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The Quantum-Corrected Fermion Mode Function during InflationMay 05 2007My project computed the one loop fermion self-energy for massless Dirac + Einstein in the presence of a locally de Sitter background. I employed dimensional regularization and obtain a fully renormalized result by absorbing all divergences with Bogliubov, ... More
Topological Hybrid Silicon MicrolasersSep 08 2017Topological photonics provides a robust framework for strategically controlling light confinement and propagation dynamics. By exploiting the marriage between this notion and symmetry-constrained mode competition in an active setting, we experimentally ... More
Noncommutative Differential Calculus for D-brane in Non-Constant B Field BackgroundMay 19 2001Jun 05 2001In this paper we try to construct noncommutative Yang-Mills theory for generic Poisson manifolds. It turns out that the noncommutative differential calculus defined in an old work is exactly what we need. Using this calculus, we generalize results about ... More
Fuzzy Spheres in AdS/CFT Correspondence and Holography from NoncommutativityApr 11 2000Apr 29 2000We show that the existent fuzzy S^2 and S^4 models are natural candidates for the quantum geometry on the corresponding spheres in AdS/CFT correspondence. These models fit nicely the data from the dipole mechanism for the stringy exclusion principle. ... More
Large N Expansion From Fuzzy AdS_2May 29 2000We study the quantum analogue of primary fields and their descendants on fuzzy AdS_2, proposed in hep-th/0004072. Three-point vertices are calculated and shown to exhibit the conventional 1/N expansion as well as nonperturtive effects in large N, thus ... More
Transient microscopy for measuring heat transfer in single cellsJan 01 2019Heat transfer and dissipation exists in almost any physical, chemical or biological systems. Cells, as the basic unit of life, undergo continuous heat transfer and dissipation during their metabolism. The heat transfer and dissipation within cells related ... More
The Fermion Self-Energy during InflationNov 26 2005Feb 06 2006We compute the one loop fermion self-energy for massless Dirac + Einstein in the presence of a locally de Sitter background. We employ dimensional regularization and obtain a fully renormalized result by absorbing all divergences with BPHZ counterterms. ... More
Graviton one-loop effective action and inflationary dynamicsJul 02 2008We consider the one-loop effective action due to gravitons in a FLRW background with constant epsilon=-(dH/dt)/H^2. By expanding around epsilon=0 (corresponding to an expansion around de Sitter space), we can study how the deviation from de Sitter space ... More
Strange Work in Strange Places: Quantum Field Theory in Curved SpaceMay 24 2015Astronomers seem to be observing the fossilized remnants of quantum gravitational processes which took place during the epoch of {\it primordial inflation} that is conjectured to have occurred during the first $10^{-32}$ seconds of cosmic history. We ... More
A Simple Operator Check of the Effective Fermion Mode Function during InflationMar 16 2008Jun 25 2008We present a relatively simple operator formalism which reproduces the leading infrared logarithm of the one loop quantum gravitational correction to the fermion mode function on a locally de Sitter background. This rule may serve as the basis for an ... More
Leading Log Solution for Inflationary YukawaFeb 27 2006May 11 2008We generalize Starobinskii's stochastic technique to the theory of a massless, minimally coupled scalar interacting with a massless fermion in a locally de Sitter geometry. The scalar is an ``active'' field that can engender infrared logarithms. The fermion ... More
On classical global solutions of nonlinear wave equations with large dataJul 16 2014Dec 29 2015This paper studies the Cauchy problem for systems of semi-linear wave equations on $\mathbb{R}^{3+1}$ with nonlinear terms satisfying the null conditions. We construct future global-in-time classical solutions with arbitrarily large initial energy. The ... More
Gravitons Enhance Fermions during InflationMar 31 2006May 11 2008We solve the effective Dirac equation for massless fermions during inflation in the simplest gauge, including all one loop corrections from quantum gravity. At late times the result for a spatial plane wave behaves as if the classical solution were subjected ... More
A Note on Existence and Non-existence of Minimal Surfaces in Some Asymptotically Flat 3-manifoldsJan 19 2006Motivated by problems on apparent horizons in general relativity, we prove the following theorem on minimal surfaces: Let $g$ be a metric on the three-sphere $S^3$ satisfying $Ric(g) \geq 2 g$. If the volume of $(S^3, g)$ is no less than one half of the ... More
Variational Effect of Boundary Mean Curvature on ADM Mass in General RelativitySep 18 2003We extend the idea and techniques in \cite{Miao} to study variational effect of the boundary geometry on the ADM mass of an asymptotically flat manifold. We show that, for a Lipschitz asymptotically flat metric extension of a bounded Riemannian domain ... More
Signal of quark deconfinement and thermal evolution of hybrid starsJun 01 2010It is well known that neutron stars spin down due to magnetic dipole radiation. The deconfinement phase transition of hadron matter to quark matter is expected to occur in the dense cores of the stars during spin-down. The phase transition continuously ... More
Kaldi+PDNN: Building DNN-based ASR Systems with Kaldi and PDNNJan 27 2014The Kaldi toolkit is becoming popular for constructing automated speech recognition (ASR) systems. Meanwhile, in recent years, deep neural networks (DNNs) have shown state-of-the-art performance on various ASR tasks. This document describes our open-source ... More
Unitarily manipulating in time and space a Gaussian wave-packet motional state of a single atom in a quadratic potential fieldAug 16 2007Oct 12 2007The paper first discusses theoretically the off-resonance selective excitation method that is dependent on the atomic internal states and used to generate approximately a standard coherent state of harmonic oscillator. The coherent average method then ... More
Efficient multiple-quantum transition processes in an n-qubit spin systemNov 07 2004Nov 23 2004The whole Hilbert state space of an n-qubit spin system can be divided into (n+1) state subspaces according to the angular momentum theory of quantum mechanics. Here it is shown that any unknown state in such a state subspace, whose dimensional size is ... More
Universal construction of unitary transformation of quantum computation with one- and two-body interactionsMar 17 2000Apr 18 2000Any unitary transformation of quantum computational networks is explicitly decomposed, in an exact and unified form, into a sequence of a limited number of one-qubit quantum gates and the two-qubit diagonal gates that have diagonal unitary representation ... More
On the formation of shock for quasilinear wave equations by pulse with weak intensityOct 13 2016In this paper we continue to study the shock formation for the $3$-dimensional quasilinear wave equation \begin{align}\label{main eq} -(1+3G"(0)(\partial_{t}\phi)^{2})\partial^{2}_{t}\phi+\Delta\phi=0,\tag{\textbf{$\star$}} \end{align} with $G"(0)$ being ... More
On a Localized Riemannian Penrose InequalityJan 18 2009Consider a compact, orientable, three dimensional Riemannian manifold with boundary with nonnegative scalar curvature. Suppose its boundary is the disjoint union of two pieces: the horizon boundary and the outer boundary, where the horizon boundary consists ... More
The unitary dynamical state-locking process, the HSSS quantum search process, and the quantum-computing speedup theoryDec 18 2016Dec 27 2016A unitary dynamical state-locking (UNIDYSLOCK) process is a unitary process that can transform two orthogonal states to two non-orthogonal states. Its inverse process, i.e., the QUANSDAM process could realize an exponential QC speedup in solving an unstructured ... More
Solving the quantum search problem in polynomial time on an NMR quantum computerJun 16 2002The quantum search problem is an important problem due to the fact that a general NP problem can be solved efficiently by an unsorted quantum search algorithm. Here it has been shown that the quantum search problem could be solved in polynomial time on ... More
The universal quantum driving force to speed up a quantum computation -- The unitary quantum dynamicsMay 18 2011Nov 22 2011It is shown in the paper that the unitary quantum dynamics in quantum mechanics is the universal quantum driving force to speed up a quantum computation. This assertion supports strongly in theory that the unitary quantum dynamics is the fundamental and ... More
Introduction to the multiple-quantum operator spacesJul 06 2009Jul 11 2009The multiple-quantum NMR spectroscopy has an extensive application in determination of the bio-macro-molecular structures and in the investigation of the properties of a variety of physical materials. In quantum computation the multiple-quantum transition ... More
Ultra-broadband Heteronuclear Hartmann-Hahn polarization transferMar 16 2002May 08 2002It is showed on the basis of the multiple-quantum operator algebra space formalism that ultra-broadband heteronuclear Hartmann-Hahn polarization transfer could be achieved by the amplitude- and frequency-modulation quasi-adiabatic excitation (90 degree) ... More
A polynomial-time solution to the parity problem on an NMR quantum computerAug 26 2001Sep 06 2001An efficient quantum algorithm is proposed to solve in polynomial time the parity problem, one of the hardest problems both in conventional quantum computation and in classical computation, on NMR quantum computers. It is based on the quantum parallelism ... More
Fractal Dimension Pattern Based Multiresolution Analysis for Rough Estimator of Person-Dependent Audio Emotion RecognitionJul 01 2016As a general means of expression, audio analysis and recognition has attracted much attentions for its wide applications in real-life world. Audio emotion recognition (AER) attempts to understand emotional states of human with the given utterance signals, ... More
On the Uncertainty Principle for Continuous Quantum MeasurementMay 08 2016Aug 24 2016For continuous quantum measurements, there is a general Heisenberg uncertainty relation that constrains the quantum fluctuation of detectors with linear response, which is a generalization of the fluctuation-dissipation theorem to the scenarios far from ... More
A Remark on Boundary Effects in Static Vacuum Initial Data setsApr 19 2005Let (M, g) be an asymptotically flat static vacuum initial data set with non-empty compact boundary. We prove that (M, g) is isometric to a spacelike slice of a Schwarzschild spacetime under the mere assumption that the boundary of (M, g) has zero mean ... More
Jung's Theorem and fixed points for $p$-uniformly convex spacesMay 07 2013We introduce the classical Jung theorem and fixed point theorems and prove similar ones for $p$-uniformly convex spaces.
The Role of Computer Graphics in Documentary Film ProductionJan 04 2011We discuss a topic on the role of computer graphics in the production of documentaries, which is often ignored in favor of other topics. Typically, except for some rare occasions, documentary producers and computer scientists or digital artists that do ... More
Pulsar Candidate Selection Using Ensemble Networks for FAST Drift-Scan SurveyMar 15 2019The Commensal Radio Astronomy Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST) Survey (CRAFTS) utilizes the novel drift-scan commensal survey mode of FAST and can generate billions of pulsar candidate signals. The human experts are not likely ... More
A Defect in Dempster-Shafer TheoryFeb 27 2013By analyzing the relationships among chance, weight of evidence and degree of beliefwe show that the assertion "probability functions are special cases of belief functions" and the assertion "Dempster's rule can be used to combine belief functions based ... More
The excitation operator method in the spin dynamics of the one-dimensional XXZ modelJul 08 2012Jul 12 2012We develop the excitation operator method, which is designed to solve the Heisenberg equation of motion by constructing the excitation operators. We use it to study the spin dynamics in the one-dimensional XXZ model. We find the diffusive spin transport ... More
The breakdown of the zeroth law of thermodynamics and the definition of temperature in small quantum systemsMay 20 2012Oct 11 2012We study two small quantum systems coupled to the same reservoir which is in thermal equilibrium. By studying the particle density and the energy density in the two systems before and after they contact each other, we find that the two systems are not ... More
Local temperature and chemical potential inside a mesoscopic device driven out of equilibriumMay 03 2011Aug 20 2011In this paper we introduce a method of calculating the local temperature and chemical potential inside a mesoscopic device out of equilibrium. We show how to check the conditions of local thermal equilibrium as the whole system is out of equilibrium. ... More
Solving real time evolution problems by constructing excitation operatorsSep 03 2010Apr 21 2012In this paper we study the time evolution of an observable in the interacting fermion systems driven out of equilibrium. We present a method for solving the Heisenberg equations of motion by constructing excitation operators which are defined as the operators ... More
Probing Hot and Dense Nuclear Matter with Particle Correlations and Jets at RHICOct 07 2011The hot and dense medium created at RHIC, called Quark and Gluon Plasma (QGP) has been a hot topic in the last ten years. Due to the high multiplicities in such heavy-ion collision events, particle correlations using either trigger particles, or fully-reconstructed ... More
A counterexample to Las Vergnas' strong map conjecture on realizable oriented matroidsMar 19 2018The Las Vergnas' strong map conjecture, states that any strong map of oriented matroids $f:\mathcal{M}_1\rightarrow\mathcal{M}_2$ can be factored into extensions and contractions. The conjecture is known to be false due to a construction by Richter-Gebert, ... More
A symmetry property for q-weighted Robinson-Schensted algorithms and other branching insertion algorithmsJun 10 2013Jun 11 2013In O'Connell-Pei(2013) a q-weighted version of the Robinson-Schensted algorithm was introduced. In this paper we show that this algorithm has a symmetry property analogous to the well known symmetry property of the normal Robinson-Schensted algorithm. ... More
Exponential decay and symmetry of solitary waves to the Degasperis-Procesi equationJan 20 2019Jan 24 2019We prove that solitary waves to the steady Degasperis-Procesi equation, if they exist, decay as $e^{-|x|}$ for large $|x|$ and are symmetric with respect to the unique symmetry axis located at the only crest (although only peaked solitary waves are allowed). ... More
P-P' Strings in M(atrix) TheoryJun 10 1997Dec 02 1997We study the off-diagonal blocks in the M(atrix) model that are supposed to correspond to open strings stretched between a Dp-brane and a Dp'-brane. It is shown that the spectrum, including the quantum numbers, of the zero modes in the off-diagonal blocks ... More
Technical Report: Representing SES Cases Using OntologyJan 31 2016Socio-ecological System (SES) research studies the interaction between environment, users, and governance of environment resources. Data produced during the research cycle can be both long-tail (e.g. heterogeneous) and longitudinal data. For example, ... More
Unitary manipulation of a single atom in time and space --- The spatially-selective and internal-state-selective triggering pulsesSep 15 2013Sep 17 2013A spatially-selective and internal-state-selective triggering pulse is an important component to realize the unitary dynamical state-locking process which may be used to realize the reversible and unitary halting protocol and construct the unstructured ... More
An explicit criterion for existence of the Magnus solution for a coupled spin system under a time-dependent radiofrequency pulseApr 22 2012The explicit criterion is derived in detail for the convergence of the Magnus expansion and the existence of the Magnus solution in the interaction picture, i.e., the exponential propagator in the weakly coupled spin (I=1/2) system SnAMX... (n=1,2,3,...) ... More
Universal construction of quantum computational networks in superconducting Josephson junctionsMar 24 2000Any quantum computational network can be constructed with a sequence of the two-qubit diagonal quantum gates and one-qubit gates in two-state quantum systems. The universal construction of these quantum gates in the quantum systems and of the quantum ... More
Positive Mass Theorem on Manifolds admitting Corners along a HypersurfaceDec 05 2002Dec 24 2003We study a class of non-smooth asymptotically flat manifolds on which metrics fails to be $C^1$ across a hypersurface $\Sigma$. We first give an approximation scheme to mollify the metric, then we prove that the Positive Mass Theorem still holds on these ... More
A prime factorization based on quantum dynamics on a spin ensemble (I)Feb 20 2003In this paper it has been described how to use the unitary dynamics of quantum mechanics to solve the prime factorization problem on a spin ensemble without any quantum entanglement. The ensemble quantum computation for the prime factorization is based ... More
Quantum search processes in the cyclic group state spacesJul 25 2005Sep 21 2005The hardness to solve an unstructured quantum search problem by a standard quantum search algorithm mainly originates from the low efficiency to amplify the amplitude of the marked state by the oracle unitary operation associated with other known quantum ... More
Universal construction for the unsorted quantum search algorithmsJan 26 2001Jun 20 2001The multiple-quantum operator algebra formalism has been exploited to construct generally an unsorted quantum search algorithm. The exponential propagator and its corresponding effective Hamiltonian are constructed explicitly that describe in quantum ... More
A convenient method to prepare the effective pure state in a quantum ensembleAug 23 2000A simple method is proposed to prepare conveniently the effective pure state |00...0><0...00| with any number of qubits in a quantum ensemble. The preparation is based on the temporal averaging (Knill, Chuang, and Laflamme, Phys.Rev.A 57, 3348(1998)). ... More
Matrix Theory in a Constant C Field BackgroundNov 19 1999Dec 04 1999D0-branes moving in a constant antisymmetric C field are found to be described by quantum mechanics of the supersymmetric matrix model with a similarity transformation. Sometimes this similarity transformation is singular or ill-defined and cannot be ... More
A theory of nonequilibrium steady states in quantum chaotic systemsJul 18 2016Nonequilibrium steady state (NESS) is a quasistationary state, in which exist currents that continuously produce entropy, but the local observables are stationary everywhere. We propose a theory of NESS under the framework of quantum chaos. In an isolated ... More
A Suggestion for Modification of Vafa-Witten TheoryDec 05 1995Using the Mathai-Quillen formalism we reexamine the twisted N=4 supersymmetric model of Vafa-Witten theory. Smooth out the relation between the supersymmetric action and the path integral representation of the Thom class.
The excitation operator approach to non-Markovian dynamics of quantum impurity models in the Kondo regimeSep 18 2012We present a numerical method for studying the real time dynamics of a small interacting quantum system coupled to an infinite fermionic reservoir. By building an orthonormal basis in the operator space, we turn the Heisenberg equation of motion into ... More
Variations of Gauss-Codazzi-Ricci Equations in Kaluza-Klein Reduction (String Theory) and Cauchy Problem (General Relativity)May 09 2007We find a kind of variations of Gauss-Codazzi-Ricci equations suitable for Kaluza-Klein reduction and Cauchy problem. Especially the counterpart of extrinsic curvature tensor has antisymmetric part as well as symmetric one. If the dependence of metric ... More
A Real-time Hand Gesture Recognition and Human-Computer Interaction SystemApr 24 2017In this project, we design a real-time human-computer interaction system based on hand gesture. The whole system consists of three components: hand detection, gesture recognition and human-computer interaction (HCI) based on recognition; and realizes ... More
Jet Studies in STAR via 2+1 CorrelationsOct 07 2011This paper reports analysis on jet-medium interactions and di-jet surface emission bias at RHIC, based on a new multi-hadron correlation technique called \texttt{2+1} where back-to-back high $p_{T}$ hadron triggers work as proxy of di-jets. In contrast ... More
Induction and restriction functors for cellular categoriesJan 23 2017Jan 25 2017Cellular categories are a generalization of cellular algebras, which include a number of important categories such as (affine)Temperley-Lieb categories, Brauer diagram categories, partition categories, the categories of invariant tensors for certain quantised ... More
Kaluza-Klein dimensional reduction and Gauss-Codazzi-Ricci equationsMay 29 2008In this paper we imitate the traditional method which is used customarily in the General Relativity and some mathematical literatures to derive the Gauss-Codazzi-Ricci equations for dimensional reduction. It would be more distinct concerning geometric ... More
Einstein Equations From Holographic Thermodynamics and Holographic EntropyJul 03 2012Jul 08 2012We derive the Einstein field equations and black hole entropy from the first law of thermodynamics on a holographic time-like screen. Because of the universality of gravity, the stress tensor on the screen must be independent of the details of matter ... More
f(R) Gravity and Maxwell Equations from the Holographic PrincipleFeb 06 2011Feb 21 2011Extending the holographic program of [1], we derive f(R) gravity and the Maxwell equations from the holographic principle, using time-like holographic screen. We find that to derive the Einstein equations and f(R) gravity in a natural holographic approach, ... More
Nitrogen-induced Local Spin Polarization in Graphene on CobaltNov 15 2011By means of first principles calculations we demonstrate an effective method to tailor the local spin configuration of graphene on Co(0001) surface through nitrogen doping. Two different site occupancies of the N impurities are discussed with the focus ... More
Total mean curvature, scalar curvature, and a variational analog of Brown-York massApr 04 2016May 05 2016We study the supremum of the total mean curvature on the boundary of compact, mean-convex 3-manifolds with nonnegative scalar curvature, and a prescribed boundary metric. We establish an additivity property for this supremum and exhibit rigidity for maximizers ... More
Language as a Latent Variable: Discrete Generative Models for Sentence CompressionSep 23 2016In this work we explore deep generative models of text in which the latent representation of a document is itself drawn from a discrete language model distribution. We formulate a variational auto-encoder for inference in this model and apply it to the ... More
Boundary Effect of Ricci CurvatureAug 12 2014On a compact Riemannian manifold with boundary, we study how Ricci curvature of the interior affects the geometry of the boundary. First we establish integral inequalities for functions defined solely on the boundary and apply them to obtain geometric ... More
Inequalities on the boundary of bodies surrounding horizonsOct 24 2016Inspired by the method of Mantoulidis-Schoen \cite{schoen-mant}, we apply the Riemannian Penrose inequality to derive inequalities on the boundary of compact Riemannian $3$-manifolds with nonnegative scalar curvature, whose boundary consists of minimal ... More
The covariant and on-shell statistics in kappa-deformed spacetimeApr 20 2010It has been a long-standing issue to construct the statistics of identical particles in $\kappa$-deformed spacetime. In this letter, we investigate different ideas on this problem. Following the ideas of Young and Zegers, we obtain the covariant and on-shell ... More
Discrete-time reservoir engineering with entangled bath and stabilizing squeezed statesApr 25 2017Jun 23 2017This theoretical proposal investigates how resonant interactions occurring when a harmonic oscillator is fed with a stream of entangled qubits allow us to stabilize squeezed states of the harmonic oscillator. We show that the properties of the squeezed ... More
Noncommutative Extension of Minkowski Spacetime and Its Primary ApplicationDec 27 2009Apr 29 2010We propose a noncommutative extension of the Minkowski spacetime by introducing a well-defined proper time from the kappa-deformed Minkowski spacetime related to the standard basis. The extended Minkowski spacetime is commutative, i.e. it is based on ... More
On The Capacity of Surfaces in Manifolds with Nonnegative Scalar CurvatureJul 23 2007Given a surface in an asymptotically flat 3-manifold with nonnegative scalar curvature, we derive an upper bound for the capacity of the surface in terms of the area of the surface and the Willmore functional of the surface. The capacity of a surface ... More
Hyperbolic Spaces and Ptolemy Moebius StructuresOct 18 2012We characterize the class of Gromov hyperbolic spaces, whose boundary at infinity allow canonical M\"obius structures.
Cs in high oxidation states and as a p-block elementDec 27 2012The major chemical feature of an element is the number of electrons available for forming chemical bonds. A doctrine rooted in the atomic shell model states that the atoms will maintain a complete inner shell while interacting with other atoms. Therefore, ... More
Nordhaus-Gaddum-type problems for lines in hypergraphsNov 03 2014We study the number of lines in hypergraphs in a more symmetric setting, where both the hypergraph and its complement are considered. In the general case and in some special cases, the lower bounds on the number of lines are much higher than their counterparts ... More
A Flat Strip Theorem for Ptolemaic SpacesMay 04 2012We prove a flat strip theorem for 2-dimensional ptolemaic spaces.
On the local base set of primitive and nonpowerful signed digraphsJul 03 2014In this paper, we consider the local bases of primitive nonpowerful sign pattern matrices, show that there are "gaps" in the local base set and characterize some sign pattern matrices with given local bases.
Cosmology with Coupled Gravity and Dark EnergySep 01 2014Jan 13 2015Dark energy is a fundamental constituent of our universe, its status in the cosmological field equation should be equivalent to that of gravity. Here we construct a dark energy and matter gravity coupling (DEMC) model of cosmology in a way that dark energy ... More
Flow Equation Calculation of Transient and Steady State Currents in the Anderson Impurity ModelJun 27 2010Jun 29 2010Transient and steady state currents through dc-biased quantum impurity models beyond the linear response regime are of considerable interest, both from an experimental and a theoretical point of view. Here we present a new analytical approach for the ... More
Resource Buying GamesApr 18 2012In resource buying games a set of players jointly buys a subset of a finite resource set E (e.g., machines, edges, or nodes in a digraph). The cost of a resource e depends on the number (or load) of players using e, and has to be paid completely by the ... More
Exact solution of a Neumann boundary value problem for the stationary axisymmetric Einstein equationsOct 04 2018For a stationary and axisymmetric spacetime, the vacuum Einstein field equations reduce to a single nonlinear PDE in two dimensions called the Ernst equation. By solving this equation with a {\it Dirichlet} boundary condition imposed along the disk, Neugebauer ... More
A fast Newton-Shamanskii iteration for M/G/1-type and GI/M/1-type Markov chainsAug 26 2015For the nonlinear matrix equations arising in the analysis of M/G/1-type and GI/M/1-type Markov chains, the minimal nonnegative solution $G$ or $R$ can be found by Newton-like methods. Recently a fast Newton's iteration is proposed in \cite{Houdt2}. We ... More
Semiclassical wave packet dynamics for Hartree equationsJan 25 2011Mar 25 2011We study the propagation of wave packets for nonlinear nonlocal Schrodinger equations in the semi-classical limit. When the kernel is smooth, we construct approximate solutions for the wave functions in subcritical, critical and supercritical cases (in ... More
Axino dark matter in light of an anomalous X-ray lineMar 26 2014May 30 2014Axino as the superpartner of axion that solves the strong CP problem can be a good candidate of dark matter. Inspired by the 3.5 keV X-ray line signal found to be originated from galaxy clusters and Andromeda galaxy, we study axino models with R-parity ... More
Existence and Stability of Solutions to Non-Lipschitz Stochastic Differential Equations Driven by Lévy NoiseMay 14 2014In this paper, the successive approximation method is applied to investigate the existence and uniqueness of solutions to the stochastic differential equations (SDEs) driven by L\'evy noise under non-Lipschitz condition which is a much weaker condition ... More
Submodular Function Maximization over Distributive and Integer LatticesMay 20 2015Nov 27 2016The problem of maximizing non-negative submodular functions has been studied extensively in the last few years. However, most papers consider submodular set functions. Recently, several advances have been made for the more general case of submodular functions ... More
Comparing neutron star predictions by various microscopic modelsJun 01 2009We calculate several neutron star properties, for static and/or rotating stars, using equations of state based on different microscopic models. These include our Dirac-Brueckner-Hartree-Fock model and others derived from the non-relativistic Brueckner-Hartree-Fock ... More
The neutron skin of $^{208}$Pb and the density dependence of the symmetry energyDec 29 2008Jan 19 2009We explore neutron skin predictions for $^{208}$Pb in relation to the symmetry pressure in various microscopic models based on realistic nucleon-nucleon potentials and either the Dirac-Brueckner-Hartree-Fock approach or the conventional Brueckner-Hartree-Fock ... More
Rational Approximation in the Bergman SpacesMar 13 2018It is known that adaptive Fourier decomposition (AFD) offers efficient rational approxima- tions to functions in the classical Hardy H2 spaces with significant applications. This study aims at rational approximation in Bergman, and more widely, in weighted ... More
Ramsey numbers of paths and graphs of the same orderJul 26 2014For graphs $F_n$ and $G_n$ of order $n$, if $R(F_n, G_n)=(\chi(G_n)-1)(n-1)+\sigma(G_n)$, then $F_n$ is said to be $G_n$-good, where $\sigma(G_n)$ is the minimum size of a color class among all proper vertex-colorings of $G_n$ with $\chi(G_n)$ colors. ... More
Notes on two-parameter quantum groups, (I)Feb 11 2007Sep 15 2007A simpler definition for a class of two-parameter quantum groups associated to semisimple Lie algebras is given in terms of Euler form. Their positive parts turn out to be 2-cocycle deformations of each other under some conditions. An operator realization ... More
Gyroscope Calibration via MagnetometerJul 22 2017Magnetometers, gyroscopes and accelerometers are commonly used sensors in a variety of applications. The paper proposes a novel gyroscope calibration method in the homogeneous magnetic field by the help of magnetometer. It is shown that, with sufficient ... More
On reconstruction of dynamic permeability and tortuosity from data at distinct frequenciesNov 13 2013May 28 2014This article focuses on the mathematical problem of reconstructing dynamic permeability $K(\omega)$ of two-phase composites from data at different frequencies, utilizing the analytic structure of the Stieltjes function representation of $K(\omega)$ derived ... More
New Born-Infeld and $Dp$-Brane Actions under 2-Metric and 3-Metric PrescriptionsDec 28 2006Mar 14 2007The parent action method is utilized to the Born-Infeld and $Dp$-brane theories. Various new forms of Born-Infeld and $Dp$-brane actions are derived by using this systematic approach, in which both the already known 2-metric and newly proposed 3-metric ... More
Language as a Latent Variable: Discrete Generative Models for Sentence CompressionSep 23 2016Oct 14 2016In this work we explore deep generative models of text in which the latent representation of a document is itself drawn from a discrete language model distribution. We formulate a variational auto-encoder for inference in this model and apply it to the ... More
The Evolution of Natural Cities from the Perspective of Location-Based Social MediaJan 27 2014Mar 22 2014This paper examines the former location-based social medium Brightkite, over its three-year life span, based on the concept of natural cities. The term 'natural cities' refers to spatially clustered geographic events, such as the agglomerated patches ... More
Effective Framework of kappa-Minkowski Spacetime and Its ApplicationMar 25 2009Aug 07 2009This paper has been withdrawn by the author because it needs to be rewritten completely.
Observational evidence for AGNs feedback at parsec scaleMay 24 2011In a hot accretion flow, the radiation from the innermost region of the flow propagates outward and heats the electrons at large radii via Compton scattering. It has been shown in previous works that if the radiation is strong enough, $L\ga 2%L_{\rm Edd}$, ... More
On the regularity of a class of generalized quasi-geostrophic equationsNov 29 2010In this article we consider the following generalized quasi-geostrophic equation \partial_t\theta + u\cdot\nabla \theta + \nu \Lambda^\beta \theta =0, \quad u= \Lambda^\alpha \mathcal{R}^\bot\theta, \quad x\in\mathbb{R}^2, where $\nu>0$, $\Lambda:=\sqrt{-\Delta}$, ... More