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Gesture recognition based mouse eventsJan 09 2014This paper presents the maneuver of mouse pointer and performs various mouse operations such as left click, right click, double click, drag etc using gestures recognition technique. Recognizing gestures is a complex task which involves many aspects such ... More
On Computation of Error Locations and Values in Hermitian CodesDec 11 2007We obtain a technique to reduce the computational complexity associated with decoding of Hermitian codes. In particular, we propose a method to compute the error locations and values using an uni-variate error locator and an uni-variate error evaluator ... More
Large Minors in ExpandersJan 27 2019Jan 29 2019In this paper we study expander graphs and their minors. Specifically, we attempt to answer the following question: what is the largest function $f(n,\alpha,d)$, such that every $n$-vertex $\alpha$-expander with maximum vertex degree at most $d$ contains ... More
Exploring Automated Essay Scoring for Nonnative English SpeakersJun 11 2017Sep 29 2017Automated Essay Scoring (AES) has been quite popular and is being widely used. However, lack of appropriate methodology for rating nonnative English speakers' essays has meant a lopsided advancement in this field. In this paper, we report initial results ... More
Putting in All the Stops: Execution Control for JavaScriptFeb 08 2018Scores of compilers produce JavaScript, enabling programmers to use many languages on the Web, reuse existing code, and even use Web IDEs. Unfortunately, most compilers expose the browser's compromised execution model, so long-running programs freeze ... More
Putting in All the Stops: Execution Control for JavaScriptFeb 08 2018Apr 16 2018Scores of compilers produce JavaScript, enabling programmers to use many languages on the Web, reuse existing code, and even use Web IDEs. Unfortunately, most compilers inherit the browser's compromised execution model, so long-running programs freeze ... More
A Low Complexity Algorithm and Architecture for Systematic Encoding of Hermitian CodesApr 04 2007Apr 05 2007We present an algorithm for systematic encoding of Hermitian codes. For a Hermitian code defined over GF(q^2), the proposed algorithm achieves a run time complexity of O(q^2) and is suitable for VLSI implementation. The encoder architecture uses as main ... More
Ontology based approach for video transmission over the networkFeb 28 2011With the increase in the bandwidth & the transmission speed over the internet, transmission of multimedia objects like video, audio, images has become an easier work. In this paper we provide an approach that can be useful for transmission of video objects ... More
Enhancing Information Dissemination in Dynamic Wireless Network using Stability and BeamformingOct 19 2012Mobility causes network structures to change. In PSNs where underlying network structure is changing rapidly, we are interested in studying how information dissemination can be enhanced in a sparse disconnected network where nodes lack the global knowledge ... More
Quantum Dynamics of Complex HamiltoniansJan 30 2016Feb 07 2016Non hermitian Hamiltonians play an important role in the study of dissipative quantum systems. We show that using states with time dependent normalization can simplify the description of such systems especially in the context of the classical limit. We ... More
A Brief Review of Helmholtz ConditionsFeb 04 2016Feb 05 2016It is well known that the equations of motion obtained from Newtons second law of motion can be obtained from a Lagrangian via the Euler-Lagrangian formulation if and only if the equations of motion satisfy the Helmholtz conditions. In this pedagogical ... More
Well-posed Bayesian Inverse Problems: Priors with Exponential TailsApr 09 2016May 23 2016We consider the well-posedness of Bayesian inverse problems when the prior measure has exponential tails. In particular, we consider the class of convex probability measures which includes the Gaussian and Besov measures as well as certain classes of ... More
Numerical integration for high order pyramidal finite elementsMar 02 2010We examine the effect of numerical integration on the convergence of high order pyramidal finite element methods. Rational functions are indispensable to the construction of pyramidal interpolants so the conventional treatment of numerical integration, ... More
High-order finite elements on pyramids: approximation spaces, unisolvency and exactnessOct 05 2006Oct 27 2010We present a family of high-order finite element approximation spaces on a pyramid, and associated unisolvent degrees of freedom. These spaces consist of rational basis functions. We establish conforming, exactness and polynomial approximation properties. ... More
Well-posed Bayesian Inverse Problems: Priors with Exponential TailsApr 09 2016Feb 23 2017We consider the well-posedness of Bayesian inverse problems when the prior measure has exponential tails. In particular, we consider the class of convex (log-concave) probability measures which include the Gaussian and Besov measures as well as certain ... More
Geometric integration on spheres and some interesting applicationsDec 02 2011Geometric integration theory can be employed when numerically solving ODEs or PDEs with constraints. In this paper, we present several one-step algorithms of various orders for ODEs on a collection of spheres. To demonstrate the versatility of these algorithms, ... More
High-order finite elements on pyramids. II: unisolvency and exactnessJun 27 2010Oct 27 2010We present degrees of freedom to accompany the approximation spaces already presented in a companion paper and thus complete the definition of families of high-order conforming finite elements on pyramids for the spaces of the de Rham complex. We prove ... More
Improved Approximation for Node-Disjoint Paths in Grids with Sources on the BoundaryMay 25 2018We study the classical Node-Disjoint Paths (NDP) problem: given an undirected $n$-vertex graph G, together with a set {(s_1,t_1),...,(s_k,t_k)} of pairs of its vertices, called source-destination, or demand pairs, find a maximum-cardinality set of mutually ... More
New Hardness Results for Routing on Disjoint PathsNov 16 2016In the classical Node-Disjoint Paths (NDP) problem, the input consists of an undirected $n$-vertex graph $G$, and a collection $\mathcal{M}=\{(s_1,t_1),\ldots,(s_k,t_k)\}$ of pairs of its vertices, called source-destination, or demand, pairs. The goal ... More
Transmitting Video-on-Demand EffectivelyOct 12 2010Now-a-days internet has become a vast source of entertainment & new services are available in quick succession which provides entertainment to the users. One of this service i.e. Video-on-Demand is most hyped service in this context. Transferring the ... More
Shortest Paths in Less Than a MillisecondJun 06 2012We consider the problem of answering point-to-point shortest path queries on massive social networks. The goal is to answer queries within tens of milliseconds while minimizing the memory requirements. We present a technique that achieves this goal for ... More
Observation of fluctuation induced tunneling conductance in polycrystalline CrO2Nov 22 2005Intergranular conduction in half metallic CrO2 is known to occur through a combination of spin dependent tunneling (driven by Coulomb Blockade (CB) effects) together with certain spin independent (SI) hopping processes. We present evidence that in polycrystalline ... More
Large Scale Model for Information Dissemination with Device to Device Communication using Call Details RecordsMay 24 2013Dec 30 2014In a network of devices in close proximity such as Device to Device ($D2D$) communication, we study the dissemination of public safety information at country scale level. In order to provide a realistic model for the information dissemination, we extract ... More
Universal Packet SchedulingOct 13 2015In this paper we address a seemingly simple question: Is there a universal packet scheduling algorithm? More precisely, we analyze (both theoretically and empirically) whether there is a single packet scheduling algorithm that, at a network-wide level, ... More
Almost Polynomial Hardness of Node-Disjoint Paths in GridsNov 06 2017In the classical Node-Disjoint Paths (NDP) problem, we are given an $n$-vertex graph $G=(V,E)$, and a collection $M=\{(s_1,t_1),\ldots,(s_k,t_k)\}$ of pairs of its vertices, called source-destination, or demand pairs. The goal is to route as many of the ... More
A study of existing Ontologies in the IoT-domainJul 01 2017Several domains have adopted the increasing use of IoT-based devices to collect sensor data for generating abstractions and perceptions of the real world. This sensor data is multi-modal and heterogeneous in nature. This heterogeneity induces interoperability ... More
Magnetoresistance in granular CrO2 : influence of crystallographic and magnetic microstructureNov 22 2005We report magnetotransport measurements on high purity sintered samples of spintronic CrO2 in an unexplored crystallographic regime between 5-300 K. The negative magnetoresistance (MR) as derived from RH isotherms is observed to be unhysteretic up to ... More
Critical exponents and the correlation length in the charge exchange manganite spin glass Eu_{0.5}Ba_{0.5}MnO_{3}Sep 14 2005The critical regime of the charge exchange (CE) manganite spin glass Eu_{0.5}Ba_{0.5}MnO_{3} is investigated using linear and non linear magnetic susceptibility and the divergence of the third ordered susceptibility (chi{_3}) signifying the onset of a ... More
Travel Time Shifts due to Amplitude Modulation in Time-Distance HelioseismologyNov 22 2009Correct interpretation of acoustic travel times measured by time-distance helioseismology is essential to get an accurate understanding of the solar properties that are inferred from them. It has long been observed that sunspots suppress p-mode amplitude, ... More
Faster Approximate Distance Queries and Compact Routing in Sparse GraphsJan 12 2012A distance oracle is a compact representation of the shortest distance matrix of a graph. It can be queried to approximate shortest paths between any pair of vertices. Any distance oracle that returns paths of worst-case stretch (2k-1) must require space ... More
A Framework Based Approach for the Development of Web Based ApplicationsFeb 12 2011The sole goal of E-Governance is to allow interaction of government with their citizens in a comfortable & transparent manner. Uniqueness of J2EE makes it a perfect technology for development of any online portal. These involve constancy, easy to replant, ... More
The Exponentially Faster Stick-Slip Dynamics of the Peeling of an Adhesive TapeApr 20 2014May 07 2014The stick-slip dynamics is considered from the nonlinear differential-algebraic equation (DAE) point of view and the peeling dynamics is shown to be a switching differential index DAE model. In the stick-slip regime with bifurcations, the differential ... More
A boundary integral algorithm for the Laplace Dirichlet-Neumann mixed eigenvalue problemNov 01 2014We present a novel integral-equation algorithm for evaluation of Zaremba eigenvalues and eigenfunctions}, that is, eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of the Laplace operator with mixed Dirichlet-Neumann boundary conditions; of course, (slight modifications ... More
Effect-Dependent Transformations for Concurrent ProgramsOct 08 2015We describe a denotational semantics for an abstract effect system for a higher-order, shared-variable concurrent programming language. We prove the soundness of a number of general effect-based program equivalences, including a parallelization equation ... More
Towards the Automated Verification of Cyber-Physical Security Protocols: Bounding the Number of Timed IntrudersMay 27 2016Timed Intruder Models have been proposed for the verification of Cyber-Physical Security Protocols (CPSP) amending the traditional Dolev-Yao intruder to obey the physical restrictions of the environment. Since to learn a message, a Timed Intruder needs ... More
FDSNet: Finger dorsal image spoof detection network using light field cameraDec 18 2018At present spoofing attacks via which biometric system is potentially vulnerable against a fake biometric characteristic, introduces a great challenge to recognition performance. Despite the availability of a broad range of presentation attack detection ... More
Structural Changes of Active Skeletal Muscles: Modelling, Validation and Numerical ExperimentsApr 01 2015The purpose of this study was to report numerical validation of a 3D finite element model of contracting muscle. The model was based on continuum theory for fibre-reinforced composite materials. Here we simulated contractions for an idealized medial gastrocnemius ... More
Polarity detection movie reviews in hindi languageSep 13 2014Nowadays peoples are actively involved in giving comments and reviews on social networking websites and other websites like shopping websites, news websites etc. large number of people everyday share their opinion on the web, results is a large number ... More
Role of Intonation in Scoring Spoken EnglishAug 23 2018Mar 26 2019In this paper, we have introduced and evaluated intonation based feature for scoring the English speech of nonnative English speakers in Indian context. For this, we created an automated spoken English scoring engine to learn from the manual evaluation ... More
Connections for general group actionsSep 14 2003Partial connections are (singular) differential systems generalizing classical connections on principal bundles, yielding analogous decompositions for manifolds with nonfree group actions. Connection forms are interpreted as maps determining projections ... More
Proof-Relevant Logical Relations for Name GenerationAug 17 2017Mar 29 2018Pitts and Stark's $\nu$-calculus is a paradigmatic total language for studying the problem of contextual equivalence in higher-order languages with name generation. Models for the $\nu$-calculus that validate basic equivalences concerning names may be ... More
Opinion Mining In Hindi Language: A SurveyApr 19 2014Opinions are very important in the life of human beings. These Opinions helped the humans to carry out the decisions. As the impact of the Web is increasing day by day, Web documents can be seen as a new source of opinion for human beings. Web contains ... More
Nearly radial Neumann eigenfunctions on symmetric domainsAug 27 2015We study the existence of Neumann eigenfunctions which do not change sign on the boundary of some special domains. We show that eigenfunctions which are strictly positive on the boundary exist on regular polygons with at least 5 sides, while on equilateral ... More
Towards the Automated Generation of Focused Proof SystemsNov 13 2015This paper tackles the problem of formulating and proving the completeness of focused-like proof systems in an automated fashion. Focusing is a discipline on proofs which structures them into phases in order to reduce proof search non-determinism. We ... More
Revisiting the Jones eigenproblem in fluid-structure interactionJul 03 2018The Jones eigenvalue problem first described in \cite{ref:jones1983} concerns unusual modes in bounded elastic bodies: time-harmonic displacements whose tractions and normal components are both identically zero on the boundary. This problem is usually ... More
Convergence analysis of a multigrid algorithm for the acoustic single layer equationFeb 27 2012We present and analyze a multigrid algorithm for the acoustic single layer equation in two dimensions. The boundary element formulation of the equation is based on piecewise constant test functions and we make use of a weak inner product in the multigrid ... More
Role of Intonation in Scoring Spoken EnglishAug 23 2018In this paper, we have introduced and evaluated intonation based feature for scoring the English speech of nonnative English speakers in Indian context. For this, we created an automated spoken English scoring engine to learn from the manual evaluation ... More
Critical behaviour in $La_{0.5}Sr_{0.5}CoO_3$Dec 31 1998We have studied the critical behaviour in $La_{0.5}Sr_{0.5}CoO_{3}$ near the paramagnetic-ferromagnetic transition temperature. We have analysed our dc magnetisation data near the transition temperature with the help of modified Arrott plots, Kouvel-Fisher ... More
Integral equation methods for the Yukawa-Beltrami equation on the sphereAug 14 2014Aug 17 2014An integral equation method for solving the Yukawa-Beltrami equation on a multiply-connected sub-manifold of the unit sphere is presented. A fundamental solution for the Yukawa-Beltrami operator is constructed. This fundamental solution can be represented ... More
On regularizations of the delta distributionDec 12 2014May 22 2015In this article we consider regularizations of the Dirac delta distribution with applications to prototypical elliptic and hyperbolic partial differential equations (PDEs). We study the convergence of a sequence of distributions $\mathcal{S}_H$ to a singular ... More
SubGraD- An Approach for Subgraph DetectionMay 22 2012A new approach of graph matching is introduced in this paper, which efficiently solves the problem of graph isomorphism and subgraph isomorphism. In this paper we are introducing a new approach called SubGraD, for query graph detection in source graph. ... More
Intent Detection and Slots Prompt in a Closed-Domain ChatbotDec 27 2018Jan 10 2019In this paper, we introduce a methodology for predicting intent and slots of a query for a chatbot that answers career-related queries. We take a multi-staged approach where both the processes (intent-classification and slot-tagging) inform each other's ... More
Abstract Effects and Proof-Relevant Logical RelationsDec 22 2012We introduce a novel variant of logical relations that maps types not merely to partial equivalence relations on values, as is commonly done, but rather to a proof-relevant generalisation thereof, namely setoids. The objects of a setoid establish that ... More
Opinion mining of movie reviews at document levelAug 17 2014The whole world is changed rapidly and using the current technologies Internet becomes an essential need for everyone. Web is used in every field. Most of the people use web for a common purpose like online shopping, chatting etc. During an online shopping ... More
The cellular dynamics of bone remodeling: a mathematical modelNov 27 2011The mechanical properties of vertebrate bone are largely determined by a process which involves the complex interplay of three different cell types. This process is called {\it bone remodeling}, and occurs asynchronously at multiple sites in the mature ... More
Self-organization of Nodes using Bio-Inspired Techniques for Achieving Small World PropertiesSep 27 2011In an autonomous wireless sensor network, self-organization of the nodes is essential to achieve network wide characteristics. We believe that connectivity in wireless autonomous networks can be increased and overall average path length can be reduced ... More
Investigating Human Priors for Playing Video GamesFeb 28 2018Jul 25 2018What makes humans so good at solving seemingly complex video games? Unlike computers, humans bring in a great deal of prior knowledge about the world, enabling efficient decision making. This paper investigates the role of human priors for solving video ... More
Self-Organization of Wireless Ad Hoc Networks as Small Worlds Using Long Range Directional BeamsSep 25 2011We study how long range directional beams can be used for self-organization of a wireless network to exhibit small world properties. Using simulation results for randomized beamforming as a guideline, we identify crucial design issues for algorithm design. ... More
A Proof Theoretic Study of Soft Concurrent Constraint ProgrammingMay 09 2014Concurrent Constraint Programming (CCP) is a simple and powerful model for concurrency where agents interact by telling and asking constraints. Since their inception, CCP-languages have been designed for having a strong connection to logic. In fact, the ... More
Rollover Preventive Force Synthesis at Active Suspensions in a Vehicle Performing a Severe Maneuver with Wheels Lifted offSep 08 2013Among the intelligent safety technologies for road vehicles, active suspensions controlled by embedded computing elements for preventing rollover have received a lot of attention. The existing models for synthesizing and allocating forces in such suspensions ... More
FKIMNet: A Finger Dorsal Image Matching Network Comparing Component (Major, Minor and Nail) Matching with Holistic (Finger Dorsal) MatchingApr 02 2019Current finger knuckle image recognition systems, often require users to place fingers' major or minor joints flatly towards the capturing sensor. To extend these systems for user non-intrusive application scenarios, such as consumer electronics, forensic, ... More
Model-Based Safety and Security EngineeringOct 11 2018Jan 02 2019By exploiting the increasing surface attack of systems, cyber-attacks can cause catastrophic events, such as, remotely disable safety mechanisms. This means that in order to avoid hazards, safety and security need to be integrated, exchanging information, ... More
Mining of product reviews at aspect levelJun 14 2014Todays world is a world of Internet, almost all work can be done with the help of it, from simple mobile phone recharge to biggest business deals can be done with the help of this technology. People spent their most of the times on surfing on the Web ... More
Monitoring physical function in patients with knee osteoarthritis using data from wearable activity monitorsJan 26 2018Currently used clinical assessments for physical function do not objectively quantify daily activities in routine living. Wearable activity monitors enable objective measurement of routine daily activities, but do not map to clinically measured physical ... More
Fast integral equation methods for the Laplace-Beltrami equation on the sphereJun 03 2013Integral equation methods for solving the Laplace-Beltrami equation on the unit sphere in the presence of multiple "islands" are presented. The surface of the sphere is first mapped to a multiply-connected region in the complex plane via a stereographic ... More
Boundary Integral Equations for the Laplace-Beltrami OperatorNov 29 2011We present a boundary integral method, and an accompanying boundary element discretization, for solving boundary-value problems for the Laplace-Beltrami operator on the surface of the unit sphere $\S$ in $\mathbb{R}^3$. We consider a closed curve ${\cal ... More
Baryon density extraction and isotropy analysis of Cosmic Microwave Background using a multilayer perceptronMar 28 2019The discovery of cosmic microwave background (CMB) was a paradigm shift in the study and fundamental understanding of the early universe and also the Big Bang phenomenon. Cosmic microwave background is one of the richest and intriguing sources of information ... More
Towards Refactoring of DMARF and GIPSY Case Studies -- a Team 8 SOEN6471-S14 Project ReportDec 23 2014Of the factors that determines the quality of a software system is its design and architecture. Having a good and clear design and architecture allows the system to evolve (plan and add new features), be easier to comprehend, easier to develop, easier ... More
A Self-Organization Framework for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks as Small WorldsMar 06 2012Motivated by the benefits of small world networks, we propose a self-organization framework for wireless ad hoc networks. We investigate the use of directional beamforming for creating long-range short cuts between nodes. Using simulation results for ... More
Achieving Small World Properties using Bio-Inspired Techniques in Wireless NetworksNov 21 2011Mar 03 2012It is highly desirable and challenging for a wireless ad hoc network to have self-organization properties in order to achieve network wide characteristics. Studies have shown that Small World properties, primarily low average path length and high clustering ... More
Slick PacketsJan 08 2012Source-controlled routing has been proposed as a way to improve flexibility of future network architectures, as well as simplifying the data plane. However, if a packet specifies its path, this precludes fast local re-routing within the network. We propose ... More
Application of Artificial Neural Networks in Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul SolutionsJan 21 2010This paper reviews application of Artificial Neural Networks in Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO). MRO solutions are designed to facilitate the authoring and delivery of maintenance and repair information to the line maintenance technicians ... More
Obladi: Oblivious Serializable Transactions in the CloudSep 27 2018This paper presents the design and implementation of Obladi, the first system to provide ACID transactions while also hiding access patterns. Obladi uses as its building block oblivious RAM, but turns the demands of supporting transactions into a performance ... More
Performance Analysis of Beacon-Less IEEE 802.15.4 Multi-Hop NetworksJan 14 2012We develop an approximate analytical technique for evaluating the performance of multi-hop networks based on beacon-less CSMA/CA as standardised in IEEE 802.15.4, a popular standard for wireless sensor networks. The network comprises sensor nodes, which ... More
Effect of carbon content on magnetostructural properties of Mn$_3$GaCApr 07 2014Effect of carbon content on magnetostructural transformation in antiperovskites of the type Mn$_3$GaC$_x$ ($x$ = 0.8, 1.0 and 1.05) has been investigated. It is found that, increase in carbon content changes the ground state from ferromagnetic metallic ... More
Room Temperature Magnetocaloric Effect in Ni-Mn-InNov 19 2007We have studied the effect of magnetic field on a non-stoichiometric Heusler alloy Ni$_{50}$Mn$_{35}$In$_{15}$ that undergoes a martensitic as well as a magnetic transition near room temperature. Temperature dependent magnetization measurements demonstrate ... More
Thermodynamic Properties of Ferromagnetic Mott- Insulators GaV4S8Jun 02 2007We present the results of the magnetic and specific heat measurements on V4 tetrahedral-cluster compound GaV4S8 between 2 to 300K. We find two transitions related to a structural change at 42K followed by ferromagnetic order at 12K on cooling. Remarkably ... More
PVSNet: Palm Vein Authentication Siamese Network Trained using Triplet Loss and Adaptive Hard Mining by Learning Enforced Domain Specific FeaturesDec 15 2018Designing an end-to-end deep learning network to match the biometric features with limited training samples is an extremely challenging task. To address this problem, we propose a new way to design an end-to-end deep CNN framework i.e., PVSNet that works ... More
Anomalous magnetization behavior in Ce(Fe,Si)2Oct 28 2008We report the effect of Si doping on the magnetization behavior of CeFe2. It is found that Si stabilizes the dynamic antiferromagnetic state of CeFe2. Multi-step magnetization behavior, unusual relaxation effect, thermal and magnetic history dependence, ... More
Relaxation of thermo-remanent magnetization in Fe-Cr GMR multilayersMay 06 2005The time decay of the thermo-remanent magnetization (TRM) in Fe-Cr giant magnetoresistive (GMR) multilayers has been investigated. The magnetization in these multilayers relaxes as a function of time after being cooled in a small magnetic field of 100 ... More
A comparison of methods for model selection when estimating individual treatment effectsApr 14 2018Jun 13 2018Practitioners in medicine, business, political science, and other fields are increasingly aware that decisions should be personalized to each patient, customer, or voter. A given treatment (e.g. a drug or advertisement) should be administered only to ... More
VGR-Net: A View Invariant Gait Recognition NetworkOct 13 2017Biometric identification systems have become immensely popular and important because of their high reliability and efficiency. However person identification at a distance, still remains a challenging problem. Gait can be seen as an essential biometric ... More
Signature effects of spin clustering and distribution of spin couplings on magnetization behaviour in Ni-Fe-Mo and Ni-Fe-W alloysJan 01 2011Jan 13 2011The spontaneous magnetization as a function of temperature is investigated for a number of disordered Ni-Fe-Mo and Ni-Fe-W alloys using superconducting quantum interference device magnetometry, with a focus on the low-T behavior as well as the critical ... More
Automating Network Error Detection using Long-Short Term Memory NetworksJun 06 2018In this work, we investigate the current flaws with identifying network-related errors, and examine how K-Means and Long-Short Term Memory Networks solve these problems. We demonstrate that K-Means is able to classify messages, but not necessary provide ... More
Learning to Decode 7T-like MR Image Reconstruction from 3T MR ImagesJun 18 2018Increasing demand for high field magnetic resonance (MR) scanner indicates the need for high-quality MR images for accurate medical diagnosis. However, cost constraints, instead, motivate a need for algorithms to enhance images from low field scanners. ... More
On the well-posedness of the stochastic Allen-Cahn equation in two dimensionsApr 05 2011Dec 13 2011White noise-driven nonlinear stochastic partial differential equations (SPDEs) of parabolic type are frequently used to model physical and biological systems in space dimensions d = 1,2,3. Whereas existence and uniqueness of weak solutions to these equations ... More
Co-existence of ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic interactions in Mn$_3$Ga$ _{(1-x)} $Sn$_x$CApr 07 2014The magnetic properties of the Mn$_3$Ga$_{(1-x)}$Sn$_x$C, 0 $\le$ x $\le$ 1 antiperovskite compounds have been investigated in detail. Though all compounds of this series crystallize in a cubic structure, the Ga rich (x $\le$ 0.2) compounds transform, ... More
A phenomenological model for magnetoresistance in granular polycrystalline colossal magnetoresistive materials: the role of spin polarised tunnelling at the grain boundariesMay 20 1998It has been observed that in bulk and polycrystalline thin films of collossal magnetoresistive (CMR) materials the magnetoresistance follows a different behaviour compared to single crystals or single crystalline films below the ferromagnetic transition ... More
Multiscale CNN based Deep Metric Learning for Bioacoustic Classification: Overcoming Training Data Scarcity Using Dynamic Triplet LossMar 26 2019Mar 27 2019This paper proposes multiscale convolutional neural network (CNN)-based deep metric learning for bioacoustic classification, under low training data conditions. The proposed CNN is characterized by the utilization of four different filter sizes at each ... More
Supression of electron correlations in the superconducting alloys of Rh$_{17-x}$Ir$_x$S$_{15}$Oct 23 2009Oct 15 2010We have studied the effect of Iridium doping (Rh$_{17-x}$Ir$_{x}$S$_{15}$) in the Rhodium sites of the strongly correlated superconductor Rh$_{17}$S$_{15}$. Even at low levels of doping (x = 1 and 2) we see a drastic change in the superconducting properties ... More
Observation of large positive magnetoresistance and its sign reversal in GdRhGeFeb 18 2013Nov 13 2013Magnetic properties, heat capacity and magnetoresistance (MR) of polycrystalline GdRhGe are investigated. It shows two antiferromagnetic transitions, one at T1=31.8 K and the other at T2=24 K, and field induced metamagnetic transition over a wide temperature ... More
Giant inverse magnetocaloric effect near room temperature in Co substituted NiMnSb Heusler alloysJun 01 2010The effect of Co on the structural, magnetic and magnetocaloric effect (MCE) of Ni50-xCoxMn38Sb12 (x=0,2,3,4,5) Heusler alloys was studied. Using x-ray diffraction, we show the evolution of the martensitic phase from the austenite phase. The martensitic ... More
Irreversibility of field-induced magnetostructural transition in NiCoMnSb shape memory alloy revealed by magnetization, transport and heat capacity studiesJun 01 2010The effects of magnetic field on the martensitic transition have been studied in Ni45Co5Mn38Sb12. We find a large field-induced irreversibility in this system, as revealed by the field dependence of resistivity, magnetization, and heat capacity data. ... More
Magnetism in Gallium doped CeFe_2: The martensitic scenarioMay 23 2008Ce(Fe_{1-x}Ga_x)_2 compounds with x = 0, 0.01, 0.025 and 0.05 have been investigated to unravel the effect of Ga on the magnetic state of CeFe_2. For the first time, we find that the dynamic antiferromagnetic phase present in CeFe_2 gets stabilized with ... More
Magnetic, magnetocaloric and magnetotransport properties of RSn_{1+x}Ge_{1-x} compounds (R=Gd, Tb, Er; x=0.1)Jul 20 2012We have studied the magnetic, magnetocaloric and magnetotransport properties of RSn1+xGe1-x(R=Gd, Tb, Er; x=0.1) series by means of magnetization, heat capacity and resistivity measurements. It has been found that all the compounds crystallize in the ... More
Synth-Validation: Selecting the Best Causal Inference Method for a Given DatasetOct 31 2017Many decisions in healthcare, business, and other policy domains are made without the support of rigorous evidence due to the cost and complexity of performing randomized experiments. Using observational data to answer causal questions is risky: subjects ... More
Provenance-Centered Dataset of Drug-Drug InteractionsJul 20 2015Over the years several studies have demonstrated the ability to identify potential drug-drug interactions via data mining from the literature (MEDLINE), electronic health records, public databases (Drugbank), etc. While each one of these approaches is ... More
Siamese LSTM based Fiber Structural Similarity Network (FS2Net) for Rotation Invariant Brain Tractography SegmentationDec 28 2017In this paper, we propose a novel deep learning architecture combining stacked Bi-directional LSTM and LSTMs with the Siamese network architecture for segmentation of brain fibers, obtained from tractography data, into anatomically meaningful clusters. ... More
Magnetocaloric effect and its implementation in critical behavior study of Mn4FeGe3-xSix intermetallic compoundsApr 09 2013Magnetocaloric effect in Mn4FeGe3-xSix compounds has been studied by dc magnetization measurements. For the parent compound Mn4FeGe3, the paramagnetic to ferromagnetic transition temperature TC is above room temperature (320 K), which initially remains ... More
Multiscale CNN based Deep Metric Learning for Bioacoustic Classification: Overcoming Training Data Scarcity Using Dynamic Triplet LossMar 26 2019This paper proposes multiscale convolutional neural network (CNN)-based deep metric learning for bioacoustic classification, under low training data conditions. The proposed CNN is characterized by the utilization of four different filter sizes at each ... More