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A Unified Linear-Time Framework for Sentence-Level Discourse ParsingMay 14 2019We propose an efficient neural framework for sentence-level discourse analysis in accordance with Rhetorical Structure Theory (RST). Our framework comprises a discourse segmenter to identify the elementary discourse units (EDU) in a text, and a discourse ... More
The Gaussian Two-way Diamond ChannelOct 04 2013We consider two-way relaying in a Gaussian diamond channel, where two terminal nodes wish to exchange information using two relays. A simple baseline protocol is obtained by time-sharing between two one-way protocols. To improve upon the baseline performance, ... More
Dynamically Generated Patterns in Dense Suspensions of Active FilamentsAug 10 2016Motivated by recent experiments on suspensions of active microtubule bundles driven by molecular motors we use Langevin dynamics simulations to study a dense planar layer of active semi-flexible filaments. Using the strength of active force and the thermal ... More
Code-Mixed Sentiment Analysis Using Machine Learning and Neural Network ApproachesAug 09 2018Sentiment Analysis for Indian Languages (SAIL)-Code Mixed tools contest aimed at identifying the sentence level sentiment polarity of the code-mixed dataset of Indian languages pairs (Hi-En, Ben-Hi-En). Hi-En dataset is henceforth referred to as HI-EN ... More
Outer Bounds for the Capacity Region of a Gaussian Two-way Relay ChannelAug 10 2012Oct 08 2012We consider a three-node half-duplex Gaussian relay network where two nodes (say $a$, $b$) want to communicate with each other and the third node acts as a relay for this twoway communication. Outer bounds and achievable rate regions for the possible ... More
Personalized Ranking in eCommerce SearchApr 30 2019We address the problem of personalization in the context of eCommerce search. Specifically, we develop personalization ranking features that use in-session context to augment a generic ranker optimized for conversion and relevance. We use a combination ... More
Unsupervised Heart-rate Estimation in Wearables With Liquid States and A Probabilistic ReadoutJul 18 2017Heart-rate estimation is a fundamental feature of modern wearable devices. In this paper we propose a machine intelligent approach for heart-rate estimation from electrocardiogram (ECG) data collected using wearable devices. The novelty of our approach ... More