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Chemical evolution of the HC3N and N2H+ molecules in dense cores of the Vela C giant molecular cloud complexSep 29 2015We have observed the HC3N (J=10-9) and N2H+ (J=1-0) lines toward the Vela C molecular clouds with the Mopra 22 m telescope to study chemical characteristics of dense cores. The intensity distributions of these molecules are similar to each other at an ... More
Gravitationally unstable condensations revealed by ALMA in the TUKH122 prestellar core in the Orion A cloudMar 09 2018We have investigated the TUKH122 prestellar core in the Orion A cloud using ALMA 3 mm dust continuum, N$_2$H$^+$ ($J=1-0$), and CH$_3$OH ($J_K=2_K-1_K$) molecular line observations. Previous studies showed that TUKH122 is likely on the verge of star formation ... More
Magnetic stability of massive star forming clumps in RCW 106Apr 12 2019Apr 16 2019The RCW 106 molecular cloud complex is an active massive star-forming region where a ministarburst is taking place. We examined its magnetic structure by near-IR polarimetric observations with the imaging polarimeter SIRPOL on the IRSF 1.4 m telescope. ... More
The moduli space of rank-3 vector bundles with trivial determinant over a curve of genus 2 and dualityAug 23 2004Nov 24 2004Let SU_X(3) be the moduli space of semi-stable vector bundles of rank 3 and trivial determinant on a curve X of genus 2. It maps onto P^8 and the map is a double cover branched over a sextic hypersurface called the Coble sextic. In the dual P^8 there ... More
Vector bundles, dualities, and classical geometry on a curve of genus twoFeb 24 2007Let $C$ be a curve of genus two. We denote by $SU_C(3)$ the moduli space of semi-stable vector bundles of rank 3 and trivial determinant over $C$, and by $J^d$ the variety of line bundles of degree $d$ on $C$. In particular, $J^1$ has a canonical theta ... More
Introduction to Ann-categoriesFeb 20 2007Feb 21 2007In this paper, we present new concepts of Ann-categories, Ann-functors, and a transmission of the structure of categories based on Ann-equivalences. We build Ann-category of Pic-funtors and prove that each Ann-category can be faithfully embedded into ... More
The Three-mm Ultimate Mopra Milky Way Survey. II. Cloud and Star Formation Near the Filamentary Ministarburst RCW 106Apr 09 2015We report here a study of gas, dust and star formation rates (SFRs) in the molecular cloud complexes (MCCs) surrounding the giant H$\,{\rm \scriptsize{II}}$ region RCW$\,$106 using $^{12}$CO and $^{13}$CO$\,$(1-0) data from the Three-mm Ultimate Mopra ... More
Almost periodic solutions of periodic linear partial functional differential equationsJul 10 2018We study conditions for the abstract periodic linear functional differential equation $\dot{x}=Ax+F(t)x_t+f(t)$ to have almost periodic with the same structure of frequencies as $f$. The main conditions are stated in terms of the spectrum of the monodromy ... More
Duals of Ann-categoriesSep 04 2010Dual monoidal category $\mathcal C^\ast$ of a monoidal functor $F:\mathcal C\to \mathcal V$ has been constructed by S. Majid. In this paper, we extend the construction of dual structures for an Ann-functor $F:\mathcal B\to \mathcal A$. In particular, ... More
Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions of periodic linear partial functional differential equations on the half lineJul 10 2018We study conditions for the abstract linear functional differential equation $\dot{x}=Ax+F(t)x_t+f(t), t\ge 0$ to have asymptotic almost periodic solutions, where $F(\cdot )$ is periodic, $f$ is asymptotic almost periodic. The main conditions are stated ... More
Strict Gr-categories and applications on classification of extensions of groups of the type of a crossed moduleDec 12 2011In this paper we state some applications of Gr-category theory on the classification of crossed modules and on the classification of extensions of groups of the type of a crossed module.
Detection of a turbulent gas component associated with a starless core with subthermal turbulence in the Orion A cloudApr 13 2016We report the detection of a wing component in NH$_3$ emission toward the starless core TUKH122 with subthermal turbulence in the Orion A cloud. This NH$_3$ core is suggested to be on the verge of star formation because the turbulence inside the NH$_3$ ... More
Optimality conditions for approximate Pareto solutions of a nonsmooth vector optimization problem with an infinite number of constraintsAug 30 2018In this paper, we present some new necessary and sufficient optimality conditions in terms of the Clarke subdifferentials for approximate Pareto solutions of a nonsmooth vector optimization problem which has an infinite number of constraints. As a consequence, ... More
Exploiting Direct and Indirect Information for Friend Suggestion in ZingMeNov 15 2013Friend suggestion is a fundamental problem in social networks with the goal of assisting users in creating more relationships, and thereby enhances interest of users to the social networks. This problem is often considered to be the link prediction problem ... More
Energy Efficiency Fairness for Multi-Pair Wireless-Powered Relaying SystemsOct 15 2018We consider a multi-pair amplify-and-forward relay network where the energy-constrained relays adopting time-switching protocol harvest energy from the radio frequency signals transmitted by the users for assisting user data transmission. Both one-way ... More
Energy Efficient Precoding C-RAN Downlink with Compression at FronthaulMar 17 2017This paper considers a downlink transmission of cloud radio access network (C-RAN) in which precoded baseband signals at a common baseband unit are compressed before being forwarded to radio units (RUs) through limited fronthaul capacity links. We investigate ... More
Energy Efficiency Maximization for C-RANs: Discrete Monotonic Optimization, Penalty, and l0-Approximation MethodsAug 09 2018We study downlink of multiantenna cloud radio access networks (C-RANs) with finite-capacity fronthaul links. The aim is to propose joint designs of beamforming and remote radio head (RRH)-user association, subject to constraints on users' quality-of-service, ... More
Globally Optimal Beamforming Design for Downlink CoMP transmission with Limited Backhaul CapacityMar 17 2017This paper considers a multicell downlink channel in which multiple base stations (BSs) cooperatively serve users by jointly precoding shared data transported from a central processor over limited-capacity backhaul links. We jointly design the beamformers ... More
An Empirical Study of Discriminative Sequence Labeling Models for Vietnamese Text ProcessingAug 30 2017This paper presents an empirical study of two widely-used sequence prediction models, Conditional Random Fields (CRFs) and Long Short-Term Memory Networks (LSTMs), on two fundamental tasks for Vietnamese text processing, including part-of-speech tagging ... More
Robust Anomaly-Based Ship Proposals Detection from Pan-sharpened High-Resolution Satellite ImageApr 25 2018Pre-screening of ship proposals is now employed by top ship detectors to avoid exhaustive search across image. In very high resolution (VHR) optical image, ships appeared as a cluster of abnormal bright pixels in open sea clutter (noise-like background). ... More
Angular Momentum of the N2H+ Cores in the Orion A CloudJan 04 2016Jan 08 2016We have analyzed the angular momentum of the molecular cloud cores in the Orion A giant molecular cloud observed in the N2H+ J = 1-0 line with the Nobeyama 45 m radio telescope. We have measured the velocity gradient using position velocity diagrams passing ... More
The dense galactic environments of the Milky WayDec 14 2018Star formation takes place in the dense gas phase, and therefore a simple dense gas and star formation rate relation has been proposed. With the advent of multi-beam receivers, new observations show that the deviation from linear relations is possible. ... More
Arcsecond resolution images of the chemical structure of the low-mass protostar IRAS 16293-2422Sep 02 2011It remains a key challenge to establish the molecular content of different components of low-mass protostars, like their envelopes and disks, and how this depends on the evolutionary stage and/or environment of the young stars. Observations at submillimeter ... More
Search for High-Mass Protostellar Objects in Cold IRAS SourcesSep 19 2018We present the results of CS J=2-1 mapping observations towards 39 massive star-forming regions selected from the previous CO line survey of cold IRAS sources with high-velocity CO flows along the Galactic plane (Yang et al. 2002). All sources are detected ... More
Magnetic stability of massive star forming clumps in RCW 106Apr 12 2019The RCW~106 molecular cloud complex is an active massive star-forming region where a ministarburst is taking place. We examined its magnetic structure by near-IR polarimetric observations with the imaging polarimeter SIRPOL on the IRSF 1.4 m telescope. ... More
Cultural evolution in Vietnam's early 20th century: a Bayesian networks analysis of Franco-Chinese house designsMar 03 2019The study of cultural evolution has taken on an increasingly interdisciplinary and diverse approach in explicating phenomena of cultural transmission and adoptions. Inspired by this computational movement, this study uses Bayesian networks analysis, combining ... More
On the product of functions in $BMO$ and $H^1$ over spaces of homogeneous typeJul 01 2014Apr 09 2015Let $\mathcal X$ be an RD-space, which means that $\mathcal X$ is a space of homogeneous type in the sense of Coifman-Weiss with the additional property that a reverse doubling property holds in $\mathcal X$. The aim of the present paper is to study the ... More
The scaling relations and star formation laws of ministarburst complexesMay 03 2016Oct 13 2016The scaling relations and the star formation laws for molecular cloud complexes in the Milky Way is investigated. We compare their masses $M_{\rm gas}$, mass surface densities $\Sigma_{M_{\rm gas}}$, radii $R$, velocity dispersions $\sigma$, star formation ... More
Optimality conditions and local regularity of the value function for the optimal exit time problemMay 09 2017We consider the control problem with \textit{exit time}. Unlike the Bolza and Mayer problems, in this problem the terminal time of the trajectories is not fixed, but it is the first time at which they reach a given closed subset - \textit{the target}. ... More
Variational analysis and regularity of the minimum time function for differential inclusionsFeb 17 2015Apr 27 2018We study the time optimal control problem for differential inclusions with a general closed target. We first give the representation of the proximal horizontal subgradients of the minimum time function $\mathcal{T}$ and then, together with the representation ... More
Bilinear decompositions for the product space $H^1_L\times BMO_L$Apr 13 2012Nov 14 2013In this paper, we improve a recent result by Li and Peng on products of functions in $H_L^1(\bR^d)$ and $BMO_L(\bR^d)$, where $L=-\Delta+V$ is a Schr\"odinger operator with $V$ satisfying an appropriate reverse H\"older inequality. More precisely, we ... More
Variational analysis and regularity of the minimum time function for differential inclusionsFeb 17 2015We study the time optimal control problem for differential inclusions with a general closed target. We first give the representation of the proximal horizontal subgradients of the minimum time function $\mathcal{T}$ and then, together with the representation ... More
Variational Analysis for the Bilateral Minimal Time FunctionMay 09 2017In this paper, we derive formulas for the Fr\'echet (singular) subdiferentials of the bilateral minimal time function $T:\mathbb{R}^n \times \mathbb{R}^n \to [0,+\infty]$ associated with a system governed by differential inclusions. As a consequence, ... More
Second main theorem and unicity of meromorphic mappings for hypersurfaces of projective varieties in subgeneral positionFeb 06 2013The purpose of this article is twofold. The first is to prove a second main theorem for meromorphic mappings of $\C^m$ into a complex projective variety intersecting hypersurfaces in subgeneral position with truncated counting functions. The second is ... More
Generalization of uniqueness theorem for meromorphic mappings sharing hyperplanesOct 06 2018In this article, by introducing a new method in estimating the counting function of the auxiliary function, we prove a new generalization of uniqueness theorems for meromorphic mappings into $\P^n(\C )$ which share few hyperplanes regardless of multiplicities. ... More
Second main theorems for meromorphic mappings and moving hyperplanes with truncated counting functionsJun 03 2018Sep 05 2018In this article, we establish some new second main theorems for meromorphic mappings of $\mathbb C^m$ into $\mathbb P^n(\mathbb C)$ and moving hyperplanes with truncated counting functions. Our results are improvements of the previous second main theorems ... More
A family of projectively natural polygon iterationsFeb 08 2016Aug 01 2018The pentagram map was invented by Richard Schwartz in his search for a projective-geometric analogue of the midpoint map. It turns out that the dynamical behavior of the pentagram map is totally different from that of the midpoint map. Recently, Schwartz ... More
On equivariant characteristic ideals of real classesMay 28 2013Let $p$ be an odd prime, $F/{\Bbb Q}$ an abelian totally real number field, $F_\infty/F$ its cyclotomic ${\Bbb Z}_p$-extension, $G_\infty = Gal (F_\infty / {\Bbb Q}),$ ${\Bbb A} = {\Bbb Z}_p [[G_\infty]].$ We give an explicit description of the equivariant ... More
Hadamard well-posedness of the gravity water waves systemJun 19 2015Jun 08 2016We consider in this article the system of (pure) gravity water waves in any dimension and in fluid domains with general bottoms. The unique solvability of the problem was established by Alazard-Burq-Zuily [Invent. Math, 198 (2014), no. 1, 71--163] at ... More
ISIC 2017 Skin Lesion Segmentation Using Deep Encoder-Decoder NetworkJul 24 2018This paper summarizes our method and validation results for part 1 of the ISBI Challenge 2018. Our algorithm makes use of deep encoder-decoder network and novel skin lesion data augmentation to segment the challenge objective. Besides, we also propose ... More
The factor set of Gr-categories of the type $(Π,A)$Nov 09 2009Any $\Gamma$-graded categorical group is determined by a factor set of a categorical group. This paper studies the factor set of the group $\Gamma$ with coefficients in the categorical group of the type $(\Pi,A).$ Then, an interpretation of the notion ... More
Global weak solutions for generalized SQG in bounded domainsApr 05 2017We prove the existence of global $L^2$ weak solutions for a family of generalized inviscid surface-quasi geostrophic (SQG) equations in bounded domains of the plane. In these equations, the active scalar is transported by a velocity field which is determined ... More
A sharp Cauchy theory for the 2D gravity-capillary wavesJan 27 2016Feb 03 2016This article is devoted to the Cauchy problem for the 2D gravity-capillary water waves in fluid domains with general bottoms. We prove that the Cauchy problem in Sobolev spaces is uniquely solvable for data $\frac{1}{4}$ derivatives less regular than ... More
Sharp Strichartz estimates for water waves systemsDec 08 2015Sep 26 2016Water waves are well-known to be dispersive at the linearization level. Considering the fully nonlinear systems, we prove for reasonably smooth solutions the optimal Strichartz estimates for pure gravity waves and the semi-classical Strichartz estimates ... More
A pseudo-local property of gravity water waves systemJul 06 2015Mar 14 2016By proving a weighted contraction estimate in uniformly local Sobolev spaces for the flow of gravity water waves, we show that this nonlocal system is in fact pseudo-local in the following sense: locally in time, the dynamic far away from a given bounded ... More
Group Extensions of the Co-type of a Crossed Module and Strict Categorical GroupsMar 15 2015Prolongations of a group extension can be studied in a more general situation that we call group extensions of the co-type of a crossed module. Cohomology classification of such extensions is obtained by applying the obstruction theory of monoidal functors. ... More
The Coherence Theorem for Ann-CategoriesAug 03 2007This paper presents the proof of the coherence theorem for Ann-categories whose set of axioms and original basic properties were given in [9]. Let $$\A=(\A,{\Ah},c,(0,g,d),a,(1,l,r),{\Lh},{\Rh})$$ be an Ann-category. The coherence theorem states that ... More
Variable Quasi-Bregman Monotone SequencesMay 17 2015We introduce a notion of variable quasi-Bregman monotone sequence which unifies the notion of variable metric quasi-Fej\'er monotone sequences and that of Bregman monotone sequences. The results are applied to analyze the asymptotic behavior of proximal ... More
Density-Dependent Squeezing of Excitons in Highly Excited SemiconductorsJul 31 1995The time evolution from coherent states to squeezed states of high density excitons is studied theoretically based on the boson formalism and within the Random Phase Approximation. Both the mutual interaction between excitons and the anharmonic exciton-photon ... More
Forward-Backward Splitting with Bregman DistancesMay 19 2015Oct 07 2016We propose a forward-backward splitting algorithm based on Bregman distances for composite minimization problems in general reflexive Banach spaces. The convergence is established using the notion of variable quasi-Bregman monotone sequences. Various ... More
Structure of Ann-CategoriesApr 11 2008Sep 15 2013This paper presents the structure conversion by which from an Ann-category $\A,$ we can obtain its reduced Ann-category of the type $(R,M)$ whose structure is a family of five functions $k=(\xi,\eta,\alpha,\lambda,\rho)$. Then we will show that each Ann-category ... More
Structure of Ann-categoriesMay 11 2008Sep 15 2013Each Ann-category $\A$ is equivalent to an Ann-category of the type $(R,M),$ where $M$ is an $R$-bimodule. The family of constraints of $A$ induces a {\it structure} on $(R,M).$ The main result of the paper is: 1. {\it There exists a bijection between ... More
Structure of Ann-categories and Mac Lane - Shukla cohomologyAug 24 2007In this paper we study the structure of a class of categories having two operations which satisfy axioms analoguos to that of rings. Such categories are called "Ann - categories". We obtain the classification theorems for regular Ann - categories and ... More
Cohomological Classification of Ann-categoriesMay 26 2011Mar 19 2013The notion of Ann-categories is a categorification of the ring structure. Regular Ann-categories were classified by Shukla algebraic cohomology. In this article, we state and prove the precise theorem on classification for the general case due to Mac ... More
On Gr-Functors between Gr-Categories: Obstruction theory for Gr-Functors of the type $(\varphi,f)$Aug 09 2007Apr 18 2009Each Gr-functor of the type $(\varphi,f)$ of a Gr-category of the type $(\Pi,\C)$ has the obstruction be an element $\overline{k}\in H^3(\Pi,\C).$ When this obstruction vanishes, there exists a bijection between congruence classes of Gr-functors of the ... More
The MBHBM* Project -- I: Measurement of the Central Black Hole Mass in Dwarf Galaxy NGC 3504 Using Molecular Gas KinematicsFeb 11 2019We present the first measurement of the mass of a supermassive black hole (SMBH) in the nearby double-barred spiral galaxy NGC 3504 as part of the Measuring Black Holes Below the Milky Way ($M_{\star}$) mass galaxies (MBHBM$_{\star}$) Project. Our analysis ... More
Minimizing Total Busy Time with Application to Energy-efficient Scheduling of Virtual Machines in IaaS cloudsSep 19 2016Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) clouds have become more popular enabling users to run applications under virtual machines. Energy efficiency for IaaS clouds is still challenge. This paper investigates the energy-efficient scheduling problems of virtual ... More
Learning conditional independence structure for high-dimensional uncorrelated vector processesSep 13 2016We formulate and analyze a graphical model selection method for inferring the conditional independence graph of a high-dimensional nonstationary Gaussian random process (time series) from a finite-length observation. The observed process samples are assumed ... More
Regular orbit closures in module varietiesDec 19 2006Let A be a finitely generated associative algebra over an algebraically closed field. We characterize the finite dimensional modules over A whose orbit closures are regular varieties.
Local and global strong solutions for SQG in bounded domainsMay 15 2017We prove local well-posedness for the inviscid surface quasigeostrophic (SQG) equation in bounded domains of $\mathbb{R}^2$. When fractional Dirichlet Laplacian dissipation is added, global existence of strong solutions is obtained for small data for ... More
On the covariance of X in AX = XBJun 12 2017Hand-eye calibration, which consists in identifying the rigid- body transformation between a camera mounted on the robot end-effector and the end-effector itself, is a fundamental problem in robot vision. Mathematically, this problem can be formulated ... More
EMinRET: Heuristic for Energy-Aware VM Placement with Fixed Intervals and Non-preemptionNov 21 2015Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) clouds have become more popular enabling users to run applications under virtual machines. This paper investigates the energy-aware virtual machine (VM) allocation problems in IaaS clouds along characteristics: multiple ... More
Minimizing Total Busy Time for Energy-Aware Virtual Machine Allocation ProblemsNov 21 2015This paper investigates the energy-aware virtual machine (VM) allocation problems in clouds along characteristics: multiple resources, fixed interval time and non-preemption of virtual machines. Many previous works have been proposed to use a minimum ... More
A probabilistic framework for tracking uncertainties in robotic manipulationJan 04 2019Precisely tracking uncertainties is crucial for robots to successfully and safely operate in unstructured and dynamic environments. We present a probabilistic framework to precisely keep track of uncertainties throughout the entire manipulation process. ... More
Global weak solutions for SQG in bounded domainsDec 07 2016We prove existence of global weak $L^2$ solutions of the inviscid SQG equation in bounded domains.
Touch-based object localization in cluttered environmentsSep 27 2017Touch-based object localization is an important component of autonomous robotic systems that are to perform dexterous tasks in real-world environments. When the objects to locate are placed within clutters, this touch-based procedure tends to generate ... More
Hausdorff operators on holomorphic Hardy spaces and applicationsMar 03 2017Aug 18 2017The aim of this paper is to characterize the nonnegative functions $\varphi$ defined on $(0,\infty)$ for which the Hausdorff operator $$\mathscr H_\varphi f(z)= \int_0^\infty f\left(\frac{z}{t}\right)\frac{\varphi(t)}{t}dt$$ is bounded on the Hardy spaces ... More
Ring extension problem, Shukla cohomology and Ann-category theoryJun 03 2007Every ring extension of $A$ by $R$ induces a pair of group homomorphisms $\mathcal{L}^{*}:R\to End_\Z(A)/L(A);\mathcal{R}^{*}:R\to End_\Z(A)/R(A),$ preserving multiplication, satisfying some certain conditions. A such 4-tuple $(R,A,\mathcal{L}^{*},\mathcal{R}^{*})$ ... More
Self-consistent quasiparticle RPA for multi-level pairing modelOct 04 2007Particle-number projection within the Lipkin-Nogami (LN) method is applied to the self-consistent quasiparticle random-phase approximation (SCQRPA), which is tested in an exactly solvable multi-level pairing model. The SCQRPA equations are numerically ... More
Giant dipole resonance in $^{201}$Tl at low temperatureOct 18 2012The thermal pairing gap obtained by embedding the exact solutions of the pairing problem into the canonical ensemble is employed to calculate the width and strength function of the giant dipole resonance (GDR) within the phonon damping model. The results ... More
On the importance of using exact pairing in the study of pygmy dipole resonanceAug 27 2013The strength functions of giant dipole resonance (GDR) in oxygen $^{18 - 24}$O, calcium $^{50 - 60}$Ca, and tin $^{120 - 130}$Sn isotopes are calculated within the phonon damping model under three approximations: without superfluid pairing, including ... More
Density-dependent phonoriton states in highly excited semiconductorsAug 14 1995The dynamical aspects of the phonoriton state in highly-photoexcited semiconductors is studied theoretically. The effect of the exciton-exciton interaction and nonbosonic character of high-density excitons are taken into account. Using Green's function ... More
Infall Signatures in a Prestellar Core embedded in the High-Mass 70 $μ$m Dark IRDC G331.372-00.116May 04 2018Using Galactic Plane surveys, we have selected a massive (1200 M$_\odot$), cold (14 K) 3.6-70 $\mu$m dark IRDC G331.372-00.116. This IRDC has the potential to form high-mass stars and, given the absence of current star formation signatures, it seems to ... More
The W43-MM1 mini-starburst ridge, a test for star formation efficiency modelsApr 18 2014Jun 04 2014Context: Star formation efficiency (SFE) theories are currently based on statistical distributions of turbulent cloud structures and a simple model of star formation from cores. They remain poorly tested, especially at the highest densities. Aims: We ... More
Changes Of Dust Opacity With Density in the Orion A Molecular CloudNov 27 2012We have studied the opacity of dust grains at submillimeter wavelengths by estimating the optical depth from imaging at 160, 250, 350, and 500 um from the Herschel Gould Belt Survey and comparing this to a column density obtained from the 2MASS-derived ... More
Wave propagation through soils in centrifuge testingJan 23 2009Wave propagation phenomena in soils can be experimentally simulated using centrifuge scale models. An original excitation device (drop-ball arrangement) is proposed to generate short wave trains. Wave reflections on model boundaries are taken into account ... More
Vitali properties of Banach analytic manifoldsOct 18 2016Dec 05 2016We discuss possible generalizations of Vitali convergence theorem when the source and the target are Banach analytic manifolds. These results are then applied to study behavior of holomorphic mappings between Banach analytic manifolds. Explicit examples ... More
On the amplification of sound (acoustic phonons) by absorption of laser radiation in cylindrical quantum wiresApr 25 2002Based on the quantum transport equation for the electron-phonon system, the absorption coefficient of sound (acoustic phonons) by absorption of laser radiation in cylindrical quantum wires is calculated for the case of monophoton absorption process and ... More
Evaluating Marijuana-Related Tweets On TwitterDec 28 2016This paper studies marijuana-related tweets in social network Twitter. We collected more than 300,000 marijuana related tweets during November 2016 in our study. Our text-mining based algorithms and data analysis unveil some interesting patterns including: ... More
New weighted multilinear operators and commutators of Hardy-Cesàro typeJul 01 2014May 03 2015A general class of weighted multilinear Hardy-Ces\`aro operators that acts on the product of Lebesgue spaces and central Morrey spaces. Their sharp bounds are also obtained. In addition, we obtain sufficient and necessary conditions on weight functions ... More
An Hardy estimate for commutators of pseudo-differential operatorsJun 28 2014Apr 09 2015Let $T$ be a pseudo-differential operator whose symbol belongs to the H\"ormander class $S^m_{\rho,\delta}$ with $0\leq \delta<1, 0< \rho\leq 1, \delta \leq \rho$ and $-(n+1)< m \leq - (n+1)(1-\rho)$. In present paper, we prove that if $b$ is a locally ... More
Generating functions for descents over permutations which avoid sets of consecutive patternsOct 14 2015We extend the reciprocity method of Jones and Remmel to study generating functions of the form $$\sum_{n \geq 0} \frac{t^n}{n!} \sum_{\sigma \in \mathcal{NM}_n(\Gamma)}x^{\mathrm{LRmin}(\sigma)}y^{1+\mathrm{des}(\sigma)}$$ where $\Gamma$ is a set of permutations ... More
Vitali properties of Banach analytic manifoldsOct 18 2016We discuss possible generalizations of Vitali convergence theorem when the source and the target are Banach analytic manifolds. These results are then applied to study behavior of holomorphic mappings between Banach analytic manifolds. Explicit examples ... More
Descent c-Wilf EquivalenceOct 24 2015Feb 28 2017Let $S_n$ denote the symmetric group. For any $\sigma \in S_n$, we let $\mathrm{des}(\sigma)$ denote the number of descents of $\sigma$, $\mathrm{inv}(\sigma)$ denote the number of inversions of $\sigma$, and $\mathrm{LRmin}(\sigma)$ denote the number ... More
Document Searching System based on Natural Language Query Processing for Vietnam Open Courseware LibraryDec 09 2009The necessary of buiding the searching system being able to support users expressing their searching by natural language queries is very important and opens the researching direction with many potential. It combines the traditional methods of information ... More
K-Theory for the Leaf Space of Foliations formed by the Generic K-Ornits of some indecomposable $MD_5$-GroupsMar 27 2010Jan 11 2011The paper is a continuation of the authors' work in which we considered foliations formed by the maximal dimensional K-orbits ($MD_5$-foliations) of connected $MD_5$-groups such that their Lie algebras have 4-dimensional commutative derived ideals and ... More
On the categorical interpretation of ring cohomologyMay 19 2009In this paper, we have studied the axiomatics of {\it Ann-categories} and {\it categorical rings.} These are the categories with distributivity constraints whose axiomatics are similar with those of ring structures. The main result we have achieved is ... More
On modified circular units and annihilation of real classesDec 12 2009For an abelian totally real number field $F$ and an odd prime number $p$ which splits totally in $F$, we present a functorial approach to special "$p$-units" previously built by D. Solomon using "wild" Euler systems. This allows us to prove a conjecture ... More
Nombres de Weil, sommes de Gauss et annulateurs GaloisiensMar 22 2009Sep 16 2010For an abelian number field K containing a primitive p-th root of unity (p an odd prime) and satisfying certain technical conditions, we parametrize the Z_p[G(K/Q)]-annihilators of the "minus" part A_K^- of the p-class group by means of modules of Jacobi ... More
Strichartz estimates and local existence for the capillary water waves with non-Lipschitz initial velocityJul 31 2015We consider the gravity-capillary waves in any dimension and in fluid domains with general bottoms. Using the paradiferential reduction established in the companion paper, we prove Strichartz estimates for solutions to this problem, at a low regularity ... More
Equivariant Crossed Modules and Cohomology of Groups with OperatorsFeb 19 2013In this paper we study equivariant crossed modules in its link with strict graded categorical groups. The resulting Schreier theory for equivariant group extensions of the type of an equivariant crossed module generalizes both the theory of group extensions ... More
Cohomological classification of Ann-functorsApr 27 2009Regular Ann-functor classification problem has been solved with Shukla cohomology. In this paper, we would like to present a solution to the above problem in the general case and in the case of strong Ann-functors with, respectively, Mac Lane cohomology ... More
Weakly Trapped, Charged, and Free Excitons in Single-Layer MoS2 in the Presence of Defects, Strain, and Charged ImpuritiesMay 07 2018Few- and single-layer MoS2 host substantial densities of defects. They are thought to influence the doping level, the crystal structure, and the binding of electron-hole pairs. We disentangle the concomitant spectroscopic expression of all three effects ... More
Crossed Bimodules over Rings and Shukla CohomologyJan 04 2013In this paper we present some applications of Ann-category theory to classification of crossed bimodules over rings, classification of ring extensions of the type of a crossed bimodule.
Solving Composite Monotone Inclusions in Reflexive Banach Spaces by Constructing Best Bregman Approximations from Their Kuhn-Tucker SetMay 02 2015Sep 09 2015We introduce the first operator splitting method for composite monotone inclusions outside of Hilbert spaces. The proposed primal-dual method constructs iteratively the best Bregman approximation to an arbitrary point from the Kuhn-Tucker set of a composite ... More
Smoothing technique for nonsmooth composite minimization with linear operatorJun 19 2017We introduce and analyze an algorithm for the minimization of convex functions that are the sum of differentiable terms and proximable terms composed with linear operators. The method builds upon the recently developed smoothed gap technique. In addition ... More
A paradifferential reduction for the gravity-capillary waves system at low regularity and applicationsAug 03 2015Sep 27 2016We consider in this article the system of gravity-capillary waves in all dimensions and under the Zakharov/Craig-Sulem formulation. Using a paradifferential approach introduced by Alazard-Burq-Zuily, we symmetrize this system into a quasilinear dispersive ... More
On universal norms and the first layers of Z_p-extensions of a number fieldMar 01 2013For an odd prime p and a number field F containing a primitive p-th root of unity, we describe the Kummer radical A_F of the first layers of all the Z_p-extensions of F in terms of universal norms of p-units along the cyclotomic tower of F . We also study ... More
When is Network Lasso Accurate?Apr 07 2017Dec 18 2017The "least absolute shrinkage and selection operator" (Lasso) method has been adapted recently for networkstructured datasets. In particular, this network Lasso method allows to learn graph signals from a small number of noisy signal samples by using ... More
Cohomological classification of braided $Ann$-categoriesDec 07 2010A braided $Ann$-category $\mathcal A$ is an $Ann$-category $\mathcal A$ together with a braiding $c$ such that $(\mathcal A, \otimes, a, c, (1,l,r))$ is a braided tensor category, moreover $c$ is compatible with the distributivity constraints. According ... More