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A Survey on Semantic ParsingDec 03 2018May 29 2019A significant amount of information in today's world is stored in structured and semi-structured knowledge bases. Efficient and simple methods to query them are essential and must not be restricted to only those who have expertise in formal query languages. ... More
The Evolutionary Design of Collective Computation in Cellular AutomataSep 08 1998We investigate the ability of a genetic algorithm to design cellular automata that perform computations. The computational strategies of the resulting cellular automata can be understood using a framework in which ``particles'' embedded in space-time ... More
Chains of Reasoning over Entities, Relations, and Text using Recurrent Neural NetworksJul 05 2016May 01 2017Our goal is to combine the rich multistep inference of symbolic logical reasoning with the generalization capabilities of neural networks. We are particularly interested in complex reasoning about entities and relations in text and large-scale knowledge ... More
Weaver: Deep Co-Encoding of Questions and Documents for Machine ReadingApr 27 2018This paper aims at improving how machines can answer questions directly from text, with the focus of having models that can answer correctly multiple types of questions and from various types of texts, documents or even from large collections of them. ... More
Chains of Reasoning over Entities, Relations, and Text using Recurrent Neural NetworksJul 05 2016Our goal is to combine the rich multi-step inference of symbolic logical reasoning together with the generalization capabilities of vector embeddings and neural networks. We are particularly interested in complex reasoning about the entities and relations ... More
Multi-step Retriever-Reader Interaction for Scalable Open-domain Question AnsweringMay 14 2019This paper introduces a new framework for open-domain question answering in which the retriever and the reader iteratively interact with each other. The framework is agnostic to the architecture of the machine reading model, only requiring access to the ... More
Building Dynamic Knowledge Graphs from Text using Machine Reading ComprehensionOct 12 2018We propose a neural machine-reading model that constructs dynamic knowledge graphs from procedural text. It builds these graphs recurrently for each step of the described procedure, and uses them to track the evolving states of participant entities. We ... More
Question Answering on Knowledge Bases and Text using Universal Schema and Memory NetworksApr 27 2017Existing question answering methods infer answers either from a knowledge base or from raw text. While knowledge base (KB) methods are good at answering compositional questions, their performance is often affected by the incompleteness of the KB. Au contraire, ... More
Go for a Walk and Arrive at the Answer: Reasoning Over Paths in Knowledge Bases using Reinforcement LearningNov 15 2017Dec 30 2018Knowledge bases (KB), both automatically and manually constructed, are often incomplete --- many valid facts can be inferred from the KB by synthesizing existing information. A popular approach to KB completion is to infer new relations by combinatory ... More
A Survey on Semantic ParsingDec 03 2018Dec 10 2018A significant amount of information in today's world is stored in structured and semi-structured knowledge bases. Efficient and simple methods to query these databases are essential and must not be restricted to only those who have expertise in formal ... More
Cooperative Negotiation in Autonomic Systems using Incremental Utility ElicitationOct 19 2012Decentralized resource allocation is a key problem for large-scale autonomic (or self-managing) computing systems. Motivated by a data center scenario, we explore efficient techniques for resolving resource conflicts via cooperative negotiation. Rather ... More
Optimal Transport-based Alignment of Learned Character Representations for String SimilarityJul 23 2019String similarity models are vital for record linkage, entity resolution, and search. In this work, we present STANCE --a learned model for computing the similarity of two strings. Our approach encodes the characters of each string, aligns the encodings ... More
A Systematic Classification of Knowledge, Reasoning, and Context within the ARC DatasetJun 01 2018Feb 04 2019The recent work of Clark et al. introduces the AI2 Reasoning Challenge (ARC) and the associated ARC dataset that partitions open domain, complex science questions into an Easy Set and a Challenge Set. That paper includes an analysis of 100 questions with ... More
Entropy scaling from chaotically produced particles in p-p collisions at LHC energiesApr 22 2013Scaling of information entropy obtained from chaotically produced particles in p-p collisions, has been shown to be valid up to the highest available collision energy at LHC. Results from Monte Carlo simulation model PYTHIA 6.135 have also been compared. ... More
Chains of Reasoning over Entities, Relations, and Text using Recurrent Neural NetworksJul 05 2016Oct 13 2016Our goal is to combine the rich multistep inference of symbolic logical reasoning with the generalization capabilities of neural networks. We are particularly interested in complex reasoning about entities and relations in text and large-scale knowledge ... More
Entropy scaling and thermalization in hadron-hadron collisions at LHCApr 15 2011The recent LHC data have once more brought the issue of the formation of thermalized state of matter in hadron-hadron collisions into the forefront. In this letter, we have shown that the scaling of the information entropy of the chaotically produced ... More
Global Testing Against Sparse Alternatives under Ising ModelsNov 24 2016In this paper, we study the effect of dependence on detecting sparse signals. In particular, we focus on global testing against sparse alternatives for the means of binary outcomes following an Ising model, and establish how the interplay between the ... More
Improving Photoplethysmographic Measurements under Motion Artifacts using Artificial Neural Network for Personal HealthcareJul 14 2018Photoplethysmographic (PPG) measurements are susceptible to motion artifacts (MA) due to movement of the peripheral body parts. In this paper, we present a new approach to identify the MA corrupted PPG beats and then rectify the beat morphology using ... More
Net Charge Fluctuations as a signal of QGP from Polyakov-Nambu-Jona-Lasinio modelDec 25 2012We report the first model study of the net charge fluctuations in terms of D-measure within the framework of the Polyakov-Nambu-Jona-Lasinio model. Net charge fluctuation is estimated from the charge susceptibility evaluated using PNJL model. A parameterization ... More
Thermodynamics and fluctuations of conserved charges in Hadron Resonance Gas model in finite volumeFeb 03 2015The thermodynamics of hot and dense matter created in heavy-ion collision experiments are usually studied as a system of infinite volume. Here we report on possible effects for considering a finite system size for such matter in the framework of the Hadron ... More
Centrality dependence of chemical freeze-out parameters from net-proton and net-charge fluctuations using hadron resonance gas modelSep 17 2016We extract chemical freeze-out parameters in HRG and EVHRG model, analysing the experimental information of net-proton and net-charge fluctuations measured in Au + Au collisions by the STAR collaboration at RHIC. We observe that chemical freeze-out parameters ... More
Centrality dependence of chemical freeze-out parameters from net-proton and net-charge fluctuations using hadron resonance gas modelSep 17 2016Jul 08 2017We estimate chemical freeze-out parameters in HRG and EVHRG model by fitting the experimental information of net-proton and net-charge fluctuations measured in Au + Au collisions by the STAR collaboration at RHIC. We observe that chemical freeze-out parameters ... More
Fluctuations and correlations of conserved charges in an excluded volume hadron resonance gas modelOct 10 2013Sep 18 2014We present temperature ($T$) and baryonic chemical potential ($\mu_B$) dependence of higher order fluctuations and correlation between conserved charges in Excluded Volume Hadron Resonance Gas (EVHRG) model. Products of moments, such as ratio of variance ... More
Dynamics of end to end loop formation for an isolated chain in viscoelastic fluidApr 04 2012We theoretically investigate the looping dynamics of a linear polymer immersed in a viscoelastic fluid. The dynamics of the chain is governed by a Rouse model with a fractional memory kernel recently proposed by Weber et al. (S. C. Weber, J. A. Theriot, ... More
Transient State Work Fluctuation Theorem for a Driven Classical SystemFeb 03 2008We derive the nonequilibrium transient state work fluctuation theorem and also the Jarzynski equality for a classical harmonic oscillator linearly coupled to a harmonic heat bath, which is dragged by an external agent. Coupling with the bath makes the ... More
Exact analytical evaluation of time dependent transmission coefficient from the method of reactive flux for an inverted parabolic barrierJan 05 2007Jan 14 2007In this paper we derive a general expression for the transmission coefficient using the method of reactive flux for a particle coupled to a harmonic bath surmounting a one dimensional inverted parabolic barrier. Unlike Kohen and Tannor [J. Chem. Phys. ... More
Dynamics of diffusion controlled chain closure: flexible chain in presence of hydrodynamic interactionMay 04 2011Based on the Wilemski-Fixman approach (J. Chem. Phys. 60, 866 (1974)) we showed that for a flexible chain in theta solvent hydrodynamic interaction treated with an pre-averaging approximation makes ring closing faster if the chain is not very short. Only ... More
Bubble dynamics in double stranded DNA : A Rouse chain based approachOct 26 2010We propose a model for the fluctuation dynamics of the local denaturation zones (bubbles) in double-stranded DNA. In our formulation, the DNA strand is model as a one dimensional Rouse chain confined at both the ends. The bubble is formed when the transverse ... More
Chain reconfiguration in active noiseDec 13 2015In a typical single molecule experiment, dynamics of an unfolded proteins is studied by determining the reconfiguration time using long-range Forster resonance energy transfer where the reconfiguration time is the characteristic decay time of the position ... More
Stochastic Resonance in Underdamped, Bistable SystemsJun 17 2005We carry out a detailed numerical investigation of stochastic resonance in underdamped systems in the non-perturbative regime. We point out that an important distinction between stochastic resonance in overdamped and underdamped systems lies in the lack ... More
On Testing for Parameters in Ising ModelsJun 02 2019We consider testing for the parameters of Ferromagnetic Ising models. While testing for the presence of possibly sparse magnetizations, we provide a general lower bound of minimax separation rates which yields sharp results in high temperature regimes. ... More
A closed-form necessary and sufficient condition for any two-qubit state to show hidden nonlocality w.r.t the Bell-CHSH inequalityOct 28 2014In this note, we discuss a closed-form necessary and sufficient condition for any two-qubit state to show hidden nonlocality w.r.t the Bell-CHSH inequality. This is then used to numerically compute the relative volume of states showing hidden Bell-CHSH ... More
Looping dynamics of flexible chain with internal friction at different degree of compactnessFeb 11 2015Recently single molecule experiments have shown the importance of internal friction in biopolymer dynamics. Such studies also suggested that the internal friction although independent of solvent viscosity has strong dependence on denaturant concentration. ... More
Effects of active fluctuations on energetics of a colloidal particle: superdiffusion, dissipation and entropy productionMay 21 2019We consider a colloidal particle immersed in an active bath and derive a Smoluchowski equation that governs the dynamics of colloidal particle. We address this as active Smoluchowski equation. Our analysis based on this active Smoluchowski equation shows ... More
An Efficient Algorithm for Vertex Enumeration of Two-Dimensional Projection of PolytopesNov 30 2016An efficient algorithm to enumerate the vertices of a two-dimensional (2D) projection of a polytope, is presented in this paper. The proposed algorithm uses the support function of the polytope to be projected and enumerated for vertices. The complexity ... More
Simultaneous Solving of Batched Linear Programs on a GPUFeb 21 2018Linear Programs (LPs) appear in a large number of applications and offloading them to a GPU is viable to gain performance. Existing work on offloading and solving an LP on a GPU suggests that there is performance gain generally on large sized LPs (typically ... More
Optimal Adaptive Inference in Random Design Binary RegressionDec 10 2015Aug 02 2016We construct confidence sets for the regression function in nonparametric binary regression with an unknown design density. These confidence sets are adaptive in $L^2$ loss over a continuous class of Sobolev type spaces. Adaptation holds in the smoothness ... More
Entanglement sharing via qudit channels: Nonmaximally entangled states may be necessary for one-shot optimal singlet fraction and negativityDec 22 2017Mar 20 2018We consider the problem of establishing entangled states of optimal singlet fraction and negativity between two remote parties for every use of a noisy quantum channel and trace-preserving LOCC under the assumption that the parties do not share prior ... More
Approximate joint measurement of qubit observables through an Arthur-Kelly type modelOct 14 2010Jun 17 2013We consider joint measurement of two and three unsharp qubit observables through an Arthur-Kelly type joint measurement model for qubits. We investigate the effect of initial state of the detectors on the unsharpness of the measurement as well as the ... More
Asymptotic Normality of Scrambled Geometric Net QuadratureJan 21 2016Apr 27 2016In a very recent work, Basu and Owen (2015) propose the use of scrambled geometric nets in numerical integration when the domain is a product of $s$ arbitrary spaces of dimension $d$ having a certain partitioning constraint. It was shown that for a class ... More
Orbital phase transition in 2-d pyrochloreApr 05 2016Mar 29 2017We present here correlation driven orbital Mott transition in 2 dimensional pyrochlore lattice. We study a model Hamiltonian in which we take Hund's coupling between itinerant and localized electrons apart from the coulomb interaction. In the weak coupling ... More
Mott Transition and Glassiness in the Face Centered Cubic LatticeFeb 12 2013We study the half-filled Hubbard model on the geometrically frustrated face centered cubic (FCC) lattice, using an auxiliary field based real space technique. The low temperature state is a paramagnetic metal at weak interaction, an antiferromagnetic ... More
Non-collinear Magnetic Order in the Double Perovskites: Double Exchange on a Geometrically Frustrated LatticeMay 01 2011May 03 2011Double perovskites of the form A_2BB'O_6 usually involve a transition metal ion, B, with a large magnetic moment, and a non magnetic ion B'. While many double perovskites are ferromagnetic, studies on the underlying model reveal the possibility of antiferromagnetic ... More
Reconfiguration Dynamics in folded and intrinsically disordered protein with internal friction: Effect of solvent quality and denaturantJun 01 2015We consider a phantom chain model of polymer with internal friction in a harmonic confinement and extend it to take care of effects of solvent quality following a mean field approach where an exponent $\nu$ is introduced. The model termed as "Solvent ... More
Entropy production and work fluctuation relations for a single particle in active bathSep 25 2017Jul 31 2018A colloidal particle immersed in a bath of bacteria is a typical example of a passive particle in an active bath. To model this, we take an overdamped harmonically trapped particle subjected to a thermal and a non-equilibrium noise arising from the active ... More
Stochastic Production Of Kink-Antikink Pairs In The Presence Of An Oscillating BackgroundNov 12 2001Dec 14 2001We numerically investigate the production of kink-antikink pairs in a $(1+1)$ dimensional $\phi^4$ field theory subject to white noise and periodic driving. The twin effects of noise and periodic driving acting in conjunction lead to considerable enhancement ... More
Testing Degree Corrections in Stochastic Block ModelsMay 22 2017We study sharp detection thresholds for degree corrections in Stochastic Block Models in the context of a goodness of fit problem. When degree corrections are relatively dense, a simple test based on the total number of edges is asymptotically optimal. ... More
Testing Degree Corrections in Stochastic Block ModelsMay 22 2017Jul 15 2019We study sharp detection thresholds for degree corrections in Stochastic Block Models in the context of a goodness of fit problem, and explore the effect of the unknown community assignment (a high dimensional nuisance parameter) and the graph density ... More
Large Multi-scale Spatial Kriging Using Tree Shrinkage PriorsMar 30 2018We develop a multiscale spatial kernel convolution technique with higher order functions to capture fine scale local features and lower order terms to capture large scale features. To achieve parsimony, the coefficients in the multiscale kernel convolution ... More
Non-locality breaking qubit channelsJun 13 2013Oct 29 2014Entanglement breaking channels play a significant role in quantum information theory. In this work we investigate qubit channels through their property of `non-locality breaking', defined in a natural way but within the purview of CHSH nonlocality. This ... More
CL Scholar: The ACL Anthology Knowledge Graph MinerApr 16 2018We present CL Scholar, the ACL Anthology knowledge graph miner to facilitate high-quality search and exploration of current research progress in the computational linguistics community. In contrast to previous works, periodically crawling, indexing and ... More
DOTIFS: a new multi-IFU optical spectrograph for the 3.6-m Devasthal optical telescopeOct 08 2018Devasthal Optical Telescope Integral Field Spectrograph (DOTIFS) is a new multi-object Integral Field Spectrograph (IFS) being designed and fabricated by the Inter-University Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA), Pune, India, for the Cassegrain ... More
Entangling power of time-evolution operators in integrable and nonintegrable many-body systemsMay 29 2018The entangling power and operator entanglement entropy are state independent measures of entanglement. Their growth and saturation is examined in the time-evolution operator of quantum many-body systems that can range from the integrable to the fully ... More
The Crossover from a Bad Metal to a Frustrated Mott InsulatorJan 21 2013We use a novel Monte Carlo method to study the Mott transition in an anisotropic triangular lattice. The real space approach, retaining extended spatial correlations, allows an accurate treatment of non trivial magnetic fluctuations in this frustrated ... More
Enhanced diffusion, swelling and slow reconfiguration of a single chain in non-Gaussian active bathNov 15 2018A prime example of non-equilibrium or active environment is a biological cell. In order to understand in-vivo functioning of biomolecules such as proteins, chromatins, a description beyond equilibrium is absolutely necessary. In this context, biomolecules ... More
Tracer diffusion in a sea of polymers with binding zones: mobile vs frozen trapsSep 16 2016We use molecular dynamics simulations to investigate the tracer diffusion in a sea of polymers with specific binding zones for the tracer. These binding zones act as traps. Our simulations show that the tracer can undergo normal yet non-Gaussian diffusion ... More
On Efficiency of the Plug-in Principle for Estimating Smooth Integrated Functionals of a Nonincreasing DensityAug 23 2018Apr 14 2019We consider the problem of estimating smooth integrated functionals of a monotone nonincreasing density $f$ on $[0,\infty)$ using the nonparametric maximum likelihood based plug-in estimator. We find the exact asymptotic distribution of this natural (tuning ... More
Solving Batched Linear Programs on GPU and Multicore CPUSep 26 2016Linear Programs (LPs) appear in a large number of applications and offloading them to the GPU is viable to gain performance. Existing work on offloading and solving an LP on GPU suggests that performance is gained from large sized LPs (typically 500 constraints, ... More
Stability Theorems for Group Actions on Uniform SpacesFeb 18 2018May 24 2018We extend the notions of topological stability, shadowing and persistence from homeomorphisms to finitely generated group actions on uniform spaces and prove that an expansive action with either shadowing or persistence is topologically stable. Using ... More
Effect of Human Learning on the Transient Performance of Cloud-based Tiered ApplicationsAug 27 2016Cloud based tiered applications are increasingly becoming popular, be it on phones or on desktops. End users of these applications range from novice to expert depending on how experienced they are in using them. With repeated usage (practice) of an application, ... More
Mean Ergodic Shadowing, Distality and MinimalityJul 05 2019We introduce and study another variant of shadowing called mean ergodic shadowing. We relate it with other variants of shadowing. We show that mean ergodic shadowing and distality cannot stay together in a dynamical system. Finally, we show that a minimal ... More
Performance Analysis of Ultra Wideband Receivers for High Data Rate Wireless Personal Area Network SystemMar 18 2010For high data rate ultra wideband communication system, performance comparison of Rake, MMSE and Rake-MMSE receivers is attempted in this paper. Further a detail study on Rake-MMSE time domain equalizers is carried out taking into account all the important ... More
Bayesian Compressed RegressionMar 04 2013Mar 22 2013As an alternative to variable selection or shrinkage in high dimensional regression, we propose to randomly compress the predictors prior to analysis. This dramatically reduces storage and computational bottlenecks, performing well when the predictors ... More
Measuring Cosmic Defect Correlations in Liquid CrystalsOct 12 2001Nov 15 2001From the theory of topological defect formation proposed for the early universe, the so called Kibble mechanism, it follows that the density correlation functions of defects and anti-defects in a given system should be completely determined in terms of ... More
Be Concise and Precise: Synthesizing Open-Domain Entity Descriptions from FactsApr 16 2019Despite being vast repositories of factual information, cross-domain knowledge graphs, such as Wikidata and the Google Knowledge Graph, only sparsely provide short synoptic descriptions for entities. Such descriptions that briefly identify the most discernible ... More
Isochronal synchrony and bidirectional communication with delay-coupled nonlinear oscillatorsOct 10 2006We propose a basic mechanism for isochronal synchrony and communication with mutually delay-coupled chaotic systems. We show that two Ikeda ring oscillators (IROs), mutually coupled with a propagation delay, synchronize isochronally when both are symmetrically ... More
Generating Fine-Grained Open Vocabulary Entity Type DescriptionsMay 27 2018While large-scale knowledge graphs provide vast amounts of structured facts about entities, a short textual description can often be useful to succinctly characterize an entity and its type. Unfortunately, many knowledge graph entities lack such textual ... More
Compressed Gaussian ProcessJun 07 2014Nonparametric regression for massive numbers of samples (n) and features (p) is an increasingly important problem. In big n settings, a common strategy is to partition the feature space, and then separately apply simple models to each partition set. We ... More
Quantum Raychaudhuri equationNov 26 2013Apr 21 2014We compute quantum corrections to the Raychaudhuri equation, by replacing classical geodesics with quantal (Bohmian) trajectories, and show that they prevent focusing of geodesics, and the formation of conjugate points. We discuss implications for the ... More
Exact Solution for One Dimensional Multibarrier TunnelingOct 30 2013Quantum tunneling across multiple barriers as yet is an unsolved problem for barrier numbers greater than five. The complexity of the mathematical analysis even for small number of barriers pushed it into the realms of Numerical Analysis. This work is ... More
$π^0$ and $η$ meson exchange interactions in the coherent $η$ meson production in the nucleusMay 25 2012Jul 28 2015The energy transfer spectra have been calculated for the coherent $\eta$ meson production in the proton nucleus reaction. The elementary reaction occurring in the nucleus is considered as $ pN \to pN^*(1535) $; $ N^*(1535) \to N\eta $. The $N^*(1535)$ ... More
Low energy ω(\to π^0 γ) meson photoproduction in the nucleusJun 22 2011The $\pi^0 \gamma$ invariant mass distribution spectra in the $ (\gamma, \pi^0\gamma) $ reaction were measured by TAPS/ELSA collaboration to look for the hadron parameters of the $\omega$ meson in Nb nucleus. We study the mechanism for this reaction, ... More
Hadron interferences in the proton induced coherent $η$ meson production reaction on a scalar-isovector nucleusAug 14 2015The coherent $\eta$ meson energy $E_\eta$ distribution spectra in the proton nucleus reaction have been calculated to investigate the $\pi^0 - \eta$ mesons' interference, in addition to the study of resonance $N^*$ dynamics in the nucleus. The elementary ... More
Cosmic coincidence or graviton mass?May 15 2014Using the quantum corrected Friedmann equation, obtained from the quantum Raychudhuri equation, and assuming a small mass of the graviton (but consistent with observations and theory), we propose a resolution of the smallness problem(why is observed vacuum ... More
Aspects of quintessence matter - the driver of the late time acceleration of the universeAug 06 2008The present thesis is a collection of papers which deals with analytic models that can drive the present accelerated expansion of the universe, starting from a decelerated expansion in the early matter dominated regime. Both minimally and non minimally ... More
Event by Event fluctuation in K/pi ratio at RHICMar 31 2005Oct 10 2005We present the preliminary results from our analysis of event by event fluctuation in K/pi ratio in Au+Au collision at \sqrt s_{NN} = 200 GeV and at 62.4 GeV using STAR detector at RHIC. Two different methods have been used to extract the strength of ... More
Constructions involving interaction of Markov process's with a random environmentMay 23 2016Recently Belopolskaya and Suhov studied Markov process's in a random environment, where the environment changes in likeness to a Markov process. Constructions were made to allow the process to "interact with the environment", this was done in such a manner ... More
Dynamics under radiation damping from ab initio formalism -nonlocal restraint on acceleration runaway from radiation recoil in electrodynamicsJul 12 2005Mar 19 2018The classically encountered problem of acceleration runaway of radiation recoiled charged particle is addressed by ab-initio variational approach for electrodynamics. The dynamic paths of stationary action evolving with minimum loss of self field energy ... More
Semihadronic and hadronic decays of $ρ^0$ and $ω$ mesons coherently photoproduced in the isoscalar nucleiAug 18 2016The interference of the $\rho^0$ and $\omega$ mesons has been studied in the hadronic and leptonic decay channels, i.e., dipion and dilepton decay channels respectively, but this interference is not studied yet in the semihadronic or semileptonic decay ... More
Bound state solutions of square root power law potential--Wavefunction ansatz method on $D$-dimensional Schrödinger equationMar 25 2015$D$-dimensional Schr\"{o}dinger equation is addressed for square root power law potential. Bound state unnormalized eigenfunctions and the energy eigenvalues are obtained using wave function ansatz method. Some special cases are studied at the end to ... More
Spin-orbit density wave: A new phase of matter applicable to the hidden order state of URu2Si2Jun 20 2014Jun 23 2014We provide a brief review and detailed analysis of the spin-orbit density wave (SODW), proposed as a possible explanation to the `hidden order' phase of URu2Si2. Due to the interplay between inter-orbital Coulomb interaction and spin-orbit coupling (SOC) ... More
A Laplace transform approach to find the exact solution of the N-dimensional Schrödinger equation with Mie-type potentials and construction of Ladder operatorsJun 19 2014The second order N-dimensional Schrodinger equation with Mie-type potentials is reduced to a first order differential equation by using the Laplace transformation. Exact bound state solutions are obtained using convolution or Faltungs theorem. The Ladder ... More
Interaction induced staggered spin-orbit order in two-dimensional electron gasNov 09 2012We propose and formulate an interaction induced staggered spin-orbit order as a new emergent phase of two-dimensional Fermi gases. We show that when some form of inherent spin-splitting via Rashba-type spin-orbit coupling renders two helical Fermi surfaces ... More
Quantum critical behavior of a magnetic quantum paraelectricOct 22 2009Jul 27 2012We discuss the interplay between anti-ferromagnetic order and polarization fluctuations in a magnetic quantum paraelectric. Using an action where anti-ferromagnetic order parameter couples to the polarization fluctuations and as well as magnetic field, ... More
Model independent New Physics analysis in $Λ_b\toΛμ^+μ^-$ decayFeb 26 2018Mar 19 2018We study the rare $\Lambda_b\to\Lambda\mu^+\mu^-$ decay in the Standard Model and beyond. Beyond the Standard Model we include new vector and axial-vector operators, scalar and pseudo-scalar operators, and tensor operators in the effective Hamiltonian. ... More
Quarkonia production at forward rapidity in Pb+Pb collisions at $\bf \sqrt{s_{\rm NN}}=2.76$ TeV with the ALICE detectorNov 25 2011The study of formation of heavy quarkonia in relativistic heavy ion collisions provides important insight into the properties of the produced high density QCD medium. Lattice QCD studies show sequential suppression of quarkonia states with increasing ... More
Frictional damping in radiative electrodynamics and its scaling to macroscopic systemsJun 06 2011Radiation force in Abraham-Lorentz-Dirac equation is revisited for possible signature of irreversible action in the dynamics. The analysis shows that the classical electron can 'dissipate' out a certain fraction of field energy that distinguishes itself ... More
Geometric EntropyJul 23 2010The laws of mechanics of stationary black holes bear a close resemblance with the laws of thermodynamics. This is not only a mathematical analogy but also a physical one that helps us answer deep questions related to the thermodynamic properties of the ... More
The `unitarity problem' of Higgs inflation in the light of collapse dynamicsMay 29 2018Aug 27 2018Higgs inflation scenario is one of the most compelling models of inflation at present time. It not only explains the observed data well, but also provides means to include the inflaton field within the well understood Standard Model of particle physics, ... More
Comments on spinning OPE blocks in AdS$_{3}$/CFT$_{2}$Nov 23 2018Apr 12 2019We extend the work of \cite{Ferrara:1971vh},\cite{Ferrara:1973vz}, to obtain an integral expression of OPE blocks for spinning primaries in CFT$_{2}$. We observe, when the OPE blocks are made out of conserved spinning primaries, the integral becomes a ... More
Warm Inflation in the light of Swampland CriteriaOct 11 2018Feb 20 2019Warm Inflation seems to be the most befitting single-field slow-roll inflation scenario in the context of the recently proposed Swampland Criteria. We investigate the constraints these Swampland Criteria impose on Warm Inflation parameters and show that ... More
Almost-sure quasiperiodicity in countably many co-existing circlesDec 09 2016In many dynamical systems, countably infinitely many invariant tori co-exist. The occurrence of quasiperiodicity on any one of these tori is sometimes sufficient to establish strong global properties, like dense trajectories and periodic points. In this ... More
Note on Hermitian Jacobi FormsOct 22 2009Feb 02 2010We compare the spaces of Hermitian Jacobi forms (HJF) of weight $k$ and indices $1,2$ with classical Jacobi forms (JF) of weight $k$ and indices $1,2,4$. Using the embedding into JF, upper bounds for the order of vanishing of HJF at the origin is obtained. ... More
Finite Temperature Field Theories on the Light-FrontOct 27 2003In this talk, we describe our present understanding of thermal field theories on the light-front with an application to Schwinger model.
Discrete phase space - II: The second quantization of free relativistic wave fieldsNov 06 2008The Klein-Gordon equation, the Maxwell equation, and the Dirac equation are presented as partial difference equations in the eight-dimensional covariant discrete phase space. These equations are also furnished as difference-differential equations in the ... More
Pair production of heavy neutrinos in next-to-leading order QCD at the hadron colliders in the inverse seesaw frameworkJan 18 2017Feb 12 2017The explanation of the small neutrino mass can be depicted using some handsome models like type-I and inverse seesaw where the Standard Model gauge singlet heavy right handed neutrinos are deployed. The common thing in these two models is a lepton number ... More
On the relative proof complexity of deep inference via atomic flowsFeb 20 2015Mar 05 2015We consider the proof complexity of the minimal complete fragment, KS, of standard deep inference systems for propositional logic. To examine the size of proofs we employ atomic flows, diagrams that trace structural changes through a proof but ignore ... More
A New Class of Supersymmetric TheoriesJan 27 1994We construct a class of quantum mechanical theories which are invariant under fermionic transformations similar to supersymmetry transformations. The generators of the transformations in this case, however, satisfy a BRST-like algebra.
On the Extension of the Gaussian Moat ProblemJan 28 2019In this paper, we have developed an algorithm for the prime searching in $\mathbb{R}^3$. This problem was proposed by M. Das [Arxiv,2019]. This paper is an extension of her work. As we know the distribution of primes will get more irregular as we are ... More
Generating Conditional Probabilities for Bayesian Networks: Easing the Knowledge Acquisition ProblemNov 12 2004Aug 04 2008The number of probability distributions required to populate a conditional probability table (CPT) in a Bayesian network, grows exponentially with the number of parent-nodes associated with that table. If the table is to be populated through knowledge ... More