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Capillary-driven binding of thin triangular prisms at fluid interfacesFeb 08 2018We observe capillary-driven binding between thin, equilateral triangular prisms at a flat air-water interface. The edge length of the equilateral triangle face is 120 $\mu m$, and the thickness of the prism is varied between 2 and 20 $\mu m$. For thickness ... More
Inverse Electromagnetic Diffraction by Biperiodic Dielectric GratingsDec 08 2016Consider the incidence of a time-harmonic electromagnetic plane wave onto a biperiodic dielectric grating, where the surface is assumed to be a small and smooth perturbation of a plane. The diffraction is modeled as a transmission problem for Maxwell's ... More
Protein Inference and Protein Quantification: Two Sides of the Same CoinOct 09 2012Motivation: In mass spectrometry-based shotgun proteomics, protein quantification and protein identification are two major computational problems. To quantify the protein abundance, a list of proteins must be firstly inferred from the sample. Then the ... More
On unbiased performance evaluation for protein inferenceNov 29 2012This letter is a response to the comments of Serang (2012) on Huang and He (2012) in Bioinformatics. Serang (2012) claimed that the parameters for the Fido algorithm should be specified using the grid search method in Serang et al. (2010) so as to generate ... More
Half-width of local spectral density of states given by width of nonperturbative parts of eigenfunctions: The Wigner-band-matrix modelDec 09 2015It is shown that, for a Hamiltonian with a band structure, the half width of local spectral density of states, or strength function, is closely related to the width of the nonperturbative (NPT) parts of energy eigenfunctions. In the Wigner-band random-matrix ... More
Automatic 3D liver location and segmentation via convolutional neural networks and graph cutMay 10 2016Purpose Segmentation of the liver from abdominal computed tomography (CT) image is an essential step in some computer assisted clinical interventions, such as surgery planning for living donor liver transplant (LDLT), radiotherapy and volume measurement. ... More
A new ignition hohlraum design for indirect-drive inertial confinement fusionJun 02 2016In this paper, a six-cylinder-port hohlraum is proposed to provide high symmetry flux on capsule. It is designed to ignite a capsule with 1.2 mm radius in indirect-drive inertial confinement fusion (ICF) . Flux symmetry and laser energy are calculated ... More
Stability on the Inverse Random Source Scattering Problem for the One-Dimensional Helmholtz EquationJul 22 2016Consider the one-dimensional stochastic Helmholtz equation where the source is assumed to be driven by the white noise. This paper concerns the stability analysis of the inverse random source problem which is to reconstruct the statistical properties ... More
Electromagnetic Scattering for Time-Domain Maxwell's Equations in an Unbounded StructureApr 26 2016The goal of this work is to study the electromagnetic scattering problem of time-domain Maxwell's equations in an unbounded structure. An exact transparent boundary condition is developed to reformulate the scattering problem into an initial-boundary ... More
Analysis of Time-Domain Scattering by Periodic StructuresApr 04 2016This paper is devoted to the mathematical analysis of a time-domain electromagnetic scattering by periodic structures which are known as diffraction gratings. The scattering problem is reduced equivalently into an initial-boundary value problem in a bounded ... More
Increasing stability for the inverse source scattering problem with multi-frequenciesJul 23 2016Consider the scattering of the two- or three-dimensional Helmholtz equation where the source of the electric current density is assumed to be compactly supported in a ball. This paper concerns the stability analysis of the inverse source scattering problem ... More
Inverse Random Source Scattering for Elastic WavesAug 09 2016This paper is concerned with the direct and inverse random source scattering problems for elastic waves where the source is assumed to be driven by an additive white noise. Given the source, the direct problem is to determine the displacement of the random ... More
A primal-dual fixed point algorithm for multi-block convex minimizationFeb 01 2016We extend a primal-dual fixed point algorithm (PDFP) proposed in [5] to solve two kinds of separable multi-block minimization problems, arising in signal processing and imaging science. This work shows the flexibility of applying PDFP algorithm to multi-block ... More
A primal-dual fixed-point algorithm for minimization of the sum of three convex separable functionsDec 31 2015Many problems arising in image processing and signal recovery with multi-regularization can be formulated as minimization of a sum of three convex separable functions. Typically, the objective function involves a smooth function with Lipschitz continuous ... More
Review of the three candidate hohlraums in ICFAug 07 2016In this paper, we give a review of three hohlraum geometries, including cylindrical, octahedral and six-cylinder-port hohlraums, in inertial confinement fusion (ICF) mainly from theoretical side. Every hohlraum has its own strengths and weaknesses. Although ... More
Analysis of Transient Acoustic-Elastic Interaction in an Unbounded StructureAug 19 2016Consider the wave propagation in a two-layered medium consisting of a homogeneous compressible air or fluid on top of a homogeneous isotropic elastic solid. The interface between the two layers is assumed to be an unbounded rough surface. This paper concerns ... More
Flip-Rotate-Pooling Convolution and Split Dropout on Convolution Neural Networks for Image ClassificationJul 31 2015This paper presents a new version of Dropout called Split Dropout (sDropout) and rotational convolution techniques to improve CNNs' performance on image classification. The widely used standard Dropout has advantage of preventing deep neural networks ... More
Approximating three-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations driven by space-time white noiseSep 17 2014In this paper we study approximations to 3D Navier-Stokes (NS) equation driven by space-time white noise by paracontrolled distribution proposed in [GIP13]. A solution theory for this equation has been developed recently in [ZZ14] based on regularity ... More
Lattice approximation to the dynamical $Φ_3^4$ modelAug 23 2015We study the lattice approximations to the dynamical $\Phi^4_3$ model by paracontrolled distributions proposed in [GIP13]. We prove that the solutions to the lattice systems converge to the solution to the dynamical $\Phi_3^4$ model in probability, locally ... More
Three-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations driven by space-time white noiseMay 31 2014Jun 10 2015In this paper we study 3D Navier-Stokes (NS) equation driven by space-time white noise by using regularity structure theory introduced in [Hai14] and paracontrolled distribution proposed in [GIP13]. We obtain local existence and uniqueness of solutions ... More
A Wong-Zakai theorem for $Φ^4_3$ modelApr 16 2015We prove a version of the Wong-Zakai theorem for the dynamical $\Phi_3^4$ model driven by space-time white noise on $\mathbb{T}^3$. For the $\Phi^4_3$ model it is proved in [Hai14] that a renormalisation has to be performed in order to define the nonlinear ... More
Random attractor associated with the quasi-geostrophic equationMar 24 2013We study the long time behavior of the solutions to the 2D stochastic quasi-geostrophic equation on $\mathbb{T}^2$ driven by additive noise and real linear multiplicative noise in the subcritical case (i.e. $\alpha>1/2$) by proving the existence of a ... More
Dimension reduction-based significance testing in nonparametric regressionOct 13 2015A dimension reduction-based adaptive-to-model test is proposed for significance of a subset of covariates in the context of a nonparametric regression model. Unlike existing local smoothing significance tests, the new test behaves like a local smoothing ... More
Distributed Computation Particle PHD filterMar 09 2015Particle probability hypothesis density filtering has become a promising means for multi-target tracking due to its capability of handling an unknown and time-varying number of targets in non-linear non-Gaussian system. However, its computational complexity ... More
An introduction to affine Grassmannians and the geometric Satake equivalenceMar 17 2016Apr 04 2016We introduce various affine Grassmannians, study their geometric properties, and give some applications. We also discuss the geometric Satake equivalence. These are the expanded lecture notes for a mini-course in 2015 PCMI summer school. References updated ... More
Study of an Equivalent Proposition of Riemann HypothesisSep 24 2016Let $H_n = \sum_{k = 1}^{n}\frac{1}{k}$. Using Chebyshev function and prime number theorem, this paper proves that, there exists a positive constant A, such that for all natural numbers $n = q_1 * q_2 *... * q_m$ or $n = q_1^{\alpha_1} * q_2^{\alpha_1} ... More
Low-intensity light switching of cavity-atom polaritonsFeb 03 2010Mar 22 2010I analyze an all-optical switching scheme in a cavity QED system consisting of multiple three-level atoms confined in a cavity mode. A control laser coupled to the atoms from free space induces quantum interference in the coupled cavity-atom system and ... More
Prescribing integral curvature equationJul 10 2014Feb 07 2015In this paper we formulate new curvature functions on $\mathbb{S}^n$ via integral operators. For certain even orders, these curvature functions are equivalent to the classic curvature functions defined via differential operators, but not for all even ... More
Regular representations of the quantum groups at roots of unityNov 20 2007Dec 03 2007We study the bimodule structure of the quantum function algebra at roots of 1 and prove that it admits an increasing filtration with factors isomorphic to the tensor products of the dual of Weyl modules $V_\lambda^* \otimes V_{- \omega_0 \lambda}^*$. ... More
Multiple list colouring of planar graphsMay 16 2016This paper proves that for each positive integer $m$, there is a planar graph $G$ which is not $(4m+\lfloor \frac{2m-1}{9}\rfloor,m)$-choosable. Then we pose some conjectures concerning multiple list colouring of planar graphs.
The order of the group of self-homotopy equivalence of wedge spacesAug 01 2015In this paper $Aut(\Sigma X\vee \Sigma Y)^\#$ the order of the group of self-homotopy equivalence of wedge spaces is studied. Under the condition of reducibility, we decompose $ Aut(\bigvee\limits_{t=1}^{k}X_{t})$ to the product of subgroups which generalizes ... More
On the Complexity of Protein Local Structure Alignment Under the Discrete Fréchet DistanceSep 05 2007We show that given $m$ proteins (or protein backbones, which are modeled as 3D polygonal chains each of length O(n)) the problem of protein local structure alignment under the discrete Fr\'{e}chet distance is as hard as Independent Set. So the problem ... More
Preprojective cluster variables of acyclic cluster algebrasNov 29 2005Aug 30 2006For any valued quiver, by using BGP-reflection functors, an injection from the set of preprojective objects in the cluster category to the set of cluster variables of the corresponding cluster algebra is given, the images are called preprojective cluster ... More
Speedup of Micromagnetic Simulations with C++ AMP On Graphics Processing UnitsJun 29 2014A finite-difference Micromagnetic solver is presented utilizing the C++ Accelerated Massive Parallelism (C++ AMP). The high speed performance of a single Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is demonstrated compared to a typical CPU-based solver. The speed-up ... More
Accelerate micromagnetic simulations with GPU programming in MATLABJan 25 2015A finite-difference Micromagnetic simulation code written in MATLAB is presented with Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) acceleration. The high performance of Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is demonstrated compared to a typical Central Processing Unit (CPU) ... More
BSDE and generalized Dirichlet forms: the infinite dimensional caseJan 16 2012We consider the following quasi-linear parabolic system of backward partial differential equations on a Banach space $E$: $(\partial_t+L)u+f(\cdot,\cdot,u, A^{1/2}\nabla u)=0$ on $[0,T]\times E,\qquad u_T=\phi$, where $L$ is a possibly degenerate second ... More
Projective dimension and regularity of the path ideal of the line graphOct 10 2016Oct 26 2016By generalizing the notion of the path ideal of a graph, we study some algebraic properties of some path ideals associated to a line graph. We show that the quotient ring of these ideals are always sequentially Cohen-Macaulay and also provide some exact ... More
The Lp Minkowski problem for polytopes for 0 < p < 1Jun 29 2014Aug 02 2014Necessary and sufficient conditions are given for the existence of solutions to the discrete Lp Minkowski problem for the critical case where 0 < p < 1.
Implications of the recent measurement of pure annihilation $B_s \to π^+ π^-$ decays in QCD factorizationJun 23 2011Jul 20 2011The CDF 3.7 sigma evidence of pure annihilation $B_s \to \pi^+ \pi^-$ decays, if confirmed, would imply a large annihilation scenario in the QCD factorization approach. This is somewhat unexpected as the large annihilation scenario was disfavored in previous ... More
B physics constraints on a flavor symmetric scalar model to account for the ttbar asymmetry and Wjj excess at CDFApr 16 2011Jul 22 2011Recently Nelson et al. proposed an interesting flavor symmetric model to account for the top quark forward-backward asymmetry and the dijet anomaly at CDF simultaneously with just three parameters: a coupling constant of order one, and two scalar masses ... More
The Complexity of HCP in Digraps with Degree Bound TwoApr 03 2007Jul 13 2007The Hamiltonian cycle problem (HCP) in digraphs D with degree bound two is solved by two mappings in this paper. The first bijection is between an incidence matrix C_{nm} of simple digraph and an incidence matrix F of balanced bipartite undirected graph ... More
Maximal zero sequences for Fock spacesOct 11 2011A sequence $Z$ in the complex plane $\C$ is called a zero sequence for the Fock space $F^p_\alpha$ if there exists a function $f\in F^p_\alpha$, not identically zero, such that $Z$ is the zero set of $f$, counting multiplicities. We show that there exist ... More
Large deviations for Markovian nonlinear Hawkes processesAug 11 2011Mar 17 2015Hawkes process is a class of simple point processes that is self-exciting and has clustering effect. The intensity of this point process depends on its entire past history. It has wide applications in finance, neuroscience and many other fields. In this ... More
The sharp lower bound for the volume of 3-folds of general type with χ(\Co{X})=1Oct 24 2007Let $V$ be a smooth projective 3-fold of general type. Denote by $K^{3}$, a rational number, the self-intersection of the canonical sheaf of any minimal model of $V$. One defines $K^{3}$ as a canonical volume of $V$. The paper is devoted to proving the ... More
Quasiprobability representations of quantum mechanics with minimal negativityApr 24 2016Aug 25 2016Quasiprobability representations, such as the Wigner function, play an important role in various research areas. The inevitable appearance of negativity in such representations is often regarded as a signature of nonclassicality, which has profound implications ... More
On general (alpha,beta)-metrics with vanishing Douglas curvatureMay 29 2015In this paper, we study a class of Finsler metrics called general $(\alpha,\beta)$-metrics, which are defined by a Riemannian metric $\alpha$ and a $1$-form $\beta$. We find an equation which is necessary and sufficient condition for such Finsler metric ... More
Permutation Symmetry Determines the Discrete Wigner FunctionApr 15 2015Jan 10 2016The Wigner function provides a useful quasiprobability representation of quantum mechanics, with applications in various branches of physics. Many nice properties of the Wigner function are intimately connected with the high symmetry of the underlying ... More
Multiqubit Clifford groups are unitary 3-designsOct 09 2015We show that the multiqubit (including qubit) Clifford group in any even prime power dimension is not only a unitary 2-design, but also a unitary 3-design. Moreover, it is a minimal unitary 3-design except for dimension 4. As an immediate consequence, ... More
On general $(α,β)$-metrics with isotropic Berwald curvatureJun 05 2015In this paper, we study a class of Finsler metrics called general $(\alpha,\beta)$-metrics, which are defined by a Riemannian metric $\alpha$ and a $1$-form $\beta$. We classify this class of Finsler metrics with isotropic Berwald curvature under certain ... More
Evidence of Different Formation Mechanisms for Hot versus Warm Super-EarthsMar 05 2015Using the Kepler planet sample from Buchhave et al. and the statistical method clarified by Schlaufman, I show that the shorter-period super-Earths have a different dependence on the host star metallicity from the longer-period super-Earths, with the ... More
An Energy Reducing Flow for Multiple-Valued FunctionsJun 20 2006By the method of discrete Morse flows, we construct an energy reducing multiple-valued function flow. The flow we get is Holder continuous with respect to the L-2 norm. We also give another way of constructing flows in some special cases, where the flow ... More
Loss Tomography in General TopologyMar 25 2016Although there are a few works reported in the literature considering loss tomography in the general topology, there is few well established result since all of them rely either on simulations or on experiments that have many random factors affecting ... More
Are valence quarks rotating?Oct 27 2012We suggest to compare the deep inelastic scattering structure functions measured in the unpolarized charged-lepton scattering off a transversely polarized proton and off a longitudinally polarized proton at larger Bjorken variable $x$, one may get a direct ... More
Application of Jet Trimming in Boosted Higgs SearchJul 09 2011We present the study of the $WH$ and $ZH$ search with the Higgs Boson decayed to $b\bar{b}$ at the Large Hadron Collider. The Higgs Boson and the Vector Boson are required to be boosted, and the Higgs Boson is reconstructed with Jet Trimming Technique. ... More
A Closed Form Maximum Likelihood Estimator to End-to-End Loss Rate EstimationApr 30 2011Oct 01 2012Loss tomography has been studied for more than 10 years and a number of estimators have been proposed. The estimators can be divided into two classes: maximum likelihood and non-maximum likelihood. The maximum likelihood estimators rely on the maximum ... More
Loss Rate Inference in Multi-Sources and Multicast-Based General TopologySep 14 2010Jul 20 2011Loss tomography has received considerable attention in recent years and a number of estimators have been proposed. Unfortunately, almost all of them are devoted to the tree topology despite the general topology is more common in practice. In addition, ... More
Lie II theorem for Lie algebroids via higher groupoidsDec 31 2006May 20 2010Following Sullivan's spacial realization of a differential algebra, we construct a universal integrating Lie 2-groupoid for every Lie algebroid. Then We show that unlike Lie algebras which one-to-one correspond to simply connected Lie groups, Lie algebroids ... More
A generalized Morse index theoremApr 07 2005In this paper, we prove a Morse index theorem for the index form of even order linear Hamiltonian systems on the closed interval with reasonable self-adjoint boundary conditions. The highest order term is assumed to be nondegenerate.
Diffraction induced Spin Pumping in Normal-Metal/Multiferroic-Helimagnet/Ferromagnet HeterostructuresMay 30 2014Generally the adiabatic quantum pumping phenomenon can be interpreted by the surface integral of the Berry curvature inside the cyclic loop. Spin angular momentum flow without charge current can be pumped out by magnetization precession in ferromagnet-based ... More
A note on the quantization error for in-homogeneous self-similar measuresAug 31 2016We further study the asymptotics of quantization errors for two classes of in-homogeneous self-similar measures $\mu$. We give a new sufficient condition for the upper quantization coefficient for $\mu$ to be finite. This, together with our previous work, ... More
Convergence order of the geometric mean errors for Markov-type measuresOct 26 2014We study the quantization problem with respect to the geometric mean error for Markov-type measures $\mu$ on a class of fractal sets. Assuming the irreducibility of the corresponding transition matrix $P$, we determine the exact convergence order of the ... More
Asymptotic order of the quantization errors for self-affine measures on Bedford-McMullen carpetsApr 19 2016Let $E$ be a Bedford-McMullen carpet determined by a set of affine mappings $(f_{ij})_{(i,j)\in G}$ and $\mu$ a self-affine measure on $E$ associated with a probability vector $(p_{ij})_{(i,j)\in G}$. We prove that, for every $r\in(0,\infty)$, the upper ... More
Regularity for harmonic maps into certain Pseudo-Riemannian manifoldsJan 10 2011Mar 20 2012In this article, we investigate the regularity for certain elliptic systems without a $L^2$-antisymmetric structure. As applications, we prove some $\epsilon$-regularity theorems for weakly harmonic maps from the unit ball $B= B(m) \subset \mathbb{R}^m ... More
Area bounds for minimal surfaces in geodesic ball of hyperbolic spaceDec 08 2016In hyperbolic space $H^n$ we set a geodesic ball of radius $\rho$. Consider a $k$ dimensional minimal submanifold passing through the origin of the geodesic ball with boundary lies on the boundary of that geodesic ball. We prove that its area is no less ... More
Magnetic field induced quantum phase transitions in the two-impurity Anderson modelNov 30 2010In the two-impurity Anderson model, the inter-impurity spin exchange interaction favors a spin singlet state between two impurities leading to the breakdown of the Kondo effect. We show that a local uniform magnetic field can delocalize the quasiparticles ... More
Circular flow number of highly edge connected signed graphsNov 14 2012This paper proves that for any positive integer $k$, every essentially $(2k+1)$-unbalanced $(12k-1)$-edge connected signed graph has circular flow number at most $2+\frac 1k$.
The higher sharpApr 02 2016Aug 02 2016We establish the descriptive set theoretic representation of the mouse $M_n^{#}$, which is called $0^{(n+1)#}$.
A Probability Method to Prove Combinatorial IdentitiesOct 30 2009A probability method is provided to prove three classes of combinatorial identities. The method is extremely simple, only one step after the proper probability setup.
On Layered Erasure Interference Channels without CSI at TransmittersJan 24 2016This paper studies a layered erasure model for two-user interference channels, which can be viewed as a simplified version of Gaussian fading interference channel. It is assumed that channel state information~(CSI) is only available at receivers but not ... More
The Z-cubes: a hypercube variant with small diameterSep 23 2015This paper introduces a new variant of hypercubes, which we call Z-cubes. The n-dimensional Z-cube $H_n$ is obtained from two copies of the (n-1)-dimensional Z-cube $H_{n-1}$ by adding a special perfect matching between the vertices of these two copies ... More
Entity-oriented spatial coding and discrete topological spatial relationsJan 15 2016Based on a newly proposed spatial data model - spatial chromatic model (SCM), we developed a spatial coding scheme, called full-coded ordinary arranged chromatic diagram (full-OACD). Full-OACD is a type of spatial tessellation, where space is partitioned ... More
Riemann Zeta Function Expressed as the Difference of Two Symmetrized Factorials Whose Zeros All Have Real Part of 1/2Aug 06 2012Aug 20 2012In this paper, some new results are reported for the study of Riemann zeta function $\zeta(s)$ in the critical strip $0<Re(s)<1$, such as $\zeta(s)$ expressed in a generalized Euler product only involving prime numbers. Particularly, some new absolutely ... More
Statistical Properties of Loss Rate Estimators in Tree TopologyAug 06 2015Mar 25 2016Three types of explicit estimators are proposed here to estimate the loss rates of the links in a network of the tree topology. All of them are derived by the maximum likelihood principle and proved to be either asymptotic unbiased or unbiased. In addition, ... More
A Theorem on Frequency Function for Multiple-Valued Dirichlet Minimizing FunctionsJul 23 2006Jul 26 2006This paper discusses the frequency function of multiple-valued Dirichlet minimizing functions in the special case when the domain and range are both two dimensional. It shows that the frequency function must be of value k/2 for some nonnegative integer ... More
Kan replacement of simplicial manifoldsDec 22 2008Sep 03 2009We establish a functor $Kan$ from local Kan simplicial manifolds to weak Kan simplicial manifolds. It gives a solution to the problem of extending local Lie groupoids to Lie 2-groupoids.
A general detector testing system using cosmic raysAug 27 2013A cosmic ray hodoscope with two-dimensional spacial sensitivity and good time resolution has been developed. The system is designed to use the cosmic muons as probes to test the performances of charged particle sensitive detectors. This paper will present ... More
Optimal control of risk process in a regime-switching environmentSep 16 2010Dec 10 2010This paper is concerned with cost optimization of an insurance company. The surplus of the insurance company is modeled by a controlled regime switching diffusion, where the regime switching mechanism provides the fluctuations of the random environment. ... More
BSDE and generalized Dirichlet forms: the finite dimensional caseJan 16 2012We consider the following quasi-linear parabolic system of backward partial differential equations: $(\partial_t+L)u+f(\cdot,\cdot,u, \nabla u\sigma)=0$ on $[0,T]\times \mathbb{R}^d\qquad u_T=\phi$, where $L$ is a possibly degenerate second order differential ... More
High-jet relations of the heat kernel embedding map and applicationsAug 02 2013Aug 14 2013For any compact Riemannian manifold $(M,g)$ and its heat kernel embedding map $psi_t$ from M into $l^2$ constructed in [BBG], we study the higher derivatives of $psi_t$ with respect to an orthonormal basis at $x$ on $M$. As the heat flow time $t$ goes ... More
Moduli Spaces of $J$-holomorphic Curves with General Jet ConstraintsNov 09 2009In this paper, we prove that the tagent map of the holomorphic $k$- jet evaluation $j^k_{hol}$ from the mapping space to holomorphic $k$-jet bundle, when restricted on the universal moduli space of simple J-holomorphic curves with one marked point, is ... More
Lightface mice with finitely many Woodin cardinals from optimal determinacy hypothesesOct 07 2016The determinacy of lightface $\Delta^1_{2n+2}$ and boldface $\boldsymbol{\Pi}^1_{2n+1}$ sets implies the existence of an $(\omega, \omega_1)$-iterable $M_{2n+1}^{\#}$.
Super-symmetric informationally complete measurementsDec 02 2014Aug 23 2015Symmetric informationally complete measurements (SICs in short) are highly symmetric structures in the Hilbert space. They possess many nice properties which render them an ideal candidate for fiducial measurements. The symmetry of SICs is intimately ... More
Quantum state estimation with informationally overcomplete measurementsApr 14 2014Aug 05 2014We study informationally overcomplete measurements for quantum state estimation so as to clarify their tomographic significance as compared with minimal informationally complete measurements. We show that informationally overcomplete measurements can ... More
Colored HOMFLY polynomial via skein theoryJun 26 2012In this paper, we study the properties of the colored HOMFLY polynomials via HOMFLY skein theory. We prove some limit behaviors and symmetries of the colored HOMFLY polynomial predicted in some physicists' recent works.
Central Limit Theorem for Nonlinear Hawkes ProcessesApr 04 2012Oct 14 2014Hawkes process is a self-exciting point process with clustering effect whose intensity depends on its entire past history. It has wide applications in neuroscience, finance and many other fields. In this paper, we obtain a functional central limit theorem ... More
An integral representation for Besov and Lipschitz spacesJan 15 2011It is well known that functions in the analytic Besov space $B_1$ on the unit disk $\D$ admits an integral representation $$f(z)=\ind\frac{z-w}{1-z\bar w}\,d\mu(w),$$ where $\mu$ is a complex Borel measure with $|\mu|(\D)<\infty$. We generalize this result ... More
Affine Demazure modules and $T$-fixed point subschemes in the affine GrassmannianOct 27 2007Nov 20 2008Let $G$ be a simple algebraic group of type $A$ or $D$ defined over $\C$ and $T$ be a maximal torus of $G$. For a dominant coweight $\lambda$ of $G$, the $T$-fixed point subscheme $(\bar{Gr}_G^\lambda)^T$ of the Schubert variety $\bar{Gr}_G^\lambda$ in ... More
On the critical branching random walk II: Branching capacity and branching recurrenceDec 01 2016We continue our study of critical branching random walk and branching capacity. In this paper we introduce branching recurrence and branching transience and prove an analogous version of Wiener's Test.
Stable Cluster Core Detection in Correlated Hashtag GraphMar 02 2015Hashtags in twitter are used to track events, topics and activities. Correlated hashtag graph represents contextual relationships among these hashtags. Maximum clusters in the correlated hashtag graph can be contextually meaningful hashtag groups. In ... More
An upper bound for the probability of visiting a distant point by critical branching random walk in $\mathbb{Z}^4$Mar 01 2015Nov 27 2016In this paper, we study the probability of visiting a distant point $a\in \mathbb{Z}^4$ by critical branching random walk starting from the origin. We prove that this probability is bounded by $1/(|a|^2\log |a|)$ up to a constant.
Limit Theorems for a Cox-Ingersoll-Ross Process with Hawkes JumpsSep 22 2013Oct 14 2014In this paper, we propose a stochastic process, which is a Cox-Ingersoll-Ross process with Hawkes jumps. It can be seen as a generalization of the classical Cox-Ingersoll-Ross process and the classical Hawkes process with exponential exciting function. ... More
Group structures of elementary supersingular abelian varieties over finite fieldsAug 31 1998Let A be a supersingular abelian variety over a finite field k. We give an approximate description of the structure of the group A(k) of rational points of A over k in terms of the characteristic polynomial f of the Frobenius endomorphism of A relative ... More
On the critical branching random walk I: Branching capacity and visiting probabilityNov 30 2016We extend the theory of discrete capacity to critical branching random walk. We introduce branching capacity for any finite subset of $\Z^d, d\geq5$. Analogous to the regular discrete capacity, branching capacity is closely related to the asymptotics ... More
The viability property of jump diffusion processes on Riemannian manifoldsMay 18 2010In this note, we consider the necessary and sufficient condition for viability property of diffusion processes with jumps on closed submanifolds of $R^{m}$ with some concrete examples.
Geometry and interior nodal sets of Steklov eigenfunctionsOct 25 2015We investigate the geometric properties of Steklov eigenfunctions in smooth manifolds. We derive the refined doubling estimates and Bernstein's inequalities. For the real analytic manifolds, we are able to obtain the sharp upper bound for the measure ... More
A Sharp Height Estimate for the Spacelike Constant Mean Curvature Graph in the Lorentz-Minkowski SpaceAug 11 2015May 30 2016In this paper, based on the local comparison principle in [12], we study the local behavior of the difference of two spacelike graphs in a neighborhood of a second contact point. Then we apply it to the constant mean curvature equation in 3-dimensional ... More
Dirichlet Problem of Quaternionic Monge-Ampère EquationsMar 13 2014Feb 11 2015In this paper, the author studies quaternionic Monge-Amp\`ere equations and obtains the existence and uniqueness of the solutions to the Dirichlet problem for such equations without any restriction on domains. Our paper not only answers to the open problem ... More
Optimal dividend control for a generalized risk model with investment incomes and debit interestFeb 21 2011Sep 18 2012This paper investigates dividend optimization of an insurance corporation under a more realistic model which takes into consideration refinancing or capital injections. The model follows the compound Poisson framework with credit interest for positive ... More
Electroweak results from the ATLAS and CMS experimentsSep 28 2015I summarize an extensive ATLAS and CMS electroweak physics program that involves a variety of single boson, diboson, triboson, and vector boson scattering measurements. The relevance of these studies to our understanding of the electroweak sector and ... More
Convergence of the PML solution for elastic wave scattering by biperiodic structuresNov 17 2016This paper is concerned with the analysis of elastic wave scattering of a time-harmonic plane wave by a biperiodic rigid surface, where the wave propagation is governed by the three-dimensional Navier equation. An exact transparent boundary condition ... More