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Influence of Heavy Quark Recombination on the Nucleon Strangeness AsymmetryFeb 14 2008The nucleon strange and anti-strange distribution asymmetry is an important issue in the study of the nucleon structure. In this work, we show that the heavy quark recombination processes from a perturbative QCD picture can give a sizable influence on ... More
The leading particle effect from light quark fragmentation in charm hadroproductionMar 13 2007The asymmetry of $D^-$ and $D^+$ meson production in $\pi^-N$ scattering observed by the E791 experiment is a typical phenomenon known as the leading particle effect in charm hadroproducton. We show that the phenomenon can be explained by the effect of ... More
The influence of direct $D$-meson production to the determination on the nucleon strangeness asymmetry via dimuon events in neutrino experimentsAug 26 2008Experimentally, the production of oppositely charged dimuon events by neutrino and anti-neutrino deep inelastic scattering (DIS) is used to determine the strangeness asymmetry inside a nucleon. Here we point out that the direct production of $D$-meson ... More
Probing nucleon strange asymmetry from charm production in neutrino deep inelastic scatteringJun 28 2005Jul 15 2005We propose a means to detect the nucleon strange quark-antiquark asymmetry, which is predicted as a non-perturbative effect, but still unchecked directly by available experiments. The difference for the $D(c\bar{q})$ and $\bar{D}(\bar{c}q)$ meson production ... More
Long-time Behavior of Solution for the Compressible Nematic Liquid Crystal Flows in $\mathbb{R}^3$Mar 10 2015In this paper, we investigate the Cauchy problem for the compressible nematic liquid crystal flows in three-dimensional whole space. First of all, we establish the time decay rates for compressible nematic liquid crystal flows by the method of spectral ... More
Asymptotic Behavior of Solution to the Incompressible Nematic Liquid Crystal Flows in R^3Dec 01 2014Jan 26 2015In this paper, we investigate the Cauchy problem for the incompressible nematic liquid crystal flows in three-dimensional whole space. First of all, we establish the global existence of solution by energy method under assumption of small initial data. ... More
Optimal Decay Rates of Classical Solutions for the Full Compressible MHD EquationsJun 08 2015In this paper, we are concerned with optimal decay rates for higher order spatial derivatives of classical solutions to the full compressible MHD equations in three dimensional whole space. If the initial perturbation are small in $H^3$-norm and bounded ... More
Strong Solution to the Density-dependent Incompressible Nematic Liquid Crystal FlowsFeb 01 2015In this paper, we investigate the density-dependent incompressible nematic liquid crystal flows in $n(n=2$ or $3)$ dimensional bounded domain. More precisely, we obtain the local existence and uniqueness of the solutions when the viscosity coefficient ... More
N-fold Superposition: Improving Neural Networks by Reducing the Noise in Feature MapsApr 23 2018May 03 2018Considering the use of Fully Connected (FC) layer limits the performance of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs), this paper develops a method to improve the coupling between the convolution layer and the FC layer by reducing the noise in Feature Maps ... More
Product space for two processes with independent increments under nonlinear expectationsJan 21 2016In this paper, we consider the product space for two processes with independent increments under nonlinear expectations. By introducing a discretization method, we construct a nonlinear expectation under which the given two processes can be seen as a ... More
Towards Big Topic ModelingNov 17 2013To solve the big topic modeling problem, we need to reduce both time and space complexities of batch latent Dirichlet allocation (LDA) algorithms. Although parallel LDA algorithms on the multi-processor architecture have low time and space complexities, ... More
Anderson Impurity in Helical MetalOct 16 2009Jul 15 2010We use a trial wave function to study the spin-1/2 Kondo effect of a helical metal on the surface of a three-dimensional topological insulator. While the impurity spin is quenched by conduction electrons, the spin-spin correlation of the conduction electron ... More
Hamiltonian Connectivity of Twisted Hypercube-Like Networks under the Large Fault ModelNov 23 2011Twisted hypercube-like networks (THLNs) are an important class of interconnection networks for parallel computing systems, which include most popular variants of the hypercubes, such as crossed cubes, M\"obius cubes, twisted cubes and locally twisted ... More
Communication-Efficient Parallel Belief Propagation for Latent Dirichlet AllocationJun 11 2012This paper presents a novel communication-efficient parallel belief propagation (CE-PBP) algorithm for training latent Dirichlet allocation (LDA). Based on the synchronous belief propagation (BP) algorithm, we first develop a parallel belief propagation ... More
Higgs Boson Production via Gluon Fusion in the Standard Model with four GenerationsNov 19 2010Nov 04 2011Higgs bosons can be produced copiously at the LHC via gluon fusion induced by top and bottom quark loops, and can be enhanced strongly if extra heavy quarks exist. We present results for Higgs +zero-, one- and two-jet production at the LHC, in both the ... More
Black hole central engine for ultra-long gamma-ray burst 111209A and its associated supernova 2011klMay 16 2016Recently, the first association between an ultra-long gamma-ray burst (GRB) and a supernova is reported, i.e., GRB 111209A/SN 2011kl, which enables us to investigate the physics of central engines or even progenitors for ultra-long GRBs. In this paper, ... More
DCFNet: Discriminant Correlation Filters Network for Visual TrackingApr 13 2017Discriminant Correlation Filters (DCF) based methods now become a kind of dominant approach to online object tracking. The features used in these methods, however, are either based on hand-crafted features like HoGs, or convolutional features trained ... More
Comparing the performance of FA, DFA and DMA using different synthetic long-range correlated time seriesAug 18 2012Notwithstanding the significant efforts to develop estimators of long-range correlations (LRC) and to compare their performance, no clear consensus exists on what is the best method and under which conditions. In addition, synthetic tests suggest that ... More
Scaling and memory in the non-poisson process of limit order cancelationOct 31 2009The order submission and cancelation processes are two crucial aspects in the price formation of stocks traded in order-driven markets. We investigate the dynamics of order cancelation by studying the statistical properties of inter-cancelation durations ... More
Multifractal characteristics and return predictability in the Chinese stock marketsJun 20 2018By adopting Multifractal detrended fluctuation (MF-DFA) analysis methods, the multifractal nature is revealed in the high-frequency data of two typical indexes, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite 180 Index (SH180) and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Composite ... More
Theory for charge and orbital density-wave states in manganite La$_{0.5}$Sr$_{1.5}$MnO$_4$Nov 01 2012Apr 15 2013We investigate the high temperature phase of layered manganites, and demonstrate that the charge-orbital phase transition without magnetic order in La$_{0.5}$Sr$_{1.5}$MnO$_4$ can be understood in terms of the density wave instability. The orbital ordering ... More
Tunneling through ferromagnetic barriers on the surface of a topological insulatorSep 02 2009We study the transmission through single and double ferromagnetic barriers on the surface of a topological insulator. By adjusting the gate voltage and magnetization oreintation, the ferromagnetic barrier can be tuned into various transmission regions, ... More
BDGS: A Scalable Big Data Generator Suite in Big Data BenchmarkingJan 22 2014Feb 27 2014Data generation is a key issue in big data benchmarking that aims to generate application-specific data sets to meet the 4V requirements of big data. Specifically, big data generators need to generate scalable data (Volume) of different types (Variety) ... More
A probabilistic approach to value sets of polynomials over finite fieldsJul 22 2014In this paper we study the distribution of the size of the value set for a random polynomial with degree at most $q-1$ over a finite field $\mathbb{F}_q$. We obtain the exact probability distribution and show that the number of missing values tends to ... More
Possible Superconductivity in Electron-doped Chromium Pnictide LaOCrAsJan 21 2017We constructed an effective tight-binding model with five Cr $3d$ orbitals for LaOCrAs according to first-principles calculations. Basing on this model, we investigated possible superconductivity induced by correlations in doped LaOCrAs using the functional ... More
Hidden sign-changing $s$-wave superconductivity in monolayer FeSeApr 16 2016Combining the recent scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) measurements, we construct a tight-binding model suitable for describing the band structure of monolayer FeSe grown on SrTiO$_{3}$. Then we ... More
Joint multifractal analysis based on the partition function approach: Analytical analysis, numerical simulation and empirical applicationSep 20 2015Many complex systems generate multifractal time series which are long-range cross-correlated. Numerous methods have been proposed to characterize the multifractal nature of these long-range cross correlations. However, several important issues about these ... More
Statistical properties of online avatar numbers in a massive multiplayer online role-playing gameApr 30 2009Massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) are very popular in past few years. The profit of an MMORPG company is proportional to how many users registered, and the instant number of online avatars is a key factor to assess how popular an ... More
Core-Shell Structured Dielectric-Metal Circular Nanodisk Antenna: Gap Plasmon Assisted Magnetic Toroid-like Cavity ModesDec 04 2014Plasmonic nanoantennas, the properties of which are essentially determined by their resonance modes, are of interest both fundamentally and for various applications. Antennas with various shapes, geometries and compositions have been demonstrated, each ... More
Possible spin excitation structure in monolayer FeSe grown on SrTiO$_{3}$Apr 25 2017Based on recent high-resolution angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy measurement in monolayer FeSe grown on SrTiO$_{3}$, we constructed a tight-binding model and proposed a superconducting (SC) pairing function which can well fit the observed band ... More
Free-space creation of ultralong anti-diffracting light beam with multiple energy oscillations adjusted using optical penOct 30 2017Jun 10 2018A light beam propagating with an infinite anti-diffracting distance requires infinite power to preserve its shape. However, the fundamental barrier of finite power in free space has made the problem of diffraction insurmountable over the past few decades. ... More
Coexistence of Scattering Enhancement and Suppression by Plasmonic Cavity Modes in Loaded Dimer Gap-AntennasAug 13 2015Plasmonic nanoantenna is of promising applications in optical sensing, single-molecular detection, and enhancement of optical nonlinear effect, surface optical spectroscopy, photochemistry, photoemission, photovoltaics, etc. Here we show that in a carefully-designed ... More
Gamma-rays From Warm WIMP Dark Matter AnnihilationMar 26 2012Nov 09 2012The weakly interacting massive particle (WIMP) often serves as a candidate for the cold dark matter, however when produced non-thermally it could behave like warm dark matter. In this paper we study the properties of the $\gamma$-ray emission from annihilation ... More
Reconstruction of the Real Quantum Channel via Convex OptimizationSep 12 2018Quantum process tomography is often used to completely characterize an unknown quantum process. However, it may lead to an unphysical process matrix, which will cause the loss of information respect to the tomography result. Convex optimization, widely ... More
First-principles study of four quaternary Heusler alloys ZrMnVZ and ZrCoFeZ (Z=Si, Ge)Jan 03 2015We investigate the electronic structure and magnetic properties of four quaternary Heusler alloys ZrMnVZ and ZrCoFeZ (Z=Si, Ge) by using first-principle calculations. It is shown that ZrMnVSi, ZrMnVGe and ZrCoFeSi are half-metallic ferromagnets with considerable ... More
Half-metallic ferromagnetism in the RbSe and CsTe compounds with CsCl structure: A first-principles studyApr 29 2015We investigate the electronic structures and magnetic properties of RbSe and CsTe compounds in CsCl, RS and ZB structures by using first-principles calculation. It is shown that these two compounds exhibit half-metallic ferromagnetism with an integer ... More
Materials science and engineering: New vision in the era of artificial intelligenceApr 23 2018Scientific discovery evolves from the experimental, through the theoretical and computational, to the current data-intensive paradigm. Materials science is no exception, especially for computational materials science. In recent years, great achievements ... More
A first-principle study of half-Heusler alloys CKMg and SiKMgJun 10 2015The structural, electronic, and magnetic properties of half-Heusler alloys CKMg and SiKMg are studied by using first-principle density functional theory. The calculations reveal the SiKMg alloy is a half-metallic ferromagnet with the magnetic moment of ... More
Catching jetted tidal disruption events early in millimetreJun 22 2016Relativistic jets can form from at least some tidal disruption events (TDEs) of (sub-)stellar objects around supermassive black holes. We detect the millimeter (MM) emission of IGR J12580+0134 --- the nearest TDE known in the galaxy NGC 4845 at the distance ... More
In-gap bound states induced by a single nonmagnetic impurity in sign-preserving s-wave superconductors with incipient bandsDec 14 2017Dec 18 2017We have investigated the in-gap bound states (IGBS) induced by a single nonmagnetic impurity in multiband superconductors with incipient bands. Contrary to the naive expectation, we found that even if the superconducting (SC) order parameter is sign-preserving ... More
Giant mesoscopic spin Hall effect on surface of topological insulatorSep 20 2010We study mesoscopic spin Hall effect on the surface of topological insulator with a step-function potential. The giant spin polarization induced by a transverse electric current is derived analytically by using McMillan method in the ballistic transport ... More
First-principle study on compensated half metallic double perovskite compound $Ba_2PrVO_6$May 14 2016The first-principle study on double perovskite compound Ba$_2$PrVO$_6$ has been presented in this paper. By analysing band structures and integrated density of states, it is found that Ba$_2$PrVO$_6$ is ferromagnetic metallic within LSDA and compensated ... More
Photon-pair jet production via gluon fusion at the LHCNov 03 2011Apr 11 2013Photon-pair direct or jet-associated productions are important for relevant standard model measurement, Higgs and new physics searches at the LHC. The loop-induced gluon-fusion process gg -> \gamma\gamma g, which although formally contributes only at ... More
Impact parameter dependence of pion ratio in probing the nuclear symmetry energy using heavy-ion collisionsJan 17 2016The impact parameter dependence of \rpi ratio is examined in heavy-ion collisions at 400MeV/nucleon within a transport model. It is shown that the sensitivity of \rpi ratio on symmetry energy shows a transition from central to peripheral collisions, i.e., ... More
Multifractal cross wavelet analysisOct 29 2016Feb 25 2018Complex systems are composed of mutually interacting components and the output values of these components are usually long-range cross-correlated. We propose a method to characterize the joint multifractal nature of such long-range cross correlations ... More
Effects of polynomial trends on detrending moving average analysisApr 28 2015The detrending moving average (DMA) algorithm is one of the best performing methods to quantify the long-term correlations in nonstationary time series. Many long-term correlated time series in real systems contain various trends. We investigate the effects ... More
Edge superconducting state in attractive U Kane-Mele-Hubbard modelJan 09 2012We theoretically investigate the phase transition from topological insulator (TI) to superconductor in the attractive U Kane-Mele-Hubbard model with self-consistent mean field method. We demonstrate the existence of edge superconducting state (ESS), in ... More
$Ab$ $intito$ study on some new spin-gapless semiconductors: The Zr-based quanternary Heusler alloysNov 27 2014Jan 20 2015Employing $ab$ $intito$ electronic structure calculations, we have investigated electronic and magnetic properties of the Zr-based quanternary Heusler alloys: ZrCoVIn, ZrFeVGe, ZrCoFeP, ZrCoCrBe and ZrFeCrZ (Z=In and Ga). Our $ab$ $intito$ calculation ... More
Computational experiments successfully predict the emergence of autocorrelations in ultra-high-frequency stock returnsMar 25 2014Feb 24 2018Social and economic systems are complex adaptive systems, in which heterogenous agents interact and evolve in a self-organized manner, and macroscopic laws emerge from microscopic properties. To understand the behaviors of complex systems, computational ... More
Context-aware System Service Call-oriented Symbolic Execution of Android Framework with Application to Exploit GenerationNov 02 2016Android Framework is a layer of software that exists in every Android system managing resources of all Android apps. A vulnerability in Android Framework can lead to severe hacks, such as destroying user data and leaking private information. With tens ... More
Carrier thermalization dynamics in single Zincblende and Wurtzite InP nanowiresOct 31 2014Using transient Rayleigh scattering (TRS) measurements, we obtain photoexcited carrier thermalization dynamics for both zincblende (ZB) and wurtzite (WZ) InP single nanowires (NW) with picosecond resolution. A phenomenological fitting model based on direct ... More
A first-principle study on some quanternary Heusler alloys with 4d and 3d transition metal elementsJan 16 2015In this letter, we investigate the magnetic properties, electronic structures, Slater-Pauling behaviours of some quanternary Heusler alloys with 4d and 3d transition metal elements. The energy levels of the minority-spin electronic band structures for ... More
GRB 121027A: long-lasting, energetic X-ray flares and clues to radiation mechanism and progenitor starFeb 20 2013GRB 121027A is un-usual with its extremely long-lasting, energetic X-ray flares. The total energy release in X-ray flares is about one order of magnitude higher than prompt gamma-rays, making it special from most long GRBs. We show that while the prompt ... More
Quantum Topological Boundary States in Quasi-crystalSep 05 2018Topological phase, a novel and fundamental role in matter, displays an extraordinary robustness to smooth changes in material parameters or disorder. A crossover between topological physics and quantum information may lead to inherent fault-tolerant quantum ... More
Exotic Hadrons Of Minimal Pentaquark ($qqqq\Bar{Q}$) StatesMay 27 2003It is shown that the exotic non-qqq hadrons of pentaquark $qqqq\bar{q}$ states can be clearly distinguished from the conventional qqq-baryon resonances or their hybrids if the flavor of $\bar{q}$ is different from any of the other four quarks. We suggest ... More
Detection of GeV $γ$-ray emission in the direction of HESS J1731-347 with Fermi-LATNov 10 2017Dec 27 2017We report the detection of GeV $\gamma$-ray emission from supernova remnant HESS J1731-347 using 9 years of {\it Fermi} Large Area Telescope data. We find a slightly extended GeV source in the direction of HESS J1731-347. The spectrum above 1 GeV can ... More
A Dwarf-based Scalable Big Data Benchmarking MethodologyNov 09 2017Different from the traditional benchmarking methodology that creates a new benchmark or proxy for every possible workload, this paper presents a scalable big data benchmarking methodology. Among a wide variety of big data analytics workloads, we identify ... More
Anomalous dynamic behaviour of optically trapped high aspect ratio nanowiresAug 12 2015We investigate the dynamics of high aspect ratio nanowires trapped axially in a single gradient force optical tweezers. A power spectrum analysis of the Brownian dynamics reveals a broad spectral resonance of the order of a kHz with peak properties that ... More
Non-classical photon correlation in a two-dimensional photonic latticeJun 17 2016Quantum interference and quantum correlation, as two main features of quantum optics, play an essential role in quantum information applications, such as multi-particle quantum walk and boson sampling. While many experimental demonstrations have been ... More
Second and third orders asymptotic expansions for the distribution of particles in a branching random walk with a random environment in timeDec 23 2015Oct 31 2016Consider a branching random walk in which the offspring distribution and the moving law both depend on an independent and identically distributed random environment indexed by the time.For the normalised counting measure of the number of particles of ... More
Topological Protection of Two-photon Quantum Correlation on a Photonic ChipOct 02 2018Low-decoherence regime plays a key role in constructing multi-particle quantum systems and has therefore been constantly pursued in order to build quantum simulators and quantum computers in a scalable fashion. Quantum error correction and quantum topological ... More
First-principle study on bulk and (1 1 1) surface of MP (M=K and Rb) in rocksalt structureApr 08 2015The electronic and magnetic properties of bulk and (1 1 1) surfaces for MP (M=K ans Rb) in rocksalt structure have been investigated by employing first-principle calculations. The results reveal that the compounds are half-metallic ferromagnets at the ... More
Statistical Properties and Pre-hit Dynamics of Price Limit Hits in the Chinese Stock MarketsMar 12 2015Price limit trading rules are adopted in some stock markets (especially emerging markets) trying to cool off traders' short-term trading mania on individual stocks and increase market efficiency. Under such a microstructure, stocks may hit their up-limits ... More
Integrated Server for Measurement-Device-Independent Quantum Key Distribution NetworkAug 26 2018Quantum key distribution (QKD), harnessing quantum physics and optoelectronics, may promise unconditionally secure information exchange in theory. Recently, theoretical and experimental advances in measurement-device-independent (MDI-) QKD have successfully ... More
Underwater Transmission of High-dimensional Twisted Photons over 55 MetersFeb 04 2019As an emerging channel resource for modern optics, big data, internet traffic and quantum technologies, twisted photons carrying orbital angular momentum (OAM) have been extended their applicable boundary in different media, such as optical fiber and ... More
Up-conversion single-photon detectors based on integrated periodically poled lithium niobate waveguidesFeb 18 2019We demonstrate up-conversion single-photon detectors based on integrated periodically poled lithium niobate waveguides, which incorporate two mode filters and a directional coupler. The two mode filters are optimized for the fiber-waveguide coupling efficiencies ... More
Electronic structure and nematic phase transition in superconducting multi-layer FeSe films grown by pulsed laser deposition methodJun 19 2017We report comprehensive angle-resolved photoemission investigations on the electronic structure of single crystal multiple-layer FeSe films grown on CaF2 substrate by pulsed laser deposition (PLD) method. Measurements on FeSe/CaF2 samples with different ... More
Origin of the phase change from pyrochlore to perovskite-like layered structure and a new lead free ferroelectricMar 03 2017Materials with formula of A2B2O7 is a famous family with more than 300 compounds, and have abundant properties, like ferroelectric, multiferroic, and photocatalyst properties, etc. Generally, two structures dominate this family, which are pyrochlore and ... More
Mapping Twisted Light into and out of a Photonic ChipMay 01 2018Dec 12 2018Twisted light carrying orbital angular momentum (OAM) provides an additional degree of freedom for modern optics and an emerging resource for both classical and quantum information technologies. Its inherently infinite dimensions can potentially be exploited ... More
Gluon Fusion induced Zg and Zgg Productions in the Standard Model at the LHCNov 01 2011We report calculations of the gluon induced Zg and Zgg productions in the Standard Model at the LHC operating at both 7 TeV and 14 TeV collision energy. We present total cross sections and differential distributions of the processes and compare them with ... More
Topologically Protected Quantum EntanglementMar 07 2019Quantum entanglement, as the strictly non-classical phenomena, is the kernel of quantum computing and quantum simulation, and has been widely applied ranging from fundamental tests of quantum physics to quantum information processing. The decoherence ... More
Silicon Layer Intercalation of Centimeter-Scale, Epitaxially-Grown Monolayer Graphene on Ru(0001)Dec 19 2011We develop a strategy for graphene growth on Ru(0001) followed by silicon-layer intercalation that not only weakens the interaction of graphene with the metal substrate but also retains its superlative properties. This G/Si/Ru architecture, produced by ... More
Parity-Induced Thermalization Gap in Disordered Ring LatticesMar 28 2018Mar 18 2019The gaps separating two different states widely exist in various physical systems: from the electrons in periodic lattices to the analogs in photonic, phononic, plasmonic systems, and even quasicrystals. Recently, a thermalization gap, an inaccessible ... More
Experimental Parity-Induced Thermalization Gap in Disordered Ring LatticesMar 28 2018The gaps separating two different states widely exist in various physical systems: from the electrons in periodic lattices to the analogs in photonic, phononic, and plasmonic systems even the quasi-crystals. Recently, a thermalization gap was proposed ... More
Constraining the Flaring Region of Sagittarius A* By 1.3mm VLBI MeasurementsDec 22 2011We use a model of an accretion flow coupled with an emergent flare to interpret the latest 1.3mm VLBI measurements for Sagittarius A*. The visibility data constrained the distances from the flare center to the black hole center as $d_{\rm EW}\lesssim20{\rm ... More
Counting compositions over finite abelian groupsOct 18 2017We find the number of compositions over finite abelian groups under two types of restrictions: (i) each part belongs to a given subset and (ii) small runs of consecutive parts must have given properties. Waring's problem over finite fields can be converted ... More
Experimental Test of Relation between Coherence and Path InformationMar 23 2017Dec 03 2018Quantum coherence stemming from the superposition behaviour of a particle beyond the classical realm, serves as one of the most fundamental features in quantum mechanics. The wave-particle duality phenomenon, which shares the same origin, has a strong ... More
Experimental Test of Tracking the King ProblemDec 18 2018In quantum theory, the retrodiction problem is not as clear as its classical counterpart because of the uncertainty principle of quantum mechanics. In classical physics, the measurement outcomes of the present state can be used directly for predicting ... More
Experimental Machine Learning of Quantum StatesDec 01 2017Jun 21 2018Quantum information technologies provide promising applications in communication and computation, while machine learning has become a powerful technique for extracting meaningful structures in 'big data'. A crossover between quantum information and machine ... More
Chirality-dependent electromagnetically induced transparency based on a double semi-periodic helix metastructureAug 31 2018A chiral metastructure composed of spatially separated double semi-periodic helices is proposed and investigated theoretically and experimentally in this Letter. Chirality-dependent electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) and a slow light effect ... More
Miniaturized high-frequency sine wave gating InGaAs/InP single-photon detectorNov 12 2018High-frequency gating InGaAs/InP single-photon detectors (SPDs) are widely used for applications requiring single-photon detection in the near-infrared region such as quantum key distribution. Reducing SPD size is highly desired for practical use, which ... More
HESS J1427-608: an unusual hard unbroken $γ-$ray spectrum in a very wide energy rangeSep 05 2016Nov 30 2016We report the detection of a GeV $\gamma$-ray source which is spatially overlapping and thus very likely associated with the unidentified very-high-energy (VHE) $\gamma$-ray source HESS J1427-608 with the Pass 8 data recorded by the Fermi Large Area Telescope. ... More
Understanding the radiative decays of vector charmonia to light pseudoscalar mesonsDec 06 2010Jan 24 2011We show that the newly measured branching ratios of vector charmonia ($J/\psi$, $\psi^\prime$ and $\psi(3770))$ into $\gamma P$, where $P$ stands for light pseudoscalar mesons $\pi^0$, $\eta$, and $\eta^\prime$, can be well understood in the framework ... More
Convergence rates and $W^{1,p}$ estimates in homogenization theory of Stokes systems in Lipschitz domainsSep 01 2016Concerned with the Stokes systems with rapidly oscillating periodic coefficients, we mainly extend the recent works in \cite{SGZWS,G} to those in term of Lipschitz domains. The arguments employed here are quite different from theirs, and the basic idea ... More
Affine quantum Schur algebras at roots of unityMay 14 2012Aug 06 2012We will classify finite dimensional irreducible modules for affine quantum Schur algebras at roots of unity and generalize \cite[(6.5f) and (6.5g)]{Gr80} to the affine case in this paper.
The Grad-Shafranov Reconstruction of Toroidal Magnetic Flux Ropes: Method Development and Benchmark StudiesJun 08 2017We develop an approach of Grad-Shafranov (GS) reconstruction for toroidal structures in space plasmas, based on in-situ spacecraft measurements. The underlying theory is the GS equation that describes two-dimensional magnetohydrostatic equilibrium as ... More
The w-index: A significant improvement of the h-indexMay 30 2008Jun 13 2008I propose a new measure, the w-index, as a particularly simple and useful way to assess the integrated impact of a researcher's work, especially his or her excellent papers. The w-index can be defined as follows: If w of a researcher's papers have at ... More
Blocks of affine quantum Schur algebrasApr 21 2013The affine quantum Schur algebra is a certain important infinite dimensional algebra whose representation theory is closely related to that of quantum affine $\frak{gl}_n$. Finite dimensional irreducible modules for the affine quantum Schur algebra ${\mathcal ... More
On keen weakly reducbile Heegaard splittingsMar 06 2017A Heegaard splitting which admits a unique pair of disjoint compression disks on distinct sides is said to be keen weakly reducible. This paper provides an construction of keen weakly reducible Heegaard splittings of arbitrary genus except 2. Furthermore, ... More
The fixed subgroups of homeomorphisms of Seifert manifoldsJan 30 2015Let $M$ be a compact connected orientable Seifert manifold with hyperbolic orbifold $B_M$, and $f_{\pi}: \pi_1(M)\rightarrow\pi_1(M)$ be an automorphism induced by an orientation-reversing homeomorphism $f$ of $M$. We give a bound on the rank of the fixed ... More
Accurate Inverses for Computing Eigenvalues of Extremely Ill-conditioned Matrices and Differential OperatorsDec 16 2015May 15 2017This paper is concerned with computations of a few smaller eigenvalues (in absolute value) of a large extremely ill-conditioned matrix. It is shown that smaller eigenvalues can be accurately computed for a diagonally dominant matrix or a product of diagonally ... More
Preconditioning for Accurate Solutions of Linear Systems and Eigenvalue ProblemsMay 11 2017This paper develops the preconditioning technique as a method to address the accuracy issue caused by ill-conditioning. Given a preconditioner $M$ for an ill-conditioned linear system $Ax=b$, we show that, if the inverse of the preconditioner $M^{-1}$ ... More
On Gorenstein log del Pezzo SurfacesSep 28 2001Dec 22 2001In this paper, we first present the complete list of the singularity types of the Picard number one Gorenstein log del Pezzo surface and the number of the isomorphism classes with the given singularity type. Then we give out a method to find out all singularity ... More
Cyclotomy and permutation polynomials of large indicesSep 18 2012We use cyclotomy to design new classes of permutation polynomials over finite fields. This allows us to generate many classes of permutation polynomials in an algorithmic way. Many of them are permutation polynomials of large indices.
The Non-integrable Mass and the Scalar ChargeMar 20 2015Nov 20 2015The non-integrable mass is studied explicitly in this paper. We study Einstein-scalar gravities with weakened boundary conditions, and calculate the mass with the Hamiltonian formula and Wald's formula respectively. We find the masses calculated by these ... More
High Order Numerical Integrators for Relativistic Charged Particle TrackingFeb 15 2017In this paper, we extend several time reversible numerical integrators to solve the Lorentz force equations from second order accuracy to higher order accuracy for relativistic charged particle tracking in electromagnetic fields. A fourth order algorithm ... More
A symplectic particle-in-cell model for space-charge beam dynamics simulationJan 12 2018Space-charge effects play an important role in high intensity particle accelerators and were studied using a variety of macroparticle tracking models. In this paper, we propose a symplectic particle-in-cell (PIC) model and compare this model with a recently ... More
BLM realization for the integral form of quantum $\frak{gl}_n$Nov 04 2012Let ${\mathbf U}(n)$ be the quantum enveloping algebra of ${\frak {gl}}_n$ over $\mathbb Q(v)$, where $v$ is an indeterminate. We will use $q$-Schur algebras to realize the integral form of ${\mathbf U}(n)$. Furthermore we will use this result to realize ... More
A note on inverses of cyclotomic mapping permutation polynomials over finite fieldsJan 16 2016Dec 15 2016In this note, we give a shorter proof of the result of Zheng, Yu, and Pei on the explicit formula of inverses of generalized cyclotomic permutation polynomials over finite fields. Moreover, we characterize all these cyclotomic permutation polynomials ... More
Homogeneous nucleation mechanism of NaCl in aqueous solutionsNov 28 2018In this study, molecular dynamic simulations are employed to investigate the nucleation of NaCl crystal in solutions. According to the simulations, the dissolved behaviors of NaCl in water are dependent on ion concentrations. With increasing NaCl concentrations, ... More