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Deep Neural Network Based Resource Allocation for V2X CommunicationsJun 24 2019This paper focuses on optimal transmit power allocation to maximize the overall system throughput in a vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication system. We propose two methods for solving the power allocation problem namely the weighted minimum mean square ... More
Learning the Wireless V2I Channels Using Deep Neural NetworksJul 10 2019For high data rate wireless communication systems, developing an efficient channel estimation approach is extremely vital for channel detection and signal recovery. With the trend of high-mobility wireless communications between vehicles and vehicles-to-infrastructure ... More
Extende beta, hypergeometric and confluent hypergeometric functionsJan 18 2019We aim to introduce a new extension of beta function and to study its important properties. Using this definition, we introduce and investigate new extended hypergeometric and confluent hypergeometric functions. Further, some hybrid representations of ... More
Sideband ground-state cooling of graphene with Rydberg atoms via vacuum forcesJul 01 2019We present a scheme leading to ground-state cooling of the fundamental out-of-plane (flexural) mode of a suspended graphene sheet. Our proposal exploits the coupling between a driven Rydberg atom and the graphene resonator, which is enabled by vacuum ... More
Design and Focused Ion Beam Fabrication of Single Crystal Diamond Nanobeam CavitiesAug 08 2010Oct 11 2010We present the design and fabrication of nanobeam photonic crystal cavities in single crystal diamond for applications in cavity quantum electrodynamics. First, we describe three-dimensional finite-difference time-domain simulations of a high quality ... More
On the Hermitian Geometry of $k$-Gauduchon Orthogonal Complex StructuresNov 02 2018Dec 05 2018The purpose of this note is to study the complex structures orthogonal to a given Riemannian metric. For another paper on this topic, we highly recommend the work of Salamon. His work describes in great detail the role that curvature plays in this question. ... More
On The Expected Total Curvature of Confined Equilateral QuadrilateralsFeb 17 2019Mar 05 2019In this paper, we prove that the total expected curvature for random spatial equilateral quadrilaterals with diameter at most $r$ decreases as $r$ increases. To do so, we prove several curvature monotonicity inequalities and stochastic ordering lemmas ... More
Cardinal-indexed classifying spaces for families of subgroups of any topological groupJul 01 2019Any $G$-space isovariantly or approximately covered by tubes is the pullback of a classifying space indexed by the orbit types of the tubes and the cardinality of the cover.
Multi-Comm-Core Architecture for Terabit/s WirelessAug 09 2015Sep 15 2015Wireless communications along with the Internet has been the most transformative technology in the past 50 years. We expect that wireless data growth driven by new mobile applications, need to connect all humankind (not just 1/3) as well as Billions of ... More
Rigidity of pseudo-free group actions on contractible manifoldsMar 21 2012Jul 31 2012This article announces joint work with Frank Connolly and Jim Davis. We generalize our classification of pseudo-free involutions on the n-torus, by studying the action of the associated infinite group with torsion in the universal cover. Included is a ... More
Entanglement of Open Quantum Systems in Noninertial FramesMar 08 2013We study the effects of decoherence on the entanglement generated by Unruh effect in accelerated frames by using various combinations of an amplitude damping channel, a phase damping channel and a depolarizing channel in the form of multilocal and collective ... More
Noisy Relativistic Quantum Games in Noninertial FramesJul 23 2013The influence of noise and of Unruh effect on quantum Prisoners' dilemma is investigated both for entangled and unentangled initial states. The noise is incorporated through amplitude damping channel. For unentangled initial state, the decoherence compensates ... More
Latest Results from the SGO CollaborationAug 13 1996We present results for the spectrum and decay constants of B mesons from NRQCD using dynamical configurations at $\beta=5.6$ with two flavours of staggered fermions. The light quarks are generated using the Clover action with tadpole improvement.
The Drift Laplacian and Hermitian GeometryDec 16 2015Feb 26 2017Let $(M^n, h)$ be a compact Hermitian manifold. Suppose $\lambda$ is the lowest eigenvalue of the complex Laplacian on $M$. We prove that $\lambda \geq C$ where $C$ depends only on the dimension $n$, the diameter $d$, the Ricci curvature of the Levi-Civita ... More
Heavy-light Mesons and Baryons with b quarksDec 19 1999Jul 26 2001We present lattice results for the spectrum of mesons containing one heavy quark and of baryons containing one or two heavy quarks. The calculation is done in the quenched approximation using the NRQCD formalism for the heavy quark. We analyze the dependence ... More
A Minimal Lamination of the Unit Ball with Singularities along a Line SegmentFeb 20 2009Apr 01 2009We construct a sequence of compact embedded minimal disks in the unit ball in Euclidean 3-space whose boundaries are in the boundary of the ball and where the curvatures blow up at every point of a line segment of the vertical axis, extending from the ... More
A Superspace Formulation of the BV Action for Higher Derivative GravityAug 03 2012In this paper we analyse perturbative higher derivative gravity which is known to possess a BRST symmetry associated with its higher derivative structure. We first analyse the anti-BRST and double BRST symmetries of this theory. We then discuss the extended ... More
Non-maximal Tripartite Entanglement Degradation of Dirac and Scalar fields in Non-inertial framesFeb 28 2014The {\pi}-tangle is used to study the behavior of entanglement of a nonmaximal tripartite state of both Dirac and scalar fields in accelerated frame. For Dirac fields, the degree of degradation with acceleration of both one-tangle of accelerated observer ... More
Chiral Perturbation Theory and Finite Size Effects on the Nucleon Mass in unquenched QCDSep 19 2003Jan 14 2004We calculate finite size effects on nucleon masses in chiral perturbation theory. We confront the theoretical predictions with N_f=2 lattice results and discuss chiral extrapolation formulae.
The nucleon mass in N_f=2 lattice QCD: finite size effects from chiral perturbation theoryDec 18 2003Apr 26 2004In the framework of relativistic SU(2)_f baryon chiral perturbation theory we calculate the volume dependence of the nucleon mass up to and including O(p^4). Since the parameters in the resulting finite size formulae are fixed from the pion mass dependence ... More
Quantum Stackelberg duopoly in the presence of correlated noiseSep 01 2009Oct 23 2010We study the influence of entanglement and correlated noise using correlated amplitude damping, depolarizing and phase damping channels on the quantum Stackelberg duopoly. Our investigations show that under the action of amplitude damping channel a critical ... More
Finite Size Effects in Nucleon Masses in Dynamical QCDSep 12 2002For lattice calculations with light dynamical quarks, finite size effects have become an important aspect. We study finite size effects in nucleon masses on N_f=2 dynamical lattices of 1-2 fm. Predictions for the finite size effects are obtained in one-loop ... More
Eight-channel reconfigurable microring filters with tunable frequency, extinction ratio and bandwidthJul 07 2010We demonstrate an eight-channel reconfigurable optical filter on a silicon chip consisting of cascaded microring resonators and integrated compact heaters. With an embedded Mach-Zehnder (MZ) arm coupling to a microring resonator, the important parameters ... More
Origin of Periodic Modulations in the Transient Reflectivity Signal at Cryogenic TemperaturesAug 28 2012Periodic modulations that appear in the low-temperature transient reflectivity signal of a GaAsP/AlGaAs single quantum well is studied. Similar anomalous oscillations are also observed in layered manganite [K. Kouyama J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 76:123702(1-3), ... More
Magnetic domain texture and the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction in Pt/Co/IrMn and Pt/Co/FeMn thin films with perpendicular exchange biasMay 22 2018Antiferromagnetic materials present us with rich and exciting physics, which we can exploit to open new avenues in spintronic device applications. We explore perpendicularly magnetized exchange biased systems of Pt/Co/IrMn and Pt/Co/FeMn, where the crossover ... More
Enhanced Single Photon Emission from a Diamond-Silver ApertureMay 20 2011We have developed a scalable method for coupling single color centers in diamond to plasmonic resonators and demonstrated Purcell enhancement of the single photon emission rate of nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers. Our structures consist of single nitrogen-vacancy ... More
Divergence-conforming discontinuous Galerkin finite elements for Stokes eigenvalue problemsMay 23 2018In this paper, we present a divergence-conforming discontinuous Galerkin finite element method for Stokes eigenvalue problems. We prove a priori error estimates for the eigenvalue and eigenfunction errors and present a robust residual based a posteriori ... More
Deep Multiple Instance Learning for Zero-shot Image TaggingMar 16 2018In-line with the success of deep learning on traditional recognition problem, several end-to-end deep models for zero-shot recognition have been proposed in the literature. These models are successful to predict a single unseen label given an input image, ... More
A Computer Virus Propagation Model Using Delay Differential Equations With Probabilistic Contagion And ImmunityOct 21 2014The SIR model is used extensively in the field of epidemiology, in particular, for the analysis of communal diseases. One problem with SIR and other existing models is that they are tailored to random or Erdos type networks since they do not consider ... More
Perytons and their Possible SourcesApr 20 2014Perytons are terrestrial signals that exhibit dispersion measure (DM) similar to pulsars. In trying to identify terrestrial sources of such perytons, investigation into signals from airborne equipment (aircraft), RFI emissions from electronics and lightning ... More
Parallel Algorithms for Generating Random Networks with Given Degree SequencesJun 04 2014May 26 2015Random networks are widely used for modeling and analyzing complex processes. Many mathematical models have been proposed to capture diverse real-world networks. One of the most important aspects of these models is degree distribution. Chung--Lu (CL) ... More
Network Parameters Impact on Dynamic Transmission Power Control in Vehicular Ad hoc NetworksOct 09 2013In vehicular ad hoc networks, the dynamic change in transmission power is very effective to increase the throughput of the wireless vehicular network and decrease the delay of the message communication between vehicular nodes on the highway. Transmission ... More
Abel-Grassmann's groupoids characterized by (\in ,\in \vee q_{k}) fuzzy bi-idealsOct 19 2010Using the idea of a quasi-coincedece of a fuzzy point with a fuzzy set, the concept of an ({\alpha},{\beta})-fuzzy bi-ibeals in AG-groupoid is introduced in this paper, which is a generalization of the concept of a fuzzy bi-ideal in AG-groupoid and some ... More
Ideals in Left Almost SemigroupsApr 10 2009A left almost semigroup (LA-semigroup) or an Abel-Grassmann's groupoid (AG-groupoid) is investigated in several papers. In this paper we have discussed ideals in LA-semigroups. Specifically, we have shown that every ideal in an LA-semigroup S with left ... More
The Morel-Voevodsky localization theorem in spectral algebraic geometryOct 21 2016May 13 2019We prove an analogue of the Morel-Voevodsky localization theorem over spectral algebraic spaces. As a corollary we deduce a "derived nilpotent invariance" result which, informally speaking, says that A^1-homotopy invariance kills all higher homotopy groups ... More
On statistical approximation properties of on statistical approximation properties of (p,q)-bleimann-butzer-hahn operatorsOct 26 2015The aim of this paper is to introduce a generalization of the (p,q)-Bleimann-Butzer-Hahn operators based on (p,q)-integers and obtain Korovkin's type statistical approximation theorem for these operators. Also, we establish the rate of convergence of ... More
On the Random Wave Conjecture for Dihedral Maaß FormsApr 10 2019We prove two results on arithmetic quantum chaos for dihedral Maass forms, both of which are manifestations of Berry's random wave conjecture: Planck scale mass equidistribution and an asymptotic formula for the fourth moment. For level $1$ forms, these ... More
Phase Slip Solutions in Magnetically Modulated Taylor-Couette FlowApr 06 2017We numerically investigate Taylor-Couette flow in a wide-gap configuration, with $r_i/r_o=1/2$, the inner cylinder rotating, and the outer cylinder stationary. The fluid is taken to be electrically conducting, and a magnetic field of the form $B_z\approx(1 ... More
Quantum Multiplexers, Parrondo Games, and Proper QuantizationJun 03 2009A quantum logic gate of particular interest to both electrical engineers and game theorists is the quantum multiplexer. This shared interest is due to the facts that an arbitrary quantum logic gate may be expressed, up to arbitrary accuracy, via a circuit ... More
Nash equilibrium quantum states and optimal quantum data classificationFeb 22 2015Jul 27 2015This letter reports a novel application of game theory to quantum informational processes which can be used to optimally classify data generated by these processes. To this end, the notion of simultaneously distinguishing a pure quantum state, generated ... More
Converting Subalgebra Bases with the Sagbi WalkNov 25 2009We present an algorithm which converts a given Sagbi basis of a polynomial $K$-subalgebra $\mathcal{A}$ to a Sagbi basis of $\mathcal{A}$ in a polynomial ring with respect to another term ordering, under the assumption that subalgebra $\mathcal{A}$ admits ... More
On approximation by Stancu type q-Bernstein-Schurer-Kantorovich operatorsJan 25 2016In this paper we introduce the Stancu type generalization of the q-Bernstein-Schurer-Kantorovich operators and examine their approximation properties. We investigate the convergence of our operators with the help of the Korovkin's approximation theorem ... More
Approximation by (p,q)-Lorentz polynomials on a compact diskApr 20 2015In this paper, we introduce a new analogue of Lorentz polynomials based on (p,q)-integers and we call it as (p,q)-Lorentz polynomials. We obtain quantitative estimate in the Voronovskaja's type thoerem and exact orders in simultaneous approximation by ... More
Environmental influences on Quantum Monty Hall problemOct 23 2010Mar 27 2012We reformulate the quantum Monty Hall problem in the presence of decoherence. The decoherence destroys the fairness of the game. A new Nash equilibrium for a particular strategy profile in the presence of decoherence emerges. It is shown that in the presence ... More
Calculation of Finite Size Effects on the Nucleon Mass in Unquenched QCD using Chiral Perturbation TheoryDec 17 2003Jan 14 2004The finite size effects on nucleon masses are calculated in relativistic chiral perturbation theory. Results are compared with two-flavor lattice results.
Fuzzy Abel Grassmann's GroupoidsApr 01 2009In the present paper we have studied the concept of fuzzification in AG-groupoids. The equivalent statement for an AG-groupoid to be a commutative semigroup is proved. Fuzzy points have been defined in an AG-groupoid and has been shown the representation ... More
Decoherence effects on multiplayer cooperative quantum gamesJan 19 2017We study the behavior of cooperative multiplayer quantum games [35,36] in the presence of decoherence using different quantum channels such as amplitude damping, depolarizing and phase damping. It is seen that the outcomes of the games for the two damping ... More
Intra-regular Abel-Grassmann's groupoidsMay 25 2013We characterize intra-regular Abel-Grassmann's groupoids by the properties of their ideals and $(\in ,\in!\vee q_{k})$-fuzzy ideals of various types.
Quantum Monty Hall problem under decoherenceJul 14 2009We study the effect of decoherence on quantum Monty Hall problem under the influence of amplitude damping, depolarizing and dephasing channels. It is shown that under the effect of decoherence, there is a Nash equilibrium of the game in case of depolarizing ... More
Short cycles in digraphs and the Caccetta-Häggkvist conjectureOct 17 2016In the theory of digraphs, the study of cycles is a subject of great importance and has given birth to a number of deep questions such as the Behzad-Chartrand-Wall conjecture (1970) and its generalization, the Caccetta-H\"{a}ggkvist conjecture (1978). ... More
Martini coarse-grained model for clay-polymer nanocompositesJul 15 2019We have developed a coarse-grained (CG) model of a polymer-clay system consisting of organically modified montmorillonite nanoclay as the nanoparticle in accordance with the MARTINI forcefield. We have used mechanical properties and cleavage free energy ... More
Least-squares spectral element preconditioners for fourth order elliptic problemsAug 30 2016The goal of this paper is to propose preconditioners for the system of linear equations that arises from a discretization of fourth order elliptic problems using spectral element methods. These preconditioners are constructed using separation of variables ... More
Preventing Phishing Attacks using One Time Password and User Machine IdentificationMay 13 2013Phishing is a type of attack in which cyber criminals tricks the victims to steal their personal and financial data. It has become an organized criminal activity. Spoofed emails claiming to be from legitimate source are crafted in a way to lead victims ... More
Bricks and urbanism in the Indus Valley rise and declineFeb 27 2013Jul 24 2014The Indus Civilization, often denoted by its major city Harappa, spanned almost two millennia from 3200 to 1300 BC. Its tradition reaches back to 7000 BC: a 5000 year long expansion of villages and towns, of trading activity, and of technological advancements ... More
Renormalization Group Flow in non-compact QED with two charged staggered FermionsDec 08 1992We have investigated a system with two sets of staggered fermions with charges 1 and -1/2 coupling to a non-compact U(1) gauge field in 4 dimensions. The model exhibits breaking of chiral symmetries of both fermions at different values of beta. Chiral ... More
f_B and the Heavy-light Spectrum from NRQCDOct 24 1997The present status of lattice calculations of the B spectrum and f_B, using NRQCD for the b quark, is discussed.
Approximation by Kantorovich type (p,q)-Bernstein-Schurer OperatorsMay 25 2015In this paper, we introduce a Shurer type genaralization of (p,q)-Bernstein-Kantorovich operators based on (p,q)-integers and we call it as (p,q)-Bernstein-Schurer Kantorovich operators. We study approximation properties for these operators based on Korovkin's ... More
Considering Race a Problem of Transfer LearningDec 12 2018As biometric applications are fielded to serve large population groups, issues of performance differences between individual sub-groups are becoming increasingly important. In this paper we examine cases where we believe race is one such factor. We look ... More
Sentiment Classification of Customer Reviews about Automobiles in Roman UrduDec 30 2018Text mining is a broad field having sentiment mining as its important constituent in which we try to deduce the behavior of people towards a specific item, merchandise, politics, sports, social media comments, review sites etc. Out of many issues in sentiment ... More
Cascading Behavior in Yelp ReviewsDec 04 2017Social media has changed the landscape of marketing and consumer research as the adoption and promotion of businesses is becoming more and more dependent on how the customers are interacting and feeling about the business on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, ... More
Analyzing Self-Driving Cars on TwitterApr 05 2018This paper studies users' perception regarding a controversial product, namely self-driving (autonomous) cars. To find people's opinion regarding this new technology, we used an annotated Twitter dataset, and extracted the topics in positive and negative ... More
AES and SNOW 3G are Feasible Choices for a 5G Phone from Energy PerspectiveMar 28 2017The aspirations for a 5th generation (5G) mobile network are high. It has a vision of unprecedented data-rate and extremely pervasive connectivity. To cater such aspirations in a mobile phone, many existing efficiency aspects of a mobile phone need to ... More
Units in $FD_{2p^m}$Jul 01 2013In this note, we compute the order and provide the structure of the unit group $\mathcal{U}(FD_{2p^m})$ of the group algebra $FD_{2p^m}$, where $F$ is a finite field of characteristic 2 and $D_{2p^m}$ is the dihedral group of order $2p^m$ such that $p$ ... More
Units in $FD_{2p}$May 06 2013In this paper, we present the structure of the group of *-unitary units in the group algebra $FD_{2p}$, where $F$ is a finite field of characteristic $p > 2$, $D_{2p}$ is the dihedral group of order $2p$, and * is the canonical involution of the group ... More
Toric vector bundles on Bott towerFeb 24 2018Apr 08 2019In this paper, using Klyachko's classification theorem we study positivity and semi-stability of toric vector bundles on a class of nonsingular projective toric varieties, known as Bott towers. In particular, we give a criterion of $s$-jet ampleness of ... More
Detection of the Cosmic Far-Infrared Background in the AKARI Deep Field SouthFeb 19 2010Feb 21 2010We report the detection and measurement of the absolute brightness and spatial fluctuations of the cosmic infrared background (CIB) with the AKARI satellite. We have carried out observations at 65, 90, 140 and 160 um as a cosmological survey in AKARI ... More
Stable existence of incompressible 3-manifolds in 4-manifoldsFeb 17 2017Apr 11 2019Given an injective amalgam at the level of fundamental groups and a specific 3-manifold, is there a corresponding geometric-topological decomposition of a given 4-manifold, in a stable sense? We find an algebraic-topological splitting criterion in terms ... More
Dihedral manifold approximate fibrations over the circleMar 05 2009Sep 22 2009Consider the cyclic group C_2 of order two acting by complex-conjugation on the unit circle S^1. The main result is that a finitely dominated manifold W of dimension > 4 admits a cocompact, free, discontinuous action by the infinite dihedral group D_\infty ... More
On fuzzy-Γ-ideals of Γ-Abel-Grassmann's groupoidsNov 05 2010In this paper, we have introduced the notion of {\Gamma}-fuzzification in {\Gamma}-AG-groupoids which is in fact the generalization of fuzzy AG-groupoids. We have studied several properties of an intra-regular {\Gamma}-AG^{**}-groupoids in terms of fuzzy ... More
An Automated Algorithm for Approximation of Temporal Video Data Using Linear B'EZIER FittingMay 31 2010This paper presents an efficient method for approximation of temporal video data using linear Bezier fitting. For a given sequence of frames, the proposed method estimates the intensity variations of each pixel in temporal dimension using linear Bezier ... More
New lower bounds for the number of blocks in balanced incomplete block designsSep 12 2008May 31 2015Bose proved the inequality $b\geq v+r-1$ for resolvable balanced incomplete block designs (RBIBDs) and Kageyama improved it for RBIBDs which are not affine resolvable. In this note we prove a new lower bound on the number of blocks $b$ that holds for ... More
Application of supersymmetric quantum mechanics to study bound state properties of exotic hypernucleiSep 22 2015Bound state properties of few single and double-$\Lambda$ hypernuclei is critically examined in the framework of core-$\Lambda$ and core+$\Lambda+\Lambda$ few-body model applying hyperspherical harmonics expansion method (HHEM). The $\Lambda\Lambda$ potential ... More
Application of hyperspherical harmonics expansion method to the low-lying bound S-states of exotic two-muon three-body systemsJun 19 2014Jul 10 2014Energies of the low-lying bound S-states (L=0) of exotic three-body systems, consisting a nuclear core of charge +Ze (Z being atomic number of the core) and two negatively charged valence muons, have been calculated by hyperspherical harmonics expansion ... More
Topological Structure on Abel-Grassmann's GroupoidsApr 10 2009In this paper we have discussed the ideals in Abel Grassmann's groupoids and construct their topologies.
Generalized Fuzzy metric Spaces with an application to Colour image filteringSep 17 2018Impulsive noise is a problem encountered during the acquisition and transmission of digital images. Fuzzy metrics dealing nicely with the nonlinear nature of digital images are used in vector median-based filters for noise reduction in colour and multichannel ... More
Matrix valued truncated Toeplitz operators: basic propertiesApr 08 2017Matrix valued truncated Toeplitz operators act on vector-valued model spaces. They represent a generalization of block Toeplitz matrices. A characterization of these operators analogue to the scalar case is obtained, as well as the determination of the ... More
Bose atoms in a trap: a variational Monte Carlo formulation for the universal behavior at the Van der Waals length scaleMar 02 2006We present a variational Monte Carlo (VMC) formulation for the universal equations of state at the Van der Waals length scale [B. Gao, J. Phys. B \textbf{37}, L227 (2004)] for $N$ Bose atoms in a trap. The theory illustrates both how such equations of ... More
CRT and Fixed Patterns in Combinatorial SequencesApr 05 2015In this paper, new context of Chinese Remainder Theorem (CRT) based analysis of combinatorial sequence generators has been presented. CRT is exploited to establish fixed patterns in LFSR sequences and underlying cyclic structures of finite fields. New ... More
Heavy-light decay constants from relativistic Nf=2,0 QCDSep 16 1999We present results on an analysis of the decay constants fB and fBs with two flavours of sea quark. The calculation has been carried out on 3 different bare gauge couplings and 4 sea quark masses at each gauge coupling, with m_pi/m_rho ranging from 0.8 ... More
Equation of state for pure SU(3) gauge theory with RG improved actionSep 09 1999We present results for the equation of state for pure SU(3) gauge theory obtained with a renormalization-group (RG) improved action. The energy density and pressure are calculated on a $16^3\times 4$ and a $32^3\times 8$ lattice employing the integral ... More
Equation of state for pure SU(3) gauge theory with renormalization group improved actionMay 05 1999Sep 14 1999A lattice study of the equation of state for pure SU(3) gauge theory using a renormalization-group (RG) improved action is presented. The energy density and pressure are calculated on a $16^3\times 4$ and a $32^3\times 8$ lattice employing the integral ... More
A Minimum Angle Method for Dual FeasibilityJul 02 2012In this paper we presented a new driving variable approach in minimum angle rule which is simple and comparatively fast for providing a dual feasible basis. We also present experimental results that compare the speed of the minimum angle rule to the classical ... More
A Novel Application Licensing Framework for Mobile Cloud EnvironmentDec 30 2013Mobile cloud computing is a new technology that enhances smartphone applications capabilities in terms of performance, energy efficiency, and execution support. These features are achieved via computation offloading technique that is supported by specialized ... More
No fixed point guarantee of Nash equilibrium in quantum gamesSep 27 2016Nash equilibrium is not guaranteed in finite quantum games. In this letter, we revisit this fact using John Nash's original approach of countering sets and Kakutani's fixed point theorem. To the best of our knowledge, this mathematically formal approach ... More
Distributed heavy-ball: A generalization and acceleration of first-order methods with gradient trackingAug 08 2018Aug 10 2018We study distributed optimization to minimize a global objective that is a sum of smooth and strongly-convex local cost functions. Recently, several algorithms over undirected and directed graphs have been proposed that use a gradient tracking method ... More
Algebras of block Toeplitz matrices with commuting entriesNov 10 2018Apr 02 2019The maximal algebras of scalar Toeplitz matrices are known to be formed by generalized circulants. The identification of algebras consisting of block Toeplitz matrices is a harder problem, that has received little attention up to now. We consider the ... More
Conjugate-Computation Variational Inference : Converting Variational Inference in Non-Conjugate Models to Inferences in Conjugate ModelsMar 13 2017Apr 13 2017Variational inference is computationally challenging in models that contain both conjugate and non-conjugate terms. Methods specifically designed for conjugate models, even though computationally efficient, find it difficult to deal with non-conjugate ... More
On Swarm Stability of Linear Time-Invariant Descriptor Compartmental NetworksJan 16 2014Swarm stability is concerned for descriptor compartmental networks with linear time-invariant protocol. Compartmental network is a specific type of dynamical multi-agent system. Necessary and sufficient conditions for both consensus and critical swarm ... More
Transference & Retrieval of Pulse-code modulation Audio over Short Messaging ServiceMay 19 2012The paper presents the method of transferring PCM (Pulse-Code Modulation) based audio messages through SMS (Short Message Service) over GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) network. As SMS is text based service, and could not send voice. Our ... More
Stereo image Transference & Retrieval over SMSJan 06 2012Paper presents the way of transferring stereo images using SMS over GSM network. Generally, Stereo image is composed of two stereoscopic images in such way that gives three dimensional affect when viewed. GSM have two short messaging services, which can ... More
Tunable Brownian Vortex at the InterfaceMar 13 2011A general kind of Brownian vortexes are demonstrated by applying an external nonconservative force field to a colloidal particle bound by a conservative optical trapping force at a liquid-air interface. As the liquid medium is translated at a constant ... More
Short Term Load Forecasting Models in Czech Republic Using Soft Computing ParadigmsMay 16 2004This paper presents a comparative study of six soft computing models namely multilayer perceptron networks, Elman recurrent neural network, radial basis function network, Hopfield model, fuzzy inference system and hybrid fuzzy neural network for the hourly ... More
Characterizations of right modular groupoids by $(\in, \in \vee q_{k})$-fuzzy idealsOct 18 2010In this paper, we have introduced the concept of $\left( \in ,\in \vee q\right) $-fuzzy ideals in a right modular groupoid. We have discussed several important features of a completely regular right modular groupoid by using the $\left( \in ,\in \vee ... More
Supermassive Black Hole Binary Evolution in Axisymmetric Galaxies: the final parsec problem is not a problemFeb 07 2013During a galaxy merger, the supermassive black hole (SMBH) in each galaxy is thought to sink to the center of the potential and form a supermassive black hole binary; this binary can eject stars via 3-body scattering, bringing the SMBHs ever closer. In ... More
Synthesis of multi-qudit Hybrid and d-valued Quantum Logic Circuits by DecompositionNov 03 2005Aug 20 2006Recent research in generalizing quantum computation from 2-valued qudits to d-valued qudits has shown practical advantages for scaling up a quantum computer. A further generalization leads to quantum computing with hybrid qudits where two or more qudits ... More
Exploration of TCP Parameters for Enhanced Performance in a Datacenter EnvironmentMay 03 2019May 24 2019TCP parameters in most of the operating systems are optimized for generic home and office environments having low latencies in their internal networks. However, this arrangement invariably results in a compromized network performance when same parameters ... More
Software Defined Security Service Provisioning Framework for Internet of ThingsNov 29 2017Programmable management framework have paved the way for managing devices in the network. Lately, emerging paradigm of Software Defined Networking (SDN) have revolutionized programmable networks. Designers of networking applications i.e. Internet of things ... More
A linear algorithm for optimization over directed graphs with geometric convergenceMar 07 2018May 05 2018In this letter, we study distributed optimization, where a network of agents, abstracted as a directed graph, collaborates to minimize the average of locally-known convex functions. Most of the existing approaches over directed graphs are based on push-sum ... More
Approximation properties of the Stancu type Dunkl generalization of the Kantorovich-Szász-Mirakjan-operators via q-calculusFeb 26 2016In this paper we construct Stancu type q-Kantrovich-Sz\'asz-Mirakjan operators generated by Dunkl generalization of the exponential function. We obtain some approximation results using the Korovkin approximation theorem and the weighted Korovkin-type ... More
Perfection in motivic homotopy theoryDec 18 2018Jun 19 2019We prove a topological invariance statement for the Morel-Voevodsky motivic homotopy category, up to inverting exponential characteristics of residue fields. This implies in particular that SH[1/p] of characteristic p>0 schemes is invariant under passing ... More