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Half-width of local spectral density of states given by width of nonperturbative parts of eigenfunctions: The Wigner-band-matrix modelDec 09 2015It is shown that, for a Hamiltonian with a band structure, the half width of local spectral density of states, or strength function, is closely related to the width of the nonperturbative (NPT) parts of energy eigenfunctions. In the Wigner-band random-matrix ... More
On unbiased performance evaluation for protein inferenceNov 29 2012This letter is a response to the comments of Serang (2012) on Huang and He (2012) in Bioinformatics. Serang (2012) claimed that the parameters for the Fido algorithm should be specified using the grid search method in Serang et al. (2010) so as to generate ... More
Passively Q-switching cylindrical vector beam fiber laser operating in high-order modeSep 12 2018We experimentally demonstrate a linear-cavity all-fiber passively Q-switching cylindrical vector beam (CVB) laser operating in high-order mode. This CVB fiber laser operates without any mode converter which always leads to high insertion loss, and it ... More
Protein Inference and Protein Quantification: Two Sides of the Same CoinOct 09 2012Motivation: In mass spectrometry-based shotgun proteomics, protein quantification and protein identification are two major computational problems. To quantify the protein abundance, a list of proteins must be firstly inferred from the sample. Then the ... More
Capillary-driven binding of thin triangular prisms at fluid interfacesFeb 08 2018We observe capillary-driven binding between thin, equilateral triangular prisms at a flat air-water interface. The edge length of the equilateral triangle face is 120 $\mu m$, and the thickness of the prism is varied between 2 and 20 $\mu m$. For thickness ... More
A new ignition hohlraum design for indirect-drive inertial confinement fusionJun 02 2016In this paper, a six-cylinder-port hohlraum is proposed to provide high symmetry flux on capsule. It is designed to ignite a capsule with 1.2 mm radius in indirect-drive inertial confinement fusion (ICF) . Flux symmetry and laser energy are calculated ... More
An all-fiber laser oscillating directly at single TE01 mode through ring-core fibersNov 10 2018Cylindrical vector beams (CVBs) have a wide range of applications owing to their particular polarization characteristics and optical field distributions. For the first time, an azimuthally polarized fiber laser without any polarization controller is proposed ... More
Increasing stability for the inverse source scattering problem with multi-frequenciesJul 23 2016Consider the scattering of the two- or three-dimensional Helmholtz equation where the source of the electric current density is assumed to be compactly supported in a ball. This paper concerns the stability analysis of the inverse source scattering problem ... More
A Fast Solver for the Elastic Scattering of Multiple ParticlesDec 13 2018Consider the elastic scattering of a time-harmonic wave by multiple well separated rigid particles in two dimensions. To avoid using the complex Green's tensor of the elastic wave equation, we utilize the Helmholtz decomposition to convert the boundary ... More
Electromagnetic Scattering for Time-Domain Maxwell's Equations in an Unbounded StructureApr 26 2016The goal of this work is to study the electromagnetic scattering problem of time-domain Maxwell's equations in an unbounded structure. An exact transparent boundary condition is developed to reformulate the scattering problem into an initial-boundary ... More
Analysis of Time-Domain Scattering by Periodic StructuresApr 04 2016This paper is devoted to the mathematical analysis of a time-domain electromagnetic scattering by periodic structures which are known as diffraction gratings. The scattering problem is reduced equivalently into an initial-boundary value problem in a bounded ... More
Convergence of an adaptive finite element DtN method for the elastic wave scattering problemMar 08 2019Consider the scattering of an elastic plane wave by a rigid obstacle, which is immersed in a homogeneous and isotropic elastic medium in two dimensions. Based on a Dirichlet-to-Neumann (DtN) operator, an exact transparent boundary condition is introduced ... More
Stability on the Inverse Random Source Scattering Problem for the One-Dimensional Helmholtz EquationJul 22 2016Consider the one-dimensional stochastic Helmholtz equation where the source is assumed to be driven by the white noise. This paper concerns the stability analysis of the inverse random source problem which is to reconstruct the statistical properties ... More
Inverse Electromagnetic Diffraction by Biperiodic Dielectric GratingsDec 08 2016Consider the incidence of a time-harmonic electromagnetic plane wave onto a biperiodic dielectric grating, where the surface is assumed to be a small and smooth perturbation of a plane. The diffraction is modeled as a transmission problem for Maxwell's ... More
Low-dose spectral CT reconstruction using L0 image gradient and tensor dictionaryDec 13 2017Jul 24 2018Spectral computed tomography (CT) has a great superiority in lesion detection, tissue characterization and material decomposition. To further extend its potential clinical applications, in this work, we propose an improved tensor dictionary learning method ... More
Analysis of Transient Acoustic-Elastic Interaction in an Unbounded StructureAug 19 2016Consider the wave propagation in a two-layered medium consisting of a homogeneous compressible air or fluid on top of a homogeneous isotropic elastic solid. The interface between the two layers is assumed to be an unbounded rough surface. This paper concerns ... More
Inverse elastic surface scattering with far-field dataDec 07 2017A rigorous mathematical model and an efficient computational method are proposed to solving the inverse elastic surface scattering problem which arises from the near-field imaging of periodic structures. We demonstrate how an enhanced resolution can be ... More
A Wong-Zakai theorem for $Φ^4_3$ modelApr 16 2015We prove a version of the Wong-Zakai theorem for the dynamical $\Phi_3^4$ model driven by space-time white noise on $\mathbb{T}^3$. For the $\Phi^4_3$ model it is proved in [Hai14] that a renormalisation has to be performed in order to define the nonlinear ... More
Random attractor associated with the quasi-geostrophic equationMar 24 2013We study the long time behavior of the solutions to the 2D stochastic quasi-geostrophic equation on $\mathbb{T}^2$ driven by additive noise and real linear multiplicative noise in the subcritical case (i.e. $\alpha>1/2$) by proving the existence of a ... More
Dimension reduction-based significance testing in nonparametric regressionOct 13 2015A dimension reduction-based adaptive-to-model test is proposed for significance of a subset of covariates in the context of a nonparametric regression model. Unlike existing local smoothing significance tests, the new test behaves like a local smoothing ... More
Inverse Random Source Scattering for Elastic WavesAug 09 2016This paper is concerned with the direct and inverse random source scattering problems for elastic waves where the source is assumed to be driven by an additive white noise. Given the source, the direct problem is to determine the displacement of the random ... More
Flip-Rotate-Pooling Convolution and Split Dropout on Convolution Neural Networks for Image ClassificationJul 31 2015This paper presents a new version of Dropout called Split Dropout (sDropout) and rotational convolution techniques to improve CNNs' performance on image classification. The widely used standard Dropout has advantage of preventing deep neural networks ... More
A primal-dual fixed point algorithm for multi-block convex minimizationFeb 01 2016We extend a primal-dual fixed point algorithm (PDFP) proposed in [5] to solve two kinds of separable multi-block minimization problems, arising in signal processing and imaging science. This work shows the flexibility of applying PDFP algorithm to multi-block ... More
A primal-dual fixed-point algorithm for minimization of the sum of three convex separable functionsDec 31 2015Many problems arising in image processing and signal recovery with multi-regularization can be formulated as minimization of a sum of three convex separable functions. Typically, the objective function involves a smooth function with Lipschitz continuous ... More
Inverse obstacle scattering problem for elastic waves with phased or phaseless far-field dataNov 30 2018This paper concerns an inverse elastic scattering problem which is to determine the location and the shape of a rigid obstacle from the phased or phaseless far-field data for a single incident plane wave. By introducing the Helmholtz decomposition, the ... More
Approximating three-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations driven by space-time white noiseSep 17 2014In this paper we study approximations to 3D Navier-Stokes (NS) equation driven by space-time white noise by paracontrolled distribution proposed in [GIP13]. A solution theory for this equation has been developed recently in [ZZ14] based on regularity ... More
Lattice approximation to the dynamical $Φ_3^4$ modelAug 23 2015We study the lattice approximations to the dynamical $\Phi^4_3$ model by paracontrolled distributions proposed in [GIP13]. We prove that the solutions to the lattice systems converge to the solution to the dynamical $\Phi_3^4$ model in probability, locally ... More
A Generalization of the Kodaira Vanishing and Embedding TheoremFeb 02 1995We give several generalizations of the Kodaira vanishing and embedding theorems for K\"ahler manifolds to the case where the relevent line bundle has a small region of negative curvature. To prove the vanishing theorems we adapt techniques of Elworthy-Rosenberg ... More
Spectra and elliptic flow of (multi-)strange hadrons at RHIC and LHC within viscous hydrodynamics+hadron cascade hybrid modelJul 14 2016Aug 15 2016Using the (2+1)-dimensional ultrarelativistic viscous hydrodynamics+hadron cascade, VISHNU, hybrid model, we study the $p_{\rm T}$-spectra and elliptic flow of $\Lambda$, $\Xi$, and $\Omega$ in Au+Au collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$=200 GeV and in Pb+Pb ... More
Log rationally connected surfacesDec 08 2014Jul 02 2015In this paper, combining the works of Miyanishi-Tsunoda and Keel-McKernan, we prove the log Castelnuovo's rationality criterion for smooth quasiprojective surfaces over complex numbers.
Explicit Maximum Likelihood Loss Estimator in Multicast TomographyApr 27 2010For the tree topology, previous studies show the maximum likelihood estimate (MLE) of a link/path takes a polynomial form with a degree that is one less than the number of descendants connected to the link/path. Since then, the main concern is focused ... More
A geometrizing higher twist effect on nuclear targetAug 30 2004Feb 13 2005The higher twist effects in deep inelastic scattering on the nuclear target are studied using time ordered perturbation theory. We showed that the collinear rescattering of the outgoing quark on the extra nucleons via the contacting gluon-pair is dominant ... More
A scattering matrix approach to quantum pumping: Beyond the small-ac-driving-amplitude limitNov 06 2009In the adiabatic and weak-modulation quantum pump, net electron flow is driven from one reservoir to the other by absorbing or emitting an energy quantum $\hbar \omega $ from or to the reservoirs. In our approach, high-order dependence of the scattering ... More
Exotic Charmonium-like States at BESIIIMay 18 2015The recent measurement results of exotic charmonium-like states, the so called XYZ particles, at BESIII have been presented. I mainly discussed the charged Zc(3900) state, its neutral partner, and possible excited states.
Charmonium and Light Meson SpectroscopyDec 10 2012This talk reviews recent experimental results on selected topics in the spectroscopy of charmonia, charmonium-like states and light mesons.
Spin-dependent electron grating effect from helical magnetization in multiferroic tunnel junctionsApr 27 2012In multiferroic oxides with a transverse helical magnetic order, the magnetization exchange coupling is sinusoidally space-dependent. We theoretically investigate the spin-dependent electron grating effect in normal-metal/helical-multiferroic/ferromagnettic ... More
Conductance in the Helimagnet- and Skyrmion-Lattice-Embedded Electron WaveguideNov 22 2013The helimagnet (HM) and skyrmion lattice (SL) are topologically nontrivial magnetic states. Their spin texture gives rise to finite topological magnetic field and Lorentz force. As a demonstration of the emergent electrodynamics besides the Hall effect, ... More
On the gluing formula of real analytic torsion formsMay 13 2014In this paper we extend first the Bismut-Lott's analytic torsion form for flat vector bundles to the boundary case, then we establish its gluing formula on a smooth fibration under the assumption that a fiberwise Morse function exists. We assume that ... More
The RPC-based proposal for the ATLAS forward muon trigger upgrade in view of super-LHCOct 25 2012The innermost station of the present ATLAS forward muon detector needs to be upgraded for the super-LHC. We present a proposal to replace it with a sandwiched detector composed of several layers of small-radius Monitored Drift Tube chambers (sMDT) for ... More
Towards a dictionary for the Bargmann transformJun 21 2015There is a canonical unitary transformation from $L^2(\R)$ onto the Fock space $F^2$, called the Bargmann transform. The purpose of this article is to translate some important results and operators from the context of $L^2(\R)$ to that of $F^2$. Examples ... More
Uncertainty principles for the Fock spaceJan 12 2015Several uncertainty principles are proved for the Fock space.
A regularity theory for multiple-valued Dirichlet minimizing mapsAug 07 2006This paper discusses the regularity of multiple-valued Dirichlet minimizing maps into the sphere. It shows that even at branched point, as long as the normalized energy is small enough, we have the energy decay estimate. Combined with the previous work ... More
Nonlinear Model Reduction Based On The Finite Element Method With Interpolated Coefficients: Semilinear Parabolic EquationsApr 01 2013Apr 28 2013For nonlinear reduced-order models, especially for those with non-polynomial nonlinearities, the computational complexity still depends on the dimension of the original dynamical system. As a result, the reduced-order model loses its computational efficiency, ... More
Branching interlacements and tree-indexed random walks in torusDec 28 2018Jan 15 2019In this article, we introduce a model of branching interlacements made of a countable collection of tree-indexed random walk trajectories on $\mathbb{Z}^d,d\geq 5$ for general critical offspring distributions. We show that this model turns out to be the ... More
Generalized PMC model for the hybrid diagnosis of multiprocessor systemsSep 17 2017Sep 19 2017Fault diagnosis is important to the design and maintenance of large multiprocessor systems. PMC model is the most famous diagnosis model in the system level diagnosis of multiprocessor systems. Under the PMC model, only node faults are allowed. But in ... More
Integral Solutions to Linear Indeterminate EquationMar 08 2011In this paper, using Euler's function, we give a formula of all integral solutions to linear indeterminate equation with $s$-variables $a_1x_1+a_2x_2+...+a_sx_s=n$. It is a explicit formula of the coefficients $a_1$, $a_2$,..., $a_s$ and the free term ... More
n-Groupoids and Stacky GroupoidsJan 14 2008Jun 29 2009We discuss two generalizations of Lie groupoids. One consists of Lie $n$-groupoids defined as simplicial manifolds with trivial $\pi_{k\geq n+1}$. The other consists of stacky Lie groupoids $\cG\rra M$ with $\cG$ a differentiable stack. We build a 1-1 ... More
Lie n-groupoids and stacky Lie groupoidsSep 14 2006Nov 13 2006We discuss two sorts of generalization of Lie groupoids. One is Lie $n$-groupoids defined as simplicial manifolds with trivial $\pi_{k\geq n+1}$. The other is the stacky Lie groupoid $\cG\rra M$ with $\cG$ a differentiable stack. We build 1-1 correspondence ... More
Integrating Lie algebroids via stacks and applications to Jacobi manifoldsMay 09 2005Lie algebroids can not always be integrated into Lie groupoids. We introduce a new object--``Weinstein groupoid'', which is a differentiable stack with groupoid-like axioms. With it, we have solved the integration problem of Lie algebroids. It turns out ... More
The Morse index theorem for regular Lagrangian systemsSep 18 2001In this paper, we prove a Morse index theorem for the index form of regular Lagrangian system with selfadjoint boundary condition.
Information complementarity: A new paradigm for decoding quantum incompatibilityJun 26 2014Sep 14 2015The existence of observables that are incompatible or not jointly measurable is a characteristic feature of quantum mechanics, which lies at the root of a number of nonclassical phenomena, such as uncertainty relations, wave--particle dual behavior, Bell-inequality ... More
A note on eigenvalues of a class of singular continuous and discrete linear Hamiltonian systemsAug 01 2018In this paper, we show that the analytic and geometric multiplicities of an eigenvalue of a class of singular linear Hamiltonian systems are equal, where both endpoints are in the limit circle cases. The proof is fundamental and is given for both continuous ... More
Nonexistence of sharply covariant mutually unbiased bases in odd prime dimensionsJun 18 2015Aug 23 2015Mutually unbiased bases (MUB) are useful in a number of research areas. The symmetry of MUB is an elusive and interesting subject. A (complete set of) MUB in dimension $d$ is sharply covariant if it can be generated by a group of order $d(d+1)$ from a ... More
Riesz transform characterization of weighted Hardy spaces associated to Schrödinger operatorsMay 21 2014In this paper, we characterize the weighted local Hardy spaces $h^p_\rho(\omega)$ related to the critical radius function $\rho$ and weights $\omega\in A_{1}^{\rho,\,\infty}(\mathbb{R}^{n})$ by localized Riesz transforms $\widehat{R}_j$, in addition, ... More
Kernels and Ensembles: Perspectives on Statistical LearningDec 06 2007Since their emergence in the 1990's, the support vector machine and the AdaBoost algorithm have spawned a wave of research in statistical machine learning. Much of this new research falls into one of two broad categories: kernel methods and ensemble methods. ... More
Vertex operator algebras associated to modified regular representations of affine Lie algebrasNov 17 2006Nov 20 2007Let $G$ be a simple complex Lie group with Lie algebra $\mf g$ and let $\af$ be the affine Lie algebra. We use intertwining operators and Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov equations to construct a family of $\N$-graded vertex operator algebras associated to $\mf ... More
When is the majority-vote classifier beneficial?Jul 24 2013In his seminal work, Schapire (1990) proved that weak classifiers could be improved to achieve arbitrarily high accuracy, but he never implied that a simple majority-vote mechanism could always do the trick. By comparing the asymptotic misclassification ... More
The second variation of the Ricci expander entropyJan 19 2009We compute the second variation of the Ricci expander entropy and briefly discuss the linear stability of compact negative Einstein manifolds.
Harmonic maps from degenerating Riemann surfacesMar 25 2008We study harmonic maps from degenerating Riemann surfaces with uniformly bounded energy and show the so-called generalized energy identity. We find conditions that are both necessary and sufficient for the compactness in $W^{1,2}$ and $C^{0}$ modulo bubbles ... More
On the semi-regular module and vertex operator algebrasNov 20 2007Dec 03 2007We prove a conjecture stated in a previous paper by the author about the existence of canonical filtrations for a family of vertex operator algebras in rational levels.
Some inequalities related to isoperimetric inequalities with partial free boundaryJan 09 2001Feb 16 2001The main purpose of this paper is to prove a sharp Sobolev inequality in an exterior of a convex bounded domain. There are two ingredients in the proof: One is the observation of some new isoperimetric inequalities with partial free boundary, and the ... More
Dirac-harmonic maps from degenerating spin surfaces I: the Neveu-Schwarz caseMar 26 2008We study Dirac-harmonic maps from degenerating spin surfaces with uniformly bounded energy and show the so-called generalized energy identity in the case that the domain converges to a spin surface with only Neveu-Schwarz type nodes. We find condition ... More
A New View of Classification in Astronomy with the Archetype Technique: An Astronomical Case of the NP-complete Set Cover ProblemJun 23 2016We introduce a new generic Archetype technique for source classification and identification, based on the NP-complete set cover problem (SCP) in computer science and operations research (OR). We have developed a new heuristic SCP solver, by combining ... More
Deformations of glassy polymers in very low temperature regime within cylindrical microporesAug 28 2008Apr 09 2009The deformation kinetics for glassy polymers confined in microscopic domain at very low temperature regime was investigated using a transition-rate-state dependent model considering the shear thinning behavior which means, once material being subjected ... More
WIMPless dark matter and the excess gamma rays from the Galactic centerJan 23 2011Apr 05 2011In this paper we discuss the excess gamma rays from the Galactic center, the WMAP haze and the CoGeNT and DAMA results in WIMPless models. At the same time we also investigate the low energy constraints from the anomalous magnetic moment of leptons and ... More
Some sufficient conditions on Hamiltonian digraphDec 23 2008Z-mapping graph is a balanced bipartite graph $G$ of a digraph $D$ by split each vertex of $D$ into a pair of vertices of $G$. Based on the property of the $G$, it is proved that if $D$ is strong connected and $G$ is Hamiltonian, then $D$ is Hamiltonian. ... More
The Complexity of Determining Existence a Hamiltonian Cycle is $O(n^3)$Jun 19 2007The Hamiltonian cycle problem in digraph is mapped into a matching cover bipartite graph. Based on this mapping, it is proved that determining existence a Hamiltonian cycle in graph is $O(n^3)$.
Optimal Strategies for a Long-Term Static InvestorNov 24 2013Oct 14 2014The optimal strategies for a long-term static investor are studied. Given a portfolio of a stock and a bond, we derive the optimal allocation of the capitols to maximize the expected long-term growth rate of a utility function of the wealth. When the ... More
Inclined Massive Planets in a Protoplanetary Disc: Gap Opening, Disc Breaking, and Observational SignaturesDec 04 2018We carry out three-dimensional hydrodynamical simulations to study planet-disc interactions for inclined high mass planets, focusing on the disc's secular evolution induced by the planet. We find that, when the planet is massive enough and the induced ... More
An axiomatic approach to the roughness measure of rough setsNov 28 2009May 25 2010In Pawlak's rough set theory, a set is approximated by a pair of lower and upper approximations. To measure numerically the roughness of an approximation, Pawlak introduced a quantitative measure of roughness by using the ratio of the cardinalities of ... More
Covering rough sets based on neighborhoods: An approach without using neighborhoodsNov 28 2009Dec 10 2010Rough set theory, a mathematical tool to deal with inexact or uncertain knowledge in information systems, has originally described the indiscernibility of elements by equivalence relations. Covering rough sets are a natural extension of classical rough ... More
Auxiliary space preconditioners for virtual element methods on polytopal meshesNov 28 2018In this paper, we develop the auxiliary space preconditioners for solving the linear system arising from the virtual element methods discretization on polytopal meshes for the second order elliptic equations. The preconditioners are constructed based ... More
The quantization for in-homogeneous self-similar measures with in-homogeneous open set conditionJul 05 2014Let $(g_i)_{i=1}^M$ be a family of contractive similitudes satisfying the open set condition. Let $\nu$ be a self-similar measure associated with $(g_i)_{i=1}^M$. We study the quantization problem for the in-homogeneous self-similar measure $\mu$ associated ... More
The higher order terms in asymptotic expansion of color Jones polynomialsApr 03 2011Color Jones polynomial is one of the most important quantum invariants in knot theory. Finding the geometric information from the color Jones polynomial is an interesting topic. In this paper, we study the general expansion of color Jones polynomial which ... More
On the comparison theorem for multidimensional SDEs with jumpsJun 08 2010In this note, we give a necessary and sufficient condition under which the comparison theorem holds for multidimensional stochastic differential equations (SDEs) with jumps and for matrix-valued SDEs with jumps.
The Lp Minkowski problem for polytopes for negative pFeb 25 2016May 07 2016Existence of solutions to the Lp Minkowski problem is proved for all p less than 0. For the cirtical case of p=-n, which is known as the centro-affine Minkowski problem, this paper contains the main result in [71] as a special case.
On the Well-posedness of a Generalized Moment Problem and Its Numerical SolutionFeb 26 2018We show that the unique solution to a parametric version of the generalized moment problem depends continuously on the prior function, and thus the problem is well-posed in the sense of Hadamard. Based on this result, the problem is reparametrized via ... More
Rigidity of Area-Minimizing $2$-Spheres in $n$-Manifolds with Positive Scalar CurvatureMar 14 2019Mar 15 2019We prove that the least area of the non-contractible immersed spheres is no more than $4\pi$ in any oriented compact manifold with dimension $n+2\leq 7$ which satisfies $R\geq 2$ and admits a map to $\mathbf S^2\times T^n$ with nonzero degree. We also ... More
Natural compactification of the moduli of toric pairs from the perspective of mirror symmetryOct 20 2014Sep 13 2016We construct a compactification of the moduli of toric pairs by using ideas from mirror symmetry. The secondary fan $\Sigma(Q)$ is used in [Ale02] to parametrize degenerations of toric pairs. It is also used in [CLS11] to control the variation of GIT. ... More
The internal structure of $\mathrm{HOD}^{L[x]}$ up to its WoodinNov 06 2017Nov 08 2017Assume $\boldsymbol{\Delta}^1_3$-determinacy. It is shown that for any $x \geq_T M_1^{\#}$, $\mathrm{HOD}^{L[x]}$ is a model of GCH, and in fact, it is a Jensen-Steel core model up to $\omega_2^{L[x]}$.
A few results on the infimum of regular polygons equal-size split lineMay 15 2018If an n-side unit regular polygon is divided into m equal sized parts, then what is the minimum length of the split line ${l_{m,n}}$? This problem has its practical application in real world. This paper proved that ${l_{2,3}} = \sqrt {\frac{{\sqrt 3 \pi ... More
The optimal control related to Riemannian manifolds and the viscosity solutions to H-J-B equationsJan 16 2010This paper is concerned with the Dynamic Programming Principle (DPP in short) with SDEs on Riemannian manifolds. Moreover, through the DPP, we conclude that the cost function is the unique viscosity solution to the related PDEs on manifolds.
Jet schemes and singularities of W^r_d(C) lociDec 05 2012Kempf proved that the theta divisor of a smooth projective curve C has rational singularities. In this paper we estimate the dimensions of the jet schemes of the theta divisor and show that all these schemes are irreducible. In particular, we recover ... More
On a proof of the Bouchard-Sulkowski conjectureAug 14 2011In this short note, we give a proof of the free energy part of the BKMP conjecture of C^3 proposed by Bouchard and Sulkowski [4]. Hence the proof of the full BKMP conjecture for the case of C^3 has been finished.
Applications of BGP-reflection functors: isomorphisms of cluster algebrasNov 15 2005Jun 19 2006Given a symmetrizable generalized Cartan matrix $A$, for any index $k$, one can define an automorphism associated with $A,$ of the field $\mathbf{Q}(u_1, >..., u_n)$ of rational functions of $n$ independent indeterminates $u_1,..., u_n.$ It is an isomorphism ... More
Generalized cluster complexes via quiver representationsJul 06 2006May 23 2007We give a quiver representation theoretic interpretation of generalized cluster complexes defined by Fomin and Reading. By using $d-$cluster categories which are defined by Keller as triangulated orbit categories of (bounded) derived categories of representations ... More
Equivalences between cluster categoriesNov 15 2005Jun 19 2006Tilting theory in cluster categories of hereditary algebras has been developed in [BMRRT] and [BMR]. These results are generalized to cluster categories of hereditary abelian categories. Furthermore, for any tilting object $T$ in a hereditary abelian ... More
BGP-reflection functors and cluster combinatoricsNov 15 2005Jul 14 2006We define Bernstein-Gelfand-Ponomarev reflection functors in the cluster categories of hereditary algebras. They are triangle equivalences which provide a natural quiver realization of the "truncated simple reflections" on the set of almost positive roots ... More
Functors and morphisms determined by subcategoriesOct 24 2017We study the existence and uniqueness of minimal right determiners in various categories. Particularly in a Hom-finite hereditary abelian category with enough projectives, we prove that the Auslander-Reiten-Smal{\o}-Ringel formula of the minimal right ... More
The Laplace transform of the cut-and-join equation of Mariño-Vafa formula and its applicationsJan 05 2010By the same method introduced in [9], we calculate the Laplace transform of the celebrated cut-and-join equation of Mari\~no-Vafa formula discovered by C. Liu, K. Liu and J. Zhou [17]. Then, we study the applications of the polynomial identity (1) obtained ... More
Ruin Probabilities for Risk Processes with Non-Stationary Arrivals and Subexponential ClaimsApr 06 2013Oct 14 2014In this paper, we obtain the finite-horizon and infinite-horizon ruin probability asymptotics for risk processes with claims of subexponential tails for non-stationary arrival processes that satisfy a large deviation principle. As a result, the arrival ... More
Conductance and shot noise in the helimagnet tunnel junctionJul 26 2014May 25 2015As a result of sinusoidal spatial modulation, helimagnet induces spin-dependent diffracted transmission. In this work, we propose a general scattering matrix treatment to the transport properties in helimagnets with arbitrary helical structures. Multiferroic ... More
Superconducting pairing of interacting electrons: implications from the two-impurity Anderson modelDec 14 2010Dec 23 2010We study the non-local superconducting pairing of two interacting Anderson impurities, which has an instability near the quantum critical point from the competition between the Kondo effect and an antiferromagnetic inter-impurity spin exchange interaction. ... More
Singularity in self-energy and composite fermion excitations of interacting electronsAug 16 2011Feb 19 2013We propose that a composite fermion operator $f_{i\sigma}(2n_{i{\bar \sigma}}-1)$ could have coherent excitations, where $f_{i\sigma}$ is the fermion operator for interacting electrons and $n_{i{\bar \sigma}}$ is the number operator of the opposite spin. ... More
Frenkel-Gross' irregular connection and Heinloth-Ngô-Yun's are the sameMar 18 2016Apr 04 2016We show that the irregular connection on G_m constructed by Frenkel-Gross (2009) and the one constructed by Heinloth-Ng\^o-Yun (2013) are the same, which confirms a conjecture of the latter author's.
Simulation Study of Laser Plasma Accelerator Via VorpalJan 03 2015In this paper, we use PIC code Vorpal to do the extensive simulation about the laser plasma accelerator in the linear, quasilinear and nonlinear regime respectively. We design the ~100 MeV or so laser plasma accelerator ( LPA ) via Vorpal simulation. ... More
Structure of Clifford Semigroups of MatricesJun 22 2010In this paper, we characterize completely the structure of Clifford semigroups of matrices over an arbitrary field. It is shown that a semigroups of matrices of finite order is a Clifford semigroup if and only if it is isomorphic to a subdirect product ... More
Projective dimension and the regularity of the path ideal of the line graphOct 10 2016By generalizing the notion of the path ideal of a graph, we study some algebraic properties of some path ideals associated to a line graph. We show that the quotient ring of these ideals are always Cohen-Macaulay and also provide some exact formulas for ... More
$\mathbb{A}^1$-equivalence of zero cycles on surfacesOct 06 2015Oct 18 2015In this paper, we study $\mathbb{A}^1$-equivalence classes of zero cycles on open complex algebraic surfaces. We prove the logarithmic version of Mumford's theorem on zero cycles and prove that log Bloch's conjecture holds for quasiprojective surfaces ... More
An upper bound for the probability of visiting a distant point by critical branching random walk in $\mathbb{Z}^4$Mar 01 2015In this paper, we solve an open question raised by Le Gall and Lin. We study the probability of visiting a distant point $a\in \mathbb{Z}^4$ by critical branching random walk starting from the origin. We prove that this probability is bounded by $1/(|a|^2\log ... More