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Approximation of Optimal Transport problems with marginal moments constraintsMay 14 2019Optimal Transport (OT) problems arise in a wide range of applications, from physics to economics. Getting numerical approximate solution of these problems is a challenging issue of practical importance. In this work, we investigate the relaxation of the ... More
New insights on the AU-scale circumstellar structure of FU OrionisMar 29 2005We report new near-infrared, long-baseline interferometric observations at the AU scale of the pre-main-sequence star FU Orionis with the PTI, IOTA and VLTI interferometers. This young stellar object has been observed on 42 nights over a period of 6 years ... More
Fast stimulated Raman imaging for intraoperative gastro-intestinal cancer detectionFeb 23 2019Conventional haematoxylin, eosin and saffron (HES) histopathology, currently the gold-standard for pathological diagnosis of cancer, requires extensive sample preparations that are achieved within time scales that are not compatible with intra-operative ... More