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Topological invariants, zero mode edge states and finite size effect for a generalized non-reciprocal Su-Schrieffer-Heeger modelJun 11 2019Intriguing issues in one-dimensional non-reciprocal topological systems include the breakdown of usual bulk-edge correspondence and the occurrence of half-integer topological invariants. In order to understand these unusual topological properties, we ... More
Strong and radiative decays of DΞmolecular state and newly observed $Ω_c$ statesJan 11 2018Apr 13 2018In this work, we study strong and radiative decays of S-wave D\Xi molecular state, which is related to the \Omega^*_c states newly observed at LHCb. The coupling between the D\Xi molecular state and its constituents D and \Xi is calculated by using the ... More
Nucleon resonances in the $π^- p \to K^0 Λ$ reaction near thresholdSep 25 2014Nov 26 2015We investigate the two-body reaction $\pi^- p \to K^{0} \Lambda$ within the effective Lagrangian approach and the isobar model. In addition to the "background" contributions from $t$-channel $K^*$ exchange, $u$-channel $\Sigma(1192)$ and $\Sigma^*(1385)$ ... More
The $D\to ρ$ transition form factors within the QCD light-cone sum rules and the $D$-meson semileptonic decays $D^0 \to ρ^- e^+ ν_e$ and $D^+ \to ρ^0 e^+ ν_e$Aug 20 2018Sep 17 2018The branching ratio of the $D$-meson semileptonic decay $D \to \rho e^+ \nu_e$ measured at the CLEO-c detector based on $0.82~{\rm fb^{-1}}$ data taken at the peak of the $\psi(3770)$ resonance disagrees with the traditional SVZ QCD sum rules analysis ... More
Meromorphic functions share three values with their difference operatorsApr 13 2015In the work, we focus on a conjecture due to Z.X. Chen and H.X. Yi[1] which is concerning the uniqueness problem of meromorphic functions share three distinct values with their difference operators. We prove that the conjecture is right for meromorphic ... More
Well-posedness of Stochastic Riccati Equations and Closed-Loop Solvability for Stochastic Linear Quadratic Optimal Control ProblemsNov 18 2018Jan 18 2019We study the closed-loop solvability of a stochastic linear quadratic optimal control problem for systems governed by stochastic evolution equations. This solvability is established by means of solvability of the corresponding Riccati equation, which ... More
Transport through a non-Hermitian Aharonov-Bohm ring with physical gain and lossJul 30 2016Feb 13 2017We investigate a non-Hermitian Aharonov-Bohm (AB) ring system with a quantum dot (QD) embedded in each of its two arms. The energy levels of the QDs are complex in order to take into account the physical gain or loss of the ring system during its interacting ... More
$\mathcal{PT}$ symmetry breaking for the scattering problem in a one-dimensional non-Hermitian lattice modelOct 23 2015We study the $\mathcal{PT} $-symmetry breaking for the scattering problem in a one-dimensional (1D) non-Hermitian tight-binding lattice model with balanced gain and loss distributed on two adjacent sites. In the scattering process the system undergoes ... More
Exact Controllability for Stochastic Transport EquationsMar 30 2013Oct 21 2013This paper is addressed to studying the exact controllability for stochastic transport equations by two controls: one is a boundary control imposed on the drift term and the other is an internal control imposed on the diffusion term. By means of the duality ... More
Interplay between Fano resonance and $\mathcal{PT} $ symmetry in non-Hermitian discrete systemsJan 02 2015Apr 30 2015We study the effect of PT-symmetric complex potentials on the transport properties of non-Hermitian systems, which consist of an infinite linear chain and two side-coupled defect points with PT-symmetric complex on-site potentials. By analytically solving ... More
Generalized Aubry-André-Harper model with p-wave superconducting pairingJul 17 2016Sep 23 2016We investigate a generalized Aubry-Andr\'e-Harper (AAH) model with p-wave superconducting pairing. Both the hopping amplitudes between the nearest neighboring lattice sites and the on-site potentials in this system are modulated by a cosine function with ... More
Global existence of weak solutions to the compressible quantum Navier-Stokes equations with degenerate viscosityJun 10 2019We study the compressible quantum Navier-Stokes (QNS) equations with degenerate viscosity in the three dimensional periodic domains. On the one hand, we consider QNS with additional damping terms. Motivated by the recent works [Li-Xin, arXiv:1504.06826] ... More
Equivariant bordism of 2-torus manifolds and unitary toric manifolds--a surveyJan 14 2014Jan 15 2014In this paper we survey results and recent progresses on the equivariant bordism classification of 2-torus manifolds and unitary toric manifolds.
Anderson localization in the Non-Hermitian Aubry-André-Harper model with physical gain and lossMar 10 2017Jun 23 2017We investigate the Anderson localization in non-Hermitian Aubry-Andr\'e-Harper (AAH) models with imaginary potentials added to lattice sites to represent the physical gain and loss during the interacting processes between the system and environment. By ... More
Transport through a non-Hermitian Aharonov-Bohm ring with physical gain and lossJul 30 2016We investigate a non-Hermitian Aharonov-Bohm (AB) ring system with a quantum dot (QD) embedded in each of its two arms. The energy levels of the QDs are complex in order to take into account the physical gain or loss of the ring system during its interacting ... More
Tunable Fano effect in parallel-coupled double quantum dot systemMar 09 2005Mar 17 2005With the help of the Green function technique and the equation of motion approach, the electronic transport through a parallel-coupled double quantum dot(DQD) is theoretically studied. Owing to the inter-dot coupling, the bonding and antibonding states ... More
Quench dynamics in the Aubry-André-Harper model with \textit{p}-wave superconductivityOct 15 2017Nov 27 2017The Anderson localization phase transition in the Aubry-Andr\'e-Harper (AAH) model with \textit{p}-wave superconducting (SC) pairing is numerically investigated by suddenly changing the on-site potential from zero to various finite values which fall into ... More
Fano Effect through Parallel-coupled Double Coulomb IslandsNov 04 2005By means of the non-equilibrium Green function and equation of motion method, the electronic transport is theoretically studied through a parallel-coupled double quantum dots(DQD) in the presence of the on-dot Coulomb correlation, with an emphasis put ... More
On the conjecture of vertex-transitivity of DcellMay 18 2018Gu et al. in [Inform. Process. Lett. 134 (2018) 52--56] conjectured that the data center network $D_{k,n}$ is vertex-transitive for all $k\geq0$ and $n\geq2$. In this paper, we show that $D_{k,n}$ is vertex-transitive for $k\leq1$ and $n\geq2$, and it ... More
Maximum principles for Laplacian and fractional Laplacian with critical integrabilityMay 06 2019In this paper, we study maximum principles for Laplacian and fractional Laplacian with critical integrability. We first consider $-\Delta u(x)+c(x)u(x)\geq 0$ in $B_1$ where $c(x)\in L^{p}(B_1)$, $B_1\subset \mathbf{R}^n$. As is known that $p=\frac{n}{2}$ ... More
Macroscopic quantum coherence in antiferromagnetic molecular magnetsJun 20 2000The macroscopic quantum coherence in a biaxial antiferromagnetic molecular magnet in the presence of magnetic field acting parallel to its hard anisotropy axis is studied within the two-sublattice model. On the basis of instanton technique in the spin-coherent-state ... More
Phonon-assisted Kondo Effect in a Single-Molecule Transistor out of EquilibriumApr 20 2005Jun 08 2006The joint effect of the electron-phonon interaction and Kondo effect on the nonequilibrium transport through the single molecule transistor is investigated by using the improved canonical transformation scheme and extended equation of motion approach. ... More
Geometrical meaning of winding number and its characterization of topological phases in one-dimensional chiral non-Hermitian systemsFeb 12 2018Apr 17 2018We unveil the geometrical meaning of winding number and utilize it to characterize the topological phases in one-dimensional chiral non-Hermitian systems. While chiral symmetry ensures the winding number of Hermitian systems being integers, it can take ... More
Dynamical Generation of Topological Magnetic Lattices for Ultracold AtomsJun 08 2015Apr 02 2016We propose a scheme to dynamically synthesize a space-periodic effective magnetic field for neutral atoms by time-periodic magnetic field pulses. When atomic spin adiabatically follows the direction of the effective magnetic field, an adiabatic scalar ... More
Macroscopic quantum coherence in spinor condensates confined in an anisotropic potentialJun 08 2012We investigate the macroscopic quantum coherence of a spin-1 Rb condensate confined in an anisotropic potential. Under the single-mode approximation, we show that the system can be modeled as a biaxial quantum magnet due to the interplay between the magnetic ... More
Quantum coherence of double-well BEC: a SU(2)-coherent-state path-integral approachApr 19 2001Feb 21 2003Macroscopic quantum coherence of Bose gas in a double-well potential is studied based on SU(2)-coherent-state path-integral. The ground state and fluctuations around it can be obtained by this method. In this picture, one can obtain macroscopic quantum ... More
Effects of electron-phonon interaction on non-equilibrium transport through single-molecule transistorOct 26 2004May 11 2005On the basis of the nonequilibrium Green's function and nonperturbative canonical transformation for the local electron-phonon interaction (EPI), the quantum transport through a single-molecule transistor(SMT) has been investigated with a particular attention ... More
On the functional equation $f^n(z)+g^n(z)=e^{αz+β}$Dec 20 2016We describe meromorphic solutions to the equations $f^n(z)+\left(f'\right)^n(z)=e^{\alpha z+\beta}$ and $f^n(z)+f^n(z+c)=e^{\alpha z+\beta}$ ($c\neq0$) over the complex plane $\mathbf{C}$ for integers $n\geq1$.
Equivariant cohomology Chern numbers determine equivariant unitary bordism for torus groupsAug 09 2014Mar 16 2019This paper shows that the integral equivariant cohomology Chern numbers completely determine the equivariant geometric unitary bordism classes of closed unitary $G$-manifolds, which gives an affirmative answer to the conjecture posed by Guillemin--Ginzburg--Karshon ... More
Small covers and the equivariant bordism classification of 2-torus manifoldsAug 12 2010Aug 05 2013Associated with the Davis-Januszkiewicz theory of small covers, this paper deals with the theory of 2-torus manifolds from the viewpoint of equivariant bordism. We define a differential operator on the "dual" algebra of the unoriented $G_n$-representation ... More
Equivariant Chern numbers and the number of fixed points for unitary torus manifoldsMar 31 2011Let $M^{2n}$ be a unitary torus $(2n)$-manifold, i.e., a $(2n)$-dimensional oriented stable complex connected closed $T^n$-manifold having a nonempty fixed set. In this paper we show that $M$ bounds equivariantly if and only if the equivariant Chern numbers ... More
Equivariant classification of 2-torus manifoldsFeb 16 2008A 2-torus manifold is a closed smooth manifold of dimension $n$ with an effective action of a 2-torus group $(\Z_2)^n$ of rank $n$, and it is said to be locally standard if it is locally isomorphic to a faithful representation of $(\Z_2)^n$ on $\R^n$. ... More
Fractional matching preclusion for restricted hypercube-like graphsMay 12 2019The restricted hypercube-like graphs, variants of the hypercube, were proposed as desired interconnection networks of parallel systems. The matching preclusion number of a graph is the minimum number of edges whose deletion results in the graph with neither ... More
Geometrical Convergence Rate for Distributed Optimization with Time-Varying Directed Graphs and Uncoordinated Step-SizesNov 03 2016This paper studies a class of distributed optimization algorithms by a set of agents, where each agent has only access to its own local convex objective function, and jointly minimizes the sum of the functions. The communications among agents are described ... More
Structure and substructure connectivity of balanced hypercubesAug 06 2018The connectivity of a network directly signifies its reliability and fault-tolerance. Structure and substructure connectivity are two novel generalizations of the connectivity. Let $H$ be a subgraph of a connected graph $G$. The structure connectivity ... More
Exact Controllability for a Refined Stochastic Wave EquationJan 18 2019A widely used stochastic wave equation is the classical wave equation perturbed by a term of It\^o's integral. We show that this equation is not exactly controllable even if the controls are effective everywhere in both the drift and the diffusion terms ... More
Carleman Estimates for Parabolic Operators with Discontinuous and Anisotropic Diffusion Coefficients, an Elementary ApproachJan 03 2013By using some deep tools from microlocal analysis, J. Le Rousseau and L. Robbiano (Invent. Math., 183 (2011), 245--336) established several Carleman estimates for parabolic operators with isotropic diffusion coefficients which have jumps at interfaces. ... More
Super edge-connectivity and matching preclusion of data center networksJul 13 2018Feb 21 2019Edge-connectivity is a classic measure for reliability of a network in the presence of edge failures. $k$-restricted edge-connectivity is one of the refined indicators for fault tolerance of large networks. Matching preclusion and conditional matching ... More
Manifolds associated with $(Z_2)^n$-colored regular graphsSep 20 2006Feb 12 2008In this article we describe a canonical way to expand a certain kind of $(\mathbb Z_2)^{n+1}$-colored regular graphs into closed $n$-manifolds by adding cells determined by the edge-colorings inductively. We show that every closed combinatorial $n$-manifold ... More
On the value distribution of a Differential Monomial and some normality criteriaMar 24 2019Let $f$ be a transcendental meromorphic function defined in the complex plane $\mathbb{C}$, and $\varphi(\not\equiv 0,\infty)$ be a small function of $f$. In this paper, We give a quantitative estimation of the characteristic function $T(r, f)$ in terms ... More
First and Second Order Necessary Optimality Conditions for Controlled Stochastic Evolution Equations with Control and State ConstraintsJan 19 2019The purpose of this paper is to establish first and second order necessary optimality conditions for optimal control problems of stochastic evolution equations with control and state constraints. The control acts both in the drift and diffusion terms ... More
Nucleon resonances in the $γp \to φK^+ Λ$ reaction near thresholdDec 19 2014Nov 26 2015We investigate the $\gamma p \to \phi K^+ \Lambda$ reaction near threshold within an effective Lagrangian approach and the isobar model. Various nucleon resonances caused by the $\pi$ and $\eta$ meson exchanges and background contributions are considered. ... More
Backward stochastic evolution equations in UMD Banach spacesDec 13 2018Extending results of Pardoux and Peng and Hu and Peng, we prove well-posedness results for backward stochastic evolution equations in UMD Banach spaces.
Hadronic molecular states from the $K\bar{K}^*$ interactionMar 14 2016Oct 22 2016In this work, the $K\bar{K}^*$ interaction is studied in a quasipotential Bethe-Salpeter equation approach combined with the one-boson-exchange model. With the help of the hidden-guage Lagrangian, the exchanges of pseudoscalar mesons ($\pi$ and $\eta$) ... More
Rigidity of powers and Kosniowski's conjectureFeb 21 2017Aug 18 2018In this paper we state a problem on rigidity of powers, which has a strong topological background for the rigid Hirzebruch genera and Kosniowski's conjecture of unitary circle actions. However, our statement of this problem is elementary enough and does ... More
What Information Really Matters in Supervisor Reduction?Aug 14 2016To make a supervisor comprehensible to a layman has been a long-lasting goal in the supervisory control community. One strategy is to reduce the size of a supervisor to generate a control equivalent version, whose size is hopefully much smaller than the ... More
word2vec Parameter Learning ExplainedNov 11 2014Jun 05 2016The word2vec model and application by Mikolov et al. have attracted a great amount of attention in recent two years. The vector representations of words learned by word2vec models have been shown to carry semantic meanings and are useful in various NLP ... More
A brief survey on local holomorphic dynamics in higher dimensionsJan 26 2015We give a brief survey on local holomorphic dynamics in higher dimensions. The main novelty of this note is that we will organize the material by the "level" of local invariants rather than the type of maps.
On the canonical maps of nonsingular threefolds of general typeDec 21 2016Dec 28 2016Let $S$ be a nonsingular minimal complex projective surface of general type and the canonical map of $S$ is generically finite. Beauville showed that the geometric genus of the image of the canonical map is vanishing or equals the geometric genus of $S$ ... More
Smooth solution to higher dimensional complex Plateau problemDec 07 2017Dec 14 2017Let $X$ be a compact connected strongly pseudoconvex $CR$ manifold of real dimension $2n-1$ in $\mathbb{C}^{N}$. For $n\ge 3$, Yau solved the complex Plateau problem of hypersurface type by checking a bunch of Kohn-Rossi cohomology groups in 1981. In ... More
Dynamics of bilayer membranes. 1. Isolated membraneOct 24 1997By adopting the approximations suggested in the theory of thin shells, the hydrodynamic theory of liquid crystals established by Eriksen [Arch. Rational Mech. Anal. 4 (1960) 231; Trans. Soc. Rheol. 4 (1960) 29] and Leslie [Adv. Liq. Cryst. 4 (1979) 1] ... More
Review and Report on Results of Leptonic Decays of $D^+$ and $D^+_s$ MesonsSep 01 2012In the last 25 years, many $e^+e^-$ experiments and fixed-target experiments performed to search for and study the leptonic decays of the $D^+$ and $D^+_s$ mesons. By 2012, more than 530 signal events of the $D^+$ leptonic decays and about $4\times10^3$ ... More
Expressing Sparse Matrix Computations for Productive Performance on Spatial ArchitecturesOct 12 2018This paper addresses spatial programming of sparse matrix computations for productive performance. The challenge is how to express an irregular computation and its optimizations in a regular way. A sparse matrix has (non-zero) values and a structure. ... More
Productively Expressing High-performance Spatial Designs of Givens Rotation-based QR Decomposition AlgorithmMay 19 2018QR decomposition is used prevalently in wireless communication. In this paper, we express the Givens-rotation-based QR decomposition algorithm on a spatial architecture using T2S (Temporal To Spatial), a high-productivity spatial programming methodology ... More
The degree of biholomorphisms of quasi-Reinhardt domains fixing the originJan 23 2018We give a description of biholomorphisms of quasi-Reinhardt domains fixing the origin via Bergman representative coordinates, which are shown to be polynomial mappings with a degree bound given by the so-called "resonance order".
Neutral hidden charm pentaquark states $P_c^0(4380)$ and $P_c^0(4450)$ in $π^-p \to J/ψn$ reactionOct 21 2015Dec 26 2015We investigate the neutral hidden charm pentaquark states $P_c^0(4380)$ and $P_c^0(4450)$ in $\pi^-p \to J/\psi n$ reaction within an effective Lagrangian approach. The background contributions for the process mainly come from $t$-channel $\pi$ and $\rho$ ... More
Recent Experimental Results on Leptonic $D^+_{(s)}$ Decays, Semileptonic $D$ Decays and Extraction of $|V_{cd(s)}|$Nov 14 2014The recent experimental results on leptonic $D^+_{(s)}$ decays, semileptonic $D$ decays, determinations of decay constants and form factors, as well as extractions of $|V_{cd}|$ and $|V_{cs}|$ are briefly reviewed. Global analysis of all existing measurements ... More
Mod-$p$ isogeny classes on Shimura varieties with parahoric level structureJul 31 2017Feb 15 2018We study the special fiber of the integral models for Shimura varieties of Hodge type with parahoric level structure constructed by Kisin and Pappas in [KP]. We show that when the group is residually split, the points in the mod $p$ isogeny classes have ... More
On the degree of automorphisms of quasi-circular domains fixing the originMar 20 2017By using the Bergman representative coordinates, we give the necessary and sufficient condition for the degree of automorphisms of quasi-circular domains fixing the origin to be equal to the resonance order, thus solving a conjecture of the author.
Poisson Subsampling Algorithms for Large Sample Linear Regression in Massive DataSep 07 2015Nov 23 2015Large sample size brings the computation bottleneck for modern data analysis. Subsampling is one of efficient strategies to handle this problem. In previous studies, researchers make more fo- cus on subsampling with replacement (SSR) than on subsampling ... More
Recent Bes Results on psi(3770) and D Meson Production and DecayJun 10 2004Using a data sample of 17.7 $\rm pb^{-1}$ collected at 3.773 GeV with the BES-II detector at the BEPC, the cross sections for $D^0 \bar D^{0}$ and $D^+D^-$ productions at 3.773 GeV have been measured. From the data sample about 33 $\rm pb^{-1}$ taken ... More
Supervisor Synthesis to Thwart Cyber Attack with Bounded Sensor Reading AlterationsAug 14 2016Aug 24 2016One of the major challenges about cyber physical systems is how to prevent cyber attacks to ensure system integrity. There has been a large number of different types of attacks discussed in the modern control and computer science communities. In this ... More
Attractors on $\mathbf{P}^k$Oct 29 2005Aug 21 2006We show that special perturbations of a particular holomorphic map on $\mathbf{P}^k$ give us examples of maps that possess chaotic nonalgebraic attractors. Furthermore, we study the dynamics of the maps on the attractors. In particular, we construct invariant ... More
Dynamics of Bilayer Membranes. 2. Connection with Normal FluidsOct 24 1997The exchange of mass, momentum and energy between a membrane of liquid crystal and its surroundings of stokesian fluids is added to the dynamic equations of membranes which were deduced from the Ericksen-Leslie's theory of liquid crystals [Rong Wang, ... More
Towards the cycle structures in complex network: A new perspectiveMar 04 2019Mar 12 2019Stars and cycles are basic structures in network construction. The former has been well studied in network analysis, while the latter attracted rare attention. A node together with its neighbors constitute a neighborhood star-structure where the basic ... More
Global Well-Posedness and Large-Time Behavior of 1D Compressible Navier-Stokes System with Density-Depending Viscosity and Vacuum in Unbounded DomainsAug 23 2018We consider the Cauchy problem for one-dimensional (1D) barotropic compressible Navier-Stokes equations with density-dependent viscosity and large external force. Under a general assumption on the density-dependent viscosity, we prove that the Cauchy ... More
On the Cauchy Problem of 3D Nonhomogeneous Navier-Stokes Equations with Density-Dependent Viscosity and VacuumSep 17 2017We consider the global existence and large-time asymptotic behavior of strong solutions to the Cauchy problem of the three-dimensional nonhomogeneous incompressible Navier-Stokes equations with density-dependent viscosity and vacuum. We establish some ... More
On multi-transitivity with respect to a vectorJul 15 2013Aug 15 2014A topological dynamical system $(X,f)$ is said to be multi-transitive if for every $n\in\mathbb{N}$ the system $(X^{n}, f\times f^{2}\times \dotsb\times f^{n})$ is transitive. We introduce the concept of multi-transitivity with respect to a vector and ... More
Protecting coherence by reservoir engineering: intense bath disturbanceSep 08 2017We put forward a scheme based on reservoir engineering to protect quantum coherence from leaking to bath, in which we intensely disturb the Lorentzian bath by N harmonic oscillators. We show that the intense disturbance changes the spectrum of the bath ... More
Lickorish type construction of manifolds over simple polytopesFeb 19 2019This paper is a survey on the Lickorish type construction of some kind of closed manifolds over simple convex polytopes. Inspired by Lickorish's theorem, we propose a method to describe certain families of manifolds over simple convex polytopes with torus ... More
Universal enveloping algebras of Poisson Ore extensionsMar 24 2014We prove that the universal enveloping algebra of a Poisson-Ore extension is a length two iterated Ore extension of the original universal enveloping algebra. As consequences, we observe certain ring-theoretic invariants of the universal enveloping algebras ... More
Homological unimodularity and Calabi-Yau condition for Poisson algebrasJul 30 2016In this paper, we show that the twisted Poincar\'e duality between Poisson homology and cohomology can be derived from the Serre invertible bimodule. This gives another definition of a unimodular Poisson algebra in terms of its Poisson Picard group. We ... More
Universal enveloping algebras of differential graded Poisson algebrasMar 12 2014Mar 25 2014In this paper, we introduce the notion of differential graded Poisson algebra and study its universal enveloping algebra. From any differential graded Poisson algebra $A$, we construct two isomorphic differential graded algebras: $A^e$ and $A^E$. It is ... More
A Comparative Study of Long and Short GRBs. I. Overlapping PropertiesAug 11 2016Gamma ray bursts (GRBs) are classified into long and short categories based on their durations. Broad band studies suggest that these two categories of objects roughly correspond to two different classes of progenitor systems, i.e. compact star mergers ... More
The Hausdorff dimension of multiply Xiong chaotic setsApr 01 2019We construct a multiply Xiong chaotic set with full Hausdorff dimension everywhere that is contained in some multiply proximal cell for the full shift over finite symbols and the Gauss system respectively.
A dynamical version of Kuratowski-Mycielski Theorem and invariant chaotic setsJan 31 2018We establish a dynamical version of Kuratowski-Mycielski Theorem on the existence of "large" invariant dependent sets. We apply this result to the study of invariant chaotic sets in topological dynamical systems, simplify many known results on this topic ... More
Observation of "broad" d-wave Feshbach resonances with a triplet structureSep 26 2017Nov 16 2017High partial-wave ($l\ge2$) Feshbach resonance (FR) in an ultracold mixture of $^{85}$Rb-$^{87}$Rb atoms is investigated experimentally aided by a partial-wave insensitive analytic multichannel quantum-defect theory (MQDT). Two "broad" resonances from ... More
Examples of naked singularity formation in higher-dimensional Einstein-vacuum spacetimesSep 26 2015Oct 22 2015The vacuum Einstein equations in 5+1 dimensions are shown to admit solutions describing naked singularity formation in gravitational collapse from nonsingular asymptotically locally flat initial data. We present a class of specific examples with spherical ... More
A note on the duality between Poisson homology and cohomologyApr 18 2014For a Poisson algebra $A$, by studying its universal enveloping algebra $A^{pe}$, we prove a duality theorem between Poisson homology and cohomology of $A$.
A note on a famous theorem of Pang and ZalcmanAug 28 2014In this paper, by studying the famous theorem of Pang and Zalcman, we find a normal family and obtain a result, which is an improvement of Pang and Zalcman's theorem in some sense. Meanwhile, several examples are provided to show that our result's conditions ... More
On Global Classical Solutions to 1D Compressible Navier-Stokes Equations with Density-Dependent Viscosity and VacuumAug 09 2018For the initial boundary value problem of compressible barotropic Navier-Stokes equations in one-dimensional bounded domains with general density-dependent viscosity and large external force, we prove that there exists a unique global classical solution ... More
Cascaded Coded Distributed Computing on Heterogeneous NetworksJan 23 2019Coded distributed computing (CDC) introduced by Li et al. in 2015 offers an efficient approach to trade computing power to reduce the communication load in general distributed computing frameworks such as MapReduce. For the more general cascaded CDC, ... More
A New Combinatorial Design of Coded Distributed ComputingFeb 12 2018Coded distributed computing introduced by Li et al. in 2015 is an efficient approach to trade computing power to reduce the communication load in general distributed computing frameworks such as MapReduce. In particular, Li et al. show that increasing ... More
A New Design of Private Information Retrieval for Storage Constrained DatabasesJan 22 2019Private information retrieval (PIR) allows a user to download one of $K$ messages from $N$ databases without revealing to any database which of the $K$ messages is being downloaded. In general, the databases can be storage constrained where each database ... More
Exclusive event generator for $e^+e^-$ scan experimentsSep 16 2013Mar 26 2014An exclusive event generator is designed for the $e^+e^-$ scan experiments with the initial state radiation effects up to the second order correction included. There are seventy hadronic decay modes available with the effective center-of-mass energy coverage ... More
A positivity-preserving scheme for the simulation of streamer discharges in non-attaching and attaching gasesJun 04 2013Assumed having axial symmetry, the streamer discharge is often described by a fluid model in cylindrical coordinate system, which consists of convection dominated (diffusion) equations with source terms, coupled with a Poisson's equation. Without additional ... More
A definite recursive relation and some statistical properties for Möbius functionAug 15 2016Aug 22 2016An elementary recursive relation for M$\ddot{\mathrm{o}}$bius function $\mu (n)$ is introduced by two simple ways. With this recursive relation, $\mu (n)$ can be calculated without directly knowing the factorization of the $n$. $\mu (1) \sim \mu (2 \times ... More
Large-scale structure in superfluid Chaplygin gas cosmologyDec 09 2013Apr 07 2014We investigate the growth of large-scale structure in the superfluid Chaplygin gas (SCG) model. Both linear and non-linear growth, such as $\sigma_8$ and the skewness $S_3$, are discussed. We find the growth factor of SCG reduces to the EdS case at early ... More
Deterministic scale-free networks created in a recursive mannerDec 07 2005In a recursive way and by including a parameter, we introduce a family of deterministic scale-free networks. The resulting networks exhibit small-world effects. We calculate the exact results for the degree exponent, the clustering coefficient and the ... More
Holography, the Cosmological Constant and the Upper Limit of the Number of e-foldingsDec 01 2003Feb 04 2004If the source of the current accelerating expansion of the universe is a positive cosmological constant, Banks and Fischler argued that there exists an upper limit of the total number of e-foldings of inflation. We further elaborate on the upper limit ... More
Stability of degenerate Cauchy horizons in black hole spacetimesOct 22 1998Nov 14 1998In the multihorizon black hole spacetimes, it is possible that there are degenerate Cauchy horizons with vanishing surface gravities. We investigate the stability of the degenerate Cauchy horizon in black hole spacetimes. Despite the asymptotic behavior ... More
Gauss-Bonnet Black Holes in AdS SpacesSep 18 2001Jan 12 2002We study thermodynamic properties and phase structures of topological black holes in Einstein theory with a Gauss-Bonnet term and a negative cosmological constant. The event horizon of these topological black holes can be a hypersurface with positive, ... More
Thermodynamics of Apparent Horizon in Brane World ScenariosDec 13 2007Applying the Clausius relation, $\delta Q=TdS$, to the apparent horizon of FRW universe in brane world scenarios, we show that an explicit entropy expression associated with the apparent horizon can be obtained. On the apparent horizon, the relation, ... More
Maximum Lifetime for Data Regeneration in Wireless Sensor NetworksDec 28 2010Jun 15 2011Robust distributed storage systems dedicated to wireless sensor networks utilize several nodes to redundantly store sensed data so that when some storage nodes fail, the sensed data can still be reconstructed. For the same level of redundancy, erasure ... More
Lepton mixing patterns from the group $Σ(36\times3)$ with a generalized CP transformationApr 19 2016Apr 23 2017The group $\Sigma(36\times3)$ with the generalized CP transformation is introduced to predict the mixing pattern of leptons. Various combinations of abelian residual flavor symmetries with CP transformations are surveyed. Six mixing patterns could accommodate ... More
Propose economical and stable lepton mass matrices with texture zerosMar 04 2016There are many viable combinations of texture zeros in lepton mass matrices. We propose an economical and stable mass texture. Analytical and numerical results on mixing parameters and the effective mass of neutrinos are obtained. These results satisfy ... More
Lepton mixing patterns from combinations of elementary correlationsJan 16 2016Recent data of reactor neutrino experiments set more stringent constraint on leptonic mixing patterns. We examine all possible patterns on the basis of combinations of elementary correlations of elements of leptonic mixing matrix. we obtain 62 viable ... More
U(1) Slave-spin theory and its application to Mott transition in a multi-orbital model for iron pnictidesFeb 28 2012A U(1) slave-spin representation is introduced for multi-orbital Hubbard models. As with the $Z_2$ form of L. de'Medici et al. (Phys. Rev. B 72, 205124 (2005)), this approach represents a physical electron operator as the product of a slave spin and an ... More
Orbital-selective Mott Phase in Multiorbital Models for Alkaline Iron Selenides K(1-x)Fe(2-y)Se2Aug 28 2012We study a multiorbital model for the alkaline iron selenides K(1-x)Fe(2-y)Se2 using a slave-spin method. With or without ordered vacancies, we identify a metal-to-Mott-insulator transition at the commensurate filling of six 3d electrons per iron ion. ... More
Quark-antiquark and diquark condensates in vacuum in two-flavor four-fermion interaction models with any color number $N_c$Apr 29 2009The color number $N_c$-dependence of the interplay between quark-antiquark condensates $<\bar{q}q>$ and diquark condensates $<qq>$ in vacuum in two-flavor four-fermion interaction models is researched. The results show that the $G_S$-$H_S$ (the coupling ... More