lasinio model and axionic QCD stringDec 30 2014We propose an axionic QCD string scenario based on the original flux-tube model by Kogut and Susskind, and then incorporate it into a gauged Nambu-Jona-Lasinio (NJL) model. Axial anomaly is studied by a new topological coupling from the string side, and ... More
QCD Flux Tubes and Anomaly InflowFeb 28 2013Jul 17 2013We apply the Callan-Harvey anomaly inflow mechanism to the study of QCD (chromoelectric) flux tubes, quark (pair)-creation and chiral magnetic effect, using new variables from the Cho-Faddeev-Niemi decomposition of the gauge potential. A phenomenological ... More
Quantization of Noncommutative Scalar Solitons at finite $θ$Jul 26 2002We start by discussing the classical noncommutative (NC) Q-ball solutions near the commutative limit, then generalize the virial relation. Next we quantize the NC Q-ball canonically. At very small theta quantum correction to the energy of the Q-balls ... More
Spectral representation of one-dimensional Liouville Brownian Motion and Liouville Brownian excursionMay 04 2017In this paper we apply the spectral theory of linear diffusions to study the one-dimensional Liouville Brownian Motion and Liouville Brownian excursions from a given point. As an application we estimate the fractal dimensions of level sets of one-dimensional ... More
The Graph and Range Singularity Spectra of Random Wavelet Series built from Gibbs measuresJan 25 2010We consider multifractal random wavelet series built from Gibbs measures, and study the singularity spectra associated with the graph and range of these functions restricted to their iso-H\"older sets. To obtain these singularity spectra, we use a family ... More
On the largest sizes of certain simultaneous core partitions with distinct partsSep 02 2017Motivated by Amdeberhan's conjecture on $(t,t+1)$-core partitions with distinct parts, various results on the numbers, the largest sizes and the average sizes of simultaneous core partitions with distinct parts were obtained by many mathematicians recently. ... More
Abnormal Quantum Gravity Effect: Experimental Scheme with Superfluid Helium Sphere and Applications to Accelerating UniverseJan 25 2011Dec 04 2018From the general assumption that gravity originates from the coupling and thermal equilibrium between matter and vacuum, after a derivation of Newton's law of gravitation and an interpretation of the attractive gravity force between two classical objects, ... More
Repulsive gravitational effect of a quantum wave packet and experimental scheme with superfluid heliumJan 06 2011Dec 02 2018We consider the gravitational effect of quantum wave packets when quantum mechanics, gravity, and thermodynamics are simultaneously considered. Under the assumption of a thermodynamic origin of gravity, we propose a general equation to describe the gravitational ... More
Notes on the Origin of Gravity and the Laws of NewtonDec 29 2010Dec 03 2018Following Verlinde's recent work on the origin of gravity and the laws of Newton, we consider further the origin of the starting point of Verlinde's work and Unruh effect. Simple derivations are given for this starting point and Unruh effect with the ... More
Imaginary Potential Induced Quantum Coherence for Bose-Einstein CondensatesDec 21 2009The role of complex potentials in single-body Schr\H{o}dinger equation has been studied intensively. We study the quantum coherence for degenerate Bose gases in complex potentials, when the exchange symmetry of identical bosons is considered. For initially ... More
Local optimization-based statistical inferenceFeb 02 2015Apr 20 2015This paper introduces a local optimization-based approach to test statistical hypotheses and to construct confidence intervals. This approach can be viewed as an extension of bootstrap, and yields asymptotically valid tests and confidence intervals as ... More
On cyclic codes of composite length and the minimal distanceMar 31 2017In an interesting paper Professor Cunsheng Ding provided three constructions of cyclic codes of length being a product of two primes. Numerical data shows that many codes from these constructions are best cyclic codes of the same length and dimension ... More
Stochastic Optimization of Smooth LossNov 30 2013In this paper, we first prove a high probability bound rather than an expectation bound for stochastic optimization with smooth loss. Furthermore, the existing analysis requires the knowledge of optimal classifier for tuning the step size in order to ... More
Gradient-based Sampling: An Adaptive Importance Sampling for Least-squaresMar 02 2018In modern data analysis, random sampling is an efficient and widely-used strategy to overcome the computational difficulties brought by large sample size. In previous studies, researchers conducted random sampling which is according to the input data ... More
Influence of inhomogeneities on holographic mutual information and butterfly effectApr 13 2017Jun 07 2017We study the effect of inhomogeneity, which is induced by the graviton mass in massive gravity, on the mutual information and the chaotic behavior of a 2+1-dimensional field theory from the gauge/gravity duality. When the system is near-homogeneous, the ... More
LocNet: Global localization in 3D point clouds for mobile vehiclesDec 06 2017Jul 10 2018Global localization in 3D point clouds is a challenging problem of estimating the pose of vehicles without any prior knowledge. In this paper, a solution to this problem is presented by achieving place recognition and metric pose estimation in the global ... More
A brief survey on local holomorphic dynamics in higher dimensionsJan 26 2015We give a brief survey on local holomorphic dynamics in higher dimensions. The main novelty of this note is that we will organize the material by the "level" of local invariants rather than the type of maps.
Effects of arbitrarily directed field on spin phase oscillations in biaxial molecular magnetsMay 30 2000Quantum phase interference and spin-parity effects are studied in biaxial molecular magnets in a magnetic field at an arbitrarily directed angle. The calculations of the ground-state tunnel splitting are performed on the basis of the instanton technique ... More
Macroscopic quantum coherence in antiferromagnetic molecular magnetsJun 20 2000The macroscopic quantum coherence in a biaxial antiferromagnetic molecular magnet in the presence of magnetic field acting parallel to its hard anisotropy axis is studied within the two-sublattice model. On the basis of instanton technique in the spin-coherent-state ... More
Transport through the single-molecular dots in an external irradiationMar 18 2003Apr 03 2003We present a fully nonequilibrium calculation of the low-temperature transport properties of a single molecular quantum dot coupled to local phonon mode when an ac field is applied to the gate. The resonant behavior is shown in the time-averaged differential ... More
Expressing Sparse Matrix Computations for Productive Performance on Spatial ArchitecturesOct 12 2018This paper addresses spatial programming of sparse matrix computations for productive performance. The challenge is how to express an irregular computation and its optimizations in a regular way. A sparse matrix has (non-zero) values and a structure. ... More
Productively Expressing High-performance Spatial Designs of Givens Rotation-based QR Decomposition AlgorithmMay 19 2018QR decomposition is used prevalently in wireless communication. In this paper, we express the Givens-rotation-based QR decomposition algorithm on a spatial architecture using T2S (Temporal To Spatial), a high-productivity spatial programming methodology ... More
Motivic cohomology of quaternionic Shimura varieties and level raisingJan 07 2019Jan 29 2019We study the motivic cohomology of the special fiber of quaternionic Shimura varieties at a prime of good reduction. We exhibit classes in these motivic cohomology groups and use this to give an explicit geometric realization of level raising between ... More
Current and Shot Noise in a Quantum Dot Coupled to Ferromagnetic Leads in the Large U LimitOct 16 2002Using the Keldysh nonequilibrium Green function technique, we study the current and shot noise spectroscopy of a single interacting quantum dot coupled to two ferromagnetic leads with different polarizations. The polarizations of leads can be both parallel ... More
Dynamics of Bilayer Membranes. 2. Connection with Normal FluidsOct 24 1997The exchange of mass, momentum and energy between a membrane of liquid crystal and its surroundings of stokesian fluids is added to the dynamic equations of membranes which were deduced from the Ericksen-Leslie's theory of liquid crystals [Rong Wang, ... More
Attractors on $\mathbf{P}^k$Oct 29 2005Aug 21 2006We show that special perturbations of a particular holomorphic map on $\mathbf{P}^k$ give us examples of maps that possess chaotic nonalgebraic attractors. Furthermore, we study the dynamics of the maps on the attractors. In particular, we construct invariant ... More
The Fatou Set for Critically Finite MapsAug 19 2006It is a classical result in complex dynamics of one variable that the Fatou set for a critically finite map on $\mathbf{P}^1$ consists of only basins of attraction for superattracting periodic points. In this paper we deal with critically finite maps ... More
Coded Distributed Computing with Heterogeneous Function AssignmentsFeb 27 2019Mar 01 2019Coded distributed computing (CDC) introduced by Li et. al. is an effective technique to trade computation load for communication load in a MapReduce framework. CDC achieves an optimal trade-off by duplicating map computations at $r$ computing nodes to ... More
A New Design of Private Information Retrieval for Storage Constrained DatabasesJan 22 2019Private information retrieval (PIR) allows a user to download one of $K$ messages from $N$ databases without revealing to any database which of the $K$ messages is being downloaded. In general, the databases can be storage constrained where each database ... More
Dynamic Model for RNA-seq Data AnalysisDec 04 2014The newly developed deep-sequencing technologies make it possible to acquire both quantitative and qualitative information regarding transcript biology. By measuring messenger RNA levels for all genes in a sample, RNA-seq provides an attractive option ... More
A gap theorem for free boundary minimal surfaces in geodesic balls of hyperbolic space and hemisphereJan 18 2017In this paper we provide a pinching condition for the characterization of the totally geodesic disk and the rotational annulus among minimal surfaces with free boundary in geodesic balls of three-dimensional hyperbolic space and hemisphere. The pinching ... More
Alexandrov-Fenchel type inequalities for convex hypersurfaces in hyperbolic space and in sphereAug 26 2013In this paper, firstly, inspired by Nat\'{a}rio's recent work \cite{Na}, we use the isoperimetric inequality to derive some Alexandrov-Fenchel type inequalities for closed convex hypersurfaces in the hyperbolic space $\H^{n+1}$ and in the sphere $\SS^{n+1}$. ... More
A unified composite model of inflation and dark matter in the Nambu-Jona-Lasinio theorySep 15 2016Jan 19 2017In this work, we propose a cosmological scenario inherently based on the effective Nambu-Jona-Lasinio (NJL) model that cosmic inflation and dark matter can be successfully described by a single framework. On the one hand, the scalar channel of the NJL ... More
AdS_5 Supersymmetry in N=1 SuperspaceMay 24 2011Aug 21 2011We use N=1 superspace to construct the supersymmetric matter couplings of vector and hyper multiplets in a five-dimensional anti-de Sitter spacetime background. For hypermultiplets, we find that AdS_5 supersymmetry requires the scalar fields to lie on ... More
Nonnegatively curved hypersurfaces with free boundary on a sphereJul 11 2017Mar 31 2019We prove that in Euclidean space $R^{n+1}$ any compact immersed nonnegatively curved hypersurface $M$ with free boundary on the sphere $S^n$ is an embedded convex topological disk. In particular, when the $m^{th}$ mean curvature of $M$ is constant, for ... More
Security and Privacy Issues for Connected VehiclesDec 12 2018Dec 18 2018Modern vehicles contain more than a hundred Electronic Control Units (ECUs) that communicate over different in-vehicle networks, and they are often connected to the Internet, which makes them vulnerable to various cyber-attacks. Besides, data collected ... More
Leaking Information Through Cache LRU StatesMay 20 2019The widely deployed Least-Recently Used (LRU) cache replacement policy and its variants are an essential component of modern processors. However, we show for the first time in detail that the LRU states of caches can be used to leak information. The LRU ... More
Attention-Based Deep Distance Metric Learning for Aspect-Phrase GroupingApr 29 2016Aspect phrase grouping is an important task for aspect finding in aspect-level sentiment analysis and it is a challenging problem due to polysemy and its context dependency. In this paper we propose an Attention-based Deep Distance Metric Learning (ADDML) ... More
Bipedal Hopping: Reduced-order Model Embedding via Optimization-based ControlJul 20 2018Aug 03 2018This paper presents the design and validation of controlling hopping on the 3D bipedal robot Cassie. A spring-mass model is identified from the kinematics and compliance of the robot. The spring stiffness and damping are encapsulated by the leg length, ... More
Strong parity effect of particle number in the interference fringes of Bose-Einstein condensates released from a double-well potentialJul 07 2009We study the parity effect of the particle number in the interference fringes of a Bose-Einstein condensate released from a double-well potential. For a coherently splitting condensate in the double-well potential, with a decoupled two-mode Bose-Hubbard ... More
Macroscopical Entangled Coherent State Generator in V configuration atom systemNov 26 2007In this paper, we propose a scheme to produce pure and macroscopical entangled coherent state. When a three-level ''V'' configuration atom interacts with a doubly reasonant cavity, under the strong classical driven condition, entangled coherent state ... More
Stochastic maximum principle under probability distortionOct 31 2017Aug 23 2018Within the framework of the cumulative prospective theory of Kahneman and Tversky, this paper considers a continuous-time behavioral portfolio selection problem whose model includes both running and terminal terms in the objective functional. Despite ... More
A second-order stochastic maximum principle for generalized mean-field control problemApr 26 2017In this paper, we study the generalized mean-field stochastic control problem when the usual stochastic maximum principle (SMP) is not applicable due to the singularity of the Hamiltonian function. In this case, we derive a second order SMP. We introduce ... More
Anonymous Auction Protocol Based on Time-Released Encryption atop Consortium BlockchainMar 08 2019Apr 13 2019The Ethereum blockchain as a decentralized platform is so successful that many applications deployed on it. However, for the inherent transparency properties and the lack of privacy, deploying a financial application on top of it is always a challenge. ... More
On the large deviations theorem of weaker typesMay 18 2016In this paper, we introduce the concepts of the large deviations theorem of weaker types, i.e., type I, type I', type II, type II', type III, and type III', and present a systematic study of the ergodic and chaotic properties of dynamical systems satisfying ... More
Parallel and Distributed Algorithms for the housing allocation ProblemMay 08 2019We give parallel and distributed algorithms for the housing allocation problem. In this problem, there is a set of agents and a set of houses. Each agent has a strict preference list for a subset of houses. We need to find a matching such that some criterion ... More
Orlicz-Legendre EllipsoidsAug 24 2014The Orlicz-Legendre ellipsoids, which are in the framework of emerging dual Orlicz Brunn-Minkowski theory, are introduced for the first time. They are in some sense dual to the recently found Orlicz-John ellipsoids, and have largely generalized the classical ... More
The Wigner branching random walk: Efficient implementation and performance evaluationSep 07 2017Apr 17 2018To implement the Wigner branching random walk, the particle carrying a signed weight, either $-1$ or $+1$, is more friendly to data storage and arithmetic manipulations than that taking a real-valued weight continuously from $-1$ to $+1$. The former is ... More
A computable branching process for the Wigner quantum dynamicsMar 01 2016A branching process treatment for the nonlocal Wigner pseudo-differential operator and its numerical applications in quantum dynamics is proposed and analyzed. We start from the discussion on two typical truncations of the nonlocal term, i.e., the $k$-truncated ... More
Outage Probability of Overhearing Amplify-and-Forward Cooperative RelayingJan 04 2015This paper investigates the outage performance of overhearing amplify-and-forward (AF) cooperative relaying, where a source transmits information to its destination through multiple helping overhearing AF relays with space-time network coding (STNC) employed. ... More
Compactness of conformal metrics with constant $Q$-curvature. IJun 02 2015Jun 17 2015We establish compactness for nonnegative solutions of the fourth order constant $Q$-curvature equations on smooth compact Riemannian manifolds of dimension $\ge 5$. If the $Q$-curvature equals $-1$, we prove that all solutions are universally bounded. ... More
State-Varying Factor Models of Large DimensionsJul 06 2018This paper develops an inferential theory for state-varying factor models of large dimensions. Unlike constant factor models, loadings are general functions of some recurrent state process. We develop an estimator for the latent factors and state-varying ... More
On hom-Lie algebrasNov 25 2014In this paper, first we show that $(\g,[\cdot,\cdot],\alpha)$ is a hom-Lie algebra if and only if $(\Lambda \g^*,\alpha^*,d)$ is an $(\alpha^*,\alpha^*)$-differential graded commutative algebra. Then, we revisit representations of hom-Lie algebras, and ... More
Periodic solutions of sublinear impulsive differential equationsMay 24 2017In this paper, we consider sublinear second order differential equations with impulsive effects. Basing on the Poincar\'{e}-Bohl fixed point theorem, we first will prove the existence of harmonic solutions. The existence of subharmonic solutions is also ... More
Operator-valued local Hardy spacesMar 27 2018This paper gives a systematic study of operator-valued local Hardy spaces. These spaces are localizations of the Hardy spaces defined by Tao Mei, and share many properties with Mei's Hardy spaces. We prove the ${\rm h}_1$-$\rm bmo$ duality, as well as ... More
The Unified Transition Stages in Linearly Stable Shear FlowsOct 06 2017Abrupt transition to turbulence may occur in pipe and channel flows at moderate flow rates, an unexpected event according to linear stability theory, and has been an open problem in fluid dynamics for more than a century. Extensive numerical simulations ... More