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In-plane field-induced vortex liquid correlations in underdoped Bi_2Sr_2CaCu_2O_8+δJul 24 2006Jun 25 2007The effect of a magnetic field component parallel to the superconducting layers on longitudinal Josephson plasma oscillations in the layered high temperature superconductor Bi$_2$Sr$_2$CaCu$_2$O$_{8+\delta}$ is shown to depend on the thermodynamic state ... More
Submillimeter - sized proximity effect in graphite and bismuthFeb 08 2019In this work, we probe the electrical properties of macroscopic graphite and bismuth in which the electrical current is injected via superconducting electrodes, few millimeters apart from each other. Results reveal the induction of a partial superconducting-like ... More
Vortex liquid correlations induced by in-plane field in underdoped Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+dJul 27 2006By measuring the Josephson Plasma Resonance, we have probed the influence of an in-plane magnetic field on the pancake vortex correlations along the c-axis in heavily underdoped Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+d (Tc = 72.4 +/- 0.6 K) single crystals both in the vortex ... More
BPS counting for knots and combinatorics on wordsAug 23 2016We discuss relations between quantum BPS invariants defined in terms of a product decomposition of certain series, and difference equations (quantum A-polynomials) that annihilate such series. We construct combinatorial models whose structure is encoded ... More
Maxwell-like picture of General Relativity and its Planck limitJan 13 2013Nov 29 2013We show that Geroch decomposition leads us to Maxwell-like representation of gravity in $(3+1)$ metrics decomposition that may be perceived as Lorentz invariant version of GEM. For such decomposition we derive four-potential $V^\mu$ and gravitational ... More
Nature of c-axis coupling in underdoped Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8 with varying degrees of disorderJan 07 2008The dependence of the Josephson Plasma Resonance (JPR) frequency in heavily underdoped Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+\delta on temperature and controlled pointlike disorder, introduced by high-energy electron irradiation, is cross-correlated and compared to the behavior ... More
Gravity as field - field oriented framework reproducing General RelativityApr 13 2014Sep 21 2015In the last article we have created foundations for gravitational field oriented framework (DaF) that reproduces GR. In this article we show, that using DaF approach, we can reproduce Schwarzschild solution with orbit equations, effective potential and ... More
Approximating the MaxCover Problem with Bounded Frequencies in FPT TimeSep 17 2013We study approximation algorithms for several variants of the MaxCover problem, with the focus on algorithms that run in FPT time. In the MaxCover problem we are given a set N of elements, a family S of subsets of N, and an integer K. The goal is to find ... More
Electron irradiation of Co, Ni, and P-doped BaFe2As2 - type iron-based superconductorsSep 17 2012Nov 14 2012High energy electron irradiation is used to controllably introduce atomic-scale point defects into single crystalline Ba(Fe_1-xCo_x)_2As_2, Ba(Fe_1-xNi_x)_2As_2, and BaFe_2(As_1-xP_x)_2. The appearance of the collective pinning contribution to the critical ... More
Nonuniform BriberyNov 30 2007We study the concept of bribery in the situation where voters are willing to change their votes as we ask them, but where their prices depend on the nature of the change we request. Our model is an extension of the one of Faliszewski et al. [FHH06], where ... More
Equivariant self-similar wave maps from Minkowski spacetime into 3-sphereOct 17 1999May 25 2000We prove existence of a countable family of spherically symmetric self-similar wave maps from 3+1 Minkowski spacetime into the 3-sphere. These maps can be viewed as excitations of the ground state wave map found previously by Shatah. The first excitation ... More
Central points and measures and dense subsets of compact metric spacesMay 28 2011For every nonempty compact convex subset $K$ of a normed linear space a (unique) point $c_K \in K$, called the generalized Chebyshev center, is distinguished. It is shown that $c_K$ is a common fixed point for the isometry group of the metric space $K$. ... More
Pseudoscalar Meson Temporal Correlation Function in HTL approachAug 11 2006The temporal pseudoscalar meson correlation function in a QCD plasma is investigated in a range of temperatures exceeding $T_c$ and first time for a finite momenta which is of the experimental interest. The imaginary time formalism is employed for the ... More
Event-by-event viscous hydrodynamics for Cu-Au collisions at 200GeVAug 09 2012Sep 24 2012Event-by-event hydrodynamics is applied to Cu-Au collisions at 200GeV. Predictions for charged particle distributions in pseudorapidity, transverse momentum spectra, femtoscopy radii are given. The triangular and elliptic flow coefficients are calculated. ... More
Bulk and shear viscosities of matter created in relativistic heavy-ion collisionsNov 12 2009Mar 08 2010We study the effects of the shear and bulk viscosities in the hadronic phase on the expansion of the fireball and on the particle production in relativistic heavy ion collisions. Comparing simulation with or without viscosity in the hadronic matter we ... More
Early dissipation and viscosityApr 24 2008We consider dissipative phenomena due to the relaxation of an initial anisotropic local pressure in the fireball created in relativistic heavy-ion collisions, both for the Bjorken boost-invariant case and for the azimuthally symmetric radial expansion ... More
Levy flights, dynamical duality and fractional quantum mechanicsNov 24 2008Mar 21 2009We discuss dual time evolution scenarios which, albeit running according to the same real time clock, in each considered case may be mapped among each other by means of an analytic continuation in time. This dynamical duality is a generic feature of diffusion-type ... More
Modular Schrödinger equation and dynamical dualityMay 11 2008Aug 08 2008We discuss quite surprising properties of the one-parameter family of modular (Auberson and Sabatier (1994)) nonlinear Schr\"{o}dinger equations. We develop a unified theoretical framework for this family. Special attention is paid to the emergent \it ... More
Comment on "Time-dependent entropy of simple quantum model systems"Sep 30 2005In the above mentioned paper by J. Dunkel and S. A. Trigger [Phys. Rev. {\bf A 71}, 052102, (2005)] a hypothesis has been pursued that the loss of information associated with the quantum evolution of pure states, quantified in terms of an increase in ... More
Simulation of complete many-body quantum dynamics using controlled quantum-semiclassical hybridsMar 06 2009Sep 25 2009A controlled hybridization between full quantum dynamics and semiclassical approaches (mean-field and truncated Wigner) is implemented for interacting many-boson systems. It is then demonstrated how simulating the resulting hybrid evolution equations ... More
First-principles quantum simulations of many-mode open interacting Bose gases using stochastic gauge methodsJul 01 2005Many-mode interacting Bose gases (1D,2D,3D) are simulated from first principles. The model uses a second-quantized Hamiltonian with two-particle interactions (possibly ranged), external potential, and interactions with an environment, with no further ... More
Generalized Cauchy identities, trees and multidimensional Brownian motions. Part I: bijective proof of generalized Cauchy identitiesDec 02 2004Jun 13 2006In this series of articles we study connections between combinatorics of multidimensional generalizations of Cauchy identity and continuous objects such as multidimensional Brownian motions and Brownian bridges. In Part I of the series we present a bijective ... More
On three dimensional conformally flat almost cosymplectic manifoldsOct 04 2007In the paper there are described new examples of conformally flat three dimensional almost cosymplectic manifolds. All these manifolds form a class which was completely characterized.
A note on ANR'sJul 07 2011Sep 24 2011It is shown that if for a complete metric space $(X,d)$ there is a constant $\epsilon > 0$ such that the intersection $\bigcap_{j=1}^n B_d(x_j,r_j)$ of open balls is nonempty for every finite system $x_1,...,x_n \in X$ of centers and a corresponding system ... More
Hausdorff dimension of elliptic functions with critical values approaching infinityMay 05 2011May 06 2011We consider the escaping parameters in the family $\beta\wp_\Lambda$, i.e. these parameters for which the orbits of critical values of $\beta\wp_\Lambda$ approach infinity, where $\wp_\Lambda$ is the Weierstrass function. Unlike to the exponential map ... More
Norm closures of orbits of bounded operatorsJul 07 2011To every bounded linear operator $A$ between Hilbert spaces $\mathcal{H}$ and $\mathcal{K}$ three cardinals $\iota_r(A)$, $\iota_i(A)$ and $\iota_f(A)$ and a binary number $\iota_b(A)$ are assigned in terms of which the descriptions of the norm closures ... More
Some properties of the moment estimator of shape parameter for the gamma distributionAug 17 2011Exact distribution of the moment estimator of shape parameter for the gamma distribution for small samples is derived. Order preserving properties of this estimator are presented.
Low-energy amplitudes in the non-local chiral quark modelNov 11 2009Jan 19 2010We apply chiral quark model with momentum dependent quark mass to two kinds of non-perturbative objects. These are: photon Distribution Amplitudes which we calculate up to twist-4 in tensor, vector and axial channels and pion-photon Transition Distribution ... More
Multinomial identities arising from the free probability theoryFeb 08 2002Feb 24 2003We prove a family of new identities fulfilled by multinomial coefficients, which were conjectured by Dykema and Haagerup. Our method bases on a study of the, so-called, triangular operator T by the means of the free probability theory.
In-medium ion mass renormalization and lattice vibrations in the neutron star crustDec 30 2003The inner crust of a neutron star consists of nuclei immersed in a superfluid neutron liquid. As these nuclei move through the fermionic medium they bring it into motion as well. As a result their mass is strongly renormalized and the spectrum of the ... More
Deuterium depletion and magnesium enhancement in the local discJul 19 2005Oct 12 2005The local disc deuter is known to be depleted in comparison to the local bubble. We show, that the same lines of sight that are depleted in deuter, are enhanced in magnesium. Heavier elements - Si and Fe do not show any difference in the abundance between ... More
Quadratic bosonic and free white noisesMar 20 2003We discuss the meaning of renormalization used for deriving quadratic bosonic commutation relations introduced by Accardi and find a representation of these relations on an interacting Fock space. Also, we investigate classical stochastic processes which ... More
Asymptotics of characters of symmetric groups, genus expansion and free probabilityNov 30 2004Oct 21 2005The convolution of indicators of two conjugacy classes on the symmetric group S_q is usually a complicated linear combination of indicators of many conjugacy classes. Similarly, a product of the moments of the Jucys--Murphy element involves many conjugacy ... More
Some topological invariants and biorthogonal systems in Banach spacesSep 19 2012We consider topological invariants on compact spaces related to the sizes of discrete subspaces (spread), densities of subspaces, Lindelof degree of subspaces, irredundant families of clopen sets and others and look at the following associations between ... More
Femtoscopy analysis of d-Au interactions at $\sqrt{s}=200$GeVAug 06 2014The femtoscopy correlation radii for d-Au collisions at $200$GeV are calculated in the hydrodynamic model and compared to PHENIX collaboration data. For asymmetric systems, such as d-Au or p-Pb collisions, the correlation radius $R_{out-long}$ is estimated ... More
Wilson lines and gauge invariant off-shell amplitudesMar 19 2014Apr 24 2014We study matrix elements of Fourier-transformed straight infinite Wilson lines as a way to calculate gauge invariant tree-level amplitudes with off-shell gluons. The off-shell gluons are assigned "polarization vectors" which (in the Feynman gauge) are ... More
Arcs intersecting at most onceFeb 07 2014Aug 26 2014We prove that on a punctured oriented surface with Euler characteristic chi < 0, the maximal cardinality of a set of essential simple arcs that are pairwise non-homotopic and intersecting at most once is 2|chi|(|chi|+1). This gives a cubic estimate in ... More
On one-loop corrections to matching conditions of Lattice HQET including 1/m_b termsDec 09 2013HQET is an effective theory for QCD with N_f light quarks and a massive valence quark if the mass of the latter is much bigger than Lambda_QCD. As any effective theory, HQET is predictive only when a set of parameters has been determined through a process ... More
Effect of resonance on the existence of periodic solutions for strongly damped wave equationOct 25 2013Oct 30 2015We are interested in the differential equation $\ddot u(t) = -A u(t) - c A \dot u(t) + \lambda u(t) + F(t,u(t))$, where $c > 0$ is a damping factor, $A$ is a sectorial operator and $F$ is a continuous map. We consider the situation where the equation ... More
Minimal generating sets of directed oriented Reidemeister movesJan 04 2016Sep 13 2016Polyak proved that the set $\{\Omega1a,\Omega1b,\Omega2a,\Omega3a\}$ is a minimal generating set of oriented Reidemeister moves. One may distinguish between forward and backward moves, obtaining $32$ different types of moves, which we call directed oriented ... More
Top degree of Jack characters and enumeration of mapsJun 21 2015Mar 16 2016Jack characters are (suitably normalized) coefficients in the expansion of Jack symmetric functions in the basis of power-sum symmetric functions. These quantities have been introduced recently by Lassalle who formulated some challenging conjectures about ... More
Wild binary segmentation for multiple change-point detectionNov 04 2014We propose a new technique, called wild binary segmentation (WBS), for consistent estimation of the number and locations of multiple change-points in data. We assume that the number of change-points can increase to infinity with the sample size. Due to ... More
Note on classical notion of Lee formOct 29 2014This note is devoted to partial study of recurrent equation $d\omega=\beta \wedge \omega$, based on linear algebra of exterior forms. Such equation was considered by Lee, for non-degenerate 2-form. In this note we approach general case, when $\omega$ ... More
A tractable prescription for large-scale free flight expansion of wavefunctionsFeb 10 2016Mar 06 2016A numerical recipe is given for obtaining the density image of an initially compact quantum mechanical wavefunction that has expanded by a large but finite factor under free flight. The recipe given avoids the memory storage problems that plague this ... More
Combining Fuzzy Cognitive Maps and Discrete Random VariablesDec 29 2015In this paper we propose an extension to the Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (FCMs) that aims at aggregating a number of reasoning tasks into a one parallel run. The described approach consists in replacing real-valued activation levels of concepts (and further ... More
Connecting orbits for nonlinear differential equations at resonanceMay 01 2015Nov 02 2015We study the existence of orbits connecting stationary points for the first order differential equations being at resonance at infinity, where the right hand side is the perturbations of a sectorial operator. Our aim is to prove an index formula expressing ... More
The CLS 2+1 flavor simulationsDec 31 2014We report on the status of large volume simulations with 2+1 dynamical fermions which are being performed by the CLS initiative. The algorithmic details include: open boundary conditions, twisted mass reweighting and RHMC, whereas the main feature of ... More
Weak consistency of modified versions of Bayesian Information Criterion in a sparse linear regression with non-normal error termNov 15 2014We consider a sparse linear regression model, when the number of available predictors $p$ is much bigger than the sample size $n$ and the number of non-zero coefficients $p_0$ is small. To choose the regression model in this situation, we cannot use classical ... More
Short and biased introduction to groupoidsNov 15 2013The algebraic part of approach to groupoids started by S. Zakrzewski is presented.
Models for subhomogeneous C*-algebrasOct 21 2013A new category of topological spaces with additional structures, called m-towers, is introduced. It is shown that there is a covariant functor which establishes a one-to-one correspondences between unital (resp. arbitrary) subhomogeneous C*-algebras and ... More
Functional calculus for diagonalizable matricesNov 30 2012For an arbitrary function f:\Omega \rightarrow C (where \Omega is a subset of the field C) and a positive integer k let f act on all diagonalizable complex matrices whose all eigenvalues lie in Omega in the following way: f[P Diag(z1,...,zk) P-1] = P ... More
Evading network-level emulationJun 10 2009Recently more and more attention has been paid to the intrusion detection systems (IDS) which don't rely on signature based detection approach. Such solutions try to increase their defense level by using heuristics detection methods like network-level ... More
Dynamic Data Flow Analysis via Virtual Code Integration (aka The SpiderPig case)Jun 03 2009Paper addresses the process of dynamic data flow analysis using virtual code integration (VCI), often refered to as dynamic binary rewriting. This article will try to demonstrate all of the techniques that were applied in the SpiderPig project. It will ... More
Clump Distance to the Magellanic Clouds and Anomalous Colors in the Galactic BulgeOct 11 1999Nov 13 1999I demonstrate that the two unexpected results in the local Universe: 1) anomalous intrinsic (V-I)_0 colors of the clump giants and RR Lyrae stars in the Galactic center, and 2) very short distances to the Magellanic Clouds (LMC, SMC) as inferred from ... More
Functor of continuation in Hilbert cube and Hilbert spaceJul 07 2011A $Z$-set in a metric space $X$ is a closed subset $K$ of $X$ such that each map of the Hilbert cube $Q$ into $X$ can uniformly be approximated by maps of $Q$ into $X \setminus K$. The aim of the paper is to show that there exists a functor of extension ... More
A Complexity of double dummy bridgeSep 23 2013This paper presents an analysis of complexity of double dummy bridge. Values of both, a state-space (search-space) complexity and a game tree complexity have been estimated. ----- Oszacowanie z{\l}o\.zono\'sci problemu rozgrywki w otwarte karty w bryd\.zu ... More
Occupation time fluctuation limits of infinite variance equilibrium branching systemsFeb 01 2008We establish limit theorems for the fluctuations of the rescaled occupation time of a $(d,\alpha,\beta)$-branching particle system. It consists of particles moving according to a symmetric $\alpha$-stable motion in $\mathbb{R}^d$. The branching law is ... More
A remark on the dimension of the Bergman space of some Hartogs domainsApr 08 2009Let D be a Hartogs domain of the form D={(z,w) \in CxC^N : |w| < e^{-u(z)}} where u is a subharmonic function on C. We prove that the Bergman space of holomorphic and square integrable functions on D is either trivial or infinite dimensional.
Local $C^r$-right equivalence of $C^{r+1}$ functionsJun 08 2015Jun 21 2015Let $f,g:(\mathbb{R}^n,0)\rightarrow (\mathbb{R},0)$ be $C^{r+1}$ functions, $r\in \mathbb{N}$. We will show that if $\nabla f(0)=0$ and there exist a neigbourhood $U$ of $0\in \mathbb{R}^n$ and a constant $C>0$ such that $$ \left|\partial^m(g-f)(x)\right|\leq ... More
Positivity of Thom polynomials and Schubert calculusApr 09 2013Oct 08 2016We describe the positivity of Thom polynomials of singularities of maps, Lagrangian Thom polynomials and Legendrian Thom polynomials. We show that these positivities come from Schubert calculus.
Irreducible Jacobian derivations in positive characteristicJun 20 2013We prove that an irreducible polynomial derivation in positive characteristic is a Jacobian derivation if and only if there exists an n-1-element p-basis of its ring of constants. In the case of two variables we characterize these derivations in terms ... More
A characterization of p-bases of rings of constantsJun 15 2012We obtain two equivalent conditions for m polynomials in n variables to form a p-basis of a ring of constants of some polynomial K-derivation, where K is a UFD of characteristic p>0. One of these conditions involves jacobians, and the second - some properties ... More
The orbifold Langer-Miyaoka-Yau inequality and Hirzebruch-type inequalitiesDec 15 2016Mar 29 2017Using Langer's variation on the Bogomolov-Miyaoka-Yau inequality \cite[Theorem 0.1]{Langer} we provide some Hirzebruch-type inequalities for curve arrangements in the complex projective plane.
Combinatorics of asymptotic representation theoryMar 29 2012The representation theory of the symmetric groups S_n is intimately related to combinatorics: combinatorial objects such as Young tableaux and combinatorial algorithms such as Murnaghan-Nakayama rule. In the limit as n tends to infinity, the structure ... More
Rank of Jacobi operator and existence of quadratic parallel differential form, with applications to geometry of almost para-contact metric manifoldsJun 14 2018Oct 12 2018It is established that the existence of non-isotropic vector field which Jacobi operator of maximal rank is an obstacle for the existence of non-trivial second-order symmetric parallel tensor field. In turns out that presence of such obstacle follows ... More
On a class of immersions between almost para-Hermitian manifoldsOct 03 2017Oct 26 2017Almost para-Hermitian manifold it is manifold equipped with almost para-complex structure and compatible pseudo-metric of neutral signature. It is considered a class of immersions of almost para-Hermitian manifolds into almost para-Hermitian manifolds. ... More
A mathematical model of the Mafia gameSep 06 2010Mar 12 2013Mafia (also called Werewolf) is a party game. The participants are divided into two competing groups: citizens and a mafia. The objective is to eliminate the opponent group. The game consists of two consecutive phases (day and night) and a certain set ... More
A note on generalization of Zermelo navigation problem on Riemannian manifolds with strong perturbationJun 03 2016We generalize the Zermelo navigation problem and its solution on Riemannian manifolds $(M, h)$ admitting a space dependence of a ship's speed $0<|u(x)|_h\leq1$ in the presence of a perturbation $\tilde{W}$ determined by a strong velocity vector field ... More
Hirzebruch-type inequalities and plane curve configurationsOct 17 2016Jan 20 2017In this paper we come back to a problem proposed by F. Hirzebruch in the 1980's, namely whether there exists a configuration of smooth conics in the complex projective plane such that the associated desingularization of the Kummer extension is a ball ... More
The Hopf type theorem for equivariant gradient local mapsOct 01 2015Feb 23 2016We construct a degree-type otopy invariant for equivariant gradient local maps in the case of a real finite dimensional orthogonal representation of a compact Lie group. We prove that the invariant establishes a bijection between the set of equivariant ... More
Inequality for Voiculescu's free entropy in terms of Brown measureDec 27 2001We study Voiculescu's microstate free entropy for a single non-selfadjoint random variable. The main result is that certain additional constraints on eigenvalues of microstates do not change the free entropy. Our tool is the method of random regularization ... More
A note on stochastic ordering of estimators of exponential reliabilityAug 10 2011Oct 26 2011Recently Balakrishnan and Iliopoulos [Ann. Inst. Statist. Math. 61 (2009)] gave sufficient conditions under which maximum likelihood estimator (MLE) is stochastically increasing. In this paper we study test plans which are not considered there and we ... More
Gravitating Solitons and Hairy Black HolesFeb 08 1994A brief review of recent research on soliton and black hole solutions of Einstein's equations with nonlinear field sources is presented and some open questions are pointed out.
Quantum realization of extensive gamesAug 19 2010We generalize a concept of classical finite extensive game to make it useful for application of quantum objects. The generalization extends a quantum realization scheme of static games to any finite extensive game. It represents an extension of any classical ... More
From Double Lie Groups to Quantum GroupsMar 11 2002It is shown that there is a $C^*$-algebraic quantum group related to any double Lie group. An algebra underlying this quantum group is an algebra of a differential groupoid naturally associated with a double Lie group
On q-deformed quantum stochastic calculusJul 26 2000In this paper we investigate a quantum stochastic calculus build of creation, annihilation and number of particles operators which fulfill some deformed commutation relations. Namely, we introduce a deformation of a number of particles operator which ... More
Size of the thermal source in relativistic heavy-ion collisionsJun 13 2005The dependence of the size of the thermal source on the centrality in ultrarelativistic heavy-ion collisions is studied. The interaction region consists of a well defined thermalized core, and of an outer mantle where the production scales with the number ... More
Collective flow in p-Pb and d-Pb collisions at TeV energiesDec 05 2011Jan 28 2012We apply the hydrodynamic model for the dynamics of matter created in p-Pb collisions at 4.4TeV and d-Pb collisions at 3.11TeV. The fluctuating initial conditions are calculated in the Glauber Monte-Carlo model for several centrality classes. The expansion ... More
Modeling global event properties using hydrodynamics from RHIC to LHCSep 18 2011The relativistic hydrodynamic model is applied to describe the expansion of the dense matter formed in relativistic heavy-ion collisions. The hydrodynamic expansion of the fluid, supplemented with the statistical emission of hadrons at freeze-out gives ... More
Interferometry radii in heavy-ion collisions at 200GeV and 2.76TeVDec 29 2010May 17 2011The expansion of the fireball created in Au-Au collisions at 200GeV and Pb-Pb collisions at 2.76TeV is modelled using the relativistic viscous hydrodynamics. The experimentally observed interferometry radii are well reproduced. Additional pre-equilibrium ... More
Normal systems over ANR's, rigid embeddings and nonseparable absorbing setsJul 07 2011Most of results of Bestvina and Mogilski [\textit{Characterizing certain incomplete infinite-dimensional absolute retracts}, Michigan Math. J. \textbf{33} (1986), 291--313] on strong $Z$-sets in ANR's and absorbing sets is generalized to nonseparable ... More
Meson Correlation Function and Screening Mass in Thermal QCDApr 19 2012Analytical results for the spatial dependence of the correlation functions for all meson excitations in perturbative Quantum Chromodynamics, the lowest order, are calculated. The meson screening mass is obtained as a large distance limit of the correlation ... More
Levy flights and Levy -Schroedinger semigroupsFeb 20 2009Sep 20 2009We analyze two different confining mechanisms for L\'{e}vy flights in the presence of external potentials. One of them is due to a conservative force in the corresponding Langevin equation. Another is implemented by Levy-Schroedinger semigroups which ... More
Information functionals and the notion of (un)certainty: RMT - inspired caseJun 17 2007Information functionals allow to quantify the degree of randomness of a given probability distribution, either absolutely (through min/max entropy principles) or relative to a prescribed reference one. Our primary aim is to analyze the "minimum information" ... More
A Subtlety of the Schrödinger Picture DynamicsApr 13 2005Apr 28 2005We address a mathematical and physical status of exotic (like e.g. fractal) wave packets and their quantum dynamics. To this end, we extend the formal meaning of the Schr\"{o}dinger equation beyond the domain of the Hamiltonian. The dynamical importance ... More
Differential entropy and timeAug 31 2004Oct 17 2005We give a detailed analysis of the Gibbs-type entropy notion and its dynamical behavior in case of time-dependent continuous probability distributions of varied origins: related to classical and quantum systems. The purpose-dependent usage of conditional ... More
Dynamics of Uncertainty in Nonequilibrium Random MotionJan 05 2003Nov 06 2004Shannon information entropy is a natural measure of probability (de)localization and thus (un)predictability in various procedures of data analysis for model systems. We pay particular attention to links between the Shannon entropy and the related Fisher ... More
Signatures of Randomness in Quantum ChaosMar 12 2001Oct 01 2001We investigate toy dynamical models of energy-level repulsion in quantum eigenvalue sequences. We focus on parametric (with respect to a running coupling or "complexity" parameter) stochastic processes that are capable of relaxing towards a stationary ... More
Random Behaviour in Quantum ChaosMar 12 2001Oct 13 2001We investigate toy dynamical models of energy - level repulsion in quantum (quasi)energy eigenvalue sequences.
Universal objects and associations between classes of Banach spaces and classes of compact spacesSep 19 2012In the context of classical associations between classes of Banach spaces and classes of compact Hausdorff spaces we survey known results and open questions concerning the existence and nonexistence of universal Banach spaces and of universal compact ... More
Extending maps by injective $σ$-$Z$-maps in Hilbert manifoldsJul 07 2011The aim of the paper is to prove that if $M$ is a metrizable manifold modelled on a Hilbert space of dimension $\alpha \geq \aleph_0$ and $F$ is its $\sigma$-$Z$-set, then for every completely metrizable space $X$ of weight no greater than $\alpha$ and ... More
Frobenius Push-Forwards on QuadricsMay 04 2010We generalize, explain and simplify Langer's results concerning Frobenius direct images of line bundles on quadrics, describing explicitly the decompositions of higher Frobenius push-forwards of arithmetically Cohen-Macaulay bundles into indecomposables, ... More
Data-driven wavelet-Fisz methodology for nonparametric function estimationNov 06 2007Oct 02 2008We propose a wavelet-based technique for the nonparametric estimation of functions contaminated with noise whose mean and variance are linked via a possibly unknown variance function. Our method, termed the data-driven wavelet-Fisz technique, consists ... More
Gaussian fluctuations of representations of wreath productsJan 05 2006Jan 03 2007We study the asymptotics of the reducible representations of the wreath products G\wr S_q=G^q \rtimes S_q for large q, where G is a fixed finite group and S_q is the symmetric group in q elements; in particular for G=Z/2Z we recover the hyperoctahedral ... More
Finite dimensionality of 2-D micropolar fluid flow with periodic boundary conditionsApr 05 2007This paper is devoted to describe the finite-dimensionality of a two-dimensional micropolar fluid flow with periodic boundary conditions. We define the notions of determining modes and nodes and estimate the number of them, we also estimate the dimension ... More
Securing The Kernel via Static Binary Rewriting and Program ShepherdingMay 10 2011Recent Microsoft security bulletins show that kernel vulnerabilities are becoming more and more important security threats. Despite the pretty extensive security mitigations many of the kernel vulnerabilities are still exploitable. Successful kernel exploitation ... More
JIT Spraying and MitigationsSep 06 2010With the discovery of new exploit techniques, novel protection mechanisms are needed as well. Mitigations like DEP (Data Execution Prevention) or ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization) created a significantly more difficult environment for exploitation. ... More
Security Mitigations for Return-Oriented Programming AttacksAug 24 2010With the discovery of new exploit techniques, new protection mechanisms are needed as well. Mitigations like DEP (Data Execution Prevention) or ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization) created a significantly more difficult environment for vulnerability ... More
Generic Unpacking of Self-modifying, Aggressive, Packed Binary ProgramsMay 28 2009Nowadays most of the malware applications are either packed or protected. This techniques are applied especially to evade signature based detectors and also to complicate the job of reverse engineers or security analysts. The time one must spend on unpacking ... More
A Quasi Time Optimal Receding Horizon ControlMar 15 2007This paper presents a quasi time optimal receding horizon control algorithm. The proposed algorithm generates near time optimal control when the state of the system is far from the target. When the state attains a certain neighbourhood of the aim, it ... More