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Zero entropy invariant measures for some skew product diffeomorphismsDec 15 2008In this paper we study some skew product diffeomorphisms with nonuniformly hyperbolic structure along fibers. We show that there is an invariant measure with zero entropy which has atomic conditional measures along fibers.
Entropy and Ergodic Measures for Toral AutomorphismsMar 06 2011We show that for every linear toral automorphism, especially the non-hyperbolic ones, the entropies of ergodic measures form a dense set on the interval from zero to the topological entropy.
On the unsplittable minimal zero-sum sequences over finite cyclic groups of prime orderSep 06 2014Let $p > 155$ be a prime and let $G$ be a cyclic group of order $p$. Let $S$ be a minimal zero-sum sequence with elements over $G$, i.e., the sum of elements in $S$ is zero, but no proper nontrivial subsequence of $S$ has sum zero. We call $S$ is unsplittable, ... More
The Convexity and Design of Composite Multiclass LossesJun 18 2012We consider composite loss functions for multiclass prediction comprising a proper (i.e., Fisher-consistent) loss over probability distributions and an inverse link function. We establish conditions for their (strong) convexity and explore the implications. ... More
Opportunistic Multicast Scheduling for Unicast Transmission in MIMO-OFDM SystemNov 11 2014We propose a multicast scheduling scheme to exploit content reuse when there is asynchronicity in user requests. A unicast transmission setup is used for content delivery, while multicast transmission is employed opportunistically to reduce wireless resource ... More
Pseudoscalar Quarkonium Exclusive Decays to Vector Meson PairMay 30 2010Jun 15 2010The pseudoscalar quarkonia exclusive decays to light mesons still poses a challenge to the theoretical understanding of quarkonium properties in decay. In this work, we evaluate the processes of pseudoscalar heavy quarkonium decays into vector meson pairs, ... More
The role of protection zone on species spreading governed by a reaction-diffusion model with strong Allee effectNov 30 2018It is known that a species dies out in the long run for small initial data if its evolution obeys a reaction of bistable nonlinearity. Such a phenomenon, which is termed as the strong Allee effect, is well supported by numerous evidence from ecosystems, ... More
Investigation of the bottomonium ground state η_b via its inclusive charm decaysOct 17 2007Nov 21 2007Based on the non-relativistic QCD factorization formalism, we calculate the bottomonium ground state, $\eta_b$, inclusive charm decays at the leading order in the strong coupling constant $\alpha_s$ and quarkonium internal relative velocity $v$. The inclusive ... More
Soft Gluon Resummation in Higgs Boson Plus Two Jet Production at the LHCFeb 08 2018In this paper, the soft gluon resummation effect in the Higgs boson plus two-jet production at the LHC is studied. By applying the transverse momentum dependent factorization formalism, the large logarithms introduced by the small total transverse momentum ... More
An improved two-way continuous-variable quantum key distribution protocol with added noise in homodyne detectionAug 30 2012May 05 2013We propose an improved two-way continuous-variable quantum key distribution (CV QKD) protocol by adding proper random noise on the receiver's homodyne detection, the security of which is analysed against general collective attacks. The simulation result ... More
The Next-to-Leading Order Corrections to Top Quark Decays to Heavy QuarkoniaMar 28 2010May 24 2010The decay widths of top quark to S-wave $b\bar{c}$ and $b\bar{b}$ bound states are evaluated at the next-to-leading(NLO) accuracy in strong interaction. Numerical calculation shows that the NLO corrections to these processes are remarkable. The quantum ... More
Globally Tuned Cascade Pose Regression via Back Propagation with Application in 2D Face Pose Estimation and Heart Segmentation in 3D CT ImagesMar 30 2015Recently, a successful pose estimation algorithm, called Cascade Pose Regression (CPR), was proposed in the literature. Trained over Pose Index Feature, CPR is a regressor ensemble that is similar to Boosting. In this paper we show how CPR can be represented ... More
CAPRL: Signal Recovery from Compressive Affine Phase Retrieval via LiftingSep 11 2018Sep 20 2018In this paper, we consider compressive/sparse affine phase retrieval proposed in [B. Gao B, Q. Sun, Y. Wang and Z. Xu, Adv. in Appl. Math., 93(2018), 121-141]. By the lift technique, and heuristic nuclear norm for convex relaxation of rank and $\ell$ ... More
Long Range Correlation in Higgs Boson Plus Two Jets Production at the LHCApr 30 2016We study Higgs boson plus two high energy jets production at the LHC in the kinematics where the two jets are well separated in rapidity. The partonic processes are dominated by the t-channel weak boson fusion (WBF) and gluon fusion (GF) contributions. ... More
Scheme dependence and Transverse Momentum Distribution interpretation of Collins-Soper-Sterman resummationMay 21 2015Following an earlier derivation by Catani-de Florian-Grazzini (2000) on the scheme dependence in the Collins-Soper-Sterman (CSS) resummation formalism in hard scattering processes, we investigate the scheme dependence of the Transverse Momentum Distributions ... More
NLO QCD Corrections to $B_c$-to-Charmonium Form FactorsMar 10 2011Apr 15 2012The $B_c(^1S_0)$ meson to S-wave Charmonia transition form factors are calculated in next-to-leading order(NLO) accuracy of Quantum Chromodynamics(QCD). Our results indicate that the higher order corrections to these form factors are remarkable, and hence ... More
Testing Charmonium Production Mechanism via Polarized $J/ψ$ Pair Production at the LHCMar 05 2009Jun 13 2010At present the color-octet mechanism is still an important and debatable part in the non-relativistic QCD(NRQCD). We find in this work that the polarized double charmonium production at the LHC may pose a stringent test on the charmonium production mechanism. ... More
Hunting eta_b through radiative decay into J/psiDec 14 2006Jan 25 2007We propose that the radiative decay process, \eta_b\to J/\psi\gamma, may serve as a clean searching mode for \eta_b in hadron collision facilities. By a perturbative QCD calculation, we estimate the corresponding branching ratio to be of order 10^{-7}. ... More
Improved Exponential Time Lower Bound of Knapsack Problem under BT modelJun 14 2006M.Alekhnovich et al. recently have proposed a model of algorithms, called BT model, which covers Greedy, Backtrack and Simple Dynamic Programming methods and can be further divided into fixed, adaptive and fully adaptive three kinds, and have proved exponential ... More
Driving conditions dependence of magneto-electroluminescence in tri-(8-hydroxyquinoline)-aluminum based organic light emitting diodesJun 17 2011we investigated the magneto-electroluminescence (MEL) in tri-(8-hydroxyquinoline)-aluminum based organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) through the steady-state and transient method simultaneously. The MELs show the great different behaviors when we turn ... More
Constrained Maximum Correntropy Adaptive FilteringOct 06 2016Constrained adaptive filtering algorithms inculding constrained least mean square (CLMS), constrained affine projection (CAP) and constrained recursive least squares (CRLS) have been extensively studied in many applications. Most existing constrained ... More
Universal Suppression of Heavy Quarkonium Production in pA Collisions at Low Transverse MomentumOct 08 2013The nuclear suppression of heavy quarkonium production at low transverse momentum in pA collisions in high energy scatterings is investigated in the small-x factorization formalism. A universal suppression is found in the large Nc limit between the two ... More
Energy-Efficient Relaying over Multiple Slots with Causal CSIMay 22 2012Nov 29 2012In many communication scenarios, such as in cellular systems, the energy cost is substantial and should be conserved, yet there is a growing need to support many real-time applications that require timely data delivery. To model such a scenario, in this ... More
A data-driven adaptive regularization method and its applicationsJul 17 2018Regularization method and Bayesian inverse method are two dominating ways for solving inverse problems generated from various fields, e.g., seismic exploration and medical imaging. The two methods are related with each other by the MAP estimates of posterior ... More
Collective effects of multi-scatterer on coherent propagation of photon in a two dimensional networkDec 22 2012Jul 22 2013We study the collective phenomenon in the scattering of a single-photon by one or two layers of two-level atoms. By modeling the photon dispersion with a two-dimensional (2D) coupled cavity array, we analytically derive the scattering probability of a ... More
Exponential Decay of Lebesgue NumbersFeb 02 2010Nov 20 2010We study the exponential rate of decay of Lebesgue numbers of open covers in topological dynamical systems. We show that topological entropy is bounded by this rate multiplied by dimension. Some corollaries and examples are discussed.
Assessment of the LFAs-PBE exchange-correlation potential for high-order harmonic generation of aligned H2+ moleculesNov 04 2015Mar 16 2016We examine the performance of our recently developed LFAs-PBE exchange-correlation (XC) potential [C.-R. Pan, P.-T. Fang, and J.-D. Chai, Phys. Rev. A, 2013, 87, 052510] for the high-order harmonic generation (HHG) spectra and related properties of H2+ ... More
On the energy conservation electrostatic PIC/MC simulating: benchmark and application to the radio frequency dischargesOct 20 2013Jan 29 2014We benchmark and analyze the error of energy conservation (EC) scheme for Particle in cell/Monte-Carlo Couple (PIC/MCC) algorithms by a radio frequency discharging simulation. The plasma heating behaviors and electron distributing functions obtained by ... More
Detecting h_c(^1P_1) at the LHCApr 04 2009Aug 18 2009In this work, we calculate the $h_c(^1P_1)$ production rate at the LHC to leading order of the strong coupling constant, for both color-singlet and -octet mechanisms. Numerical results show that a considerable number of $h_c$ events with moderate transverse ... More
Investigation of the magnetic field effects on the electron mobility in tri-(8-hydroxyquinoline)-aluminum based light-emitting devicesFeb 07 2011We investigated the mganetic field effects (MFEs) on electron mobility in tri-(8-hydroxyquinoline)-aluminum based light-emitting devices by transient-electroluminescence method upon application of various offset voltages. It is found the rising edges ... More
Universal Dynamics of a Degenerate Bose Gas Quenched to UnitarityDec 17 2018Motivated by an unexpected experimental observation from the Cambridge group, [Eigen {\it et al.,} Nature {\bf563}, 221 (2018)], we study the evolution of the momentum distribution of a degenerate Bose gas quenched from the weakly interacting to the unitarity ... More
Measures of Intermediate Entropies for Skew Product DiffeomorphismsJun 10 2009Jan 18 2010In this paper we study a skew product map $F$ with a measure $\mu$ of positive entropy. We show that if on the fibers the map are $C^{1+\alpha}$ diffeomorphisms with nonzero Lyapunov exponents, then $F$ has ergodic measures of intermediate entropies. ... More
Near-locality of exchange and correlation density functionals for 1- and 2-electron systemsMar 13 2016The uniform electron gas and the hydrogen atom play fundamental roles in condensed matter physics and quantum chemistry. The former has an infinite number of electrons uniformly distributed over the neutralizing positively-charged background, and the ... More
Reciprocal Recommendation System for Online DatingJan 26 2015Jan 27 2015Online dating sites have become popular platforms for people to look for potential romantic partners. Different from traditional user-item recommendations where the goal is to match items (e.g., books, videos, etc) with a user's interests, a recommendation ... More
Universal Non-perturbative Functions for SIDIS and Drell-Yan ProcessesJun 11 2014Mar 20 2015We update the well-known BLNY fit to the low transverse momentum Drell-Yan lepton pair productions in hadronic collisions, by considering the constraints from the semi-inclusive hadron production in deep inelastic scattering (SIDIS) from HERMES and COMPASS ... More
Realization of a Quantum Simulator Based Oracle Machine for Solving Quantum Optimal Control PorblemAug 02 2016Nov 30 2016A central challenge in quantum computing is to identify more computational problems for which utilization of quantum resources can offer significant speedup. Here, we construct a quantum simulator based quantum oracle machine to tackle the quantum optimal ... More
Topological Dirac semimetal phases in InSb/$α$-Sn semiconductor superlatticesJul 15 2016We demonstrate theoretically the coexistence of Dirac semimetal and topological insulator phases in InSb/$\alpha$-Sn conventional semiconductor superlattices, based on advanced first-principles calculations combined with low-energy $k\cdot p$ theory. ... More
SFCSD: A Self-Feedback Correction System for DNS Based on Active and Passive MeasurementApr 21 2017Domain Name System (DNS), one of the important infrastructure in the Internet, was vulnerable to attacks, for the DNS designer didn't take security issues into consideration at the beginning. The defects of DNS may lead to users' failure of access to ... More
GraphH: High Performance Big Graph Analytics in Small ClustersMay 16 2017Aug 07 2017It is common for real-world applications to analyze big graphs using distributed graph processing systems. Popular in-memory systems require an enormous amount of resources to handle big graphs. While several out-of-core approaches have been proposed ... More
Exponential Decay of Expansive ConstantsJan 04 2011A map $f$ on a compact metric space is expansive if and only if $f^n$ is expansive. We study the exponential rate of decay of the expansive constant of $f^n$. A major result is that this rate times box dimension bounds topological entropy.
Cross-Layer Adaptive Feedback Scheduling of Wireless Control SystemsSep 29 2008There is a trend towards using wireless technologies in networked control systems. However, the adverse properties of the radio channels make it difficult to design and implement control systems in wireless environments. To attack the uncertainty in available ... More
Asset Allocation under the Basel Accord Risk MeasuresAug 06 2013Financial institutions are currently required to meet more stringent capital requirements than they were before the recent financial crisis; in particular, the capital requirement for a large bank's trading book under the Basel 2.5 Accord more than doubles ... More
The Quasi-normal Modes of Charged Scalar Fields in Kerr-Newman black hole and Its Geometric InterpretationJun 27 2015Nov 01 2015It is well-known that there is a geometric correspondence between high-frequency quasi-normal modes (QNMs) and null geodesics (spherical photon orbits). In this paper, we generalize such correspondence to charged scalar field in Kerr-Newman space-time. ... More
On Lower Bound of Worst Case Error Probability for Quantum Fingerprinting with Shared EntanglementJun 14 2006This paper discusses properties of quantum fingerprinting with shared entanglement. Under certain restriction of final measurement, a relation is given between unitary operations of two parties. Then, by reducing to spherical coding problem, this paper ... More
$B_c$ Exclusive Decays to Charmonium and a Light Meson at Next-to-Leading Order AccuracySep 26 2012Dec 02 2013In this paper the next-to-leading order (NLO) corrections to $B_c$ meson exclusive decays to S-wave charmonia and light pseudoscalar or vector mesons, i.e. $\pi$, $K$, $\rho$, and $K^*$, are performed within non-relativistic (NR) QCD approach. The non-factorizable ... More
MetaFlow: a Scalable Metadata Lookup Service for Distributed File Systems in Data CentersNov 05 2016Nov 10 2016In large-scale distributed file systems, efficient meta- data operations are critical since most file operations have to interact with metadata servers first. In existing distributed hash table (DHT) based metadata management systems, the lookup service ... More
GraphMP: I/O-Efficient Big Graph Analytics on a Single Commodity MachineOct 09 2018Feb 18 2019Recent studies showed that single-machine graph processing systems can be as highly competitive as cluster-based approaches on large-scale problems. While several out-of-core graph processing systems and computation models have been proposed, the high ... More
GraphMP: An Efficient Semi-External-Memory Big Graph Processing System on a Single MachineJul 09 2017Recent studies showed that single-machine graph processing systems can be as highly competitive as cluster-based approaches on large-scale problems. While several out-of-core graph processing systems and computation models have been proposed, the high ... More
Towards Distributed Machine Learning in Shared Clusters: A Dynamically-Partitioned ApproachApr 22 2017Many cluster management systems (CMSs) have been proposed to share a single cluster with multiple distributed computing systems. However, none of the existing approaches can handle distributed machine learning (ML) workloads given the following criteria: ... More
Security of a new two-way continuous-variable quantum key distribution protocolOct 09 2011Aug 27 2012The original two-way continuous-variable quantum-key-distribution (CV QKD) protocols [S. Pirandola, S. Mancini, S. Lloyd, and S. L. Braunstein, Nature Physics 4, 726 (2008)] give the security against the collective attack on the condition of the tomography ... More
Proximity and anomalous field-effect characteristics in double-wall carbon nanotubesMar 22 2006Proximity effect on field-effect characteristic (FEC) in double-wall carbon nanotubes (DWCNTs) is investigated. In a semiconductor-metal (S-M) DWCNT, the penetration of electron wavefunctions in the metallic shell to the semiconducting shell turns the ... More
Multi-Source Pointer Network for Product Title SummarizationAug 21 2018Oct 08 2018In this paper, we study the product title summarization problem in E-commerce applications for display on mobile devices. Comparing with conventional sentence summarization, product title summarization has some extra and essential constraints. For example, ... More
Constraining New Muonic Interactions Meditated by Axion-Like-ParticlesOct 01 2018Oct 25 2018ALPs (Axion Like Particle) beyond the standard model are solutions to several important problems of modern physics. One way to detect these particles is to detect the new interactions they meditate. Many experiments have been performed to search for these ... More
Energy Evolution for the Sivers Asymmetries in Hard ProcessesApr 18 2013Aug 12 2013We investigate the energy evolution of the azimuthal spin asymmetries in semi-inclusive hadron production in deep inelastic scattering (SIDIS) and Drell-Yan lepton pair production in pp collisions. The scale dependence is evaluated by applying an approximate ... More
Sum rules on quantum hadrodynamicsJul 04 2002Aug 22 2004The development on relativistic nuclear many-body theories is reviewed. The second order self-energies of hadrons are calculated from $\hat{S}_2$ matrix, and then an effective method to solve nuclear many-body problems, sum rules on quantum hadrodynamics, ... More
USAR: an Interactive User-specific Aesthetic Ranking Framework for ImagesMay 03 2018Aug 16 2018When assessing whether an image is of high or low quality, it is indispensable to take personal preference into account. Existing aesthetic models lay emphasis on hand-crafted features or deep features commonly shared by high quality images, but with ... More
Value-aware Recommendation based on Reinforced Profit Maximization in E-commerce SystemsFeb 03 2019Existing recommendation algorithms mostly focus on optimizing traditional recommendation measures, such as the accuracy of rating prediction in terms of RMSE or the quality of top-$k$ recommendation lists in terms of precision, recall, MAP, etc. However, ... More
Electron resonant tunneling through InAs/GaAs quantum dots embedded in a Schottky diode with an AlAs insertion layerDec 06 2007Molecular beam epitaxy is employed to manufacture self-assembled InAs/GaAs quantum dot Schottky resonant tunneling diodes. By virtue of a thin AlAs insertion barrier, the thermal current is effectively reduced and electron resonant tunneling through quantum ... More
Single-photon scattering on a strongly dressed atomDec 07 2011Dec 09 2011We develop the generalized rotating-wave approximation (GRWA) approach (Phys. Rev. Lett. 99, 173601 (2007)) to study the single-photon scattering on a two-level system (TLS) with arbitrarily strong coupling to a local mode in a one-dimensional (1D) coupled ... More
Experimental quantum Zeno effect in NMR with entanglement-based measurementMar 11 2013We experimentally demonstrate a new dynamic fashion of quantum Zeno effect in nuclear magnetic resonance systems. The frequent measurements are implemented through quantum entanglement between the target qubit(s) and the measuring qubit, which dynamically ... More
Relativistic mean-field approximation with density-dependent screening meson masses in nuclear matterJun 12 2002Nov 24 2002The Debye screening masses of the $\sigma$, $\omega$ and neutral $\rho$ mesons and the photon are calculated in the relativistic mean-field approximation. As the density of the nucleon increases, all the screening masses of mesons increase. It shows a ... More
Turbo-Equalization Using Partial Gaussian ApproximationMar 14 2016This paper deals with turbo-equalization for coded data transmission over intersymbol interference (ISI) channels. We propose a message-passing algorithm that uses the expectation-propagation rule to convert messages passed from the demodulator-decoder ... More
Integrated Nanophotonics Architecture for Residue Number System ArithmeticNov 30 2017Residue number system (RNS) enables dimensionality reduction of an arithmetic problem by representing a large number as a set of smaller integers, where the number is decomposed by prime number factorization using the moduli as basic functions. These ... More
Faster Algorithm of String ComparisonDec 21 2001Dec 25 2001In many applications, it is necessary to determine the string similarity. Edit distance[WF74] approach is a classic method to determine Field Similarity. A well known dynamic programming algorithm [GUS97] is used to calculate edit distance with the time ... More
Controllable microwave three-wave mixing via a single three-level superconducting quantum circuitAug 29 2013Dec 21 2014Three-wave mixing in second-order nonlinear optical processes cannot occur in atomic systems due to the electric-dipole selection rules. In contrast, we demonstrate that second-order nonlinear processes can occur in a superconducting quantum circuit (i.e., ... More
Photoluminescence properties of forsterite (Mg2SiO4) nanobelts synthesized from Mg and SiO2 powdersOct 23 2003Ternary oxide forsterite Mg2SiO4 single-crystalline nanobelts have been synthesized at high yields via SiO2 assistant-oxide through a VS process. The PL properties of the forsterite Mg2SiO4 nanobelts were observed. The emission peak at 625 nm is attributed ... More
Experimental Wireless Communication Using Chaotic Baseband WaveformJan 14 2019Some new properties of the chaotic signal have been implemented in communication system applications recently. However, due to the broadband property of the chaotic signal, it is very difficult for a practical transducer or antenna to convert such a broadband ... More
Dynamics of Quantum Zeno and Anti-Zeno Effects in Open SystemApr 24 2011We provide a general dynamical approach for the quantum Zeno and anti-Zeno effects in an open quantum system under repeated non-demolition measurements. In our approach the repeated measurements are described by a general dynamical model without the wave ... More
Learning Likely Invariants to Explain Why a Program FailsOct 27 2016Debugging is difficult. Recent studies show that automatic bug localization techniques have limited usefulness. One of the reasons is that programmers typically have to understand why the program fails before fixing it. In this work, we aim to help programmers ... More
Interactive Discovery of Coordinated Relationship Chains with Maximum Entropy ModelsDec 29 2015Modern visual analytic tools promote human-in-the-loop analysis but are limited in their ability to direct the user toward interesting and promising directions of study. This problem is especially acute when the analysis task is exploratory in nature, ... More
A BP-MF-EP Based Iterative Receiver for Joint Phase Noise Estimation, Equalization and DecodingMar 14 2016In this work, with combined belief propagation (BP), mean field (MF) and expectation propagation (EP), an iterative receiver is designed for joint phase noise (PN) estimation, equalization and decoding in a coded communication system. The presence of ... More
Effective photon mass in nuclear matter and finite nucleiApr 03 2002Nov 24 2002Electromagnetic field in nuclear matter and nuclei are studied. In the nuclear matter, because the expectation value of the electric charge density operator is not zero, different in vacuum, the U(1) local gauge symmetry of electric charge is spontaneously ... More
NV-Metamaterial: Tunable Quantum Hyperbolic Metamaterial Using Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in DiamondFeb 05 2018Feb 06 2018We show that nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers in diamond can produce a novel quantum hyperbolic metamaterial. We demonstrate that a hyperbolic dispersion relation in diamond with NV centers can be engineered and dynamically tuned by applying a magnetic field. ... More
MODetector (MOD): A Dual-Functional Optical Modulator-Detector for On-Chip CommunicationOct 19 2017Physical challenges at the device and interconnect level limit both network and computing energy efficiency. While photonics is being considered to address interconnect bottlenecks, optical routing is still limited by electronic circuitry, requiring substantial ... More
Detecting Heads using Feature Refine Net and Cascaded Multi-Scale ArchitectureMar 25 2018Nov 24 2018This paper presents a method that can accurately detect heads especially small heads under the indoor scene. To achieve this, we propose a novel method, Feature Refine Net (FRN), and a cascaded multi-scale architecture. FRN exploits the multi-scale hierarchical ... More
Tuning the catalytic activity of graphene nanosheets for oxygen reduction reaction via size and thickness reductionNov 13 2014Currently, the fundamental factors that control the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) activity of graphene itself, in particular the dependence of the ORR activity on the number of exposed edge sites remain elusive, mainly due to limited synthesis routes ... More
TMD Evolution: Matching SIDIS to Drell-Yan and W/Z Boson ProductionAug 22 2013We examine the QCD evolution for the transverse momentum dependent observables in hard processes of semi-inclusive hadron production in deep inelastic scattering and Drell-Yan lepton pair production in $pp$ collisions, including the spin-average cross ... More
Fast Segmentation of Left Ventricle in CT Images by Explicit Shape Regression using Random Pixel Difference FeaturesJul 27 2015Jul 28 2015Recently, machine learning has been successfully applied to model-based left ventricle (LV) segmentation. The general framework involves two stages, which starts with LV localization and is followed by boundary delineation. Both are driven by supervised ... More
Taming intermittent plasticity at small scalesOct 10 2016The extreme miniaturization in modern technology calls for deeper insights into the non-conventional, fluctuation dominated mechanics of materials at micro- to nano-scales. Both experiments and simulations show that sub-micron face-centered-cubic (FCC) ... More
La-doping effect on spin-orbit coupled Sr2IrO4 probed by x-ray absorption spectroscopyOct 31 2016Sr2IrO4 was predicted to be an unconventional superconductor upon carrier doping since it highly resembles the high-temperature cuprates. Here, to understand carrier doping effect on spin-orbit coupled Mott insulator Sr2IrO4, the electronic structure ... More
Comment on Ji-Sheng Chen et alMar 15 2004Mar 19 2004This paper was withdrawn by arXiv admins because of inappropriate and unverifiable claims of appropriation.
An Expression for the Granular Elastic EnergyJun 13 2012Granular Solid Hydrodynamics (GSH) is a broad-ranged continual mechanical description of granular media capable of accounting for static stress distributions, yield phenomena, propagation and damping of elastic waves, the critical state, shear band, and ... More
Transverse Momentum Resummation for $t$-channel single top quark production at the LHCJan 29 2018We study the effect of multiple soft gluon radiation on the kinematical distributions of the $t$-channel single top quark production at the LHC. By applying the transverse momentum dependent factorization formalism, large logarithms (of the ratio of large ... More
A Facile Method for Precise Layer Number Identification of Two-Dimensional Materials through Optical ImagesJan 14 2019Optical microscopy is believed to be an efficient method for identifying layer number of two-dimensional 2D materials. However, since illuminants, cameras and their parameters are different from lab to lab, it is impossible to identify layer numbers just ... More
Iron pnictides: Single crystal growth and effect of doping on structural, transport and magnetic propertiesJan 18 2009Apr 01 2009We demonstrate the preparation of large, free standing iron pnictide single crystals with a size up to 20 x 10 x 1 mm3 using solvents in zirconia crucibles under argon atmosphere. Transport and magnetic properties are investigated to study the effect ... More
Non-d$^0$ Electric Dipole in FeO$_5$ bipyramid: a New Resource for Quantum Paraelectrics, Ferroelectrics and MultiferroicsMay 27 2014Electric polarization in conventional ferroelectric oxides usually involves nonmagnetic transition-metal ions with an empty d shell (the d$^0$ rule). Here we unravel a new mechanism for local electric dipoles based on magnetic Fe$^{3+}$ (3d$^5$) ion violating ... More
Construction of Chiral Metamaterial with U-Shaped Resonator AssemblyDec 18 2009Chiral structure can be applied to construct metamaterial with negative refractive index (NRI). In an assembly of double-layered metallic U-shaped resonators with two resonant frequencies wH and wL, the effective induced electric and magnetic dipoles, ... More
Protonation enhancement by dichloromethane doping in low-pressure photoionizationOct 02 2016Doping has been used to enhance the ionization efficiency of analytes in atmospheric pressure photoionization, which is based on charge exchange. Compounds with excellent ionization efficiencies are usually chosen as dopants. In this paper, we report ... More
Molecular clouds in the extreme outer Galaxy between $l=34.75^{\circ}$ to $45.25^{\circ}$Feb 28 2017We present the result of an unbiased CO survey in Galactic range of 34.75$^{\circ}\leq$l$\leq$ 45.25$^{\circ}$ and -5.25$^{\circ}\leq$b$\leq$ 5.25$^{\circ}$, and velocity range beyond the Outer arm. A total of 168 molecular clouds (MCs) are identified ... More
Quantum Critical Point study in Multiferroic Hexaferrites: BaFe12O19, SrFe12O19, and PbFe3Ga9O19 -- Verification of the Khmelnitskii TheoryJul 07 2015Aug 13 2015BaFe12O19 is a popular M-type hexaferrite with T(Neel) = 720 K of enormous commercial value (3 billion dollars/year). It exhibits an incipient ferroelectric phase transition (in violation of the Spaldin-Hill rule) extrapolated to lie at 6.0 K Kelvin but ... More
Probe Spin-Velocity Dependent New Interactions by Spin Relaxation Times of Polarized $^{3}He$ GasDec 28 2014Sep 18 2015We have constrained possible new interactions which produce nonrelativistic potentials between polarized neutrons and unpolarized matter proportional to $\alpha\vec{\sigma}\cdot\vec{v}$ where $\vec{\sigma}$ is the neutron spin and $\vec{v}$ is the relative ... More
Multi-Resonator-Assisted Multi-Qubit Resetting in a NetworkApr 28 2016Jul 25 2016We propose a quantum bath engineering method for the initialization of arbitrary number of flux-tunable transmon qubits with a multi-resonator circuit quantum electrodynamics (QED) architecture. Through the application of the microwave drives, we can ... More
Tunable charge-trap memory based on few-layer MoS2Jul 28 2014Charge-trap memory with high-\k dielectric materials is considered to be a promising candidate for next-generation memory devices. Ultrathin layered two-dimensional (2D) materials like graphene and MoS2 have been receiving much attention because of their ... More
Keck/ESI Long-slit Spectroscopy of SBS 1421+511: A Recoiling Quasar Nucleus in An Active Galaxy Pair?Dec 18 2015We present Keck/ESI long-slit spectroscopy of SBS 1421+511, a system consisting of a quasar at z = 0.276 and an extended source 3" northern to the quasar. The quasar shows a blue-skewed profile of Balmer broad emission lines, which can be well modeled ... More
FeTe$_{1-x}$Se$_{x}$ monolayer films: towards the realization of high-temperature connate topological superconductivityJan 26 2017We performed angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy studies on a series of FeTe$_{1-x}$Se$_{x}$ monolayer films grown on SrTiO$_{3}$. The superconductivity of the films is robust and rather insensitive to the variations of the band position and effective ... More
An effective formulation on quantum hadrodynamics at finite temperatures and densitiesSep 16 2002May 10 2006According to Wick's theorem, the second order self-energy corrections of hadrons in the hot and dense nuclear matter are calculated. Furthermore, the Feynman rules are summarized, and an effective formulation on quantum hadrodynamics at finite temperatures ... More
Prediction of amino acid side chain conformation using a deep neural networkJul 26 2017A deep neural network based architecture was constructed to predict amino acid side chain conformation with unprecedented accuracy. Amino acid side chain conformation prediction is essential for protein homology modeling and protein design. Current widely-adopted ... More
Question Generation from SQL Queries Improves Neural Semantic ParsingAug 20 2018Aug 27 2018We study how to learn a semantic parser of state-of-the-art accuracy with less supervised training data. We conduct our study on WikiSQL, the largest hand-annotated semantic parsing dataset to date. First, we demonstrate that question generation is an ... More
Discovery of Extremely Broad Balmer Absorption Lines in SDSS J152350.42+391405.2Nov 11 2015We present the discovery of Balmer line absorption from H$\alpha$ to H$\gamma$ in an iron low-ionization broad absorption line (FeLoBAL) quasar SDSS J152350.42+391405.2 (hereafter J1523), by the quasi-simultaneous optical and near-infrared spectroscopy. ... More
Probing lattice vibration at surface and interface of SiO$_2$/Si with nanometer resolutionSep 23 2018Nov 05 2018Recent advances in monochromatic aberration corrected electron microscopy make it possible to detect the lattice vibration with both high-energy resolution and high spatial resolution. Here, we use sub-10 meV electron energy loss spectroscopy to investigate ... More