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Non-Isothermal Electrokinetics: Energetic Variational ApproachOct 22 2017Nov 08 2017Fluid dynamics accompanies with the entropy production thus increases the local temperature, which plays an important role in charged systems such as the ion channel in biological environment and electrodiffusion in capacitors/batteries. In this article, ... More
Classification of simple weight modules for the $N=2$ superconformal algebraApr 18 2019In this paper, we classify all simple weight modules with finite dimensional weight spaces over the $N=2$ superconformal algebra. As an application, we give a new proof of the classification of such modules for the $N=1$ superconformal algebra, which ... More
A Bidirectional Adaptive Bandwidth Mean Shift Strategy for ClusteringDec 22 2017The bandwidth of a kernel function is a crucial parameter in the mean shift algorithm. This paper proposes a novel adaptive bandwidth strategy which contains three main contributions. (1) The differences among different adaptive bandwidth are analyzed. ... More
Center and isochronous center of a class of quasi-analytic switching systemsAug 24 2017In this paper, we study the integrability and linearization of a class of quadratic quasi-analytic switching systems. We improve an existing method to compute the focus values and periodic constants of quasi-analytic switching systems. In particular, ... More
High Quality of Electromagnetically Induced Transparency Spectroscopy of 87Rb in a Buffer Gas Cell with Magnetic FieldMar 08 2017We have studied the phenomenon of electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) of 87Rb vapor with a buffer gas in a magnetic field at room temperature. It is found that the spectral lines caused by the velocity selective optical pump effects get much ... More
Theoretical Simulation of 87Rb Absorption Spectrum in a Thermal CellJul 02 2016Jul 07 2016In this paper, we present a theoretical simulation of 87Rb absorption spectrum in a thermal cm-cell which is adaptive to the experimental observation. In experiment, the coupling and probe beams are configured to copropagate but perpendicular polarized, ... More
Mutual derivation between arbitrary distribution forms of momenta and momentum componentsMay 08 2019The mutual derivation between arbitrary distribution forms of momenta and momentum components of particles produced in an isotropic emission source are systematically studied in terms of probability theory and mathematical statistics. The distributions ... More
Heterostructures of MXenes and N-doped graphene as highly active bifunctional electrocatalystsMay 11 2018MXenes with versatile chemistry and superior electrical conductivity are prevalent candidate materials for energy storage and catalysts. Inspired by recent experiments of hybridizing MXenes with carbon materials, here we theoretically design a series ... More
Realtime Scheduling and Power Allocation Using Deep Neural NetworksNov 18 2018With the increasing number of base stations (BSs) and network densification in 5G, interference management using link scheduling and power control are vital for better utilization of radio resources. However, the complexity of solving link scheduling ... More
Secure and Efficient Skyline Queries on Encrypted DataJun 04 2018Outsourcing data and computation to cloud server provides a cost-effective way to support large scale data storage and query processing. However, due to security and privacy concerns, sensitive data (e.g., medical records) need to be protected from the ... More
Eclipse: Practicability Beyond kNN and SkylineJul 05 2017Oct 16 2018The $k$ nearest neighbor ($k$NN) query is a fundamental problem in databases. Given a set of multidimensional data points and a query point, $k$NN returns the $k$ nearest neighbors based on a scoring function such as weighted sum given an attribute weight ... More
Drag force on a moving impurity in a spin-orbit coupled Bose-Einstein condensateApr 12 2014We investigate the drag force on a moving impurity in a spin-orbit coupled Bose-Einstein condensate. We prove rigorously that the superfluid critical velocity is zero when the impurity moves in all but one directions, in contrast to the case of liquid ... More
Capacity Analysis for Full Duplex Self-backhauled Small CellsJul 21 2018Full duplex (FD) communication enables simultaneous transmission and reception on the same frequency band. Though it has the potential of doubling the throughput on isolated links, in reality, higher interference and asymmetric traffic demands in the ... More
Super sub-wavelength patterns in photon coincidence detectionJun 03 2013Jan 23 2015High-precision measurements implemented by means of light is desired in all fields of science. However, light is a wave and Rayleigh criterion gives us a diffraction limitation in classical optics which restricts to get arbitrary high resolution. Sub-wavelength ... More
Comparing a few distributions of transverse momenta in high energy collisionsNov 24 2018Transverse momentum spectra of particles produced in high energy collisions are very important due to their relations to the excitation degree of interacting system. To describe the transverse momentum spectra, one can use more than one probability density ... More
Teaching Autonomous Driving Using a Modular and Integrated ApproachFeb 22 2018Feb 27 2018Autonomous driving is not one single technology but rather a complex system integrating many technologies, which means that teaching autonomous driving is a challenging task. Indeed, most existing autonomous driving classes focus on one of the technologies ... More
Comparing neutron star predictions by various microscopic modelsJun 01 2009We calculate several neutron star properties, for static and/or rotating stars, using equations of state based on different microscopic models. These include our Dirac-Brueckner-Hartree-Fock model and others derived from the non-relativistic Brueckner-Hartree-Fock ... More
The neutron skin of $^{208}$Pb and the density dependence of the symmetry energyDec 29 2008Jan 19 2009We explore neutron skin predictions for $^{208}$Pb in relation to the symmetry pressure in various microscopic models based on realistic nucleon-nucleon potentials and either the Dirac-Brueckner-Hartree-Fock approach or the conventional Brueckner-Hartree-Fock ... More
Spin-accumulation capacitance and its application to magnetoimpedanceFeb 20 2017Jul 13 2017It has been known that spin-dependent capacitances usually coexist with geometric capacitances in a magnetic multilayer. However, the charge and energy storage of the capacitance due to spin accumulation has not been fully understood. Here, we resolve ... More
Room-temperature Tunable Fano Resonance by Chemical Doping in Few-layer Graphene Synthesized by Chemical Vapor DepositionApr 23 2010A Fano-like phonon resonance is observed in few-layer (~3) graphene at room temperature using infrared Fourier transform spectroscopy. This Fano resonance is the manifestation of a strong electron-phonon interaction between the discrete in-plane lattice ... More
Online Visual Analytics of Text StreamsDec 13 2015We present an online visual analytics approach to helping users explore and understand hierarchical topic evolution in high-volume text streams. The key idea behind this approach is to identify representative topics in incoming documents and align them ... More
ART-UP: A Novel Method for Generating Scanning-robust Aesthetic QR codesMar 06 2018QR codes are usually scanned in different environments, so they must be robust to variations in illumination, scale, coverage, and camera angles. Aesthetic QR codes improve the visual quality, but subtle changes in their appearance may cause scanning ... More
Current status of Dirac-Brueckner-Hartree-Fock calculations in asymmetric nuclear matterJun 11 2008We review the current status of our microscopic calculations in asymmetric nuclear matter. Updated predictions of the equation of state are made available to potential users. We discuss the features of our EoS in relation to the predicted neutron star ... More
Nonelectromagnetic duality in twisted N=4 modelApr 09 1997In this paper we discuss the possible existing correlation functions in the N=4 topological model. Due to the distinguished feature that no anomaly exists in N=4 supersymmetric theories, the positive-negative ghost number balance has to be taken into ... More
Efficient Contour Computation of Group-based SkylineMay 02 2019Skyline, aiming at finding a Pareto optimal subset of points in a multi-dimensional dataset, has gained great interest due to its extensive use for multi-criteria analysis and decision making. The skyline consists of all points that are not dominated ... More
Study on Evolvement Complexity in an Artificial Stock MarketJun 07 2004Dec 14 2004An artificial stock market is established based on multi-agent . Each agent has a limit memory of the history of stock price, and will choose an action according to his memory and trading strategy. The trading strategy of each agent evolves ceaselessly ... More
Pseudoscalar Mass and Decay Constant in Lattice QCD with Exact Chiral SymmetrySep 29 2005The masses and decay constants of pseudoscalar mesons $ D $, $ D_s $, and $ K $ are determined in quenched lattice QCD with exact chiral symmetry. For 100 gauge configurations generated with single-plaquette action at $ \beta = 6.1 $ on the $ 20^3 \times ... More
A family of group divisible designs with arbitrary block sizesDec 06 2017Sep 04 2018Recently, a construction of group divisible designs (GDDs) derived from the decoding of quadratic residue (QR) codes was given. In this paper, we extend the idea to obtain a new family of GDDs, which is also involved with a well-known balanced incomplete ... More
Spatially Heterogeneous Dynamics in a Metallic Glass Forming Liquid Imaged by Electron Correlation MicroscopyOct 13 2017Jan 25 2018Supercooled liquids exhibit spatial heterogeneity in the dynamics of their fluctuating atomic arrangements. The length and time scales of the heterogeneous dynamics are central to the glass transition and influence nucleation and growth of crystals from ... More
Control excitation and coherent transfer in a dimerJun 21 2013In this article, the processes of energy absorption and coherent transfer in a dimer is studied. The dimer includes two two-level pigments --- donor and acceptor, where donor is assumed being excited by a control pulse in the time domain. We investigate ... More
Enhancement of spatial resolution of ghost imaging via localizing and thresholdingMay 10 2018In ghost imaging scheme, an illuminated light is split into test and reference beams which pass through two different optical systems respectively and an image is constructed by the second-order correlation between the two light beams. Since both the ... More
Coding Capacity of Purkinje Cells with Different Schemes of Morphological ReductionApr 25 2019The brain as a neuronal system has very complex structure with large diversity of neuronal types. The most basic complexity is seen from the structure of neuronal morphology, which usually has a complex tree-like structure with dendritic spines distributed ... More
Solving frustrated quantum many-particle models with convolutional neural networksJul 25 2018Sep 26 2018Recently, there has been significant progress in solving quantum many-particle problem via machine learning based on the restricted Boltzmann machine. However, it is still highly challenging to solve frustrated models via machine learning, which has not ... More
The cosmological origin of Higgs particlesMar 24 2002A proposal of the cosmological origin of Higgs particles is given. We show, that the Higgs field could be created from the vacuum quantum conformal fluctuation of Anti-de Sitter space-time, the spontaneous breaking of vacuum symmetry, and the mass of ... More
Implementing the Deutsch's algorithm with spin-orbital angular momentum of photon without interferometerJul 24 2012Deutsch's algorithm is the simplest quantum algorithm which shows the acceleration of quantum computer. In this paper, we theoretically advance a scheme to implement quantum Deutsch's algorithm in spin-orbital angular momentum space. Our scheme exploits ... More
Modeling Stock Market Based on Genetic Cellular AutomataJun 07 2004An artificial stock market is established with the modeling method and ideas of cellular automata. Cells are used to represent stockholders, who have the capability of self-teaching and are affected by the investing history of the neighboring ones. The ... More
A Parametric Investigation on the Cyclotron Maser Instability Driven by Ring-beam Electrons with Intrinsic Alfvén WavesApr 19 2017The electron-cyclotron maser is a process that generates intense and coherent radio emission in plasma. In this paper, we present a comprehensive parametric investigation on the electron-cyclotron-maser instability driven by non-thermal ring-beam electrons ... More
Pseudoscalar Decay Constants $ f_{D} $ and $ f_{D_s} $ in Lattice QCD with Exact Chiral SymmetryJun 26 2005We determine the masses and decay constants of pseudoscalar mesons $ D $, $ D_s $, and $ K $ in quenched lattice QCD with exact chiral symmetry. For 100 gauge configurations generated with single-plaquette action at $ \beta = 6.1 $ on the $ 20^3 \times ... More
Skyline Diagram: Efficient Space Partitioning for Skyline QueriesDec 04 2018Skyline queries are important in many application domains. In this paper, we propose a novel structure Skyline Diagram, which given a set of points, partitions the plane into a set of regions, referred to as skyline polyominos. All query points in the ... More
Effective Mechanism for Social Recommendation of NewsFeb 03 2011Recommendation systems represent an important tool for news distribution on the Internet. In this work we modify a recently proposed social recommendation model in order to deal with no explicit ratings of users on news. The model consists of a network ... More
Self-organized Boolean game on networksJul 27 2005A model of Boolean game with only one free parameter $p$ that denotes the strength of herd behavior is proposed where each agent acts according to the information obtained from his neighbors in network and those in the minority are rewarded. The simulation ... More
Time-aware Collaborative Filtering with the Piecewise Decay FunctionOct 19 2010In this paper, we determine the appropriate decay function for item-based collaborative filtering (CF). Instead of intuitive deduction, we introduce the Similarity-Signal-to-Noise-Ratio (SSNR) to quantify the impacts of rated items on current recommendations. ... More
Identifying the orbital angular momentum of light based on atomic ensemblesJul 10 2012We propose a scheme to distinguish the orbital angular momentum state of the Laguerre-Gaussian (LG) beam based on the electromagnetically induced transparency modulated by a microwave field in atomic ensembles. We show that the transverse phase variation ... More
Variation of polarization distribution of reflected beam caused by spin separationJul 03 2012The variation of polarization distribution of reflected beam at specular interface and far field caused by spin separation has been studied. Due to the diffraction effect, we find a distinct difference of light polarization at the two regions. The variation ... More
Implementation of one-dimensional quantum walks on spin-orbital angular momentum space of photonsFeb 03 2010Photons can carry spin angular momentum (SAM) and orbital angular momentum (OAM), which can be used to realize a qubit system and a high-dimension system respectively. This spin-orbital system is very suitable for implementing one-dimensional discrete-time ... More
Light-by-Light Scattering in a Photon-Photon ColliderJun 30 2018Oct 19 2018We studied the feasibility of observing light-by-light scattering in a photon-photon collider based on an existing accelerator complex and a commercially available laser system. We investigated the statistical significance of the signal over the QED backgrounds ... More
Exponential decay and symmetry of solitary waves to the Degasperis-Procesi equationJan 20 2019Jan 24 2019We prove that solitary waves to the steady Degasperis-Procesi equation, if they exist, decay as $e^{-|x|}$ for large $|x|$ and are symmetric with respect to the unique symmetry axis located at the only crest (although only peaked solitary waves are allowed). ... More
Continuous data assimilation for the 3D primitive equations of the oceanMay 13 2018In this article, we show that the continuous data assimilation algorithm is valid for the 3D primitive equations of the ocean. Namely, the $L^2$ norm of the assimilated solution converge to that of the reference solution at an exponential rate in time. ... More
Induction and restriction functors for cellular categoriesJan 23 2017Jan 25 2017Cellular categories are a generalization of cellular algebras, which include a number of important categories such as (affine)Temperley-Lieb categories, Brauer diagram categories, partition categories, the categories of invariant tensors for certain quantised ... More
Attractiveness of Invariant ManifoldsOct 11 2011In this paper an operable, universal and simple theory on the attractiveness of the invariant manifolds is first obtained. It is motivated by the Lyapunov direct method. It means that for any point $\overrightarrow{x}$ in the invariant manifold $M$, $n(\overrightarrow{x})$ ... More
Retention Time of Peptides in Liquid Chromatography Is Well Estimated upon Deep Transfer LearningOct 31 2017A fully automatic prediction for peptide retention time (RT) in liquid chromatography (LC), termed as DeepRT, was developed using deep learning approach, an ensemble of Residual Network (ResNet) and Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM). In contrast to the traditional ... More
Linear-Optical Implementation of Perfect Discrimination between Single-bit Unitary OperationsJan 23 2008Mar 19 2008Discrimination of unitary operations is a fundamental quantum information processing task. Assisted with linear optical elements, we experimentally demonstrate perfect discrimination between single-bit unitary operations using two methods--sequential ... More
Relative Rips MachineDec 23 2016We study isometric actions of finitely presented groups on $\mathbb{R}$-trees. In this paper, we develop a relative version of the Rips machine to study $\textit{pairs}$ of such actions. An important example of a $\textit{pair}$ is a group action on an ... More
Sommerfeld's quantum condition of action and the spectra of Schwarzschild black holeAug 14 2003If the situation of quantum gravity nowadays is nearly the same as that of the quantum mechanics in it's early time of Bohr and Sommerfeld, then a first step study of the quantum gravity from Sommerfeld's quantum condition of action might be helpful. ... More
Dehydrogenation through the pressure-induced polymerization processes of phosphineJun 05 2017Aug 29 2017PH3 is studied to understand the superconducting transition and responsible stoichiometry under high pressure by means of Raman, IR, and x-ray diffraction (XRD) measurements, and theoretical calculations. It is found PH3 is stable up to about 8 GPa and ... More
DualTable: A Hybrid Storage Model for Update Optimization in HiveApr 28 2014Dec 01 2014Hive is the most mature and prevalent data warehouse tool providing SQL-like interface in the Hadoop ecosystem. It is successfully used in many Internet companies and shows its value for big data processing in traditional industries. However, enterprise ... More
Extending two Higgs doublet models for two-loop neutrino mass generation and one-loop neutrinoless double beta decayNov 07 2016We extend some two Higgs doublet models, where the Yukawa couplings for the charged fermion mass generation only involve one Higgs doublet, by two singlet scalars respectively carrying a singly electric charge and a doubly electric charge. The doublet ... More
Extending two Higgs doublet models for two-loop neutrino mass generation and one-loop neutrinoless double beta decayNov 07 2016Nov 10 2016We extend some two Higgs doublet models, where the Yukawa couplings for the charged fermion mass generation only involve one Higgs doublet, by two singlet scalars respectively carrying a singly electric charge and a doubly electric charge. The doublet ... More
Universal dependence on the channel conductivity of the competing weak localization and antilocalization in amorphous InGaZnO$_4$ thin-film transistorsMay 14 2017We investigate the gate-voltage dependence of the magnetoconductivity of several amorphous InGaZnO$_4$ (a-IGZO) thin-film transistors (TFTs). The magnetoconductivity exhibits gate-voltage- controlled competitions between weak localization (WL) and weak ... More
Weak Localization and Weak Antilocalization in Double-Gate a-InGaZnO Thin-Film TransistorsDec 20 2017We demonstrate manipulation of quantum interference by controlling the competitions between weak localization (WL) and weak antilocalization (WAL) via variation of the gate voltages of double- gate amorphous InGaZnO thin-film transistors. Our study unveils ... More
Magnetic MoS2 Interface Monolayer on CdS Nanowire by Cation ExchangeOct 01 2016MoS2 atomic layers have recently attracted much interest because of their two-dimensional structure as well as tunable optical, electrical, and mechanical properties for next generation electronic and electro-optical devices. Here we have achieved facile ... More
A data-driven method for syndrome type identification and classification in traditional Chinese medicineOct 27 2014Feb 24 2016Objective: The efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) treatments for Western medicine (WM) diseases relies heavily on the proper classification of patients into TCM syndrome types. We develop a data-driven method for solving the classification ... More
Deutsch's algorithm with topological charges of optical vortices via non-degenerate four-wave mixingOct 10 2012We propose a scheme to implement the Deutsch's algorithm through non-degenerate four-wave mixing process. By employing photon topological charges of optical vortices, we demonstrate the ability to realize the necessary four logic gates for all balanced ... More
Depletion induced like-charge attraction: Understanding from a self-consistent field model with dielectric effectJul 17 2015Mar 19 2016Electrostatic correlation and dielectric effects are of significant importance in ionic structure properties near charged surfaces. These effects can be modeled by a system of self-consistent field equations with the approximate potential of mean force ... More
Self-energy-modified Poisson-Nernst-Planck equations: WKB approximation and finite-difference approachesApr 01 2014Jul 19 2014We propose a modified Poisson-Nernst-Planck (PNP) model to investigate charge transport in electrolytes of inhomogeneous dielectric environment. The model includes the ionic polarization due to the dielectric inhomogeneity and the ion-ion correlation. ... More
Hilbert Transformation and $r\mathrm{Spin}(n)+\mathbb{R}^n$ GroupNov 13 2017In this paper we study symmetry properties of the Hilbert transformation of several real variables in the Clifford algebra setting. In order to describe the symmetry properties we introduce the group $r\mathrm{Spin}(n)+\mathbb{R}^n, r>0,$ which is essentially ... More
Longitudinal jitter analysis of linear accelerator electron gunSep 28 2015We present measurement and analyses of longitudinal timing jitter of Beijing Electron Positron Collider (BEPCII) linear accelerator electron gun. We simulated longitudinal jitter effect of the gun using PARMELA about beam performance including beam profile, ... More
Metallic interfaces in a CaTiO$_3$/LaTiO$_3$ heterostructureNov 01 2018Almost all oxide two-dimensional electron gases are formed in SrTiO$_3$-based heterostructures and the study of non-SrTiO$_3$ systems is extremely rare. Here, we report the realization of a two-dimensional electron gas in a CaTiO$_3$-based heterostructure, ... More
Analytic integrability of two lopsided systemsJun 04 2015In this paper, we present two classes of lopsided systems and discuss their analytic integrability. The analytic integrable conditions are obtained by using the method of inverse integrating factor and theory of rotated vector field. For the first class ... More
Three modules of simple 3-Lie algebra $A_ω^δ$Apr 25 2019We construct three infinite dimensional intermediate series reducible modules over the simple infinite dimensional canonical Nambu $3$-Lie algebra $A_{\omega}^{\delta}$, and further investigate their structures. We also construct three other infinite ... More
Lie bialgebra structures on the twisted Heisenberg-Virasoro algebraJul 23 2010Mar 31 2012In this paper we investigate Lie bialgebra structures on the twisted Heisenberg-Virasoro algebra. With the classifications of Lie bialgebra structures on the Virasoro algebra, we determined such structures on the twisted Heisenberg-Virasoro algebra. Moreover, ... More
DeepRT: deep learning for peptide retention time prediction in proteomicsMay 15 2017Accurate predictions of peptide retention times (RT) in liquid chromatography have many applications in mass spectrometry-based proteomics. Herein, we present DeepRT, a deep learning based software for peptide retention time prediction. DeepRT automatically ... More
The Spectral Energy Distributions of Fermi BlazarsAug 13 2016(Abridged) In this paper, multi-wavelength data are compiled for a sample of 1425 Fermi blazars to calculate their spectral energy distributions (SEDs). A parabolic function, $\log(\nu F_{\nu}) = P_1(\log\nu - P_2)^2 + P_3,$ is used for SED fitting. Synchrotron ... More
Understanding depletion induced like-charge attraction from self-consistent field modelJul 17 2015Nov 05 2016The interaction force between likely charged particles/surfaces is usually repulsive due to the Coulomb interaction. However, the counterintuitive like-charge attraction in electrolytes has been frequently observed in experiments, which has been theoretically ... More
The Processing of the Clumpy Molecular Gas in the Galactic Center and the Star-FormationFeb 05 2014Feb 07 2014We present the Green Bank 100m Telescope (GBT) mapping observations of CS 1-0, and the Submillimeter Array (SMA) 157-pointings mosaic of the 0.86 mm dust continuum emission as well as several warm and dense gas tracers, in the central ~20 pc area in Galactic ... More
ISM Processing in the Inner 20 pc in Galactic centerApr 29 2013We present the Submillimeter Array (SMA) 157-pointing mosaic in 0.86 mm dust continuum emission with 5$".1\times4"$.2 angular resolution, and the NRAO Green Bank 100m Telescope (GBT) observations of the CS/C$^{34}$S/$^{13}$CS 1-0 and SiO 1-0 emission ... More
Observation of two-species vortex lattices in a mixture of mass-imbalance Bose and Fermi superfluidsJun 06 2016The superfluid mixture of interacting Bose and Fermi species is a remarkable many-body quantum system. Dilute degenerate atomic gases, especially for two species of distinct masses, are excellent candidates for exploring fundamental features of superfluid ... More
Comparison between {\textit{Fermi}} Detected and {\textit{non-Fermi}} Detected Superluminal SourcesFeb 27 2019Mar 01 2019Active galactic nuclei (AGNs) have been attracting research attention due to their special observable properties. Specifically, a majority of AGNs are detected by Fermi-LAT missions, but not by Fermi-LAT, which raises the question of whether any differences ... More
Phase diagram of the off-diagonal Aubry-André modelSep 22 2016We study a one-dimensional quasiperiodic system described by the off-diagonal Aubry-Andr\'{e} model and investigate its phase diagram by using the symmetry and the multifractal analysis. It was shown in a recent work ({\it Phys. Rev. B} {\bf 93}, 205441 ... More
Modified Poisson-Nernst-Planck model with accurate Coulomb correlation in variable mediaNov 20 2016We derive a set of modified Poisson-Nernst-Planck (PNP) equations for ion transport from the variation of the free energy functional which includes the many-body Coulomb correlation in media of variable dielectric coefficient. The correlation effects ... More
Hilbert Transformation and Representation of ax+b GroupNov 13 2017In this paper we study the Hilbert transformations over $L^2(\mathbb{R})$ and $L^2(\mathbb{T})$ from the viewpoint of symmetry. For a linear operator over $L^2(\mathbb{R})$ commutative with the ax+b group we show that the operator is of the form $\lambda ... More
Decoherence of Topological Qubit in Linear and Circular Motions: Decoherence Impedance, Anti-Unruh and Information BackflowMar 16 2016Aug 29 2016In this paper, we consider the decoherence patterns of a topological qubit made of two Majorana zero modes in the generic linear and circular motions in the Minkowski spacetime. We show that the reduced dynamics is exact without Markov approximation. ... More
Simple restricted modules for Neveu-Schwarz algebraDec 09 2018In this paper, we give a construction of simple modules generalizing and including both highest weight and Whittaker modules for the Neveu-Schwarz algebra, in the spirit of the work of Mazorchuk and Zhao on simple Virasoro modules. We establish a 1-1 ... More
A Cohomological Characterization of Leibniz Central Extensions of Lie AlgebrasMay 15 2006Oct 28 2006Mainly motivated by Pirashvili's spectral sequences on a Leibniz algebra, a cohomological characterization of Leibniz central extensions of Lie algebras is given based on Corollary 3.3 and Theorem 3.5. In particular, as applications, we obtain the cohomological ... More
Generation of Gamma-ray Beam with Orbital Angular Momentum in the QED RegimeMay 24 2016We propose a scheme to generate gamma-ray photons with an orbital angular momentum (OAM) and high energy simultaneously from laser-plasma interactions by irradiating a circularly polarized Laguerre-Gaussian laser on a thin plasma target. The spin angular ... More
Generation of Ultra-intense Gamma-ray Train by QED HarmonicsAug 25 2015When laser intensity exceeds 10^22W/cm^2, photons with energy above MeV can be generated from high-order harmonics process in the laser-plasma interaction. We find that under such laser intensity, QED effect plays a dominating role in the radiation pattern. ... More
Preliminary test results of LAr prototype detectorJan 06 2016WIMPs are a well-motivated galactic dark matter candidate. Liquid argon (LAr) is an attractive target for the direct detection of WIMPs. The LAr prototype detector is designed to study the technology and property of LAr detector. The prototype detector ... More
Complement Objective TrainingMar 04 2019Mar 21 2019Learning with a primary objective, such as softmax cross entropy for classification and sequence generation, has been the norm for training deep neural networks for years. Although being a widely-adopted approach, using cross entropy as the primary objective ... More
Narrow-linewidth cooling of $^{6}$Li atoms using the 2S-3P transitionOct 25 2016We report on a narrow-linewidth cooling of $^{6}$Li atoms using the $2S_{1/2}\to 3P_{3/2}$ transition in the ultraviolet (UV) wavelength regime. By combining the traditional red magneto-optical trap (MOT) at 671 nm and the UV MOT at 323 nm, we obtain ... More
Production of large $^{41}$K Bose-Einstein condensates using D1 gray molassesAug 26 2016We use D1 gray molasses to achieve Bose-Einstein condensation of a large number of $^{41}$K atoms in an optical dipole trap. By combining a new configuration of compressed-MOT with D1 gray molasses, we obtain a cold sample of $2.4\times10^9$ atoms with ... More
The Urge to Merge: When Cellular Service Providers Pool CapacityNov 08 2011As cellular networks are turning into a platform for ubiquitous data access, cellular operators are facing a severe data capacity crisis due to the exponential growth of traffic generated by mobile users. In this work, we investigate the benefits of sharing ... More
Scheduling and Power Allocation in Self-Backhauled Full Duplex Small CellsFeb 03 2017Full duplex (FD) communications, which increases spectral efficiency through simultaneous transmission and reception on the same frequency band, is a promising technology to meet the demand of next generation wireless networks. In this paper, we consider ... More
User Selection and Power Allocation in Full Duplex Multi-Cell NetworksApr 29 2016Jun 11 2016Full duplex (FD) communications has the potential to double the capacity of a half duplex (HD) system at the link level. However, in a cellular network, FD operation is not a straightforward extension of half duplex operations. The increased interference ... More
Whittaker modules for the super-Virasoro algebrasOct 30 2018In this paper, we define and study Whittaker modules for the super-Viraoro algebras, including the Neveu-Schwarz algebra and the Ramond algebra. We classify the simple Whittaker modules and obtain necessary and sufficient conditions for irreducibility ... More
Probing the many-body physics via measurement of the closed-channel fraction in a $^6$Li superfluidMar 29 2019Atomic Fermi gases provide an ideal platform for studying the pairing and superfluid physics, using a Feshbach resonance between closed channel molecular states and open channel scattering states. The closed-channel fraction $Z$ contains important many-body ... More
Coupled Dipole Oscillations of a Mass-Imbalanced Bose and Fermi Superfluid MixtureMay 12 2017Recent experimental realizations of superfluid mixtures of Bose and Fermi quantum gases provide a unique platform for exploring diverse superfluid phenomena. We study dipole oscillations of a double superfluid in a cigar-shaped optical dipole trap, consisting ... More
A quantum degenerate Bose-Fermi mixture of $^{41}$K and $^6$LiFeb 28 2017We report a new apparatus for the study of two-species quantum degenerate mixture of $^{41}$K and $^6$Li atoms. We develop and combine several advanced cooling techniques to achieve both large atom number and high phase space density of the two-species ... More
Oscillatory Quadrupole-like Expansion of a Fermionic SuperfluidFeb 27 2017We prepare a Fermionic superfluid of about $5 \times 10^6$ $^6$Li atoms in a cigar-shaped optical dipole trap and demonstrate that in the weak residual magnetic field curvature, the atom cloud undergoes an oscillatory quadrupole-like expansion over 30~ms. ... More
From dark matter to neutrinoless double beta decayMar 19 2012Sep 13 2012Associated with two TeV-scale leptoquark scalars, a dark matter fermion which is the neutral component of an isotriplet can mediate a testable neutrinoless double beta decay at one-loop level. The dark matter fermion with determined mass and spin-independent ... More
Mirror left-right symmetryJan 17 2012Sep 13 2012We propose a novel SU(3)_c\times SU(2)_L\times SU(2)_R\times U(1)_{B-L} left-right symmetric model where the standard model fermion and Higgs fields are SU(2)_L doublets or SU(2) singlets while their mirror partners are SU(2)_R doublets or SU(2) singlets. ... More