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Ergodicity-breaking reveals time optimal economic behavior in humansJun 11 2019Jun 19 2019Ergodicity describes an equivalence between the expectation value and the time average of observables. Applied to human behaviour, ergodic theory reveals how individuals should tolerate risk in different environments. To optimise wealth over time, agents ... More
Characterising dark matter searches at colliders and direct detection experiments: Vector mediatorsJul 31 2014Jan 16 2015We introduce a Minimal Simplified Dark Matter (MSDM) framework to quantitatively characterise dark matter (DM) searches at the LHC. We study two MSDM models where the DM is a Dirac fermion which interacts with a vector and axial-vector mediator. The models ... More
Determining the Quantum Numbers of Simplified Models in $t\bar{t}X$ production at the LHCMay 31 2016Jun 09 2016Simplified models provide an avenue for characterising and exploring New Physics for large classes of UV theories. In this article we study the ability of the LHC to probe the spin and parity quantum numbers of a new light resonance $X$ which couples ... More
Phenomenology of Pure General Gauge MediationOct 14 2009Oct 26 2009We investigate the phenomenology of general gauge mediation in the MSSM. We apply the strict definition of gauge mediated SUSY-breaking where B_mu is generated only through gauge interactions, and as a result is very close to zero at the messenger scale. ... More
Parton Shower Uncertainties in Jet Substructure Analyses with Deep Neural NetworksSep 02 2016Oct 14 2016Machine learning methods incorporating deep neural networks have been the subject of recent proposals for new hadronic resonance taggers. These methods require training on a dataset produced by an event generator where the true class labels are known. ... More
Dark Matter Targets for Axion-like Particle SearchesMay 16 2019Many existing and proposed experiments targeting QCD axion dark matter (DM) can also search for a broad class of axion-like particles (ALPs). We analyze the experimental sensitivities to electromagnetically-coupled ALP DM in different cosmological scenarios ... More
Constraining CP-violating Higgs Sectors at the LHC using gluon fusionJun 12 2014We investigate the constraints that the LHC can set on a 126 GeV Higgs boson that is an admixture of CP eigenstates. Traditional analyses rely on Higgs couplings to massive vector bosons, which are suppressed for CP-odd couplings, so that these analyses ... More
Single atom impurity in a Single Molecular TransistorJun 01 2014Nov 09 2014The influence of an impurity atom on the electrostatic behaviour of a Single Molecular Transistor (SMT) was investigated through Ab-initio calculations in a double-gated geometry. The charge stability diagram carries unique signature of the position of ... More
Central Limit Theorems for Gaps of Generalized Zeckendorf DecompositionsJun 27 2016Jul 27 2016Zeckendorf proved that every integer can be written uniquely as a sum of non-adjacent Fibonacci numbers $\{1,2,3,5,\dots\}$. This has been extended to many other recurrence relations $\{G_n\}$ (with their own notion of a legal decomposition) and to proving ... More
Double Gated Single Molecular Transistor for Charge DetectionMay 20 2014Nov 09 2014The electrostatic behaviour of an 1,3-Cyclobutadiene (C$_{4}$H$_{4}$) based Single Molecular Transistor (SMT) has been investigated using the first principle calculation based on Density functional Theory and non-equilibrium Green's function approach. ... More
A Parallel TreePM CodeMay 12 2004We present an algorithm for parallelising the TreePM code. We use both functional and domain decompositions. Functional decomposition is used to separate the computation of long range and short range forces, as well as the task of coordinating communications ... More
Simplified Models for Higgs Physics: Singlet Scalar and Vector-like Quark PhenomenologyJan 26 2016Simplified models provide a useful tool to conduct the search and exploration of physics beyond the Standard Model in a model-independent fashion. In this work we consider the complementarity of indirect searches for new physics in Higgs couplings and ... More
The massive Dirac field on a rotating black hole spacetime: Angular solutionsMay 18 2009Aug 31 2009The massive Dirac equation on a Kerr-Newman background may be solved by the method of separation of variables. The radial and angular equations are coupled via an angular eigenvalue, which is determined from the Chandrasekhar-Page (CP) equation. Obtaining ... More
On the definition of mass in general relativity: Noether charges and conserved quantities in diffeomorphism invariant theoriesApr 27 2018Geometrically the phase space of a mechanical system involves the co-tangent bundle of the configuration space. The phase space of a relativistic field theory is infinite dimensional and can be endowed with a symplectic structure defined in a perfectly ... More
Decentralized Sparse Multitask RLS over NetworksFeb 11 2017Feb 21 2017Distributed adaptive signal processing has attracted much attention in the recent decade owing to its effectiveness in many decentralized real-time applications in networked systems. Because many natural signals are highly sparse with most entries equal ... More
Network analyses of student engagement with on-line textbook problemsMar 27 2019Problem solving in physics and mathematics have been characterized in terms of five phases by Schonfeld and these have previously been used to describe also online and blended behavior. We argue that expanding the use of server logs to make detailed categorizations ... More
A Graphical Evolutionary Game Approach to Social LearningFeb 20 2017Apr 10 2017In this work, we study the social learning problem, in which agents of a networked system collaborate to detect the state of the nature based on their private signals. A novel distributed graphical evolutionary game theoretic learning method is proposed. ... More
Dynamic Sharing Through the ADMMFeb 13 2017Mar 14 2017In this paper, we study a dynamic version of the sharing problem, in which a dynamic system cost function composed of time-variant local costs of subsystems and a shared time-variant cost of the whole system is minimized. A dynamic alternating direction ... More
Distributed Linearized ADMM for Network Cost MinimizationFeb 11 2017Feb 24 2017In this work, we study a generic network cost minimization problem, in which every node has a local decision vector to determine. Each node incurs a cost depending on its decision vector and each link also incurs a cost depending on the decision vectors ... More
Continuous Time Random Walk with time-dependent jump probability : A Direct Probabilistic ApproachDec 13 2011We investigate the dynamics of a particle executing a general Continuous Time Random Walk (CTRW) in three dimensions under the influence of arbitrary time-varying external fields. Contrary to the general approach in recent works, our method invokes neither ... More
ExprTarget: An Integrative Approach to Predicting Human MicroRNA TargetsAug 08 2013We developed an online database, ExprTargetDB, of human miRNA targets predicted by an approach that integrates gene expression profiling into a broader framework involving important features of miRNA target site predictions.
Changing Phases of Alien Worlds: Probing Atmospheres of Kepler Planets with High-Precision PhotometryJul 08 2014May 07 2015We present a comprehensive analysis of planetary phase variations, including possible planetary light offsets, using eighteen quarters of data from the Kepler space telescope. After correcting for systematics, we found fourteen systems with significant ... More
Self-force via $m$-mode regularization and 2+1D evolution: III. Gravitational field on Schwarzschild spacetimeNov 19 2012This is the third in a series of papers aimed at developing a practical time-domain method for self-force calculations in Kerr spacetime. The key elements of the method are (i) removal of a singular part of the perturbation field with a suitable analytic ... More
Waves and null congruences in a draining bathtubFeb 25 2016We study wave propagation in a draining bathtub: a fluid-mechanical black hole analogue in which perturbations are governed by a Klein-Gordon equation on an effective Lorentzian geometry. Like the Kerr spacetime, the draining bathtub geometry possesses ... More
On Short and Semi-Short Representations for Four Dimensional Superconformal SymmetrySep 06 2002Sep 07 2002Possible short and semi-short representations for $\N=2$ and $\N=4$ superconformal symmetry in four dimensions are discussed. For $\N=4$ the well known short supermultiplets whose lowest dimension conformal primary operators correspond to $\half$-BPS ... More
Entropy & equation of state (EOS) for hot bare strange starsMar 31 2000Aug 30 2002Compactness of some stars is explained if they are strange stars (SS) as shown by Dey et al. (1998) (D98) and Li et al. (1999a). One of these compact star candidates is the SAX J1808.4-3658 (SAX in short) believed to be an important link in the genesis ... More
Implications of Improved Higgs Mass Calculations for Supersymmetric ModelsDec 18 2013We discuss the allowed parameter spaces of supersymmetric scenarios in light of improved Higgs mass predictions provided by FeynHiggs 2.10.0. The Higgs mass predictions combine Feynman-diagrammatic results with a resummation of leading and subleading ... More
Optical Phase Curves of Kepler ExoplanetsMay 14 2013We have conducted a comprehensive search for optical phase variations of all planet candidates with tight orbits in fifteen quarters of data from the Kepler space telescope. After correcting for systematics, we found eight systems that appear to show ... More
Quick-MESS: A fast statistical tool for Exoplanet Imaging SurveysJun 04 2013Several tools have been developed in the past few years for the statistical analysis of the exoplanet search surveys, mostly using a combination of Monte-Carlo simulations or a Bayesian approach.Here we present the Quick-MESS, a grid-based, non-Monte ... More
Renormalization group flow and parallel transport with non-metric compatible connectionsApr 16 1999A family of connections on the space of couplings for a renormalizable field theory is defined. The connections are obtained from a Levi-Civita connection, for a metric which is a generalisation of the Zamolodchikov metric in two dimensions, by adding ... More
Dark Energy Cosmological Models with General forms of Scale FactorMay 22 2017Sep 09 2017In this paper, we have constructed dark energy models in an anisotropic Bianchi-V space-time and studied the role of anisotropy in the evolution of dark energy. We have considered anisotropic dark energy fluid with different pressure gradients along different ... More
Beyond Greedy Ranking: Slate Optimization via List-CVAEMar 05 2018Feb 23 2019The conventional solution to the recommendation problem greedily ranks individual document candidates by prediction scores. However, this method fails to optimize the slate as a whole, and hence, often struggles to capture biases caused by the page layout ... More
Renewal-Theoretical Dynamic Spectrum Access in Cognitive Radio Networks with Unknown Primary BehaviorNov 21 2011Dynamic spectrum access in cognitive radio networks can greatly improve the spectrum utilization efficiency. Nevertheless, interference may be introduced to the Primary User (PU) when the Secondary Users (SUs) dynamically utilize the PU's licensed channels. ... More
The Redshift Distribution of Infrared-Faint Radio SourcesNov 29 2018Infrared-Faint Radio Sources (IFRSs) are an important class of high-redshift active galaxy, and potentially important as a means of discovering more high-redshift radio sources, but only 25 IFRSs had redshifts prior to this paper. Here we increase the ... More
Vortex States in Archimedean Tiling Pinning ArraysAug 08 2013We numerically study vortex ordering and pinning in Archimedean tiling substrates composed of square and triangular plaquettes. The two different plaquettes become occupied at different vortex densities, producing commensurate peaks in the magnetization ... More
Equation of state for asymmetric nuclear matter with infinite-order summation of ring diagramsSep 06 2005The particle-particle hole-hole ring-diagram summation method is employed to obtain the equation of state of asymmetric nuclear matter over a wide range of asymmetry fraction. Compared with Brueckner Hartree-Fock and model-space Brueckner Hartree-Fock ... More
Paschen beta emission as a tracer of outflow activity from T-Tauri stars, as compared to Optical Forbidden emissionDec 22 2003The Paschen beta (1.2822 micron) emission line found in the near-infrared spectra of T-Tauri stars (TTSs) is believed to trace the accretion of material onto the central star. We present spectroscopic data which suggests that this may not always be the ... More
The Deep Diffuse Extragalactic Radio Sky at 1.75 GHzAug 18 2014Dec 05 2014We present a study of diffuse extragalactic radio emission at $1.75\,$GHz from part of the ELAIS-S1 field using the Australia Telescope Compact Array. The resulting mosaic is $2.46\,$deg$^2$, with a roughly constant noise region of $0.61\,$deg$^2$ used ... More
Data-Driven Stochastic Models and Policies for Energy Harvesting Sensor CommunicationsMay 28 2014Energy harvesting from the surroundings is a promising solution to perpetually power-up wireless sensor communications. This paper presents a data-driven approach of finding optimal transmission policies for a solar-powered sensor node that attempts to ... More
Anisotropic cosmological models with two fluidsJun 21 2017Jan 05 2018In this paper, aniostropic dark energy cosmological models have been constructed in a Bianchi-V space-time with the energy momentum tensor consisting of two non-interacting fluids namely bulk viscous fluid and dark energy fluid. Two different models are ... More
Long term behaviour of a Type IIP supernova SN 2004dj in the radio bandsAug 01 2018We present radio observations and modelling of one of the nearest and brightest Type IIP supernova SN\,2004dj exploded in the galaxy NGC 2403 at a distance of $\sim$ 3.5 Mpc. Our observations span a wide frequency and temporal range of 0.24 - 43 GHz and ... More
The CMSSM and NUHM1 after LHC Run 1Dec 18 2013We analyze the impact of data from the full Run 1 of the LHC at 7 and 8 TeV on the CMSSM with mu > 0 and < 0 and the NUHM1 with mu > 0, incorporating the constraints imposed by other experiments such as precision electroweak measurements, flavour measurements, ... More
Higgs and SupersymmetryDec 15 2011May 24 2012Global frequentist fits to the CMSSM and NUHM1 using the MasterCode framework predicted m_h \simeq 119 GeV in fits incorporating the g_mu-2 constraint and \simeq 126 GeV without it. Recent results by ATLAS and CMS could be compatible with a Standard Model-like ... More
Wave Propagation and Quasinormal Mode Excitation on Schwarzschild SpacetimeJun 21 2011To seek a deeper understanding of wave propagation on the Schwarzschild spacetime, we investigate the relationship between (i) the lightcone of an event and its caustics (self-intersections), (ii) the large-$l$ asymptotics of quasinormal (QN) modes, and ... More
The NUHM2 after LHC Run 1Aug 18 2014We make a frequentist analysis of the parameter space of the NUHM2, in which the soft supersymmetry (SUSY)-breaking contributions to the masses of the two Higgs multiplets, $m^2_{H_{u,d}}$, vary independently from the universal soft SUSY-breaking contributions ... More
Spin-orbit precession for eccentric black hole binaries at first order in the mass ratioAug 16 2016We consider spin-orbit ("geodetic") precession for a compact binary in strong-field gravity. Specifically, we compute $\psi$, the ratio of the accumulated spin-precession and orbital angles over one radial period, for a spinning compact body orbiting ... More
Implementation of the SuSAv2-MEC 1p1h and 2p2h models in GENIE and analysis of nuclear effects in T2K measurementsMay 21 2019May 22 2019We first present the implementation and validation of the SuSAv2-MEC 1p1h and 2p2h models in the GENIE neutrino-nucleus interaction event generator and a comparison of the subsequent predictions to measurements of lepton and hadron kinematics from the ... More
Very Low Frequency QPO in 4U1700-37Jul 07 2011Very low frequency ({\nu} ~ 1.9 mHz) quasi-periodic oscillations (QPO) have been detected in 2 - 60 keV X-rays from 4U1700-37 using auto-correlation function analysis of RXTE archival data. No pulsar signal was detected in the data. Less than 0.5% of ... More
Supersymmetry and Dark Matter in Light of LHC 2010 and Xenon100 DataJun 13 2011We make frequentist analyses of the CMSSM, NUHM1, VCMSSM and mSUGRA parameter spaces taking into account all the public results of searches for supersymmetry using data from the 2010 LHC run and the Xenon100 direct search for dark matter scattering. The ... More
Likelihood Analysis of the Sub-GUT MSSM in Light of LHC 13-TeV DataNov 01 2017Mar 15 2018We describe a likelihood analysis using MasterCode of variants of the MSSM in which the soft supersymmetry-breaking parameters are assumed to have universal values at some scale $M_{in}$ below the supersymmetric grand unification scale $M_{GUT}$, as can ... More
Optimal regularity and nondegeneracy of a free boundary problem related to the fractional LaplacianJan 13 2011Feb 07 2013We discuss the optimal regularity and nondegeneracy of a free boundary problem related to the fractional Laplacian. This work is related to, but addresses a different problem from, recent work of Caffarelli, Roquejoffre, and Sire. A variant of the boundary ... More
Design and Implementation of Database Independent Auto Sequence NumbersMar 15 2015Developers across the world use autonumber or auto sequences field of the backend databases for developing both the desktop and web based data centric applications which is easier to use at the development and deployment purpose but can create a lot of ... More
Green's function on latticesSep 27 2014A method to calculate exact Green's functions on lattices in various dimensions is presented. Expressions in terms of generalized hypergeometric functions in one or more variables are obtained for various examples by relating the resolvent to a contour ... More
Stable photon orbits in stationary axisymmetric electrovacuum spacetimesMay 23 2016Jun 22 2016We investigate the existence and phenomenology of stable photon orbits (SPOs) in stationary axisymmetric electrovacuum spacetimes in four dimensions. First, we review the classification of equatorial circular photon orbits on Kerr-Newman spacetimes in ... More
Global Analysis of Dark Matter Simplified Models with Leptophobic Spin-One Mediators using MasterCodeMay 02 2019We report the results of a global analysis of dark matter simplified models (DMSMs) with leptophobic mediator particles of spin one, considering the cases of both vector and axial-vector interactions with dark matter (DM) particles and quarks. We require ... More
Millisecond X-Ray Pulses from Cygnus X-1Mar 20 2012X-ray pulses with millisecond-long FWHM have been detected in RXTE (Rossi X-Ray Timing Explorer) observations of Cyg X-1. Their identity as short-timescale variations in the X-ray luminosity of the source, and not stochastic variability in the X-ray flux, ... More
Supersymmetric Dark Matter after LHC Run 1Aug 05 2015Different mechanisms operate in various regions of the MSSM parameter space to bring the relic density of the lightest neutralino, neutralino_1, assumed here to be the LSP and thus the Dark Matter (DM) particle, into the range allowed by astrophysics ... More
Supersymmetry in Light of 1/fb of LHC DataOct 17 2011We update previous frequentist analyses of the CMSSM and NUHM1 parameter spaces to include the public results of searches for supersymmetric signals using ~1 /fb of LHC data recorded by ATLAS and CMS and ~0.3/fb of data recorded by LHCb in addition to ... More
Frequentist Analysis of the Parameter Space of Minimal SupergravityNov 29 2010Feb 25 2011We make a frequentist analysis of the parameter space of minimal supergravity (mSUGRA), in which, as well as the gaugino and scalar soft supersymmetry-breaking parameters being universal, there is a specific relation between the trilinear, bilinear and ... More
Use of Effective Audio in E-learning CoursewareMar 16 2015E-Learning uses electronic media, information & communication technologies to provide education to the masses. E-learning deliver hypertext, text, audio, images, animation and videos using desktop standalone computer, local area network based intranet ... More
Persistence in extended dynamical systemsMar 19 2004Persistence in spatially extended dynamical systems (like coarsening systems and other nonequilibrium systems) is reviewed. We discuss, in particular, the spatial correlations in the persistent regions and their evolution in time in these systems. We ... More
Rotating compact strange starsJul 01 2000We compute numerical models of uniformly rotating strange stars (SS) in general relativity for the recently proposed QCD-based equation of state (EOS) of strange quark matter (Dey et al. 1998). Static models based on this EOS are characterised by a larger ... More
Search for water in a super-Earth atmosphere: High-resolution optical spectroscopy of 55 Cancri eMay 08 2017We present the analysis of high-resolution optical spectra of four transits of 55Cnc e, a low-density, super-Earth that orbits a nearby Sun-like star in under 18 hours. The inferred bulk density of the planet implies a substantial envelope, which, according ... More
Generalised uncertainty relations from superpositions of geometriesDec 25 2018Sep 04 2019Phenomenological approaches to quantum gravity implement a minimum resolvable length-scale but do not link it to an underlying formalism describing geometric superpositions. Here, we introduce an intuitive approach in which points in the classical spatial ... More
Compositional uniformity, domain patterning and the mechanism underlying nano-chessboard arraysJul 11 2012We propose that systems exhibiting compositional patterning at the nanoscale, so far assumed to be due to some kind of ordered phase segregation, can be understood instead in terms of coherent, single phase ordering of minority motifs, caused by some ... More
Spin-Orbit Misalignment and Precession in the Kepler-13Ab Planetary SystemNov 07 2017Gravity darkening induced by rapid stellar rotation provides us with a unique opportunity to characterize the spin-orbit misalignment of a planetary system through analysis of its photometric transit. We use the gravity-darkened transit modeling code ... More
Plasmonic Optical Modulator based on Adiabatic Coupled WaveguidesOct 04 2017In atomic multi-level systems, adiabatic elimination is a method used to minimize complicity of the system by eliminating irrelevant and strongly coupled levels by detuning them from one-another. Such a three-level system, for instance, can be mapped ... More
Breakdown of Heterogeneous MaterialsMar 18 2005We discuss the threshold activated extremal dynamics that is prevalent in the breakdown processes in heterogeneous materials. We model such systems by an elastic spring network with random breaking thresholds assigned to the springs. Results are obtained ... More
A Refined Lifting Theorem for Supersingular Galois RepresentationsJun 28 2019Let $p$ be an odd prime, $\mathbb{F}$ a finite field of characteristic $p$ and let $\bar{\rho}:\text{G}_{\mathbb{Q}}\rightarrow \text{GL}_2(\mathbb{F})$ be a continuous Galois representation. Denote by $\bar{\chi}$ the mod $p$ cyclotomic character. We ... More
Bayesian inverse problems with non-conjugate priorsSep 27 2012Jan 22 2015We investigate the frequentist posterior contraction rate of nonparametric Bayesian procedures in linear inverse problems in both the mildly and severely ill-posed cases. A theorem is proved in a general Hilbert space setting under approximation-theoretic ... More
Candidates for anti-de Sitter HorizonsApr 15 1999We find, from the toric description of the moduli space of D3-branes on non-compact six-dimensional singularities $\C^3/\Z_3$ and $\C^3/\Z_5$ in the blown-down limit, the four-dimensional bases on which these singular spaces are complex cones, and prove ... More
Adaptive Bernstein-von Mises theorems in Gaussian white noiseJul 12 2014Dec 19 2016We investigate Bernstein-von Mises theorems for adaptive nonparametric Bayesian procedures in the canonical Gaussian white noise model. We consider both a Hilbert space and multiscale setting with applications in $L^2$ and $L^\infty$ respectively. This ... More
Implications of Initial LHC Searches for SupersymmetryFeb 22 2011The CMS and ATLAS Collaborations have recently published the results of initial direct LHC searches for supersymmetry analyzing ~ 35/pb of data taken at 7 TeV in the centre of mass. We incorporate these results into a frequentist analysis of the probable ... More
Singly differential cross sections with exchange for Ps-fragmentationAug 28 2008Ps ionization in Ps-atom scattering is of fundamental importance. The singly differential cross sections (SDCS) provides more accurate information to test a theory than integrated or total ionization cross section since the averaging over one parameter ... More
Resonances in Ps-H scatteringNov 16 2007The best 3-channel projectile-inelastic [H(1s)+Ps(1s,2s,2p)] close-coupling approximation (CCA) is performed for positronium (Ps) and hydrogen (H) collision considering both the atoms in ground states at the incident channel. The s-wave elastic phase ... More
The effect of long-range forces on cold-atomic interaction: Ps-H systemMar 25 2011Jun 29 2011The s-wave elastic phase-shifts and s-wave elastic cross sections are studied to find the effect of long-range forces on cold-atomic interactions using a modified static-exchange model for Ps-H system. A Feshbach resonance in the triplet channel using ... More
Target-ionization with exchange in Ps-atom scatteringNov 16 2007A proposal is made by the University College of London Group [1] for measuring the target-ionization cross sections in Ps and atom scattering. We calculate the corresponding theoretical data for Ps-H and Ps-He systems including the effect of exchange ... More
Lorentz's electromagnetic mass: a clue for unification?Nov 12 2004Jul 31 2007We review in the present article the conjecture of electromagnetic mass by Lorentz. The philosophical perspectives and historical accounts of this idea are described, especially, in the light of Einstein's special relativistic formula {E = mc^2}. It is ... More
Spectral Rigidity and Subgroups of Free GroupsJan 08 2014A subset $\Sigma \subset F_N$ of the free group of rank $N$ is called \emph{spectrally rigid} if whenever trees $T, T'$ in Culler-Vogtmann Outer Space are such that $\| g \|_T = \| g \|_{T'}$ for every $g \in \Sigma$, it follows that $T = T'$. Results ... More
String networks as tropical curvesApr 11 2008Aug 27 2008A prescription for obtaining supergravity solutions for planar (p,q)-string networks is presented, based on earlier results. It shows that networks may be looked upon as tropical curves emerging as the spine of the amoeba of a holomorphic curve in M-theory. ... More
Globally analytic principal series representation and Langlands base changeJun 10 2018S. Orlik and M. Strauch have studied locally analytic principal series representation for general $p$-adic reductive groups generalizing an earlier work of P. Schneider for $GL(2)$ and related the condition of irreducibility of such locally analytic representation ... More
WiBall: A Time-Reversal Focusing Ball Method for Indoor TrackingDec 18 2017With the development of the Internet of Things technology, indoor tracking has become a popular application nowadays, but most existing solutions can only work in line-of-sight scenarios, or require regular re-calibration. In this paper, we propose WiBall, ... More
Probing temperature-driven flow lines in a gated two-dimensional electron gas with tunable spin-splittingSep 05 2012We study the temperature flow of conductivities in a gated GaAs two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) containing self-assembled InAs dots and compare the results with recent theoretical predictions. By changing the gate voltage, we are able to tune the ... More
Planetary Nebulae with UVIT II: Revelations from FUV vision of Butterfly Nebula NGC 6302Oct 04 2018The high excitation planetary nebula, NGC 6302, has been imaged in two far-ultraviolet (FUV) filters, F169M (Sapphire; {\lambda}$_{\rm eff}$: 1608 {\AA}) and F172M (Silica; {\lambda}$_{\rm eff}$: 1717 {\AA}) and two NUV filters, N219M (B15; {\lambda}$_{\rm ... More
Topological Control of Extreme WavesAug 12 2019From optics to hydrodynamics, shock and rogue waves are widespread. Although they appear as distinct phenomena, new theories state that transitions between extreme waves are allowed. However, these have never been experimentally observed because of the ... More
Optimizations of GaAs Nanowire Solar CellsMay 14 2016The efficiency of GaAs nanowire solar cells can be significantly improved without any new processing steps or material requirements. We report coupled optoelectronic simulations of a GaAs nanowire (NW) solar cell with vertical p-i-n junction and high ... More
Isospin Lattice Gas Model and Nuclear-Matter Phase Diagram and Pressure-Volume IsothermsMay 17 1995We study a cubic lattice gas model for nuclear matter where each lattice site can be either occupied, by one proton or one neutron, or unoccupied. A nearest-neighbor interaction of the form $ - \sum_{<ij>} J_{ij}\tau_{zi} \tau_{zj}$ is assumed. Our model ... More
Planetary Nebulae with Ultra-Violet Imaging Telescope (UVIT): Far Ultra-violet halo around the Bow Tie nebula (NGC 40)Nov 21 2017Context. NGC 40 is a planetary nebula with diffuse X-ray emission, suggesting an interaction of the high speed wind from WC8 central star (CS) with the nebula. It shows strong Civ 1550 {\AA} emission that cannot be explained by thermal processes alone. ... More
Chromospheric Inversions of a Micro-flaring RegionJun 30 2017We use spectropolarimetric observations of the Ca II 8542~\AA\ line, taken from the Swedish 1-m Solar Telescope (SST), in an attempt to recover dynamic activity in a micro-flaring region near a sunspot via inversions. These inversions show localized mean ... More
Magnetic Flux Cancellation in Ellerman BombsMar 23 2016Ellerman Bombs (EBs) are often found co-spatial with bipolar photospheric magnetic fields. We use H$\alpha$ imaging spectroscopy along with Fe I 6302.5 \AA\ spectro-polarimetry from the Swedish 1-m Solar Telescope (SST), combined with data from the Solar ... More
Comparing the Dynamics of Skyrmions and Superconducting VorticesDec 18 2013Vortices in type-II superconductors have attracted enormous attention as ideal systems in which to study nonequilibrium collective phenomena, since the self-ordering of the vortices competes with quenched disorder and thermal effects. Dynamic effects ... More
Exploring the high pressure phase diagram of La$_{1-x}$Ca$_{x}$MnO$_{3}$Apr 17 2003The structure of La$_{1-x}$Ca$_{x}$MnO$_{3}$ solid solutions (x=0, 0.25, 0.50, 0.67, 1) under high pressure (up to 40-45 GPa) has been investigated by synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction (XRD) in order to characterize their volume \emph{vs.} pressure ... More
Ergodicity-breaking reveals time optimal economic behavior in humansJun 11 2019Jun 12 2019Ergodicity describes an equivalence between the expectation value and the time average of observables. Applied to human behaviour, ergodic theory reveals how individuals should tolerate risk in different environments. To optimise wealth over time, agents ... More
Wide-angle tail galaxies in ATLASMay 20 2010May 21 2010We present radio images of a sample of six Wide-Angle Tail (WAT) radio sources identified in the ATLAS 1.4 GHz radio survey, and new spectroscopic redshifts for four of these sources. These WATs are in the redshift range of 0.1469 - 0.3762, and we find ... More
Bulk emission of scalars by a rotating black holeJan 31 2008Jul 17 2008We study in detail the scalar-field Hawking radiation emitted into the bulk by a higher-dimensional, rotating black hole. We numerically compute the angular eigenvalues, and solve the radial equation of motion in order to find transmission factors. The ... More
A Diversity-Promoting Objective Function for Neural Conversation ModelsOct 11 2015Jun 10 2016Sequence-to-sequence neural network models for generation of conversational responses tend to generate safe, commonplace responses (e.g., "I don't know") regardless of the input. We suggest that the traditional objective function, i.e., the likelihood ... More
Ergodicity-breaking reveals time optimal economic behavior in humansJun 11 2019Ergodicity describes an equivalence between the expectation value and the time average of observables. Applied to human behaviour, ergodic theory reveals how individuals should tolerate risk in different environments. To optimise wealth over time, agents ... More
Multi-Task Learning for Speaker-Role Adaptation in Neural Conversation ModelsOct 20 2017Building a persona-based conversation agent is challenging owing to the lack of large amounts of speaker-specific conversation data for model training. This paper addresses the problem by proposing a multi-task learning approach to training neural conversation ... More
X-Ray and UV Orbital Phase Dependence in LMC X-3Mar 20 2001The black-hole binary LMC X-3 is known to be variable on time scales of days to years. We investigate X-ray and ultraviolet variability in the system as a function of the 1.7 day binary phase using a 6.4 day observation with the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer ... More
Quasinormal modes and Regge poles of the canonical acoustic holeJul 15 2014We compute the quasinormal mode frequencies and Regge poles of the canonical acoustic hole (a black hole analogue), using three methods. First, we show how damped oscillations arise by evolving generic perturbations in the time domain using a simple finite-difference ... More