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Dileptons from $η_c$ in Nucleus-Nucleus collisionsSep 19 2000Oct 20 2000Preliminary estimates suggest that excess dimuon production with invariant mass in the range 1.5 -- 2.5 GeV in nucleus-nucleus collisions can be explained on the basis of $\eta_c$ production. This appears to be consistent with all the peripheral and central ... More
Superfluid, Mott-Insulator, and Mass-Density-Wave Phases in the One-Dimensional Extended Bose-Hubbard ModelJul 01 2004We use the finite-size density-matrix-renormalization-group (FSDMRG) method to obtain the phase diagram of the one-dimensional ($d = 1$) extended Bose-Hubbard model for density $\rho = 1$ in the $U-V$ plane, where $U$ and $V$ are, respectively, onsite ... More
Phases and Transitions in the Spin-1 Bose-Hubbard Model: Systematics of a Mean-field TheoryMay 15 2007We generalize the mean-field theory for the spinless Bose-Hubbard model to account for the different types of superfluid phases that can arise in the spin-1 case. In particular, our mean-field theory can distinguish polar and ferromagnetic superfluids, ... More
Successor Options: An Option Discovery Framework for Reinforcement LearningMay 14 2019The options framework in reinforcement learning models the notion of a skill or a temporally extended sequence of actions. The discovery of a reusable set of skills has typically entailed building options, that navigate to bottleneck states. This work ... More
BOLA: Near-Optimal Bitrate Adaptation for Online VideosJan 25 2016Apr 12 2016Modern video players employ complex algorithms to adapt the bitrate of the video that is shown to the user. Bitrate adaptation requires a tradeoff between reducing the probability that the video freezes and enhancing the quality of the video shown to ... More
A non-Archimedean analogue of the Hodge-D-conjecture for products of elliptic curvesMar 05 2008In this paper we show that the map % $$\partial:CH^2(E_1 \times E_2,1)\otimes \Q \longrightarrow PCH^1(\XX_v)$$ % is surjective, where $E_1$ and $E_2$ are two non-isogenous semistable elliptic curves over a local field, $CH^2(E_1 \times E_2,1)$ is one ... More
K_1 of products of Drinfeld modular curves and special values of L-functionsSep 03 2009Beilinson obtained a formula relating the special value of the L-function of H^2 of a product of modular curves to the regulator of an element of a motivic cohomology group - thus providing evidence for his general conjectures on special values of L-functions. ... More
Non-Archimedean regulator maps and special values of L-functionsAug 30 2003We define an analogue of the `Real' Deligne cohomology group at a prime of semi-stable or good reduction of a variety. We also define regulator maps to this group and formulate a conjecture about the image. This allows us to formulate a non-Archimedian ... More
Weyl-von Neumann-Berg theorem for quaternionic operatorsNov 28 2015We prove the Weyl-von Neumann-Berg theorem for quaternionic right linear operators (not necessarily bounded) in a quaternionic Hilbert space: Let $N$ be a right linear normal (need not be bounded) operator in a quaternionic separable Hilbert space $H$. ... More
Inertia groups and smooth structures of $(n-1)$-connected $2n$-manifoldsOct 11 2015Let $M^{2n}$ denote a closed $(n-1)$-connected smoothable topological $2n$-manifold. We show that the group $\mathcal{C}(M^{2n})$ of concordance classes of smoothings of $M^{2n}$ is isomorphic to the group of smooth homotopy spheres $\overline{\Theta}_{2n}$ ... More
Farrell-Jones spheres and inertia groups of complex projective spacesOct 11 2015We introduce and study a new class of homotopy spheres called Farrell-Jones spheres. Using Farrell-Jones sphere we construct examples of closed negatively curved manifolds $M^{2n}$, where $n=7$ or $8$, which are homeomorphic but not diffeomorphic to complex ... More
Phases, transitions, and patterns in the one-dimensional Extended Bose-Hubbard modelMar 10 2014We carry out an extensive study of the phase diagram of the extended Bose Hubbard model, with a mean filling of one boson per site, in one dimension by using the density matrix renormalization group and show that it can have Superfluid (SF), Mott-insulator ... More
Phases, transitions, and boundary conditions in a model of interacting bosonsNov 22 2012We carry out an extensive study of the phase diagrams of the extended Bose Hubbard model, with a mean filling of one boson per site, in one dimension by using the density matrix renormalization group and show that it contains Superfluid (SF), Mott-insulator ... More
Random-Phase-Approximation Excitation Spectra for Bose-Hubbard ModelsOct 14 2014We obtain the excitation spectra of the following three generalized Bose-Hubbard (BH) models: (1) a two-species generalization of the spinless BH model, (2) a single-species, spin-1 BH model, and (3) the extended Bose-Hubbard model (EBH) for spinless ... More
The Inhomogeneous Extended Bose-Hubbard Model: A Mean-Field TheoryJan 31 2012We develop an inhomogeneous mean-field theory for the extended Bose-Hubbard model with a quadratic, confining potential. In the absence of this potential, our mean-field theory yields the phase diagram of the homogeneous extended Bose-Hubbard model. This ... More
FigureNet: A Deep Learning model for Question-Answering on Scientific PlotsJun 12 2018Apr 01 2019Deep Learning has managed to push boundaries in a wide variety of tasks. One area of interest is to tackle problems in reasoning and understanding, with an aim to emulate human intelligence. In this work, we describe a deep learning model that addresses ... More
Coreset-Based Adaptive TrackingNov 19 2015We propose a method for learning from streaming visual data using a compact, constant size representation of all the data that was seen until a given moment. Specifically, we construct a 'coreset' representation of streaming data using a parallelized ... More
Learning to Factor Policies and Action-Value Functions: Factored Action Space Representations for Deep Reinforcement learningMay 20 2017Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL) methods have performed well in an increasing numbering of high-dimensional visual decision making domains. Among all such visual decision making problems, those with discrete action spaces often tend to have underlying ... More
Bose-Hubbard Models in Confining Potentials: An Inhomogeneous Mean-Field TheoryJan 08 2012We present an extensive study of Mott insulator (MI) and superfluid (SF) shells in Bose-Hubbard (BH) models for bosons in optical lattices with harmonic traps. For this we develop an inhomogeneous mean-field theory. Our results for the BH model with one ... More
AUPCR Maximizing Matchings : Towards a Pragmatic Notion of Optimality for One-Sided Preference MatchingsNov 27 2017Nov 28 2017We consider the problem of computing a matching in a bipartite graph in the presence of one-sided preferences. There are several well studied notions of optimality which include pareto optimality, rank maximality, fairness and popularity. In this paper, ... More
A Model for Dipole Modulation of CMBR PolarizationAug 13 2015Oct 05 2015I propose a model of dipole modulation in Cosmic Background Microwave Radiation (CMBR) polarization fields Q and U. It is shown that the modulation leads to correlations between l and l multipoles where either l = l or l = l \pm 1, but the contribution ... More
A New Push-Relabel Algorithm for Sparse NetworksOct 29 2013Jun 10 2014In this paper, we present a new push-relabel algorithm for the maximum flow problem on flow networks with $n$ vertices and $m$ arcs. Our algorithm computes a maximum flow in $O(mn)$ time on sparse networks where $m = O(n)$. To our knowledge, this is the ... More
Rational curves on hypersurfaces [after A. Givental]Jun 23 1998This article accompanies my June 1998 seminaire Bourbaki talk on Givental's work. After a quick review of descendent integrals in Gromov-Witten theory, I discuss Givental's formalism relating hypergeometric series to solutions of quantum differential ... More
Low $x$ physics and Structure FunctionsMay 19 1998In this talk I review the behaviour of structure functions at low values of Bjorken $x$ and discuss the theoretical underpinnings with particular attention to resummation schemes. I present the need for 'less inclusive' events to distinguish between various ... More
Data-dependent probability matching priors for empirical and related likelihoodsMay 21 2008We consider a general class of empirical-type likelihoods and develop higher order asymptotics with a view to characterizing members thereof that allow the existence of possibly data-dependent probability matching priors ensuring approximate frequentist ... More
Signatures of New Physics from HBT Correlations in UHECRsJan 11 2012Sep 04 2012Quantum fields written on noncommutative spacetime (Groenewold - Moyal plane) obey twisted commutation relations. In this paper we show that these twisted commutation relations result in Hanbury-Brown Twiss (HBT) correlations that are distinct from that ... More
Two-dimensional Sentiment Analysis of textJun 08 2014Sentiment Analysis aims to get the underlying viewpoint of the text, which could be anything that holds a subjective opinion, such as an online review, Movie rating, Comments on Blog posts etc. This paper presents a novel approach that classify text in ... More
A geometric construction of Getzler's relationMay 17 1997A geometric construction of Getzler's cohomological relation in the moduli space of 4 pointed elliptic curves is given by a push-forward of a natural rational equivalence in a space of admissible covers. In particular, Getzler's relation is shown to be ... More
Coverage of space in Boolean modelsAug 10 2006For a marked point process $\{(x_i,S_i)_{i\geq 1}\}$ with $\{x_i\in \Lambda:i\geq 1\}$ being a point process on $\Lambda \subseteq \mathbb{R}^d$ and $\{S_i\subseteq R^d:i\geq 1\}$ being random sets consider the region $C=\cup_{i\geq 1}(x_i+S_i)$. This ... More
CP violation in B mesons using Dalitz plot asymmetriesAug 14 1996We study CP violation in $B\to K^* \ell^+\ell^-$ using generalized Dalitz plot asymmetries in the angular distribution. These new kind of asymmetries are constructed by adding B and ${\bar B}$ events, and do not require flavor or time tagging, nor is ... More
Approximate Range Counting RevisitedDec 05 2015This work presents new results on approximate range counting. If the actual count is $k$, then the data structures in this paper output a value, $\tau$, lying in the range $[(1-\varepsilon)k,(1+\varepsilon)k]$. The main results are the following: (1) ... More
Sentiment Analysis: A SurveyMay 11 2014Sentiment analysis (also known as opinion mining) refers to the use of natural language processing, text analysis and computational linguistics to identify and extract subjective information in source materials. Mining opinions expressed in the user generated ... More
Online Knapsack Problem and Budgeted Truthful Bipartite MatchingNov 28 2016Two related online problems: knapsack and truthful bipartite matching are considered. For these two problems, the common theme is how to `match' an arriving left vertex in an online fashion with any of the available right vertices, if at all, so as to ... More
Classification of Things in DBpedia using Deep Neural NetworksFeb 07 2018The Semantic Web aims at representing knowledge about the real world at web scale - things, their attributes and relationships among them can be represented as nodes and edges in an inter-linked semantic graph. In the presence of noisy data, as is typical ... More
Singularities in the Bethe solution of the XXX and XXZ Heisenberg spin chainsApr 20 1998We examine the question of whether Bethe's ansatz reproduces all states in the periodic Heisenberg XXZ and XXX spin chains. As was known to Bethe himself, there are states for which the Bethe momenta $k_n$ diverge: these are in fact the simplest examples ... More
Exact ground state and kink-like excitations of a two dimensional Heisenberg antiferromagnetApr 27 1999A rare example of a two dimensional Heisenberg model with an exact dimerized ground state is presented. This model, which can be regarded as a variation on the kagome lattice, has several features of interest: it has a highly (but not macroscopically) ... More
Implications of CKM Unitarity on the search for New Physics in B meson decaysDec 22 2008Dec 30 2008This paper has been temporarily withdrawn by the author. A modified version will be resubmitted. One of the trivial solutions was missed with crucial bearing on conclusions.
Conormal Varieties on the Cominuscule Grassmannian - IIMay 31 2018Sep 24 2018Let $X_w$ be a Schubert subvariety of a cominuscule Grassmannian $X$, and let $\mu:T^*X\rightarrow\mathcal N$ be the Springer map from the cotangent bundle of $X$ to the nilpotent cone $\mathcal N$. In this paper, we construct a resolution of singularities ... More
Max-Flows on Sparse and Dense NetworksSep 10 2013Oct 29 2013In this paper, we present an improved algorithm for the maximum flow problem on general networks with $n$ vertices and $m$ arcs. We show how to solve the problem in $O(mn)$ time, when $m = O(n^{2-\epsilon})$, for some $0 <\epsilon \leq 1$. This improves ... More
Weyl and Dirac Loop SuperconductorsOct 02 2015Oct 13 2015We study three dimensional systems where the parent metallic state contains a loop of Weyl or Dirac points. We introduce the minimal $\vec{k} \cdot \vec{p}$ Hamiltonian , and discuss its symmetries. Guided by this symmetry analysis, we classify the superconducting ... More
Can there be a heavy sbottom hidden in three-jet data at LEP?Jun 20 2003Nov 18 2003A low-energy supersymmetry scenario with a light gluino of mass 12 - 16 GeV and light sbottom (b1) of mass 2 - 6 GeV has been used to explain the apparent overproduction of b quarks at the Tevatron. In this scenario the other mass eigenstate of the sbottom, ... More
Non-power-law relaxation in A-B annihilation with exclusionFeb 17 2016We explore the effect of initial conditions on the decay of the reaction $A+B \rightarrow \phi$ in one dimension, with exclusion interaction between particles. It is well-known that the late-time density of surviving particles goes as $t^{-1/4}$ with ... More
Strong direct product conjecture holds for all relations in public coin randomized one-way communication complexityOct 04 2010Oct 14 2010Let f subset of X x Y x Z be a relation. Let the public coin one-way communication complexity of f, with worst case error 1/3, be denoted R^{1,pub}_{1/3}(f). We show that if for computing f^k (k independent copies of f), o(k R^{1,pub}_{1/3}(f)) communication ... More
Three dimensional topological invariants for time reversal invariant Hamiltonians and the three dimensional quantum spin Hall effectJul 20 2006Jul 21 2006The $Z_2$ invariant for filled bands in the ground states of systems with time reversal invariance characterizes the number of stable pairs of edge states. Here we study the $Z_2 $ invariant using band touching methods discussed in a recent previous work ... More
Integer Quantum Hall Effect on a Square Lattice with Zero Net Magnetic FieldMar 09 2006A square lattice model which exhibits a nonzero quantized Hall conductance in a zero net magnetic field at certain values of the parameters is presented. The quantization is due to the existence of a topological winding number that characterizes the quantum ... More
Incentive Schemes for Mobile Peer-to-Peer Systems and Free Riding Problem: A SurveyJun 23 2016Mobile peer-to-peer networks are quite prevalent and popular now days due to advent of business scenarios where all the services are going mobile like whether it's to find good restaurants, healthy diet books making friends, job-hunting, real state info ... More
Sparse Transfer Learning via Winning Lottery TicketsMay 19 2019The recently proposed Lottery Ticket Hypothesis of Frankle and Carbin (2019) suggests that the performance of over-parameterized deep networks is due to the random initialization seeding the network with a small fraction of favorable weights. These weights ... More
Sparse Channel Separation using Random ProbesFeb 22 2010This paper considers the problem of estimating the channel response (or Green's function) between multiple source-receiver pairs. Typically, the channel responses are estimated one-at-a-time: a single source sends out a known probe signal, the receiver ... More
Global stability analysis of axisymmetric boundary layersAug 29 2016This paper presents the linear global stability analysis of the incompressible axisymmetric boundary layer on a circular cylinder. The base flow is parallel to the axis of the cylinder at inlet. The pressure gradient is zero in the streamwise direction. ... More
Mean Field Equilibrium in Dynamic Games with ComplementaritiesNov 25 2010We study a class of stochastic dynamic games that exhibit strategic complementarities between players; formally, in the games we consider, the payoff of a player has increasing differences between her own state and the empirical distribution of the states ... More
String Matching in ${\tilde O}(\sqrt{n}+\sqrt{m})$ Quantum TimeNov 13 2000We show how to determine whether a given pattern p of length m occurs in a given text t of length n in ${\tilde O}(\sqrt{n}+\sqrt{m})$\footnote{${\tilde O}$ allows for logarithmic factors in m and $n/m$} time, with inverse polynomial failure probability. ... More
Iterated Integrals and higher order automorphic formsMar 17 2008Higher order automorphic forms have recently been introduced to study important questions in number theory and mathematical physics. We investigate the connection between these functions and Chen's iterated integrals. Then using Chen's theory, we prove ... More
Extensions of Motives and the Fundamental GroupJun 03 2014In this paper we construct extensions of the Mixed Hodge structure on the fundamental group of a pointed algebraic curve. These extensions correspond to the regulator of certain explicit motivic cohomology cycles in the self product of the curve which ... More
Designing Optimal Binary Rating SystemsJun 18 2018Oct 28 2018Modern online platforms rely on effective rating systems to learn about items. We consider the optimal design of rating systems that collect {\em binary feedback} after transactions. We make three contributions. First, we formalize the performance of ... More
Generalization of Ramanujan Method of Approximating root of an equationDec 21 2011We generalize Ramanujan method of approximating the smallest root of an equation which is found in Ramanujan Note books, Part-I. We provide simple analytical proof to study convergence of this method. Moreover, we study iterative approach of this method ... More
Essential dimension of abelian varieties over number fieldsFeb 29 2008We affirmatively answer a conjecture in the preprint ``Essential dimension and algebraic stacks,'' proving that the essential dimension of an abelian variety over a number field is infinite.
Sasakian metric as a Ricci soliton and related resultsSep 13 2013We prove the following results: (i) A Sasakian metric as a non-trivial Ricci soliton is null $\eta$-Einstein, and expanding. Such a characterization permits to identify the Sasakian metric on the Heisenberg group $\mathcal{H}^{2n+1}$ as an explicit example ... More
Deconvoluting chain heterogeneities from driven translocation through a nano-poreMay 27 2014Feb 02 2015We study translocation dynamics of a driven compressible semi-flexible chain consisting of alternate blocks of stiff ($S$) and flexible ($F$) segments of size $m$ and $n$ respectively for different chain length $N$ in two dimension (2D). The free parameters ... More
Running Couplings in Quantum Theory of Gravity Coupled with Gauge FieldsSep 02 2013In this paper we study the coupled system of non-abelian gauge fields with higher-derivative gravity. Charge renormalization is investigated in this coupled system. It is found that the leading term in the gauge coupling beta function comes due to interaction ... More
Charge Renormalization due to Graviton LoopsNov 21 2012Jul 23 2013The leading term in the gauge coupling beta function comes due to interaction of gauge field with gravitons. It is shown to be a universal quantity for all gauge theories. At one-loop it is found to be zero in four dimensions. This is independent of the ... More
SPDC in ppLN ridge waveguide: an analysis for efficient twin photon generation at 1550 nmSep 27 2017Jan 30 2018We study modal characteristics of a customized ridge waveguide in Lithium Niobate designed to generate twin photons at telecom wavelength. A quantum analysis of SPDC predicts the possible down conversion processes and optimizes the input beam parameters ... More
Effective Floquet Hamiltonian theory of multiple-quantum NMR in anisotropic solids involving quadrupolar spins: Challenges and PerspectivesJun 28 2017The response of a quadrupolar nucleus (nuclear spin with I>1/2) to an oscillating radio-frequency (RF) pulse/field is delicately dependent on the ratio of the quadrupolar coupling constant to the amplitude of the pulse in addition to its duration and ... More
K1 of products of Drinfeld Modular Curves and Special Values of L-functionsMar 11 2003Let $X_0(I)$ be the Drinfeld's modular curve with level $I$ structure, where $I$ is a monic square-free ideal in $\F_{q}[T]$. In this paper we show the existence of an element in the motivic cohomology group $H^3_{\M}(X_0(I) \times X_0(I),\Q(2))$ whose ... More
High mode magnetohydrodynamic waves propagation in a twisted rotating jet emerging from a filament eruptionMay 19 2018We study the conditions under which high mode magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) waves propagating on a rotating jet emerging from the filament eruption on 2013 April 10--11 can became unstable against the Kelvin--Helmholtz instability (KHI). The evolution of ... More
Density jump as a function of magnetic field for collisionless shocks in pair plasmas: the perpendicular caseMay 20 2019In the absence of frequent binary collisions to isotropize the plasma, the fulfillment of the magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) Rankine-Hugoniot jump conditions by collisionless shocks is not trivial. In particular, the presence of an external magnetic field ... More
New Formulas and Methods for Interpolation, Numerical Differentiation and Numerical IntegrationSep 02 2008We present a new formula for divided difference and few new schemes of divided difference tables in this paper. Through this, we derive new interpolation, numerical differentiation and numerical integration formulas with arbitrary order of accuracy for ... More
Infrared Behaviour of Systems With Goldstone BosonsFeb 01 1995Dec 16 1997We develop various complementary concepts and techniques for handling quantum fluctuations of Goldstone bosons.We emphasise that one of the consequences of the masslessness of Goldstone bosons is that the longitudinal fluctuations also have a diverging ... More
A New Scheduling Algorithms For Real Time TasksDec 03 2009The main objective of this paper is to develop the two different ways in which round robin architecture is modified and made suitable to be implemented in real time and embedded systems. The scheduling algorithm plays a significant role in the design ... More
A Fock space approach to Severi degreesOct 30 2012The classical Severi degree counts the number of algebraic curves of fixed genus and class passing through points in a surface. We express the Severi degrees of CP1 x CP1 as matrix elements of the exponential of a single operator M on Fock space. The ... More
Crypto multi tenant: an environment of secure computing using cloud sqlJun 18 2014In our proposed work we mainly focus on data security of tenants so that only the authorized user can access the data. To provide this feature we use encryption and decryption process of data so that the only legal tenant can access their particular data. ... More
The Complexity of All-switches Strategy ImprovementJul 16 2015Strategy improvement is a widely-used and well-studied class of algorithms for solving graph-based infinite games. These algorithms are parametrized by a switching rule, and one of the most natural rules is "all switches" which switches as many edges ... More
New topological recursion relationsMay 30 2008Apr 22 2010Simple boundary expressions for the k-th power of the cotangent line class on the moduli space of stable 1-pointed genus g curves are found for k >= 2g. The method is by virtual localization on the moduli space of maps to the projective line. As a consequence, ... More
Implications from ${B\to K^*\ell^+\ell^-}$ observables using $3 \text{fb}^{-1}$ of LHCb dataJun 15 2015Apr 11 2016The decay mode $B\to K^*\ell^+\ell^-$ results in the measurement of a large number of related observables by studying the angular distribution of the decay products and is regarded as a sensitive probe of physics beyond the standard model (SM). Recently, ... More
Gromov-Witten theory, Hurwitz theory, and completed cyclesApr 24 2002We establish an explicit equivalence between the stationary sector of the Gromov-Witten theory of a target curve X and the enumeration of Hurwitz coverings of X in the basis of completed cycles. The stationary sector is formed, by definition, by the descendents ... More
The quantum differential equation of the Hilbert scheme of points in the planeJun 19 2009We discuss here basic properties of the quantum differential equation of the Hilbert scheme of points in the plane. Our emphasis is on intertwining operators (which shift equivariant parameters) and their applications. In particular, we obtain an exact ... More
The equivariant Gromov-Witten theory of P^1Jul 25 2002We express all equivariant Gromov-Witten invariants of the projective line as matrix elements of explicit operators acting in the Fock space. As a consequence, we prove the equivariant theory is governed by the 2-Toda hierarchy of Ueno and Takasaki. This ... More
Floquet topological phases with symmetry in all dimensionsOct 21 2016Dynamical systems are known to host a number of remarkable symmetry-protected phases that are qualitatively different from their static analogs. In this work, we consider the phase space of symmetry-respecting unitary evolutions in detail and identify ... More
Anti-Collusion Digital Fingerprinting Codes via Partially Cover-Free FamiliesJul 05 2010Anti-collusion digital fingerprinting codes have been of significant current interest in the context of deterring unauthorized use of multimedia content by a coalition of users. In this article, partially cover-free families of sets are considered and ... More
The asymptotic behaviour of $F_{L}$ in the double scaling limitJul 03 1996In the kinematic region of small $x$ and large $Q^2$ in deep inelastic scattering, presently being explored by HERA, we present an analysis of the evolution of the longitudinal structure function $F_L^{p}(x, Q^2)$ in the double scaling limit of Ball and ... More
Artist Style Transfer Via Quadratic PotentialFeb 14 2019In this paper we address the problem of artist style transfer where the painting style of a given artist is applied on a real world photograph. We train our neural networks in adversarial setting via recently introduced quadratic potential divergence ... More
Local constraints can globally shatter Hilbert space: a new route to quantum information protectionApr 09 2019We show how local constraints can globally "shatter" Hilbert space into subsectors, leading to an unexpected dynamics with features reminiscent of both many body localization and quantum scars. A crisp example of this phenomenon is provided by a 'fractonic ... More
Impact of Software Requirement Volatility Pattern on Project Dynamics: Evidences from a Case StudyAug 06 2011Requirements are found to change in various ways during the course of a project. This can affect the process in widely different manner and extent. Here we present a case study where-in we investigate the impact of requirement volatility pattern on project ... More
Hypothesis Testing in Functional Linear Concurrent RegressionDec 11 2018We propose a novel method for testing the null hypothesis of no effect of a covariate on the response in the context of functional linear concurrent regression. We establish an equivalent random effects formulation of our functional regression model under ... More
Joint Structured Models for Extraction from Overlapping SourcesMay 01 2010We consider the problem of jointly training structured models for extraction from sources whose instances enjoy partial overlap. This has important applications like user-driven ad-hoc information extraction on the web. Such applications present new challenges ... More
Neutron EDM constrains direct dark matter detection prospectsJul 23 2019A non-relativistic effective field theory (NREFT) offers a bottom-up framework to classify Dark Matter (DM)-nucleon interactions relevant for scattering at direct detection experiments by organizing the interactions in powers of the momentum transfer ... More
BPS states of curves in Calabi--Yau 3--foldsSep 03 2000Jun 12 2002The Gopakumar-Vafa conjecture is defined and studied for the local geometry of a curve in a Calabi-Yau 3-fold. The integrality predicted in Gromov-Witten theory by the Gopakumar-Vafa BPS count is verified in a natural series of cases in this local geometry. ... More
Acylindrical Hyperbolicity of SubgroupsMar 02 2019Mar 15 2019Suppose $G$ is a finitely generated group and $H$ is a finitely generated subgroup of $G$. Let $\partial_{M}G$ denote the Morse boundary of $G$ with Cashen-Mackay topology. In this article we show that if the limit set $\Lambda(H)$ of $H$ in $\partial_{M}G$ ... More
Complete maximum likelihood estimation for SEIR epidemic models: theoretical developmentJul 24 2019Jul 29 2019We present a class of SEIR Markov chain models for infectious diseases observed over discrete time in a random human population living in a closed environment. The population changes over time through random births, deaths, and transitions between states ... More
Online Algorithms for Basestation AllocationAug 06 2013Design of {\it online algorithms} for assigning mobile users to basestations is considered with the objective of maximizing the sum-rate, when all users associated to any one basestation equally share each basestation's resources. Each user on its arrival ... More
XML Entity Architecture for Efficient Software IntegrationJun 25 2016This paper proposed xml entities based architectural implementation to improve integration between multiple third party vendor software systems with incompatible xml schema. The xml entity architecture implementation showed that the lines of code change ... More
In-medium pseudoscalar $D/B$ mesons and charmonium decay widthNov 29 2016Using QCD sum rules and chiral SU(3) model, we investigate the effect of temperature, density, strangeness fraction and isospin asymmetric parameter on the shift in masses and decay constants of the pseudoscalar $D$ and $B$ meson in hadronic medium, which ... More
Validity of double scaling analysis in semi-inclusive processes - $J/ψ$ production at HERAJan 21 1997In this paper we check the validity of the ideas of double scaling as given by Ball and Forte in a semi inclusive process like $J/\psi$ production at HERA, in different kinematical regions, for low values of the Bjorken variable $x$. In particular, we ... More
Quot schemes of curves and surfaces: virtual classes, integrals, Euler characteristicsMar 21 2019We compute tautological integrals over Quot schemes on curves and surfaces. After obtaining several explicit formulas over Quot schemes of dimension 0 quotients on curves (and finding a new symmetry), we apply the results to tautological integrals against ... More
Two-dimensional magnetohydrodynamic turbulence with large and small energy-injection length scalesMar 26 2019Two-dimensional magnetohydrodynamics (2D MHD), forced at (a) large length scales or (b) small length scales, displays turbulent, but statistically steady, states with widely different statistical properties. We present a systematic, comparative study ... More
Approximate theory-aided robust efficient factorial fractions under baseline parametrizationMay 13 2014With reference to a baseline parametrization, we explore highly efficient fractional factorial designs for inference on the main effects and, perhaps, some interactions. Our tools include approximate theory together with certain carefully devised discretization ... More
Speed Scaling with Tandem ServersJul 10 2019Speed scaling for a tandem server setting is considered, where there is a series of servers, and each job has to be processed by each of the servers in sequence. Servers have a variable speed, their power consumption being a convex increasing function ... More
New Physics Effects and Hadronic Form Factor Uncertainties in B -> K^* l^+ l^-May 07 2012May 15 2012It is well known that New Physics can contribute to weak decays of heavy mesons via virtual processes during its decays. The discovery of New Physics, using such decays is made difficult due to intractable strong interaction effects needed to describe ... More
Design & Simulation of 128x Interpolator FilterOct 19 2012This paper presents the design consideration and simulation of interpolator of OSR 128. The proposed structure uses the half band filers & Comb/Sinc filter. Experimental result shows that proposed interpolator achieves the design specification, and also ... More
Causal Inference from Possibly Unbalanced Split-Plot Designs: A Randomization-based PerspectiveJun 20 2019Split-plot designs find wide applicability in multifactor experiments with randomization restrictions. Practical considerations often warrant the use of unbalanced designs. This paper investigates randomization based causal inference in split-plot designs ... More
The one-dimensional Kardar-Parisi-Zhang and Kuramoto-Sivashinsky universality class: limit distributionsAug 14 2019Tracy-Widom and Baik-Rains distributions appear as universal limit distributions for height fluctuations in the one-dimensional Kardar-Parisi-Zhang (KPZ) \textit{stochastic} partial differential equation (PDE). We obtain the same universal distributions ... More