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Charged domain walls in improper ferroelectric hexagonal manganites and gallatesJun 16 2018Jul 04 2018Ferroelectric domain walls are attracting broad attention as atomic-scale switches, diodes and mobile wires for next-generation nanoelectronics. Charged domain walls in improper ferroelectrics are particularly interesting as they offer multifunctional ... More
A dynamical magnetic field accompanying the motion of ferroelectric domain wallsApr 12 2019The recently proposed dynamical multiferroic effect describes the generation of magnetization from temporally varying electric polarization. Here, we show that the effect can lead to a magnetic field at moving ferroelectric domain walls, where the rearrangement ... More
Nonsingular bouncing cosmologies in light of BICEP2Apr 16 2014Aug 18 2014We confront various nonsingular bouncing cosmologies with the recently released BICEP2 data and investigate the observational constraints on their parameter space. In particular, within the context of the effective field approach, we analyze the constraints ... More
Synchrotron Constraints on a Hybrid Cosmic-Ray and Thermally-Driven Galactic WindApr 13 2009Jan 13 2010Cosmic rays and magnetic fields can substantially impact the launching of large-scale galactic winds. Many researchers have investigated the role of cosmic rays; our group previously showed that a cosmic-ray and thermally-driven wind could explain soft ... More
Vector Bundles on the Moduli Stack of Elliptic CurvesJul 31 2013Apr 20 2015We study vector bundles on the moduli stack of elliptic curves over a local ring R. If R is a field or a discrete valuation ring of (residue) characteristic not 2 or 3, all these vector bundles are sums of line bundles. For R the 3-local integers, we ... More
Transient photon echoes from donor-bound excitons in ZnO epitaxial layersFeb 16 2017The coherent optical response from 140~nm and 65~nm thick ZnO epitaxial layers is studied using transient four-wave-mixing spectroscopy with picosecond temporal resolution. Resonant excitation of neutral donor-bound excitons results in two-pulse and three-pulse ... More
Fibration Categories are Fibrant Relative CategoriesMar 06 2015Apr 20 2015A relative category is a category with a chosen class of weak equivalences. Barwick and Kan produced a model structure on the category of all relative categories, which is Quillen equivalent to the Joyal model structure on simplicial sets and the Rezk ... More
Small Seifert fibered surgery on hyperbolic pretzel knotsOct 29 2012Jul 23 2013We complete the classification of hyperbolic pretzel knots admitting Seifert fibered surgeries. This is the final step in understanding all exceptional surgeries on hyperbolic pretzel knots. We also present results toward similar classifications for non-pretzel ... More
Matter bounce cosmology with a generalized single field: non-Gaussianity and an extended no-go theoremDec 06 2016Mar 16 2017We extend the matter bounce scenario to a more general theory in which the background dynamics and cosmological perturbations are generated by a $k$-essence scalar field with an arbitrary sound speed. When the sound speed is small, the curvature perturbation ... More
A high-energy density antiferroelectric made by interfacial electrostatic engineeringDec 22 2018Dielectric capacitors hold a tremendous advantage for energy storage due to their fast charge/discharge times and stability in comparison to batteries and supercapacitors. A key limitation to today's dielectric capacitors, however, is the low storage ... More
Searching for features of a string-inspired inflationary model with cosmological observationsJul 20 2015Jan 04 2016The latest Planck results show a power deficit in the temperature anisotropies near $\ell \approx 20$ in the cosmic microwave background (CMB). This observation can hardly be explained within the standard inflationary $\Lambda$-cold-dark-matter ($\Lambda$CDM) ... More
New model of axion monodromy inflation and its cosmological implicationsDec 14 2014Jun 11 2016We propose a new realization of axion monodromy inflation in which axion monodromy arises from torsional cycles in a type IIB compactification. A class of monomial potentials is obtained with specific values for the power index. Moreover, the inflaton ... More
The Brauer group of the moduli stack of elliptic curvesAug 02 2016Feb 27 2017We compute the Brauer group of the moduli stack of elliptic curves over the integers, localizations of the integers, finite fields of odd characteristic, and algebraically closed fields of characteristic not $2$. The methods involved include the use of ... More
Fibrancy of Partial Model CategoriesAug 12 2014We investigate fibrancy conditions in the Thomason model structure on the category of small categories. In particular, we show that the category of weak equivalences of a partial model category is fibrant. Furthermore, we describe connections to calculi ... More
Cuntz-Pimsner C*-algebras associated with subshiftsMay 24 2005Nov 16 2005By using C*-correspondences and Cuntz-Pimsner algebras, we associate to every subshift (also called a shift space) $X$ a C*-algebra $O_X$, which is a generalization of the Cuntz-Krieger algebras. We show that $O_X$ is the universal C*-algebra generated ... More
Symbolic Dynamics, Partial Dynamical Systems, Boolean Algebras and C*-algebras Generated by Partial IsometriesApr 07 2006Oct 12 2006We associate to each discrete partial dynamical system a universal C*-algebra generated by partial isometries satisfying relations given by a Boolean algebra connected to the discrete partial dynamical system in question. We show that for symbolic dynamical ... More
Alignment of the CMS Silicon Tracker -- and how to improve detectors in the futureOct 11 2010The complex system of the CMS all-silicon Tracker, with 15\,148 silicon strip and 1440 silicon pixel modules, requires sophisticated alignment procedures. In order to achieve an optimal track-parameter resolution, the position and orientation of its modules ... More
Thermodynamics and Spin Tunneling Dynamics in Ferric Wheels with Excess SpinJul 02 2001We study theoretically the thermodynamic properties and spin dynamics of a class of magnetic rings closely related to ferric wheels, antiferromagnetic ring systems, in which one of the Fe (III) ions has been replaced by a dopant ion to create an excess ... More
Spinc Dirac operators over the flat 3-torusMar 02 2011Apr 17 2011The aim of this paper is to study a possible "boundary phenomenon" for Spinc Dirac operators in a special case. If you parametrise Spinc Dirac operators by a family of connections on a Spinc 4-manifold with boundary, this boundary inherits also a family ... More
Orbit equivalence of higher-rank graphsMar 17 2019We study the notions of continuous orbit equivalence and eventual one-sided conjugacy of finitely-aligned higher-rank graphs and two-sided conjugacy of row-finite higher-rank graphs with finitely many vertices and no sinks or sources. We show that there ... More
Unconventional order-disorder phase transition in improper ferroelectric hexagonal manganitesJul 30 2017The improper ferroelectricity in YMnO$_3$ and related hexagonal manganites is known to cause topologically protected ferroelectric domains that give rise to rich and diverse physical phenomena. The local structure and structural coherence across the transition, ... More
Unconventional order-disorder phase transition in improper ferroelectric hexagonal manganitesJul 30 2017Apr 11 2018The improper ferroelectricity in YMnO$_3$ and other related multiferroic hexagonal manganites are known to cause topologically protected ferroelectric domains that give rise to rich and diverse physical phenomena. The local structure and structural coherence ... More
C*-crossed products and shift spacesDec 21 2005In this article, we use Exel's construction to associate a C*-algebra to every shift space. We show that it has the C*-algebra defined in [Carlsen and Matsumoto: Some remarks on the C*-algebras associated with subshifts] as a quotient, and possesses properties ... More
On the Exel crossed product of topological covering mapsNov 01 2008For dynamical systems defined by a covering map of a compact Hausdorff space and the corresponding transfer operator, the associated crossed product $C^*$-algebras $\cros$ introduced by Exel and Vershik are considered. An important property for homeomorphism ... More
SIMMUNE, a tool for simulating and analyzing immune system behaviorMar 28 1999We present a new approach to the simulation and analysis of immune system behavior. The simulations that can be done with our software package called SIMMUNE are based on immunological data that describe the behavior of immune system agents (cells, molecules) ... More
General properties of the pion production reaction in nuclear matterJan 16 2004The pion production reaction $\pi^+ \to \pi^+\pi^{\pm}$ on $^{45}Sc$ was studied at incident pion energies of $T_{\pi^{+}}$ = 240, 260, 280, 300, and 320 MeV. The experiment was performed using the $M11$ pion-channel at TRIUMF, and multiparticle events, ... More
$π\to ππ$ results in nucleiSep 11 2001The Crystal Ball ($CB$) collaboration at $BNL$ has recently presented results regarding a study of the $\pi^- A \to \pi^0\pi^0 A^\prime$ reaction on $H, D, C, Al$ and $Cu$, using a nearly 4$\pi$ detector. Similar results, but for the $\pi^+ A \to \pi^+\pi^{\pm} ... More
Multi-Label Wireless Interference Identification with Convolutional Neural NetworksApr 12 2018The steadily growing use of license-free frequency bands require reliable coexistence management and therefore proper wireless interference identification (WII). In this work, we propose a WII approach based upon a deep convolutional neural network (CNN) ... More
A tale of clusters: No resolvable periodicity in the terrestrial impact cratering recordJan 31 2017Rampino & Caldeira (2015) carry out a circular spectral analysis (CSA) of the terrestrial impact cratering record over the past 260 million years (Ma), and suggest a ~26 Ma periodicity of impact events. For some of the impacts in that analysis, new accurate ... More
Apate - A Linux Kernel Module for High Interaction HoneypotsJul 11 2015Honeypots are used in IT Security to detect and gather information about ongoing intrusions, e.g., by documenting the approach of an attacker. Honeypots do so by presenting an interactive system that seems just like a valid application to an attacker. ... More
Wireless Interference Identification with Convolutional Neural NetworksMar 02 2017The steadily growing use of license-free frequency bands requires reliable coexistence management for deterministic medium utilization. For interference mitigation, proper wireless interference identification (WII) is essential. In this work we propose ... More
$C^*$-algebras associated to Boolean dynamical systemsOct 22 2015Feb 08 2016The goal of these notes is to present the C*-algebra $C^*(B,L,\theta)$ of a Boolean dynamical system $(B,L,\theta)$, that generalizes the $C^*$-algebra associated to Labelled graphs introduced by Bates and Pask, and to determine its simplicity, its gauge ... More
Fast alignment of a complex tracking detector using advanced track modelsMar 21 2011The inner silicon detector of the Compact Muon Solenoid experiment (CMS) at CERN's LHC consists of 16588 modules. Charged-particle tracks in the detector are used to improve the accuracy to which the position and orientation of the modules is known. This ... More
Stop the ChaseJan 26 2009May 06 2009The chase procedure, an algorithm proposed 25+ years ago to fix constraint violations in database instances, has been successfully applied in a variety of contexts, such as query optimization, data exchange, and data integration. Its practicability, however, ... More
Foundations of SPARQL Query OptimizationDec 19 2008Jan 26 2009The SPARQL query language is a recent W3C standard for processing RDF data, a format that has been developed to encode information in a machine-readable way. We investigate the foundations of SPARQL query optimization and (a) provide novel complexity ... More
Bayesian Nonparametric Analysis of Multivariate Time Series: A Matrix Gamma Process ApproachNov 26 2018While there is an increasing amount of literature about Bayesian time series analysis, only a few Bayesian nonparametric approaches to multivariate time series exist. Most methods rely on Whittle's Likelihood, involving the second order structure of a ... More
Equivalence and stable isomorphism of groupoids, and diagonal-preserving stable isomorphisms of graph C*-algebras and Leavitt path algebrasFeb 08 2016Sep 14 2016We prove that ample groupoids with sigma-compact unit spaces are equivalent if and only if they are stably isomorphic in an appropriate sense, and relate this to Matui's notion of Kakutani equivalence. We use this result to show that diagonal-preserving ... More
$C^*$-algebras of labelled graphs III - $K$-theory computationsMar 14 2012Jan 20 2015In this paper we give a formula for the $K$-theory of the $C^*$-algebra of a weakly left-resolving labelled space. This is done by realising the $C^*$-algebra of a weakly left-resolving labelled space as the Cuntz-Pimsner algebra of a $C^*$-correspondence. ... More
Maximal extensions and singularities in inflationary spacetimesMar 19 2018Jul 18 2018Extendibility of inflationary spacetimes with flat spatial geometry is investigated. We find that the past boundary of an inflationary spacetime becomes a so-called parallely propagated curvature singularity if the ratio $\dot{H}/a^2$ diverges at the ... More
Compactly supported cohomology of buildingsJun 15 2008We compute the compactly supported cohomology of the standard realization of any locally finite building.
Quantum Spin Dynamics in Molecular MagnetsMay 22 2002The detailed theoretical understanding of quantum spin dynamics in various molecular magnets is an important step on the roadway to technological applications of these systems. Quantum effects in both ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic molecular clusters ... More
Optical Depth Estimates and Effective Critical Densities of Dense Gas Tracers in the Inner Parts of Nearby Galaxy DiscsDec 13 2016High critical density molecular lines like HCN(1-0) or HCO+(1-0) represent our best tool to study currently star-forming, dense molecular gas at extragalactic distances. The optical depth of these lines is a key ingredient to estimate the effective density ... More
Object Recognition with Multi-Scale Pyramidal Pooling NetworksJul 07 2012We present a Multi-Scale Pyramidal Pooling Network, featuring a novel pyramidal pooling layer at multiple scales and a novel encoding layer. Thanks to the former the network does not require all images of a given classification task to be of equal size. ... More
Resource Allocation for a Wireless Coexistence Management System Based on Reinforcement LearningMay 24 2018In industrial environments, an increasing amount of wireless devices are used, which utilize license-free bands. As a consequence of these mutual interferences of wireless systems might decrease the state of coexistence. Therefore, a central coexistence ... More
Shock Structure and Shock Heating in the Galactic Central Molecular ZoneFeb 20 2014We present maps of a large number of dense molecular gas tracers across the Central Molecular Zone of our Galaxy. The data were taken with the CSIRO/CASS Mopra telescope in Large Projects in the 1.3cm, 7mm, and 3mm wavelength regimes. Here, we focus on ... More
Graph algebras and orbit equivalenceOct 08 2014We introduce the notion of orbit equivalence of directed graphs, following Matsumoto's notion of continuous orbit equivalence for topological Markov shifts. We show that two graphs in which every cycle has an exit are orbit equivalent if and only if there ... More
High spatial coherence in multiphoton-photoemitted electron beamsNov 15 2018Nanometer-sharp metallic tips are known to be excellent electron emitters. They are used in highest-resolution electron microscopes in cold field emission mode to generate the most coherent electron beam in continuous-wave operation. For time-resolved ... More
Mercury (Hg) in meteorites: variations in abundance, thermal release profile, mass-dependent and mass-independent isotopic fractionationMar 07 2016We have measured the concentration, isotopic composition and thermal release profiles of Mercury (Hg) in a suite of meteorites, including both chondrites and achondrites. We find large variations in Hg concentration between different meteorites (ca. 10 ... More
Flow equivalence and orbit equivalence for shifts of finite type and isomorphism of their groupoidsOct 31 2016Sep 28 2018We give conditions for when continuous orbit equivalence of one-sided shift spaces implies flow equivalence of the associated two-sided shift spaces. Using groupoid techniques, we prove that this is always the case for shifts of finite type. This generalises ... More
Reconstruction of groupoids and C*-rigidity of dynamical systemsNov 03 2017We show how to construct a graded locally compact Hausdorff \'etale groupoid from a C*-algebra carrying a coaction of a discrete group, together with a suitable abelian subalgebra. We call this groupoid the extended Weyl groupoid. When the coaction is ... More
Edge effects in the magnetic interference pattern of a ballistic SNS junctionMar 28 2016May 28 2016We investigate the Josephson critical current $I_c(\Phi)$ of a wide superconductor-normal metal-superconductor (SNS) junction as a function of the magnetic flux $\Phi$ threading it. Electronic trajectories reflected from the side edges alter the function ... More
Black hole formation in a contracting universeSep 08 2016Sep 22 2016We study the evolution of cosmological perturbations in a contracting universe. We aim to determine under which conditions density perturbations grow to form large inhomogeneities and collapse into black holes. Our method consists in solving the cosmological ... More
Black hole formation in a contracting universeSep 08 2016Nov 15 2016We study the evolution of cosmological perturbations in a contracting universe. We aim to determine under which conditions density perturbations grow to form large inhomogeneities and collapse into black holes. Our method consists in solving the cosmological ... More
An algorithm for list decoding number field codesJul 12 2011Apr 05 2012We present an algorithm for list decoding codewords of algebraic number field codes in polynomial time. This is the first explicit procedure for decoding number field codes whose construction were previously described by Lenstra and Guruswami. We rely ... More
SE3-Pose-Nets: Structured Deep Dynamics Models for Visuomotor Planning and ControlOct 02 2017In this work, we present an approach to deep visuomotor control using structured deep dynamics models. Our deep dynamics model, a variant of SE3-Nets, learns a low-dimensional pose embedding for visuomotor control via an encoder-decoder structure. Unlike ... More
Cosmological perturbations and stability of nonsingular cosmologies with limiting curvatureApr 13 2017Aug 04 2017We revisit nonsingular cosmologies in which the limiting curvature hypothesis is realized. We study the cosmological perturbations of the theory and determine the general criteria for stability. For the simplest model, we find generic Ostrogradski instabilities ... More
On Quasi-Cyclic Codes as a Generalization of Cyclic CodesAug 18 2011May 25 2012In this article we see quasi-cyclic codes as block cyclic codes. We generalize some properties of cyclic codes to quasi-cyclic ones such as generator polynomials and ideals. Indeed we show a one-to-one correspondence between l-quasi-cyclic codes of length ... More
Learning to recognize Abnormalities in Chest X-Rays with Location-Aware Dense NetworksMar 12 2018Chest X-ray is the most common medical imaging exam used to assess multiple pathologies. Automated algorithms and tools have the potential to support the reading workflow, improve efficiency, and reduce reading errors. With the availability of large scale ... More
Learning Neural Models for End-to-End ClusteringJul 11 2018We propose a novel end-to-end neural network architecture that, once trained, directly outputs a probabilistic clustering of a batch of input examples in one pass. It estimates a distribution over the number of clusters $k$, and for each $1 \leq k \leq ... More
On the decoding of quasi-BCH codesDec 22 2012In this paper we investigate the structure of quasi-BCH codes. In the first part of this paper we show that quasi-BCH codes can be derived from Reed-Solomon codes over square matrices extending the known relation about classical BCH and Reed-Solomon codes. ... More
Hierarchical Parallel Matrix Multiplication on Large-Scale Distributed Memory PlatformsJun 18 2013Matrix multiplication is a very important computation kernel both in its own right as a building block of many scientific applications and as a popular representative for other scientific applications. Cannon algorithm which dates back to 1969 was the ... More
Model Checking CTL is Almost Always Inherently SequentialMar 25 2011Nov 15 2011The model checking problem for CTL is known to be P-complete (Clarke, Emerson, and Sistla (1986), see Schnoebelen (2002)). We consider fragments of CTL obtained by restricting the use of temporal modalities or the use of negations---restrictions already ... More
Science with an ngVLA: Gas Density Across the UniverseOct 15 2018Gas density is widely believed to play a governing role in star formation. However, the exact role of density in setting the star formation rate remains debated. We also lack a general theory that explains how the gas density distribution in galaxies ... More
Strong-field effects in the photo-emission spectrum of the C$_{60}$ fullereneJan 14 2016Considering C$_{60}$ as a model system for describing field emission from the extremity of a carbon nanotip, we explore electron emission from this fullerene excited by an intense, near-infrared, few-cycle laser pulse ($10^{13}$-$10^{14}~{\rm W/cm}^2$, ... More
Abstracting Event-Driven Systems with Lifestate RulesDec 31 2016We present lifestate rules--an approach for abstracting event-driven object protocols. Developing applications against event-driven software frameworks is notoriously difficult. One reason why is that to create functioning applications, developers must ... More
Survey of Water and Ammonia in Nearby galaxies (SWAN): Resolved Ammonia Thermometry, and Water and Methanol Masers in IC 342, NGC 6946 and NGC 2146Apr 02 2018The Survey of Water and Ammonia in Nearby galaxies (SWAN) studies atomic and molecular species across the nuclei of four star forming galaxies: NGC\,253, IC\,342, NGC\,6946, and NGC\,2146. As part of this survey, we present Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array ... More
Diagnostics of a Nuclear Starburst: Water and Methanol MasersNov 19 2018We test models of starburst driven outflows using observations of the 22.2 GHz H$_2$O and 36.2 GHz class I CH$_3$OH maser lines. We have observed the starburst galaxy NGC 253 using the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array. We present evidence for entrainment ... More
In the Shadow of the Accretion Disk: Higher Resolution Imaging of the Central Parsec in NGC 4261Feb 08 2001The physical conditions in the inner parsec of accretion disks believed to orbit the central black holes in active galactic nuclei can be probed by imaging the absorption (by ionized gas in the disk) of background emission from a radio counterjet. We ... More
Dielectrophoretic force-driven convection in annular geometry under Earth's gravityDec 13 2018Mar 20 2019Context: A radial temperature gradient together with an inhomogeneous radial electric field gradient is applied to a dielectric fluid confined in a vertical cylindrical annulus inducing thermal electro-hydrodynamic convection. Aims: Identification of ... More
Automatic brain tumor grading from MRI data using convolutional neural networks and quality assessmentSep 25 2018Glioblastoma Multiforme is a high grade, very aggressive, brain tumor, with patients having a poor prognosis. Lower grade gliomas are less aggressive, but they can evolve into higher grade tumors over time. Patient management and treatment can vary considerably ... More
Modeling and Characterization of Cohesion in Fine Metal Powders with a Focus on Additive Manufacturing Process SimulationsApr 18 2018May 25 2018The cohesive interactions between fine metal powder particles crucially influence their flow behavior, which is in turn important to many powder-based manufacturing processes including emerging methods for powder-based metal additive manufacturing (AM). ... More
Macro pose based non-invasive thermal comfort perception for energy efficiencyNov 12 2018Dec 20 2018Individual thermal comfort perception gives important feedback signals for energy efficient control of smart buildings. However, there is no effective method to measure real-time thermal comfort status of individual occupant until now. For overcoming ... More
Independent ferroelectric contributions and rare-earth-induced polarization reversal in multiferroic TbMn2O5Dec 08 2011Three independent contributions to the magnetically induced spontaneous polarization of multiferroic TbMn2O5 are uniquely separated by optical second harmonic generation and an analysis in terms of Landau theory. Two of them are related to the magnetic ... More
Few-shot brain segmentation from weakly labeled data with deep heteroscedastic multi-task networksApr 04 2019In applications of supervised learning applied to medical image segmentation, the need for large amounts of labeled data typically goes unquestioned. In particular, in the case of brain anatomy segmentation, hundreds or thousands of weakly-labeled volumes ... More
High Resolution Observations of Molecular Lines in Arp 220: Kinematics, Morphology, and Limits on the Applicability of the Ammonia ThermometerSep 15 2016Sep 20 2016We observe Arp 220, the nearest Ultra-Luminous Infrared Galaxy (ULIRG), over 4 GHz in the K and Ka bands. We provide constraints for the kinematics,morphology, and identify molecular species on scales resolving both nuclei (0.6" or 230 pc). We detect ... More
Electrical transport and optical band gap of NiFe$_\textrm{2}$O$_\textrm{x}$ thin filmsAug 06 2017We fabricated NiFe$_\textrm{2}$O$_\textrm{x}$ thin films on MgAl$_2$O$_4$(001) substrates by reactive dc magnetron co-sputtering varying the oxygen partial pressure during deposition. The fabrication of a variable material with oxygen deficiency leads ... More
Detection of DC currents and resistance measurements in longitudinal spin Seebeck effect experiments on Pt/YIG and Pt/NFOJan 03 2016In this work we investigated thin films of the ferrimagnetic insulators YIG and NFO capped with thin Pt layers in terms of the longitudinal spin Seebeck effect (LSSE). The electric response detected in the Pt layer under an out-of-plane temperature gradient ... More
New features in the phase diagram of TbMnO$_3$Jan 19 2007The (H,T)-phase diagram of the multiferroic perovskite TbMnO$_3$ was studied by high-resolution thermal expansion $\alpha(T)$ and magnetostriction $\Delta L(H)/L$ measurements. Below $T_{N}\simeq 42$ K, TbMnO$_3$ shows antiferromagnetic order, which changes ... More
Cosmic String Loops as the Seeds of Super-Massive Black HolesMar 08 2015Jul 03 2015Recent discoveries of super-massive black holes at high redshifts indicate a possible tension with the standard Lambda CDM paradigm of early universe cosmology which has difficulties in explaining the origin of the required nonlinear compact seeds which ... More
Stringy black-hole gas in $α'$-corrected dilaton gravitySep 05 2018Nov 22 2018We discuss the properties of the gas of primordial `stringy' black holes possibly formed in the high-curvature phase preceding the bouncing transition to the phase of standard cosmological evolution. We show that the regime dominated by such a string-hole ... More
Convection-Aided Explosions in One-Dimensional Core-Collapse Supernova Simulations I: Technique and ValidationJan 31 2019Most one-dimensional core-collapse simulations fail to explode, yet multi-dimensional simulations often explode. A dominant multi-dimensional effect aiding explosion is neutrino-driven convection. We incorporate a convection model in approximate one-dimensional ... More
Constraining interacting dark energy with CMB and BAO future surveysJul 21 2017Nov 22 2017In this paper, we perform a forecast analysis to test the capacity of future baryon acoustic oscillation (BAO) and cosmic microwave background (CMB) experiments to constrain phenomenological interacting dark energy models using the Fisher matrix formalism. ... More
A Comparison of Explosion Energies for Simulated and Observed Core-Collapse SupernovaeApr 20 2019There are now $\sim$20 multi-dimensional core-collapse supernova (CCSN) simulations that explode. However, these simulations have explosion energies that are a few times $10^{50}$ erg, not $10^{51}$ erg. In this manuscript, we compare the inferred explosion ... More
Evolution of cosmological perturbations and the production of non-Gaussianities through a nonsingular bounce: Indications for a no-go theorem in single field matter bounce cosmologiesAug 17 2015Sep 30 2015Assuming that curvature perturbations and gravitational waves originally arise from vacuum fluctuations in a matter-dominated phase of contraction, we study the dynamics of the cosmological perturbations evolving through a nonsingular bouncing phase described ... More
DroidStar: Callback Typestates for Android ClassesJan 26 2017Mar 02 2018Event-driven programming frameworks, such as Android, are based on components with asynchronous interfaces. The protocols for interacting with these components can often be described by finite-state machines we dub *callback typestates*. Callback typestates ... More
Observation of the topological Anderson insulator in disordered atomic wiresFeb 06 2018Topology and disorder have deep connections and a rich combined influence on quantum transport. In order to probe these connections, we synthesized one-dimensional chiral symmetric wires with controllable disorder via spectroscopic Hamiltonian engineering, ... More
Coexistence of superconductivity and magnetism in CaK(Fe$_{1-x}$Ni$_x$)$_4$As$_4$ as probed by $^{57}$Fe Mössbauer spectroscopyOct 16 2018Temperature dependent $^{57}$Fe M\"ossbauer spectroscopy and specific heat measurements for CaK(Fe$_{1-x}$Ni$_x$)$_4$As$_4$ with $x$ = 0, 0.017, 0.033, and 0.049 are presented. No magnetic hyperfine field (e.g. no static magnetic order) down to 5.5 K ... More
Subdominant $d$-wave interaction in superconducting CaKFe$_4$As$_2$?May 30 2018We report inelastic light scattering results on the stoichiometric and fully ordered superconductor CaKFe$_4$As$_2$ as a function of temperature and light polarization. In the energy range between 10 and 315 cm$^{-1}$ (1.24 and 39.1 meV) we observe the ... More
Spatially resolved carbon and oxygen isotopic ratios in NGC 253 using optically thin tracersMar 08 2019To trace chemical evolution in a prototypical starburst environment, we spatially resolve the carbon and oxygen isotope ratios across the central molecular zone (full size ~$\sim 600$ pc) in the nearby starburst galaxy NGC 253. We imaged the emission ... More
Generalized Complexity of ALC SubsumptionMay 03 2012The subsumption problem with respect to terminologies in the description logic ALC is EXPTIME-complete. We investigate the computational complexity of fragments of this problem by means of allowed Boolean operators. Hereto we make use of the notion of ... More
Modular SIMD arithmetic in MathemagixJul 12 2014Modular integer arithmetic occurs in many algorithms for computer algebra, cryptography, and error correcting codes. Although recent microprocessors typically offer a wide range of highly optimized arithmetic functions, modular integer operations still ... More
Matter creation in a nonsingular bouncing cosmologyJun 23 2014Sep 09 2014We examine reheating in the two-field matter bounce cosmology. In this model, the universe evolves from a matter-dominated phase of contraction to an Ekpyrotic phase of contraction before the nonsingular bounce. The Ekpyrotic phase frees the model from ... More
Translation domains in multiferroicsAug 19 2010Translation domains differing in the phase but not in the orientation of the corresponding order parameter are resolved in two types of multiferroics. Hexagonal (h-) YMnO$_3$ is a split-order-parameter multiferroic in which commensurate ferroelectric ... More
Collective neurodynamics: Phase diagramAug 30 2016Here, we conceptualize the phase diagram of collective short-term bio-chemo-electric component of neurodynamics (S-ND) on the parameter space of externally, e.g., pharmacologically, controllable single-neuron parameters such as the resting potential and/or ... More
Optimized stray-field-induced enhancement of the electron spin precession by buried Fe gatesSep 13 2007The magnetic stray field from Fe gates is used to modify the spin precession frequency of InGaAs/GaAs quantum-well electrons in an external magnetic field. By using an etching process to position the gates directly in the plane of the quantum well, the ... More
Physics Performance with the CMS Pixel DetectorDec 17 2014A large fraction of the results produced by the LHC experiments during the first run were made possible by precision vertexing detectors. The all-silicon tracking detector of the CMS experiment uses a pixel detector to do vertexing. This conference report ... More
First Alignment of the Complete CMS TrackerMar 12 2010This conference proceeding presents the first results of the full CMS Tracker alignment based on several million reconstructed tracks from the cosmic data taken during the commissioning runs with the detector in its final position and magnetic field present. ... More
A note on cabled slice knots and reducible surgeriesJul 16 2015We consider the question of when a slice knot admits a reducible Dehn surgery. By analyzing the correction terms associated to such a surgery, we show that slice knots cannot admit surgeries with more than two summands. We also give a necessary Heegaard ... More
Topological modular forms with level structure: decompositions and dualityJun 18 2018Topological modular forms with level structure were introduced in full generality by Hill and Lawson. We will show that these decompose additively in many cases into a few simple pieces and give an application to equivariant $TMF$. Furthermore, we show ... More
(Topological) modular forms with level structures: decompositions and dualitySep 29 2016The present article studies decompositions of vector bundles on the moduli stack of elliptic curves that are pushforwards of vector bundles on moduli of elliptic curves with level structure. These imply decomposition results for rings of modular forms ... More