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Dense Scene Flow from Stereo Disparity and Optical FlowAug 30 2018Scene flow describes 3D motion in a 3D scene. It can either be modeled as a single task, or it can be reconstructed from the auxiliary tasks of stereo depth and optical flow estimation. While the second method can achieve real-time performance by using ... More
Consistency of Importance Sampling estimates based on dependent sample sets and an application to models with factorizing likelihoodsMar 01 2015In this paper, I proof that Importance Sampling estimates based on dependent sample sets are consistent under certain conditions. This can be used to reduce variance in Bayesian Models with factorizing likelihoods, using sample sets that are much larger ... More
Gradient Importance SamplingJul 21 2015Adaptive Monte Carlo schemes developed over the last years usually seek to ensure ergodicity of the sampling process in line with MCMC tradition. This poses constraints on what is possible in terms of adaptation. In the general case ergodicity can only ... More
Black Hole Evaporation: Sparsity in Analogue and General Relativistic Space-TimesJan 17 2019Our understanding of black holes changed drastically, when Stephen Hawking discovered their evaporation due to quantum mechanical processes. One core feature of this effect is both its similarity and simultaneous dissimilarity to classical black body ... More
Inter-Coder Agreement for Nominal Scales: A Model-based ApproachAug 06 2012Inter-coder agreement measures, like Cohen's kappa, correct the relative frequency of agreement between coders to account for agreement which simply occurs by chance. However, in some situations these measures exhibit behavior which make their values ... More
The combinatorial multitude of fatty acids can be described by Fibonacci numbersMar 28 2013The famous series of Fibonacci numbers is defined by a recursive equation saying that each number is the sum of its two predecessors, with the initial condition that the first two numbers are equal to unity. Here, we show that the numbers of fatty acids ... More
Rank reduction of conformal blocksDec 12 2015Aug 03 2016Let $X$ be a smooth, pointed Riemann surface of genus zero, and $G$ a simple, simply-connected complex algebraic group. Associated to a finite number of weights of $G$ and a level is a vector space called the space of conformal blocks, and a vector bundle ... More
Color ordering in QCDNov 25 2013We derive color decompositions of arbitrary tree and one-loop QCD amplitudes into color ordered objects called primitive amplitudes. Furthermore, we derive general fermion flip and reversion identities spanning the null space among the primitive amplitudes ... More
Maximal rank subgroups and strong functoriality of the additive eigenconeAug 22 2016Let $G$ be a simple connected complex Lie group. The additive eigencone of $G$ is a polyhedral cone containing the set of solutions to the additive eigenvalue problem, a generalization of the Hermitian eigenvalue problem. The additive eigencone is functorial, ... More
PWOC-3D: Deep Occlusion-Aware End-to-End Scene Flow EstimationApr 12 2019In the last few years, convolutional neural networks (CNNs) have demonstrated increasing success at learning many computer vision tasks including dense estimation problems such as optical flow and stereo matching. However, the joint prediction of these ... More
SceneFlowFields: Dense Interpolation of Sparse Scene Flow CorrespondencesOct 27 2017While most scene flow methods use either variational optimization or a strong rigid motion assumption, we show for the first time that scene flow can also be estimated by dense interpolation of sparse matches. To this end, we find sparse matches across ... More
Dynamic Risk Assessment for Vehicles of Higher Automation Levels by Deep LearningJun 20 2018Vehicles of higher automation levels require the creation of situation awareness. One important aspect of this situation awareness is an understanding of the current risk of a driving situation. In this work, we present a novel approach for the dynamic ... More
An Empirical Evaluation Study on the Training of SDC Features for Dense Pixel MatchingApr 12 2019Training a deep neural network is a non-trivial task. Not only the tuning of hyperparameters, but also the gathering and selection of training data, the design of the loss function, and the construction of training schedules is important to get the most ... More
Combining Stereo Disparity and Optical Flow for Basic Scene FlowJan 15 2018Scene flow is a description of real world motion in 3D that contains more information than optical flow. Because of its complexity there exists no applicable variant for real-time scene flow estimation in an automotive or commercial vehicle context that ... More
FlowFields++: Accurate Optical Flow Correspondences Meet Robust InterpolationMay 09 2018Optical Flow algorithms are of high importance for many applications. Recently, the Flow Field algorithm and its modifications have shown remarkable results, as they have been evaluated with top accuracy on different data sets. In our analysis of the ... More
SDC - Stacked Dilated Convolution: A Unified Descriptor Network for Dense Matching TasksApr 05 2019Dense pixel matching is important for many computer vision tasks such as disparity and flow estimation. We present a robust, unified descriptor network that considers a large context region with high spatial variance. Our network has a very large receptive ... More
SceneFlowFields++: Multi-frame Matching, Visibility Prediction, and Robust Interpolation for Scene Flow EstimationFeb 26 2019State-of-the-art scene flow algorithms pursue the conflicting targets of accuracy, run time, and robustness. With the successful concept of pixel-wise matching and sparse-to-dense interpolation, we push the limits of scene flow estimation. Avoiding strong ... More
Solving linear equations over finitely generated abelian groupsJul 15 2010We discuss various methods and their effectiveness for solving linear equations over finitely generated abelian groups. More precisely, if $\varphi\colon G\to H$ is a homomorphism of finitely generated abelian groups and $b\in H$, we discuss various algorithms ... More
Period-halving Bifurcation of a Neuronal Recurrence EquationOct 17 2011Apr 08 2012We study the sequences generated by neuronal recurrence equations of the form $x(n) = {\bf 1}[\sum_{j=1}^{h} a_{j} x(n-j)- \theta]$. From a neuronal recurrence equation of memory size $h$ which describes a cycle of length $\rho(m) \times lcm(p_0, p_1,..., ... More
The joints problem in R^nJun 02 2009Jun 15 2009We show that given a collection of A lines in \R^n, n\geq 2, the maximum number of their joints (points incident to at least n lines whose directions form a linearly independent set) is O(A^{n/(n-1)}). An analogous result for smooth algebraic curves is ... More
A direct proof of the confluence of combinatory strong reductionMay 15 2009I give a proof of the confluence of combinatory strong reduction that does not use the one of lambda-calculus. I also give simple and direct proofs of a standardization theorem for this reduction and the strong normalization of simply typed terms.
A short proof that adding some permutation rules to beta preserves SNApr 20 2009Apr 27 2009I show that, if a term is $SN$ for $\beta$, it remains $SN$ when some permutation rules are added.
Une nouvelle condition d'independance pour le theoreme de la limite centraleMay 07 2007We prove a central limit theorem with aassumptions which are many weak than classical conditions
A Reidemeister-Schreier theorem for finitely $L$-presented groupsAug 11 2011We prove a variant of the well-known Reidemeister-Schreier theorem for finitely $L$-presented groups. More precisely, we prove that each finite index subgroup of a finitely $L$-presented group is itself finitely $L$-presented. Our proof is constructive ... More
Unification of Template-Expansion and XML-ValidationJun 19 2019The processing of XML documents often includes creation and validation. These two operations are typically performed in two different nodes within a computer network that do not correlate with each other. The process of creation is also called instantiation ... More
On extremizing sequences for the adjoint restriction inequality on the coneAug 30 2011Nov 19 2014It is known that extremizers for the $L^2$ to $L^6$ adjoint Fourier restriction inequality on the cone in $\mathbb{R}^3$ exist. Here we show that nonnegative extremizing sequences are precompact, after the application of symmetries of the cone. If we ... More
Analytic solutions to the maximum and average exoplanet transit depth for common stellar limb darkening lawsJan 07 2019The depth of an exoplanetary transit in the light curve of a distant star is commonly approximated as the squared planet-to-star radius ratio, (R_p/R_s)^2. Stellar limb darkening, however, results in significantly deeper transits. Here we derive analytical ... More
Formation of hot Jupiters through disk migration and evolving stellar tidesJun 18 2018Since the discovery of Jupiter-sized planets in extremely close orbits around Sun-like stars, several mechanisms have been proposed to form these "hot Jupiters". None of them addressed their pile-up at 0.05 AU observed in stellar radial velocity surveys, ... More
Formation of hot Jupiters through disk migration and evolving stellar tidesJun 18 2018Apr 08 2019Here we address the hot Jupiter (hJ) pile-up at 0.05 AU around young solar-type stars observed in stellar radial velocity surveys, the hJ longterm orbital stability in the presence of stellar tides, and the hJ occurrence rate of 1.2 (+-0.38)% in one framework. ... More
The nature of the giant exomoon candidate Kepler-1625 b-iOct 17 2017Feb 27 2018The recent announcement of a Neptune-sized exomoon candidate around the transiting Jupiter-sized object Kepler-1625 b could indicate the presence of a hitherto unknown kind of gas giant moons, if confirmed. Three transits have been observed, allowing ... More
A family of mock theta functions of weights 1/2 and 3/2 and their congruence propertiesFeb 26 2014In a private communication, K. Ono conjectured that any mock theta function of weight 1/2 or 3/2 can be congruent modulo a prime $p$ to a weakly holomorphic modular form for just a few values of $p$. In this paper we describe when such a congruence occurs. ... More
Approximating the Schur multiplier of certain infinitely presented groups via nilpotent quotientsJun 06 2011We describe an algorithm for computing successive quotients of the Schur multiplier $M(G)$ for a group $G$ given by an invariant finite $L$-presentation. As application, we investigate the Schur multipliers of various self-similar groups such as the Grigorchuk ... More
An Aearated Triangular Array of IntegersFeb 16 2019May 13 2019Congruences modulo prime powers involving generalized Harmonic numbers are known. While looking for similar congruences, we have encountered simple, but not so well-known identities for the Stirling cycle numbers and a curious triangular array of numbers ... More
Remarks on approximate decompositions of the diagonalAug 08 2017In this paper, we investigate, for varieties over $\mathbb C$ with trivial group of $0$-cycles, the gap between essential $\mathrm{CH}_0$-dimension $2$ and essential $\mathrm{CH}_0$-dimension $0$. In particular, we present sufficient (and necessary) conditions ... More
On the universal $\mathrm{CH}_0$ group of cubic threefolds in positive characteristicFeb 22 2016We adapt for algebraically closed fields $k$ of characteristic greater than $2$ two results of Voisin, on the decomposition of the diagonal of a smooth cubic hypersurface $X$ of dimension $3$ over $\mathbb C$, namely: the equivalence between Chow-theoretic ... More
Nonexistence of extremals for the adjoint restriction inequality on the hyperboloidAug 31 2011Jan 10 2015We study the problem of existence of extremizers for the $L^2$ to $L^p$ adjoint Fourier restriction inequalities on the hyperboloid in dimensions 3 and 4, in which cases $p$ is an even integer. We will use the method developed by Foschi to show that extremizers ... More
Remarks on the $\mathrm{CH}_2$ of cubic hypersurfacesJan 16 2017Oct 20 2017This paper presents two approaches to reducing problems on $2$-cycles on a smooth cubic hypersurface $X$ over an algebraically closed field of characteristic $\neq 2$, to problems on $1$-cycles on its variety of lines $F(X)$. The first one relies on bitangent ... More
A combinatorial approach to integrals of Kahan-Hirota-Kimura discretizationsNov 08 2016We consider an Ansatz for the study of the existence of formal integrals of motion for Kahan-Hirota-Kimura discretizations. In this context, we give a combinatorial proof of the formula of Celledoni-McLachlan-Owren-Quispel for an integral of motion of ... More
On the universal $\mathrm{CH}_0$ group of cubic threefolds in positive characteristicFeb 22 2016Jan 12 2017We adapt for algebraically closed fields $k$ of characteristic greater than $2$ two results of Voisin, on the decomposition of the diagonal of a smooth cubic hypersurface $X$ of dimension $3$ over $\mathbb C$, namely: the equivalence between Chow-theoretic ... More
Diophantus Revisited: On rational surfaces and K3 surfaces in the ArithmeticaSep 21 2015This article wants to show two things: first, that certain problems in Diophantus' Arithmetica lead to equations defining del Pezzo surfaces or other rational surfaces, while certain others lead to K3 surfaces; second, that Diophantus' own solutions to ... More
A Note on Invariantly Finitely $L$-Presented GroupsMay 01 2012In the first part of this note, we introduce Tietze transformations for $L$-presentations. These transformations enable us to generalize Tietze's theorem for finitely presented groups to invariantly finitely $L$-presented groups. Moreover, they allow ... More
Non-coherent Components of the Toric Hilbert SchemeSep 22 2010We want to understand the geometry of all irreducible components of the toric Hilbert scheme. Until now it is known that the coherent component is (up to normalisation) the toric variety associated to the state polytope of the toric ideal. For the non-coherent ... More
The de Rham realization of the elliptic polylogarithm in familiesAug 17 2014This thesis establishes a geometric approach to the de Rham realization of the polylogarithm. As a central result we construct the logarithm sheaves of rational abelian schemes in terms of the birigidified Poincar\'e bundle with universal integrable connection ... More
On the energy dependence of $K/π$ fluctuations in relativistic heavy ion collisionsNov 06 2009In this note we will discuss the energy dependence of particle ratio fluctuations in heavy ion collisions. We study how the inherent multiplicity dependence of ratio fluctuations is reflected in the excitation function of the dynamical fluctuations. Specifically, ... More
High p_T Spectra of Identified Particles Produced in Pb+Pb Collisions at 158GeV/nucleon Beam EnergyOct 18 2005Transverse momentum spectra of pi^{+/-}, p, pbar, K^{+/-}, K^0_s and Lambda at midrapidity were measured at high p_T in Pb+Pb collisions at 158GeV/nucleon beam energy by the NA49 experiment. Particle yield ratios (p/pi, K/pi and Lambda/K^0_s) show an ... More
Optical conductivity of a Hubbard ring with an impurityJul 02 2005We investigate the optical conductivity of a Hubbard ring in presence of an impurity by means of exact diagonalization using the Lanczos algorithm. We concentrate thereby on the first excited, open shell state, i.e. on twisted boundary conditions. In ... More
Decomposition of formic acidAug 30 2011Formic acid is known to act as a reduction agent for copper oxide. Its thermal uni-molecular decomposition was studied by means of DFT with special attention to reaction paths and kinetics.
Volume inequalities and additive maps of convex bodiesJul 31 2012Analogues of the classical inequalities from the Brunn-Minkowski theory for rotation intertwining additive maps of convex bodies are developed. Analogues are also proved of inequalities from the dual Brunn-Minkowski theory for intertwining additive maps ... More
No Lee-Wick Fields out of GravityMar 23 2009Jun 12 2009We investigate the gravitational one-loop divergences of the standard model in large extra dimensions, with gravitons propagating in the (4+delta)-dimensional bulk and gauge fields as well as scalar and fermionic multiplets confined to a three-brane. ... More
Games for Active XML RevisitedDec 18 2014The paper studies the rewriting mechanisms for intensional documents in the Active XML framework, abstracted in the form of active context-free games. The safe rewriting problem studied in this paper is to decide whether the first player, Juliet, has ... More
Boyer-Lindquist space-times and beyond: Meta-material analoguesFeb 27 2018Mar 08 2018Physically reasonable stationary axisymmetric spacetimes can (under very mild technical conditions) be put into Boyer-Lindquist form. Unfortunately a metric presented in Boyer-Lindquist form is not well-adapted to the "quasi-Cartesian" meta-material analysis ... More
Bespoke analogue space-times: Meta-material mimicsJan 17 2018Modern meta-materials allow one to construct electromagnetic media with almost arbitrary bespoke permittivity, permeability, and magneto-electric tensors. If (and only if) the permittivity, permeability, and magneto-electric tensors satisfy certain stringent ... More
Identifying the stored energy of a hyperelastic structure by using an attenuated Landweber methodApr 21 2017We consider the nonlinear, inverse problem of identifying the stored energy function of a hyperelastic material from full knowledge of the displacement field as well as from surface sensor measurements. The displacement field is represented as a solution ... More
Convolutions and multiplier transformations of convex bodiesJul 31 2012Rotation intertwining maps from the set of convex bodies in Rn into itself that are continuous linear operators with respect to Minkowski and Blaschke addition are investigated. The main focus is on Blaschke-Minkowski homomorphisms. We show that such ... More
Crofton measures and Minkowski valuationsJul 31 2012A description of continuous rigid motion compatible Minkowski valuations is established. As an application, we present a Brunn-Minkowski type inequality for intrinsic volumes of these valuations.
Gravitational Corrections to Yukawa and Phi^4 InteractionsAug 17 2009Feb 24 2010We consider the lowest order quantum gravitational corrections to Yukawa and Phi^4 interactions. Our results show that quantum gravity leads to contributions to the running coupling constants if the particles are massive and therefore alters the scaling ... More
Lattice structures for bisimilar Probabilistic AutomataFeb 27 2014The paper shows that there is a deep structure on certain sets of bisimilar Probabilistic Automata (PA). The key prerequisite for these structures is a notion of compactness of PA. It is shown that compact bisimilar PA form lattices. These results are ... More
Induction in Algebra: a First Case StudyAug 12 2013Sep 20 2013Many a concrete theorem of abstract algebra admits a short and elegant proof by contradiction but with Zorn's Lemma (ZL). A few of these theorems have recently turned out to follow in a direct and elementary way from the Principle of Open Induction distinguished ... More
Constructing the Tree-Level Yang-Mills S-Matrix Using Complex FactorizationNov 20 2008A remarkable connection between BCFW recursion relations and constraints on the S-matrix was made by Benincasa and Cachazo in 0705.4305, who noted that mutual consistency of different BCFW constructions of four-particle amplitudes generates non-trivial ... More
Chance and Necessity in Evolution: Lessons from RNANov 18 1998The relationship between sequences and secondary structures or shapes in RNA exhibits robust statistical properties summarized by three notions: (1) the notion of a typical shape (that among all sequences of fixed length certain shapes are realized much ... More
On the Theory of Continuous-Spin Particles: Wavefunctions and Soft-Factor Scattering AmplitudesFeb 05 2013Nov 02 2013The most general massless particles allowed by Poincare-invariance are "continuous-spin" particles (CSPs) characterized by a scale \rho, which at \rho=0 reduce to familiar helicity particles. Though known long-range forces are adequately modeled using ... More
Strong normalization results by translationMay 18 2009We prove the strong normalization of full classical natural deduction (i.e. with conjunction, disjunction and permutative conversions) by using a translation into the simply typed lambda-mu-calculus. We also extend Mendler's result on recursive equations ... More
Distributions of rational points on Kummer VarietiesNov 19 2012Feb 12 2013We prove several results on the number of rational points on open subsets of Kummer varieties of arbitrary dimension. Some of our results are unconditional, and others depend on the Parity Conjecture (a corollary of the Conjecture of Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer). ... More
Towards Optimal and Expressive Kernelization for d-Hitting SetDec 10 2011Jul 15 2014d-Hitting Set is the NP-hard problem of selecting at most k vertices of a hypergraph so that each hyperedge, all of which have cardinality at most d, contains at least one selected vertex. The applications of d-Hitting Set are, for example, fault diagnosis, ... More
Transitive perfect colorings of the non-regular Archimedean tilingsJul 18 2015In this work, we give a method to obtain nontrivial transitive perfect colorings of the non-regular Archimedean tilings using the least possible number $n$ of colors. We also look for other non-equivalent transitive perfect $n$-colorings of a given non-regular ... More
The Effect of Toroidal Magnetic Fields on Solar Oscillation FrequenciesJan 24 2018Solar oscillation frequencies change with the level of magnetic activity. Localizing subsurface magnetic field concentrations in the Sun with helioseismology will help us to understand the solar dynamo. Because the magnetic fields are not considered in ... More
Pattern and wavenumber selection in ferrofluidsFeb 02 2001Aug 09 2001The formation of patterns of peaks on the free surface of a ferrofluid subject to a magnetic field normal to the undisturbed interface is investigated theoretically. The relative stability of ridge, square, and hexagon planforms is studied using a perturbative ... More
Gaussians Rarely Extremize Adjoint Fourier Restriction Inequalities For ParaboloidsDec 06 2010It was proved independently by Foschi and Hundertmark, Zharnitsky that Gaussians extremize the adjoint Fourier restriction inequality for L^2 functions on the paraboloid in the two lowest-dimesional cases. Here we prove that Gaussians are critical points ... More
Réseaux d'Automates de Caianiello RevisitéFeb 10 2006We exhibit a family of neural networks of McCulloch and Pitts of size $2nk+2$ which can be simulated by a neural networks of Caianiello of size $2n+2$ and memory length $k$. This simulation allows us to find again one of the result of the following article: ... More
A magnetic tight-binding model: surface effects in transition metals and nanoparticulesJan 03 2019The magnetic and the physical properties of some transition metals from the bulk state to the nanoparticles has been investigated in an accurate tight-binding + U model which includes the exact Coulomb correlations. With a chemical rule of d charge neutrality, ... More
Free Collisions in a Microgravity Many-Particle Experiment. IV. - Three-Dimensional Analysis of Collision PropertiesDec 10 2014The bouncing barrier, a parameter combination at which dust particles in the protoplanetary disk always rebound in mutual collisions, is one of the crucial steps of planet formation. In the past years, several experiments have been performed to determine ... More
Deceleration of high-velocity interstellar photon sails into bound orbits at $α$ CentauriJan 30 2017At a distance of about 4.22 lightyears, it would take about 100,000 years for humans to visit our closest stellar neighbor Proxima Centauri using modern chemical thrusters. New technologies are now being developed that involve high-power lasers firing ... More
Graph-based data clustering: a quadratic-vertex problem kernel for s-Plex Cluster Vertex DeletionSep 15 2009We introduce the s-Plex Cluster Vertex Deletion problem. Like the Cluster Vertex Deletion problem, it is NP-hard and motivated by graph-based data clustering. While the task in Cluster Vertex Deletion is to delete vertices from a graph so that its connected ... More
Refined solvable presentations for polycyclic groupsFeb 08 2011Feb 09 2011We describe a new type of polycyclic presentations, that we will call refined solvable presentations, for polycyclic groups. These presentations are obtained by refining a series of normal subgroups with abelian sections. These presentations can be described ... More
Arithmetical proofs of strong normalization results for symmetric lambda calculiMay 06 2009We give arithmetical proofs of the strong normalization of two symmetric $\lambda$-calculi corresponding to classical logic. The first one is the $\bar{\lambda}\mu\tilde{\mu}$-calculus introduced by Curien & Herbelin. It is derived via the Curry-Howard ... More
A short proof of the strong normalization of the simply typed $λμ$-calculusMay 11 2009We give an elementary and purely arithmetical proof of the strong normalization of Parigot's simply typed $\lambda\mu$-calculus.
On duality of spaces of harmonic vector fieldsOct 30 2006A differential form defined on a Riemannian manifold is said to harmonic if it is closed and co-closed. Harmonic differential forms are a natural multi-dimensional extension of the concept of analytic function of complex variable. In this paper we characterize ... More
Self-Assembly of Magnetic Spheres in Strong Homogeneous Magnetic FieldFeb 02 2016The self-assembly in two dimensions of spherical magnets in strong magnetic field is addressed theoretically. %% It is shown that the attraction and assembly of parallel magnetic chains is the result of a delicate interplay of dipole-dipole interactions ... More
Proofs of life: molecular-biology reasoning simulates cell behaviors from first principlesOct 30 2018Mar 18 2019We axiomatize the molecular-biology reasoning style, show compliance of the standard reference: Ptashne, A Genetic Switch, and present proof-theory-induced technologies to help infer phenotypes and to predict life cycles from genotypes. The key is to ... More
Removable Singularities of $m$-Hessian EquationsJul 08 2016Jan 27 2017In this paper we give a new, less restrictive condition for removability of singular sets, $E$, of smooth solutions to the m-Hessian equation (and also for more general fully nonlinear elliptic equations) in $\Omega \setminus E$, $\Omega \subset \mathbb ... More
Minkowski Valuations and Generalized ValuationsJul 20 2015A convolution representation of continuous translation invariant and SO(n) equivariant Minkowski valuations is established. This is based on a new classification of translation invariant generalized spherical valuations. As applications, Crofton and kinematic ... More
Binary Operations in Spherical Convex GeometryJul 04 2014Characterizations of binary operations between convex bodies on the Euclidean unit sphere are established. The main result shows that the convex hull is essentially the only non-trivial projection covariant operation between pairs of convex bodies contained ... More
Counting proofs in propositional logicMay 18 2009We give a procedure for counting the number of different proofs of a formula in various sorts of propositional logic. This number is either an integer (that may be 0 if the formula is not provable) or infinite.
Arithmetical proofs of strong normalization results for the symmetric $λμ$-calculusMay 07 2009The symmetric $\lambda \mu$-calculus is the $\lambda \mu$-calculus introduced by Parigot in which the reduction rule $\m'$, which is the symmetric of $\mu$, is added. We give arithmetical proofs of some strong normalization results for this calculus. ... More
Integral points of a modular curve of level 11Jul 14 2011Using lower bounds for linear forms in elliptic logarithms we determine the integral points of the modular curve associated to the normalizer of a non-split Cartan group of level 11. As an application we obtain a new solution of the class number one problem ... More
Removable Singularities of $m$-Hessian EquationsJul 08 2016In this paper we give a new, less restrictive condition for removability of singular sets, $E$, of smooth solutions to the m-Hessian equation (and also for more general fully nonlinear elliptic equations) in $\Omega \setminus E$, $\Omega \subset \mathbb ... More
Oxygen in dense interstellar gas - the oxygen abundance of the star forming core rho Oph AMar 20 2009Oxygen is the third most abundant element in the universe, but its chemistry in the interstellar medium is still not well understood. In order to critically examine the entire oxygen budget, we attempt here initially to estimate the abundance of atomic ... More
Proofs of life: molecular-biology reasoning simulates cell behaviors from first principlesOct 30 2018Jan 22 2019We axiomatize the molecular-biology reasoning style, verify compliance of the standard reference: Ptashne, A Genetic Switch, and present proof-theory-induced technologies to predict phenotypes and life cycles from genotypes. The key is to note that `reductionist ... More
A syntactical proof of the operational equivalence of two $λ$-termsMay 06 2009In this paper we present a purely syntactical proof of the operational equivalence of $I=\lambda xx$ and the $\lambda$-term $J$ that is the $\eta$-infinite expansion of $I$.
Why the usual candidates of reducibility do not work for the symmetric $λμ$-calculusMay 11 2009The symmetric $\lambda mu$-calculus is the $\lambda\mu$-calculus introduced by Parigot in which the reduction rule $\mu'$, which is the symmetric of $\mu$, is added. We give examples explaining why the technique using the usual candidates of reducibility ... More
Car Segmentation and Pose Estimation using 3D Object ModelsDec 21 2015Jun 17 2016Image segmentation and 3D pose estimation are two key cogs in any algorithm for scene understanding. However, state-of-the-art CRF-based models for image segmentation rely mostly on 2D object models to construct top-down high-order potentials. In this ... More
Integration with respect to the non-commutative fractional Brownian motionMar 13 2018We study the issue of integration with respect to the non-commutative fractional Brownian motion, that is the analog of the standard fractional Brownian in a non-commutative probability setting.When the Hurst index $H$ of the process is stricly larger ... More
ClouNS - A Cloud-native Application Reference Model for Enterprise ArchitectsSep 14 2017The capability to operate cloud-native applications can generate enormous business growth and value. But enterprise architects should be aware that cloud-native applications are vulnerable to vendor lock-in. We investigated cloud-native application design ... More
The Certification Problem FormatOct 30 2014We provide an overview of CPF, the certification problem format, and explain some design decisions. Whereas CPF was originally invented to combine three different formats for termination proofs into a single one, in the meanwhile proofs for several other ... More
Staggered grid leap-frog scheme for the (2+1)D Dirac equationJun 25 2013Sep 10 2013A numerical scheme utilizing a grid which is staggered in both space and time is proposed for the numerical solution of the (2+1)D Dirac equation in presence of an external electromagnetic potential. It preserves the linear dispersion relation of the ... More
A refined counter-example to the support conjecture for abelian varietiesFeb 13 2005If A/K is an abelian variety over a number field and P and Q are rational points, the original support conjecture asserted that if the order of Q (mod p) divides the order of P (mod p) for almost all primes p of K, then Q is obtained from P by applying ... More
On the structure of elliptic curves over finite extensions of $\mathbb{Q}_p$ with additive reductionMar 22 2017Let $p$ be a prime and let $K$ be a finite extension of $\mathbb{Q}_p$. Let $E/K$ be an elliptic curve with additive reduction. In this paper, we study the topological group structure of the set of points of good reduction of $E(K)$. In particular, if ... More
Understanding Quality Factor Degradation in Superconducting Niobium Cavities at Low Microwave Field AmplitudesMay 17 2017Nov 22 2017In niobium superconducting radio frequency (SRF) accelerating cavities a decrease of the quality factor at lower fields - a so called \emph{low field Q slope or LFQS} - has been a long-standing unexplained effect. By extending the high $Q$ measurement ... More
On the GL(V)-module structure of K(n)^*(BV)Nov 30 2007We study the question of whether the Morava K-theory of the classifying space of an elementary abelian group V is a permutation module (in either of two distinct senses) for the automorphism group of V. We use Brauer characters and computer calculations. ... More
Even Minkowski ValuationsNov 07 2014A new integral representation of smooth translation invariant and rotation equivariant even Minkowski valuations is established. Explicit formulas relating previously obtained descriptions of such valuations with the new more accessible one are also derived. ... More