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Proton-proton physics in ALICEJan 26 2007The ALICE experiment has several unique features which makes it an important contributor to proton-proton physics at the LHC, in addition to its specific design goal of studying the physics of strongly interacting matter in heavy-ion collisions. The unique ... More
Event-by-event fluctuations and the QGP phase transitionAug 14 2006Fluctuations of thermodynamic quantities are fundamental to the study of QGP phase transition. Event-by-event fluctuations of many quantities have been studied by dedicated heavy-ion experiments. A brief review of recent experimental results is presented. ... More
Single Atoms on an Optical NanofiberSep 18 2007We show that single-atoms can be trapped on the surface of a subwavelength-diameter silica-fiber, an optical nanofiber, without any external field, and that single photons spontaneously emitted from the atoms can be readily detected through the single ... More
Fluorescence photon measurements from single quantum dots on an optical nanofiberDec 03 2011We experimentally investigate the fluorescence photon emission characteristics for single q-dots by using optical nanofibers. We demonstrate that single q-dots can be deposited along an optical nanofiber systematically and reproducibly with a precision ... More
Photonic crystal nanofiber using an external gratingJun 02 2013We implement a photonic crystal nanofiber device by reversibly combining an optical nanofiber and a nanofabricated grating. Using the finite-difference time-domain method, we design the system for minimal optical loss while tailoring the resonant wavelength ... More
Nanofibers with Bragg gratings from equidistant holesMar 09 2011We study nanofibers with Bragg gratings from equidistant holes. We calculate analytically and numerically the reflection and transmission coefficients for a single grating and also for a cavity formed by two gratings. We show that the reflection and transmission ... More
Gyroscopic Precession and Inertial Forces in Axially Symmetric Stationary SpacetimesAug 12 1998We study the phenomenon of gyroscopic precession and the analogues of inertial forces within the framework of general relativity. Covariant connections between the two are established for circular orbits in stationary spacetimes with axial symmetry. Specializing ... More
Ab-initio Study of Size and Strain Effects on the Electronic Properties of Si NanowiresOct 07 2010We have applied density-functional theory (DFT) based calculations to investigate the size and strain effects on the electronic properties, such as band structures, energy gaps, and effective masses of the electron and the hole, in Si nanowires along ... More
Opto-Electronics in Large Array Gas Detector SystemsDec 23 2005Large array gas detector systems are used in particle and nuclear physics experiments involving high-energy nucleon-nucleon and heavy-ion collisions. We have observed that in large array gas detector systems the momentary discharges inside the detector ... More
Algebraic approach to time-delay data analysis for LISADec 22 2001Jun 20 2002Cancellation of laser frequency noise in interferometers is crucial for attaining the requisite sensitivity of the triangular 3-spacecraft LISA configuration. Raw laser noise is several orders of magnitude above the other noises and thus it is essential ... More
Stochastic gravitational wave background from accreting primordial black hole binaries during early inspiral stageApr 30 2019We investigate the stochastic gravitational wave background produced by primordial black hole binaries during their early inspiral stage while accreting high-density radiation surrounding them in the early universe. We first show that the gravitational ... More
Hard To Soft Magnetic Transition of Co in Co/Au Multilayer FilmsAug 19 2016Aug 31 2016We report hard to soft magnetic transition of Co in Co/Au multilayer films prepared by e-beam evaporation. The coercive field of the films reduced systematically with increasing number of bilayers, as observed by MOKE. This was due to increase in amorphization ... More
Optical Nanofibers for Manipulating and Probing Single-Atom FluorescenceOct 17 2006We demonstrate how optical nanofibers can be used to manipulate and probe single-atom fluorescence. We show that fluorescence photons from a very small number of atoms, average atom number of less than 0.1, around the nanofiber can readily be observed ... More
Magnetostructural transition in Ce(Fe0.975Ga0.025)2 compoundMay 21 2010The magnetic and magnetostructural properties of the polycrystalline Ce(Fe0.975Ga0.025)2 have been investigated as a function of temperature and magnetic field. In Ce(Fe0.975Ga0.025)2 the magnetic transition from antiferromagnetic (AFM) to ferromagnetic ... More
The Quadratic Spin Squeezing OperatorsNov 07 2007Feb 29 2008We discuss generic spin squeezing operators (quadratic in angular momentum operators) capable of squeezing out quantum mechanical noise from a system of two-level atoms (spins) in a coherent state. Such systems have been considered by Kitagawa and Ueda ... More
Comprehending particle production at RHIC and LHC energies using global measurementsSep 27 2016The centrality dependence of the charged-particle multiplicity densities ($dN_{ch}/d\eta$) and transverse energy densities ($dE_{T}/d\eta$) are investigated using the two-component Glauber approach for broad range of energies in heavy ion collisions at ... More
Heusler 4.0: Tunable MaterialsDec 18 2016Feb 01 2017Heusler compounds are a large family of binary, ternary and quaternary compounds that exhibit a wide range of properties of both fundamental and potential technological interest. The extensive tunability of the Heusler compounds through chemical substitutions ... More
Inverse photoemission spectroscopic studies on phase separated La$_{0.2}$Sr$_{0.8}$MnO$_{3}$Nov 06 2014We have studied the temperature evolution of the inverse photoemission spectra of phase separated La$_{0.2}$Sr$_{0.8}$MnO$_{3}$. To identify the features in the room temperature experimental spectra, band structure calculations using Korringa-Kohn-Rostoker ... More
Effect of Layer-Stacking on the Electronic Structure of Graphene NanoribbonsJul 16 2011The evolution of electronic structure of graphene nanoribbons (GNRs) as a function of the number of layers stacked together is investigated using \textit{ab initio} density functional theory (DFT) including interlayer van der Waals interactions. Multilayer ... More
Reducing the flexing of the arms of LISAJul 25 2005The joint NASA-ESA mission LISA relies crucially on the stability of the three spacecraft constellation. All three spacecraft are on heliocentric and weakly eccentric orbits forming a stable triangle. It has been shown that for certain spacecraft orbits, ... More
Time Delay Interferometry and LISA Optimal SensitivityJun 13 2003The sensitivity of LISA depends on the suppression of several noise sources; dominant one is laser frequency noise. It has been shown that the six Doppler data streams obtained from three space-crafts can be appropriately time delayed and optimally combined ... More
Matrix algebras over algebras of unbounded operatorsDec 17 2018Let $\mathscr{M}$ be a $II_1$ factor acting on the Hilbert space $\mathscr{H}$, and $\mathscr{M}_{\textrm{aff}}$ be the Murray-von Neumann algebra of closed densely-defined operators affiliated with $\mathscr{M}$. Let $\tau$ ($\tau_n$, respectively) denote ... More
A characterization of finite dimensional nilpotent Lie superalgebrasOct 22 2018Let $L$ be a nilpotent Lie superalgebras of dimension $(m\mid n)$ for some non-negative integers $m$ and $n$ and put $s(L) = \frac{1}{2}[(m + n - 1)(m + n -2)]+ n+ 1 - \dim \mathcal{M}(L)$, where $\mathcal{M}(L)$ denotes the Schur multiplier of $L$. Recently, ... More
Fundamentals of the LISA Stable Flight FormationOct 19 2004The joint NASA-ESA mission LISA relies crucially on the stability of the three spacecraft constellation. Each of the spacecraft is in heliocentric orbits forming a stable triangle. The principles of such a formation flight have been formulated long ago ... More
Optimising the directional sensitivity of LISAJun 12 2003It was shown in a previous work that the data combinations canceling laser frequency noise constitute a module - the module of syzygies. The cancellation of laser frequency noise is crucial for obtaining the requisite sensitivity for LISA. In this work ... More
Improving the Sensitivity of LISAOct 04 2002It has been shown in the past, that the six Doppler data streams obtained LISA configuration can be combined by appropriately delaying the data streams for cancelling the laser frequency noise. Raw laser noise is several orders of magnitude above the ... More
Imaging of interlayer coupling in van der Waals heterostructures using a bright-field optical microscopeDec 23 2016May 01 2017Vertically stacked atomic layers from different layered crystals can be held together by van der Waals forces, which can be used for building novel heterostructures, offering a platform for developing a new generation of atomically thin, transparent and ... More
Inverting a permutation is as hard as unordered searchJul 17 2010Mar 11 2011We show how an algorithm for the problem of inverting a permutation may be used to design one for the problem of unordered search (with a unique solution). Since there is a straightforward reduction in the reverse direction, the problems are essentially ... More
Multipliers of nilpotent Lie superalgebrasJan 11 2018In this paper, first we prove that all finite dimensional special Heisenberg Lie superalgebras with even center have same dimension, say $(2m+1\mid n)$ for some non-negative integers $m,n$ and are isomorphism with them. Further, for a nilpotent Lie superalgebra ... More
Manifestation of the Berry curvature in Co2TiSn Heusler filmsOct 12 2017Various Co2 based Heusler compounds are predicted to be Weyl materials. These systems with broken symmetry possess a large Berry curvature, and introduce exotic transport properties. The present study on epitaxially grown Co2TiSn films is an initial approach ... More
Progressive magnetic softening of ferromagnetic layers in multilayer ferromagnet-nonmagnet systems and the role of granularityAug 19 2016Feb 18 2017We report a study of the structural and magnetic behavior of the topmost magnetic layer in a ferromagnet-nonmagnet (Co-Au) multilayer system. Glancing angle X-ray diffraction measurements performed on a series of multilayers showed a gradually increasing ... More
Exchange bias up to room temperature in the antiferromagnetic bulk hexagonal Mn3GeNov 13 2013This work reports an exchange bias (EB) effect up to room temperature in the binary intermetallic bulk compound Mn3.04Ge0.96. The sample annealed at 700 K crystallizes in a tetragonal structure with ferromagnetic ordering, whereas, the sample annealed ... More
Large linear magnetoresistance and weak anti-localization in Y(Lu)PtBi topological insulatorsFeb 02 2015Feb 03 2015Topological insulators are new kind of Dirac materials that possess bulk insulating and surface conducting behavior. They are basically known for their unique electronic properties at the surface. Here we present the magneto-transport properties of our ... More
Excitation mechanism of OI lines in Herbig Ae/Be starsMar 06 2018We have investigated the role of a few prominent excitation mechanisms viz. collisional excitation, recombination, continuum fluorescence and Lyman beta fluorescence on the OI line spectra in Herbig Ae/Be stars. The aim is to understand which of them ... More
Interference measurements of non-Abelian e/4 & Abelian e/2 quasiparticle braidingMay 24 2019The quantum Hall states at filling factors 5/2 and 7/2 are expected to have Abelian charge e/2 quasiparticles and non-Abelian charge e/4 quasiparticles. We test this by measuring resistance oscillations as a function of magnetic field in quantum Hall ... More
Compensated ferrimagnetic tetragonal Heusler thin films for antiferromagnetic spintronicsAug 09 2016In recent years, antiferromagnetic spintronics has received much attention since ideal antiferromagnets do not produce stray fields and are much more stable to external magnetic fields compared to materials with net magnetization. Akin to antiferromagnets, ... More
Long-term stability test of a triple GEM detectorJul 30 2016The main aim of the study is to perform the long-term stability test of gain of the single mask triple GEM detector. A simple method is used for this long- term stability test using a radioactive X-ray source with high activity. The test is continued ... More
Effect of Foregrounds on the CMBR Multipole AlignmentJul 12 2010We analyze the effect of foregrounds on the observed alignment of CMBR quadrupole and octopole. The alignment between these multipoles is studied by using a symmetry based approach which assigns a principal eigenvector (PEV) or an axis with each multipole. ... More
Resonantly hybridised excitons in moiré superlattices in van der Waals heterostructuresApr 12 2019Atomically-thin layers of two-dimensional materials can be assembled in vertical stacks held together by relatively weak van der Waals forces, allowing for coupling between monolayer crystals with incommensurate lattices and arbitrary mutual rotation. ... More
Testing statistical Isotropy in Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization mapsJul 13 2017Jan 03 2018We apply our symmetry based Power tensor technique to test conformity of PLANCK Polarization maps with statistical isotropy. On a wide range of angular scales (l=40-150), our preliminary analysis detects many statistically anisotropic multipoles in foreground ... More
Composite device for interfacing an array of atoms with a single nanophotonic cavity modeDec 08 2016We propose a method of trapping atoms in arrays near to the surface of a composite nanophotonic device with optimal coupling to a single cavity mode. The device, comprised of a nanofiber mounted on a grating, allows the formation of periodic optical trapping ... More
Large anomalous Hall effect driven by non-vanishing Berry curvature in non-collinear antiferromagnetic Mn3GeNov 10 2015Apr 18 2016It is well established that the anomalous Hall effect that a ferromagnet displays scales with its magnetization. Therefore, an antiferromagnet that has no net magnetization should exhibit no anomalous Hall effect. Here we show that the non-collinear triangular ... More
Multiplicity Distributions and Charged-neutral FluctuationsMar 21 2001Results from the multiplicity distributions of inclusive photons and charged particles, scaling of particle multiplicities, event-by-event multiplicity fluctuations, and charged-neutral fluctuations in 158$\cdot A$ GeV Pb+Pb collisions are presented and ... More
Exciton Binding Energy in small organic conjugated moleculeAug 20 2012For small organic conjugated molecules the exciton binding energy can be calculated treating molecules as conductor, and is given by a simple relation BE \approx e2/(4{\pi}{\epsilon}0{\epsilon}R), where {\epsilon} is the dielectric constant and R is the ... More
Preliminary Results on Direct Photon-Photon HBT Measurements in $\sqrt{s_{\rm{NN}}}$ = 62.4 GeV and 200 GeV Au+Au Collisions at RHICNov 30 2005We present the preliminary results on direct photon interferometry measurements in Au+Au collisions at $\sqrt{s_{\rm{NN}}}$ = 62.4 and 200 GeV using the STAR (Solenoidal Tracker at RHIC) detector. Photons are reconstructed via $e^+/e^-$ conversions in ... More
Extremely large magnetoresistance and ultrahigh mobility in the topological Weyl semimetal NbPFeb 15 2015Jun 22 2015Recent experiments have revealed spectacular transport properties of conceptually simple semimetals. For example, normal semimetals (e.g. WTe$_2$) have started a new trend to realize a large magnetoresistance, which is the change of electrical resistance ... More
Heavy Ions: Results from the Large Hadron ColliderJan 20 2012On November 8, 2010 the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN collided first stable beams of heavy ions (Pb on Pb) at center-of-mass energy of 2.76 TeV/nucleon. The LHC worked exceedingly well during its one month of operation with heavy ions, delivering ... More
Quark-Gluon Plasma: Present and FutureApr 08 2008We review a sample of the experimental results from AGS to SPS and RHIC and their interpretations towards understanding of the Quark-Gluon Plasma. We discuss extrapolations of these results to the upcoming LHC experiments. Finally, we present the plans ... More
Observation of chiral magneto-transport in RPtBi topological Heusler compoundsApr 06 2016Topological materials ranging from topological insulators to Weyl and Dirac semimetals form one of the most exciting current fields in condensed matter research. Many half-Heusler compounds have been theoretically predicted to be topological semimetals. ... More
Photonic crystal formation on optical nanofibers using femtosecond laser ablation techniqueOct 29 2012We demonstrate that thousands of periodic nano-craters are fabricated on a subwavelength-diameter tapered optical fiber, an optical nanofiber, by irradiating with just a single femtosecond laser pulse. A key aspect of the fabrication is that the nanofiber ... More
Overview of event-by-event analysis of high energy nuclear collisionsJun 19 2007The event-by-event analysis of high energy nuclear collisions aims at revealing the richness of the underlying event structures and provide unique measures of dynamical fluctuations associated with QGP phase transition. The major challenge in these studies ... More
Searches for beyond Standard Model Higgs bosons at CMSOct 28 2013A search for neutral Higgs bosons in the minimal supersymmetric extension of the Standard Model (MSSM) decaying to a pair of b quarks or a pair of tau leptons, using events recorded by the CMS experiment at the LHC in 2011 and 2012 at the centre-of-mass ... More
The STAR Photon Multiplicity DetectorDec 07 2002Details concerning the design, fabrication and performance of STAR Photon Multiplicity Detector (PMD) are presented. The PMD will cover the forward region, within the pseudorapidity range 2.3--3.5, behind the forward time projection chamber. It will measure ... More
Orbital Magnetism in the CupratesDec 06 2001The pseudogap phase of the cuprate superconductors is argued to be characterized by a hidden broken symmetry of d-wave character in the particle-hole channel that leads to staggered orbital magnetism. This proposal has many striking phenomenological consequences, ... More
A Separation between Divergence and Holevo Information for EnsemblesDec 22 2007Dec 29 2007The notion of divergence information of an ensemble of probability distributions was introduced by Jain, Radhakrishnan, and Sen in the context of the ``substate theorem''. Since then, divergence has been recognized as a more natural measure of information ... More
Multiplicity Distributions and Charged-Neutral FluctuationsAug 29 2001We discuss the importance of event-by-event fluctuations in relativistic heavy-ion collisions. We present results of multiplicity fluctuations of photons and charged particles produced in 158$\cdot A$ GeV Pb+Pb collisions at CERN-SPS. Multiplicity fluctuations ... More
Search for DCC in 158A GeV Pb+Pb CollisionsSep 30 1999A detailed analysis of the phase space distributions of charged particles and photons have been carried out using two independent methods. The results indicate the presence of nonstatistical fluctuations in localized regions of phase space.
Quasiparticle bandgap engineering of graphene and graphone on hexagonal boron nitride substrateOct 26 2011Graphene holds great promise for post-silicon electronics, however, it faces two main challenges: opening up a bandgap and finding a suitable substrate material. In principle, graphene on hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) substrate provides potential system ... More
Soft Phonon Mode Dynamics in Aurivillius Type StructuresSep 03 2016Jun 12 2017We report the dynamics of soft phonon modes and their role towards the various structural transformations in Aurivillius materials by employing terahertz frequency-domain spectroscopy, atomic pair distribution function analysis, and first-principles calculations. ... More
Electron Electric Dipole Moment and Hyperfine Interaction Constants for ThOJan 10 2014Mar 28 2014A recently implemented relativistic four-component configuration interaction approach to study ${\cal{P}}$- and ${\cal{T}}$-odd interaction constants in atoms and molecules is employed to determine the electron electric dipole moment effective electric ... More
Measurement of the Electrical Properties of a Thundercloud Through Muon Imaging by the GRAPES-3 ExperimentMar 23 2019The GRAPES-3 muon telescope located in Ooty, India records rapid ($\sim$10 min) variations in the muon intensity during major thunderstorms. Out of a total of 184 thunderstorms recorded during the interval April 2011-December 2014, the one on 1 December ... More
Working Group Report: Heavy-Ion Physics and Quark-Gluon PlasmaJul 11 2006Jul 13 2006This is the report of Heavy Ion Physics and Quark-Gluon Plasma at WHEPP-09 which was part of Working Group-4. Discussion and work on some aspects of Quark-Gluon Plasma believed to have created in heavy-ion collisions and in early universe are reported. ... More
Energy dependence study of directed flow in Au+Au collisions using an improved coalescence in AMPT modelApr 08 2019The rapidity-odd component of directed flow ($v_{1}$) of identified hardons ($\pi^{\pm}$, $K^{\pm}$, $K^{0}_{S}$, p, $\bar{\rm p}$, $\phi$, $\Xi^{\pm}$, $\Lambda$, $\bar{\Lambda}$) and partons (u, $\bar{\rm u}$, d, $\bar{\rm d}$, s, $\bar{\rm s}$) in ... More
Peaks Over Threshold for Bursty Time SeriesFeb 14 2018Apr 28 2018In many complex systems studied in statistical physics, inter-arrival times between events such as solar flares, trades and neuron voltages follow a heavy-tailed distribution. The set of event times is fractal-like, being dense in some time windows and ... More
Eigenstate Thermalisation in the conformal Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model: an analytic approachMar 01 2019The Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev (SYK) model provides an uncommon example of a chaotic theory that can be analysed analytically. In the deep infrared limit, the original model has an emergent conformal (reparametrisation) symmetry that is broken both spontaneously ... More
Reconstruction of physics objects in the CMS detectorOct 28 2013The reconstruction and identification of physics objects in the CMS detector, in the context of the charged Higgs boson search analysis, are presented. The reconstruction algorithms and their performance in 7 TeV and 8 TeV LHC data are discussed. The ... More
Electromagnetic signals from Au+Au collisions at RHIC energy, $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$=200 GeV and Pb+Pb collisions at LHC energy, $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$=2.76 TeVOct 15 2012We analyse the recently available experimental data on direct photon productions from Au+Au collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$=200 GeV RHIC and from Pb+Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$=2.76 TeV LHC energies. The transverse momentum ($p_T$) distributions have ... More
Fabrication of a centimeter-long cavity on a nanofiber for cavity QEDJan 24 2017We report the fabrication of a 1.2 cm long cavity directly on a nanofiber using femtosecond laser ablation. The cavity modes with finesse value in the range 200-400 can still maintain the transmission between 40-60%, which can enable "strong-coupling" ... More
Wave Propagation in 1-D Spiral geometryOct 18 2014In this article, we investigate the wave equation in spiral geometry and study the modes of vibrations of a one-dimensional (1-D) string in spiral shape. Here we show that the problem of wave propagation along a spiral can be reduced to Bessel differential ... More
A Chern-Simons Effective Field Theory for the Pfaffian Quantum Hall StateNov 11 1997We present a low-energy effective field theory describing the universality class of the Pfaffian quantum Hall state. To arrive at this theory, we observe that the edge theory of the Pfaffian state of bosons at $\nu=1$ is an $SU(2)_2$ Kac-Moody algebra. ... More
Topological exciton Fermi surfaces in two-component fractional quantized Hall insulatorsNov 03 2016Mar 21 2018A wide variety of two-dimensional electron systems (2DES) allow for independent control of the total and relative charge density of two-component fractional quantum Hall (FQH) states. In particular, a recent experiment on bilayer graphene (BLG) observed ... More
Error Minimization in Predicting Accurate Adsorption Energies Using Machine LearningMay 07 2019Finding the "ideal" catalyst is a matter of great interest in the communities of chemists and material scientists, partly because of its wide spectrum of industrial applications. Information regarding a physical parameter termed "adsorption energy", which ... More
Small-x Physics with the ALICE experiment at the CERN-LHCSep 12 2010High energy p-p, p-Pb and Pb-Pb collisions at the CERN-LHC offer unprecedented opportunities for studying wide variety of physics at small Bjorken-x. Here we discuss capabilities of the ALICE experiment at the CERN-LHC for probing small-x QCD physics. ... More
Tomographic approach to resolving the distribution of LISA Galactic binariesDec 02 2005The space based gravitational wave detector LISA is expected to observe a large population of Galactic white dwarf binaries whose collective signal is likely to dominate instrumental noise at observational frequencies in the range 10^{-4} to 10^{-3} Hz. ... More
Two introductory lectures on high energy QCD and heavy ion collisionsOct 20 2008These introductory lectures present a broad overview of the physics of high parton densities in QCD and its application to our understanding of the early time dynamics in heavy ion collisions.
Measuring radial flow of partonic and hadronic phases in relativistic heavy ion collisionJul 17 2009Dec 14 2009It has been shown that the thermal photon and the lepton pair spectra can be used to estimate the radial velocity of different phases of the matter formed in nuclear collisions at ultra-relativistic energies. We observe a non-monotonic variation of the ... More
Interplay Between Structural Randomness, Composite Disorder, and Electrical Response: Resonances and Transient Delays in Complex Impedance NetworksMar 02 2009We study the interplay between structural and conductivity (composite) disorder and the collective electrical response in random networks models. Translating the problem of time-dependent electrical response (resonance and transient relaxation) in binary ... More
Toward low-latency coincident precessing and coherent aligned-spin gravitational-wave searches of compact binary coalescences with particle swarm optimizationNov 06 2018Nov 15 2018We investigate the use of particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm for detection of gravitational-wave signals from compact binary coalescences. We show that the PSO is fast and effective in searching for gravitational wave signals. The PSO-based aligned-spin ... More
Fourier Transformed Scanning Tunneling Peaks in the $d$-density wave phaseMay 20 2004In this brief note we repeat an earlier calculation of the Fourier transformed scanning tunneling spectra of the $d$-density wave (DDW) phase using a different band structure, which is more realistic and consistent with the angle resolved photoemission ... More
Sharp signature of DDW quantum critical point in the Hall coefficient of the cupratesJan 14 2002We study the behavior of the Hall coefficient, $R_H$, in a system exhibiting $d_{{x^2}-{y^2}}$ density-wave (DDW) order in a regime in which the carrier concentration, $x$, is tuned to approach a quantum critical point at which the order is destroyed. ... More
Fundamental String (Membrane) Orbiting D5(M5)-branesNov 04 2010We study fundamental string (F-string) dynamics near D5-brane in some limits. We find that when the angular momentum of the probe is proportional to string length (l_s) and square root of string coupling constant {g_s}, the F-string lies in its metastable ... More
Study of the Fluctuations of Net-charge and Net-protons Using Higher Order MomentsJul 27 2009Sep 11 2009We present the STAR preliminary results on mid-rapidity and low transverse momentum mean, standard deviation, skewness, and kurtosis of net-charge and net-proton distributions in Au+Au and Cu+Cu collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$ = 200 GeV for various collision ... More
In-beam spectroscopy of medium- and high-spin states in $^{133}$CeMay 12 2016Medium and high-spin states in $^{133}$Ce were investigated using the $^{116}$Cd($^{22}$Ne, $5n$) reaction and the Gammasphere array. The level scheme was extended up to an excitation energy of $\sim22.8$ MeV and spin 93/2 . Eleven bands of quadrupole ... More
Sterile Neutrino Assisted Dominant Seesaw Mechanisms, Double Beta Decay, Leptogenesis, and Other PredictionsJul 25 2016Jul 28 2016In a recent review Mohapatra has discussed how type-I seesaw mechanism suppressed by fine tuning of Yukawa couplings, or specific textures of associated fermion mass matrices, can form the basis of neutrino masses in TeV scale $W_R$ boson models. In this ... More
Weak electron-phonon coupling in the early alkali atomic wiresAug 13 2014The structural, electronic and vibrational properties of atomic wires composed of the early alkali metals lithium and sodium are studied using density functional perturbation theory. The s-like electronic states near the Fermi level couple very weakly ... More
Determination of hexadecapole ($β_{4}$) deformation of the light-mass nucleus $^{24}$Mg using quasi-elastic measurementNov 30 2018Hexadecapole ($\beta_{4}$) deformation of the light-mass nucleus $^{24}$Mg has been determined from quasi-elastic measurements at backward angles using $^{16}$O and $^{24}$Mg beams and $^{90}$Zr target. Experimental data were compared with coupled channel ... More
Solida: A Blockchain Protocol Based on Reconfigurable Byzantine ConsensusDec 09 2016Nov 18 2017The decentralized cryptocurrency Bitcoin has experienced great success but also encountered many challenges. One of the challenges has been the long confirmation time. Another challenge is the lack of incentives at certain steps of the protocol, raising ... More
Observation of enhanced exchange bias behavior in NiCoMnSb Heusler alloysJun 01 2010We report the observation of large exchange bias in Ni50-xCoxMn38Sb12 Heusler alloys with x=0, 2, 3, 4, 5, which is attributed to the coexistence of ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic phases in the martensitic phase. The phase coexistence is possibly ... More
New mechanism for Type-II seesaw dominance in SO(10) with low-mass Z-prime, RH neutrinos, and verifiable LFV, LNV, and proton decayDec 11 2013Oct 01 2015Dominance of type-II seesaw mechanism for neutrino masses has attracted considerable attention because of a number of advantages. We show a novel approach to achieve Type-II seesaw dominance in non-supersymmetric $SO(10)$ grand unification where a low ... More
Characterization of relativistic heavy-ion collisions at the Large Hadron Collider through temperature fluctuationsApr 17 2015We propose to characterize heavy-ion collisions at ultra-relativistic energies by using fluctuations of energy density and temperature. Temperature fluctuations on an event-by-event basis have been studied both in terms of global temperature of the event, ... More
A method for obtaining nonspreading solutions of the Schrödinger equationDec 16 2016In this paper, we present a simple analytical method for obtaining a nonspreading solution of the time-dependent Schr\"odinger equation, which is given by the Airy function. The solution is derived by imposing a restriction on the phase factor of the ... More
Cavity QED on a nanofiber using a composite photonic crystal cavitySep 11 2014We demonstrate cavity QED conditions in the Purcell regime for single quantum emitters on the surface of an optical nanofiber. The cavity is formed by combining an optical nanofiber and a nanofabricated grating to create a composite photonic crystal cavity. ... More
QCD at Finite Temperature: A Variational Approach:Dec 20 1992We develop here a nonperturbative framework to study quantum chromodynamics (QCD) at finite temperatures using the thermofield dynamics (TFD) method of Umezawa. The methodology considered here is self-consistent and variational. There is a dynamical generation ... More
Giant inverse magnetocaloric effect near room temperature in Co substituted NiMnSb Heusler alloysJun 01 2010The effect of Co on the structural, magnetic and magnetocaloric effect (MCE) of Ni50-xCoxMn38Sb12 (x=0,2,3,4,5) Heusler alloys was studied. Using x-ray diffraction, we show the evolution of the martensitic phase from the austenite phase. The martensitic ... More
Irreversibility of field-induced magnetostructural transition in NiCoMnSb shape memory alloy revealed by magnetization, transport and heat capacity studiesJun 01 2010The effects of magnetic field on the martensitic transition have been studied in Ni45Co5Mn38Sb12. We find a large field-induced irreversibility in this system, as revealed by the field dependence of resistivity, magnetization, and heat capacity data. ... More
Dilepton events with displaced vertices, double beta decay, and resonant leptogenesis with Type-II seesaw dominance, TeV scale $Z'$ and heavy neutrinosSep 21 2015Sep 29 2015In a class of Type-II seesaw dominated $SO(10)$ models proposed recently with heavy neutrinos, extra $Z'$ boson, and resonant leptogenesis, at first we show that the lightest first generation sterile neutrino that mediates dominant contributions to neutrinoless ... More
Note on I-brane Near Horizon PP-wave BackgroundDec 13 2010We find out a PP-wave spacetime with constant Neveu-Schwarz (NS) three form flux by taking a Penrose limit on the 1+1 dimensional intersection of two orthogonal stacks of fivebranes in type IIB string theory. We further find out an intersecting (D1-D5)-brane ... More
Beam energy dependence of pseudorapidity distributions of charged particles produced in heavy-ion collisions at RHIC and LHC energiesApr 29 2016Heavy-ion collisions at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider at Brookhaven National Laboratory and the Large Hadron Collider at CERN probe matter at extreme conditions of temperature and energy density. Most of the global properties of the collisions can ... More
TaN, a molecular system for probing ${\cal{P,T}}$-violating hadron physicsNov 01 2015All-electron configuration interaction theory in the framework of the Dirac-Coulomb Hamiltonian has been applied to the TaN molecule, a promising candidate in the search for Beyond-Standard-Model physics in both the hadron and the lepton sector of matter. ... More