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Pure and Hybrid Evolutionary Computing in Global Optimization of Chemical Structures: from Atoms and Molecules to Clusters and CrystalsAug 31 2015The growth of evolutionary computing (EC) methods in the exploration of complex potential energy landscapes of atomic and molecular clusters, as well as crystals over the last decade or so is reviewed. The trend of growth indicates that pure as well as ... More
Ansatzs, Assumptions and Production of J/$Ψ$-Particles: A Non-`Charmed' Approach vs. the `Charmed' OnesOct 25 2011Mar 30 2012We would attempt, in this work, at dwelling upon some crucial aspects of $J/\Psi$-production in a few high energy nuclear collisions in the light of a non-standard model which is outlined in the text. The underlying physical ideas, assumptions and ansatzs ... More
Multi-Agent Imitation Learning for Driving SimulationMar 02 2018Simulation is an appealing option for validating the safety of autonomous vehicles. Generative Adversarial Imitation Learning (GAIL) has recently been shown to learn representative human driver models. These human driver models were learned through training ... More
Simulating Emergent Properties of Human Driving Behavior Using Multi-Agent Reward Augmented Imitation LearningMar 14 2019Recent developments in multi-agent imitation learning have shown promising results for modeling the behavior of human drivers. However, it is challenging to capture emergent traffic behaviors that are observed in real-world datasets. Such behaviors arise ... More
Fast Radio Bursts from neutron stars plunging into black holesNov 24 2017Fast radio bursts (FRBs) are millisecond-duration intense radio flares occurring at cosmological distances. Many models have been proposed to explain these topical astronomical events, but none has so far been confirmed. Here we show that a novel way ... More
Timing properties of XB 1254-690May 19 2006Feb 02 2007We analyze archival Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer (RXTE) Proportional Counter Array (PCA) data of the low mass X-ray binary (LMXB) system XB 1254-690. We calculate colour-colour diagram, hardness-intensity diagram and power spectra of this source, associate ... More
Temperature Profiles and Spectra of Accretion Disks around Rapidly Rotating Neutron StarsMay 09 2002We calculate temperature profiles and X-ray spectra of accretion disks around rapidly rotating neutron stars considering the full effect of general relativity. Computed disk temperatures and luminosities are compared with the EXOSAT data to constrain ... More
Millisecond X-Ray Pulsar SAX J1808.4-3658: Limits to the Mass and the Radius of the Compact StarDec 07 2001We predict from a survey of equations of state and observations of X-ray pulsations from SAX J1808.4-3658, that the upper limit of the mass of the compact star is 2.27 solar mass. The corresponding upper limit of the radius comes out to be 9.73 km. We ... More
FIB synthesis of Bi2Se3 1D nanowires demonstrating the co-existence of Shubnikov-de Haas oscillations and linear magnetoresistanceNov 02 2016Since the discovery of topological insulators (TI), there are considerable interests in demonstrating metallic surface states, their shielded robust nature to the backscattering and study their properties at nanoscale dimensions by fabricating nanodevices. ... More
Metallization and APPJ treatment of BismaleimideAug 20 2015Jun 29 2016Bismaleimide (BMI) resins are a new breed of thermosetting resins used mainly for high temperature applications and have major usage in aerospace. FTIR studies have shown the signatures of imide, CNC stretching, malemide and N-H stretching. These BMI ... More
Observation of the Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless transition in Boron-doped diamond filmsJun 07 2017The occurrence of the Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless (BKT) transition is investigated in heavily boron-doped nanocrystalline diamond films through a combination of current-voltage and resistance measurements. We observe a robust BKT transition in the ... More
Path integral action of a particle with the generalized uncertainty principle and correspondence with noncommutativityJan 08 2019The existence of an observer independent minimum length scale can lead to the modification of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle to the generalized uncertainty principle. This in turn would be responsible for the modification of the Hamiltonian describing ... More
Fractional amplitude of kilohertz quasi-periodic oscillation from 4U 1728-34: evidence of decline at higher energiesSep 16 2012A kilohertz quasi-periodic oscillation (kHz QPO) is an observationally robust high-frequency timing feature detected from neutron star low-mass X-ray binaries (LMXBs). This feature can be very useful to probe the superdense core matter of neutron stars, ... More
Highly coherent kilohertz quasi-periodic oscillations from a neutron star X-ray binary EXO 1745-248Jan 01 2011Mar 03 2011We report the discovery ($20\sigma$) of kilohertz quasi-periodic oscillations (kHz QPOs) at ~ 690 Hz from the transient neutron star low-mass X-ray binary EXO 1745-248. We find that this is a lower kHz QPO, and systematically study the time variation ... More
Time evolution of probability density function of gamma ray burst (GRB) - a possible indication of turbulence origin of GRBNov 11 2011Gamma ray burst (GRB) time series is a non-stationary time series with all its statistical properties varying with time. Considering that each GRB is a different manifestation of the same stochastic process we studied the time dependent as well as time ... More
Timing and spectral study of XB 1254-690 using new RXTE PCA dataJul 20 2011We have analyzed the new Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer Proportional Counter Array data of the atoll neutron star (NS) low-mass X-ray binary (LMXB) system XB 1254-690. The colour-colour diagram shows that the source was in the high-intensity banana state. ... More
Anisotropic Local Stress and Particle Hopping in a Deeply Supercooled LiquidJan 31 2005The origin of the microscopic motions that lead to stress relaxation in deeply supercooled liquid remains unclear. We show that in such a liquid the stress relaxation is locally anisotropic which can serve as the driving force for the hopping of the system ... More
Indian monsoon rainfall is higher in epochs of higher solar activity: a wavelet cross-spectral analysisNov 11 2004Using the Morlet continuous wavelet transform on data over the period 1871-1990, it is found that the global wavelet cross spectra between two solar activity indices and seven major Indian monsoon rainfall time series show significant power around the ... More
Finding a latent k-simplex in O(k . nnz(data)) time via Subset SmoothingApr 14 2019Apr 19 2019The core problem in many Latent Variable Models, widely used in Unsupervised Learning is to find a latent k-simplex K in Rd given perturbed points from it, many of which lie far outside the simplex. This problem was stated in [2] as an open problem. We ... More
Regularization and Computation with high-dimensional spike-and-slab posterior distributionsMar 27 2018Mar 29 2018We consider the Bayesian analysis of a high-dimensional statistical model with a spike-and-slab prior, and we study the forward-backward envelop of the posterior distribution -- denoted $\check\Pi_{\gamma}$ for some regularization parameter $\gamma>0$. ... More
Coexisting Order in the Pseudogap State of CupratesJan 11 2007A pseudogap is shown to be a magnetic diffuson (MD) in a state with classical localization order coexisting with Quantum Peierls (QP) order. A soft quantum localization mode, a phason, ensures scale invariance with strong correlations among different ... More
Universe in the inflationary phase: RevisitedMay 16 2013Apr 03 2014The inflationary phase of the Universe is explored by proposing a toy model related to the scalar field, termed as `inflaton'. The potential part of the energy density in the said era is assumed to have a constant vacuum energy density part and a variable ... More
A stochastic propagation model to the energy dependent rapid temporal behaviour of Cygnus X-1 as observed by AstroSat in the hard stateApr 02 2019Apr 04 2019We report the results from analysis of six observations of Cygnus X-1 by Large Area X-ray Proportional Counters (LAXPC) and Soft X-ray Telescope (SXT) on-board AstroSat, when the source was in the hard spectral state as revealed by the broad band spectra. ... More
Local structure surrounding V sites in Co doped ZnV2O4Apr 06 2015Co doped ZnV2O4 has been investigated by Synchrotron X-ray diffraction, Magnetization measurement and Extended X-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS) analysis. With Co doping in the Zn site the system moves towards the itinerant electron limit. From ... More
Terwilliger Algebras of Wreath Powers of One-Class Association SchemesSep 05 2008In this paper, we study the subconstituent algebras, also called as Terwilliger algebras, of association schemes that are obtained as the wreath product of one-class association schemes $K_n=H(1, n)$ for $n\ge 2$. We find that the $d$-class association ... More
Subsampling bootstrap of count features of networksDec 10 2013Nov 17 2015Analysis of stochastic models of networks is quite important in light of the huge influx of network data in social, information and bio sciences, but a proper statistical analysis of features of different stochastic models of networks is still underway. ... More
Spreading of thermonuclear flames on the neutron star in SAX J1808.4-3658: an observational toolApr 03 2006We analyse archival Rossi X-Ray Timing Explorer (RXTE) proportional counter array (PCA) data of thermonuclear X-ray bursts from the 2002 outburst of the accreting millisecond pulsar SAX J1808.4-3658. We present evidence of nonmonotonic variations of oscillation ... More
Signature of Temporary Burning Front Stalling from a Non-Photospheric Radius Expansion Double-peaked BurstMar 16 2006Non-photospheric-radius-expansion (non-PRE) double-peaked bursts may be explained in terms of spreading (and temporary stalling) of thermonuclear flames on the neutron star surface, as we argued in a previous study of a burst assuming polar ignition. ... More
Remarks on the phenomenological Tsallis distributions and their link with the Tsallis statisticsApr 05 2019From the Tsallis unnormalized (or Tsallis-2) statistical mechanical formulation, B\"{u}y\"{u}kkili\c{c} {\it et al.} [Phys. Lett. A 197, 209 (1995)] derived the expressions for the single-particle distribution functions (known as the phenomenological ... More
Interpretation of Electron Tunneling from Uncertainty PrincipleJul 25 2005Beginners studying quantum mechanics are often baffled with electron tunneling.Hence an easy approach for comprehension of the topic is presented here on the basis of uncertainty principle.An estimate of the tunneling time is also derived from the same ... More
A stochastic propagation model to the energy dependent rapid temporal behaviour of Cygnus X-1 as observed by AstroSat in the hard stateApr 02 2019We report the results from analysis of six observations of Cygnus X-1 by Large Area X-ray Proportional Counters (LAXPC) and Soft X-ray Telescope (SXT) on-board AstroSat, when the source was in the hard spectral state as revealed by the broad band spectra. ... More
A Non-supersymmetric Interpretation of the CDF e+e-γγ+ missing E_T EventJun 21 1996The $\eegg$ event reported recently by the CDF Collaboration has been interpreted as a signal of supersymmetry in several recent papers. In this article, we report on an alternative non-supersymmetric interpretation of the event using an extension of ... More
Nil clean graph of ringsJan 26 2017In this article, we have defined nil clean graph of a ring $R$. The vertex set is the ring $R$, two ring elements $a$ and $b$ are adjacent if and only if $a + b$ is nil clean in $R$. Graph theoretic properties like girth, dominating set, diameter etc. ... More
On Bragg resonances and wave triad interactions in two-layered shear flowsAug 19 2018Feb 15 2019The standard resonance conditions for Bragg scattering as well as weakly nonlinear wave triads have been traditionally derived in the absence of any background velocity. In this paper, we have studied how these resonance conditions get modified when uniform, ... More
Phenomenological bound on the viscosity of the hadron resonance gasJul 09 2018Oct 08 2018We have explored some phenomenological issues during calculations of transport coefficients for hadronic matter, produced in the experiments of heavy ion collisions. Here, we have used an ideal hadron resonance gas model to demonstrate the issues. On ... More
On the inertial effects of density variation in stratified shear flowsSep 19 2017Dec 01 2018In this paper, we first revisit the celebrated Boussinesq approximation in stratified flows. Using scaling arguments we show that when the background shear is weak, the Boussinesq approximation yields either (i) $A_t\ll \mathcal{O}(1)$ or (ii) $Fr_c^2 ... More
Discovery of Gamma-ray Pulsations from the Transitional Redback PSR J1227-4853Feb 24 2015Apr 27 2015The 1.69 ms spin period of PSR J1227-4853 was recently discovered in radio observations of the low-mass X-ray binary XSS J12270-4859 following the announcement of a possible transition to a rotation-powered millisecond pulsar state, inferred from decreases ... More
A Single Zone Synchrotron Model for Flares of PKS 1510-089Sep 08 2016PKS 1510-089 is one of the most variable blazars. Very high energy gamma ray emission from this source was observed by H.E.S.S. during March-April 2009 and by MAGIC from February 3 to April 3, 2012 quasi-simultaneously with multi-wavelength flares. The ... More
Network organization of coopetitive genetic influences on cortical morphologiesFeb 09 2018Brain can be represented as a network, where regions are the nodes and relations between the regions are edges. Within a network, co-existence of cooperative and competitive relationships between different nodes is called coopetition. Inter-regional genetic ... More
X-ray spectral state evolution in IGR J17091-3624 and comparison of its heartbeat oscillation properties with those of GRS 1915+105May 24 2011Jan 21 2014In this work, we study the X-ray timing and spectral evolution of the transient low mass X-ray binary IGR J17091-3624 during first 66 days of its 2011 outburst. We present results obtained from observations with two instruments, Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer ... More
Small Hairy Black Holes in $AdS_5 \times S^5$May 07 2010We study small hairy black holes in a consistent truncation of ${\cal N}=8$ gauged supergravity that consists of a single charged scalar field interacting with the metric and a U(1) gauge field. Small very near extremal RNAdS black holes in this system ... More
Non-dissipative hydrodynamics: Effective actions versus entropy currentNov 05 2012Mar 02 2014While conventional hydrodynamics incorporating dissipative effects is hard to derive from an action principle, it is nevertheless possible to construct classical actions when the dissipative terms are switched off. In this note we undertake a systematic ... More
Diffusion of small light particles in a solvent of large massive moleculesJan 24 2003We study diffusion of small light particles in a solvent which consists of large heavy particles. The intermolecular interactions are chosen to approximately mimic a water-sucrose (or water-polysaccharide) mixture. Both computer simulation and mode coupling ... More
Noncommutativity in linear dilaton backgroundJun 25 2001Jul 04 2001We consider quantization of open string theories in linear dilaton and constant antisymmetric tensor backgrounds and discuss the noncommutativity of space-time coordinates arising in such theories, including their relationship with light-like noncommutativity ... More
Temperature profiles of accretion discs around rapidly rotating strange stars in general relativity: a comparison with neutron starsApr 24 2001We compute the temperature profiles of accretion discs around rapidly rotating strange stars, using constant gravitational mass equilibrium sequences of these objects, considering the full effect of general relativity. Beyond a certain critical value ... More
String Network and U-DualityJan 21 1998Jan 25 1998We discuss the generalization of recently discovered BPS configurations, corresponding to the planar string networks, to non-planar ones by considering the U-duality symmetry of type II string theory in various dimensions. As an explicit example, we analyze ... More
Raman studies on nanocomposite silicon carbonitride thin film deposited by RF magnetron sputtering at different substrate temperaturesNov 17 2016Raman studies of nanocomposite SiCN thin film by sputtering showed that with an increase of substrate temperature from room temperature to 500oC, a transition from mostly sp2 graphitic phase to sp3 carbon took place which was observed from the variation ... More
Relation Extraction : A SurveyDec 14 2017With the advent of the Internet, large amount of digital text is generated everyday in the form of news articles, research publications, blogs, question answering forums and social media. It is important to develop techniques for extracting information ... More
Helicity and spin conservation in Maxwell theory and Linearized GravityDec 08 2018A duality symmetric formulation of linearized gravity has been introduced by Barnett and used to show the conservation of helicity. However, the relation between helicity and spin as well as the separate conservation of the spin and orbital parts of angular ... More
CompNet: Complementary Segmentation Network for Brain MRI ExtractionMar 27 2018Jun 17 2018Brain extraction is a fundamental step for most brain imaging studies. In this paper, we investigate the problem of skull stripping and propose complementary segmentation networks (CompNets) to accurately extract the brain from T1-weighted MRI scans, ... More
Large density stratification stabilizes Rayleigh-Taylor instability in presence of shearOct 22 2017This letter investigates the effect of shear on Rayleigh-Taylor instability (RTI). Even simple uniform shear strongly influences the instability; longer waves are completely stabilized when density stratification is large (higher Atwood numbers). This ... More
Charged Dilatonic AdS Black Branes in Arbitrary DimensionsJul 15 2011Oct 17 2012We study electromagnetically charged dilatonic black brane solutions in arbitrary dimensions with flat transverse spaces, that are asymptotically AdS. This class of solutions includes spacetimes which possess a bulk region where the metric is approximately ... More
Bayesian Prediction of Future Street Scenes using Synthetic LikelihoodsOct 01 2018Jan 18 2019For autonomous agents to successfully operate in the real world, the ability to anticipate future scene states is a key competence. In real-world scenarios, future states become increasingly uncertain and multi-modal, particularly on long time horizons. ... More
Bayesian Prediction of Future Street Scenes through Importance Sampling based OptimizationJun 18 2018Sep 28 2018For autonomous agents to successfully operate in the real world, anticipation of future events and states of their environment is a key competence. This problem can be formalized as a sequence prediction problem, where a number of observations are used ... More
Explosive instability due to flow over a rippled bottomSep 20 2018In this paper, we study Bragg resonance, i.e. the triad interaction between surface and/or interfacial waves with bottom ripple, in presence of background velocity. We show that when one of the constituent waves of the triad has negative energy, the amplitudes ... More
A random walk with heavy flavoursJul 11 2013We focus on evaluating transport coefficients like drag and diffusion of heavy quarks (HQ) passing through Quark Gluon Plasma using perturbative QCD (pQCD). Experimental observable like nuclear suppression factor (RAA) of HQ is evaluated for both zero ... More
Phase transition in fiber bundle models with recursive dynamicsJul 16 2002Apr 02 2003We study the phase transition in a class of fiber bundle models in which the fiber strengths are distributed randomly within a finite interval and global load sharing is assumed. The dynamics is expressed as recursion relations for the redistribution ... More
Half-filled Hubbard ring with alternating site potentials in a magnetic fieldSep 16 2003Oct 21 2005We have studied a Hubbard ring with alternating site potentials for half filling in presence of a magnetic flux. Using a mean field approach we have calculated the conductivity of such a ring at low and high temperatures. The interplay of correlation, ... More
Gain without inversion in a V-type system with low coherence decay rate for the upper levelsMay 15 2004Inversionless gain is observed in a V-type inhomogeneously broadened system without introducing any incoherent pumping and only by changing the collisional dephasing decay rate. In this system sub-Doppler linewidth is achieved with off-resonance pump ... More
Footprint of spatial noncommutativity in resonant detectors of gravitational waveAug 16 2018The present day gravitational wave (GW) detectors strive to detect the length variation $\delta L = h L$, which, owing to the smallness of the metric perturbation $\sim h$, is an extremely small length $\mathcal{O} \sim 10^{-18} - 10^{-21}$ meter. The ... More
Equivalence principle in context of large uniform acceleration - a quantum mechanical perspectiveAug 21 2017We study the effect of large acceleration of an uniformly accelerated frame on the validity of weak equivalence principle. Specifically we demonstrate how the behaviour of free quantum particle, as observed by an observer with large uniform acceleration, ... More
GMRT discovery of PSR J1544+4937, an eclipsing black-widow pulsar identified with a Fermi LAT sourceApr 26 2013Jun 26 2013Using the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT) we performed deep observations to search for radio pulsations in the directions of unidentified Fermi Large Area Telescope (LAT) gamma-ray sources. We report the discovery of an eclipsing black-widow millisecond ... More
Parkes radio searches of Fermi gamma-ray sources and millisecond pulsar discoveriesJul 16 2015In a search with the Parkes radio telescope of 56 unidentified Fermi-LAT gamma-ray sources, we have detected 11 millisecond pulsars (MSPs), 10 of them discoveries, of which five were reported in Kerr et al. (2012). We did not detect radio pulsations from ... More
Unintegrated dipole gluon distribution at small transverse momentumJan 05 2018Feb 06 2018We derive analytical results for unintegrated color dipole gluon distribution function at small transverse momentum. By Fourier transforming the $S$-matrix for large dipoles we derive the results in the form of a series of Bells polynomials. Interestingly, ... More
Completely bounded kernelsJan 20 2010Dec 14 2012We introduce completely bounded kernels taking values in L(A,B) where A and B are C*-algebras. We show that if B is injective such kernels have a Kolmogorov decomposition precisely when they can be scaled to be completely contractive, and that this is ... More
The Einstein@Home Gamma-Ray Pulsar Survey II. Source Selection, Spectral Analysis and Multi-wavelength Follow-upDec 14 2017We report on the analysis of 13 gamma-ray pulsars discovered in the Einstein@Home blind search survey using Fermi Large Area Telescope (LAT) Pass 8 data. The 13 new gamma-ray pulsars were discovered by searching 118 unassociated LAT sources from the third ... More
A reconfigurable spintronic device for quantum and classical logicDec 09 2010Quantum superposition and entanglement of physical states can be harnessed to solve some problems which are intractable on a classical computer implementing binary logic. Several algorithms have been proposed to utilize the quantum nature of physical ... More
Simulating coronal loop implosion and compressible wave modes in a flare hit active regionNov 14 2017There is considerable observational evidence of implosion of magnetic loop systems inside solar coronal active regions following high energy events like solar flares. In this work, we propose that such collapse can be modeled in three dimensions quite ... More
A Langevin approach to lattice dynamics in a charge ordered polaronic systemFeb 04 2019We use a Langevin approach to treat the finite temperature dynamics of displacement variables in the half-filled spinless Holstein model. Working in the adiabatic regime we exploit the smallness of the adiabatic parameter to simplify the memory effects ... More
An Interpretation of the Cosmic Ray $e^+\, +\, e^-$ Spectrum from 10 GeV to 3 TeV Measured by CALET on the ISSDec 18 2017Oct 22 2018A combined interpretation of the CALET $e^+\, +\, e^-$ spectrum up to 3 TeV and the AMS-02 positron spectrum up to 500 GeV was performed and the results are discussed. To parametrize the background electron flux, we assume a smoothly broken power-law ... More
Singly excited S-states of compressed two-electron ionsNov 25 2015A detailed analysis on the effect of spherical impenetrable confinement on the structural properties of two-electron ions in S-states have been done. The energy values of 1sns [n = 2-4] (3Se) states of helium-like ions (Z = 2-5) are estimated within the ... More
Electronic structure of helium atom in a quantum dotAug 10 2015Bound and resonance states of helium atom have been investigated inside a quantum dot by using explicitly correlated Hylleraas type basis set within the framework of stabilization method. To be specific, precise energy eigenvalues of bound 1sns (1Se) ... More
The Effect of Non-Thermal Protons on the High Energy Spectra of Black Hole BinariesJun 09 2003In the inner regions of an accretion disk around a black hole, the presence of non-thermal protons would via p-p collisions produce electrons, positrons and $\gamma$-rays. For such a scenario, the steady state electron-positron distribution is computed ... More
Low frequency radio spectrum and spectral turnover of LS 5039Jul 15 2008LS 5039, a possible black hole x-ray binary, was recently observed with Giant Meterwave Radio Telescope. The observed spectrum presented here shows that the spectrum is inverted at the low frequency. When combined with the archival data with orbital phase ... More
Hopping induced continuous diffusive dynamics below the non-ergodic transitionJul 07 2008In low temperature supercooled liquid, below the ideal mode coupling theory transition temperature, hopping and continuous diffusion are seen to coexist. We present a theory which incorporates interaction between the two processes and shows that hopping ... More
Broadband reflection spectroscopy of MAXI J1535-571 using AstroSat: Estimation of black hole mass and spinMay 22 2019We report the results from \textit{AstroSat} observations of the transient Galactic black hole X-ray binary MAXI J1535-571 during its hard-intermediate state of the 2017 outburst. We systematically study the individual and joint spectra from two simultaneously ... More
Radio Detection of the Fermi LAT Blind Search Millisecond Pulsar J1311-3430Oct 24 2012Dec 18 2012We report the detection of radio emission from PSR J1311-3430, the first millisecond pulsar discovered in a blind search of Fermi Large Area Telescope (LAT) gamma-ray data. We detected radio pulsations at 2 GHz, visible for <10% of ~4.5-hrs of observations ... More
Radiative correction to the lightest neutral Higgs mass in warped supersymmetryJun 23 2008Sep 17 2008We compute radiative correction to the lightest neutral Higgs mass ($m_h$) induced by the Kaluza-Klein (KK) towers of fermions and sfermions in a minimal supersymmetric scenario embeded in a 5-dimensional warped space. The Higgs is confined to the TeV ... More
Incentivizing Sharing in Realtime D2D Streaming Networks: A Mean Field Game PerspectiveApr 08 2016May 01 2016We consider the problem of streaming live content to a cluster of co-located wireless devices that have both an expensive unicast base-station-to-device (B2D) interface, as well as an inexpensive broadcast device-to-device (D2D) interface, which can be ... More
Event by Event analysis of Maximum Pseudo-rapidity Gap Fluctuation in High energy Nucleus-nucleus CollisionsSep 03 2018A study of Event by Event analysis of maximum Pseudo-rapidity Gap Fluctuation in heavy-ion collisions in terms of the scaled variance {\omega} has been carried out for relativistic AA collisions with multiplicity cut (N >10) using nuclear emulsion data ... More
Weak Ferromagnetism and Time-Stable Remanence in Hematite: Effect of Shape, Size and MorphologyNov 13 2018We have recently established that a number of Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction driven canted antiferromagnets or weak ferrromagnets (WFM) including hematite exhibit an ultra-slow magnetization relaxation phenomenon, leading to the observation of a time-stable ... More
Spacetime Dependent Lagrangians and the Barriola-Vilenkin Monopole MassAug 14 2002Oct 16 2007This paper has been withdrawn by the authors in order to replace it with a more correct treatment. The basic results remain the same but the treatment is more rigorously correct.
Dynamic critical behavior of failure and plastic deformation in the random fiber bundle modelJan 07 2002May 21 2002The random fiber bundle (RFB) model, with the strength of the fibers distributed uniformly within a finite interval, is studied under the assumption of global load sharing among all unbroken fibers of the bundle. At any fixed value of the applied stress ... More
Causality and black holes in spacetimes with a preferred foliationSep 04 2015Nov 02 2016We develop a framework that facilitates the study of the causal structure of spacetimes with a causally preferred foliation. Such spacetimes may arise as solutions of Lorentz-violating theories, e.g. Horava gravity. Our framework allows us to rigorously ... More
On Production of Hadrons in Proton-Proton Collisions at RHIC and LHC Energies and an ApproachOct 30 2011From the very early days of Particle Physics, both experimental and theoretical studies on proton-proton collisions had occupied the center-stage of attention for very simple and obvious reasons. And this intense interest seems now to be at peak value ... More
Spacetime Dependent Lagrangians and Electrogravity DualityOct 16 2007We apply the spacetime dependent lagrangian formalism [1] to the action in general relativity. We obtain a Barriola-Vilenkin type monopole solution by exploiting theelectrogravity duality of the vacuum Einstein equations and using a modified definition ... More
Learned In Speech Recognition: Contextual Acoustic Word EmbeddingsFeb 18 2019End-to-end acoustic-to-word speech recognition models have recently gained popularity because they are easy to train, scale well to large amounts of training data, and do not require a lexicon. In addition, word models may also be easier to integrate ... More
An Optimal Algorithm for l1-Heavy Hitters in Insertion Streams and Related ProblemsMar 01 2016We give the first optimal bounds for returning the $\ell_1$-heavy hitters in a data stream of insertions, together with their approximate frequencies, closing a long line of work on this problem. For a stream of $m$ items in $\{1, 2, \dots, n\}$ and parameters ... More
Transverse Momentum Spectra of Pions in Particle and Nuclear Collisions and Some Ratio-Behaviours: Towards A Combinational ApproachNov 15 2002The nature of transverse momentum dependence of the inclusive cross-sections for secondary pions produced in high energy hadronic($PP$), hadronuclear($PA$) and nuclear($AA$) collisions has here been exhaustively investigated for a varied range of interactions ... More
Diagnostic Classification Of Lung Nodules Using 3D Neural NetworksMar 19 2018Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death worldwide. Early diagnosis of pulmonary nodules in Computed Tomography (CT) chest scans provides an opportunity for designing effective treatment and making financial and care plans. In this paper, ... More
Universality splitting in distribution of number of miRNA co-targetsJan 16 2014In a recent work [arXiv:1307.1382] it was pointed out that the link-weight distribution of microRNA (miRNA) co-target network of a wide class of species are universal up to scaling. The number cell types, widely accepted as a measure of complexity, turns ... More
Link-weight distribution of microRNA co-target networks exhibit universalityJul 04 2013MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small non-coding RNAs which regulate gene expression by binding to the 3' UTR of the corresponding messenger RNAs. We construct miRNA co-target networks for 22 different species using a target prediction database, MicroCosm Tagets. ... More
Surface and Mechanical studies of Bismaleimide coatingsSep 03 2015Bismaleimide (BMI) resins are a new breed of thermosetting resins used mainly for high temperature applications and have major usage in aerospace. BMI polymer coatings were deposited on aluminum and mild steel substrates. The effect of corrosion on mild ... More
Radio Searches of Fermi LAT Sources and Blind Search Pulsars: The Fermi Pulsar Search ConsortiumMay 14 2012We present a summary of the Fermi Pulsar Search Consortium (PSC), an international collaboration of radio astronomers and members of the Large Area Telescope (LAT) collaboration, whose goal is to organize radio follow-up observations of Fermi pulsars ... More
Unzipping and binding of small interfering RNA with single walled Carbon Nanotube: a platform for small interfering RNA deliveryMar 12 2012In an effort to design efficient platform for siRNA delivery, we combine all atom classical and quantum simulations to study the binding of small interfering RNA (siRNA) by pristine single wall carbon nanotube (SWCNT). Our results show that siRNA strongly ... More
Modules of human micro-RNA co-target networkMay 28 2011Human micro RNAs (miRNAs) target about 90% of the coding genes and form a complex regulatory network. We study the community structure of the miRNA co-target network considering miRNAs as the nodes which are connected by weighted links. The weight of ... More
Evolution of Currents of Opposite Signs in the Flare Productive Solar Active Region NOAA 10930Aug 30 2011Analysis of a time series of high spatial resolution vector magnetograms of the active region NOAA 10930 available from SOT/SP on-board Hinode revealed that there is a mixture of upward and downward currents in the two foot-points of an emerging flux-rope. ... More
Effect of Epitaxial Strain on Phase Separation in Thin FilmsOct 22 2013We examine the role of an imposed epitaxial strain e in enhancing or depressing the spinodal instability of an alloy thin film. Since the alloy film starts with an imposed strain, phase separation offers a mechanism to relieve it, but only when the film ... More
Production of J/$Ψ$-Particles at RHIC and LHC energies: An Alternative `Psi'-chologyApr 22 2012We attempt here to understand successfully some crucial aspects of $J/\Psi$-production in some high energy nuclear collisions in the light of a non-standard framework outlined in the text. It is found that the results arrived at with this main working ... More
Reparametrizing the Polyakov$-$Nambu$-$Jona-Lasinio modelSep 26 2016Aug 14 2017The Polyakov$-$Nambu$-$Jona-Lasinio model has been quite successful in describing various qualitative features of observables for strongly interacting matter, that are measurable in heavy-ion collision experiments. The question still remains on the quantitative ... More