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Metamorphic Detection of Adversarial Examples in Deep Learning Models With Affine TransformationsJul 10 2019Adversarial attacks are small, carefully crafted perturbations, imperceptible to the naked eye; that when added to an image cause deep learning models to misclassify the image with potentially detrimental outcomes. With the rise of artificial intelligence ... More
Semiclassical second microlocalization at linear coisotropic submanifolds in the torusFeb 23 2017We develop a semiclassical second microlocal calculus of pseudodifferential operators associated to linear coisotropic submanifolds $\mathcal{C}\subset T^* \mathbb{T}^n$, where $\mathbb{T}^n = \mathbb{R}^n / \mathbb{Z}^n$. First microlocalization is localization ... More
The extremal functions of classes of matroids of bounded branch-widthMar 27 2015Jan 24 2016For a set of matroids $\mathcal{M}$, let $ex_\mathcal{M}(n)$ be the maximum size of a simple rank-$n$ matroid in $\mathcal{M}$. We prove that, for any finite field $\mathbb{F}$, if $\mathcal{M}$ is a minor-closed class of $\mathbb{F}$-representable matroids ... More
Matroids with a modular 4-point lineSep 20 2013Mar 24 2014A result of Seymour implies that any 3-connected matroid with a modular 3-point line is binary. We prove a similar characterization for 3-connected matroids with modular 4-point lines. We show that such a matroid is either representable over GF(3) or ... More
Small-scale magnetic and velocity inhomogeneities in a sunspot light bridgeSep 02 2015High resolution spectro-polarimetric observations of a sunspot light bridge by Hinode, reveal small-scale inhomogeneities in the magnetic field and velocity. These inhomogeneities arise as a consequence of a weak, secondary lobe in the Stokes V profile ... More
Self-Coordinated Corona Graphs: a model for complex networksSep 28 2015Recently, real world networks having constant/shrinking diameter along with power-law degree distribution are observed and investigated in literature. Taking an inspiration from these findings, we propose a deterministic complex network model, which we ... More
Modelling large-deforming fluid-saturated porous media using an Eulerian incremental formulationOct 14 2016The paper deals with modelling fluid saturated porous media subject to large deformation. An Eulerian incremental formulation is derived using the problem imposed in the spatial configuration in terms of the equilibrium equation and the mass conservation. ... More
BTZ dynamics and chaosDec 25 2018We find an effective action for gravitational interactions with scalars in $AdS_3$ to first order in $G_N$ at the conformal boundary. This action can be understood as an action for the Brown-Henneaux modes and is given by the square-root product of right ... More
Computing girth and cogirth in perturbed graphic matroidsApr 28 2015Oct 14 2015We give polynomial-time randomized algorithms for computing the girth and the cogirth of binary matroids that are low-rank perturbations of graphic matroids.
Breakdown of deterministic lateral displacement efficiency for non-dilute suspensions: a numerical studyMay 27 2015We investigate the effect of particle volume fraction on the efficiency of deterministic lateral displacement (DLD) devices. DLD is a popular passive sorting technique for microfluidic applications. Yet, it has been designed for treating dilute suspensions, ... More
Linearized Theory of Traffic FlowDec 20 2014The equation of motion of a general class of macroscopic traffic flow models is linearized around a steady uniform flow. A closed-form solution of a boundary-initial value problem is obtained, and it is used to describe several phenomena. Specifically, ... More
Automated detection of business-relevant outliers in e-commerce conversion rateMay 15 2019May 16 2019We evaluate how modern outlier detection methods perform in identifying outliers in e-commerce conversion rate data. Based on the limitations identified, we then present a novel method to detect outliers in e-commerce conversion rate. This unsupervised ... More
Sampling Theory for Graph Signals on Product GraphsSep 26 2018In this paper, we extend the sampling theory on graphs by constructing a framework that exploits the structure in product graphs for efficient sampling and recovery of bandlimited graph signals that lie on them. Product graphs are graphs that are composed ... More
Representability of matroids with a large projective geometry minorApr 24 2013Mar 30 2015We prove that for each prime power $q$ there is an integer $n$ such that if $M$ is a $3$-connected, representable matroid with a PG$(n-1,q)$-minor and no $U_{2,q^2+1}$-minor, then $M$ is representable over GF$(q)$. We also show that for $\ell >= 2$, if ... More
Automated detection of business-relevant outliers in e-commerce conversion rateMay 15 2019We evaluate how modern outlier detection methods perform in identifying outliers in e-commerce conversion rate data. Based on the limitations identified, we then present a novel method to detect outliers in e-commerce conversion rate. This unsupervised ... More
The Chen-Chvátal conjecture for metric spaces induced by distance-hereditary graphsDec 09 2013Jul 06 2014A special case of a theorem of De Bruijn and Erd\H{o}s asserts that any noncollinear set of $n$ points in the plane determines at least $n$ distinct lines. Chen and Chv\'atal conjectured a generalization of this result to arbitrary finite metric spaces, ... More
Novel Phases at High Density and their Roles in the Structure and Evolution of Neutron StarsNov 14 2002We present a pedagogic discussion on the role of novel phases of dense baryonic matter in ``neutron'' stars. Qualitative aspects of the physics that drives phase transitions and some of its astrophysical consequences are discussed. Observable aspects ... More
Multi-Language Identification Using Convolutional Recurrent Neural NetworkNov 12 2016Language Identification, being an important aspect of Automatic Speaker Recognition has had many changes and new approaches to ameliorate performance over the last decade. We compare the performance of using audio spectrum in the log scale and using Polyphonic ... More
Scale Steerable Filters for Locally Scale-Invariant Convolutional Neural NetworksJun 10 2019Augmenting transformation knowledge onto a convolutional neural network's weights has often yielded significant improvements in performance. For rotational transformation augmentation, an important element to recent approaches has been the use of a steerable ... More
A Study Of Cyber Security Challenges And Its Emerging Trends On Latest TechnologiesFeb 08 2014Cyber Security plays an important role in the field of information technology .Securing the information have become one of the biggest challenges in the present day. When ever we think about the cyber security the first thing that comes to our mind is ... More
Dimensionality Reduction: An Empirical Study on the Usability of IFE-CF (Independent Feature Elimination- by C-Correlation and F-Correlation) MeasuresFeb 05 2010The recent increase in dimensionality of data has thrown a great challenge to the existing dimensionality reduction methods in terms of their effectiveness. Dimensionality reduction has emerged as one of the significant preprocessing steps in machine ... More
Advection-Dominated Accretion around Black HolesMar 12 1998This article reviews the physics of advection-dominated accretion flows (ADAFs) and describes applications to several black hole X-ray binaries and galactic nuclei. The possibility of using ADAFs to explore the event horizons of black holes is highlighted. ... More
Advection-Dominated Accretion Model for Sagittarius A$^*$: Evidence for a $10^6\msun$ Black Hole at the Galactic CenterNov 16 1994The enigmatic radio source Sagittarius A* at the centre of our Galaxy appears to be a low-luminosity version of active galactic nuclei in other galaxies. By analogy with active galactic nuclei models, it has been proposed that Sgr A* may be a massive ... More
Machine Learning DDoS Detection for Consumer Internet of Things DevicesApr 11 2018An increasing number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices are connecting to the Internet, yet many of these devices are fundamentally insecure, exposing the Internet to a variety of attacks. Botnets such as Mirai have used insecure consumer IoT devices ... More
A Generic Checkpoint-Restart Mechanism for Virtual MachinesDec 08 2012It is common today to deploy complex software inside a virtual machine (VM). Snapshots provide rapid deployment, migration between hosts, dependability (fault tolerance), and security (insulating a guest VM from the host). Yet, for each virtual machine, ... More
Harmony in Electrons: Cyclotron and Synchrotron Emission by Thermal Electrons in a Magnetic FieldJan 12 1996We present a complete solution to the cyclotron-synchrotron radiation due to an isotropic distribution of electrons moving in a magnetic field. We make no approximations in the calculations other than artificially broadening the harmonics by a small amount ... More
Asymptotic Density of Graphs Excluding Disconnected MinorsMar 10 2019For a graph $H$, let $$c_{\infty}(H)= \lim_{n \to \infty}\max\frac{|E(G)|}{n},$$ where the maximum is taken over all graphs $G$ on $n$ vertices not containing $H$ as a minor. Thus $c_{\infty}(H)$ is the asymptotic maximum density of graphs not containing ... More
Deep Learning For Computer Vision Tasks: A reviewApr 11 2018Deep learning has recently become one of the most popular sub-fields of machine learning owing to its distributed data representation with multiple levels of abstraction. A diverse range of deep learning algorithms are being employed to solve conventional ... More
Lyapunov exponents and eigenvalues of products of random matricesJun 24 2016Let $X_1,X_2, \ldots $ be a sequence of $i.i.d$ real (complex) $d \times d $ invertible random matrices with common distribution $\mu$ and $\sigma_1(n), \sigma_2(n), \ldots , \sigma_d(n)$ be the singular values, $\lambda_1(n), \lambda_2(n), \ldots , \lambda_d(n)$ ... More
Forecasting neutron star temperatures: predictability and variabilityJul 17 2013It is now possible to model thermal relaxation of neutron stars after bouts of accretion during which the star is heated out of equilibrium by nuclear reactions in its crust. Major uncertainties in these models can be encapsulated in modest variations ... More
Key Management in Wireless Sensor Networks Using a Modified Blom SchemeMar 29 2011Key establishment between any pair of nodes is an essential requirement for providing secure services in wireless sensor networks. Blom's scheme is a prominent key management scheme but its shortcomings include large computation overhead and memory cost. ... More
Few Non-derogatory Directed Graphs from Directed CyclesJul 07 2017We constructed a few non-derogatory digraphs by adding arcs to a directed cycle and computed their characteristic polynomials and exponents.
Limiting empirical distribution of zeros and critical points of random polynomials agree in generalSep 02 2016In this article, we study critical points (zeros of derivative) of random polynomials. Take two deterministic sequences $\{a_n\}_{n\geq1}$ and $\{b_n\}_{n\geq1}$ of complex numbers whose limiting empirical measures are same. By choosing $\xi_n = a_n$ ... More
Robust Online Speed Scaling With Deadline UncertaintyNov 14 2017A speed scaling problem is considered, where time is divided into slots, and jobs with payoff $v$ arrive at the beginning of the slot with associated deadlines $d$. Each job takes one slot to be processed, and multiple jobs can be processed by the server ... More
Dissecting Ubiquitin Folding Using the Self-Organized Polymer ModelJul 08 2015Folding of Ubiquitin (Ub) is investigated at low and neutral pH at different temperatures using simulations of the coarse-grained Self-Organized-Polymer model with side chains. The calculated radius of gyration, showing dramatic variations with pH, is ... More
Study of Cloud Computing in HealthCare IndustryFeb 08 2014In Todays real world technology has become a domiant crucial component in every industry including healthcare industry. The benefits of storing electronically the records of patients have increased the productivity of patient care and easy accessibility ... More
Classification of Dermoscopy Images using Deep LearningAug 05 2018Skin cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer and its incidence is projected to rise over the next decade. Artificial intelligence is a viable solution to the issue of providing quality care to patients in areas lacking access to trained dermatologists. ... More
The Galactic Thick Disk: An Observational PerspectiveNov 03 2009In this review, we present a brief description of observational efforts to understand the Galactic thick disk and its relation to the other Galactic components. This review primarily focused on elemental abundance patterns of the thick disk population ... More
Adjacency Algebra of Unitary Cayley GraphJul 10 2017A few properties of unitary Cayley graphs are explored using their eigenvalues. It is shown that the adjacency algebra of a unitary Cayley graph is a coherent algebra. Finally, a class of unitary Cayley graphs that are distance regular are also obtained. ... More
Holographic chiral induced W-gravitiesDec 08 2014We study boundary conditions for 3-dimensional higher spin gravity that admit asymptotic symmetry algebras expected of 2-dimensional induced higher spin theories in the light cone gauge. For the higher spin theory based on sl(3, R) plus sl(3,R) algebra, ... More
Gamma-ray Emission From Advection-Dominated Accretion Flows Around Black Holes: Application to the Galactic CenterApr 02 1997Jun 11 1997We calculate the flux and spectrum of \gamma-rays emitted by a two-temperature advection-dominated accretion flow (ADAF) around a black hole. The \gamma-rays are from the decay of neutral pions produced through proton-proton collisions. We discuss both ... More
On Asymptotic Symmetries of 3d Extended SupergravitiesDec 26 2017We study asymptotic symmetry algebras for classes of three dimensional supergravities with and without cosmological constant. In the first part we generalise some of the non-Dirichlet boundary conditions of $AdS_3$ gravity to extended supergravity theories, ... More
Steady accretion of an elastic body on a hard spherical surface and the notion of a four-dimensional reference spaceMar 11 2016Taking the cue from experiments on actin growth on spherical beads, we formulate and solve a model problem describing the accretion of an incompressible elastic solid on a rigid sphere due to attachment of diffusing free particles. One of the peculiar ... More
Shape optimization of phononic band gap structures using the homogenization approachJan 01 2016Mar 24 2017The paper deals with optimization of the acoustic band gaps computed using the homogenized model of strongly heterogeneous elastic composite which is constituted by soft inclusions periodically distributed in stiff elastic matrix. We employ the homogenized ... More
Kinetics of surface growth with coupled diffusion and the emergence of a universal growth pathMar 22 2018Surface growth, by association or dissociation of material on the boundaries of a body, is ubiquitous in both natural and engineering systems. It is the fundamental mechanism by which biological materials grow, starting from the level of a single cell, ... More
Murmur Detection Using Parallel Recurrent & Convolutional Neural NetworksAug 13 2018In this article, we propose a novel technique for classification of the Murmurs in heart sound. We introduce a novel deep neural network architecture using parallel combination of the Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) based Bidirectional Long Short-Term ... More
TRUST-TECH based Methods for Optimization and LearningDec 25 2007Many problems that arise in machine learning domain deal with nonlinearity and quite often demand users to obtain global optimal solutions rather than local optimal ones. Optimization problems are inherent in machine learning algorithms and hence many ... More
A Glimpse of the First GalaxiesFeb 04 2011The recently refurbished Hubble Space Telescope reveals a galaxy from a time when the Universe was just 500 million years old, providing insights into the first throes of galaxy formation and the reionization of the Universe.
Coding Side-Information for Implementing Cubic TransformationJun 15 2015This paper considers the implementation of the cubic public-key transformation, a public-key cryptographic scheme that requires sending of additional side-information. A coding scheme for the side-information, based on the residue number system, is presented. ... More
Low power-area designs of 1bit full adder in cadence virtuoso platformSep 10 2013Power consumption has emerged as a primary design constraint for integrated circuits (ICs). In the Nano meter technology regime, leakage power has become a major component of total power. Full adder is the basic functional unit of an ALU. The power consumption ... More
Encryption of Binary and Non-Binary Data Using Chained Hadamard TransformsDec 20 2010This paper presents a new chaining technique for the use of Hadamard transforms for encryption of both binary and non-binary data. The lengths of the input and output sequence need not be identical. The method may be used also for hashing.
LRS Bianchi type-I bulk viscous cosmological models in $f(R,T)$ gravityJul 07 2017Nov 23 2017We have studied the locally rotationally symmetric (LRS) Bianchi type-I cosmological model in $f(R,T)$ gravity ($R$ is the Ricci scalar and $T$ is the trace of the stress energy tensor) with Bulk viscous fluid as matter content. The model is constructed ... More
Particle motion and scattering in Finslerian Schwarzschild metricJan 03 2018Finsler geometry is just riemannian geometry without the quadratic restriction[1]. In this paper, we study the motion of massive(non-zero rest mass) and massless particles for schwarzschild metric in finsler spacetime in the case of two dimensional Randers-Finsler ... More
Neutrinos from Protoneutron Stars: A Probe of Hot and Dense matterAug 03 1995Neutrino processes in dense matter play a key role in the dynamics, deleptonization and early cooling of hot protoneutron stars formed in the gravitational collapse of massive stars. Here we calculate neutrino mean free paths from neutrino-hyperon interactions ... More
Aggregations over Generalized Hypertree DecompositionsAug 30 2015Dec 10 2015We study a class of aggregate-join queries with multiple aggregation operators evaluated over annotated relations. We show that straightforward extensions of standard multiway join algorithms and generalized hypertree decompositions (GHDs) provide best-known ... More
Automatic creation of urban velocity fields from aerial videoDec 07 2009In this paper, we present a system for modelling vehicle motion in an urban scene from low frame-rate aerial video. In particular, the scene is modelled as a probability distribution over velocities at every pixel in the image. We describe the complete ... More
Shape optimization of phononic band gap structures using the homogenization approachJan 01 2016The paper deals with optimization of the acoustic band gaps computed using the homogenized model of strongly heterogeneous elastic composite which is constituted by soft inclusions periodically distributed in stiff elastic matrix. We employ the homogenized ... More
Small-scale chromospheric jets above a sunspot light bridgeMay 31 2014Jun 16 2014High-resolution broadband filtergrams of active region NOAA 11271 in Ca ii H and G band were obtained with the Solar Optical Telescope on board Hinode to identify the physical driver responsible for the dynamic and small-scale chromospheric jets above ... More
The Java Build Framework: Large Scale CompilationApr 12 2018Large repositories of source code for research tend to limit their utility to static analysis of the code, as they give no guarantees on whether the projects are compilable, much less runnable in any way. The immediate consequence of the lack of large ... More
Multiscale finite element calculations in Python using SfePyOct 01 2018SfePy (Simple finite elements in Python) is a software for solving various kinds of problems described by partial differential equations in one, two or three spatial dimensions by the finite element method. Its source code is mostly (85\%) Python and ... More
Equality of Lyapunov and stability exponents for products of isotropic random matricesJan 12 2016We show that Lyapunov exponents and stability exponents are equal in the case of product of $i.i.d$ isotropic(also known as bi-unitarily invariant) random matrices. We also derive aysmptotic distribution of singular values and eigenvalues of these product ... More
Neutrino Scattering in a Newly Born Neutron StarOct 15 1996Oct 16 1996We calculate neutrino cross sections from neutral current reactions in the dense matter encountered in the evolution of a newly born neutron star. Effects of composition and of strong interactions in the deleptonization and cooling phases of the evolution ... More
Reconstructing Faces from fMRI Patterns using Deep Generative Neural NetworksOct 09 2018Feb 17 2019While objects from different categories can be reliably decoded from fMRI brain response patterns, it has proved more difficult to distinguish visually similar inputs, such as different instances of the same category. Here, we apply a recently developed ... More
Quarkyonic Matter and Neutron StarsNov 29 2018We consider Quarkyonic Matter to naturally explain the observed properties of neutron stars. We argue that such matter might exist at densities close to that of nuclear matter and at the onset, the pressure and the sound velocity in Quarkyonic matter ... More
Phase Structure of 2-Flavor Quark Matter: Heterogeneous SuperconductorsMay 19 2004Jul 21 2004We analyze the free energy of charge and color neutral 2-flavor quark matter within the BCS approximation. We consider both the homogeneous gapless superconducting phase and the heterogeneous mixed phase where normal and BCS superconducting phases coexist. ... More
First Order Kaon Condensation in Neutron Stars: Finite Size Effects in the Mixed PhaseOct 23 2000We study the role of Coulomb and surface effects on the phase transition from dense nuclear matter to a mixed phase of nuclear and kaon-condensed matter. We calculate corrections to the bulk calculation of the equation of state (EOS) and the critical ... More
Radial velocity comparison of Gaia DR2 and RAVE DR5 survey: a systematic offset in radial velocities among a group of highly accurate radial velocity starsJul 31 2018Here, we report comparative study of radial velocity ($\rm RV$) data of two major surveys: Gaia Data Release 2 and RAVE Data Release 5. We restricted the sample to stars with relatively accurate radial velocities ($\sigma_{\rm RV_{Gaia}} \leq$ 2 km s$^{-1}$ ... More
Probability that product of real random matrices have all eigenvalues real tend to 1Jun 24 2016In this article we consider products of real random matrices with fixed size. Let $A_1,A_2, \dots $ be i.i.d $k \times k$ real matrices, whose entries are independent and identically distributed from probability measure $\mu$. Let $X_n = A_1A_2\dots A_n$. ... More
Twitter Sentiment Analysis using Distributed Word and Sentence RepresentationApr 01 2019An important part of the information gathering and data analysis is to find out what people think about, either a product or an entity. Twitter is an opinion rich social networking site. The posts or tweets from this data can be used for mining people's ... More
Evaluation of Channel Assignment Performance Prediction Techniques in Random Wireless Mesh NetworksNov 15 2015Nov 17 2015Performance of wireless mesh networks (WMNs) in terms of network capacity, end-to-end latency, and network resilience depends upon the prevalent levels of interference. Thus, interference alleviation is a fundamental design concern in multi-radio multi-channel ... More
Predicting Performance of Channel Assignments in Wireless Mesh Networks through Statistical Interference EstimationMar 30 2015Jun 28 2015Wireless Mesh Network (WMN) deployments are poised to reduce the reliance on wired infrastructure especially with the advent of the multi-radio multi-channel (MRMC) WMN architecture. But the benefits that MRMC WMNs offer viz., augmented network capacity, ... More
Determinantal point processes in the plane from products of random matricesAug 30 2013Oct 21 2013We show the density of eigenvalues for three classes of random matrix ensembles is determinantal. First we derive the density of eigenvalues of product of $k$ independent $n\times n$ matrices with i.i.d. complex Gaussian entries with a few of matrices ... More
Block Based Medical Image Watermarking Technique for Tamper Detection and RecoveryNov 17 2014In this paper, we propose a novel fragile block based medical image watermarking technique for embedding data of patient into medical image, verifying the integrity of ROI (Region of Interest), detecting the tampered blocks inside ROI and recovering original ... More
Neutrino Signatures From Young Neutron StarsDec 12 2016After a successful core collapse supernova (CCSN) explosion, a hot dense proto-neutron star (PNS) is left as a remnant. Over a time of twenty or so seconds, this PNS emits the majority of the neutrinos that come from the CCSN, contracts, and loses most ... More
Enhanced Image Analysis Using Cached Mobile RobotsDec 11 2012In the field of Artificial intelligence Image processing plays a vital role in Decision making. Nowadays Mobile robots work as a Network sharing Centralized Database. All Image inputs are compared against this database and decision is made. In some cases ... More
An irreducibility criterion for polynomials over integersJul 07 2019In this article, we consider the polynomials of the form $f(x)=a_0+a_1x+a_2x^2+\cdots+a_nx^n\in \mathbb{Z}[x],$ where $|a_0|=|a_1|+\dots+|a_n|$ and $|a_0|$ is a prime. We show that these polynomials have a cyclotomic factor whenever reducible. As a consequence, ... More
Exponents of primitive symmetric companion matricesJun 18 2018In this paper, we found 1. total number of primitive and imprimitive symmetric companion matrices. 2. the exponent set for the class of primitive symmetric companion matrices. More generally we found exponent of every primitive symmetric companion matrix. ... More
Learning about Potential Users of Collaborative Information Retrieval SystemsAug 05 2009One of the key components of designing usable and useful collaborative information retrieval systems is to understand the needs of the users of these systems. Our research team has been exploring collaborative information behavior in a variety of organizational ... More
The binary primes sequence for computational hardening of pseudorandom sequencesJun 01 2016This paper proposes the use of the binary primes sequence to strengthen pseudorandom (PN) decimal sequences for cryptography applications. The binary primes sequence is added to the PN decimal sequence (where one can choose from many arbitrary shift values) ... More
Visualizing Bags of VectorsOct 12 2013The motivation of this work is two-fold - a) to compare between two different modes of visualizing data that exists in a bag of vectors format b) to propose a theoretical model that supports a new mode of visualizing data. Visualizing high dimensional ... More
Power comparison of CMOS and adiabatic full adder circuitOct 07 2011Full adders are important components in applications such as digital signal processors (DSP) architectures and microprocessors. Apart from the basic addition adders also used in performing useful operations such as subtraction, multiplication, division, ... More
An Approach for Self-Training Audio Event Detectors Using Web DataSep 20 2016Sep 23 2016Audio event detection in the era of Big Data has the constraint of lacking annotations to train robust models that match the scale of class diversity. This is mainly due to the expensive and time-consuming process of manually annotating sound events in ... More
Anisotropic permeability in deterministic lateral displacement arraysOct 26 2016We investigate anisotropic permeability of microfluidic deterministic lateral displacement (DLD) arrays. A DLD array can achieve high-resolution bimodal size-based separation of micro-particles, including bioparticles such as cells. Correct operation ... More
SocioSense: Robot Navigation Amongst Pedestrians with Social and Psychological ConstraintsJun 04 2017We present a real-time algorithm, SocioSense, for socially-aware navigation of a robot amongst pedestrians. Our approach computes time-varying behaviors of each pedestrian using Bayesian learning and Personality Trait theory. These psychological characteristics ... More
Lines, betweenness and metric spacesDec 29 2014A classic theorem of Euclidean geometry asserts that any noncollinear set of $n$ points in the plane determines at least $n$ distinct lines. Chen and Chv\'atal conjectured that this holds for an arbitrary finite metric space, with a certain natural definition ... More
Texture Synthesis with Recurrent Variational Auto-EncoderDec 23 2017We propose a recurrent variational auto-encoder for texture synthesis. A novel loss function, FLTBNK, is used for training the texture synthesizer. It is rotational and partially color invariant loss function. Unlike L2 loss, FLTBNK explicitly models ... More
RoadTrack: Tracking Road Agents in Dense and Heterogeneous EnvironmentsJun 25 2019We present an algorithm to track traffic agents in dense videos. Our approach is designed for heterogeneous traffic scenarios that consist of different agents such as pedestrians, two-wheelers, cars, buses etc. sharing the road. We present a novel Heterogeneous ... More
Bi-directional Value Learning for Risk-aware Planning Under Uncertainty: Extended VersionFeb 15 2019Apr 06 2019Decision-making under uncertainty is a crucial ability for autonomous systems. In its most general form, this problem can be formulated as a Partially Observable Markov Decision Process (POMDP). The solution policy of a POMDP can be implicitly encoded ... More
Recurrence Width for Structured Dense Matrix Vector MultiplicationNov 04 2016Matrix-vector multiplication is one of the most fundamental computing primitives that has been studied extensively. Given a matrix $\mathbf{A}\in\mathbb{F}^{N\times N}$ and a vector $\mathbf{b}\in\mathbb{F}^N$, it is known that in the worst-case $\Theta(N^2)$ ... More
Improved State Estimation in Quadrotor MAVs: A Novel Drift-Free Velocity EstimatorSep 11 2015This paper describes the synthesis and evaluation of a novel state estimator for a Quadrotor Micro Aerial Vehicle. Dynamic equations which relate acceleration, attitude and the aero-dynamic propeller drag are encapsulated in an extended Kalman filter ... More
StereoDRNet: Dilated Residual Stereo NetApr 03 2019We propose a system that uses a convolution neural network (CNN) to estimate depth from a stereo pair followed by volumetric fusion of the predicted depth maps to produce a 3D reconstruction of a scene. Our proposed depth refinement architecture, predicts ... More
A Note on S-Matrix Bootstrap for Amplitudes with Linear SpectrumJul 25 2017Oct 17 2017We work out constraints imposed by channel duality and analyticity on tree-level amplitudes of four identical real scalars, with the assumptions of a linear spectrum of exchanged particles and Regge asymptotic behaviour. We reduce the requirement of channel ... More
Design of an adaptable Stokes polarimeter for exploring chromospheric magnetismJun 22 2017The chromosphere is a highly complex and dynamic layer of the Sun, that serves as a conduit for mass and energy supply between two, very distinct regions of the solar atmosphere, namely, the photosphere and corona. Inferring magnetic fields in the chromosphere, ... More
Framework for evaluation of sound event detection in web videosNov 02 2017Apr 04 2018The largest source of sound events is web videos. Most videos lack sound event labels at segment level, however, a significant number of them do respond to text queries, from a match found using metadata by search engines. In this paper we explore the ... More
Modeling, Simulation and Fairness Analysis of Wi-Fi and Unlicensed LTE CoexistenceApr 29 2018Coexistence of small-cell LTE and Wi-Fi networks in unlicensed bands at $5$ GHz is a topic of active interest, primarily driven by industry groups affiliated with the two (cellular and Wi-Fi) segments. A notable alternative to the 3GPP Rel. 13 defined ... More
Learning Quickly to Plan Quickly Using Modular Meta-LearningSep 20 2018Feb 16 2019Multi-object manipulation problems in continuous state and action spaces can be solved by planners that search over sampled values for the continuous parameters of operators. The efficiency of these planners depends critically on the effectiveness of ... More
Finding Frequent Entities in Continuous DataMay 08 2018In many applications that involve processing high-dimensional data, it is important to identify a small set of entities that account for a significant fraction of detections. Rather than formalize this as a clustering problem, in which all detections ... More
Integrating Human-Provided Information Into Belief State Representation Using Dynamic FactorizationFeb 28 2018Jul 30 2018In partially observed environments, it can be useful for a human to provide the robot with declarative information that represents probabilistic relational constraints on properties of objects in the world, augmenting the robot's sensory observations. ... More
Data-Driven Investigative Journalism For Connectas DatasetApr 23 2018The following paper explores the possibility of using Machine Learning algorithms to detect the cases of corruption and malpractice by governments. The dataset used by the authors contains information about several government contracts in Colombia from ... More
Modelling to study its non-linear effects on Communication System's performance with BER as performance measureDec 31 2010This paper is a study of non-linear effects of RF Amplifiers on Communication Systems Performance. High speed data communication is made possible by Multilevel Modulation schemes. This paper presents a study of these non linear effects on multilevel Modulation ... More