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A Neural Network Prediction Based Adaptive Mode Selection Scheme in Full-Duplex Cognitive NetworksApr 12 2019We propose a neural network (NN) predictor and an adaptive mode selection scheme for the purpose of both improving secondary user's (SU's) throughput and reducing collision probability to the primary user (PU) in full-duplex (FD) cognitive networks. SUs ... More
On Gross-Keating's result of lifting endomorphisms for formal modulesFeb 27 2019$\newcommand{\OO}[1]{\mathcal{O}_{#1}}\newcommand{\GG}{\mathcal{G}}\newcommand{\End}{\mathrm{End}}\newcommand{\O}{\mathcal{O}}$Let $K/F$ be a quadratic extension of non-Archimedean local fields of characteristic not equal to 2, with rings of integers ... More
Large-Scale 3D Shape Reconstruction and Segmentation from ShapeNet Core55Oct 17 2017Oct 27 2017We introduce a large-scale 3D shape understanding benchmark using data and annotation from ShapeNet 3D object database. The benchmark consists of two tasks: part-level segmentation of 3D shapes and 3D reconstruction from single view images. Ten teams ... More
Extensions of Vector Bundles on the Fargues-Fontaine CurveMay 01 2017Jul 25 2018We completely classify the possible extensions between semistable vector bundles on the Fargues-Fontaine curve (over an algebraically closed perfectoid field), in terms of a simple condition on Harder-Narasimhan polygons. Our arguments rely on a careful ... More
Response of initial field to stiffness perturbationMar 18 2014Mar 19 2014Response of initial elastic field to stiffness perturbation and its possible application is investigated. Virtual thermal softening is used to produce the stiffness reduction for demonstration. It is interpreted that the redistribution of the initial ... More
Global small solutions to the compressible 2D magnetohydrodynamic system without magnetic diffusionMar 30 2017This paper establishes the global existence and uniqueness of smooth solutions to the two-dimensional compressible magnetohydrodynamic system when the initial data is close to an equilibrium state. In addition, explicit large-time decay rates for various ... More
Quantum Criticality of the Two-dimensional Bose Gas with the Lifshitz dispersionSep 14 2015Bosonic systems with the synthetic spin-orbit coupling and Zeeman field can be tuned into a quantum Lifshitz point exhibiting the $q^4$-dispersion. They are fundamentally different from the conventional ones with the $q^2$-dispersion, and are also connected ... More
Designing optimal quantum cloning machine for qubit systemApr 29 2010Following the work of Niu and Griffiths, in \emph{Phys.Rev.A 58, 4377(1998)}, we shall investigate the problem, how to design the optimal quantum cloning machines (QCMs) for qubit system, with the help of Bloch-sphere representation. In stead of the quality ... More
Mean Values for a Class of Arithmetic Functions in Short IntervalsJul 24 2018In this paper, we shall establish a rather general asymptotic formula in short intervals for a classe of arithmetic functions and announce two applications about the distribution of divisors of square-full numbers and integers representable as sums of ... More
Modelling Data Dispersion Degree in Automatic Robust Estimation for Multivariate Gaussian Mixture Models with an Application to Noisy Speech ProcessingMay 19 2014The trimming scheme with a prefixed cutoff portion is known as a method of improving the robustness of statistical models such as multivariate Gaussian mixture models (MG- MMs) in small scale tests by alleviating the impacts of outliers. However, when ... More
Convergence of the Critical Planar Ising Interfaces to Hypergeometric SLEOct 19 2016We consider the planar Ising model in rectangle $(\Omega; x^L, x^R, y^R, y^L)$ with alternating boundary condition: $\ominus$ along $(x^Lx^R)$ and $(y^Ry^L)$, and $\oplus$ along $(x^Ry^R)$ and $(y^Lx^L)$. We prove that the interface of critical Ising ... More
Burgess-like subconvexity for $GL_1$Apr 28 2016May 03 2016We generalize our previous method on subconvexity problem for $GL_2 \times GL_1$ with cuspidal representations to Eisenstein series, and deduce a Burgess-like subconvex bound for Hecke characters, i.e. the bound $|L(1/2,\chi)| \ll_{\mathbf{F},\epsilon} ... More
Eight orders of dynamical clusters and hard-spheres in the glass transitionOct 19 2006The nature may be disclosed that the glass transition is only determined by the intrinsic 8 orders of instant 2-D mosaic geometric structures, without any presupposition and relevant parameter. An interface excited state on the geometric structures comes ... More
Coupling Between the Spin and Gravitational Field and the Equation of Motion of the SpinMar 27 2006In general relativity, the equation of motion of the spin is given by the equation of parallel transport, which is a result of the space-time geometry. Any result of the space-time geometry can not be directly applied to gauge theory of gravity. In gauge ... More
Leveraging User Profile and Behaviour to Design Practical Spreadsheet Controls for the Finance FunctionNov 21 2011Recognizing that the use of spreadsheets within finance will likely not subside in the near future, this paper discusses a major barrier that is preventing more organizations from adopting enterprise spreadsheet management programs. But even without a ... More
Unified Theory of Fundamental InteractionsApr 23 2003Based on local gauge invariance, four different kinds of fundamental interactions in Nature are unified in a theory which has $SU(3)_c \otimes SU(2)_L \otimes U(1) \otimes_s Gravitational Gauge Group$ gauge symmetry. In this approach, gravitational field, ... More
Some discussions on strong interactionFeb 11 1998Using the gauge field model with massive gauge bosons, we could construct a new model to describe the strong interaction. In this new quantum chromodynamics(QCD) model, we will introduce two sets of gluon fields, one set is massive and another set is ... More
Non-Supersymmetric New Physics from Moeller ScatteringAug 26 2009We study in an effective operator approach how the effects of new physics from various scenarios containing extra $Z'$ gauge bosons or doubly charged scalars can affect, and thus be tested by the precision polarized Moeller scattering experiment. We give ... More
Wellposedness and Decaying Property of Viscous Surface WaveDec 09 2012In this paper, we consider an incompressible viscous flow without surface tension in a finite-depth domain of three dimensions, with free top boundary and fixed bottom boundary. This system is governed by a Naiver-Stokes equation in above moving domain ... More
Enhancing $thj$ Production from Top-Higgs FCNC CouplingsJul 23 2014Jan 12 2015In this paper, we study the single top and Higgs associated production $pp \to thj$ in the presence of top-Higgs FCNC couplings($\kappa_{tqh}, q=u,c$) at the LHC. Under the current constraints, we find that the cross section of $pp \to thj$ can be sizably ... More
Scaling Properties of Urban FacilitiesJun 03 2014Jun 10 2014Two measurements are employed to quantitatively investigate the scaling properties of the spatial distribution of urban facilities, the K function by number counting and the variance-mean relationship with the method of expanding bins. The K function ... More
CVA and FVA to Derivatives Trades Collateralized by CashFeb 03 2013In this article, we combine replication pricing with expectation pricing for derivative trades that are partially collateralized by cash. The derivatives are replicated by underlying assets and cash, using repurchasing agreement (repo) and margining, ... More
Recent progress in mathematical analysis of vortex sheetsApr 24 2003We consider the motion of the interface separating two domains of the same fluid that moves with different velocity along the tangential direction of the interface. We assume that the fluids occupying the two domains are of constant densities that are ... More
Additive Relation and Algebraic System of EquationsMar 01 2012Additive relations are defined over additive monoids and additive operation is introduced over these new relations then we build algebraic system of equations. We can generate profuse equations by additive relations of two variables. To give an equation ... More
The Cauchy Problem of the Ward equationJun 02 2008We generalize the results of Villarroel, Fokas and Ioannidou, Dai, Terng and Uhlenbeck to study the inverse scattering problem of the Ward equation with non-small data and solve the Cauchy problem of the Ward equation with a non-small purely continuous ... More
The Tangent Space to the Manifold of Critical Classical Hamiltonians Representable by Tensor NetworksMar 28 2019We introduce a scheme to perform Monte Carlo Renormalization Group with the coupling constants of the system Hamiltonian encoded in a tensor network. With this scheme we compute the tangent space to the critical manifold at the nearest-neighbor critical ... More
Global Existence and Nonlinear Diffusion of Classical Solutions to Non-Isentropic Euler Equations with Damping in Bounded DomainMay 12 2014Jul 09 2014We considered classical solutions to the initial boundary value problem for non-isentropic compressible Euler equations with damping in multi-dimensions. We obtained global a priori estimates and global existence results of classical solutions to both ... More
Constructions of Strongly Regular Cayley Graphs using Even Index Gauss SumsAug 05 2012In this paper, generalizing the result in \cite{GXY}, we construct strongly regular Cayley graphs by using union of cyclotomic classes of $\F_q$ and Gauss sums of index $w$, where $w\geq 2$ is even. In particular, we obtain three infinite families of ... More
Nonstandard picture of turbulence(the second revised)Aug 04 2003Nov 26 2004The nonstandard picture of a turbulent field is presented in this article. By the concepts of nonstandard mathematics, the picture describes the hierarchical structure of turbulence and shows the mechanism of the fluctuation appearing in a turbulent field. ... More
Some Important Concepts in Nonstandard Analysis Theory of Turbulence(The revised)Nov 30 2004Jul 16 2005Some important concepts in the nonstandard analysis theory of turbulence are presented in this article. The structure of point, on which differential equations are defined, is analyzed. The distinction between the uniform point and the non-uniform point, ... More
Aspects of a nonminimal conformal extension of the standard modelJun 27 2016Sep 13 2016In this article we investigate a conformal extension of the standard model in which the scalar sector consists of a standard model Higgs doublet, a real gauge singlet and a real $SU(2)_{L}$ triplet. Focusing on the scenario where the Higgs boson found ... More
Hasse principle for hermitian spaces over semi-global fieldsOct 15 2015Jun 29 2018In a recent paper, Colliot-Th\'el\`ene, Parimala and Suresh conjectured that a local-global principle holds for projective homogeneous spaces of connected linear algebraic groups over function fields of p-adic curves. In this paper, we show that the conjecture ... More
A new type of the Gronwall-Bellman inequality and its application to fractional stochastic differential equationsOct 28 2015This paper presents a new type of Gronwall-Bellman inequality, which arises from a class of integral equations with a mixture of nonsingular and singular integrals. The new idea is to use a binomial function to combine the known Gronwall-Bellman inequalities ... More
The black hole mass, Eddington ratio, and M_bh-σ_[O III] relation in young radio galaxiesMay 22 2009The BH masses and the Eddington ratios for a sample of 65 young radio galaxies [27 GPS and 38 CSS sources] are estimated by various methods. We find that the average BH mass of these young radio galaxies is <log M_bh>=8.3, which is less than that of radio ... More
A Remark on Gromov-Witten Invariants of Quintic ThreefoldMay 18 2017Jan 05 2018The purpose of the article is to give a proof of a conjecture of Maulik and Pandharipande for genus 2 and 3. As a result, it gives a way to determine Gromov-Witten invariants of the quintic threefold for genus 2 and 3.
Exchange effect and magneto-plasmon mode dispersion in an anisotropic two-dimensional electronic systemJul 18 2016The exchange effect and the magneto-plasmon mode dispersion are studied theoretically for an anisotropic two-dimensional electronic system in the presence of an uniform perpendicular magnetic field. Employing an effective low-energy model with anisotropic ... More
Learning Robust Deep Face RepresentationJul 17 2015With the development of convolution neural network, more and more researchers focus their attention on the advantage of CNN for face recognition task. In this paper, we propose a deep convolution network for learning a robust face representation. The ... More
The blow-up phenomena and exponential decay of solutions for a three-component Camassa-Holm equationsDec 14 2014Dec 20 2014The present paper is mainly concerned with the blow-up phenomena and exponential decay of solution for a three-component Camassa-Holm equation. Comparing with the result of Hu, ect. in the paper[1], a new wave-breaking solution is obtained. The results ... More
Correlating Features and Code by Dynamic and Semantic AnalysisDec 12 2015One major problem in maintaining a software system is to understand how many functional features in the system and how these features are implemented. In this paper a novel approach for locating features in code by semantic and dynamic analysis is proposed. ... More
Boundedness for fractional Hardy-type operator on Herz-Morrey spaces with variable exponentApr 06 2014In this paper, the fractional Hardy-type operator of variable order $\beta(x)$ is shown to be bounded from the Herz-Morrey spaces $M\dot{K}_{p_{_{1}},q_{_{1}}(\cdot)}^{\alpha,\lambda}(\mathbb{R}^{n})$ with variable exponent $q_{1}(x)$ into the weighted ... More
The Discrete AKNS-D HierarchyJun 06 2006In this paper, we consider the discrete AKNS-D hierarchy, find the construction of the hierarchy, prove the bilinear identity and give the construction of the $\tau$-functions of this hierarchy.
Brownian motion and Ricci curvature on an infinite dimensional symplectic group related to the diffeomorphism group of the circleOct 11 2011An embedding of the group $\Diff(S^{1})$ of orientation preserving diffeomorphims of the unit circle $S^1$ into an infinite-dimensional symplectic group, $\Sp(\infty)$, is studied. The authors prove that this embedding is not surjective. A Brownian motion ... More
Heat transfer in a nonequilibrium spin-boson model: A perturbative approachMar 07 2019We investigate the heat transport in a nonequilibrium spin-boson model, where a two level system bridging two harmonic reservoirs at different temperatures, by employing a unitary transformation along with a resolvent operator expansion technique. Analytical ... More
Stochastic decoupling approach to the quantum dissipative dynamics: Perturbative and non-perturbative treatmentsJun 22 2018Aug 07 2018We develop a hierarchical functional derivative method to investigate the reduced dynamics of a quantum dissipative system within the framework of a stochastic decoupling description. Keeping only the lowest order truncation of the hierarchical functional ... More
Coherent broadband mid-infrared supercontinuum generation in As2Se3 photonic crystal fiberSep 23 2013The generation of fully coherent broadband mid-infrared (MIR) supercontinuum (SC) from 2.3 um to 8.3 um is demonstrated by using a 4.1 um pump and an As2Se3 photonic crystal fiber (PCF).By introducing the random quantum noise and the power instability ... More
2-10 μm Mid-infrared Supercontinuum Generation in As2Se3 Photonic Crystal FiberAug 27 2013For the first time, we demonstrated that a hyper-broadband from 2{\mu}m to 10{\mu}m can be generated with a high spectral flatness by using a ~4 um pump and an As2Se3 photonic crystal fiber. The broad and flat dispersion profile and the low guiding loss ... More
Berger curvature decomposition, Weitzenböck formula, and canonical metrics on four-manifoldsOct 27 2014Nov 12 2014We first provide an alternative proof of the classical Weitzneb\"ock formula for Einstein four-manifolds using Berger curvature decomposition, motivated by which we establish a unified framework for a Weitzenb\"ock formula for a large class of canonical ... More
Resource Allocation in Multigranular Optical NetworksJan 29 2019Thesis Statement: Cost-effective switching and spectrum utilization efficiency have become critical design considerations in optical networks. This dissertation provides in-depth exploration of these important aspects, and proposes effective techniques ... More
A proposal for direct measurement on the quantum geometric potentialDec 30 2017The quantum geometric potential is a gauge invariant carrying novel geometric features between any two energy levels or bands in quantum systems. In generic time-dependent systems it gives a vital physical modification for the instantaneous energy gaps, ... More
Distribution of Nonzero Digits in a Greedy Sequence of Powers of TwoFeb 25 2019Understanding the distribution of digits in the expansions of perfect powers in different bases is difficult. Rather than consider the asymptotic digit distributions, we consider the base-10 digits of a restricted sequence of powers of two. We apply elementary ... More
Mott made easyDec 10 2012The realization of a Mott insulating state in a system of ultracold fermions comprising far more internal components than the electron, provides an avenue for probing many-body physics that is difficult to access in solids.
Characterizations of the upper bound of Bakry-Emery curvatureDec 12 2016Dec 05 2018In this paper, we will present some characterizations for the upper bound of the Bakry-Emery curvature on a Riemannian manifold by using functional inequalities on path space. Moreover, some characterizations for general lower and upper bounds of Ricci ... More
Feature Bagging for Steganographer IdentificationOct 29 2018Traditional steganalysis algorithms focus on detecting the existence of steganography in a single object. In practice, one may face a complex scenario where one or some of multiple users also called actors are guilty of using steganography, which is defined ... More
Calibrated Boosting-ForestOct 16 2017Nov 13 2017Excellent ranking power along with well calibrated probability estimates are needed in many classification tasks. In this paper, we introduce a technique, Calibrated Boosting-Forest that captures both. This novel technique is an ensemble of gradient boosting ... More
Alternating Arm Exponents for the Critical Planar Ising ModelMay 03 2016Aug 29 2016We derive the alternating arm exponents of critical Ising model. We obtain six different patterns of alternating boundary arm exponents which correspond to the boundary conditions $(\ominus\oplus)$, $(\ominus\text{free})$ and $(\text{free}\text{free})$, ... More
Burgess-like subconvexity for $\mathrm{GL}_1$Apr 28 2016Feb 23 2019We generalize our previous method on subconvexity problem for $\mathrm{GL}_2 \times \mathrm{GL}_1$ with cuspidal representations to Eisenstein series, and deduce a Burgess-like subconvex bound for Hecke characters, i.e., the bound $|L(1/2,\chi)| \ll_{\mathbf{F},\epsilon} ... More
On type-II singularities in Ricci flow on $\mathbb{R}^{N}$Oct 15 2012Sep 19 2015In each dimension $N\geq 3$ and for each real number $\lambda\geq 1$, we construct a family of complete rotationally symmetric solutions to Ricci flow on $\mathbb{R}^{N}$ which encounter a global singularity at a finite time $T$. The singularity forms ... More
Burgess-like subconvex bounds for $GL_2 \times GL_1$Sep 26 2012Apr 01 2014We give a Burgess-like subconvex bound for $L(s, \pi \otimes \chi)$ in terms of the analytical conductor of $\chi$, where $\pi$ is a $GL_2$ cuspidal representation and $\chi$ is a Hecke character.
Two-agent Nash implementation: A new resultMay 12 2010Apr 14 2011[J. Moore and R. Repullo, \emph{Econometrica} \textbf{58} (1990) 1083-1099] and [B. Dutta and A. Sen, \emph{Rev. Econom. Stud.} \textbf{58} (1991) 121-128] are two important papers on two-agent Nash implementation. Recently, [H. Wu, Quantum mechanism ... More
Metal-insulator transition in Sr2-xLaxCoO4 driven by spin-state transitionAug 03 2012We sought the origin of the metal-insulator transition in Sr2-xLaxCoO4, using electron-correlation corrected density functional calculations. Our results show that Sr2CoO4 is in an intermediate-spin (IS) state and a strong Co4+ 3d-O 2p hybridization is ... More
On the Kauffman-Vogel and the Murakami-Ohtsuki-Yamada Graph PolynomialsJul 26 2011Feb 14 2012This paper consists of three parts. First, we generalize the Jaeger Formula to express the Kauffman-Vogel graph polynomial as a state sum of the Murakami-Ohtsuki-Yamada graph polynomial. Then, we demonstrate that reversing the orientation and the color ... More
Quantum Bayesian implementationApr 04 2011Dec 31 2011Bayesian implementation concerns decision making problems when agents have incomplete information. This paper proposes that the traditional sufficient conditions for Bayesian implementation shall be amended by virtue of a quantum Bayesian mechanism. In ... More
Colored Morton-Franks-Williams inequalitiesFeb 02 2011We generalize the Morton-Franks-Williams inequality to the colored $\mathfrak{sl}(N)$ link homology defined in arXiv:0907.0695, which gives infinitely many new bounds for the braid index and the self linking number. A key ingredient of our proof is a ... More
Generic deformations of the colored sl(N)-homology for linksNov 10 2010May 17 2011We generalize the works of Lee [arXiv:math/0210213v3] and Gornik [arXiv:math/0402266v2] to construct a basis for generic deformations of the colored sl(N)-homology defined in [arXiv:1002.2662v1]. As applications, we construct non-degenerate pairings and ... More
Convergence to Equilibrium for the Cahn-Hilliard Equation with Wentzell Boundary ConditionMay 23 2007In this paper we consider the Cahn-Hilliard equation endowed with Wentzell boundary condition which is a model of phase separation in a binary mixture contained in a bounded domain with permeable wall. Under the assumption that the nonlinearity is analytic ... More
On the quantum filtration of the Khovanov-Rozansky cohomologyDec 14 2006Feb 14 2007We prove the quantum filtration on the Khovanov-Rozansky link cohomology H_p with a general degree (n+1) monic potential polynomial p(x) is invariant under Reidemeister moves, and construct a spectral sequence converging to H_p that is invariant under ... More
On the Slicing Genus of Legendrian KnotsMay 12 2005Feb 06 2007We apply Heegaard-Floer homology theory to establish generalized slicing Bennequin inequalities closely related to a recent result of T. Mrowka and Y. Rollin proved using Seiberg-Witten monopoles.
Phase evolution of layered cobalt oxides versus varying corrugation of the cobalt-oxygen basal planeOct 17 2002A general spin-state model and a qualitative physical picture have been proposed for a class of lately synthesized layered cobalt oxides (LCOs) by means of density functional calculations. As the plane corrugation of the cobalt-oxygen layer decreases, ... More
Jost Solutions and the Direct Scattering Problem of the Benjamin--Ono EquationApr 06 2017In this paper, we present a rigorous study of the direct scattering problem that arises from the complete integrability of the Benjamin--Ono (BO) equation. In particular, we establish existence, uniqueness, and asymptotic properties of the Jost solutions ... More
Well-posedness of a diffuse-interface model for two-phase incompressible flows with thermo-induced Marangoni effectAug 22 2014Jun 26 2016We investigate a non-isothermal diffuse-interface model that describes the dynamics of two-phase incompressible flows with thermo-induced Marangoni effect. The governing PDE system consists of the Navier--Stokes equations coupled with convective phase-field ... More
On the convergence of harmonic Ritz vectors and harmonic Ritz valuesMar 06 2016Apr 16 2016We are interested in computing a simple eigenpair $(\lambda,{\bf x})$ of a large non-Hermitian matrix $A$, by a general harmonic Rayleigh-Ritz projection method. Given a search subspace $\mathcal{K}$ and a target point $\tau$, we focus on the convergence ... More
A costly Bayesian implementable social choice function may not be truthfully implementableSep 13 2016Sep 25 2016The revelation principle is a fundamental theorem in many economics fields. In this paper, we construct a simple labor model to show that a social choice function which can be implemented costly in Bayesian Nash equilibrium may not be truthfully implementable. ... More
A proof of Furstenberg's conjecture on the intersections of $\times p$ and $\times q$-invariant setsSep 26 2016We prove the following conjecture of Furstenberg (1969): if $A,B\subset [0,1]$ are closed and invariant under $\times p \mod 1$ and $\times q \mod 1$, respectively, and if $\log p/\log q\notin \mathbb{Q}$, then for all real numbers $u$ and $v$, $$\dim_{\rm ... More
The Landau-Ginzburg-Wilson Hamiltonian for the Griffiths phaseOct 07 2016The Landau-Ginzburg-Wilson Hamiltonian with random temperature for the phase transition in disordered systems from the Griffiths phase to ferromagnetic phase is reexamined. From the saddle point solutions, especially the excited state solutions, it is ... More
The supersingular locus of unitary Shimura varieties with exotic good reductionSep 28 2016In this paper, we use a group-theoretic approach to give a concrete description of the geometric structure of the supersingular locus of unitary Shimura varieties with exotic good reduction. This approach also is a more uniform way to prove results of ... More
High Performance Binarized Neural Networks trained on the ImageNet Classification TaskApr 11 2016Apr 13 2016We trained Binarized Neural Networks (BNNs) on the high resolution ImageNet LSVRC-2102 dataset classification task and achieved a good performance. With a moderate size network of 10 layers, we obtained top-5 classification accuracy rate of 81 percent ... More
Complete Multi-Representations of Sets in a Computable Measure SpaceJun 02 2010In a recent paper, two multi-representations for the measurable sets in a computable measure space have been introduced, which prove to be topologically complete w.r.t. certain topological properties. In this contribution, we show them recursively complete ... More
Color Assessment and Transfer for Web PagesAug 07 2012Colors play a particularly important role in both designing and accessing Web pages. A well-designed color scheme improves Web pages' visual aesthetic and facilitates user interactions. As far as we know, existing color assessment studies focus on images; ... More
Representation and Superposition of Discrete Functions and Equations with Parameterized OperationsSep 21 2009Jul 27 2010Existence results for Hilbert's problem 13th mean that any equation constructed by continue functions can be given solution represented as a superposition of continue functions of one variable or of continue functions of two variables. Constructive results ... More
On Expanded Cyclic CodesMay 05 2008Jul 08 2008The paper has a threefold purpose. The first purpose is to present an explicit description of expanded cyclic codes defined in $\GF(q^m)$. The proposed explicit construction of expanded generator matrix and expanded parity check matrix maintains the symbol-wise ... More
Spin-Spin Interactions in Gauge Theory of Gravity, Violation of Weak Equivalence Principle and New Classical Test of General RelativityDec 06 2006Mar 21 2007For a long time, it is generally believed that spin-spin interactions can only exist in a theory where Lorentz symmetry is gauged, and a theory with spin-spin interactions is not perturbatively renormalizable. But this is not true. By studying the motion ... More
Classical Gravitational Interactions and Gravitational Lorentz ForceMar 09 2005Apr 23 2005In quantum gauge theory of gravity, the gravitational field is represented by gravitational gauge field. The field strength of gravitational gauge field has both gravitational electric component and gravitational magnetic component. In classical level, ... More
Unification of Electromagnetic Interactions and Gravitational InteractionsNov 18 2002Unified theory of gravitational interactions and electromagnetic interactions is discussed in this paper. Based on gauge principle, electromagnetic interactions and gravitational interactions are formulated in the same manner and are unified in a semi-direct ... More
Renormalizable Quantum Gauge Theory of GravityJul 29 2002The quantum gravity is formulated based on gauge principle. The model discussed in this paper has local gravitational gauge symmetry and gravitational field is represented by gauge potential. A preliminary study on gravitational gauge group is presented. ... More
New Mechanism for Mass Generation of Gauge FieldsMay 09 2000A new mechanism for mass generation of gauge fields is proposed in this paper. By introducing two sets of gauge fields and making the variatons of these two sets of gauge fields compensate each other under local gauge transformations, the mass term of ... More
Supersymmetric U(1) Gauge Field Theory With Massive Gauge FieldMar 06 1998A supersymmetric model with U(1) gauge symmetry will be discussed in this paper. The model has strict U(1) gauge symmetry and supersymmetry simultaneously. Besides, there is a massive U(1) gauge field contained in the model.
Gauge Field Model With Massive Gauge BosonsFeb 04 1998A gauge field model, which simultaneously has strict local gauge symmetry and massive gauge bosons, is discussed in this paper. The model has SU(N) gauge symmetry. In the limit $\alpha \longrightarrow 0$, the gauge field model discussed in this paper ... More
On mapping cones of Seifert fibered surgeriesOct 26 2011Using the mapping cone of a rational surgery, we give several obstructions for Seifert fibered surgeries, including obstructions on the Alexander polynomial, the knot Floer homology, the surgery coefficient and the Seifert and four-ball genus of the knot. ... More
Whirly 3-Interval Exchange TransformationsMar 26 2014Apr 11 2015Irreducible interval exchange transformations are studied with regard to whirly property, a condition for non-trivial spatial factor. Uniformly whirly transformation is defined and to be further studied. An equivalent condition is introduced for whirly ... More
Parabolic isometries of visible CAT(0) spaces and metrics on moduli spaceFeb 06 2013We show that the translation length of any parabolic isometry on a complete semi-uniformly visible CAT(0) space is always zero. As a consequence, we will classify the isometries on visible CAT(0) spaces in terms of translation lengths. We will also show ... More
Coding Schemes for Discrete Memoryless Multicast Networks with Rate-limited FeedbackApr 17 2015Aug 03 2016Coding schemes for discrete memoryless multicast networks (DM-MN) with rate-limited feedback from the receivers and relays to the transmitter are proposed. The schemes improve over the noisy network coding proposed by Lim et al.. For the single relay ... More
Versatile Land Navigation Using Inertial Sensors and Odometry: Self-calibration, In-motion Alignment and PositioningSep 02 2014Inertial measurement unit (IMU) and odometer have been commonly-used sensors for autonomous land navigation in the global positioning system (GPS)-denied scenarios. This paper systematically proposes a versatile strategy for self-contained land vehicle ... More
Convergence of the Critical Planar Ising Interfaces to Hypergeometric SLEOct 19 2016Oct 27 2016We consider the planar Ising model in rectangle $(\Omega; x^L, x^R, y^R, y^L)$ with alternating boundary condition: $\ominus$ along $(x^Lx^R)$ and $(y^Ry^L)$, and $\oplus$ along $(x^Ry^R)$ and $(y^Lx^L)$. We prove that the interface of critical Ising ... More
Subconvex bounds for compact toric integralsApr 07 2016May 03 2016We generalize our method for $\GL_2 \times \GL_1$ to the subconvexity for $L$-functions appearing in Waldspurger's formulae, a special case for $\GL_2 \times \GL_2$. In this sense, the case for $\GL_2 \times \GL_1$ is regarded as the subconvexity for ... More
Polychromatic Arm Exponents for the Critical Planar FK-Ising modelApr 22 2016Aug 29 2016We derive the arm exponents of SLE$_{\kappa}$ for $\kappa\in (4,8)$ and explain how to combine them with the convergence of the interface to obtain the arm exponents of critical FK-Ising model. We obtain six different patterns of boundary arm exponents ... More
Inflation-rate Derivatives: From Market Model to Foreign Currency AnalogyFeb 04 2013In this paper, we establish a market model for the term structure of forward inflation rates based on the risk-neutral dynamics of nominal and real zero-coupon bonds. Under the market model, we can price inflation caplets as well as inflation swaptions ... More
$F$-virtual Abelian varieties of $\mathrm{GL}_2$-typeJul 11 2015Let $F$ be a number field. We study $F$-virtual Abelian varities of $\mathrm{GL}_2$-type. Roughly speaking they are Abelian varieties whose isogeny class is defined over $F$ and whose endomorphism ring contains a number field with extension degree equal ... More
Note on refined topological vertex, Jack polynomials and instanton countingDec 10 2010In this article, we calculated the refined topological vertex for the one parameter case using the Jack symmetric functions. Also, we obtain the partition function for elliptic N=2 models, the results coincide with those of Nekrasov instanton counting ... More
Fixed point of second virial coefficients in the glass transitionJan 16 2007Classical thermodynamic theory still holds true in subsystem that is a percolation connected by 8 orders of self-similar 2-body-3-body coupling clusters. The fixed point, $B_2^* \equiv 3/8$, for the clusters of different size, existing in reduced second ... More
Mass and Mass Scalings of Super-EarthsJun 12 2018The majority of the transiting planets discovered by the Kepler mission (called super-Earths here, includes the so-called 'sub-Neptunes') orbit close to their stars. As such, photoevaporation of their hydrogen envelopes etch sharp features in an otherwise ... More