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SceneFlowFields++: Multi-frame Matching, Visibility Prediction, and Robust Interpolation for Scene Flow EstimationFeb 26 2019State-of-the-art scene flow algorithms pursue the conflicting targets of accuracy, run time, and robustness. With the successful concept of pixel-wise matching and sparse-to-dense interpolation, we push the limits of scene flow estimation. Avoiding strong ... More
Consistency of Importance Sampling estimates based on dependent sample sets and an application to models with factorizing likelihoodsMar 01 2015In this paper, I proof that Importance Sampling estimates based on dependent sample sets are consistent under certain conditions. This can be used to reduce variance in Bayesian Models with factorizing likelihoods, using sample sets that are much larger ... More
Gradient Importance SamplingJul 21 2015Adaptive Monte Carlo schemes developed over the last years usually seek to ensure ergodicity of the sampling process in line with MCMC tradition. This poses constraints on what is possible in terms of adaptation. In the general case ergodicity can only ... More
Inter-Coder Agreement for Nominal Scales: A Model-based ApproachAug 06 2012Inter-coder agreement measures, like Cohen's kappa, correct the relative frequency of agreement between coders to account for agreement which simply occurs by chance. However, in some situations these measures exhibit behavior which make their values ... More
The combinatorial multitude of fatty acids can be described by Fibonacci numbersMar 28 2013The famous series of Fibonacci numbers is defined by a recursive equation saying that each number is the sum of its two predecessors, with the initial condition that the first two numbers are equal to unity. Here, we show that the numbers of fatty acids ... More
Rank reduction of conformal blocksDec 12 2015Aug 03 2016Let $X$ be a smooth, pointed Riemann surface of genus zero, and $G$ a simple, simply-connected complex algebraic group. Associated to a finite number of weights of $G$ and a level is a vector space called the space of conformal blocks, and a vector bundle ... More
PWOC-3D: Deep Occlusion-Aware End-to-End Scene Flow EstimationApr 12 2019In the last few years, convolutional neural networks (CNNs) have demonstrated increasing success at learning many computer vision tasks including dense estimation problems such as optical flow and stereo matching. However, the joint prediction of these ... More
SceneFlowFields: Dense Interpolation of Sparse Scene Flow CorrespondencesOct 27 2017While most scene flow methods use either variational optimization or a strong rigid motion assumption, we show for the first time that scene flow can also be estimated by dense interpolation of sparse matches. To this end, we find sparse matches across ... More
An Empirical Evaluation Study on the Training of SDC Features for Dense Pixel MatchingApr 12 2019Training a deep neural network is a non-trivial task. Not only the tuning of hyperparameters, but also the gathering and selection of training data, the design of the loss function, and the construction of training schedules is important to get the most ... More
Dynamic Risk Assessment for Vehicles of Higher Automation Levels by Deep LearningJun 20 2018Vehicles of higher automation levels require the creation of situation awareness. One important aspect of this situation awareness is an understanding of the current risk of a driving situation. In this work, we present a novel approach for the dynamic ... More
Color ordering in QCDNov 25 2013We derive color decompositions of arbitrary tree and one-loop QCD amplitudes into color ordered objects called primitive amplitudes. Furthermore, we derive general fermion flip and reversion identities spanning the null space among the primitive amplitudes ... More
Solving linear equations over finitely generated abelian groupsJul 15 2010We discuss various methods and their effectiveness for solving linear equations over finitely generated abelian groups. More precisely, if $\varphi\colon G\to H$ is a homomorphism of finitely generated abelian groups and $b\in H$, we discuss various algorithms ... More
Better Than EarthMar 02 2015Do We Inhabit The Best O All Possible Worlds? German mathematician Gottfried Leibniz thought so, writing in 1710 that our planet, warts and all, must be the most optimal one imaginable. Leibniz's idea was roundly scorned as unscientific wishful thinking, ... More
SDC - Stacked Dilated Convolution: A Unified Descriptor Network for Dense Matching TasksApr 05 2019Dense pixel matching is important for many computer vision tasks such as disparity and flow estimation. We present a robust, unified descriptor network that considers a large context region with high spatial variance. Our network has a very large receptive ... More
Exomoon habitability constrained by energy flux and orbital stabilitySep 01 2012Detecting massive satellites of extrasolar planets has now become feasible, which led naturally to questions about their habitability. In a previous study we presented constraints on the habitability of moons from stellar and planetary illumination as ... More
Investigating self-similar groups using their finite $L$-presentationApr 19 2012Self-similar groups provide a rich source of groups with interesting properties; e.g., infinite torsion groups (Burnside groups) and groups with an intermediate word growth. Various self-similar groups can be described by a recursive (possibly infinite) ... More
Coset enumeration for certain infinitely presented groupsJun 01 2011We describe an algorithm that computes the index of a finitely generated subgroup in a finitely $L$-presented group provided that this index is finite. This algorithm shows that the subgroup membership problem for finite index subgroups in a finitely ... More
Analytic solutions to the maximum and average exoplanet transit depth for common stellar limb darkening lawsJan 07 2019The depth of an exoplanetary transit in the light curve of a distant star is commonly approximated as the squared planet-to-star radius ratio, (R_p/R_s)^2. Stellar limb darkening, however, results in significantly deeper transits. Here we derive analytical ... More
Formation of hot Jupiters through disk migration and evolving stellar tidesJun 18 2018Since the discovery of Jupiter-sized planets in extremely close orbits around Sun-like stars, several mechanisms have been proposed to form these "hot Jupiters". None of them addressed their pile-up at 0.05 AU observed in stellar radial velocity surveys, ... More
The nature of the giant exomoon candidate Kepler-1625 b-iOct 17 2017Feb 27 2018The recent announcement of a Neptune-sized exomoon candidate around the transiting Jupiter-sized object Kepler-1625 b could indicate the presence of a hitherto unknown kind of gas giant moons, if confirmed. Three transits have been observed, allowing ... More
Analytic solutions to the maximum and average exoplanet transit depth for common stellar limb darkening lawsJan 07 2019Mar 21 2019The depth of an exoplanetary transit in the light curve of a distant star is commonly approximated as the squared planet-to-star radius ratio, (R_p/R_s)^2. Stellar limb darkening, however, results in significantly deeper transits. Here we derive analytical ... More
A family of mock theta functions of weights 1/2 and 3/2 and their congruence propertiesFeb 26 2014In a private communication, K. Ono conjectured that any mock theta function of weight 1/2 or 3/2 can be congruent modulo a prime $p$ to a weakly holomorphic modular form for just a few values of $p$. In this paper we describe when such a congruence occurs. ... More
A Reidemeister-Schreier theorem for finitely $L$-presented groupsAug 11 2011We prove a variant of the well-known Reidemeister-Schreier theorem for finitely $L$-presented groups. More precisely, we prove that each finite index subgroup of a finitely $L$-presented group is itself finitely $L$-presented. Our proof is constructive ... More
On p-adic density of rational points on K3 surfacesJan 30 2013We show that, for every prime number p, there exist infinitely many K3 surfaces over Q whose rational points lie dense in the space of p-adic points. We also show that there exists a K3 surface over Q whose rational points lie dense in the space of p-adic ... More
Extended Congruences for Harmonic NumbersFeb 14 2019We derive $p$-adic expansions for the generalized Harmonic numbers $H^{(j)}_{p-1}$ and $H^{(j)}_{\frac{p-1}{2}}$ involving the Bernoulli numbers $B_j$ and the the base-2 Fermat quotient $q_p$. While most of our results are not new, we obtain them elementarily, ... More
On the Fourier coefficients of meromorphic Jacobi formsOct 30 2012In this paper, we describe the automorphic properties of the Fourier coefficients of meromorphic Jacobi forms. Extending results of Dabholkar, Murthy, and Zagier, and Bringmann and Folsom, we prove that the canonical Fourier coefficients of a meromorphic ... More
Detecting extrasolar moons akin to solar system satellites with an orbital sampling effectMar 24 2014Apr 30 2014Despite years of high accuracy observations, none of the available theoretical techniques has yet allowed the confirmation of a moon beyond the solar system. Methods are currently limited to masses about an order of magnitude higher than the mass of any ... More
On p-torsion of p-adic elliptic curves with additive reductionNov 26 2012Jan 30 2013Let E be an elliptic curve with additive reduction over the p-adic numbers, and let G be the group of p-adic points on E that have good reduction. This paper gives necessary and sufficient conditions for G to contain non-trivial p-torsion.
Remarks on approximate decompositions of the diagonalAug 08 2017In this paper, we investigate, for varieties over $\mathbb C$ with trivial group of $0$-cycles, the gap between essential $\mathrm{CH}_0$-dimension $2$ and essential $\mathrm{CH}_0$-dimension $0$. In particular, we present sufficient (and necessary) conditions ... More
Diophantus Revisited: On rational surfaces and K3 surfaces in the ArithmeticaSep 21 2015This article wants to show two things: first, that certain problems in Diophantus' Arithmetica lead to equations defining del Pezzo surfaces or other rational surfaces, while certain others lead to K3 surfaces; second, that Diophantus' own solutions to ... More
A combinatorial approach to integrals of Kahan-Hirota-Kimura discretizationsNov 08 2016We consider an Ansatz for the study of the existence of formal integrals of motion for Kahan-Hirota-Kimura discretizations. In this context, we give a combinatorial proof of the formula of Celledoni-McLachlan-Owren-Quispel for an integral of motion of ... More
The de Rham realization of the elliptic polylogarithm in familiesAug 17 2014This thesis establishes a geometric approach to the de Rham realization of the polylogarithm. As a central result we construct the logarithm sheaves of rational abelian schemes in terms of the birigidified Poincar\'e bundle with universal integrable connection ... More
Non-coherent Components of the Toric Hilbert SchemeSep 22 2010We want to understand the geometry of all irreducible components of the toric Hilbert scheme. Until now it is known that the coherent component is (up to normalisation) the toric variety associated to the state polytope of the toric ideal. For the non-coherent ... More
An Aearated Triangular Array of IntegersFeb 16 2019Congruences modulo prime powers involving generalized Harmonic numbers are known. While looking for similar congruences, we have encountered simple, but not so well-known identities for the Stirling cycle numbers and a curious triangular array of numbers ... More
On the energy dependence of $K/π$ fluctuations in relativistic heavy ion collisionsNov 06 2009In this note we will discuss the energy dependence of particle ratio fluctuations in heavy ion collisions. We study how the inherent multiplicity dependence of ratio fluctuations is reflected in the excitation function of the dynamical fluctuations. Specifically, ... More
Markov Automata: Deciding Weak Bisimulation by means of non-naively Vanishing StatesMay 28 2012Apr 30 2014This paper develops a decision algorithm for weak bisimulation on Markov Automata (MA). For that purpose, different notions of vanishing state (a concept known from the area of Generalised Stochastic Petri Nets) are defined. Vanishing states are shown ... More
Optical conductivity of a Hubbard ring with an impurityJul 02 2005We investigate the optical conductivity of a Hubbard ring in presence of an impurity by means of exact diagonalization using the Lanczos algorithm. We concentrate thereby on the first excited, open shell state, i.e. on twisted boundary conditions. In ... More
Volume inequalities and additive maps of convex bodiesJul 31 2012Analogues of the classical inequalities from the Brunn-Minkowski theory for rotation intertwining additive maps of convex bodies are developed. Analogues are also proved of inequalities from the dual Brunn-Minkowski theory for intertwining additive maps ... More
No Lee-Wick Fields out of GravityMar 23 2009Jun 12 2009We investigate the gravitational one-loop divergences of the standard model in large extra dimensions, with gravitons propagating in the (4+delta)-dimensional bulk and gauge fields as well as scalar and fermionic multiplets confined to a three-brane. ... More
Boyer-Lindquist space-times and beyond: Meta-material analoguesFeb 27 2018Mar 08 2018Physically reasonable stationary axisymmetric spacetimes can (under very mild technical conditions) be put into Boyer-Lindquist form. Unfortunately a metric presented in Boyer-Lindquist form is not well-adapted to the "quasi-Cartesian" meta-material analysis ... More
Games for Active XML RevisitedDec 18 2014The paper studies the rewriting mechanisms for intensional documents in the Active XML framework, abstracted in the form of active context-free games. The safe rewriting problem studied in this paper is to decide whether the first player, Juliet, has ... More
Identifying the stored energy of a hyperelastic structure by using an attenuated Landweber methodApr 21 2017We consider the nonlinear, inverse problem of identifying the stored energy function of a hyperelastic material from full knowledge of the displacement field as well as from surface sensor measurements. The displacement field is represented as a solution ... More
Runaway greenhouse effect on exomoons due to irradiation from hot, young giant planetsNov 01 2013The Kepler space telescope has detected transits of objects as small as the Earth's Moon, and moons as small as 0.2 Earth masses can be detected in the Kepler data by transit timing and transit duration variations of their host planets. Such massive moons ... More
Water ice lines and the formation of giant moons around super-Jovian planetsOct 21 2014May 05 2015Most of the exoplanets with known masses at Earth-like distances to Sun-like stars are heavier than Jupiter, which raises the question of whether such planets are accompanied by detectable, possibly habitable moons. Here we simulate the accretion disks ... More
A magnetic tight-binding model: surface effects in transition metals and nanoparticulesJan 03 2019Mar 18 2019The magnetic and the physical properties of some transition metals from the bulk state to the nanoparticles have been investigated in a tight-binding + U model which includes the exact correlations. With a chemical rule of d charge neutrality, this new ... More
SG-Lagrangian submanifolds and their parametrizationJun 07 2014Sep 10 2015We continue our study of tempered oscillatory integrals $I_\varphi(a)$, here investigating the link with a suitable symplectic structure at infinity, which we describe in detail. We prove adapted versions of the classical theorems, which show that tempered ... More
Quantization on manifolds with an embedded submanifoldOct 06 2017We investigate a quantization problem which asks for the construction of an algebra for relative elliptic problems of pseudodifferential type associated to smooth embeddings. Specifically, we study the problem for embeddings in the category of compact ... More
The Effect of Toroidal Magnetic Fields on Solar Oscillation FrequenciesJan 24 2018Solar oscillation frequencies change with the level of magnetic activity. Localizing subsurface magnetic field concentrations in the Sun with helioseismology will help us to understand the solar dynamo. Because the magnetic fields are not considered in ... More
Towards Optimal and Expressive Kernelization for d-Hitting SetDec 10 2011Jul 15 2014d-Hitting Set is the NP-hard problem of selecting at most k vertices of a hypergraph so that each hyperedge, all of which have cardinality at most d, contains at least one selected vertex. The applications of d-Hitting Set are, for example, fault diagnosis, ... More
The Representation Theorem of Persistent Homology Revisited and GeneralizedJul 27 2017Jun 07 2018The Representation Theorem by Zomorodian and Carlsson has been the starting point of the study of persistent homology under the lens of algebraic representation theory. In this work, we give a more accurate statement of the original theorem and provide ... More
Gravitational Corrections to Yukawa and Phi^4 InteractionsAug 17 2009Feb 24 2010We consider the lowest order quantum gravitational corrections to Yukawa and Phi^4 interactions. Our results show that quantum gravity leads to contributions to the running coupling constants if the particles are massive and therefore alters the scaling ... More
On the Theory of Continuous-Spin Particles: Wavefunctions and Soft-Factor Scattering AmplitudesFeb 05 2013Nov 02 2013The most general massless particles allowed by Poincare-invariance are "continuous-spin" particles (CSPs) characterized by a scale \rho, which at \rho=0 reduce to familiar helicity particles. Though known long-range forces are adequately modeled using ... More
Induction in Algebra: a First Case StudyAug 12 2013Sep 20 2013Many a concrete theorem of abstract algebra admits a short and elegant proof by contradiction but with Zorn's Lemma (ZL). A few of these theorems have recently turned out to follow in a direct and elementary way from the Principle of Open Induction distinguished ... More
Constructing the Tree-Level Yang-Mills S-Matrix Using Complex FactorizationNov 20 2008A remarkable connection between BCFW recursion relations and constraints on the S-matrix was made by Benincasa and Cachazo in 0705.4305, who noted that mutual consistency of different BCFW constructions of four-particle amplitudes generates non-trivial ... More
Chance and Necessity in Evolution: Lessons from RNANov 18 1998The relationship between sequences and secondary structures or shapes in RNA exhibits robust statistical properties summarized by three notions: (1) the notion of a typical shape (that among all sequences of fixed length certain shapes are realized much ... More
How to determine an exomoon's sense of orbital motionSep 25 2014We present two methods to determine an exomoon's sense of orbital motion (SOM), one with respect to the planet's circumstellar orbit and one with respect to the planetary rotation. Our simulations show that the required measurements will be possible with ... More
On the rough-paths approach to non-commutative stochastic calculusJan 26 2013Mar 08 2016We study different possibilities to apply the principles of rough paths theory in a non-commutative probability setting. First, we extend previous results obtained by Capitaine, Donati-Martin and Victoir in Lyons' original formulation of rough paths theory. ... More
Hot Moons and Cool StarsJan 02 2013The exquisite photometric precision of the Kepler space telescope now puts the detection of extrasolar moons at the horizon. Here, we firstly review observational and analytical techniques that have recently been proposed to find exomoons. Secondly, we ... More
Exomoon habitability constrained by illumination and tidal heatingSep 24 2012Oct 30 2013The detection of moons orbiting extrasolar planets ("exomoons") has now become feasible. Once they are discovered in the circumstellar habitable zone, questions about their habitability will emerge. Exomoons are likely to be tidally locked to their planet ... More
Surface tension of isotropic-nematic interfaces: Fundamental Measure Theory for hard spherocylindersFeb 14 2014Mar 10 2014A fluid constituted of hard spherocylinders is studied using a density functional theory for non-spherical hard particles, which can be written as a function of weighted densities. This is based on an extended deconvolution of the Mayer $f$-function for ... More
Self-Assembly of Magnetic Spheres in Strong Homogeneous Magnetic FieldFeb 02 2016The self-assembly in two dimensions of spherical magnets in strong magnetic field is addressed theoretically. %% It is shown that the attraction and assembly of parallel magnetic chains is the result of a delicate interplay of dipole-dipole interactions ... More
Refined solvable presentations for polycyclic groupsFeb 08 2011Feb 09 2011We describe a new type of polycyclic presentations, that we will call refined solvable presentations, for polycyclic groups. These presentations are obtained by refining a series of normal subgroups with abelian sections. These presentations can be described ... More
Higgs stability-bound and fermionic dark matterNov 19 2018Higgs-portal interactions of fermionic dark matter -- in contrast to fermions coupled via Yukawa interactions -- can have a stabilizing effect on the standard-model Higgs potential. A non-perturbative renormalization-group analysis reveals that, similar ... More
Unbounded Operators on Hilbert $C^*$-ModulesSep 30 2014Jul 08 2015Let $E$ and $F$ be Hilbert $C^*$-modules over a $C^*$-algebra $\CAlg{A}$. New classes of (possibly unbounded) operators $t:E\to F$ are introduced and investigated. Instead of the density of the domain $\Def(t)$ we only assume that $t$ is essentially defined, ... More
The Brauer-Manin obstruction on Kummer varieties and ranks of twists of abelian varietiesApr 14 2014Aug 18 2015Let r > 0 be an integer. We present a sufficient condition for an abelian variety A over a number field k to have infinitely many quadratic twists of rank at least r, in terms of density properties of rational points on the Kummer variety Km(A^r) of the ... More
Embeddings of shearlet coorbit spaces into Sobolev spacesApr 02 2019We investigate the existence of embeddings of shearlet coorbit spaces associated to weighted mixed $L^p$-spaces into classical Sobolev spaces in dimension three by using the description of coorbit spaces as decomposition spaces. This different perspective ... More
Removable Singularities of $m$-Hessian EquationsJul 08 2016Jan 27 2017In this paper we give a new, less restrictive condition for removability of singular sets, $E$, of smooth solutions to the m-Hessian equation (and also for more general fully nonlinear elliptic equations) in $\Omega \setminus E$, $\Omega \subset \mathbb ... More
Pattern and wavenumber selection in ferrofluidsFeb 02 2001Aug 09 2001The formation of patterns of peaks on the free surface of a ferrofluid subject to a magnetic field normal to the undisturbed interface is investigated theoretically. The relative stability of ridge, square, and hexagon planforms is studied using a perturbative ... More
Free Collisions in a Microgravity Many-Particle Experiment. IV. - Three-Dimensional Analysis of Collision PropertiesDec 10 2014The bouncing barrier, a parameter combination at which dust particles in the protoplanetary disk always rebound in mutual collisions, is one of the crucial steps of planet formation. In the past years, several experiments have been performed to determine ... More
An Introduction to Lévy and Feller Processes. Advanced Courses in Mathematics - CRM Barcelona 2014Mar 01 2016Oct 17 2016These lecture notes are an extended version of my lectures on L\'evy and L\'evy-type (Feller) processes given at the "Second Barcelona Summer School on Stochastic Analysis" 2014 organized by the Centre de Recerca Matemaatica (CRM). The lectures are aimed ... More
Transit Least Squares: Optimized transit detection algorithm to search for periodic transits of small planetsJan 07 2019Jan 27 2019We present a new method to detect planetary transits from time-series photometry, the Transit Least Squares (TLS) algorithm. TLS searches for transit-like features while taking the stellar limb darkening and planetary ingress and egress into account. ... More
Search for HOOH in OrionOct 06 2015Context: The abundance of key molecules determines the level of cooling that is necessary for the formation of stars and planetary systems. In this context, one needs to understand the details of the time dependent oxygen chemistry, leading to the formation ... More
Renormalization Group Flow of the Higgs PotentialAug 14 2017We summarize results for local and global properties of the effective potential for the Higgs boson obtained from the functional renormalization group, which allows to describe the effective potential as a function of both scalar field amplitude and RG ... More
A magnetic tight-binding model : the origin and the effects of the exchange-correlation hole in transition metalsSep 17 2018Mar 11 2019The accuracy of a method solving an electronic many-body problem lies in the estimation of the exact exchange-correlation term. Many approximations are formulated for some special situations and how to tackle the correlations, leading to overestimated ... More
Arithmetical proofs of strong normalization results for the symmetric $λμ$-calculusMay 07 2009The symmetric $\lambda \mu$-calculus is the $\lambda \mu$-calculus introduced by Parigot in which the reduction rule $\m'$, which is the symmetric of $\mu$, is added. We give arithmetical proofs of some strong normalization results for this calculus. ... More
Counting proofs in propositional logicMay 18 2009We give a procedure for counting the number of different proofs of a formula in various sorts of propositional logic. This number is either an integer (that may be 0 if the formula is not provable) or infinite.
Spectral accuracy for the Hahn polynomialsSep 23 2016We consider in this paper the Hahn polynomials and their application in numerical methods. The Hahn polynomials are classical discrete orthogonal polynomials. We analyse the behaviour of these polynomials in the context of spectral approximation of partial ... More
Efficient and Robust Estimation for a Class of Generalized Linear Longitudinal Mixed ModelsAug 17 2010We propose a versatile and computationally efficient estimating equation method for a class of hierarchical multiplicative generalized linear mixed models with additive dispersion components, based on explicit modelling of the covariance structure. The ... More
Phase transitions induced by a lateral superlattice potential in a two-dimensional electron gasSep 20 2018We study the phase transitions induced by a lateral superlattice potential (a metallic grid) placed on top of a two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG)formed in a semiconductor quantum well. In a quantizing magnetic field and at filling factor $\nu =1,$ the ... More
Microlocal properties of Shubin pseudodifferential and localization operatorsAug 10 2015Aug 21 2015We investigate global microlocal properties of localization operators and Shubin pseudodifferential operators. The microlocal regularity is measured in terms of a scale of Shubin-type Sobolev spaces. In particular, we prove microlocality and microellipticity ... More
The equality of the homogeneous and the Gabor wave front setApr 29 2013Jul 25 2016We prove that H\"ormander's global wave front set and Nakamura's homogeneous wave front set of a tempered distribution coincide. In addition we construct a tempered distribution with a given wave front set, and we develop a pseudodifferential calculus ... More
Removable Singularities of $m$-Hessian EquationsJul 08 2016In this paper we give a new, less restrictive condition for removability of singular sets, $E$, of smooth solutions to the m-Hessian equation (and also for more general fully nonlinear elliptic equations) in $\Omega \setminus E$, $\Omega \subset \mathbb ... More
Proofs of life: molecular-biology reasoning simulates cell behaviors from first principlesOct 30 2018Jan 22 2019We axiomatize the molecular-biology reasoning style, verify compliance of the standard reference: Ptashne, A Genetic Switch, and present proof-theory-induced technologies to predict phenotypes and life cycles from genotypes. The key is to note that `reductionist ... More
A deterministic mathematical model for the spread of two rumorsSep 06 2017In this paper we propose a deterministic mathematical model that attempts to explain the propagation of a rumor using SIRS type epidemiological models with temporary immunity and nonlinear incidence rate. In particular, we speculate about the dissemination ... More
Subalgebras of group cohomology defined by infinite loop spacesDec 17 2001We study natural subalgebras Ch_E(G) of group cohomology defined in terms of infinite loop spaces E and give representation theoretic descriptions of those based on QS^0 and the Johnson-Wilson theories E(n). We describe the subalgebras arising from the ... More
On the GL(V)-module structure of K(n)^*(BV)Nov 30 2007We study the question of whether the Morava K-theory of the classifying space of an elementary abelian group V is a permutation module (in either of two distinct senses) for the automorphism group of V. We use Brauer characters and computer calculations. ... More
Affine vs. Euclidean isoperimetric inequalitiesApr 30 2018It is shown that every even, zonal measure on the Euclidean unit sphere gives rise to an isoperimetric inequality for sets of finite perimeter which directly implies the classical Euclidean isoperimetric inequality. The strongest member of this large ... More
The Sine Transform of Isotropic MeasuresJul 31 2012Sharp isoperimetric inequalities for the sine transform of even isotropic measures are established. The corresponding reverse inequalities are obtained in an asymptotically optimal form. These new inequalities have direct applications to strong volume ... More
Hierarchical Crossover and Probability Landscapes of Genetic OperatorsApr 28 1995The time evolution of a simple model for crossover is discussed. A variant of this model with an improved exploration behavior in phase space is derived as a subset of standard one- and multi-point crossover operations. This model is solved analytically ... More
A q-analogue of Graf's addition formula for the Hahn-Exton q-Bessel functionApr 11 1994An addition and product formula for the Hahn-Exton $q$-Bessel function, previously obtained by use of a quantum group theoretic interpretation, are proved analytically. A (formal) limit transition to the Graf addition formula and corresponding product ... More
Optimal concentration inequalities for dynamical systemsNov 03 2011May 11 2012For dynamical systems modeled by a Young tower with exponential tails, we prove an exponential concentration inequality for all separately Lipschitz observables of n variables. When tails are polynomial, we prove polynomial concentration inequalities. ... More
Magnetic shielding of exomoons beyond the circumplanetary habitable edgeSep 03 2013With most planets and planetary candidates detected in the stellar habitable zone (HZ) being super-Earths and gas giants, rather than Earth-like planets, we naturally wonder if their moons could be habitable. The first detection of such an exomoon has ... More
Equation of state of sticky-hard-sphere fluids in the chemical-potential routeJan 15 2014Apr 14 2014The coupling-parameter method, whereby an extra particle is progressively coupled to the rest of the particles, is applied to the sticky-hard-sphere fluid to obtain its equation of state in the so-called chemical-potential route ($\mu$ route). As a consistency ... More
Chemical-potential route for multicomponent fluidsMar 05 2013May 30 2013The chemical potentials of multicomponent fluids are derived in terms of the pair correlation functions for arbitrary number of components, interaction potentials, and dimensionality. The formally exact result is particularized to hard-sphere mixtures ... More
Perturbed GUE Minor Process and Warren's Process with DriftsDec 21 2012Nov 03 2013We consider the minor process of (Hermitian) matrix diffusions with constant diagonal drifts. At any given time, this process is determinantal and we provide an explicit expression for its correlation kernel. This is a measure on the Gelfand-Tsetlin pattern ... More
The asymmetry of complete and constant width bodies in general normed spaces and the Jung constantDec 30 2014Sep 01 2015In this paper we state a one-to-one connection between the maximal ratio of the circumradius and the diameter of a body (the Jung constant) in an arbitrary Minkowski space and the maximal Minkowski asymmetry of the complete bodies within that space. This ... More
A complete 3-dimensional Blaschke-Santaló diagramApr 27 2014We present a complete 3-dimensional Blaschke-Santal\'o diagram for planar convex bodies with respect to the four classical magnitudes inner and outer radius, diameter and (minimal) width in euclidean spaces.
Strong convergence of the Euler--Maruyama approximation for a class of Lévy-driven SDEsSep 11 2017Consider the following stochastic differential equation (SDE) $$dX_t = b(t,X_{t-}) \, dt+ dL_t, \quad X_0 = x,$$ driven by a $d$-dimensional L\'evy process $(L_t)_{t \geq 0}$. We establish conditions on the L\'evy process and the drift coefficient $b$ ... More
Simple model for 1/f noiseJan 13 2002We present a simple stochastic mechanism which generates pulse trains exhibiting a power law distribution of the pulse intervals and a $1/f^\alpha$ power spectrum over several decades at low frequencies with $\alpha$ close to one. The essential ingredient ... More
Automated Scene Flow Data Generation for Training and VerificationAug 30 2018Aug 31 2018Scene flow describes the 3D position as well as the 3D motion of each pixel in an image. Such algorithms are the basis for many state-of-the-art autonomous or automated driving functions. For verification and training large amounts of ground truth data ... More