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A probabilistic approach to value sets of polynomials over finite fieldsJul 22 2014In this paper we study the distribution of the size of the value set for a random polynomial with degree at most $q-1$ over a finite field $\mathbb{F}_q$. We obtain the exact probability distribution and show that the number of missing values tends to ... More
Influence of Heavy Quark Recombination on the Nucleon Strangeness AsymmetryFeb 14 2008The nucleon strange and anti-strange distribution asymmetry is an important issue in the study of the nucleon structure. In this work, we show that the heavy quark recombination processes from a perturbative QCD picture can give a sizable influence on ... More
The leading particle effect from light quark fragmentation in charm hadroproductionMar 13 2007The asymmetry of $D^-$ and $D^+$ meson production in $\pi^-N$ scattering observed by the E791 experiment is a typical phenomenon known as the leading particle effect in charm hadroproducton. We show that the phenomenon can be explained by the effect of ... More
The influence of direct $D$-meson production to the determination on the nucleon strangeness asymmetry via dimuon events in neutrino experimentsAug 26 2008Experimentally, the production of oppositely charged dimuon events by neutrino and anti-neutrino deep inelastic scattering (DIS) is used to determine the strangeness asymmetry inside a nucleon. Here we point out that the direct production of $D$-meson ... More
Probing nucleon strange asymmetry from charm production in neutrino deep inelastic scatteringJun 28 2005Jul 15 2005We propose a means to detect the nucleon strange quark-antiquark asymmetry, which is predicted as a non-perturbative effect, but still unchecked directly by available experiments. The difference for the $D(c\bar{q})$ and $\bar{D}(\bar{c}q)$ meson production ... More
Second and third orders asymptotic expansions for the distribution of particles in a branching random walk with a random environment in timeDec 23 2015Oct 31 2016Consider a branching random walk in which the offspring distribution and the moving law both depend on an independent and identically distributed random environment indexed by the time.For the normalised counting measure of the number of particles of ... More
Long-time Behavior of Solution for the Compressible Nematic Liquid Crystal Flows in $\mathbb{R}^3$Mar 10 2015In this paper, we investigate the Cauchy problem for the compressible nematic liquid crystal flows in three-dimensional whole space. First of all, we establish the time decay rates for compressible nematic liquid crystal flows by the method of spectral ... More
Optimal Decay Rates of Classical Solutions for the Full Compressible MHD EquationsJun 08 2015In this paper, we are concerned with optimal decay rates for higher order spatial derivatives of classical solutions to the full compressible MHD equations in three dimensional whole space. If the initial perturbation are small in $H^3$-norm and bounded ... More
Product space for two processes with independent increments under nonlinear expectationsJan 21 2016In this paper, we consider the product space for two processes with independent increments under nonlinear expectations. By introducing a discretization method, we construct a nonlinear expectation under which the given two processes can be seen as a ... More
Towards Big Topic ModelingNov 17 2013To solve the big topic modeling problem, we need to reduce both time and space complexities of batch latent Dirichlet allocation (LDA) algorithms. Although parallel LDA algorithms on the multi-processor architecture have low time and space complexities, ... More
Higgs Boson Production via Gluon Fusion in the Standard Model with four GenerationsNov 19 2010Nov 04 2011Higgs bosons can be produced copiously at the LHC via gluon fusion induced by top and bottom quark loops, and can be enhanced strongly if extra heavy quarks exist. We present results for Higgs +zero-, one- and two-jet production at the LHC, in both the ... More
Hamiltonian Connectivity of Twisted Hypercube-Like Networks under the Large Fault ModelNov 23 2011Twisted hypercube-like networks (THLNs) are an important class of interconnection networks for parallel computing systems, which include most popular variants of the hypercubes, such as crossed cubes, M\"obius cubes, twisted cubes and locally twisted ... More
Communication-Efficient Parallel Belief Propagation for Latent Dirichlet AllocationJun 11 2012This paper presents a novel communication-efficient parallel belief propagation (CE-PBP) algorithm for training latent Dirichlet allocation (LDA). Based on the synchronous belief propagation (BP) algorithm, we first develop a parallel belief propagation ... More
Coexistence of Scattering Enhancement and Suppression by Plasmonic Cavity Modes in Loaded Dimer Gap-AntennasAug 13 2015Plasmonic nanoantenna is of promising applications in optical sensing, single-molecular detection, and enhancement of optical nonlinear effect, surface optical spectroscopy, photochemistry, photoemission, photovoltaics, etc. Here we show that in a carefully-designed ... More
First-principles study of four quaternary Heusler alloys ZrMnVZ and ZrCoFeZ (Z=Si, Ge)Jan 03 2015We investigate the electronic structure and magnetic properties of four quaternary Heusler alloys ZrMnVZ and ZrCoFeZ (Z=Si, Ge) by using first-principle calculations. It is shown that ZrMnVSi, ZrMnVGe and ZrCoFeSi are half-metallic ferromagnets with considerable ... More
Half-metallic ferromagnetism in the RbSe and CsTe compounds with CsCl structure: A first-principles studyApr 29 2015We investigate the electronic structures and magnetic properties of RbSe and CsTe compounds in CsCl, RS and ZB structures by using first-principles calculation. It is shown that these two compounds exhibit half-metallic ferromagnetism with an integer ... More
Photon-pair jet production via gluon fusion at the LHCNov 03 2011Apr 11 2013Photon-pair direct or jet-associated productions are important for relevant standard model measurement, Higgs and new physics searches at the LHC. The loop-induced gluon-fusion process gg -> \gamma\gamma g, which although formally contributes only at ... More
$Ab$ $intito$ study on some new spin-gapless semiconductors: The Zr-based quanternary Heusler alloysNov 27 2014Jan 20 2015Employing $ab$ $intito$ electronic structure calculations, we have investigated electronic and magnetic properties of the Zr-based quanternary Heusler alloys: ZrCoVIn, ZrFeVGe, ZrCoFeP, ZrCoCrBe and ZrFeCrZ (Z=In and Ga). Our $ab$ $intito$ calculation ... More
Theory for charge and orbital density-wave states in manganite La$_{0.5}$Sr$_{1.5}$MnO$_4$Nov 01 2012Apr 15 2013We investigate the high temperature phase of layered manganites, and demonstrate that the charge-orbital phase transition without magnetic order in La$_{0.5}$Sr$_{1.5}$MnO$_4$ can be understood in terms of the density wave instability. The orbital ordering ... More
BDGS: A Scalable Big Data Generator Suite in Big Data BenchmarkingJan 22 2014Feb 27 2014Data generation is a key issue in big data benchmarking that aims to generate application-specific data sets to meet the 4V requirements of big data. Specifically, big data generators need to generate scalable data (Volume) of different types (Variety) ... More
Core-Shell Structured Dielectric-Metal Circular Nanodisk Antenna: Gap Plasmon Assisted Magnetic Toroid-like Cavity ModesDec 04 2014Plasmonic nanoantennas, the properties of which are essentially determined by their resonance modes, are of interest both fundamentally and for various applications. Antennas with various shapes, geometries and compositions have been demonstrated, each ... More
Testing the $d^{*}_{x^{2}-y^{2}}$-wave pairing symmetry by quasiparticle interference in BiS$_{2}$-based superconductorsApr 28 2014The quasiparticle interference (QPI) patterns in BiS$_{2}$-based superconductors are theoretically investigated by taking into account the spin-orbital coupling and assuming the recently proposed $d^{*}_{x^{2}-y^{2}}$-wave pairing symmetry. We found two ... More
Hidden sign-changing $s$-wave superconductivity in monolayer FeSeApr 16 2016Combining the recent scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) measurements, we construct a tight-binding model suitable for describing the band structure of monolayer FeSe grown on SrTiO$_{3}$. Then we ... More
Catching jetted tidal disruption events early in millimetreJun 22 2016Relativistic jets can form from at least some tidal disruption events (TDEs) of (sub-)stellar objects around supermassive black holes. We detect the millimeter (MM) emission of IGR J12580+0134 --- the nearest TDE known in the galaxy NGC 4845 at the distance ... More
Giant mesoscopic spin Hall effect on surface of topological insulatorSep 20 2010We study mesoscopic spin Hall effect on the surface of topological insulator with a step-function potential. The giant spin polarization induced by a transverse electric current is derived analytically by using McMillan method in the ballistic transport ... More
A first-principle study of half-Heusler alloys CKMg and SiKMgJun 10 2015The structural, electronic, and magnetic properties of half-Heusler alloys CKMg and SiKMg are studied by using first-principle density functional theory. The calculations reveal the SiKMg alloy is a half-metallic ferromagnet with the magnetic moment of ... More
First-principle study on compensated half metallic double perovskite compound $Ba_2PrVO_6$May 14 2016The first-principle study on double perovskite compound Ba$_2$PrVO$_6$ has been presented in this paper. By analysing band structures and integrated density of states, it is found that Ba$_2$PrVO$_6$ is ferromagnetic metallic within LSDA and compensated ... More
Exotic Hadrons Of Minimal Pentaquark ($qqqq\Bar{Q}$) StatesMay 27 2003It is shown that the exotic non-qqq hadrons of pentaquark $qqqq\bar{q}$ states can be clearly distinguished from the conventional qqq-baryon resonances or their hybrids if the flavor of $\bar{q}$ is different from any of the other four quarks. We suggest ... More
Anomalous dynamic behaviour of optically trapped high aspect ratio nanowiresAug 12 2015We investigate the dynamics of high aspect ratio nanowires trapped axially in a single gradient force optical tweezers. A power spectrum analysis of the Brownian dynamics reveals a broad spectral resonance of the order of a kHz with peak properties that ... More
Carrier thermalization dynamics in single Zincblende and Wurtzite InP nanowiresOct 31 2014Using transient Rayleigh scattering (TRS) measurements, we obtain photoexcited carrier thermalization dynamics for both zincblende (ZB) and wurtzite (WZ) InP single nanowires (NW) with picosecond resolution. A phenomenological fitting model based on direct ... More
Properties of the Resonance Lambda(1520) as seen in the Forward Electroproduction at JLab Hall ASep 25 2010High-resolution spectrometer measurements of the reaction H(e,e' K+)X at small Q2 are used to extract the mass and width of the Lambda(1520). We investigate dependence of the resonance parameters on different parametrizations of the background and the ... More
A first-principle study on some quanternary Heusler alloys with 4d and 3d transition metal elementsJan 16 2015In this letter, we investigate the magnetic properties, electronic structures, Slater-Pauling behaviours of some quanternary Heusler alloys with 4d and 3d transition metal elements. The energy levels of the minority-spin electronic band structures for ... More
Context-aware System Service Call-oriented Symbolic Execution of Android Framework with Application to Exploit GenerationNov 02 2016Android Framework is a layer of software that exists in every Android system managing resources of all Android apps. A vulnerability in Android Framework can lead to severe hacks, such as destroying user data and leaking private information. With tens ... More
First-principle study on bulk and (1 1 1) surface of MP (M=K and Rb) in rocksalt structureApr 08 2015The electronic and magnetic properties of bulk and (1 1 1) surfaces for MP (M=K ans Rb) in rocksalt structure have been investigated by employing first-principle calculations. The results reveal that the compounds are half-metallic ferromagnets at the ... More
Asymptotic Behavior of Solution to the Incompressible Nematic Liquid Crystal Flows in R^3Dec 01 2014Jan 26 2015In this paper, we investigate the Cauchy problem for the incompressible nematic liquid crystal flows in three-dimensional whole space. First of all, we establish the global existence of solution by energy method under assumption of small initial data. ... More
Gluon Fusion induced Zg and Zgg Productions in the Standard Model at the LHCNov 01 2011We report calculations of the gluon induced Zg and Zgg productions in the Standard Model at the LHC operating at both 7 TeV and 14 TeV collision energy. We present total cross sections and differential distributions of the processes and compare them with ... More
Strong Solution to the Density-dependent Incompressible Nematic Liquid Crystal FlowsFeb 01 2015In this paper, we investigate the density-dependent incompressible nematic liquid crystal flows in $n(n=2$ or $3)$ dimensional bounded domain. More precisely, we obtain the local existence and uniqueness of the solutions when the viscosity coefficient ... More
Silicon Layer Intercalation of Centimeter-Scale, Epitaxially-Grown Monolayer Graphene on Ru(0001)Dec 19 2011We develop a strategy for graphene growth on Ru(0001) followed by silicon-layer intercalation that not only weakens the interaction of graphene with the metal substrate but also retains its superlative properties. This G/Si/Ru architecture, produced by ... More
Constraining the Flaring Region of Sagittarius A* By 1.3mm VLBI MeasurementsDec 22 2011We use a model of an accretion flow coupled with an emergent flare to interpret the latest 1.3mm VLBI measurements for Sagittarius A*. The visibility data constrained the distances from the flare center to the black hole center as $d_{\rm EW}\lesssim20{\rm ... More
Method of studying the Bogoliubov-de Gennes equations for the superconducting vortex lattice stateAug 26 2009In this paper, we present a method to construct the eigenspace of the normal-state electrons moving in a 2D square lattice in presence of a perpendicular uniform magnetic field which imposes (quasi)-periodic boundary conditions for the wave functions ... More
Affine quantum Schur algebras and affine Hecke algebrasMay 03 2012Let ${\mathsf F}$ be the Schur functor from the category of finite dimensional ${\mathcal H}_{\vartriangle}(r)_\mathbb C$-modules to the category of finite dimensional ${\mathcal S}_{\vartriangle}(n,r)_{\mathbb{C}}$-modules, where ${\mathcal H}_{\vartriangle}(r)_\mathbb ... More
Integral affine Schur-Weyl reciprocityMay 09 2012Let ${\boldsymbol{\mathfrak D}_{\vartriangle}}(n)$ be the double Ringel--Hall algebra of the cyclic quiver $\triangle(n)$ and let $\dot{\boldsymbol{\mathfrak D}_{\vartriangle}}(n)$ be the modified quantum affine algebra of ${\boldsymbol{\mathfrak D}_{\vartriangle}}(n)$. ... More
Kolmogorov's law of the iterated logarithm for noncommutative martingalesDec 06 2012Jan 20 2014We prove Kolmogorov's law of the iterated logarithm for noncommutative martingales. The commutative case was due to Stout. The key ingredient is an exponential inequality proved recently by Junge and the author.
On the Bott-Chern characteristic classes for coherent sheavesNov 14 2016Using the concept of a cohesive module defined by Block, we use the theory of superconnections in the sense of Quillen to construct natural superconnections on Hermitian cohesive modules. By the Chern-Weil construction, we obtain characteristic classes ... More
Understanding the radiative decays of vector charmonia to light pseudoscalar mesonsDec 06 2010Jan 24 2011We show that the newly measured branching ratios of vector charmonia ($J/\psi$, $\psi^\prime$ and $\psi(3770))$ into $\gamma P$, where $P$ stands for light pseudoscalar mesons $\pi^0$, $\eta$, and $\eta^\prime$, can be well understood in the framework ... More
Affine quantum Schur algebras at roots of unityMay 14 2012Aug 06 2012We will classify finite dimensional irreducible modules for affine quantum Schur algebras at roots of unity and generalize \cite[(6.5f) and (6.5g)]{Gr80} to the affine case in this paper.
Cyclotomy and permutation polynomials of large indicesSep 18 2012We use cyclotomy to design new classes of permutation polynomials over finite fields. This allows us to generate many classes of permutation polynomials in an algorithmic way. Many of them are permutation polynomials of large indices.
The fixed subgroups of homeomorphisms of Seifert manifoldsJan 30 2015Let $M$ be a compact connected orientable Seifert manifold with hyperbolic orbifold $B_M$, and $f_{\pi}: \pi_1(M)\rightarrow\pi_1(M)$ be an automorphism induced by an orientation-reversing homeomorphism $f$ of $M$. We give a bound on the rank of the fixed ... More
Black hole central engine for ultra-long gamma-ray burst 111209A and its associated supernova 2011klMay 16 2016Recently, the first association between an ultra-long gamma-ray burst (GRB) and a supernova is reported, i.e., GRB 111209A/SN 2011kl, which enables us to investigate the physics of central engines or even progenitors for ultra-long GRBs. In this paper, ... More
Teleportation-based realization of an optical quantum two-qubit entangling gateNov 02 2010In recent years, there has been heightened interest in quantum teleportation, which allows for the transfer of unknown quantum states over arbitrary distances. Quantum teleportation not only serves as an essential ingredient in long-distance quantum communication, ... More
Possible superconductivity in Sr$_{2}$IrO$_{4}$ probed by quasiparticle interferenceOct 21 2014Mar 19 2015Based on the possible superconducting (SC) pairing symmetries recently proposed, the quasiparticle interference (QPI) patterns in electron- and hole-doped Sr$_{2}$IrO$_{4}$ are theoretically investigated. In the electron-doped case, the QPI spectra can ... More
Some sufficient conditions of a given series with rational terms converging to an irrational number or a transcdental numberJul 09 2008Jul 18 2008In this paper, we propose various sufficient conditions to determine if a given real number is an irrational number or a transcendental number and also apply these conditions to some interesting examples, particularly,one of them comes from complex analytic ... More
Roadmap for gravitational wave detection in space - a preliminary studyJan 26 2016Part of a review paper entitled "Gravitational wave astronomy: the current status.", appeared in " Science China Physics, Mechanics & Astronomy 58.12 (2015): 1-41.
Co-development of significant elastic and reversible plastic deformation in nanowiresMar 12 2013When a material is subjected to an applied stress, the material will experience recoverable elastic deformation followed by permanent plastic deformation at the point when the applied stress exceeds the yield stress of the material. Microscopically, the ... More
Anderson Impurity in Helical MetalOct 16 2009Jul 15 2010We use a trial wave function to study the spin-1/2 Kondo effect of a helical metal on the surface of a three-dimensional topological insulator. While the impurity spin is quenched by conduction electrons, the spin-spin correlation of the conduction electron ... More
Fermion Families from Two Layer Warped Extra DimensionsAug 15 2008Aug 19 2008In extra dimensions, the quark and lepton mass hierarchy can be reproduced from the same order bulk mass parameters, and standard model fermion families can be generated from one generation in the high dimensional space. We try to explain the origin of ... More
Hamiltonian prisms on 5-chordal graphsMar 04 2016In this paper, we provide a method to find a Hamiltonian cycle in the prism of a 5-chordal graph, which is $(1+\epsilon)$-tough, with some special conditions.
Towards the André-Oort conjecture for mixed Shimura varieties: the Ax-Lindemann theorem and lower bounds for Galois orbits of special pointsOct 04 2013Mar 19 2015We prove in this paper the Ax-Lindemann-Weierstrass theorem for all mixed Shimura varieties and discuss the lower bounds for Galois orbits of special points of mixed Shimura varieties. In particular we reprove a result of Silverberg in a different approach. ... More
An Empirical Likelihood-based Local EstimationMar 26 2014This paper proposes a local representation for Empirical Likelihood (EL). EL admits the classical local linear quadratic representation by its likelihood ratio property. A local estimator is derived by using the new representation. Consistency, local ... More
An LP-based 3/2-approximation algorithm for the graphic s-t path TSPApr 26 2013We design a new LP-based algorithm for the graphic $s$-$t$ path Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP), which achieves the best approximation factor of 1.5. The algorithm is based on the idea of narrow cuts due to An, Kleinberg, and Shmoys. It partly answers ... More
On the change of density of states in two-body interactionsOct 23 2016We derive a general relation in two-body scattering theory that more directly relates the change of density of states (DDOS) due to interaction to the shape of the potential. The relation allows us to infer certain global properties of the DDOS from the ... More
A complement to Diananda's inequalityNov 28 2016Let $M_{n,r}=(\sum_{i=1}^{n}q_ix_i^r)^{\frac {1}{r}}, r \neq 0$ and $M_{n,0}=\lim_{r \rightarrow 0}M_{n,r}$ be the weighted power means of $n$ non-negative numbers $x_i$ with $q_i > 0$ satisfying $\sum^n_{i=1}q_i=1$. In particular, $A_n=M_{n,1}, G_n=M_{n,0}$ ... More
Some Monotonicity Properties of Gamma and $q$-gamma FunctionsSep 07 2007Sep 21 2007We prove some properties of completely monotonic functions and apply them to obtain results on gamma and $q$-gamma functions.
Effects of interaction and polarization on spin-charge separation: A time-dependent spin-density-functional theory studyJan 18 2011We calculate the nonequilibrium dynamic evolution of a one-dimensional system of two-component fermionic atoms after a strong local quench by using a time-dependent spin-density-functional theory. The interaction quench is also considered to see its influence ... More
Age-structured population models with ApplicationsJul 04 2016A general model of age-structured population dynamics is developed and the fundamental properties of its solutions are analyzed. The model is a semilinear partial differential equation with a nonlinear nonlocal boundary condition. Existence, uniqueness ... More
Continous perturbations of noncommutative Euclidean spaces and toriMay 22 2016We prove a continuous version of the Haagerup and R{\o}rdam's result about the bounded perturbation of the Heisenberg relation. It gives a continuous Moyal deformation of noncommutative plane. This result is also an example of the continuous embedding ... More
Curvature estimate on the finite graph with large girthSep 27 2016The CD inequalities and CDE inequalities are useful in the estimate of curvature on graphs. This article is based on the ufinite graph with large girth, and finally concludes some curvature estimate in CD and CDE.
The Robustness and Super-Robustness of L^p Estimation, when p < 1Jun 22 2012Oct 11 2012In robust statistics, the breakdown point of an estimator is the percentage of outliers with which an estimator still generates reliable estimation. The upper bound of breakdown point is 50%, which means it is not possible to generate reliable estimation ... More
On the metric s-t path Traveling Salesman ProblemApr 30 2014Mar 14 2015We study the metric $s$-$t$ path Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP). [An, Kleinberg, and Shmoys, STOC 2012] improved on the long standing $\frac{5}{3}$-approximation factor and presented an algorithm that achieves an approximation factor of $\frac{1+\sqrt{5}}{2}\approx1.61803$. ... More
Hypoelliptic Diffusion Maps I: Tangent BundlesMar 17 2015We introduce the concept of Hypoelliptic Diffusion Maps (HDM), a framework generalizing Diffusion Maps in the context of manifold learning and dimensionality reduction. Standard non-linear dimensionality reduction methods (e.g., LLE, ISOMAP, Laplacian ... More
Controlled and secure direct communication using GHZ state and teleportationDec 01 2003A theoretical scheme for controlled and secure direct communication is proposed. The communication is based on GHZ state and controlled quantum teleportation. After insuring the security of the quantum channel (a set of qubits in the GHZ state), Alice ... More
Vortex and droplet in holographic D-wave superconductorsDec 12 2011Apr 05 2012We investigate non-trivial localized solutions of the condensate in a (2+1)-dimensional D-wave holographic superconductor model in the presence of a background magnetic field. The calculation is done in the context of the (3+1)-dimensional dual gravity ... More
Descriptive Control Theory: A ProposalSep 11 2014Sep 14 2014Logic is playing an increasingly important role in the engineering of real-time, hybrid, and cyber-physical systems, but mostly in the form of posterior verification and high-level analysis. The core methodology in the design of real-world systems consists ... More
A discrete model of energy-conserved wavefunction collapseMar 30 2013Energy nonconservation is a serious problem of dynamical collapse theories. In this paper, we propose a discrete model of energy-conserved wavefunction collapse. It is shown that the model is consistent with existing experiments and our macroscopic experience. ... More
A conjecture on the origin of dark energyJan 25 2010Jul 16 2011The physical origin of holographic dark energy (HDE) is investigated. The main existing explanations, namely the UV/IR connection argument of Cohen et al, Thomas' bulk holography argument, and Ng's spacetime foam argument, are shown to be not satisfactory. ... More
Strain Induced Slowdown of Front Propagation in Random Shear Flow via Analysis of G-equationsSep 02 2015It is proved that for the 2-dimensional case with random shear flow of the G-equation model with strain term, the strain term reduces the front propagation. Also an improvement of the main result by Armstrong-Souganidis is provided.
Adapted bases of Kisin modules and Serre weightsMay 11 2015Jun 13 2016Let $p>2$ be a prime. Let $K$ be a tamely ramified finite extension over $\mathbb Q_p$ with ramification index $e$, and let $G_K$ be the Galois group. We study Kisin modules attached to crystalline representations of $G_K$ whose labeled Hodge-Tate weights ... More
Neutron Electromagnetic Form FactorsNov 08 2004The nucleon electromagnetic form factors have been studied in the past extensively from unpolarized electron scattering experiments. With the development in polarized beam, recoil polarimetry, and polarized target technologies, polarization experiments ... More
Statistical Inference for Algorithmic LeveragingJun 05 2016Jul 13 2016The age of big data has produced data sets that are computationally expensive to analyze. To deal with such large-scale data sets, the method of algorithmic leveraging proposes that we sample according to some special distribution, rescale the data, and ... More
Study of Radiative Decays of Psi(2S) MesonsSep 14 2009Sep 16 2009We studied the decay psi(2S) to gamma eta_c(2S) with 25.9 million psi(2S) events collected with the CLEO-c detector. No psi(2S) to gamma eta_c(2S) decays were observed in any of the eleven exclusive eta_c(2S) decay modes studied. The product branching ... More
Non L-space integral homology 3-spheres with no nice orderingsSep 24 2016Nov 02 2016This paper gives infinitely many examples of non L-space irreducible integer homology 3-spheres whose fundamental groups do not have nontrivial $\widetilde{PSL_2(\mathbb{R})}$ representations.
An Arithmetic Coding Scheme for Blocked-based Compressive Sensing of ImagesApr 24 2016Differential pulse-code modulation (DPCM) is recently coupled with uniform scalar quantization (SQ) to improve the rate-distortion (RD) performance for the block-based quantized compressive sensing (CS) of images. In this framework, for each block's CS ... More
On an inequality suggested by LittlewoodOct 04 2010Jan 18 2011We study an inequality suggested by Littlewood, our result refines a result of Bennett.
A Note on Carleman's InequalityJun 15 2007We study a weighted version of Carleman's inequality via Carleman's original approach. As an application of our result, we prove a conjecture of Bennett.
Identification and collapse---the seeds of quantum superluminal communicationJul 08 1999Jul 10 1999We deeply analyze the relation between the identification process of the classical definite states and collapse process of the measured superposition state of such definite states, and show that these two processes are essentially irrelevant, which then ... More
CIJET: a program for computation of jet cross sections induced by quark contact interactions at hadron collidersJan 30 2013We describe CIJET1.0, a Fortran program that aiming for the calculation of single-inclusive jet or dijet production cross sections induced by quark contact interactions from new physics at hadron colliders, up to next-to-leading order in QCD. It covers ... More
Harmonic analysis of the functions $\tildeΔ(x)$ and $N(T)$Nov 08 2011In this paper, under the Riemann hypothesis, we study the Fourier analysis about the functions $\tilde{\Delta}(x)$ and $N(T)$ .
Analytical treatment of the emittance growth in the main Linacs of future linear collidersMay 09 2000In this paper the single and multibunch emittance growths in the main linac of a linear collider are analytically treated in analogy to the Brownian motion of a molecule, and the analytical formulae for the emittance growth due to accelerating structure ... More
The Preliminary Results on Super RobustnessAug 09 2012Feb 14 2015In this paper, we investigate super robust estimation approaches, which generate a reliable estimation even when the noise observations are more than half in an experiment. The following preliminary research results on super robustness are presented: ... More
On explicit factors of Cyclotomic polynomials over finite fieldsNov 22 2010We study the explicit factorization of $2^n r$-th cyclotomic polynomials over finite field $\mathbb{F}_q$ where $q, r$ are odd with $(r, q) =1$. We show that all irreducible factors of $2^n r$-th cyclotomic polynomials can be obtained easily from irreducible ... More
Comments on "Stack-based Algorithms for Pattern Matching on DAGs"Sep 01 2011Mar 29 2012The paper "Stack-based Algorithms for Pattern Matching on DAGs" generalizes the classical holistic twig join algorithms and proposes PathStackD, TwigStackD and DagStackD to respectively evaluate path, twig and DAG pattern queries on directed acyclic graphs. ... More
Quantum quasi-shuffle algebras II. Explicit formulas, dualization, and representationsFeb 24 2013Jan 07 2016Using the concept of mixable shuffles, we formulate explicitly the quantum quasi-shuffle product, as well as the subalgebra generated by primitive elements of the quantum quasi-shuffle bialgebra. We construct a braided coalgebra structure which is dual ... More
From quantum quasi-shuffle algebras to braided Rota-Baxter algebrasFeb 18 2013In this letter, we use quantum quasi-shuffle algebras to construct Rota-Baxter algebras, as well as tridendriform algebras. We also propose the notion of braided Rota-Baxter algebras, which is the relevant object of Rota-Baxter algebras in a braided tensor ... More
On the inverses of some classes of permutations of finite fieldsOct 31 2013We study the compositional inverses of some general classes of permutation polynomials over finite fields. We show that we can write these inverses in terms of the inverses of two other polynomials bijecting subspaces of the finite field, where one of ... More
Irreducible polynomials with prescribed sums of coefficientsMay 02 2016Let $q$ be a power of a prime, let $\mathbb{F}_q$ be the finite field with $q$ elements and let $n \geq 2$. For a polynomial $h(x) \in \mathbb{F}_q[x]$ of degree $n \in \mathbb{N}$ and a subset $W \subseteq [0,n] := \{0, 1, \ldots, n\}$, we define the ... More
Inexact Alternating Direction Method Based on Newton descent algorithm with Application to Poisson Image DeblurringDec 15 2014Mar 16 2015The recovery of images from the observations that are degraded by a linear operator and further corrupted by Poisson noise is an important task in modern imaging applications such as astronomical and biomedical ones. Gradient-based regularizers involve ... More
Link power coordination for energy conservation in complex communication networksOct 10 2010Communication networks consume huge, and rapidly growing, amount of energy. However, a lot of the energy consumption is wasted due to the lack of global link power coordination in these complex systems. This paper proposes several link power coordination ... More
Existence of two-step replica symmetry breaking for the spherical mixed p-spin glass at zero temperatureFeb 08 2018We provide the first examples of two-step replica symmetry breaking (2-RSB) models for the spherical mixed p-spin glass at zero temperature. Precisely, we show that for a certain class of mixtures, the Parisi measure at zero temperature is purely atomic ... More
Simulation of beam-beam induced emittance growth in the HL-LHC with crab cavitiesOct 22 2014The emittance growth in the HL-LHC due to beam-beam effects is examined by virtue of strong-strong computer simulations. A model of the transverse damper and the noise level have been tuned to simulate the emittance growth in the present LHC. Simulations ... More
Inhomogeneous spin diffusion of transversely polarized fermions at a high temperature limitJul 10 2016Aug 17 2016We study the transverse spin diffusion of trapped polarized Fermi gases based on the quantum Boltzmann equation. The inhomogeneous dephasing can not completely removed by the echo pulse and might have significant correction to the demagnetization dynamics. ... More