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The binary companion mass ratio distribution: an imprint of the star formation process?Apr 10 2013We explore the effects of dynamical evolution in dense clusters on the companion mass ratio distribution (CMRD) of binary stars. Binary systems are destroyed by interactions with other stars in the cluster, lowering the total binary fraction and significantly ... More
CO(1-0) in z>2 Quasar Host Galaxies: No Evidence for Extended Molecular Gas ReservoirsJun 13 2011We report the detection of CO(1-0) emission in the strongly lensed high-redshift quasars IRAS F10214+4724 (z=2.286), the Cloverleaf (z=2.558), RX J0911+0551 (z=2.796), SMM J04135+10277 (z=2.846), and MG 0751+2716 (z=3.200), using the Expanded Very Large ... More
Surgery on Nullhomologous ToriNov 18 2011Nov 28 2011By studying the example of smooth structures on CP^2#3(-CP^2) we illustrate how surgery on a single embedded nullhomologous torus can be utilized to change the symplectic structure, the Seiberg-Witten invariant, and hence the smooth structure on a 4-manifold. ... More
Six Lectures on Four 4-ManifoldsOct 23 2006Jan 03 2007Despite spectacular advances in defining invariants for simply connected smooth and symplectic 4-dimensional manifolds and the discovery of effective surgical techniques, we still have been unable to classify simply connected smooth manifolds up to diffeomorphism. ... More
Pinwheels and nullhomologous surgery on 4-manifolds with b^+ = 1Apr 18 2010Apr 13 2011We present a method for finding embedded nullhomologous tori in standard 4-manifolds which can be utilized to change their smooth structure. As an application, we show how to obtain infinite families of simply connected smooth 4-manifolds with b^+ = 1 ... More
GREENBURST: a commensal fast radio burst search back-end for the Green Bank TelescopeMar 13 2019We describe the design and deployment of GREENBURST, a commensal Fast Radio Burst (FRB) search system at the Green Bank Telescope. GREENBURST uses the dedicated L-band receiver tap to search over the 960$-$1920 MHz frequency range for pulses with dispersion ... More
The Breakthrough Listen Search for Intelligent Life: A Wideband Data Recorder System for the Robert C. Byrd Green Bank TelescopeJul 19 2017Jul 20 2017The Breakthrough Listen Initiative is undertaking a comprehensive search for radio and optical signatures from extraterrestrial civilizations. An integral component of the project is the design and implementation of wide-bandwidth data recorder and signal ... More
Exotic group actions on simply connected smooth 4-manifoldsFeb 05 2009Sep 17 2009We produce infinite families of exotic actions of finite cyclic groups on simply connected smooth 4-manifolds with nontrivial Seiberg-Witten invariants.
Station-Keeping Requirements for Constellations of Free-Flying Collectors Used for Astronomical Imaging in SpaceJul 02 2007The accuracy requirements on station-keeping for constellations of free-flying collectors coupled as (future) imaging arrays in space for astrophysics applications are examined. The basic imaging element of these arrays is the two-element interferometer. ... More
Photodissociation and the Morphology of HI in GalaxiesJun 30 2004Young massive stars produce Far-UV photons which dissociate the molecular gas on the surfaces of their parent molecular clouds. Of the many dissociation products which result from this ``back-reaction'', atomic hydrogen \HI is one of the easiest to observe ... More
On The Origin Of HI In Galaxies: The Sizes and Masses of HI Photodissociation RegionsMar 06 2002Young stars in the disks of galaxies produce HI from their parent H2 clouds by photodissociation. This paper describes the observational evidence for and the morphology of such HI. Simple estimates of the amount of dissociated gas lead to the startling ... More
The GBT Gain Curve at High FrequencyOct 31 2018Recent measurements at Q-band (43 GHz) have verified the improved performance of the GBT provided by the updated gravity model that was deployed in the fall of 2014. The measured gain curve is indistinguishable from 1.0 over an elevation range from 15 ... More
Secular Evolution and the Morphological Transformation of Cluster and Field GalaxiesOct 20 2006Deep surveys conducted during the past decades have shown that galaxies in the distant universe are generally of more irregular shapes, and are disky in appearance and in their star formation rate, compared to galaxies in similar environments in the nearby ... More
Crowded-Field Astrometry with SIM PlanetQuest. II. An Improved Instrument ModelMay 29 2008In a previous paper we described a method of estimating the single-measurement bias to be expected in astrometric observations of targets in crowded fields with the future Space Interferometry Mission (SIM). That study was based on a simplified model ... More
Reverse engineering small 4-manifoldsJan 29 2007Apr 18 2010We introduce a general procedure called `reverse engineering' that can be used to construct infinite families of smooth 4-manifolds in a given homeomorphism type. As one of the applications of this technique, we produce an infinite family of pairwise ... More
Discovery of a strong spiral magnetic field crossing the inner pseudoring of NGC 4736Mar 04 2008We report the discovery of a coherent magnetic spiral structure within the nearby ringed Sab galaxy NGC 4736. High sensitivity radio polarimetric data obtained with the VLA at 8.46GHz and 4.86GHz show a distinct ring of total radio emission precisely ... More
Superdense Coding Interleaved with Forward Error CorrectionJan 23 2016Apr 13 2016Superdense coding promises increased classical capacity and communication security but this advantage may be undermined by noise in the quantum channel. We present a numerical study of how forward error correction (FEC) applied to the encoded classical ... More
Saturn's upper atmosphere during the Voyager era: Reanalysis and modeling of the UVS occultationsAug 08 2014The Voyager 1 and 2 Ultraviolet Spectrometer (UVS) solar and stellar occultation dataset represents one of the primary, pre-Cassini sources of information that we have on the neutral upper atmosphere of Saturn. Despite its importance, however, the full ... More
Radio & Optical Interferometry: Basic Observing Techniques and Data AnalysisJan 13 2012Astronomers usually need the highest angular resolution possible, but the blurring effect of diffraction imposes a fundamental limit on the image quality from any single telescope. Interferometry allows light collected at widely-separated telescopes to ... More
Diffuse HI Disks in Isolated GalaxiesJun 15 2007In order to investigate the contribution of diffuse components to their total HI emission, we have obtained high precision HI line flux densities with the 100m Green Bank Telescope for a sample of 100 isolated spiral and irregular galaxies which we have ... More
On the mapping of Points of Interest through StreetView imagery and paid crowdsourcingJan 26 2019The use of volunteers has emerged as low-cost alternative to generate accurate geographical information, an approach known as Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI). However, VGI is limited by the number and availability of volunteers in the area to ... More
A hive model determination of multiplicity-free Schur function products and skew Schur functionsJan 01 2009The hive model is a combinatorial device that may be used to determine Littlewood-Richardson coefficients and study their properties. It represents an alternative to the use of the Littlewood-Richardson rule. Here properties of hives are used to determine ... More
A new variational approach to linearization of traction problems in elasticityNov 26 2018A new energy functional for pure traction problems in elasticity has been deduced in [23] as the variational limit of nonlinear elastic energy functional for a material body subject to an equilibrated force field: a sort of Gamma limit with respect to ... More
$N$-player games and mean-field games with smooth dependence on past absorptionsFeb 07 2019Mean-field games with absorption is a class of games, that have been introduced in Campi and Fischer [7] and that can be viewed as natural limits of symmetric stochastic differential games with a large number of players who, interacting through a mean-field, ... More
A Schwarz Method for the Magnetotelluric Approximation of Maxwell's equationsMar 09 2019The magnetotelluric approximation of the Maxwell's equations is used to model the propagation of low frequency electro-magnetic waves in the Earth's subsurface, with the purpose of reconstructing the presence of mineral or oil deposits. We propose a classical ... More
Anomalous H_2CO Absorption Towards the Galactic Anticenter: A Blind Search for Dense Molecular CloudsJul 27 2006We have carried out a blind search in the general direction of the Galactic Anticenter for absorption of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) radiation near 4.83 GHz by molecular clouds containing gaseous ortho-formaldehyde (H_2CO). The observations ... More
The Opacity of Nearby Galaxies from Counts of Background Galaxies: II. Limits of the Synthetic Field MethodDec 03 2002Recently, we have developed and calibrated the Synthetic Field Method (SFM) to derive the total extinction through disk galaxies. The method is based on the number counts and colors of distant background field galaxies that can be seen through the foreground ... More
Stochastic domain decomposition for time dependent adaptive mesh generationApr 01 2015The efficient generation of meshes is an important component in the numerical solution of problems in physics and engineering. Of interest are situations where global mesh quality and a tight coupling to the solution of the physical partial differential ... More
An Effective Photon Momentum in a Dielectric Medium: A Relativistic ApproachNov 24 2017Jan 15 2018We use a relativistic argument to define an effective photon that travels through a transparent (non-absorbing) nondispersive dielectric medium of index of refraction $n$. If $p$ is the momentum of the photon in a vacuum, then the momentum of an effective ... More
Method for characterizing bulk recombination using photoinduced absorptionMar 17 2017The influence of reaction order and trap-assisted recombination on continuous-wave photoinduced absorption measurements is clarified through analytical calculations and numerical simulations. The results reveal the characteristic influence of different ... More
Texture features for the reproduction of the perceptual organization of soundMay 15 2017Human categorization of sound seems predominantly based on sound source properties. To estimate these source properties we propose a novel sound analysis method, which separates sound into different sonic textures: tones, pulses, and broadband noises. ... More
Dependence of nuclear spin singlet lifetimes on RF spin-locking powerJan 06 2012We measure the lifetime of long-lived nuclear spin singlet states as a function of the strength of the RF spin-locking field and present a simple theoretical model that agrees well with our measurements, including the low-RF-power regime. We also measure ... More
Searching for Synergism Among Combinations of Drugs of Abuse and the Use of Isobolographic AnalysisFeb 21 2012It is well known that individuals who abuse drugs usually use more than one substance. Toxic consequences of single and multiple drug use are well documented in the Treatment Episodes Data Set that lists combinations that result in hospital admissions. ... More
A terrestrial search for dark contents of the vacuum, such as dark energy, using atom interferometryJan 28 2011We describe the theory and first experimental work on our concept for searching on earth for the presence of dark content of the vacuum (DCV) using atom interferometry. Specifically, we have in mind any DCV that has not yet been detected on a laboratory ... More
Rational Blowdowns of Smooth 4-ManifoldsMay 17 1995In this paper we introduce a surgical procedure, called a rational blowdown, for a smooth 4-manifold X and determine how this procedure affects both the Donaldson and Seiberg-Witten invariants of X.
The Discovery of a New Massive Molecular Gas Component Associated with the Submillimeter Galaxy SMM J02399-0136May 18 2018We present CO(1-0), CO(3-2), and CO(7-6) observations using the Green Bank Telescope (GBT) and the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) of the z=2.8 sub-millimeter galaxy SMM J02399-0136. This was the first submillimeter-selected galaxy discovered and ... More
On the Continuing Formation of the Andromeda Galaxy: Detection of HI Clouds in the M31 HaloNov 25 2003Green Bank Telescope (GBT) 21cm observations have revealed a faint, yet extensive HI cloud population surrounding the Andromeda Galaxy (M31). The newfound objects are likely analogs to the high-velocity HI clouds (HVCs) seen around the Milky Way. At least ... More
A note on evolutionary stochastic portfolio optimization and probabilistic constraintsJan 29 2010In this note, we extend an evolutionary stochastic portfolio optimization framework to include probabilistic constraints. Both the stochastic programming-based modeling environment as well as the evolutionary optimization environment are ideally suited ... More
Towards a mesoscopic model of water-like fluids with hydrodynamic interactionsSep 30 2011We present a mesoscopic lattice model for non-ideal fluid flows with directional interactions, mimicking the effects of hydrogen-bonds in water. The model supports a rich and complex structural dynamics of the orientational order parameter, and exhibits ... More
Nonlinear waves in adhesive stringsMar 24 2016We study a 1D semilinear wave equation modeling the dynamic of an elastic string interacting with a rigid substrate through an adhesive layer. The constitutive law of the adhesive material is assumed elastic up to a finite critical state, beyond such ... More
A note on percolation in cocycle measuresAug 09 2006We describe infinite clusters which arise in nearest-neighbour percolation for so-called cocycle measures on the square lattice. These measures arise naturally in the study of random transformations. We show that infinite clusters have a very specific ... More
A new higher homotopy groupoid: the fundamental globular omega-groupoid of a filtered spaceFeb 22 2007We use the n-globe with its skeletal filtration to define the fundamental globular omega--groupoid of a filtered space; the proofs use an analogous fundamental cubical omega--groupoid due to the author and Philip Higgins. This method also relates the ... More
Spin goups of super metrics and a Theorem of RogersFeb 15 2016We derive the canonical forms of super Riemannian metrics and the local isometry groups of such metrics. For certain super metrics we also compute the simply connected covering groups of the local isometry groups and interpret these as local spin groups ... More
Geometry of Thin FilmsNov 23 2015Jan 12 2016We study ray optics in the context of double mirror systems, in the limit as the two mirrors approach one another (thin films). This leads to a novel set of differential equations on a mirror surface which have interesting structure as seen from the perspective ... More
Double groupoids, matched pairs and then matched triplesApr 08 2011In this note we show that the known relation between double groupoids and matched pairs of groups may be extended, or seems to extend, to the triple case. The references give some other occurrences of double groupoids.
Supernova Detection in IceCube: Status and FutureFeb 08 2013The IceCube detector, located at the South Pole, is discussed as a detector for core collapse supernovae. The large flux of $\bar{\nu}_{e}$ from a Galactic supernova gives rise to Cherenkov light from positrons and electrons created in neutrino interactions ... More
Covering morphisms of groupoids, derived modules and a 1-dimensional Relative Hurewicz TheoremDec 13 2010Mar 19 2017We fill a lacuna in the literature by giving a version in dimension 1 of the Relative Hurewicz Theorem, and relate this to abelianisations of groupoids, covering spaces and covering morphisms of groupoids, and Crowell's notion of derived modules.
Search for PAHs in the Perseus molecular cloud with the Green Bank TelescopeNov 03 2014Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) are believed to be the small-size tail of the interstellar carbonaceous dust grain population. Their vibrational emission is the most widely accepted source of the aromatic near-infrared features, and their rotational ... More
Crossed complexes and homotopy groupoids as non commutative tools for higher dimensional local-to-global problemsDec 19 2002Oct 10 2008We outline the main features of the definitions and applications of crossed complexes and cubical $\omega$-groupoids with connections. These give forms of higher homotopy groupoids, and new views of basic algebraic topology and the cohomology of groups, ... More
Measuring the Sizes, Shapes, Surface Features and Rotations of Solar System Objects with InterferometryFeb 03 2011We consider the application of interferometry to measuring the sizes and shapes of small bodies in the solar system that cannot be spatially resolved by today's single-dish telescopes. Assuming ellipsoidal shapes, our results indicate that interferometers ... More
The General Single-Dish Data Format: A RetrospectiveJun 09 2015The General Single-Dish Data format (GSDD) was developed in the mid-1980s as a data model to support centimeter, millimeter and submillimeter instrumentation at NRAO, JCMT, the University of Arizona and IRAM. We provide an overview of the GSDD requirements ... More
Near-infrared transit photometry of the exoplanet HD 149026bFeb 09 2009The transiting exoplanet HD 149026b is an important case for theories of planet formation and planetary structure, because the planet's relatively small size has been interpreted as evidence for a highly metal-enriched composition. We present observations ... More
Progressive and Multi-Path Holistically Nested Neural Networks for Pathological Lung Segmentation from CT ImagesJun 12 2017Pathological lung segmentation (PLS) is an important, yet challenging, medical image application due to the wide variability of pathological lung appearance and shape. Because PLS is often a pre-requisite for other imaging analytics, methodological simplicity ... More
Order-disorder transition in a two-dimensional associating lattice gasMar 20 2019We study an associating lattice gas (ALG) using Monte Carlo simulation and solutions on Husimi lattices. In this model, the molecules have an orientational degree of freedom and the interactions depend on the relative orientations of nearest-neighbor ... More
The Central Region of the Nearby Seyfert 2 Galaxy NGC 4945 : A Pair of SpiralsFeb 10 2011NGC 4945 is a Seyfert 2 galaxy at a distance of 3.82 Mpc. Its relative proximity has permitted a detailed SMA study of the circumnuclear molecular gas in a galaxy exhibiting an AGN. Based on an analysis of the high-resolution velocity field of the central ... More
The Opacity of Spiral Galaxy Disks III: Automating the "Synthetic Field Method"Nov 24 2004Dec 03 2004The dust extinction in spiral disks can be estimated from the counts of background field galaxies, provided the deleterious effects of confusion introduced by structure in the image of the foreground spiral disk can be calibrated. Gonzalez et al. (1998) ... More
A New Probe of the Molecular Gas in Galaxies: Application to M101Mar 24 2000Recent studies of nearby spiral galaxies suggest that photodissociation regions (PDRs) are capable of producing much of the observed HI in galaxy disks. In that case, measurements of the HI column density and the far-ultraviolet (FUV) photon flux provide ... More
Kepler Mission Stellar and Instrument Noise Properties RevisitedAug 20 2015An earlier study of the Kepler Mission noise properties on time scales of primary relevance to detection of exoplanet transits found that higher than expected noise followed to a large extent from the stars, rather than instrument or data analysis performance. ... More
A peculiar interacting Be star binary in the Small Magellanic CloudJul 02 2018We find that the emission line object OGLEJ005039.05-725751.4, a member of the cluster OGLE-CL SMC 64, exhibits a peculiar light curve pattern repeating with a recurrence time of 141.45 days. The light curve resembles periodic outbursts with a duty cycle ... More
Short and random: Modelling the effects of (proto-)neural elongationsMay 23 2017To understand how neurons and nervous systems first evolved, we need an account of the origins of neural elongations: Why did neural elongations (axons and dendrites) first originate, such that they could become the central component of both neurons and ... More
CodeSLAM - Learning a Compact, Optimisable Representation for Dense Visual SLAMApr 03 2018The representation of geometry in real-time 3D perception systems continues to be a critical research issue. Dense maps capture complete surface shape and can be augmented with semantic labels, but their high dimensionality makes them computationally ... More
Fusion++: Volumetric Object-Level SLAMAug 25 2018Aug 28 2018We propose an online object-level SLAM system which builds a persistent and accurate 3D graph map of arbitrary reconstructed objects. As an RGB-D camera browses a cluttered indoor scene, Mask-RCNN instance segmentations are used to initialise compact ... More
A rheological state diagram for rough colloids in shear flowOct 28 2016The flow of dense suspensions, glasses, and granular materials is heavily influenced by frictional interactions between constituent particles. However, neither hydrodynamics nor friction has successfully explained the full range of flow phenomena in concentrated ... More
Infinite dimensional super Lie groupsOct 24 2006A super Lie group is a group whose operations are $G^{\infty}$ mappings in the sense of Rogers. Thus the underlying supermanifold possesses an atlas whose transition functions are $G^{\infty}$ functions. Moreover the images of our charts are open subsets ... More
Kolmogorov widths under holomorphic mappingsFeb 24 2015If $L$ is a bounded linear operator mapping the Banach space $X$ into the Banach space $Y$ and $K$ is a compact set in $X$, then the Kolmogorov widths of the image $L(K)$ do not exceed those of $K$ multiplied by the norm of $L$. We extend this result ... More
Retractions in Intersection TypesFeb 08 2017This paper deals with retraction - intended as isomorphic embedding - in intersection types building left and right inverses as terms of a lambda calculus with a bottom constant. The main result is a necessary and sufficient condition two strict intersection ... More
Sensitivity Optimization for NV-Diamond MagnetometryMar 19 2019Solid-state spin systems including nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers in diamond constitute an increasingly favored quantum sensing platform. However, present NV ensemble devices exhibit sensitivities orders of magnitude away from theoretical limits. The sensitivity ... More
Optimized quantum sensing with a single electron spin using real-time adaptive measurementsAug 17 2015Aug 18 2015Quantum sensors based on single solid-state spins promise a unique combination of sensitivity and spatial resolution. The key challenge in sensing is to achieve minimum estimation uncertainty within a given time and with a high dynamic range. Adaptive ... More
Tensor Products of $A_\infty$-algebras with Homotopy Inner ProductsFeb 01 2011Feb 11 2012We show that the tensor product of two cyclic $A_\infty$-algebras is, in general, not a cyclic $A_\infty$-algebra, but an $A_\infty$-algebra with homotopy inner product. More precisely, we construct an explicit combinatorial diagonal on the pairahedra, ... More
Irreducible Characters for the Symmetric Groups and Kostka MatricesMay 14 2018In an earlier paper [1] it was shown that the Frobenius compound characters for the symmetric groups are related to the irreducible characters by a linear relation that involves a unitriagular coupling matrix that gives the Frobenius characters in terms ... More
Approximation of high-dimensional parametric PDEsFeb 24 2015Mar 03 2015Parametrized families of PDEs arise in various contexts such as inverse problems, control and optimization, risk assessment, and uncertainty quantification. In most of these applications, the number of parameters is large or perhaps even infinite. Thus, ... More
Higher Homotopy Hopf Algebras Found: A Ten Year RetrospectiveSep 21 2007Dec 06 2010The search for higher homotopy Hopf algebras (known today as A_\infty-bialgebras) began in 1996 during a conference at Vassar College honoring Jim Stasheff in the year of his 60th birthday. In a talk entitled "In Search of Higher Homotopy Hopf Algebras", ... More
Estratificações no espaço móduli dos fibrados de HiggsOct 27 2017The work of Hausel proves that the Bialynicki-Birula stratification of the moduli space of rank two Higgs bundles coincides with its Shatz stratification. These two stratifications do not coincide in general. Here, we give an approach for the rank three ... More
The GBT 67 -- 93.6 GHz Spectral Line Survey of Orion-KLFeb 04 2015We present a 67--93.6 GHz spectral line survey of Orion-KL with the new 4 mm Receiver on the Green Bank Telescope (GBT). The survey reaches unprecedented depths and covers the low-frequency end of the 3 mm atmospheric window which has been relatively ... More
Contributions to the Theory of Thermostated Systems II: Least Dissipation of Helmholtz Free Energy in Nano-BiologyMar 11 2015Mar 12 2015In this paper, we develop further the theory of thermostated systems along the lines of our earlier paper. Two results are highlighted: 1) in the Markov limit of the contracted description, a least dissipation of Helmholtz free energy principle is established; ... More
A Note on Kuhn's Theorem with Ambiguity Averse PlayersAug 05 2014Aug 06 2014Kuhn's Theorem shows that extensive games with perfect recall can equivalently be analyzed using mixed or behavioral strategies, as long as players are expected utility maximizers. This note constructs an example that illustrate the limits of Kuhn's Theorem ... More
Morphing for faster computations in transformation opticsJul 07 2014Aug 01 2014We propose to use morphing algorithms to deduce some approximate wave pictures of scattering by cylindrical invisibility cloaks of various shapes deduced from the exact computation (e.g. using a finite element method) of scattering by cloaks of two given ... More
Ignition and Burn in a Small Magnetized Fuel TargetApr 07 2014LASNEX calculations of a small magnetized target show high gain at a velocity significantly lower than needed for unmagnetized targets. Its cryogenic fuel layer appears to be raised to an equilibrium ignition temperature of about 2 keV by the radiation ... More
Data Mining Cultural Aspects of Social Media MarketingJan 22 2014Apr 16 2014For marketing to function in a globalized world it must respect a diverse set of local cultures. With marketing efforts extending to social media platforms, the crossing of cultural boundaries can happen in an instant. In this paper we examine how culture ... More
Inconsistencies in steady state thermodynamicsJan 08 2014Mar 25 2014We address the issue of extending thermodynamics to nonequilibrium steady states. Using driven stochastic lattice gases, we ask whether consistent definitions of an effective chemical potential mu, and an effective temperature T_e, are possible. mu and ... More
Credibility Discounting in the Theory of Approximate ReasoningMar 27 2013We are concerned with the problem of introducing credibility type information into reasoning systems. The concept of credibility allows us to discount information provided by agents. An important characteristic of this kind of procedure is that a complete ... More
Upper bound for flows defined over normed ringsJan 15 2019In this paper upper bounds of flows defined over normed ring are given. For this end, we calculate some images of the autonomous operator acting on $\ASeqReal$.
Hunting for Tractable Languages for Judgment AggregationAug 09 2018Judgment aggregation is a general framework for collective decision making that can be used to model many different settings. Due to its general nature, the worst case complexity of essentially all relevant problems in this framework is very high. However, ... More
Critique of the Fox-Lu model for Hodgkin-Huxley fluctuations in neuron ion channelsJul 18 2018Jul 28 2018Using a well known result that every FP equation has an antecedent Langevin equation LE Fox and Lu proposed such a description for ion channels in 1994. Their contraction followed the works of van Kampen and of T. Kurtz. The contraction produces a diffusion ... More
Schur Ring over Group $\Z_{2}^{n}$, Circulant $S-$Sets Invariant by Decimation and Hadamard MatricesFeb 15 2018In this paper firstly we define the complete maximal $S-$sets, which are very important for showing that not every element $X$ of $\Z_{2}^{n}$ is a row of a Hadamard matrix. Next, we study the structure of Schur ring with circulant basic sets over $\Z_{2}^{n}$ ... More
Final-state QED Multipole Radiation in Antenna Parton ShowersSep 13 2017Nov 21 2017We present a formalism for a fully coherent QED parton shower. The complete multipole structure of photonic radiation is incorporated in a single branching kernel. The regular on-shell 2 to 3 kinematic picture is kept intact by dividing the radiative ... More
The analysis of vertex modified lattice rules in a non-periodic Sobolev spaceSep 11 2017In a series of papers, in 1993, 1994 & 1996, Sloan & Niederreiter introduced a modification of lattice rules for non-periodic functions, called "vertex modified lattice rules"', and a particular breed called "optimal vertex modified lattice rules". In ... More
Competing Sudakov Veto AlgorithmsMay 30 2016Jun 20 2016We present a way to analyze the distribution produced by a Monte Carlo algorithm. We perform these analyses on several versions of the Sudakov veto algorithm, adding a cutoff, a second variable and competition between emission channels. The analysis allows ... More
Forensic Identification: Database likelihood ratios and familial DNA searchingJan 20 2012Oct 21 2012Familial Searching is the process of searching in a DNA database for relatives of a certain individual. It is well known that in order to evaluate the genetic evidence in favour of a certain given form of relatedness between two individuals, one needs ... More
Watch This Space: Observing Merging White DwarfsNov 29 2010The Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) will open the low-frequency (0.1-100 mHz) part of the gravitational wave spectrum to direct observation. Of order 3600 galactic close binary white dwarfs will be individually resolvable in its all-sky spectrum, ... More
Two Universality Properties Associated with the Monkey Model of Zipf's LawNov 30 2015The distribution of word probabilities in the monkey model of Zipf's law is associated with two universality properties: (1) the power law exponent converges strongly to $-1$ as the alphabet size increases and the letter probabilities are specified as ... More
Asymptotic behaviour of first passage time distributions for Lévy processesJul 22 2011Let $X$ be a real valued L\'evy process that is in the domain of attraction of a stable law without centering with norming function $c.$ As an analogue of the random walk results in \cite{vw} and \cite{rad} we study the local behaviour of the distribution ... More
Factorial characters of some classical Lie groupsJul 23 2016A definition is offered of the factorial characters of the general linear group, the symplectic group and the orthogonal group in an odd dimensional space. It is shown that these characters satisfy certain flagged Jacobi-Trudi identities. These identities ... More
The Imani Periodic Functions: Genesis and Preliminary ResultsAug 20 2017The Leah-Hamiltonian, $H(x,y)=y^2/2+3x^{4/3}/4$, is introduced as a functional equation for $x(t)$ and $y(t)$. By means of a nonlinear transformation to new independent variables, we show that this functional equation has a special class of periodic solutions ... More
Discrepancy-based error estimates for Quasi-Monte Carlo. I: General formalismJan 15 1996Jan 23 1996We show how information on the uniformity properties of a point set employed in numerical multidimensional integration can be used to improve the error estimate over the usual Monte Carlo one. We introduce a new measure of (non-)uniformity for point sets, ... More
Algebraic colimit calculations in homotopy theory using fibred and cofibred categoriesSep 24 2008Sep 29 2008Higher Homotopy van Kampen Theorems allow the computation as colimits of certain homotopical invariants of glued spaces. One corollary is to describe homotopical excision in critical dimensions in terms of induced modules and crossed modules over groupoids. ... More
AC-Driven Perovskite Light-Emitting TransistorsOct 05 2017Perovskite light-emitting field-effect transistors (PeLEFETs) provide a versatile device architecture to control transport and electroluminescence properties of hybrid perovskites, enabling injection of high charge carrier density and spatial control ... More
Holographic Measurement and Improvement of the Green Bank Telescope SurfaceJul 11 2011We describe the successful design, implementation, and operation of a 12 GHz holography system installed on the Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope (GBT). We have used a geostationary satellite beacon to construct high-resolution holographic images of ... More
Symplectic surfaces in a fixed homology classFeb 04 1999Oct 08 1999The purpose of this paper is to investigate the following problem: For a fixed 2-dimensional homology class K in a simply connected symplectic 4-manifold, up to smooth isotopy, how many connected smoothly embedded symplectic submanifolds represent K? ... More
Tori in symplectic 4-manifoldsNov 19 2003Sep 29 2004We study the question of how many embedded symplectic or Lagrangian tori can represent the same homology class in a simply connected symplectic 4-manifold.