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Attention Tree: Learning Hierarchies of Visual Features for Large-Scale Image RecognitionAug 01 2016One of the key challenges in machine learning is to design a computationally efficient multi-class classifier while maintaining the output accuracy and performance. In this paper, we present a tree-based classifier: Attention Tree (ATree) for large-scale ... More
Unsupervised Regenerative Learning of Hierarchical Features in Spiking Deep Networks for Object RecognitionFeb 03 2016We present a spike-based unsupervised regenerative learning scheme to train Spiking Deep Networks (SpikeCNN) for object recognition problems using biologically realistic leaky integrate-and-fire neurons. The training methodology is based on the Auto-Encoder ... More
Tree-CNN: A Hierarchical Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Incremental LearningFeb 15 2018May 23 2018In recent years, Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) have shown remarkable performance in many computer vision tasks such as object recognition and detection. However, complex training issues, such as `catastrophic forgetting' and hyper-parameter tuning, ... More
Conditional Deep Learning for Energy-Efficient and Enhanced Pattern RecognitionSep 29 2015Jan 28 2016Deep learning neural networks have emerged as one of the most powerful classification tools for vision related applications. However, the computational and energy requirements associated with such deep nets can be quite high, and hence their energy-efficient ... More
Discretization based Solutions for Secure Machine Learning against Adversarial AttacksFeb 08 2019Feb 11 2019Adversarial examples are perturbed inputs that are designed (from a deep learning network's (DLN) parameter gradients) to mislead the DLN during test time. Intuitively, constraining the dimensionality of inputs or parameters of a network reduces the 'space' ... More
Discretization based Solutions for Secure Machine Learning against Adversarial AttacksFeb 08 2019Adversarial examples are perturbed inputs that are designed (from a deep learning network's (DLN) parameter gradients) to mislead the DLN during test time. Intuitively, constraining the dimensionality of inputs or parameters of a network reduces the 'space' ... More
Perovskite Quantum OrganismoidsMar 03 2017A central characteristic of living beings is the ability to learn from and respond to their environment leading to habit formation and decision making1-3. This behavior, known as habituation, is universal among forms of life with a central nervous system, ... More
Inferring disease correlation from healthcare dataOct 11 2015Electronic Health Records maintained in health care settings are a potential source of substantial clinical knowledge. The massive volume of data, unstructured nature of records and obligatory requirement of domain acquaintance together pose a challenge ... More
FALCON: Feature Driven Selective Classification for Energy-Efficient Image RecognitionSep 12 2016Machine-learning algorithms have shown outstanding image recognition or classification performance for computer vision applications. However, the compute and energy requirement for implementing such classifier models for large-scale problems is quite ... More
Energy-Efficient Object Detection using Semantic DecompositionSep 29 2015Sep 20 2016Machine-learning algorithms offer immense possibilities in the development of several cognitive applications. In fact, large scale machine-learning classifiers now represent the state-of-the-art in a wide range of object detection/classification problems. ... More
Magnetic Tunnel Junction Mimics Stochastic Cortical Spiking NeuronsOct 01 2015Jul 23 2016Brain-inspired computing architectures attempt to mimic the computations performed in the neurons and the synapses in the human brain in order to achieve its efficiency in learning and cognitive tasks. In this work, we demonstrate the mapping of the probabilistic ... More
ASP: Learning to Forget with Adaptive Synaptic Plasticity in Spiking Neural NetworksMar 22 2017Jun 08 2018A fundamental feature of learning in animals is the "ability to forget" that allows an organism to perceive, model and make decisions from disparate streams of information and adapt to changing environments. Against this backdrop, we present a novel unsupervised ... More
Towards the effectiveness of Deep Convolutional Neural Network based Fast Random Forest ClassifierSep 28 2016Deep Learning is considered to be a quite young in the area of machine learning research, found its effectiveness in dealing complex yet high dimensional dataset that includes but limited to images, text and speech etc. with multiple levels of representation ... More
Big Models for Big Data using Multi objective averaged one dependence estimatorsOct 25 2016Even though, many researchers tried to explore the various possibilities on multi objective feature selection, still it is yet to be explored with best of its capabilities in data mining applications rather than going for developing new ones. In this ... More
Lambda AntiLambda Production as a Benchmark Channel for PANDAAug 02 2005The PANDA experiment which is part of the future FAIR facility at Darmstadt will investigate reactions of antiprotons with hydrogen and nuclear targets. One of the benchmark channel for the simulation and the design of the detector is the Lambda AntiLambda ... More
Cell-Level Modeling of IEEE 802.11 WLANsJun 02 2013We develop a scalable \textit{cell-level} analytical model for multi-cell infrastructure IEEE 802.11 WLANs under a so-called Pairwise Binary Dependence (PBD) condition. The PBD condition is a geometric property under which the relative locations of the ... More
Boundary perturbations and the Helmholtz equation in three dimensionsDec 07 2012We propose an analytic perturbative scheme for determining the eigenvalues of the Helmholtz equation, $(\nabla^2 + k^2) \psi = 0$, in three dimensions with an arbitrary boundary where $\psi$ satisfies either the Dirichlet boundary condition ($\psi =0$ ... More
Probing Very High Energy Prompt Muon and Neutrino fluxes and the cosmic ray knee via Underground MuonsDec 14 2005Aug 31 2006We calculate event rate and demonstrate the observational feasibility of very high energy muons (1-1000 TeV) in a large mass underground detector operating as a pair-meter. This energy range corresponds to surface muon energies of $\sim$(5 TeV - 5000 ... More
Two Graviton Production at $e^+e^-$ and Hadron Hadron Colliders in the Randall-Sundrum ModelJan 28 2004Jan 31 2004We compute the pair production cross section of two Kaluza Klein modes in the Randall-Sundrum model at $e^+e^-$ and hadron hadron colliders. These processes are interesting because they get dominant contribution from the graviton interaction at next to ... More
Antibracket as the Hamiltonian Structure of a classical integrable systemJan 27 1995The time evolution in a supersymmetric extension of the Kodomtsev-Petviashvilli hierarchy, a classical integrable system, is shown to be Hamiltonian. The canonical bracket associated to the Hamiltonian evolution is the classical analog of the antibracket ... More
On the Twisted $N=2$ Superconformal Structure in $2d$ Gravity Coupled to MatterMay 10 1993It is shown that the two dimensional gravity, described either in the conformal gauge (the Liouville theory) or in the light cone gauge, when coupled to matter possesses an infinite number of twisted $N=2$ superconformal symmetries. The central charges ... More
On the Symmetry Algebra of the Discrete States in $d<2$ Closed String TheoryJan 21 1993The Symmetry charges associated with the Lian-Zuckerman states for $d<2$ closed string theory are constructed. Unlike in the open string case, it is shown here that the symmetry charges commute among themselves and act trivially on all the physical states. ... More
Space-resolved characterization of high frequency atmospheric-pressure plasma in nitrogen applying optical emission spectroscopy and numerical simulationSep 26 2011Averaged plasma parameters such as electron distribution function and electron density are determined by characterization of high frequency (2.4 GHz) nitrogen-plasma using both experimental methods, namely optical emission spectroscopy (OES) and microphotography, ... More
COSMOS-${\it e}'$-GTachyon from String TheoryNov 18 2015Apr 12 2016In this article, our prime objective is to study the inflationary paradigm from generalized tachyon (GTachyon) living on the world volume of a non-BPS string theory. The tachyon action is considered here is getting modified compared to the original action. ... More
Anisotropic Bouncing Scenario in $F(X)-V(φ)$ modelJan 08 2015We investigate the cosmology of a class of model with noncanonical scalar field and matter in an anisotropic time dependent background. Writing the Einstein Equations in terms of dimensionless dynamical variables appropriately defined for bouncing solutions, ... More
Prospects for detection of the lunar Cerenkov emission by the UHE Cosmic Rays and Neutrinos using the GMRT and the Ooty Radio TelescopeMay 28 2008Searching for the Ultra high energy Cosmic rays and Neutrinos of $> 10^{20} eV$ is of great cosmological importance. A powerful technique is to search for the \v{C}erenkov radio emission caused by UHECR or UHE neutrinos impinging on the lunar regolith. ... More
Remarks on the Additional Symmetries and W-Constraints in the Generalized KdV HierarchyJul 16 1992Additional symmetries of the $p$-reduced KP hierarchy are generated by the Lax operator $L$ and another operator $M$, satisfying $res (M^n L^{m+n/p})$ = 0 for $1 \leq n \leq p-1$ and $m \geq -1$ with the condition that ${\partial L \over {\partial t_{kp}}}$ ... More
Probing Low-x QCD With Very High Energy Prompt MuonsDec 31 2006We explore the possibility of utilizing the prompt muon fluxes at very high energies in order to discriminate various models/parametrizations of low-x QCD behaviour of hadronic cross-sections relevant at such energies. We find that the pair meter technique ... More
Finite Temperature Effects and Axion CosmologyMay 08 2006We investigate the impact of finite temperature effects on axions in the context of cosmology. The temperature dependence of the decay constant is modeled analogous to pions. For the two interesting cases considered here, we find that the temperature ... More
Topological Conformal Algebra in $2d$ Gravity Coupled to Minimal MatterSep 10 1993An infinite number of topological conformal algebras with varying central charges are explicitly shown to be present in $2d$ gravity (treated both in the conformal gauge and in the light-cone gauge) coupled to minimal matter. The central charges of the ... More
BRST Cohomology Ring in ${\hat c_M}<1$ NSR String TheoryJul 09 1995The full cohomology ring of the Lian-Zuckerman type operators (states) in ${\hat c_M}<1$ Neveu-Schwarz-Ramond (NSR) string theory is argued to be generated by three elements $x$, $y$ and $w$ in analogy with the corresponding results in the bosonic case. ... More
Precision resonance energy scans with the PANDA experiment at FAIR -- Sensitivity study for width and line-shape measurements of the X(3872)Dec 12 2018This paper summarises a comprehensive Monte Carlo simulation study for precision resonance energy scan measurements. Apart from the proof of principle for natural width and line-shape measurements of very narrow resonances with PANDA, the achievable sensitivities ... More
Brane Embeddings in AdS_4 x CP^3Sep 16 2009Jun 13 2011We construct D-brane embeddings in AdS_4 x CP^3 by studying the consistency conditions following from the pull back of target space equations of motion. We explicitly discuss the supersymmetry preserved by these embeddings by analyzing the compatibility ... More
Anisotropic Cyclic Universe in $F(X)-V(φ)$ modelJun 16 2014Jul 08 2015We investigate the cosmology of a class of model with noncanonical scalar field and matter in an anisotropy background. We find fixed points and their stability which constraints equation of state parameter for the matter. This is done after expressing ... More
Warm tachyonic inflation in warped backgroundJan 05 2009Jun 11 2009We analyze warm tachyonic inflation, proposed in the literature, but from the viewpoint of four dimensional effective action for tachyon field on a non-BPS D3-brane. We find that consistency with observational data on density perturbation and validity ... More
Electromagnetic Strings: Complementarity between Time and TemperatureMay 08 2002Oct 07 2002We investigate some of the intricate features in a gravity decoupling limit of a open bosonic string theory, in a constant electromagnetic (EM-) field. We explain the subtle nature of space-time at short distances, due to its entanglement with the gauge ... More
Boundary Fluctuations of AdS StringOct 19 1998We analyse the world-sheet perturbations of string theory formulated around $AdS_3$ background. We identify a set of operators that, while added to the world-sheet action, generate the boundary fluctuations of $AdS_3$. The effect of these operators can ... More
The Lax Operator Approach for the Virasoro and the W-Constraints in the Generalized KdV HierarchyAug 26 1992We show directly in the Lax operator approach how the Virasoro and W-constraints on the $\tau$-function arise in the $p$-reduced KP hierarchy or generalized KdV hierarchy. In partiacular, we consider the KdV and Boussinesq hierarchy to show that the Virasoro ... More
F-string Solution in AdS4 X CP3 PP-wave BackgroundJun 06 2016We present supergravity solution for F-string in pp wave background obtained from AdS4 X CP3 with zero flat directions.The classical solution is shown to break all space-time supersymmetries. We explicitly write down the standard as well as supernumerary ... More
Supersymmetric and Kappa-invariant Coincident D0-BranesJan 10 2003Jan 12 2003We propose a generic supersymmetric and kappa-invariant action for describing coincident D0-branes with non-abelian matter fields on their worldline. The action is shown to be in agreement with the Matrix Theory limit of the ND0-brane effective action. ... More
Non-BPS Branes in a Type I OrbifoldSep 27 2000May 21 2001We analyse the spectrum of non-BPS branes in the type I theory on the orbifold $T^4/{\cal I}_4$. We present a detailed analysis of the action of the worldsheet parity $\Omega$ on the different D-brane boundary state sectors of type IIB on $T^4/{\cal I}_4$, ... More
Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays from Early Decaying Primordial Black HolesSep 13 2005Origin of ultra high energy cosmic rays is an unsolved problem. Several proposals such as Z-burst, decay of super massive matter, susy particles as a primary, neutrino as a primary in extra dimension models exist in the literature which try to address ... More
The Spacetime Life of a Non-BPS D-particleMar 04 2000Mar 27 2000We investigate the classical geometry generated by a stable non-BPS D-particle. We consider the boundary state of a stable non-BPS D-particle in the covariant formalism in the type IIB theory orbifolded by (-1)^{F_L} I_4. We calculate the scattering amplitude ... More
Gelfand-Dikii Brackets for Nonstandard Supersymmetric SystemsOct 11 1995We show how a general nonstandard Lax equation (supersymmetric or otherwise) can be expressed as a standard Lax equation. This enables us to define the Gelfand-Dikii brackets for a nonstandard supersymmetric equation. We discuss the Hamiltonian structures ... More
Characterization of transient discharges under atmospheric pressure conditions applying nitrogen photoemission and current measurementsSep 26 2011Feb 16 2012The plasma parameters such as electron distribution function and electron density of three atmospheric-pressure transient discharges namely filamentary and homogeneous dielectric barrier discharges in air, and the spark discharge of argon plasma coagulation ... More
Field theoretic study of light hypernucleiNov 24 1997A nonperturbative field theoretic calculation has been made for the $s$-shell hypernuclei. Here we dress the $\Lambda$- and $\Sigma$- hypernuclei with off-mass shell pion pairs. The analysis replaces the scalar isoscalar potential by quantum coherent ... More
Modeling Multi-Cell IEEE 802.11 WLANs with Application to Channel AssignmentMar 01 2009Mar 14 2009We provide a simple and accurate analytical model for multi-cell infrastructure IEEE 802.11 WLANs. Our model applies if the cell radius, $R$, is much smaller than the carrier sensing range, $R_{cs}$. We argue that, the condition $R_{cs} >> R$ is likely ... More
Coincident Dp-branes in codimension twoNov 13 2002Nov 23 2002We derive the mass shell condition for N coincident D0 branes in codimension two i.e. in space-time dimension three. Using this we present the action for this system in first order formalism. Our analysis is restricted to flat space-time.
High-energy Atmospheric Muon Flux Expected at India-Based Neutrino ObservatoryOct 16 2007Feb 04 2008We calculate the zenith-angle dependence of conventional and prompt high-energy muon fluxes at India-Based Neutrino Observatory (INO) depth. This study demonstrates a possibility to discriminate models of the charm hadroproduction including the low-x ... More
Particle Physics Bounds from the Hulse-Taylor BinaryFeb 28 1994Oct 29 1994The orbital period of the binary pulsar PSR 1913+16 has been observed to decrease at the rate of $2.40\times 10^{-12}$ s/s which agrees with the prediction of the quadropole formula for gravitational radiation to within one percent. The decrease in orbital ... More
State Dependent Attempt Rate Modeling of Single Cell IEEE~802.11 WLANs with Homogeneous Nodes and Poisson Packet ArrivalsOct 21 2010Analytical models for IEEE 802.11-based WLANs are invariably based on approximations, such as the well-known \textit{decoupling approximation} proposed by Bianchi for modeling single cell WLANs consisting of saturated nodes. In this paper, we provide ... More
Local Scale Invariance and InflationApr 29 2016We study the inflation and the cosmological perturbations generated during the inflation in a local scale invariant model. The local scale invariant model introduces a vector field $S_{\mu}$ in this theory. In this paper, for simplicity, we consider the ... More
NP-Completeness of Hamiltonian Cycle Problem on Rooted Directed Path GraphsSep 15 2008The Hamiltonian cycle problem is to decide whether a given graph has a Hamiltonian cycle. Bertossi and Bonuccelli (1986, Information Processing Letters, 23, 195-200) proved that the Hamiltonian Cycle Problem is NP-Complete even for undirected path graphs ... More
Metric deformation and boundary value problems in 3DJul 24 2013A novel perturbative method, proposed by Panda {\it et al.} [1] to solve the Helmholtz equation in two dimensions, is extended to three dimensions for general boundary surfaces. Although a few numerical works are available in the literature for specific ... More
Godel Type Metrics in Randall Sundrum ModelJan 17 2005Oct 14 2005Anisotropic cosmological models such as the G\"{o}del universe and its extensions - G\"{o}del type solutions, are embedded on a visible 3-brane in the Randall-Sundrum 1 model. The size of the extra dimension is stabilized by tuning the rotation parameter ... More
Some Algorithmic Results on Restrained Domination in GraphsJun 07 2016A set $D\subseteq V$ of a graph $G=(V,E)$ is called a restrained dominating set of $G$ if every vertex not in $D$ is adjacent to a vertex in $D$ and to a vertex in $V \setminus D$. The \textsc{Minimum Restrained Domination} problem is to find a restrained ... More
On several kinds of sums involving balancing and Lucas-balancing numbersAug 21 2016Sep 04 2016A balancing number $x$ is a natural number such that $8x^2+1$ is a perfect square and $\sqrt{8x^2+1}$ is called a Lucas-balancing number. In this paper, we explore several finite and infinite sums involving balancing and Lucas-balancing numbers.
Career Path Suggestion using String Matching and Decision TreesMay 23 2015High school and college graduates seemingly are often battling for the courses they should major in order to achieve their target career. In this paper, we worked on suggesting a career path to a graduate to reach his/her dream career given the current ... More
Electronic Structure and magnetism in Ir based double-perovskite Sr$_2$CeIrO$_6$Jan 26 2013The electronic structure and magnetism of Sr$_2$CeIrO$_6$, an Ir-based double perovskite system has been investigated using first-principles calculations. We found that a strong spin-orbit coupling dictate the electronic and magnetic properties of this ... More
Entanglement Temperature With Gauss-Bonnet TermJul 23 2015Jul 30 2015We compute the entanglement temperature using the first law-like of thermodynamics, $\Delta E=T_{ent} \Delta S_{EE}$, up to Gauss-Bonnet term in the Jacobson-Myers entropy functional in any arbitrary spacetime dimension. The computation is done when the ... More
On several kinds of sums of balancing numbersAug 21 2016Jan 11 2018The balancing numbers $B_n$ ($n=0,1,\cdots$) are solutions of the binary recurrence $B_n=6B_{n-1}-B_{n-2}$ ($n\ge 2$) with $B_0=0$ and $B_1=1$. In this paper we show several relations about the sums of product of two balancing numbers of the type $\sum_{m=0}^n ... More
The paradoxical zero reflection at zero energyMay 24 2016Sep 28 2016Usually, the reflection probability $R(E)$ of a particle of zero energy incident on a potential which converges to zero asymptotically is found to be 1: $R(0)=1$. But earlier, a paradoxical phenomenon of zero reflection at zero energy ($R(0)=0$) has been ... More
Non-Perturbative Theory for Dispersion Self-Energy of AtomsNov 02 2014We go beyond the approximate series-expansions used in the dispersion theory of finite size atoms. We demonstrate that a correct, and non-perturbative, theory dramatically alters the dispersion selfenergies of atoms. The non-perturbed theory gives as ... More
Super-quantum states in SU(2) invariant $3 \times N$ level systemsAug 18 2016Nonclassicality of quantum states is expressed in many shades, the most stringent of them being a new standard introduced recently in [Phys. Rev. A 89, 062110 (2014)]. This is accomplished by expanding the notion of local hidden variables (LHV) to generalised ... More
Rotating compact star with superconducting quark matterJan 19 2006A compact star with superconducting quark core, the hadron crust and the mixed phase between the two is considered. The quark meson coupling model for hadron matter and the color flavor locked quark model for quark matter is used in order to construct ... More
Charm Physics Performance Studies for PANDANov 22 2010The study of the charmonium (cbar c) system is a powerful tool to understand the strong interaction. In pbar p annihilations studied with PANDA, the mass and width of the charmonium state, such as h_c, will be measured with an excellent accuracy, determined ... More
A New Dynamic Round Robin and SRTN Algorithm with Variable Original Time Slice and Intelligent Time Slice for Soft Real Time SystemsMar 20 2011The main objective of the paper is to improve the Round Robin (RR) algorithm using dynamic ITS by coalescing it with Shortest Remaining Time Next (SRTN) algorithm thus reducing the average waiting time, average turnaround time and the number of context ... More
Eigenvalue Problem in Two Dimensions for an Irregular Boundary II: Neumann ConditionJun 23 2011We formulate a systematic elegant perturbative scheme for determining the eigenvalues of the Helmholtz equation (\bigtriangledown^{2} + k^{2}){\psi} = 0 in two dimensions when the normal derivative of {\psi} vanishes on an irregular closed curve. Unique ... More
Effect of thermal and cryogenic conditioning on flexural behavior of thermally shocked Cu-Al2O3 micro- and nano-compositesNov 06 2014This investigation has used flexural test to explore the effects of thermal treatments, i.e., high-temperature and cryogenic environments on the mechanical property of alumina particulate-reinforced Cu metal matrix micro and nanocomposites in ex-situ ... More
Higher order corrections to Heterotic M-theory inflationJul 03 2009We investigate inflation driven by $N$ dynamical five-branes in Heterotic M-theory using the scalar potential derived from the open membrane instanton sector. At leading order the resulting theory can be mapped to power law inflation, however more generally ... More
A New Viable f(R) Model in the Light of Local Gravity Test and Late-time CosmologyJul 05 2016We propose a new model of f (R) gravity containing Arctan function in the lagrangian. We show here that this model satisfies fifth force constraint unlike a similar model [1]. In addition to this, we carry out the fixed point analysis as well as comment ... More
A SQP Based Line Search Method for Multi-objective Optimization ProblemsDec 10 2018In this paper a globally convergent sequential quadratic programming (SQP) method is developed for multi-objective optimization problems with inequality type constraints. A feasible descent direction is obtained using a linear approximation of all objective ... More
Text Classification and Distributional features techniques in Datamining and WarehousingNov 22 2013Text Categorization is traditionally done by using the term frequency and inverse document frequency.This type of method is not very good because, some words which are not so important may appear in the document .The term frequency of unimportant words ... More
Formation of neutron-rich and superheavy elements in astrophysical objectsJun 20 2009We calculate the reaction and the fusion cross-sections of neutron-rich heavy nuclei taking light exotic isotopes as projectiles. Results of neutron-rich Pb and U isotopes are demonstrated as the representative targets and He, B as the projectiles. The ... More
Structure effect on one neutron removal reaction using relativistic mean field densities in Glauber modelOct 24 2010We calculate the one neutron removal reaction cross-section $(\sigma_{-1n})$ for few stable and neutron-rich halo nuclei with $^{12}$C as target, using relativistic mean field (RMF) densities, in the frame work of Glauber model.The results are compared ... More
Properties of Many-Polaron in Fractional Dimensional SpaceNov 09 2014Polaron binding energy and effective mass are calculated in the fractional-dimensional space approach using the second-order perturbation theory. The effect of carrier density on the static screening correction of the electron-phonon interaction is calculated ... More
Brane-Production and the Neutrino-Nucleon cross section at Ultra High Energies in Low Scale Gravity ModelsJan 24 2002Oct 16 2002The origin of the ultra high energy cosmic ray (UHECR) showers has remained as a mystery among particle physicists and astrophysicists. In low scale gravity models, where the neutrino-nucleon cross section rises to typical hadronic values at energies ... More
An orientifold of the solitonic fivebraneJun 09 1997Jun 25 1997We study an orientifold of the solitonic fivebrane of type II string theory. The consideration is restricted to a space-time domain which can be described by an exact conformal field theory. There are no IR divergent contributions to tadpole diagrams ... More
The Finiteness of vortices in steady incompressible viscous fluid flowApr 13 2016In this work, we provide two novel approaches to show that incompressible fluid flow in a finite domain contains at most a finite number vortices. We use a recently developed geometric theory of incompressible viscous flows along with an existing mathematical ... More
Electromagnetic Polarization Effects due to Axion Photon MixingJun 05 2002Jun 25 2002We investigate the effect of axions on the polarization of electromagnetic waves as they propagate through astronomical distances. We analyze the change in the dispersion of the electromagnetic wave due to its mixing with axions. We find that this leads ... More
Dualities in Five Dimensions and Charged String SolutionsNov 29 1995We consider an eleven dimensional supergravity compactified on $K3\times T^2$ and show that the resulting five dimensional theory has identical massless states as that of heterotic string compactified on a specific five torus $T^5$. The strong-weak coupling ... More
Supersymmetric SU(5) GUT with Stabilized ModuliSep 18 2007We construct a minimal example of a supersymmetric grand unified model in a toroidal compactification of type I string theory with magnetized D9-branes. All geometric moduli are stabilized in terms of the background internal magnetic fluxes which are ... More
Curvature Singularity in f(R) Theories of GravityApr 21 2015Jul 02 2015Although $f(R)$ modification of late time cosmology is successful in explaining present cosmic acceleration, it is difficult to satisfy the fifth-force constraint simultaneously. Even when the fifth-force constraint is satisfied, the effective scalar ... More
A semi-empirical formula for the eigenspectrum of the 2-dimensional Helmholtz equation with Dirichlet or Neumann condition on a supercircular boundaryOct 23 2009Jun 21 2011In a recent paper \cite{chak} Chakraborty et al have put forward a perturbative formulation for solving the 2 dimensional homogeneous Helmholtz equation with the Dirichlet condition on a supercircular boundary. In this note a single parameter (supercircular ... More
Physics Programme of PANDA at FAIRSep 23 2009The standard model and Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) have undergone rigorous tests at distances much shorter than the size of a nucleon. Up to now, the predicted phenomena are reproduced rather well. However, at distances comparable to the size of a nucleon, ... More
EMC studies using the simulation framework of PANDAJan 26 2010The Anti-Proton ANnihilation at DArmstadt (PANDA) experiment proposed at the Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research (FAIR) in Darmstadt (Germany) will perform a high precision spectroscopy of charmonium and exotic hadrons, such as hybrids, glueballs ... More
Fermion Wavefunctions in Magnetized branes: Theta identities and Yukawa couplingsApr 06 2009Aug 10 2009Computation of Yukawa couplings, determining superpotentials as well as the K\"{a}hler metric, with oblique (non-commuting) fluxes in magnetized brane constructions is an interesting unresolved issue, in view of the importance of such fluxes for obtaining ... More
Breathers in a Discrete Nonlinear Schrödinger type Model : Exact Stability ResultsApr 01 2002Exact stability analysis of 1-site breathers in an NLS type model (ref. [4], see below) indicates destabilisation through a growth rate becoming positive as a stability border is crossed, while above a critical spatial decay rate ($\lambda_c$) the breather ... More
Rotating Brane World Black HolesApr 12 2001Nov 07 2001A five dimensional rotating black string in a Randall-Sundrum brane world is considered. The black string intercepts the three brane in a four dimensional rotating black hole. The geodesic equations and the asymptotics in this background are discussed. ... More
Four-dimensional High-Branes as Intersecting D-BranesSep 06 1996Sep 19 1996We show that a class of extremal four-dimensional supersymmetric ``high-branes'', i.e. string and domain wall solutions, can be interpreted as intersections of four ten-dimensional Dirichlet branes. These $d=4$ solutions are related, via $T$-duality in ... More
The Finiteness of Moffatt vorticesApr 15 2016May 03 2016Till date, the sequence of vortices present in the solid corners of internal viscous incompressible flows, widely known as Moffatt vortices was thought to be infinite. In this paper, we propose two topological equivalence classes of Moffatt vortices in ... More
Studies of Hadron Structure and Interactions with the $\overline{\bf P}$ANDA Experiment at FAIRDec 10 2015The $\overline{\mbox{P}}$ANDA experiment together with the high quality antiproton beam at HESR will be a powerful tool to address fundamental questions of hadron physics in the charm and multi-strange hadron sector. In connection with the recent data ... More
Self-consistent quantum effects in the quark meson coupling modelNov 29 2001We derive the equation of state of nuclear matter including vacuum polarization effects arising from the nucleons and the sigma mesons in the quark-meson coupling model which incorporates explicitly quark degrees of freedom with quark coupled to the scalar ... More
Plasma Dispersion in Fractional-Dimension SpaceMar 24 2014The dielectric function for electron gas with parabolic energy bands is derived in a fractional dimensional space. The static response function shows a good dimensional dependance. The plasma frequencies are obtained from the roots of the dielectric functions. ... More
On the construction of non-2-colorable uniform hypergraphsAug 27 2013Aug 23 2014The problem of 2-coloring uniform hypergraphs has been extensively studied over the last few decades. An n-uniform hypergraph is not 2-colorable if its vertices can't be colored with two colors, Red and Blue, such that every hyperedge contains Red as ... More
Hadron Spectroscopy at PANDAJun 11 2012FAIR a new International Facility for Antiproton and Ion Reaserach, is under construction at Darmstadt, in Germany. This will provide scientists in the world with outstanding beams and experimental conditions for studying matter at the level of atoms, ... More
Nuclear Structure corrections for Parity Non-conservation in Atomic Ba$^+$ and Ra$^+$Aug 25 2005We calculate the binding energy, charge radii in $^{126}$Ba--$^{140}$Ba and $^{214}$Ra--$^{228}$Ra using the relativistic mean field theory which includes scalar and vector mesons. We then evaluate the nuclear structure corrections to the weak charges ... More
Effect of Rhombohedral to Orthorhombic Transition on Magnetic and Dielectric Properties of La and Ti co-substituted BiFeO3May 27 2014Polycrystalline La and Ti co-substituted ceramics were synthesized by the tartaric acid modified sol-gel technique. It was observed that the co-substitution of La & Ti at Bi & Fe sites in BiFeO3 suppress the impurity phase formation which is a common ... More
Bell violation in the SkyJul 01 2016In this work, we have studied the possibility of setting up Bell's inequality violating experiment in the context of cosmology, based on the basic principles of quantum mechanics. First we start with the physical motivation of implementing the Bell's ... More
Prospects of inflation in delicate D-brane cosmologyJul 19 2007Oct 29 2007We study D-brane inflation in a warped conifold background that includes brane-position dependent corrections for the nonperturbative superpotential. Instead of stabilizing the volume modulus chi at instantaneous minima of the potential and studying the ... More