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A Longitudinal Study of Google PlayFeb 08 2018The difficulty of large scale monitoring of app markets affects our understanding of their dynamics. This is particularly true for dimensions such as app update frequency, control and pricing, the impact of developer actions on app popularity, as well ... More
A Model for Dipole Modulation of CMBR PolarizationAug 13 2015Oct 05 2015I propose a model of dipole modulation in Cosmic Background Microwave Radiation (CMBR) polarization fields Q and U. It is shown that the modulation leads to correlations between l and l multipoles where either l = l or l = l \pm 1, but the contribution ... More
Predictions From High Scale Mixing Unification HypothesisMar 27 2015Apr 27 2015Starting with 'High Scale Mixing Unification' hypothesis, we investigate the renormalization group evolution of mixing parameters and masses for both Dirac and Majorana type neutrinos. Following this hypothesis, the PMNS mixing parameters are taken to ... More
Spin-Statistics Correlations in Various Noncommutative Field TheoriesSep 01 2013In this thesis we study field theories written on a particular model of noncommutative spacetime, the Groenewold-Moyal (GM) plane. We start with briefly reviewing the novel features of field theories on GM plane e.g. the $\ast$-product, restoration of ... More
A New Push-Relabel Algorithm for Sparse NetworksOct 29 2013Jun 10 2014In this paper, we present a new push-relabel algorithm for the maximum flow problem on flow networks with $n$ vertices and $m$ arcs. Our algorithm computes a maximum flow in $O(mn)$ time on sparse networks where $m = O(n)$. To our knowledge, this is the ... More
Rational curves on hypersurfaces [after A. Givental]Jun 23 1998This article accompanies my June 1998 seminaire Bourbaki talk on Givental's work. After a quick review of descendent integrals in Gromov-Witten theory, I discuss Givental's formalism relating hypergeometric series to solutions of quantum differential ... More
Low $x$ physics and Structure FunctionsMay 19 1998In this talk I review the behaviour of structure functions at low values of Bjorken $x$ and discuss the theoretical underpinnings with particular attention to resummation schemes. I present the need for 'less inclusive' events to distinguish between various ... More
WW Fusion in Higgsless ModelsNov 30 2006Jan 31 2007Recently several Higgsless models of electroweak symmetry breaking have been proposed in which unitarity of $W,Z$ scattering amplitudes is partially restored through a tower of massive vector gauge bosons. These massive states are expected to couple mainly ... More
Band geometry of fractional topological insulatorsAug 09 2012Recent numerical simulations of flat band models with interactions which show clear evidence of fractionalized topological phases in the absence of a net magnetic field have generated a great deal of interest. We provide an explanation for these observations ... More
Topological Majorana and Dirac zero modes in superconducting vortex coresJan 14 2010We provide an argument based on flux insertion to show that certain superconductors with a non-trivial topological invariant have protected zero modes in their vortex cores. This argument has the flavor of a two dimensional index theorem and applies to ... More
On the $Z_2$ classification of Quantum Spin Hall ModelsApr 07 2006Sep 18 2006We propose an alternative formulation of the $Z_2$ topological index for quantum spin Hall systems and band insulators when time reversal invariance is not broken. The index is expressed in terms of the Chern numbers of the bands of the model, and a connection ... More
A strong direct product theorem for two-way public coin communication complexityOct 05 2010Nov 26 2010We show a direct product result for two-way public coin communication complexity of all relations in terms of a new complexity measure that we define. Our new measure is a generalization to non-product distributions of the two-way product subdistribution ... More
New binding-concealing trade-offs for quantum string commitmentMay 31 2005Jul 08 2008String commitment schemes are similar to the well studied bit commitment schemes in cryptography with the difference that the committing party, say Alice, is supposed to commit a long string instead of a single bit, to another party say Bob. Similar to ... More
Data-dependent probability matching priors for empirical and related likelihoodsMay 21 2008We consider a general class of empirical-type likelihoods and develop higher order asymptotics with a view to characterizing members thereof that allow the existence of possibly data-dependent probability matching priors ensuring approximate frequentist ... More
A many body localization proximity effectJun 17 2015We examine what happens when a strongly many body localized system is coupled to a weak heat bath, with both system and bath containing similar numbers of degrees of freedom. Previous investigations of localized systems coupled to baths operated in regimes ... More
Signatures of New Physics from HBT Correlations in UHECRsJan 11 2012Sep 04 2012Quantum fields written on noncommutative spacetime (Groenewold - Moyal plane) obey twisted commutation relations. In this paper we show that these twisted commutation relations result in Hanbury-Brown Twiss (HBT) correlations that are distinct from that ... More
CP violation in B mesons using Dalitz plot asymmetriesAug 14 1996We study CP violation in $B\to K^* \ell^+\ell^-$ using generalized Dalitz plot asymmetries in the angular distribution. These new kind of asymmetries are constructed by adding B and ${\bar B}$ events, and do not require flavor or time tagging, nor is ... More
2048 is (PSPACE) Hard, but Sometimes EasyAug 27 2014We prove that a variant of 2048, a popular online puzzle game, is PSPACE-Complete. Our hardness result holds for a version of the problem where the player has oracle access to the computer player's moves. Specifically, we show that for an $n \times n$ ... More
Two-dimensional Sentiment Analysis of textJun 08 2014Sentiment Analysis aims to get the underlying viewpoint of the text, which could be anything that holds a subjective opinion, such as an online review, Movie rating, Comments on Blog posts etc. This paper presents a novel approach that classify text in ... More
A geometric construction of Getzler's relationMay 17 1997A geometric construction of Getzler's cohomological relation in the moduli space of 4 pointed elliptic curves is given by a push-forward of a natural rational equivalence in a space of admissible covers. In particular, Getzler's relation is shown to be ... More
Space group symmetries and low lying excitations of many-body systems at integer fillingsDec 12 2012We show that many-body systems with conserved particle number which have the symmetries corresponding to a nonsymmorphic space group have low lying excitations for certain integer values of the particle number per unit cell. These results may be interpreted ... More
Characterization of 3d topological insulators by 2d invariantsApr 20 2010The prediction of non-trivial topological phases in Bloch insulators in three dimensions has recently been experimentally verified. Here, I provide a picture for obtaining the $Z_{2}$ invariants for a three dimensional topological insulator by deforming ... More
Topological invariants of time reversal invariant superconductorsAug 02 2006The topological invariants of gapped time reversal invariant lattice superconductors are studied by mapping the superconducting mean field Hamiltonian to a Bloch Hamiltonian. There is a single $Z_2 $ invariant in two dimensions and four such invariants ... More
Topological pumps and adiabatic cyclesApr 11 2011Topological insulators have gapless states at their boundaries while trivial insulators generically do not. We consider loops in the spaces of Hamiltonians of topologically trivial Bloch insulators, and show that there exist loops for which the boundary ... More
Coverage of space in Boolean modelsAug 10 2006For a marked point process $\{(x_i,S_i)_{i\geq 1}\}$ with $\{x_i\in \Lambda:i\geq 1\}$ being a point process on $\Lambda \subseteq \mathbb{R}^d$ and $\{S_i\subseteq R^d:i\geq 1\}$ being random sets consider the region $C=\cup_{i\geq 1}(x_i+S_i)$. This ... More
Towards a classical proof of exponential lower bound for 2-probe smooth codesJul 11 2006Let C: {0,1}^n -> {0,1}^m be a code encoding an n-bit string into an m-bit string. Such a code is called a (q, c, e) smooth code if there exists a decoding algorithm which while decoding any bit of the input, makes at most q probes on the code word and ... More
Distinguishing sets of quantum statesJun 24 2005Given two sets finite $S_0$ and $S_1$ of quantum states. We show necessary and sufficient conditions for distinguishing them by a measurement.
Communication complexity of remote state preparation with entanglementApr 02 2005Mar 24 2006We consider the problem of remote state preparation recently studied in several papers. We study the communication complexity of this problem, in the presence of entanglement and in the scenario of single use of the channel.
The generalized modified Bessel function $K_{z,w}(x)$ at $z=1/2$ and Humbert functionsOct 07 2018Recently Dixit, Kesarwani, and Moll introduced a generalization $K_{z,w}(x)$ of the modified Bessel function $K_{z}(x)$ and showed that it satisfies an elegant theory similar to $K_{z}(x)$. In this paper, we show that while $K_{\frac{1}{2}}(x)$ is an ... More
HERA Physics - an overview of experimental and theoretical resultsMay 19 1997In this talk I review the low x QCD experimental results from HERA and their theoretical underpinnings. In particular, I discuss the structure function $F_2$, large rapidity gap events, pomeron structure functions and $J/\psi$ production.
Approximate Range Counting RevisitedDec 05 2015This work presents new results on approximate range counting. If the actual count is $k$, then the data structures in this paper output a value, $\tau$, lying in the range $[(1-\varepsilon)k,(1+\varepsilon)k]$. The main results are the following: (1) ... More
Sentiment Analysis: A SurveyMay 11 2014Sentiment analysis (also known as opinion mining) refers to the use of natural language processing, text analysis and computational linguistics to identify and extract subjective information in source materials. Mining opinions expressed in the user generated ... More
Many body localization and delocalization in the two dimensional continuumAug 26 2014I discuss whether localization in the two dimensional continuum can be stable in the presence of short range interactions. I conclude that, for an impurity model of disorder, if the system is prepared below a critical temperature $T < T_c$, then perturbation ... More
Prediction and description of a chiral pseudogap phaseApr 22 2012We point out that a system which supports chiral superconductivity should also support a chiral pseudogap phase: a finite temperature phase wherein superconductivity is lost but time reversal symmetry is still broken. This chiral pseudogap phase can be ... More
Combined effect of horizontal magnetic field and vorticity on Rayleigh Taylor instabilityAug 06 2016In this research, the height, curvature and velocity of the bubble tip in Rayleigh-Taylor instability at arbitrary Atwood number with horizontal magnetic field are investigated. To support the earlier simulation and experimental results, the vorticity ... More
Online Knapsack Problem and Budgeted Truthful Bipartite MatchingNov 28 2016Two related online problems: knapsack and truthful bipartite matching are considered. For these two problems, the common theme is how to `match' an arriving left vertex in an online fashion with any of the available right vertices, if at all, so as to ... More
Classification of Things in DBpedia using Deep Neural NetworksFeb 07 2018The Semantic Web aims at representing knowledge about the real world at web scale - things, their attributes and relationships among them can be represented as nodes and edges in an inter-linked semantic graph. In the presence of noisy data, as is typical ... More
Resource requirements of private quantum channels and consequence for oblivious remote state preparationJul 07 2005Aug 10 2006Shannon in celebrated works had shown that n bits of shared key is necessary and sufficient to transmit n-bit classical information in an information-theoretically secure way. Ambainis, Mosca, Tapp and de Wolf in quant-ph/0003101 considered a more general ... More
Improved direct sum theorem in classical communication complexityApr 19 2005Apr 21 2005Withdrawn due to critical error.
A Super-Additivity Inequality for Channel Capacity of Classical-Quantum ChannelsJul 08 2005Feb 20 2009We show a super-additivity inequality for the channel capacity of classical-quantum (c - q) channels.
Modelling of Standard Solid AngleDec 02 2002On the basis of the data given in the works of different authors a criterion of phase-photometric method of measurement of energy angle of divergence has been formulated. Validity of application of the obtained relations for a ray beam with an arbitrary ... More
As-puma ; anycast semantics in parking using metaheuristic approachAug 13 2013The number of vehicle used in the world are increasing day by day resulting in the obvious problem of parking of these vehicles in residential and vocational areas. We perceive the problem of vehicles parking in vocational establishments / malls. Today ... More
Can there be a heavy sbottom hidden in three-jet data at LEP?Jun 20 2003Nov 18 2003A low-energy supersymmetry scenario with a light gluino of mass 12 - 16 GeV and light sbottom (b1) of mass 2 - 6 GeV has been used to explain the apparent overproduction of b quarks at the Tevatron. In this scenario the other mass eigenstate of the sbottom, ... More
Non-power-law relaxation in A-B annihilation with exclusionFeb 17 2016We explore the effect of initial conditions on the decay of the reaction $A+B \rightarrow \phi$ in one dimension, with exclusion interaction between particles. It is well-known that the late-time density of surviving particles goes as $t^{-1/4}$ with ... More
Deep Deconvolutional Networks for Scene ParsingNov 15 2014Scene parsing is an important and challenging prob- lem in computer vision. It requires labeling each pixel in an image with the category it belongs to. Tradition- ally, it has been approached with hand-engineered features from color information in images. ... More
Strong direct product conjecture holds for all relations in public coin randomized one-way communication complexityOct 04 2010Oct 14 2010Let f subset of X x Y x Z be a relation. Let the public coin one-way communication complexity of f, with worst case error 1/3, be denoted R^{1,pub}_{1/3}(f). We show that if for computing f^k (k independent copies of f), o(k R^{1,pub}_{1/3}(f)) communication ... More
Three dimensional topological invariants for time reversal invariant Hamiltonians and the three dimensional quantum spin Hall effectJul 20 2006Jul 21 2006The $Z_2$ invariant for filled bands in the ground states of systems with time reversal invariance characterizes the number of stable pairs of edge states. Here we study the $Z_2 $ invariant using band touching methods discussed in a recent previous work ... More
Integer Quantum Hall Effect on a Square Lattice with Zero Net Magnetic FieldMar 09 2006A square lattice model which exhibits a nonzero quantized Hall conductance in a zero net magnetic field at certain values of the parameters is presented. The quantization is due to the existence of a topological winding number that characterizes the quantum ... More
Data augmentation for low resource sentiment analysis using generative adversarial networksFeb 18 2019Sentiment analysis is a task that may suffer from a lack of data in certain cases, as the datasets are often generated and annotated by humans. In cases where data is inadequate for training discriminative models, generate models may aid training via ... More
Incentive Schemes for Mobile Peer-to-Peer Systems and Free Riding Problem: A SurveyJun 23 2016Mobile peer-to-peer networks are quite prevalent and popular now days due to advent of business scenarios where all the services are going mobile like whether it's to find good restaurants, healthy diet books making friends, job-hunting, real state info ... More
Weyl and Dirac Loop SuperconductorsOct 02 2015Oct 13 2015We study three dimensional systems where the parent metallic state contains a loop of Weyl or Dirac points. We introduce the minimal $\vec{k} \cdot \vec{p}$ Hamiltonian , and discuss its symmetries. Guided by this symmetry analysis, we classify the superconducting ... More
Implications of CKM Unitarity on the search for New Physics in B meson decaysDec 22 2008Dec 30 2008This paper has been temporarily withdrawn by the author. A modified version will be resubmitted. One of the trivial solutions was missed with crucial bearing on conclusions.
Singularities in the Bethe solution of the XXX and XXZ Heisenberg spin chainsApr 20 1998We examine the question of whether Bethe's ansatz reproduces all states in the periodic Heisenberg XXZ and XXX spin chains. As was known to Bethe himself, there are states for which the Bethe momenta $k_n$ diverge: these are in fact the simplest examples ... More
Exact ground state and kink-like excitations of a two dimensional Heisenberg antiferromagnetApr 27 1999A rare example of a two dimensional Heisenberg model with an exact dimerized ground state is presented. This model, which can be regarded as a variation on the kagome lattice, has several features of interest: it has a highly (but not macroscopically) ... More
Topological superfluids with time reversal symmetryMar 19 2008It is shown that superfluids in two and three dimensions which have time reversal invariant ground states have phases which are distinguished by a topological invariant. Further, it is shown that the B-phase of $^3$ He is a superfluid in the non-trivial ... More
Max-Flows on Sparse and Dense NetworksSep 10 2013Oct 29 2013In this paper, we present an improved algorithm for the maximum flow problem on general networks with $n$ vertices and $m$ arcs. We show how to solve the problem in $O(mn)$ time, when $m = O(n^{2-\epsilon})$, for some $0 <\epsilon \leq 1$. This improves ... More
Conormal Varieties on the Cominuscule Grassmannian - IIMay 31 2018Sep 24 2018Let $X_w$ be a Schubert subvariety of a cominuscule Grassmannian $X$, and let $\mu:T^*X\rightarrow\mathcal N$ be the Springer map from the cotangent bundle of $X$ to the nilpotent cone $\mathcal N$. In this paper, we construct a resolution of singularities ... More
A Fock space approach to Severi degreesOct 30 2012The classical Severi degree counts the number of algebraic curves of fixed genus and class passing through points in a surface. We express the Severi degrees of CP1 x CP1 as matrix elements of the exponential of a single operator M on Fock space. The ... More
Floquet Thermalization: Symmetries and Random Matrix EnsemblesOct 26 2015We investigate the role of symmetries in determining the random matrix class describing quantum thermalization in a periodically driven many body quantum system. Using a combination of analytical arguments and numerical exact diagonalization, we establish ... More
A distance constrained synaptic plasticity model of C. elegans neuronal networkMar 12 2016Aug 04 2016Brain research has been driven by inquiry for principles of brain structure organization and its control mechanisms. The neuronal wiring map of C. elegans, the only complete connectome available till date, presents an incredible opportunity to learn basic ... More
Crypto multi tenant: an environment of secure computing using cloud sqlJun 18 2014In our proposed work we mainly focus on data security of tenants so that only the authorized user can access the data. To provide this feature we use encryption and decryption process of data so that the only legal tenant can access their particular data. ... More
The Complexity of All-switches Strategy ImprovementJul 16 2015Strategy improvement is a widely-used and well-studied class of algorithms for solving graph-based infinite games. These algorithms are parametrized by a switching rule, and one of the most natural rules is "all switches" which switches as many edges ... More
Data Hiding and Retrieval Using Permutation Index MethodDec 13 2013Dec 16 2013In this paper a novel approach for matrix manipulation and indexing is proposed .Here the elements in a row of matrix are designated by numeric value called permutation index followed by the elements of the row being randomised. This is done for all the ... More
New topological recursion relationsMay 30 2008Apr 22 2010Simple boundary expressions for the k-th power of the cotangent line class on the moduli space of stable 1-pointed genus g curves are found for k >= 2g. The method is by virtual localization on the moduli space of maps to the projective line. As a consequence, ... More
CP violating anomalous trilinear gauge couplings from B-> K^*l^+l^-Jul 22 1997We study the contributions of the CP violating anomalous WW-gamma interactions to b->s l^+ l^-. We obtain cutoff independent results on tilde kappa and tilde lambda, by constructing an asymmetry for the process B->K^*l^+l^-, where the B and B bar events ... More
Implications from ${B\to K^*\ell^+\ell^-}$ observables using $3 \text{fb}^{-1}$ of LHCb dataJun 15 2015Apr 11 2016The decay mode $B\to K^*\ell^+\ell^-$ results in the measurement of a large number of related observables by studying the angular distribution of the decay products and is regarded as a sensitive probe of physics beyond the standard model (SM). Recently, ... More
Gromov-Witten theory, Hurwitz theory, and completed cyclesApr 24 2002We establish an explicit equivalence between the stationary sector of the Gromov-Witten theory of a target curve X and the enumeration of Hurwitz coverings of X in the basis of completed cycles. The stationary sector is formed, by definition, by the descendents ... More
The quantum differential equation of the Hilbert scheme of points in the planeJun 19 2009We discuss here basic properties of the quantum differential equation of the Hilbert scheme of points in the plane. Our emphasis is on intertwining operators (which shift equivariant parameters) and their applications. In particular, we obtain an exact ... More
The equivariant Gromov-Witten theory of P^1Jul 25 2002We express all equivariant Gromov-Witten invariants of the projective line as matrix elements of explicit operators acting in the Fock space. As a consequence, we prove the equivariant theory is governed by the 2-Toda hierarchy of Ueno and Takasaki. This ... More
Work distribution functions for hysteresis loops in a single-spin systemAug 01 2005Dec 22 2005We compute the distribution of the work done in driving a single Ising spin with a time-dependent magnetic field. Using Glauber dynamics we perform Monte-Carlo simulations to find the work distributions at different driving rates. We find that in general ... More
Floquet topological phases with symmetry in all dimensionsOct 21 2016Dynamical systems are known to host a number of remarkable symmetry-protected phases that are qualitatively different from their static analogs. In this work, we consider the phase space of symmetry-respecting unitary evolutions in detail and identify ... More
Anti-Collusion Digital Fingerprinting Codes via Partially Cover-Free FamiliesJul 05 2010Anti-collusion digital fingerprinting codes have been of significant current interest in the context of deterring unauthorized use of multimedia content by a coalition of users. In this article, partially cover-free families of sets are considered and ... More
A class of exactly solved assisted hopping models of active-absorbing state transitions on a lineJun 14 2013Jun 20 2013We construct a class of assisted hopping models in one dimension in which a particle can move only if it does not lie in an otherwise empty interval of length greater than $n+1$. We determine the exact steady state by a mapping to a gas of defects with ... More
The asymptotic behaviour of $F_{L}$ in the double scaling limitJul 03 1996In the kinematic region of small $x$ and large $Q^2$ in deep inelastic scattering, presently being explored by HERA, we present an analysis of the evolution of the longitudinal structure function $F_L^{p}(x, Q^2)$ in the double scaling limit of Ball and ... More
Least quantile regression via modern optimizationOct 31 2013Nov 19 2014We address the Least Quantile of Squares (LQS) (and in particular the Least Median of Squares) regression problem using modern optimization methods. We propose a Mixed Integer Optimization (MIO) formulation of the LQS problem which allows us to find a ... More
The Discrete Dantzig Selector: Estimating Sparse Linear Models via Mixed Integer Linear OptimizationAug 08 2015Jun 16 2016We propose a novel high-dimensional linear regression estimator: the Discrete Dantzig Selector, which minimizes the number of nonzero regression coefficients, subject to a budget on the maximal absolute correlation between the features and residuals. ... More
The Graphical Lasso: New Insights and AlternativesNov 23 2011Aug 07 2012The graphical lasso \citep{FHT2007a} is an algorithm for learning the structure in an undirected Gaussian graphical model, using $\ell_1$ regularization to control the number of zeros in the precision matrix ${\B\Theta}={\B\Sigma}^{-1}$ \citep{BGA2008,yuan_lin_07}. ... More
Learning Hierarchical Interactions at Scale: A Convex Optimization ApproachFeb 05 2019Feb 06 2019In many learning settings, it is beneficial to augment the main features with pairwise interactions. Such interaction models can be often enhanced by performing variable selection under the so-called strong hierarchy constraint: an interaction is non-zero ... More
General theory of many body localized systems coupled to bathsJun 27 2016Jul 01 2016We consider what happens when a many body localized system is coupled to a heat bath. Unlike previous works, we do not restrict ourselves to the limit where the bath is large and effectively Markovian, nor to the limit where back action on the bath is ... More
Artist Style Transfer Via Quadratic PotentialFeb 14 2019In this paper we address the problem of artist style transfer where the painting style of a given artist is applied on a real world photograph. We train our neural networks in adversarial setting via recently introduced quadratic potential divergence ... More
A complementary set theory for quaternary code designsDec 18 2013Quaternary code (QC) designs form an attractive class of nonregular factorial fractions. We develop a complementary set theory for characterizing optimal QC designs that are highly fractionated in the sense of accommodating a large number of factors. ... More
An Efficient Algorithm for Mining Multilevel Association Rule Based on Pincer SearchSep 27 2012Discovering frequent itemset is a key difficulty in significant data mining applications, such as the discovery of association rules, strong rules, episodes, and minimal keys. The problem of developing models and algorithms for multilevel association ... More
A study of generalized second law of thermodynamics in modified f(R) Horava-Lifshitz gravityApr 13 2012This work investigates the validity of the generalized second law of thermodynamics in modified f(R) Horava-Lifshitz gravity proposed by Chaichian et al (2010) [Class. Quantum Grav. 27 (2010) 185021], which is invariant under foliation-preserving diffeomorphisms. ... More
Behaviour of interacting Ricci dark energy in logarithmic f(T) gravityOct 07 2012In the present work we have considered a modified gravity dubbed as "logarithmic $f(T)$ gravity" and investigated the behavior of Ricci dark energy interacting with pressureless dark matter. We have chosen the interaction term in the form $Q\propto H\delta\rho_{m}$ ... More
Capacity of Cellular Wireless NetworkApr 18 2017Earlier definitions of capacity for wireless networks, e.g., transport or transmission capacity, for which exact theoretical results are known, are well suited for ad hoc networks but are not directly applicable for cellular wireless networks, where large-scale ... More
Local constraints can globally shatter Hilbert space: a new route to quantum information protectionApr 09 2019We show how local constraints can globally "shatter" Hilbert space into subsectors, leading to an unexpected dynamics with features reminiscent of both many body localization and quantum scars. A crisp example of this phenomenon is provided by a 'fractonic ... More
BPS states of curves in Calabi--Yau 3--foldsSep 03 2000Jun 12 2002The Gopakumar-Vafa conjecture is defined and studied for the local geometry of a curve in a Calabi-Yau 3-fold. The integrality predicted in Gromov-Witten theory by the Gopakumar-Vafa BPS count is verified in a natural series of cases in this local geometry. ... More
On regularity of solutions to Poisson's equationMar 31 2014In this note, we announce new regularity results for some locally integrable distributional solutions to Poisson's equation. This includes, for example, the standard solutions obtained by convolution with the fundamental solution. In particular, our results ... More
Characterising the nature of Subpulse Drifting in PulsarsJan 18 2018We report a detailed study of subpulse drifting in four long period pulsars. These pulsars were observed in the Meterwavelength Single-pulse Polarimetric Emission Survey and the presence of phase modulated subpulse drifting was reported in each case. ... More
The Varieties of Dynamic Multiscaling in Fluid TurbulenceSep 10 2003We show that different ways of extracting time scales from time-dependent velocity structure functions lead to different dynamic-multiscaling exponents in fluid turbulence. These exponents are related to equal-time multiscaling exponents by different ... More
Impact of Software Requirement Volatility Pattern on Project Dynamics: Evidences from a Case StudyAug 06 2011Requirements are found to change in various ways during the course of a project. This can affect the process in widely different manner and extent. Here we present a case study where-in we investigate the impact of requirement volatility pattern on project ... More
Floquet Topological Order in Interacting Systems of Bosons and FermionsSep 20 2016Mar 24 2017Periodically driven noninteracting systems may exhibit anomalous chiral edge modes, despite hosting bands with trivial topology. We find that these drives have surprising many-body analogs, corresponding to class A, which exhibit anomalous charge and ... More
Abelian Floquet symmetry-protected topological phases in one dimensionFeb 25 2016Sep 06 2016Time-dependent systems have recently been shown to support novel types of topological order that cannot be realised in static systems. In this paper, we consider a range of time-dependent, interacting systems in one dimension that are protected by an ... More
A six-factor asset pricing modelSep 21 2018The present study introduce the human capital component to the Fama and French five-factor model proposing an equilibrium six-factor asset pricing model. The study employs an aggregate of four sets of portfolios mimicking size and industry with varying ... More
Periodic Table for Floquet Topological InsulatorsMar 22 2016Aug 16 2016Dynamical phases with novel topological properties are known to arise in driven systems of free fermions. In this paper, we obtain a `periodic table' to describe the phases of such time-dependent systems, generalizing the periodic table for static topological ... More
Joint Structured Models for Extraction from Overlapping SourcesMay 01 2010We consider the problem of jointly training structured models for extraction from sources whose instances enjoy partial overlap. This has important applications like user-driven ad-hoc information extraction on the web. Such applications present new challenges ... More
Transitory Queueing NetworksAug 20 2017Queueing networks are notoriously difficult to analyze sans both Markovian and stationarity assumptions. Much of the theoretical contribution towards performance analysis of time-inhomogeneous single class queueing networks has focused on Markovian networks, ... More
Hypothesis Testing in Functional Linear Concurrent RegressionDec 11 2018We propose a novel method for testing the null hypothesis of no effect of a covariate on the response in the context of functional linear concurrent regression. We establish an equivalent random effects formulation of our functional regression model under ... More
Artist Style Transfer Via Quadratic PotentialFeb 14 2019Mar 05 2019In this paper we address the problem of artist style transfer where the painting style of a given artist is applied on a real world photograph. We train our neural networks in adversarial setting via recently introduced quadratic potential divergence ... More
A Nash Equilibrium Need Not Exist in the Locational Marginal Pricing MechanismOct 16 2013Locational marginal pricing (LMP) is a widely employed method for pricing electricity in the wholesale electricity market. Although it is well known that the LMP mechanism is vulnerable to market manipulation, there is little literature providing a systematic ... More