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Visible Nonlinear PhotonicsJul 10 2019Over the past decade, remarkable advances have been realized in chip-based nonlinear photonic devices for classical and quantum applications in the near- and mid-infrared regimes. However, few demonstrations have been realized in the visible and near-visible ... More
Hyperbolic Geometry of Kuramoto Oscillator NetworksJul 03 2017Kuramoto oscillator networks have the special property that their trajectories are constrained to lie on the (at most) 3D orbits of the M\"obius group acting on the state space $T^N$ (the $N$-fold torus). This result has been used to explain the existence ... More
An Algorithm to Simplify Tensor ExpressionsMar 05 1998Jul 17 1998The problem of simplifying tensor expressions is addressed in two parts. The first part presents an algorithm designed to put tensor expressions into a canonical form, taking into account the symmetries with respect to index permutations and the renaming ... More
Infinitely many monotone Lagrangian tori in del Pezzo surfacesFeb 10 2016We construct almost toric fibrations (ATFs) on all del Pezzo surfaces, endowed with a monotone symplectic form. Except for $\mathbb{C}P^2 \# 1 \overline{\mathbb{C}P^2}$ and $\mathbb{C}P^2 \# 2 \overline{\mathbb{C}P^2}$ , we are able to get almost toric ... More
Continuum families of non-displaceable Lagrangian tori in $(\mathbb{C}P^1)^{2m}$Mar 07 2016Oct 14 2017We construct a family of Lagrangian tori $\Theta^n_s$ $\subset$ $(\mathbb{C}P^1)^n$, $s \in (0,1)$, where $\Theta^n_{1/2} = \Theta^n$, is the monotone twist Lagrangian torus described by Chekanov-Schlenk. We show that for $n = 2m$ and $s \ge 1/2$ these ... More
The Algorithmic-Autoregulation (AA) Methodology and Software: a collective focus on self-transparencyOct 27 2017There are numerous efforts to achieve a lightweight and systematic account of what is done by a group and its individuals. The Algorithmic-Autoregulation (AA) is a special case, in which a technical community embraced the challenge of registering their ... More
Enhancements of linked data expressiveness for ontologiesOct 27 2017The semantic web has received many contributions of researchers as ontologies which, in this context, i.e. within RDF linked data, are formalized conceptualizations that might use different protocols, such as RDFS, OWL DL and OWL FULL. In this article, ... More
Group Velocity of Discrete-Time Quantum WalksJan 27 2009We show that certain types of quantum walks can be modeled as waves that propagate in a medium with phase and group velocities that are explicitly calculable. Since the group and phase velocities indicate how fast wave packets can propagate causally, ... More
Correspondence principle for the diffusive dynamics of a quartic oscillator: deterministic aspects and the role of temperatureJun 14 2005Nov 05 2007The correspondence principle is investigated in the framework of deterministic predictions for individual systems. Exact analytical results are obtained for the quantum and the Liouvillian dynamics of a nonlinear oscillator coupled to a phase-damping ... More
Improved Shortest Path Maps with GPU ShadersMay 22 2018We present in this paper several improvements for computing shortest path maps using OpenGL shaders. The approach explores GPU rasterization as a way to propagate optimal costs on a polygonal 2D environment, producing shortest path maps which can efficiently ... More
Rigidity of Convex Surfaces in Homogeneous SpacesFeb 26 2011We prove rigidity of oriented isometric immersions of complete surfaces in the homo- geneous 3-manifolds E(k; {\tau}) (different from the space forms) having the same positive extrinsic curvature.
Turbulent Contributions to Ohm's Law in Axisymmetric Magnetized PlasmasMar 17 2017The effect of magnetic turbulence in shaping the current density in axisymmetric magnetized plasma is analyzed using a turbulent extension of Ohm's law derived from the self-consistent action-angle transport theory. Besides the well-known hyper-resistive ... More
Random billiards with wall temperature and associated Markov chainsFeb 10 2012By a random billiard we mean a billiard system in which the standard specular reflection rule is replaced with a Markov transition probabilities operator P that, at each collision of the billiard particle with the boundary of the billiard domain, gives ... More
Non-trivial linear bounds for a random walk driven by a simple symmetric exclusion processAug 13 2013Non-trivial linear bounds are obtained for the displacement of a random walk in a dynamic random environment given by a one-dimensional simple symmetric exclusion process in equilibrium. The proof uses an adaptation of multiscale renormalization methods ... More
Local Central Limit Theorem for a Random Walk Perturbed in One PointMay 20 2016Jun 05 2016We consider a symmetric random walk on the $\nu$-dimensional lattice, whose exit probability from the origin is perturbed. We prove the local central limit theorem for this process, finding a short-range correction to diffusive behaviour in any dimension ... More
Reinforcement Learning for the Soccer Dribbling TaskMay 28 2013We propose a reinforcement learning solution to the \emph{soccer dribbling task}, a scenario in which a soccer agent has to go from the beginning to the end of a region keeping possession of the ball, as an adversary attempts to gain possession. While ... More
On the chirality of the SM and the fermion content of GUTsApr 14 2015Jun 23 2015The Standard Model (SM) is a chiral theory, where right- and left-handed fermion fields transform differently under the gauge group. Extra fermions, if they do exist, need to be heavy otherwise they would have already been observed. With no complex mechanisms ... More
Calculating the renormalisation group equations of a SUSY model with SusynoJun 24 2011Jun 06 2012Susyno is a Mathematica package dedicated to the computation of the 2-loop renormalisation group equations of a supersymmetric model based on any gauge group (the only exception being multiple U(1) groups) and for any field content.
Violation of lepton number in 3 unitsMar 22 2019The number of leptons may or may not be a conserved quantity. The Standard Model predicts that it is (in perturbative processes), but there is the well known possibility that new physics violates lepton number in one or two units. The first case ($\Delta ... More
Rate distortion theory, metric mean dimension and measure theoretic entropyJul 18 2017We prove a variational principle for the metric mean dimension analog to the one in [LT]. Instead of using the rate distortion function we use the function $h_\mu(\epsilon,T,\delta)$ that is closely related to the entropy $h_\mu(T)$ of $\mu$. Our formulation ... More
Linear and Steiner bundles on projective varietiesFeb 02 2007We use a generalization of Horrocks monads for arithmetic Cohen-Macaulay (ACM) varieties to establish a cohomological characterization of linear and Steiner bundles over projective spaces and quadric hypersurfaces. We also study resolutions of bundles ... More
Delaunay-type hypersurfaces in cohomogeneity one manifoldsJun 25 2013Jul 29 2016Classical Delaunay surfaces are highly symmetric constant mean curvature (CMC) submanifolds of space forms. We prove the existence of Delaunay-type hypersurfaces in a large class of compact manifolds, using the geometry of cohomogeneity one group actions ... More
Egalitarian aspects of scale-free networksOct 26 2017Scale-free networks are frequently described as the zenith of inequality and sometimes even pin-pointed as a natural cause of concentrations, including accumulation of resources in human society. Although coherent with theory and empirical data, there ... More
Multiplicity of solutions to the Yamabe problem on collapsing Riemannian submersionsApr 19 2013Let g_t be a family of constant scalar curvature metrics on the total space of a Riemannian submersion obtained by shrinking the fibers of an original metric g, so that the submersion collapses as t approaches 0 (i.e., the total space converges to the ... More
Infinitely many solutions to the Yamabe problem on noncompact manifoldsMar 25 2016Sep 17 2016We establish the existence of infinitely many complete metrics with constant scalar curvature on prescribed conformal classes on certain noncompact product manifolds. These include products of closed manifolds with constant positive scalar curvature and ... More
Text Mining Descriptions Of Dreams: aesthetic and clinical effortsOct 26 2017Dreams are highly valued in both Freudian psychoanalysis and less conservative clinical traditions. Text mining enables the extraction of meaning from writings in powerful and unexpected ways. In this work, we report methods, uses and results obtained ... More
Visualization of High-dimensional Scalar Functions Using Principal ParameterizationsSep 11 2018Insightful visualization of multidimensional scalar fields, in particular parameter spaces, is key to many fields in computational science and engineering. We propose a principal component-based approach to visualize such fields that accurately reflects ... More
Classification of lepton mixing matrices from finite residual symmetriesMay 14 2014Aug 19 2014Assuming that neutrinos are Majorana particles, we perform a complete classification of all possible mixing matrices which are fully determined by residual symmetries in the charged-lepton and neutrino mass matrices. The classification is based on the ... More
Relation between Random Walks and Quantum WalksOct 26 2014Jun 02 2015Based on studies on four specific networks, we conjecture a general relation between the walk dimensions $d_{w}$ of discrete-time random walks and quantum walks with the (self-inverse) Grover coin. In each case, we find that $d_{w}$ of the quantum walk ... More
Central Elemental Abundance Ratios in the Perseus Cluster: Resonant Scattering or SN Ia Enrichment?Oct 02 2000We have determined elemental abundance ratios in the core of the Perseus cluster for several elements. These ratios indicate a central dominance of SN Ia ejecta similar to that found for A496, A2199 and A3571 (Dupke & White 2000). Simultaneous analysis ... More
Equivariant bifurcation in geometric variational problemsAug 14 2013We prove an extension of a celebrated equivariant bifurcation result of J. Smoller and A. Wasserman, in an abstract framework for geometric variational problems. With this purpose, we prove a slice theorem for continuous affine actions of a (finite-dimensional) ... More
A Statistical Distance Derived From The Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test: specification, reference measures (benchmarks) and example usesOct 24 2017Statistical distances quantifies the difference between two statistical constructs. In this article, we describe reference values for a distance between samples derived from the Kolmogorov-Smirnov statistic $D_{F,F'}$. Each measure of the $D_{F,F'}$ is ... More
On the equivariant implicit function theorem with low regularity and applications to geometric variational problemsSep 28 2010Jan 29 2013We prove an implicit function theorem for functions on infinite-dimensional Banach manifolds, invariant under the (local) action of a finite dimensional Lie group. Motivated by some geometric variational problems, we consider group actions that are not ... More
Sequential Auctions and ExternalitiesAug 11 2011Dec 28 2011In many settings agents participate in multiple different auctions that are not necessarily implemented simultaneously. Future opportunities affect strategic considerations of the players in each auction, introducing externalities. Motivated by this consideration, ... More
Nonuniqueness of conformal metrics with constant $Q$-curvatureJun 04 2018Feb 19 2019We establish several nonuniqueness results for the problem of finding complete conformal metrics with constant (fourth-order) $Q$-curvature on compact and noncompact manifolds of dimension $\geq5$. Infinitely many branches of metrics with constant $Q$-curvature, ... More
Iteration-complexity of a Jacobi-type non-Euclidean ADMM for multi-block linearly constrained nonconvex programsMay 20 2017This paper establishes the iteration-complexity of a Jacobi-type non-Euclidean proximal alternating direction method of multipliers (ADMM) for solving multi-block linearly constrained nonconvex programs. The subproblems of this ADMM variant can be solved ... More
Bounds on Lyapunov exponentsMay 08 2019Jun 26 2019Lyapunov exponents describe the asymptotic behavior of the singular values of large products of random matrices. A direct computation of these exponents is however often infeasible. Here we derive an analytical upper and lower bound for the maximal and ... More
Teichmüller theory and collapse of flat manifoldsMay 23 2017We provide an algebraic description of the Teichm\"uller space and moduli space of flat metrics on a closed manifold or orbifold and study its boundary, which consists of (isometry classes of) flat orbifolds to which the original object may collapse. ... More
Quantum clocks and their synchronisation - the Alternate Ticks GameJun 03 2015Time plays a crucial role in the intuitive understanding of the world around us. Within quantum mechanics, however, time is not usually treated as an observable quantity; it enters merely as a parameter in the laws of motion of physical systems. Here ... More
Systematic classification of three-loop realizations of the Weinberg operatorJul 02 2018Nov 01 2018We study systematically the decomposition of the Weinberg operator at three-loop order. There are more than four thousand connected topologies. However, the vast majority of these are infinite corrections to lower order neutrino mass diagrams and only ... More
Quantum NOT Operation and Integrability in Two-Level SystemsFeb 16 2005We demonstrate the surprising integrability of the classical Hamiltonian associated to a spin 1/2 system under periodic external fields. The one-qubit rotations generated by the dynamical evolution is, on the one hand, close to that of the rotating wave ... More
The 3-point Virasoro algebra and its action on a Fock spaceFeb 13 2015Jul 20 2015We define a 3-point Virasoro algebra, and construct a representation of it on a previously defined Fock space for the 3-point affine algebra $\mathfrak{sl}(2, \mathcal R) \oplus\left( \Omega_{\mathcal R}/d{\mathcal R}\right)$.
Weak solutions of the Hamilton-Jacobi equation for time periodic lagrangiansJul 01 2013In this work we prove the existence of Fathi's weak KAM solutions for periodic Lagrangians and give a construction of all of them.
Two-level quantum dynamics, integrability and unitary NOT gatesSep 21 2005We study the dynamics of a two-level quantum system interacting with an external electromagnetic field periodic and quasiperiodic in time. The quantum evolution is described exactly by the classical equations of motion of a gyromagnet in a time-dependent ... More
True randomness from realistic quantum devicesNov 18 2013Even if the output of a Random Number Generator (RNG) is perfectly uniformly distributed, it may be correlated to pre-existing information and therefore be predictable. Statistical tests are thus not sufficient to guarantee that an RNG is usable for applications, ... More
Calculus, constrained minimization and Lagrange multipliers: Is the optimal critical point a local minimizer?Apr 10 2019In this short note, we discuss how the optimality conditions for the problem of minimizing a multivariate function subject to equality constraints have been dealt with in undergraduate Calculus. We are particularly interested in the 2 or 3-dimensional ... More
Asymptotic behavior of Vianna's exotic Lagrangian tori $T_{a,b,c}$ in $\mathbb{CP}^2$ as $a+b+c \to \infty$Apr 26 2019Jun 14 2019In this paper, we study various asymptotic behavior of the infinite family of monotone Lagrangian tori $T_{a,b,c}$ in $\mathbb{CP}^2$ associated to Markov triples $(a,b,c)$ described in \cite{Vi14}. We first prove that the Gromov capacity of the complement ... More
A Free Boundary Isoperimetric Problem in the Hyperbolic Space between parallel horospheresNov 06 2008In this work we investigate the following isoperimetric problem: to find the regions of prescribed volume with minimal boundary area between two parallel horospheres in hyperbolic 3-space (the area of the part of the boundary contained in the horospheres ... More
Polynomial mixing under a certain stationary Euler flowJul 31 2017Jan 30 2019We study the mixing properties of a scalar $\rho$ advected by a certain incompressible velocity field $u$ on the two dimensional unit ball, which is a stationary radial solution of the Euler equation. The scalar $\rho$ solves the continuity equation with ... More
Generating the algebraic theory of $C(X)$: the case of partially ordered compact spacesJun 16 2017It is known since the late 1960's that the dual of the category of compact Hausdorff spaces and continuous maps is a variety -- not finitary, but bounded by $\aleph_1$. In this note we show that the dual of the category of partially ordered compact spaces ... More
The Stellar Halo of the Spiral Galaxy NGC 1560May 25 2018We report on the detection of a stellar halo around NGC 1560, a 10^9 Mo spiral galaxy member of the Maffei group. We obtained deep images in the r and i bands using the 10.4m Gran Telescopio Canarias in a field centered at ~ 3.7 arcmin (projected distance ... More
On Higher Dimensional Generalized Kuramoto Oscillator SystemsJul 16 2019The aim of this set of notes is to explain and unify some work by Tanaka [1], Lohe [2] and Chandra et~al.~[3, 4] on a generalization of Kuramoto oscillator networks to the case of higher dimensional ``oscillators.'' Instead of oscillators represented ... More
Effects of RF Stimulus and Negative Feedback on Nonlinear CircuitsAug 27 2002We investigate the combined effect of rectification and nonlinear dynamics on the behavior of several simple nonlinear circuits. We consider the classic Resistor-Inductor-Diode (RLD) circuit driven by a low frequency source when an operational amplifier ... More
$ΔL = 3$ processes: Proton decay and LHCFeb 13 2018Apr 23 2018We discuss lepton number violation in three units. From an effective field theory point of view, $\Delta L=3$ processes can only arise from dimension 9 or higher operators. These operators also violate baryon number, hence many of them will induce proton ... More
Sectional curvature and Weitzenböck formulaeAug 29 2017We establish an algebraic characterization of sectional curvature bounds $\sec\geq k$ and $\sec\leq k$ involving the curvature term in the Weitzenb\"ock formulae for symmetric $p$-tensors. This characterization is further clarified by means of a symmetric ... More
Dynamical Phase Transitions In Driven Integrate-And-Fire NeuronsOct 01 2007We explore the dynamics of an integrate-and-fire neuron with an oscillatory stimulus. The frustration due to the competition between the neuron's natural firing period and that of the oscillatory rhythm, leads to a rich structure of asymptotic phase locking ... More
Quantum Walks on Sierpinski GasketsSep 10 2012We analyze discrete-time quantum walks on Sierpinski gaskets using a flip-flop shift operator with the Grover coin. We obtain the scaling of two important physical quantities: the mean-square displacement and the mixing time as function of the number ... More
Error Bounds for FDD Massive MIMO Channel Covariance Conversion with Set-Theoretic MethodsApr 23 2018Aug 01 2018We derive novel bounds for the performance of algorithms that estimate the downlink covariance matrix from the uplink covariance matrix in frequency division duplex (FDD) massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems. The focus is on algorithms ... More
Ultrarelativistic regime in the propagation of an ultrastrong, femtosecond laser pulse in plasmasJul 30 2014The interaction of a multi-Petawatt, pancake-shaped laser pulse with an unmagnetized plasma is studied analytically and numerically in the regime of fully relativistic electron jitter velocities and in the context of the laser wakefield acceleration scheme. ... More
Rolling and no-slip bouncing in cylindersAug 25 2018The purpose of this paper is to compare a classical non-holonomic system---a sphere rolling against the inner surface of a vertical cylinder under gravity---and a class of discrete dynamical systems known as no-slip billiards in similar configurations. ... More
Real to H-space Encoder for Speech RecognitionJun 17 2019Deep neural networks (DNNs) and more precisely recurrent neural networks (RNNs) are at the core of modern automatic speech recognition systems, due to their efficiency to process input sequences. Recently, it has been shown that different input representations, ... More
Distance-Based Influence in Networks: Computation and MaximizationOct 26 2014Jan 31 2016A premise at a heart of network analysis is that entities in a network derive utilities from their connections. The {\em influence} of a seed set $S$ of nodes is defined as the sum over nodes $u$ of the {\em utility} of $S$ to $u$. {\em Distance-based} ... More
Sketch-based Influence Maximization and Computation: Scaling up with GuaranteesAug 26 2014Propagation of contagion through networks is a fundamental process. It is used to model the spread of information, influence, or a viral infection. Diffusion patterns can be specified by a probabilistic model, such as Independent Cascade (IC), or captured ... More
Trevisan's extractor in the presence of quantum side informationDec 30 2009Jun 18 2012Randomness extraction involves the processing of purely classical information and is therefore usually studied in the framework of classical probability theory. However, such a classical treatment is generally too restrictive for applications, where side ... More
Stability properties of a thin relativistic beam propagation in a magnetized plasmaJun 30 2017A self-consistent nonlinear hydrodynamic theory is presented of the propagation of a long and thin relativistic electron beam through a plasma that is relatively strongly magnetized, $|\Omega_e|\sim\omega_{pe}$ and whose density is much bigger than that ... More
Maximum efficiency of perovskite solar cells by material properties tuning and cell design: a multidimensional approachNov 10 2017In order to obtain significant improvements in the Power Conversion Efficiency (PCE) of solar cells, researchers should know in the future which material properties and cell design constitute cells with the highest possible efficiency. Such knowledge ... More
Sobol Tensor Trains for Global Sensitivity AnalysisDec 01 2017Sobol indices are a widespread quantitative measure for variance-based global sensitivity analysis, but computing and utilizing them remains challenging for high-dimensional systems. We propose the tensor train decomposition (TT) as a unified framework ... More
The Effect of a Random Drift on Mixed and Pure Strategies in the Snowdrift GameNov 21 2007Dec 18 2007The replicator dynamics of players choosing either mixed or pure strategies are usually regarded as equivalent, as long as strategies are played with identical frequencies. In this paper we show that a population of pure strategists can be invaded by ... More
Quasar host galaxies in the SDSS Stripe 82Feb 06 2013Feb 07 2013We present first results from our study of the properties of ~400 low redshift (z < 0.5) quasars, based on a large homogeneous dataset derived from the Stripe 82 area of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) Data Release 7 (DR7). For this sky region, deep ... More
Connections between spectral properties of asymptotic mappings and solutions to wireless network problemsMar 23 2019Apr 10 2019In this study we establish connections between asymptotic functions and properties of solutions to important problems in wireless networks. We start by introducing a class of self-mappings (called asymptotic mappings) constructed with asymptotic functions, ... More
Bidirectional Quaternion Long-Short Term Memory Recurrent Neural Networks for Speech RecognitionNov 06 2018Recurrent neural networks (RNN) are at the core of modern automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems. In particular, long-short term memory (LSTM) recurrent neural networks have achieved state-of-the-art results in many speech recognition tasks, due to ... More
Eigenbasis of the Evolution Operator of 2-Tessellable Quantum WalksNov 06 2018Staggered quantum walks on graphs are based on the concept of graph tessellation and generalize some well-known discrete-time quantum walk models. In this work, we address the class of 2-tessellable quantum walks with the goal of obtaining an eigenbasis ... More
Towards a new paradigm for assistive technology at home: research challenges, design issues and performance assessmentOct 27 2017Providing elderly and people with special needs, including those suffering from physical disabilities and chronic diseases, with the possibility of retaining their independence at best is one of the most important challenges our society is expected to ... More
Arianna: towards a new paradigm for assistive technology at homeJul 13 2017Providing elderly and people with special needs to retain their independence as long as possible is one of the biggest challenges of the society of tomorrow. Teseo, a startup company spinoff from the University of Genoa, aims at accelerating the transition ... More
Approximate Degradable Quantum ChannelsDec 02 2014Oct 17 2017Degradable quantum channels are an important class of completely positive trace-preserving maps. Among other properties, they offer a single-letter formula for the quantum and the private classical capacity and are characterized by the fact that a complementary ... More
Estimating the Upcrossings IndexApr 09 2012For stationary sequences, under general local and asymptotic dependence restrictions, any limiting point process for time normalized upcrossings of high levels is a compound Poisson process, i.e., there is a clustering of high upcrossings, where the underlying ... More
Accuracy enhancing protocols for quantum clocksMay 23 2019The accuracy of the time information generated by clocks can be enhanced by allowing them to communicate with each other. Here we consider a basic scenario where a quantum clock receives a low-accuracy time signal as input and ask whether it can generate ... More
Performance of stochastic clocks in the Alternate Ticks GameJun 22 2018In standard quantum theory, time is not an observable. It enters as a parameter in the Schr\"odinger equation, but there is no measurement operator associated to it. Nevertheless, one may take an operational viewpoint and regard time as the information ... More
Tensor Completion for Radio Map Reconstruction using Low Rank and SmoothnessMay 31 2019Radio maps are important enablers for many applications in wireless networks, ranging from network planning and optimization to fingerprint based localization. Sampling the complete map is prohibitively expensive in practice, so methods for reconstructing ... More
Running soft parameters in SUSY models with multiple U(1) gauge factorsJul 13 2011Sep 19 2012We generalize the two-loop renormalization group equations for the parameters of the softly broken SUSY gauge theories given in the literature to the most general case when the gauge group contains more than a single abelian gauge factor. The complete ... More
Elementary results on K processes with weightsFeb 20 2013We introduce the title process via a particular construction, and relate it to processes previously studied, in particular a process introduced by G. E. H. Reuter in 1969. We derive elementary properties and quantities of this processes: Markov property, ... More
Dynamics of the Kuramoto-Sakaguchi Oscillator Network with Asymmetric Order ParameterNov 11 2018We study the dynamics of a generalized version of the famous Kuramoto-Sakaguchi coupled oscillator model. In the classic version of this system, all oscillators are governed by the same ODE, which depends on the order parameter of the oscillator configuration. ... More
GREM-like K processes on trees with infinite depthDec 13 2014We take up the issue of deriving the limit as $n\to\infty$ of the GREM-like K process on a tree with $n$ levels. Under specific conditions on the parameters of the process, implying the martingality of a modification of the underlying clock process sequences, ... More
J-PLUS: A wide-field multi-band study of the M15 globular cluster. Evidence of multiple stellar populations in the RGBApr 11 2018The Javalambre Photometric Local Universe Survey (J-PLUS) provides wide field-of-view images in 12 narrow, intermediate and broad-band filters optimized for stellar photometry. Here we have applied J-PLUS data for the first time for the study of Galactic ... More
Large-signal model of the Metal-Insulator-Graphene diode targeting RF applicationsApr 11 2019We present a circuit-design compatible large-signal compact model of metal-insulator-graphene (MIG) diodes for describing its dynamic response for the first time. The model essentially consists of a voltage-dependent diode intrinsic capacitance coupled ... More
A 2D laser rangefinder scans dataset of standard EUR palletsMay 22 2018Mar 13 2019In the past few years, the technology of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) has notably advanced. In particular, in the context of factory and warehouse automation, different approaches have been presented for detecting and localizing pallets inside warehouses ... More
Ratchet effect on a relativistic particle driven by external forcesJun 23 2011We study the ratchet effect of a damped relativistic particle driven by both asymmetric temporal bi-harmonic and time-periodic piecewise constant forces. This system can be formally solved for any external force, providing the ratchet velocity as a non-linear ... More
Learning Beam Search Policies via Imitation LearningNov 01 2018Beam search is widely used for approximate decoding in structured prediction problems. Models often use a beam at test time but ignore its existence at train time, and therefore do not explicitly learn how to use the beam. We develop an unifying meta-algorithm ... More
Parallel Long Short-Term Memory for Multi-stream ClassificationFeb 11 2017Recently, machine learning methods have provided a broad spectrum of original and efficient algorithms based on Deep Neural Networks (DNN) to automatically predict an outcome with respect to a sequence of inputs. Recurrent hidden cells allow these DNN-based ... More
Physics within a quantum reference frameJul 14 2010Aug 23 2011We investigate the physics of quantum reference frames. Specifically, we study several simple scenarios involving a small number of quantum particles, whereby we promote one of these particles to the role of a quantum observer and ask what is the description ... More
Imperfect Thermalizations Allow for Optimal Thermodynamic ProcessesDec 19 2017Oct 11 2018Optimal (reversible) processes in thermodynamics can be modelled as step-by-step processes, where the system is successively thermalized with respect to different Hamiltonians by an external thermal bath. However, in practice interactions between system ... More
Addressing the P2P Bootstrap Problem for Small NetworksApr 14 2010P2P overlays provide a framework for building distributed applications consisting of few to many resources with features including self-configuration, scalability, and resilience to node failures. Such systems have been successfully adopted in large-scale ... More
Phase transitions in layered systemsJun 12 2014Oct 29 2014We consider the Ising model on the two-dimensional square lattice where on each horizontal line, called "layer", the interaction is given by a ferromagnetic Kac potential with coupling strength $J_\gamma(x,y)=\gamma J(\gamma(x-y))$, where $J(\cdot)$ is ... More
Quaternion Recurrent Neural NetworksJun 12 2018Jan 07 2019Recurrent neural networks (RNNs) are powerful architectures to model sequential data, due to their capability to learn short and long-term dependencies between the basic elements of a sequence. Nonetheless, popular tasks such as speech or images recognition, ... More
Quaternion Convolutional Neural Networks for End-to-End Automatic Speech RecognitionJun 20 2018Recently, the connectionist temporal classification (CTC) model coupled with recurrent (RNN) or convolutional neural networks (CNN), made it easier to train speech recognition systems in an end-to-end fashion. However in real-valued models, time frame ... More
Quantum clocks are more accurate than classical onesJun 01 2018A \emph{clock} is, from an information-theoretic perspective, a system that emits time information. One may therefore ask whether the theory of information imposes any constraints on the maximum precision of clocks. We find that, indeed, the accuracy ... More
Global transport in a nonautonomous standard mapJun 15 2016A non-autonomous version of the standard map with a periodic variation of the parameter is introduced and studied. Symmetry properties in the variables and parameters of the map are found and used to find relations between rotation numbers of invariant ... More
Pinning down the QCD critical end pointApr 26 2019We use the linear sigma model coupled to quarks to explore the location of the phase transition lines in the QCD phase diagram from the point of view of chiral symmetry restoration at high temperature and baryon chemical potential. We analytically compute ... More
Detection, localisation and tracking of pallets using machine learning techniques and 2D range dataMar 29 2018Apr 28 2019The problem of autonomous transportation in industrial scenarios is receiving a renewed interest due to the way it can revolutionise internal logistics, especially in unstructured environments. This paper presents a novel architecture allowing a robot ... More
Comment on "Ratchet universality in the presence of thermal noise"Sep 04 2013A recent paper [Phys. Rev. E 87, 062114 (2013)] presents numerical simulations on a system exhibiting directed ratchet transport of a driven overdamped Brownian particle subjected to a spatially periodic, symmetric potential. The authors claim that their ... More