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Practical Issues of Action-conditioned Next Image PredictionFeb 08 2018The problem of action-conditioned image prediction is to predict the expected next frame given the current camera frame the robot observes and an action selected by the robot. We provide the first comparison of two recent popular models, especially for ... More
Classifying $p$-groups via their multiplierMar 04 2010The author in $($On the order of Schur multiplier of non-abelian $p$-groups. J. Algebra (2009).322: 4479--4482$)$ showed that for any $p$-group $G$ of order $p^n$ there exists a nonnegative integer $s(G)$ such that the order of Schur multiplier of $G$ ... More
Characterizing finite $p$-groups by their Schur multipliersJan 24 2010It has been proved in \cite{ge} for every $p$-group of order $p^n$, $|\mathcal{M}(G)|=p^{\f{1}{2}n(n-1)-t(G)}$, where $t(G)\geq 0$. In \cite{be, el, zh}, the structure of $G$ has been characterized for $t(G)=0,1,2,3$ by several authors. Also in \cite{sa}, ... More
Structure of nilpotent Lie algebra by its multiplierMar 08 2010For a finite dimensional Lie algebra $L$, it is known that $s(L)=\f{1}{2}(n-1)(n-2)+1-\mathrm{dim} M(L)$ is non negative. Moreover, the structure of all finite nilpotent Lie algebras is characterized when $s(L)=0,1$ in \cite{ni,ni4}. In this paper, we ... More
Zero-Divisors of Content AlgebrasJun 22 2010Sep 02 2015In this article, we prove that in content extentions minimal primes extend to minimal primes and discuss zero-divisors of a content algebra over a ring who has Property (A) or whose set of zero-divisors is a finite union of prime ideals. We also examine ... More
On the Anderson-Badawi $ω_{R[X]}(I[X])=ω_R(I)$ conjectureJan 02 2014Apr 18 2016Let $R$ be a commutative ring with an identity different from zero and $n$ be a positive integer. Anderson and Badawi, in their paper on $n$-absorbing ideals, define a proper ideal $I$ of a commutative ring $R$ to be an $n$-absorbing ideal of $R$, if ... More
Stretched-exponential mixing for $\mathscr{C}^{1+α}$ skew products with discontinuitiesMay 27 2014Consider the skew product $F:\mathbb{T}^2 \to \mathbb{T}^2$, $F(x,y)= (f(x),y+\tau(x))$, where $f:\mathbb{T}^1\to \mathbb{T}^1$ is a piecewise $\mathscr{C}^{1+\alpha}$ expanding map on a countable partition and $\tau:\mathbb{T}^1 \to \mathbb{R}$ is piecewise ... More
On the Content of Polynomials Over Semirings and Its ApplicationsAug 28 2012Sep 08 2015In this paper, we prove that Dedekind-Mertens lemma holds only for those semimodules whose subsemimodules are subtractive. We introduce Gaussian semirings and prove that bounded distributive lattices are Gaussian semirings. Then we introduce weak Gaussian ... More
Valuation SemiringsSep 10 2015Sep 13 2016The main task of this paper is to introduce valuation semirings in general and discrete valuation semirings in particular. In order to do that, first we define valuation maps and investigate them. Then we define valuation semirings with the help of valuation ... More
Characterizing finite $p$-groups by their Schur multipliers, $t(G)=5$Jan 25 2010Dec 07 2013Let $G$ be a finite $p$-group of order $p^n$. It is known that $|\mathcal{M}(G)|=p^{\f{1}{2}n(n-1)-t(G)}$ and $t(G)\geq 0$. The structure of $G$ characterized when $t(G)\leq 4$ in \cite{be,el,ni,sa,zh}. The structure description of $G$ is determined in ... More
Content Algebras Over Commutative Rings With Zero-DivisorsJul 11 2008Sep 02 2015Let $M$ be an $R$-module and $c$ the function from $M$ to the ideals of $R$ defined by $c(x) = \cap \lbrace I \colon I \text{is an ideal of} R \text{and} x \in IM \rbrace $. $M$ is said to be a content $R$-module if $x \in c(x)M $, for all $x \in M$. ... More
On the tensor square of non-abelian nilpotent finite dimensional Lie algebrasFeb 12 2010Jul 02 2010For every finite $p$-group $G$ of order $p^n$ with derived subgroup of order $p^m$, Rocco in \cite{roc} proved that the order of tensor square of $G$ is at most $p^{n(n-m)}$. This upper bound has been improved recently by author in \cite{ni}. The aim ... More
Non abelian tensor square of non abelian prime power groupsDec 16 2010Jan 09 2015For every $p$-group of order $p^n$ with the derived subgroup of order $p^m$, Rocco in \cite{roc} has shown that the order of tensor square of $G$ is at most $p^{n(n-m)}$. In the present paper not only we improve his bound for non-abelian $p$-groups but ... More
Zero-divisors of semigroup modulesFeb 09 2010Sep 02 2015Let $M$ be an $R$-module and $S$ a semigroup. Our goal is to discuss zero-divisors of the semigroup module $M[S]$. Particularly we show that if $M$ is an $R$-module and $S$ a commutative, cancellative and torsion-free monoid, then the $R[S]$-module $M[S]$ ... More
Some properties on the tensor square of Lie algebrasJun 11 2010Oct 31 2011In the present paper we extend and improve the results of \cite{bl, br} for the tensor square of Lie algebras. More precisely, for any Lie algebra $L$ with $L/L^2$ of finite dimension, we prove $L\otimes L\cong L\square L\oplus L\wedge L$ and $Z^{\wedge}(L)\cap ... More
Sorting and Permuting without Bank Conflicts on GPUsJul 06 2015In this paper, we look at the complexity of designing algorithms without any bank conflicts in the shared memory of Graphical Processing Units (GPUs). Given input of size $n$, $w$ processors and $w$ memory banks, we study three fundamental problems: sorting, ... More
A Nonlinear Approach to Interference AlignmentJun 01 2011Cadambe and Jafar (CJ) alignment strategy for the K-user scalar frequency-selective fading Gaussian channel, with encoding over blocks of 2n+1 random channel coefficients (subcarriers) is considered. The linear zero-forcing (LZF) strategy is compared ... More
On Achievability of Gaussian Interference Channel Capacity to within One BitJan 13 2011Feb 07 2011In the earlier version of this paper, it was wrongly claimed that time-sharing is required to achieve the capacity region of the Gaussian interference channel to within one bit, especially at corner points. The flaw in the argument of the earlier version ... More
Fast Multi-Layer Laplacian EnhancementJun 23 2016A novel, fast and practical way of enhancing images is introduced in this paper. Our approach builds on Laplacian operators of well-known edge-aware kernels, such as bilateral and nonlocal means, and extends these filter's capabilities to perform more ... More
Approximation and Inapproximability Results for Maximum Clique of Disc Graphs in High DimensionsDec 31 2006Mar 14 2009We prove algorithmic and hardness results for the problem of finding the largest set of a fixed diameter in the Euclidean space. In particular, we prove that if $A^*$ is the largest subset of diameter $r$ of $n$ points in the Euclidean space, then for ... More
Coarse Network Coding: A Simple Relay Strategy to Resolve InterferenceSep 07 2010Sep 08 2010Reminiscent of the parity function in network coding for the butterfly network, it is shown that forwarding an even/odd indicator bit for a scalar quantization of a relay observation recovers 1 bit of information at the two destinations in a noiseless ... More
Uncertainty decomposition and robust stability of uncertain linear stochastic quantum networksSep 26 2016This paper presents a systematic method to analyze the robustness of uncertain linear stochastic quantum systems (LSQS), when uncertainties are defined in optical realization. A decomposition theorem is stated which separates the nominal and uncertain ... More
Bilayer Low-Density Parity-Check Codes for Decode-and-Forward in Relay ChannelsSep 05 2006This paper describes an efficient implementation of binning for the relay channel using low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes. We devise bilayer LDPC codes to approach the theoretically promised rate of the decode-and-forward relaying strategy by incorporating ... More
Correlation-induced triplet superconductivity on the graphene latticeAug 04 2009We investigate the possibility of superconductivity on the graphene lattice within the repulsive Hubbard model using the variational cluster approximation (VCA). We find that singlet superconductivity is impossible; instead, triplet superconductivity ... More
Zero-divisor graphs of nilpotent-free semigroupsDec 01 2011May 21 2012We find strong relationships between the zero-divisor graphs of apparently disparate kinds of nilpotent-free semigroups by introducing the notion of an \emph{Armendariz map} between such semigroups, which preserves many graph-theoretic invariants. We ... More
The Hubbard model on the triangular lattice: Spiral order and spin liquidNov 02 2007Apr 15 2008We investigate the half-filled Hubbard model on an isotropic triangular lattice with the variational cluster approximation. By decreasing the on-site repulsion $U$ (or equivalently increasing pressure) we go from a phase with long range, three-sublattice, ... More
Eventually Expanding MapsJul 29 2008Aug 17 2011In this paper we show that the piecewise linear map f(x) = px for x in [0,1/p], and sx-s/p for x in (1/p,1], p > 1, 0 < s < 1 which has an expanding, onto branch and a contracting branch is eventually piecewise expanding and exact.
Capability of Nilpotent Lie algebras with small derived SubalgebraFeb 23 2010Mar 07 2013In this paper, we classify all capable nilpotent Lie algebras with derived subalgebra of dimension at most 1.
Style-Transfer via Texture-SynthesisSep 10 2016Sep 20 2016Style-transfer is a process of migrating a style from a given image to the content of another, synthesizing a new image which is an artistic mixture of the two. Recent work on this problem adopting Convolutional Neural-networks (CNN) ignited a renewed ... More
The exterior degree of a pair of finite groupsJan 22 2011Mar 07 2013The exterior degree of a pair of finite groups $(G,N)$, which is a generalization of the exterior degree of finite groups, is the probability for two elements $(g,n)$ in $(G,N)$ such that $g\wedge n=1$. In the present paper, we state some relations between ... More
Relay Strategies Based on Cross-Determinism for the Broadcast Relay ChannelOct 11 2010We consider a two-user Gaussian multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) broadcast channel with a common multiple-antenna relay, and a shared digital (noiseless) link between the relay and the two destinations. For this channel, this paper introduces an ... More
Exponential Mixing for Skew Products with DiscontinuitiesMay 27 2014We consider the skew product $F: (x,u) \mapsto (f(x), u + \tau(x))$, where the base map $f : \mathbb{T}^{1} \to \mathbb{T}^{1}$ is piecewise $\mathcal{C}^{2}$, covering and uniformly expanding, and the fibre map $\tau : \mathbb{T}^{1} \to \mathbb{R}$ ... More
A remark on the capability of finite $p$-groupsMar 25 2010In this paper we classify all capable finite $p$-groups with derived subgroup of order $p$ and $G/G'$ of rank $n-1$.
A Tractable Fault Detection and Isolation Approach for Nonlinear Systems with Probabilistic PerformanceAug 08 2014Jan 22 2016This article presents a novel perspective along with a scalable methodology to design a fault detection and isolation (FDI) filter for high dimensional nonlinear systems. Previous approaches on FDI problems are either confined to linear systems or they ... More
On the non-uniqueness of the instantaneous frequencyJul 08 2016Aug 18 2016In this article, we investigate the debated Instantaneous Frequency (IF) topic. Here, we show that IF is non-unique inherently. We explain how this non-uniqueness can be quantified and explained from a mathematical perspective. The non-uniqueness of the ... More
Data Structure Lower Bounds for Document Indexing ProblemsApr 21 2016We study data structure problems related to document indexing and pattern matching queries and our main contribution is to show that the pointer machine model of computation can be extremely useful in proving high and unconditional lower bounds that cannot ... More
Real-time Predictive Analytics for Improving Public Transportation Systems' ResilienceSep 30 2016Public transit systems are a critical component of major metropolitan areas. However, in the face of increasing demand, most of these systems are operating close to capacity. Under normal operating conditions, station crowding and boarding denial are ... More
The Calabi metric and desingularization of Einstein orbifoldsOct 07 2016Consider an Einstein orbifold $(M_0,g_0)$ of real dimension $2n$ having a singularity with orbifold group the cyclic group of order $n$ in ${\rm{SU}}(n)$ which is generated by an $n$th root of unity times the identity. Existence of a Ricci-flat K\"ahler ... More
A note on the Schur multiplier of a nilpotent Lie algebraJan 04 2010Jun 19 2012For a nilpotent Lie algebra $L$ of dimension $n$ and dim$(L^2)=m$, we find the upper bound dim$(M(L))\leq {1/2}(n+m-2)(n-m-1)+1$, where $M(L)$ denotes the Schur multiplier of $L$. In case $m=1$ the equality holds if and only if $L\cong H(1)\oplus A$, ... More
On the tensor degree of finite groupsMar 06 2013We study the number of elements $x$ and $y$ of a finite group $G$ such that $x \otimes y= 1_{_{G \otimes G}}$ in the nonabelian tensor square $G \otimes G$ of $G$. This number, divided by $|G|^2$, is called the tensor degree of $G$ and has connection ... More
Linear Support Tensor Machine: Pedestrian Detection in Thermal Infrared ImagesSep 26 2016Pedestrian detection in thermal infrared images poses unique challenges because of the low resolution and noisy nature of the image. Here we propose a mid-level attribute in the form of multidimensional template, or tensor, using Local Steering Kernel ... More
Improving Observability of Stochastic Complex Networks under the Supervision of Cognitive Dynamic SystemsNov 07 2014Much has been said about observability in system theory and control; however, it has been recently that observability in complex networks has seriously attracted the attention of researchers. This paper examines the state-of-the-art and discusses some ... More
Approximating the Simplicial DepthDec 15 2015Dec 27 2015Let $P$ be a set of $n$ points in $d$-dimensions. The simplicial depth, $\sigma_P(q)$ of a point $q$ is the number of $d$-simplices with vertices in $P$ that contain $q$ in their convex hulls. The simplicial depth is a notion of data depth with many applications ... More
Approximations of Stochastic Hybrid Systems: A Compositional ApproachAug 26 2015Apr 24 2016In this paper we propose a compositional framework for the construction of approximations of the interconnection of a class of stochastic hybrid systems. As special cases, this class of systems includes both jump linear stochastic systems and linear stochastic ... More
Data-driven Distributionally Robust Optimization Using the Wasserstein Metric: Performance Guarantees and Tractable ReformulationsMay 19 2015Sep 19 2016We consider stochastic programs where the distribution of the uncertain parameters is only observable through a finite training dataset. Using the Wasserstein metric, we construct a ball in the space of (multivariate and non-discrete) probability distributions ... More
Estimations of the low dimensional homology of Lie algebras with large abelian idealsFeb 27 2013Dec 16 2013A Lie algebra $L$ of dimension $n \ge1 $ may be classified, looking for restrictions of the size on its second integral homology Lie algebra $H_2(L,\mathbb{Z})$, denoted by $M(L)$ and often called Schur multiplier of $L$. In case $L$ is nilpotent, we ... More
Finitely Additive, Modular and Probability Functions on Pre-semiringsMar 10 2016In this paper, we define finitely additive, probability and modular functions over semiring-like structures. We investigate finitely additive functions with the help of complemented elements of a semiring. Then with the help of those observations, we ... More
The Stochastic Reach-Avoid Problem and Set Characterization for DiffusionsFeb 20 2012Jan 22 2016In this article we approach a class of stochastic reachability problems with state constraints from an optimal control perspective. Preceding approaches to solving these reachability problems are either confined to the deterministic setting or address ... More
RAISR: Rapid and Accurate Image Super ResolutionJun 03 2016Oct 04 2016Given an image, we wish to produce an image of larger size with significantly more pixels and higher image quality. This is generally known as the Single Image Super-Resolution (SISR) problem. The idea is that with sufficient training data (corresponding ... More
Performance Bounds for the Scenario Approach and an Extension to a Class of Non-convex ProgramsJul 01 2013Dec 06 2013We consider the Scenario Convex Program (SCP) for two classes of optimization problems that are not tractable in general: Robust Convex Programs (RCPs) and Chance-Constrained Programs (CCPs). We establish a probabilistic bridge from the optimal value ... More
Non-monotonic Casimir interaction: The role of amplifying dielectricsJan 25 2016The normal and the lateral Casimir interactions between corrugated ideal metallic plates in the presence of an amplifying or an absorptive dielectric slab has been studied by the path-integral quantization technique. The effect of the amplifying slab, ... More
On the multiple exterior degree of finite groupsAug 05 2011Apr 20 2012Recently, two first authors have introduced a group invariant, which is related to the number of elements $x$ and $y$ of a finite group $G$ such that $x\wedge y=1$ in the exterior square $G\wedge G$ of $G$. Research on this probability gives some relations ... More
Motion Planning for Continuous Time Stochastic Processes: A Dynamic Programming ApproachNov 06 2012Jan 22 2016We study stochastic motion planning problems which involve a controlled process, with possibly discontinuous sample paths, visiting certain subsets of the state-space while avoiding others in a sequential fashion. For this purpose, we first introduce ... More
The Little Engine that Could: Regularization by Denoising (RED)Nov 09 2016Removal of noise from an image is an extensively studied problem in image processing. Indeed, the recent advent of sophisticated and highly effective denoising algorithms lead some to believe that existing methods are touching the ceiling in terms of ... More
Convergence of algorithms for reconstructing convex bodies and directional measuresAug 01 2006We investigate algorithms for reconstructing a convex body $K$ in $\mathbb {R}^n$ from noisy measurements of its support function or its brightness function in $k$ directions $u_1,...,u_k$. The key idea of these algorithms is to construct a convex polytope ... More
RAISR: Rapid and Accurate Image Super ResolutionJun 03 2016Aug 13 2016Given an image, we wish to produce an image of larger size with significantly more pixels and higher image quality. This is generally known as the Single Image Super-Resolution (SISR) problem. The idea is that with sufficient training data (corresponding ... More
Invertible Ideals and Gaussian SemiringsApr 07 2014Mar 05 2016In the first section of this paper, we introduce the notions of fractional and invertible ideals of semirings and characterize invertible ideals of a semidomain. In section two, we define Pr\"{u}fer semirings and characterize them in terms of valuation ... More
Uncertainty decomposition of uncertain linear stochastic quantum networksSep 26 2016This paper presents a systematic method to analyze uncertain linear stochastic quantum systems (LSQS), when uncertainties are defined in optical realization. A decomposition theorem is stated which separates the nominal and uncertain parts of a general ... More
On the spectrum of the forced matching number of graphsMar 14 2009Let $G$ be a graph that admits a perfect matching. A {\sf forcing set} for a perfect matching $M$ of $G$ is a subset $S$ of $M$, such that $S$ is contained in no other perfect matching of $G$. This notion originally arose in chemistry in the study of ... More
A Comparative Study on Remote Tracking of Parkinsons Disease Progression Using Data Mining MethodsDec 07 2013In recent years, applications of data mining methods are become more popular in many fields of medical diagnosis and evaluations. The data mining methods are appropriate tools for discovering and extracting of available knowledge in medical databases. ... More
Resource allocation in OFDMA networks with half-duplex and imperfect full-duplex usersMay 06 2016Recent studies indicate the feasibility of in-band fullduplex (FD) wireless communications, where a wireless radio transmits and receives simultaneously in the same band. Due to its potential to increase the capacity, analyzing the performance of a cellular ... More
Commuting powers and exterior degree of finite groupsFeb 11 2011Jun 19 2012In [P. Niroomand, R. Rezaei, On the exterior degree of finite groups, Comm. Algebra 39 (2011), 335-343] it is introduced a group invariant, related to the number of elements $x$ and $y$ of a finite group $G$, such that $x \wedge y = 1_{G \wedge G}$ in ... More
Error Concealment in Image Communication Using Edge Map Watermarking and Spatial SmoothingApr 24 2010We propose a novel error concealment algorithm to be used at the receiver side of a lossy image transmission system. Our algorithm involves hiding the edge map of the original image at the transmitter within itself using a robust watermarking scheme. ... More
Instance Optimal Geometric AlgorithmsMay 01 2015We prove the existence of an algorithm $A$ for computing 2-d or 3-d convex hulls that is optimal for every point set in the following sense: for every sequence $\sigma$ of $n$ points and for every algorithm $A'$ in a certain class $\mathcal{A}$, the running ... More
Convergence of a data-driven time-frequency analysis methodMar 28 2013In a recent paper, Hou and Shi introduced a new adaptive data analysis method to analyze nonlinear and non-stationary data. The main idea is to look for the sparsest representation of multiscale data within the largest possible dictionary consisting of ... More
Capacity of a Class of Modulo-Sum Relay ChannelsApr 26 2007This paper characterizes the capacity of a class of modulo additive noise relay channels, in which the relay observes a corrupted version of the noise and has a separate channel to the destination. The capacity is shown to be strictly below the cut-set ... More
Applications of incidence bounds in point covering problemsMar 23 2016In the Line Cover problem a set of n points is given and the task is to cover the points using either the minimum number of lines or at most k lines. In Curve Cover, a generalization of Line Cover, the task is to cover the points using curves with d degrees ... More
Efficient Approximation of Quantum Channel CapacitiesJul 30 2014We propose an iterative method for approximating the capacity of classical-quantum channels with a discrete input alphabet and a finite dimensional output, possibly under additional constraints on the input distribution. Based on duality of convex programming, ... More
LQG Control with Minimum Directed Information: Semidefinite Programming ApproachOct 14 2015Aug 14 2016We consider a discrete-time Linear-Quadratic-Gaussian (LQG) control problem in which Massey's directed information from the observed output of the plant to the control input is minimized while required control performance is attainable. This problem arises ... More
Freeze-in production of Fermionic Dark Matter with Pseudo-scalar and Phenomenological AspectsNov 24 2015Jun 19 2016In this paper, we study freeze-in production of fermionic dark matter with a pseudo scalar as the mediator between dark sector and Standard Model (SM). While the fermionic DM is non-thermal, we will explain two scenarios in which production of pseudo-scalar ... More
Distributionally Robust Logistic RegressionSep 30 2015Dec 01 2015This paper proposes a distributionally robust approach to logistic regression. We use the Wasserstein distance to construct a ball in the space of probability distributions centered at the uniform distribution on the training samples. If the radius of ... More
A Novel Self-Recognition Method for Autonomic Grid Networks Case Study: Advisor Labor Law Software ApplicationFeb 10 2014Recently, Grid Computing Systems have provided wide integrated use of resources. Grid computing systems provide the ability to share, select and aggregate distributed resources as computers, storage systems or other devices in an integrated way. Grid ... More
Even and Odd Cycles Passing a Given Edge or a VertexDec 08 2015In this paper we provide some sufficient conditions for the existence of an odd or even cycle that passing a given vertex or an edge in $2$-connected or $2$-edge connected graphs. We provide some similar conditions for the existence of an odd or even ... More
Path Diffusion, Part IMay 31 2014This paper investigates the position (state) distribution of the single step binomial (multi-nomial) process on a discrete state / time grid under the assumption that the velocity process rather than the state process is Markovian. In this model the particle ... More
The effect of network structure on innovation initiation process: an evolutionary dynamics approachApr 16 2016In this paper we have proposed a basic agent-based model based on evolutionary dynamics for investigating innovation initiation process. In our model we suppose each agent will represent a firm which is interacting with other firms through a given network ... More
Efficient Approximation of Channel CapacitiesJul 29 2014Apr 03 2015We propose an iterative method for approximately computing the capacity of discrete memoryless channels, possibly under additional constraints on the input distribution. Based on duality of convex programming, we derive explicit upper and lower bounds ... More
Deterministic loading of individual atoms to a high-finesse optical cavityMar 16 2007Individual laser cooled atoms are delivered on demand from a single atom magneto-optic trap to a high-finesse optical cavity using an atom conveyor. Strong coupling of the atom with the cavity field allows simultaneous cooling and detection of individual ... More
Achieving very long lifetimes in optical lattices with pulsed coolingMay 19 2008We have realized a one dimensional optical lattice for individual atoms with a lifetime >300 s, which is 5 times longer than previously reported. In order to achieve this long lifetime, it is necessary to laser cool the at-oms briefly every 20 s to overcome ... More
A Decomposition Method for Large Scale MILPs, with Performance Guarantees and a Power System ApplicationNov 07 2014Lagrangian duality in mixed integer optimization is a useful framework for problems decomposition and for producing tight lower bounds to the optimal objective, but in contrast to the convex counterpart, it is generally unable to produce optimal solutions ... More
Correlated Photon Pair Production by Spontaneous Parametric Down Conversion in Quasi-Phase-Matched AlGaAs superlattice Waveguides using a Continuous Wave PumpApr 01 2013We report on the demonstration of correlated photon pair generation in quasi-phase-matched superlattice AlGaAs waveguides with a high coincidence-to-accidental ratio (CAR); with a continuous (CW) pump, the observed CAR (>100) is more than two order of ... More
Data-driven Inverse Optimization with Incomplete InformationDec 17 2015In data-driven inverse optimization an observer aims to learn the preferences of an agent who solves a parametric optimization problem depending on an exogenous signal. Thus, the observer seeks the agent's objective function that best explains a historical ... More
Circular chromatic index of graphs of maximum degree 3Dec 31 2006This paper proves that if $G$ is a graph (parallel edges allowed) of maximum degree 3, then $\chi_c'(G) \leq 11/3$ provided that $G$ does not contain $H_1$ or $H_2$ as a subgraph, where $H_1$ and $H_2$ are obtained by subdividing one edge of $K_2^3$ (the ... More
Low-spatial-coherence broadband fiber source for speckle free imagingJul 16 2015We designed and demonstrate a fiber-based amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) source with low spatial coherence, low temporal coherence, and high power per mode. ASE is produced by optically pumping a large gain core multimode fiber while minimizing ... More
Rainbow-trapping by adiabatic tuning of intragroove plasmon couplingJun 11 2014Jul 12 2014It is shown here that rendering the width of nano-grooves into a tunable parameter presents a new means of light trapping in subwavelength gratings. Particularly, in gratings with groove-widths below 150 nm, the plasmon coupling between the perimeter ... More
Symbolic control of stochastic systems via approximately bisimilar finite abstractionsFeb 15 2013Symbolic approaches to the control design over complex systems employ the construction of finite-state models that are related to the original control systems, then use techniques from finite-state synthesis to compute controllers satisfying specifications ... More
Experimental investigation of the stability of the floating water bridgeOct 10 2012Mar 11 2013When a high voltage is applied between two beakers filled with deionized water, a bridge of water may be formed in between exceeding the length of 2 cm when the beakers are pulled apart. We construct experiments in which the geometry and the electric ... More
High visibility two photon interference of frequency time entangled photons generated in a quasi phase matched AlGaAs waveguideOct 15 2014We demonstrate experimentally the frequency time entanglement of photon pairs produced in a CW pumped quasi phased matched AlGaAs superlattice waveguide. A visibility of 96.0+-0.7% without background subtraction has been achieved, which corresponds the ... More
Two Birds and One Stone: Gaussian Interference Channel with a Shared Out-of-Band Relay of Limited RateApr 03 2011Nov 15 2012The two-user Gaussian interference channel with a shared out-of-band relay is considered. The relay observes a linear combination of the source signals and broadcasts a common message to the two destinations, through a perfect link of fixed limited rate ... More
Quantum degenerate Bose-Fermi mixture of chemically different atomic species with widely tunable interactionsOct 20 2011Jun 03 2012We have created a quantum degenerate Bose-Fermi mixture of 23Na and 40K with widely tunable interactions via broad interspecies Feshbach resonances. Twenty Feshbach resonances between 23Na and 40K were identified. The large and negative triplet background ... More
Strongly Interacting Isotopic Bose-Fermi Mixture Immersed in a Fermi SeaMar 23 2011We have created a triply quantum degenerate mixture of bosonic $^{41}$K and two fermionic species $^{40}$K and $^6$Li. The boson is shown to be an efficient coolant for the two fermions, spurring hopes for the observation of fermionic superfluids with ... More
Ultracold Fermionic Feshbach Molecules of $^{23}$Na$^{40}$KJun 21 2012We report on the formation of ultracold fermionic Feshbach molecules of $^{23}$Na$^{40}$K, the first fermionic molecule that is chemically stable in its ground state. The lifetime of the nearly degenerate molecular gas exceeds 100 ms in the vicinity of ... More