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Modelling the Corona of HD 189733 in 3DNov 10 2014The braking of main sequence stars originates mainly from their stellar wind. The efficiency of this angular momentum extraction depends on the rotation rate of the star, the acceleration profile of the wind and the coronal magnetic field. The derivation ... More
Boundary massive sine-Gordon model at the free Fermi limit and RG flow of Casimir energyMay 19 2004RG flow of central charge $c_{\rm eff}$ is investigated for the two boundary sine-Gordon model at the free Fermi limit. Thermodynamic Bethe ansatz approach is used to check the non-monotonic decreasing properties of $c_{\rm eff}$, its resonance, and the ... More
Additional analytically exact solutions for three-anyonsDec 08 1995We present new family of exact analytic solutions for three anyons in a harmonic potential (or in free space) in terms of generalized harmonics on $S^3$, which supplement the known solutions. The new solutions satisfy the hard-core condition when $\alpha={1\over ... More
Irregular conformal block and its matrix modelOct 30 2012Irregular conformal block is a new tool to study Argyres-Douglas theory, whose irregular vector is represented as a simultaneous eigenstate of a set of positive Virasoro generators. One way to find the irregular conformal block is to use the partition ... More
Hypercyclicity and compactness of co-analytic Toeplitz operators on de Branges-Rovnyak spacesDec 18 2018We study the compactness and the hypercyclicity of Toeplitz operators in the de Branges-Rovnyak spaces H(b) with co-analytic and bounded symbols on D. We highlight the fundamental role played by the function b generating the de Branges-Rovnyak space H(b). ... More
Dimensional splitting of hyperbolic partial differential equations using the Radon transformMay 10 2017Dec 06 2018We introduce a dimensional splitting method based on the intertwining property of the Radon transform, with a particular focus on its applications related to hyperbolic partial differential equations (PDEs). This dimensional splitting has remarkable properties ... More
Object Detection using Image ProcessingNov 23 2016An Unmanned Ariel vehicle (UAV) has greater importance in the army for border security. The main objective of this article is to develop an OpenCV-Python code using Haar Cascade algorithm for object and face detection. Currently, UAVs are used for detecting ... More
Early Detection of Mental Stress Using Advanced Neuroimaging and Artificial IntelligenceMar 20 2019While different neuroimaging modalities have been proposed to detect mental stress, each modality experiences certain limitations. This study proposed novel approaches to detect stress based on fusion of EEG and fNIRS signals in the feature-level using ... More
Some Results On The Flynn-Poonen-Schaefer ConjectureMar 21 2019For $c \in \mathbb{Q}$, consider the quadratic polynomial map $\varphi_c(x)=x^2-c$. Flynn, Poonen and Schaefer conjectured in 1997 that no rational cycle of $\varphi_c$ under iteration has length more than $3$. Here we discuss this conjecture using arithmetic ... More
An Elementary Proof That Symplectic Matrices Have Determinant OneMay 16 2015Jul 08 2015We give one more proof of the fact that symplectic matrices over real and complex fields have determinant one. While this has already been proved many times, there has been lasting interest in finding in an elementary proof. Our result is restricted to ... More
Heisenberg's and Hardy's Uncertainty Principles in Real Clifford AlgebrasNov 07 2017Recently, many surveys are devoted to study the Clifford Fourier transform. Dealing with the real Clifford Fourier transform introduced by Hitzer [10], we establish analogues of the classical Heisenberg's inequality and Hardy's theorem in the real Clifford ... More
Interacting scalar field theory in $κ$-Minkowski spacetimeFeb 26 2008We construct an complex scalar field theory in $\kappa$-Minkowksi spacetime, which respects $\kappa$-deformed Poincar\'e symmetry. One-loop calculation shows that the theory is finite and needs finite renormalization to be compatible with the $\kappa ... More
Contrôle impulsionnel appliqué à la gestion de changement de technologie dans une entrepriseFeb 10 2010Jan 10 2012We consider an impulse control problem in infinite horizon applied with switching technology. We suppose that the firm decides at certain moments (impulse moments) to switch technology, leading to a jump of the firm value. We show that the value function ... More
Fermion Ground State of Three Particles in a Harmonic Potential Well and Its Anyon InterpolationDec 28 1996We examine the detail of the analytic structure of an exact analytic solution of three anyons, which interpolates to the fermion ground state in a harmonic potential well. The analysis is done on the fundamental domain with appropriate boundary conditions. ... More
Irregular conformal states and spectral curve: Irregular matrix model approachDec 01 2016We present recent developments of irregular conformal conformal states. Irregular vertex operators and their adjoint are used to define the irregular conformal states and their Inner product. Free field formalism can be augmented by screening operators ... More
Innovation, commutation et contrôle impulsionnel en horizon infiniJan 12 2012Feb 02 2012We consider an impulse control problem in infinite horizon. To solve this problem, we extend to the infinite horizon case results of double barrier reflected backward stochastic differential equations. The properties of the Snell envelope can reduce our ... More
An Elementary Proof That Symplectic Matrices Have Determinant OneMay 16 2015Mar 23 2018We give one more proof of the fact that symplectic matrices over real and complex fields have determinant one. While this has already been proved many times, there has been lasting interest in finding an elementary proof. Our result is restricted to the ... More
Boundary Flows in general Coset TheoriesMay 17 1998May 20 1998In this paper we study the boundary effects for off-critical integrable field theories which have close analogs with integrable lattice models. Our models are the $SU(2)_{k}\otimes SU(2)_{l}/SU(2)_{k+l}$ coset conformal field theories perturbed by integrable ... More
Software Cognitive Complexity Measure Based on Scope of VariablesSep 17 2014In this paper, we define a Mathematical model of program structure. Mathematical model of program structure defined here provides unified mathematical treatment of program structure, which reveals that a program is a large and finite set of embedded binary ... More
The q-Deformed Oscillator Representations and Their Coherent States of the su(1,1) AlgebraJul 25 1997We present various oscillator representations of the q-deformed su(1,1) algebra such as the Holstein-Primakoff, the Dyson, the Fock-Bargmann, the anyonic, and the parabose oscillator representations and discuss their coherent states with the resolution ... More
Return Probabilities for the Reflected Random Walk on $\mathbb N_0$Jun 29 2012Let $(Y_n)$ be a sequence of i.i.d. $\mathbb Z$-valued random variables with law $\mu$. The reflected random walk $(X_n)$ is defined recursively by $X_0=x \in \mathbb N_0, X_{n+1}=|X_n+Y_{n+1}|$. Under mild hypotheses on the law $\mu$, it is proved that, ... More
Vertex Operators for Irregular Conformal Blocks: Supersymmetric CaseApr 29 2016We construct supersymmetric irregular vertex operators of arbitrary rank, appearing in the colliding limit of primary fields. We find that the structure of the supersymmetric irregular vertices differs significantly from the bosonic case: upon supersymmetrization, ... More
Irregular Vertex Operators for Irregular Conformal BlocksJan 28 2016Feb 14 2016We construct the free field representation of irregular vertex operators of arbitrary rank which generates simultaneous eigenstates of positive modes of Virasoro and W symmetry generators. The irregular vertex operators turn out to be the exponentials ... More
Classical Virasoro irregular conformal blockApr 29 2015Jun 24 2015Virasoro irregular conformal block with arbitrary rank is obtained for the classical limit or equivalently Nekrasov-Shatashvili limit using the beta-deformed irregular matrix model (Penner-type matrix model for the irregular conformal block). The same ... More
On the $q$-deformed oscillator algebras:$su_q(1,1)$ and $su_q(2)$Sep 10 1996We study the relations between $q$-deformations and $q$-coherent states of the single oscillator representations for $su_q(1,1)$ and $su_q(2)$ algebras; Dyson and Holstein-Primakoff type in terms of Biedenharn, Macfarlane and anyonic oscilators. We also ... More
A method to construct generalized balanced tournament designsAug 09 2012A generalized balanced tournament design, or a GBTD(k, m) in short, is a (km, k, k-1)-BIBD defined on a km-set V . Its blocks can be arranged into an m\times(km-1) array in such a way that (1) every element of V is contained in exactly one cell of each ... More
Super-spectral curve of irregular conformal blocksAug 17 2016We use super-spectral curve to investigate irregular conformal states of integer and half-odd integer rank. The spectral curve is the loop equation of supersymmetrized irregular matrix model. The case of integer rank corresponds to the colliding limit ... More
Imaging of isotropic and anisotropic conductivities from power densities in three dimensionsNov 08 2017Mar 19 2018We present numerical reconstructions of anisotropic conductivity tensors in three dimensions, from knowledge of a finite family of power density functionals. Such a problem arises in the coupled-physics imaging modality Ultrasound Modulated Electrical ... More
MARL-FWC: Optimal Coordination of Freeway Traffic Control MeasuresAug 27 2018The objective of this article is to optimize the overall traffic flow on freeways using multiple ramp metering controls plus its complementary Dynamic Speed Limits (DSLs). An optimal freeway operation can be reached when minimizing the difference between ... More
Star-Planet InteractionsSep 25 2008Much effort has been invested in recent years, both observationally and theoretically, to understand the interacting processes taking place in planetary systems consisting of a hot Jupiter orbiting its star within 10 stellar radii. Several independent ... More
A small survey of the magnetic fields of planet-host starsJul 23 2013Jul 24 2013Using spectropolarimetry, we investigate the large-scale magnetic topologies of stars hosting close-in exoplanets. A small survey of ten stars has been done with the twin instruments TBL/NARVAL and CFHT/ESPaDOnS between 2006 and 2011. Each target consists ... More
Boundary correlation numbers in one matrix modelJun 20 2010Oct 01 2010We introduce one matrix model coupled to multi-flavor vectors. The two-flavor vector model is demonstrated to reproduce the two-point correlation numbers of boundary primary fields of two dimensional (2, 2p+1) minimal Liouville gravity on disk, generalizing ... More
Bulk one-point function on disk in one-matrix modelJan 25 2010We consider bulk correlation numbers on disk in one-matrix model. Using the recently found so-called resonance transformation from the KdV to the Liouville frame, we obtain an explicit expression for the bulk one-point function. The result is consistent ... More
A Self-Dual Bogomol'nyi Formulation of the Nonlinear Schrödinger EquationDec 03 1996Mar 17 1997We obtain a self-dual formulation of the conventional nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation (NLSE) in the 1+1 dimension by studying the dimensional reduction of the self-dual Chern-Simons nonlinear Schr\"odinger model (NLSM) in the 2+1 dimension. It is found ... More
Electrons re-acceleration at the footpoints of Solar FlaresNov 02 2010Hinode's observations revealed a very dynamic and complex chromosphere. This require revisiting the assumption that the chromospheric footpoints of solar flares are areas where accelerated particles only lose energy due to collisions. Traditionally electrons ... More
Nekrasov and Argyres-Douglas theories in spherical Hecke algebra representationAug 17 2016AGT conjecture connects Nekrasov instanton partition function of 4D quiver gauge theory with 2D Liouville conformal blocks. We re-investigate this connection using the central extension of spherical Hecke algebra in q-coordinate representation, q being ... More
Holstein-Primakoff Realizations on Coadjoint OrbitsNov 13 1996Dec 03 1996We derive the Holstein-Primakoff oscillator realization on the coadjoint orbits of the $SU(N+1)$ and $SU(1,N)$ group by treating the coadjoint orbits as a constrained system and performing the symplectic reduction. By using the action-angle variables ... More
Thermodynamic Bethe Ansatz for boundary sine-Gordon modelJan 13 2003Jul 02 2003(R-channel) TBA is elaborated to find the effective central charge dependence on the boundary parameters for the massless boundary sine-Gordon model with the coupling constant $(8\pi) /\beta^2 = 1+ \lambda $ with $\lambda$ a positive integer. Numerical ... More
The Effect of Stellar Helium Abundance on Dynamics of Multiple Populations in Globular ClustersSep 04 2018We incorporate a semi-analytic formula for the main sequence lifetime of helium-rich stars in N-body simulations of multiple population globular clusters to investigate how the enriched helium stars impact the dynamics of globular clusters. We show that ... More
Towards a Novel Cooperative Logistics Information System FrameworkMay 02 2019Supply Chains and Logistics have a growing importance in global economy. Supply Chain Information Systems over the world are heterogeneous and each one can both produce and receive massive amounts of structured and unstructured data in real-time, which ... More
Transfer and Multi-Task Learning for Noun-Noun Compound InterpretationSep 18 2018In this paper, we empirically evaluate the utility of transfer and multi-task learning on a challenging semantic classification task: semantic interpretation of noun--noun compounds. Through a comprehensive series of experiments and in-depth error analysis, ... More
Asymptotic expansion of the solution of the steady Stokes equation with variable viscosity in a two-dimensional tube structureJan 10 2012The Stokes equation with the varying viscosity is considered in a thin tube structure, i.e. in a connected union of thin rectangles with heights of order $\varepsilon<<1 $ and with bases of order 1 with smoothened boundary. An asymptotic expansion of ... More
On the Three-Anyon HarmonicsJan 11 1996The 3-anyon problem is studied using a set of variables recently proposed in an anyon gauge analysis by Mashkevich, Myrheim, Olaussen, and Rietman (MMOR). Boundary conditions to be satisfied by the wave functions in order to render the Hamiltonian self-adjoint ... More
Commutants of Toeplitz operators with radial symbols on the Fock-Sobolev spaceNov 28 2013In the setting of the Fock space over the complex plane, Bauer and Lee have recently characterized commutants of Toeplitz operators with radial symbols, under the assumption that symbols have at most polynomial growth at infinity. Their characterization ... More
16 Years of RXTE Monitoring of Five Anomalous X-ray PulsarsJan 14 2014We present a summary of the long-term evolution of various properties of the five non-transient Anomalous X-ray Pulsars (AXPs) 1E 1841-045, RXS J170849.0-400910, 1E 2259+586, 4U 0142+61, and 1E 1048.1-5937, regularly monitored with RXTE from 1996 to 2012. ... More
Abelian Chern-Simons field theory and anyon equation on a torusDec 29 1993We quantize the abelian Chern-Simons theory coupled to non-relativistic matter field on a torus without invoking the flux quantization. Through a series of canonical transformations which is equivalent to solving the Gauss constraint, we obtain an effective ... More
3-dimensional holographic trace anomaly from AdS/CFT correspondenceMay 19 2008Jul 30 2008We explicitly obtain energy-momentum tensor at the asymptotic 3-dimensional region of Schwarzschild AdS$_4$ and Taub-NUT-(A)dS$_4$ using the so-called `counter-term subtraction method' in Fefferman-Graham coordinate. The energy momentum tensor is presented ... More
Scattering theory of space-time non-commutative abelian gauge field theoryJan 03 2004The unitary S-matrix for the space-time non-commutative QED is constructed using the $\star$-time ordering which is needed in the presence of derivative interactions. Based on this S-matrix, perturbation theory is formulated and Feynman rule is presented. ... More
Irregular matrix model with $\mathcal W$ symmetryJun 08 2015Nov 12 2015We present the irregular matrix model which has contains $\mathcal{W}_3$ and Virasoro symmetry. The irregular matrix model is obtained using the colliding limit of the Toda field theories and produces the inner product between irregular modules of $\mathcal{W}_3$ ... More
More investment in Research and Development for better Education in the future?Jul 23 2018The question in this paper is whether R&D efforts affect education performance in small classes. Merging two datasets collected from the PISA studies and the World Development Indicators and using Learning Bayesian Networks, we prove the existence of ... More
The uncertainty principle in Clifford analysisJun 16 2015In this paper, we provide the Heisenberg's inequality and the Hardy's theorem for the Clifford-Fourier transform on $\mathbb{R}^m$.
Abelian Chern-Simons field theory and anyon equation on a cylinderJan 26 1994We present the anyon equation on a cylinder and in an infinite potential wall from the abelian Chern-Simons theory coupled to non-relativistic matter field by obtaining the effective hamiltonian through the canonical transformation method used for the ... More
A New Changhee q-Euler Numbers and Polynomials Associated with p-Adic q-IntegralsNov 26 2006Using non-archimedean q-integrals on Zp defined in [15, 16], we define a new Changhee q-Euler polynomials and numbers which are different from those of Kim [7] and Carlitz [2]. We define generating functions of multiple q-Euler numbers and polynomials. ... More
Uncertainty principles for the Clifford-Fourier transformMar 31 2016In this paper, we estabish an analogue of Hardy's theorem and Miyachi's theorem for the Clifford-Fourier transform.
Parametric dependence of irregular conformal blockDec 19 2013Irregular conformal block is an important tool to study a new type of conformal theories, which can be constructed as the colliding limit of the regular conformal block. The irregular conformal block is realized as the $\beta$-deformed Penner matrix model ... More
A Fully Convolutional Neural Network for Speech EnhancementSep 22 2016In hearing aids, the presence of babble noise degrades hearing intelligibility of human speech greatly. However, removing the babble without creating artifacts in human speech is a challenging task in a low SNR environment. Here, we sought to solve the ... More
Unitarity in space-time noncommutative field theoriesMay 20 2002May 12 2003In non-commutative field theories conventional wisdom is that the unitarity is non-compatible with the perturbation analysis when time is involved in the non-commutative coordinates. However, as suggested by Bahns recently, the root of the problem ... More
Model reduction of a parametrized scalar hyperbolic conservation law using displacement interpolationMay 15 2018We propose a model reduction technique for parametrized partial differential equations arising from scalar hyperbolic conservation laws. The key idea of the technique is to construct basis functions that are local in parameter and time space via displacement ... More
On the Twisted q-Euler numbers and polynomials associated with basic q-l-functionsNov 27 2006One purpose of this paper is to construct twisted q-Euler numbers by using p-adic invariant integral on Zp in the sense of fermionic. Finally, we consider twisted Euler q-zeta function and q-l-series which interpolate twisted q-Euler numbers and polynomials. ... More
Beurling's theorem for the Clifford-Fourier transformNov 18 2016We give a generalization of Beurling's theorem for the Clifford-Fourier transform. Then, analogues of Hardy, Cowling-Price and Gelfand-Shilov theorems are obtained in Clifford analysis.
Displacement interpolation using monotone rearrangementDec 11 2017Sep 03 2018When approximating a function that depends on a parameter, one encounters many practical examples where linear interpolation or linear approximation with respect to the parameters prove ineffective. This is particularly true for responses from hyperbolic ... More
Using Kepler transit observations to measure stellar spot belt migration ratesFeb 16 2012Planetary transits provide a unique opportunity to investigate the surface distributions of star spots. Our aim is to determine if, with continuous observation (such as the data that will be provided by the Kepler mission), we can in addition measure ... More
Horizon-Independent Optimal Prediction with Log-Loss in Exponential FamiliesMay 19 2013We study online learning under logarithmic loss with regular parametric models. Hedayati and Bartlett (2012b) showed that a Bayesian prediction strategy with Jeffreys prior and sequential normalized maximum likelihood (SNML) coincide and are optimal if ... More
Powerful, transferable representations for molecules through intelligent task selection in deep multitask networksSep 17 2018Chemical representations derived from deep learning are emerging as a powerful tool in areas such as drug discovery and materials innovation. Currently, this methodology has three major limitations - the cost of representation generation, risk of inherited ... More
N2N Learning: Network to Network Compression via Policy Gradient Reinforcement LearningSep 18 2017Dec 17 2017While bigger and deeper neural network architectures continue to advance the state-of-the-art for many computer vision tasks, real-world adoption of these networks is impeded by hardware and speed constraints. Conventional model compression methods attempt ... More
Essential norms of Volterra and Cesàro operators on Müntz spacesDec 09 2016We study the properties of the Volterra and Ces\`aro operators viewed on the $L^1$-M\"untz space $M_\Lambda^1$ with range in the space of continuous functions. These operators are neither compact nor weakly compact. We estimate how far from being (weakly) ... More
A Stochastic Processes Toolkit for Risk ManagementDec 22 2008In risk management it is desirable to grasp the essential statistical features of a time series representing a risk factor. This tutorial aims to introduce a number of different stochastic processes that can help in grasping the essential features of ... More
Rotational Rectification Network: Enabling Pedestrian Detection for Mobile VisionJun 19 2017Sep 12 2017Across a majority of pedestrian detection datasets, it is typically assumed that pedestrians will be standing upright with respect to the image coordinate system. This assumption, however, is not always valid for many vision-equipped mobile platforms ... More
Hidden Relation between Reflection Amplitudes and Thermodynamic Bethe AnsatzMar 16 1999In this paper we compute the scaling functions of the effective central charges for various quantum integrable models in a deep ultraviolet region $R\to 0$ using two independent methods. One is based on the ``reflection amplitudes'' of the (super-)Liouville ... More
Irregular conformal block, spectral curve and flow equationsOct 30 2015Mar 04 2016Irregular conformal block is motivated by the Argyres-Douglas type of N=2 super conformal gauge theory. We investigate the classical/NS limit of the irregular conformal block using spectral curve on a Riemann surface with irregular punctures, which is ... More
Conception and FPGA implementation of IEEE 802.11s mesh network MAC layer transmitterApr 26 2010This paper proposes, a hardware implementation of Wireless Mesh Networks (WMN) medium Access Controller (MAC) layer transmitter. In the literature a lot of works are focused on WMN routing protocol as well as performance analysis and software integration ... More
Unitarized Diffractive Scattering in QCD and Application to Virtual Photon Total Cross SectionsFeb 22 1999The problem of restoring Froissart bound to the BFKL-Pomeron is studied in an extended leading-log approximation of QCD. We consider parton-parton scattering amplitude and show that the sum of all Feynman-diagram contributions can be written in an eikonal ... More
Dual Frobenius manifolds of minimal gravity on diskJan 31 2018Liouville field theory approach to 2-dimensional gravity possesses the duality ($b \leftrightarrow b^{-1}$). The matrix counterpart of minimal gravity $\mathcal{M}(q,p)$ ($q<p$ co-prime) is effectively described on $A_{q-1}$ Frobenius manifold, which ... More
Global variational solutions to a class of fractional spde's on unbounded domainsJun 28 2018In this article we prove new results regarding the existence and the uniqueness of global variational solutions to Neumann initial-boundary value problems for a class of non-autonomous stochastic parabolic partial differential equations. The equations ... More
Noncommutative field theory description of quantum Hall skyrmionsMay 14 2001Jun 23 2001We revisit the quantum Hall system with no Zeeman splitting energy using the noncommutative field theory. We analyze the BPS condition for the delta-function interaction near the filling factor $\nu=1$. Multi-skyrmions are shown to saturate the BPS bounds. ... More
The only regular inclines are distributive latticesAug 29 2013An incline is an additively idempotent semiring in which the product of two elements is always less than or equal to either factor. This paper proves that the only regular inclines are distributive lattices, which also implies that there is no noncommutative ... More
Apostol-Euler polynomials arising from umbral calculusFeb 13 2013In this paper, by using the orthogonality type as defined in the umbral calculus, we derive explicit formula for several well known polynomials as a linear combination of the Apostol-Euler polynomials.
Braided Statistics from Abelian Twist in $κ$-Minkowski SpacetimeSep 18 2009$\kappa$-deformed commutation relation between quantum operators is constructed via abelian twist deformation in $\kappa$-Minkowski spacetime. The commutation relation is written in terms of universal $R$-matrix satisfying braided statistics. The equal-time ... More
Bernstein polynomials on SimplexJun 13 2011We prove two identities for multivariate Bernstein polynomials on simplex, which are considered on a pointwise. In this paper, we study good approximations of Bernstein polynomials for every continuous functions on simplex and the higher dimensional q-analogues ... More
Annulus amplitude of FZZT branes revisitedSep 26 2011We revisit the annulus amplitude of FZZT branes with general matter sectors (r,s) using the recent development of matrix model and minimal Liouville gravity. Following the boundary description of the 1-matrix model and bulk resonance transformation between ... More
Sinh-Gordon Boundary TBA and Boundary Liouville Reflection AmplitudeOct 25 2007Dec 26 2007The ground state energy of the sinh-Gordon model defined on the strip is studied using the boundary thermodynamic Bethe ansatz equation. Its ultraviolet (small width of the strip) behavior is compared with the one obtained from the boundary Liouville ... More
Reflection Amplitudes of Boundary Toda Theories and Thermodynamic Bethe AnsatzOct 24 2001We study the ultraviolet asymptotics in $A_n$ affine Toda theories with integrable boundary actions. The reflection amplitudes of non-affine Toda theories in the presence of conformal boundary actions have been obtained from the quantum mechanical reflections ... More
Construction of Gaiotto states with fundamental multiplets through Degenerate DAHAMay 13 2014May 26 2014We construct Gaiotto states with fundamental multiplets in $SU(N)$ gauge theories, in terms of the orthonormal basis of spherical degenerate double affine Hecke algebra (SH in short), the representations of which are equivalent to those of $W_n$ algebra ... More
Soliton and Domain Wall in the Self-Dual CP(1) ModelJul 31 1997Feb 19 1998We perform the dimensional reduction of the nonrelativistic CP(1) model coupled to an Abelian Chern-Simons gauge field in the self-dual limit, and investigate the soliton and domain wall solutions of the emerging 1+1 dimensional self-dual spin system. ... More
Self-dual Chern-Simons Solitons in the Planar FerromagnetMar 27 1997We consider a uniaxial planar ferromagnet coupled minimally to an Abelian Chern-Simons gauge field and study self-dual solitons which saturate the Bogomol'nyi bound. We find a rich structure of rotationally symmetric static soliton solutions for various ... More
Boundary operators in minimal Liouville gravity and matrix modelsOct 07 2010Nov 25 2010We interpret the matrix boundaries of the one matrix model (1MM) recently constructed by two of the authors as an outcome of a relation among FZZT branes. In the double scaling limit, the 1MM is described by the (2,2p+1) minimal Liouville gravity. These ... More
Boundary operators in the one-matrix modelDec 07 2010The one matrix model is known to reproduce in the continuum limit the (2,2p+1) minimal Liouville gravity. Recently, two of the authors have shown how to construct arbitrary critical boundary conditions within this matrix model. So far, between two such ... More
Some aspects of fluctuations of random walks on R and applications to random walks on R+ with non-elastic reflection at 0Jan 24 2013Jun 28 2013In this article we refine well-known results concerning the fluctuations of one-dimensional random walks. More precisely, if $(S_n)_{n \geq 0}$ is a random walk starting from 0 and $r\geq 0$, we obtain the precise asymptotic behavior as $n\to\infty$ of ... More
Time-Space tradeoff in deep learning models for crop classification on satellite multi-spectral image time seriesJan 29 2019In this article, we investigate several structured deep learning models for crop type classification on multi-spectral time series. In particular, our aim is to assess the respective importance of spatial and temporal structures in such data. With this ... More
Perturbation theory of the space-time non-commutative real scalar field theoriesDec 30 2003Mar 15 2004The perturbative framework of the space-time non-commutative real scalar field theory is formulated, based on the unitary S-matrix. Unitarity of the S-matrix is explicitly checked order by order using the Heisenberg picture of Lagrangian formalism of ... More
Virasoro irregular conformal block and beta deformed random matrix modelNov 17 2014Virasoro irregular conformal block is presented as the expectation value of Jack-polynomials of the beta-deformed Penner-type matrix model and is compared with the inner product of Gaiotto states with arbitrary rank. It is confirmed that there are non-trivial ... More
Exact g-function flow between conformal field theoriesNov 26 2009Exact equations are proposed to describe g-function flows in integrable boundary quantum field theories which interpolate between different conformal field theories in their ultraviolet and infrared limits, extending previous work where purely massive ... More
Dynamics of Morphology-Dependent Resonances by Openness in Dielectric Disk for TE polarizationJul 21 2010Feb 23 2011We have studied the dynamics of morphology-dependent resonances by openness in a dielectric microdisk for TE polarization. For the first time, we report that the dynamics exhibits avoided resonance crossings between inner and outer resonances even though ... More
Monotone Domain Decomposition Iterative Method and its Convergence for a Nonlinear Integro-Differential Equation of Volterra TypeApr 02 2013We apply the monotone domain decomposition iterative method to a nonlinear integro-differential equation of Volterra type and prove its convergence. To do this, by adding a term in both sides of the original equation we make a linear equation to get a ... More
A simple electronic device to experiment with the Hopf bifurcationJan 26 2019We present a simple low-cost electronic circuit that is able to show two different dynamical regimens with oscillations of voltages and with constant values of them. This device is designed as a negative feedback three-node network inspired in the genetic ... More
A New Peak Detection Method for Single or Three-Phase Unbalanced Sinusoidal SignalsJan 18 2018In this paper, a fast amplitude detection method for the single or three-phase unbalanced sinusoidal is reported. The proposed method is a method of the amplitude detection for a single phase or three phase unbalanced sinusoidal signal, based on detecting ... More
Transport reversal for model reduction of hyperbolic partial differential equationsJan 26 2017Snapshot matrices built from solutions to hyperbolic partial differential equations exhibit slow decay in singular values, whereas fast decay is crucial for the success of projection- based model reduction methods. To overcome this problem, we build on ... More
Daehee Formula Associated with the q-Extensions of Trigonometric FunctionsJan 13 2007In this paper we introduce a Daehee constant which is called q-extension of Napier constant, and consider Daehee formula associated with the qextensions of trigonometric functions. That is, we derive the q-extensions of sine and cosine functions from ... More
Saturation Power based Simple Energy Efficiency Maximization Schemes for MU-MISO SystemsNov 02 2015Nov 03 2015In this paper, we investigate an energy efficiency (EE) maximization problem in multi-user multiple input single output downlink channels. The optimization problem in this system model is difficult to solve in general, since it is in non-convex fractional ... More