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Rotating black holes in the FI-gauged $N=2$, $D=4$ $\overline{\mathbb{C}\text{P}}^n$ modelFeb 08 2019Mar 25 2019We construct supersymmetric black holes with rotation or NUT charge for the $\overline{\mathbb{C}\text{P}}^n$- and the $\text{t}^3$ model of $N=2$, $D=4$ $\text{U}(1)$ FI-gauged supergravity. The solutions preserve 2 real supercharges, which are doubled ... More
Rotating black holes in the FI-gauged $N=2$, $D=4$ $\overline{\mathbb{C}\text{P}}^n$ modelFeb 08 2019We construct supersymmetric black holes with rotation or NUT charge for the $\overline{\mathbb{C}\text{P}}^n$- and the $\text{t}^3$ model of $N=2$, $D=4$ $\text{U}(1)$ FI-gauged supergravity. The solutions preserve 2 real supercharges, which are doubled ... More
Populating Low-Spin States in Radioactive Nuclei to Measure Magnetic Moments Using the Transient Field TechniqueJan 13 2016The experimental study of magnetic moments for nuclear states near the ground state, $I \ge 2$, provides a powerful tool to test nuclear structure models. The study of magnetic moments in nuclei far away from the stability line is the next frontier in ... More
Asymptotic direction for random walks in mixing random environmentsOct 16 2016We prove that every random walk in a uniformly elliptic random environment satisfying the cone mixing condition and a non-effective polynomial ballisticity condition with high enough degree has an asymptotic direction.
Selected Topics in Random Walk in Random EnvironmentSep 10 2013Random walk in random environment (RWRE) is a fundamental model of statistical mechanics, describing the movement of a particle in a highly disordered and inhomogeneous medium as a random walk with random jump probabilities. It has been introduced in ... More
A proof of Sznitman's conjecture about ballistic RWRESep 06 2018Oct 08 2018We consider a random walk in a uniformly elliptic i.i.d. random environment in $\mathbb Z^d$ for $d\ge 2$. It is believed that whenever the random walk is transient in a given direction it is necessarily ballistic. In order to quantify the gap which would ... More
Asymptotic directions in random walks in random environment revisitedFeb 06 2009Recently Simenhaus proved that for any elliptic random walk in random environment, transience in the neighborhood of a given direction is equivalent to the a.s. existence of a deterministic asymptotic direction and to transience in any direction in the ... More
New high-dimensional examples of ballistic random walks in random environmentFeb 24 2019We give new criteria for ballistic behavior of random walks in random environment which are perturbations of the simple symmetric random walk on $\mathbb Z^d$ in dimensions $d\ge 4$. Our results extend those of Sznitman [Ann. Probab. 31, no. 1, 285-322 ... More
New examples of ballistic RWRE in the low disorder regimeAug 04 2018We give a new criterion for ballistic behavior of random walks in random environments which are low disorder perturbations of the simple symmetric random walk on $\mathbb{Z}^d$, for $d\geq 2$. This extends the results established by Sznitman in 2003 and, ... More
On extreme faces of projective point configurationsOct 05 2018In this paper we investigate a problem concerning configurations of points obtained through permissible projective transformations. We investigate the maximum number of vertices and facets of the polytope formed by taking the convex hull of such configurations. ... More
Ramsey for complete graphs with dropped cliquesJul 24 2013Dec 12 2014Let $K\_{[k,t]}$ be the complete graph on $k$ vertices from which a set of edges, induced by a clique of order $t$, has been dropped. In this note we give two explicit upper bounds for $R(K\_{[k\_1,t\_1]},\dots, K\_{[k\_r,t\_r]})$ (the smallest integer ... More
Adaptive Market Efficiency of Agricultural Commodity Futures ContractsDec 27 2014Mar 31 2015In this paper we investigate the adaptive market efficiency of the agricultural commodity futures market, using a sample of eight futures contracts. Using a battery of nonlinear tests, we uncover the nonlinear serial dependence in the returns series. ... More
Effective Polynomial Ballisticity Condition for Random Walk in Random EnvironmentJun 27 2012Feb 14 2013The conditions $(T)_\gamma,$ $\gamma \in (0,1),$ which have been introduced by Sznitman in 2002, have had a significant impact on research in random walk in random environment. Among others, these conditions entail a ballistic behaviour as well as an ... More
Similar Elements and Metric Labeling on Complete GraphsMar 21 2018Mar 24 2018We consider a problem that involves finding similar elements in a collection of sets. The problem is motivated by applications in machine learning and pattern recognition. We formulate the similar elements problem as an optimization and give an efficient ... More
You Are Okay: Towards User Interfaces for Improving Well-beingMar 05 2018Well-being is a relatively broad concept which can be succinctly described as the state of being happy, healthy or successful. Interesting things happen when bridging user interface design with the psychology of human well-being. This position paper aims ... More
The Conformal Stealth of any Standard CosmologyJul 24 2013Sep 14 2013It is shown that any homogeneous and isotropic universe, independently of its spatial topology and matter content, allows for the presence of a conformal stealth, i.e. a nontrivial conformally invariant scalar field with vanishing energy-momentum tensor, ... More
Complete Kneser TransversalsNov 04 2015Aug 12 2016Let $k,d,\lambda\geqslant1$ be integers with $d\geqslant\lambda $. Let $m(k,d,\lambda)$ be the maximum positive integer $n$ such that every set of $n$ points (not necessarily in general position) in $\mathbb{R}^{d}$ has the property that the convex hulls ... More
Can Complex Collective Behaviour Be Generated Through Randomness, Memory and a Pinch of Luck?Nov 29 2017Machine Learning techniques have been used to teach computer programs how to play games as complicated as Chess and Go. These were achieved using powerful tools such as Neural Networks and Parallel Computing on Supercomputers. In this paper, we define ... More
Velocity estimates for symmetric random walks at low ballistic disorderJan 23 2017We derive asymptotic estimates for the velocity of random walks in random environments which are perturbations of the simple symmetric random walk but have a small local drift in a given direction. Our estimates complement previous results presented by ... More
Stable limit laws and structure of the scaling function for reaction-diffusion in random environmentJun 20 2017We prove the emergence of stable fluctuations for reaction-diffusion in random environment with Weibull tails. This completes our work around the quenched to annealed transition phenomenon in this context of reaction diffusion. In [9], we had already ... More
A $(p,q)$-Analogue of Poly-Euler Polynomials and Some Related PolynomialsApr 13 2016In the present article, we introduce a $(p,q)$-analogue of the poly-Euler polynomials and numbers by using the $(p,q)$-polylogarithm function. These new sequences are generalizations of the poly-Euler numbers and polynomials. We give several combinatorial ... More
Probabilistic Combination of Noisy Points and Planes for RGB-D OdometryMay 18 2017This work proposes a visual odometry method that combines points and plane primitives, extracted from a noisy depth camera. Depth measurement uncertainty is modelled and propagated through the extraction of geometric primitives to the frame-to-frame motion ... More
An inverse approach to the center-foci problemNov 28 2014Dec 03 2014The classical Center-Focus Problem posed by H. Poincar\'e in 1880's is concerned on the characterization of planar polynomial vector fields $X=(-y+P(x,y))\dfrac{\partial}{\partial x}+(x+Q(x,y))\dfrac{\partial}{\partial y},$ with $P(0,0)=Q(0,0)=0,$ such ... More
On the renormalization group flow of f(R)-gravityDec 04 2007Apr 29 2008We use the functional renormalization group equation for quantum gravity to construct a non-perturbative flow equation for modified gravity theories of the form $S = \int d^dx \sqrt{g} f(R)$. Based on this equation we show that certain gravitational interactions ... More
Fast Cylinder and Plane Extraction from Depth Cameras for Visual OdometryMar 06 2018Jul 05 2018This paper presents CAPE, a method to extract planes and cylinder segments from organized point clouds, which processes 640x480 depth images on a single CPU core at an average of 300 Hz, by operating on a grid of planar cells. While, compared to state-of-the-art ... More
SPLODE: Semi-Probabilistic Point and Line Odometry with Depth Estimation from RGB-D Camera MotionAug 09 2017Active depth cameras suffer from several limitations, which cause incomplete and noisy depth maps, and may consequently affect the performance of RGB-D Odometry. To address this issue, this paper presents a visual odometry method based on point and line ... More
Probabilistic RGB-D Odometry based on Points, Lines and Planes Under Depth UncertaintyJun 13 2017Jan 18 2018This work proposes a robust visual odometry method for structured environments that combines point features with line and plane segments, extracted through an RGB-D camera. Noisy depth maps are processed by a probabilistic depth fusion framework based ... More
Green's Functions of Partial Differential Equations with InvolutionsJul 01 2017Jul 04 2017In this paper we develop a way of obtaining Green's functions for partial differential equations with linear involutions by reducing the equation to a higher-order PDE without involutions. The developed theory is applied to a model of heat transfer in ... More
Phantom thermodynamicsJul 20 2004This paper deals with the thermodynamic properties of a phantom field in a flat Friedmann-Robertson-Walker universe. General expressions for the temperature and entropy of a general dark-energy field with equation of state $p=\omega\rho$ are derived from ... More
A Profinite Group Invariant for Hyperbolic Toral AutomorphismsFeb 04 2011For a hyperbolic toral automorphism, we construct a profinite completion of an isomorphic copy of the homoclinic group of its right action using isomorphic copies of the periodic data of its left action. The resulting profinite group has a natural module ... More
Thermal radiation from Lorentzian traversable wormholesJul 23 2009In this paper we show that, analogously to as it occurs for black holes, there exist three well-defined laws for Lorentzian wormhole thermodynamics and that these laws are related with a thermal phantom-like radiation process coming from the wormhole ... More
Closed timelike curves in superfluid $^{3}$HeSep 09 1998It is shown that the curved spacetime induced in a thin film of superfluid $^{3}$He-A by the presence of symmetric vortices with the unbroken symmetry phase, admits the existence of closed timelike curves through which only superfluid clusters formed ... More
How Anisotropic is our Universe?May 20 1996Large-scale cosmic microwave background anisotropies in homogeneous, globally anisotropic cosmologies are investigated. We perform a statistical analysis in which the four-year data from the Cosmic Background Explorer satellite is searched for the specific ... More
The entangled accelerating universeAug 08 2009Using the known result that the nucleation of baby universes in correlated pairs is equivalent to spacetime squeezing, we show in this letter that there exists a T-duality symmetry between two-dimensional warp drives, which are physically expressible ... More
Integral Deligne Cohomology for Real VarietiesOct 13 2008We develop an integral version of Deligne cohomology for smooth proper real varieties. For this purpose the role played by singular cohomology in the complex case has to be replaced by ordinary bigraded G-equivariant cohomology, where G=Gal(C/R). This ... More
Four-derivative interactions in asymptotically safe gravitySep 17 2009We summarize recent progress in understanding the role of higher-derivative terms in the asymptotic safety scenario of gravity. Extending previous computations based on the functional renormalization group approach by including a Weyl-squared term in ... More
Quantum entanglement in the multiverseNov 16 2011Jul 26 2012In this paper it is shown that the quantum state of a multiverse made up of classically disconnected regions of the space-time, whose dynamical evolution is dominated by a homogeneous and isotropic fluid, is given by a squeezed state. These are typical ... More
Self-consistent generalized Langevin equation theory of the dynamics of multicomponent atomic liquidsFeb 01 2017A fundamental challenge of the theory of liquids is to understand the similarities and differences in the macroscopic dynamics of both colloidal and atomic liquids, which originate in the (Newtonian or Brownian) nature of the microscopic motion of their ... More
A 700-seat no-loss composition for the 2019 European ParliamentSep 23 2017The following paper is part of the authors' response to an invitation from the Constitutional Affairs Committee (AFCO) of the European Parliament to advise on mathematical methods for the allocation of Parliamentary seats between the 27 Member States ... More
Chemical (in)homogeneity and atomic diffusion in the open cluster M67Feb 28 2019Context. The benchmark open cluster M67 is known to have solar metallicity and similar age as the Sun. It thus provides us a great opportunity to study the properties of solar twins, as well as the evolution of Sun-like stars. Aims. Previous spectroscopic ... More
Simple visit behavior unifies complex Zika outbreaksAug 11 2016Jun 28 2017We analyze the paper of Nathan D. Grubaugh et al. (Nature 546, 401-405, 2017) and find that it does not offer a convincing quantitative explanation for what generated the temporal distribution of human Zika virus (ZIKV) cases shown in their paper (Fig. ... More
Individual heterogeneity generates explosive system network dynamicsDec 16 2017Individual heterogeneity is a key characteristic of many real-world systems, from organisms to humans. However its role in determining the system's collective dynamics is typically not well understood. Here we study how individual heterogeneity impacts ... More
One Thousand and One BubblesSep 12 2017Oct 03 2017We propose a novel strategy that permits the construction of completely general five-dimensional microstate geometries on a Gibbons-Hawking space. Our scheme is based on two steps. First, we rewrite the bubble equations as a system of linear equations ... More
A systematic construction of microstate geometries with low angular momentumSep 08 2017We outline a systematic procedure to obtain horizonless microstate geometries that have the same charges as three-charge five-dimensional black holes with a macroscopically-large horizon area and an arbitrarily-small angular momentum. There are two routes ... More
A New Approach to the Statistical Analysis of Non-Central Complex Gaussian Quadratic Forms with ApplicationsMay 23 2018Jun 15 2018This paper proposes a novel approach to the statistical characterization of non-central complex Gaussian quadratic forms (CGQFs). Its key strategy is the generation of an auxiliary random variable (RV) that converges in distribution to the original CGQF. ... More
Evolution Strategies in Optimization ProblemsSep 07 2007Evolution Strategies are inspired in biology and part of a larger research field known as Evolutionary Algorithms. Those strategies perform a random search in the space of admissible functions, aiming to optimize some given objective function. We show ... More
Lax Equations, Singularities and Riemann-Hilbert ProblemsOct 14 2010The existence of singularities of the solution for a class of Lax equations is investigated using a development of the fac- torization method first proposed by Semenov-Tian-Shansky and Reymann [11], [9]. It is shown that the existence of a singularity ... More
Detailed chemical compositions of the wide binary HD 80606/80607: revised stellar properties and constraints on planet formationFeb 26 2018Feb 28 2018Differences in the elemental abundances of planet hosting stars in binary systems can give important clues and constraints about planet formation and evolution. In this study we performed a high-precision, differential elemental abundance analysis of ... More
Cytoskeletal turnover and Myosin contractility drive cell autonomous oscillations in a model of Drosophila Dorsal ClosureFeb 21 2014Mar 13 2014Oscillatory behaviour in force-generating systems is a pervasive phenomenon in cell biology. In this work, we investigate how oscillations in the actomyosin cytoskeleton drive cell shape changes during the process of Dorsal Closure, a morphogenetic event ... More
From the generalized Morse potential to a unified treatment of the $D$-dimensional singular harmonic oscillator and singular Coulomb potentialsMay 01 2016Bound-state solutions of the singular harmonic oscillator and singular Coulomb potentials in arbitrary dimensions are generated in a simple way from the solutions of the one-dimensional generalized Morse potential. The nonsingular harmonic oscillator ... More
Non-Abelian black holes in string theoryApr 04 2017Dec 14 2017We study a family of 5-dimensional non-Abelian black holes that can be obtained by adding an instanton field to the well-known D1D5W Abelian black holes. Naively, the non-Abelian fields seem to contribute to the black-hole entropy but not to the mass ... More
Evolution of a Kerr-Newman black hole in a dark energy universeOct 03 2005Feb 19 2008This paper deals with the study of the accretion of dark energy with equation of state $p=w\rho$ onto Kerr-Newman black holes. We have obtained that when $w>-1$ the mass and specific angular momentum increase, and that whereas the specific angular momentum ... More
Unified dark energy thermodynamics: varying w and the -1-crossingJan 09 2009Aug 03 2009We investigate, in a unified and general way, the thermodynamic properties of dark energy with an arbitrary, varying equation-of-state parameter w(a). We find that all quantities are well defined and regular for every w(a), including at the -1-crossing, ... More
A gravitating Yang-Mills instantonApr 03 2017Apr 26 2017We present an asymptotically flat, spherically symmetric, static, globally regular and horizonless solution of SU$(2)$-gauged $\mathcal{N}=1,d=5$ supergravity. The SU$(2)$ gauge field is that of the BPST instanton. We argue that this solution, analogous ... More
Resolving the atmospheric octant by an improved measurement of the reactor angleMar 09 2017Jun 28 2017Taking into account the current global information on neutrino oscillation parameters we forecast the capabilities of future long baseline experiments such as DUNE and T2HK in settling the atmospheric octant puzzle. We find that a good measurement of ... More
Generalized Gelation Theory describes Human Online Aggregation in support of ExtremismDec 16 2017Though many aggregation theories exist for physical, chemical and biological systems, they do not account for the significant heterogeneity found, for example, in populations of living objects. This is unfortunate since understanding how heterogeneous ... More
Robustness of urban road networks based on spatial topological patternsApr 06 2019During the last decade, road network vulnerability assessment has received an increasing attention. On one hand, it is due to the significant advances in Network Science and the potentialities that its tools offer. On the other hand, it is due to its ... More
Compact minimal hypersurfaces with index one in the complex projective spaceFeb 21 2019Let $\bar{M}$ be a compact minimal hypersurface in $\mathbb{C}P^{r-1}$. We prove a classification theorem of hypersurfaces of index one in $\mathbb{C}P^{r-1}$. More exactly, we prove that under the above conditions, $\bar{M}$ is a minimal Clifford hypersurface ... More
Physical and kinematical properties of the X-ray absorber in the broad absorption line quasar APM 08279+5255Jul 15 2008We have re-analyzed the X-ray spectra of the gravitational lensed high-redshift BAL QSO APM 08279+5255, observed with the XMM-Newton and Chandra observatories. Previous studies (Hasinger et al. 2002; Chartas et al. 2002) detected unusual, highly-ionized ... More
On Convolved Generalized Fibonacci and Lucas PolynomialsAug 17 2013We define the convolved h(x)-Fibonacci polynomials as an extension of the classical convolved Fibonacci numbers. Then we give some combinatorial formulas involving the h(x)-Fibonacci and h(x)-Lucas polynomials. Moreover we obtain the convolved h(x)-Fibonacci ... More
An Information Theoretic Feature Selection Framework for Big Data under Apache SparkOct 13 2016With the advent of extremely high dimensional datasets, dimensionality reduction techniques are becoming mandatory. Among many techniques, feature selection has been growing in interest as an important tool to identify relevant features on huge datasets ... More
Towards general super Casimir equations for $4D$ ${\mathcal N}=1$ SCFTsAug 16 2018Mar 07 2019Applying the Casimir operator to four-point functions in CFTs allows us to find the conformal blocks for any external operators. In this work, we initiate the program to find the superconformal blocks, using the super Casimir operator, for $4D$ ${\mathcal ... More
Mixed OPEs in ${\mathcal N}=2$ Superconformal TheoriesFeb 23 2016May 04 2016Using superspace techniques, we compute the mixed OPE between an ${\mathcal N}=2$ stress-tensor multiplet, a chiral multiplet and a flavor current multiplet. We perform a detailed analysis of the three-point function between two of the mentioned multiplets ... More
Generation and Transfer of Polarized Radiation in Hydrodynamical Models of the Solar ChromosphereFeb 07 2014The main goal of this thesis has been to investigate the effects that the macroscopic vertical velocity fields have on the scattering polarization signals formed in the solar chromosphere. Until now, the impact of macroscopic motions had never been considered ... More
New "Bigs" in cosmologyJun 21 2006This paper contains a detailed discussion on new cosmic solutions describing the early and late evolution of a universe that is filled with a kind of dark energy that may or may not satisfy the energy conditions. The main distinctive property of the resulting ... More
Nature of short high amplitude pulses in a periodic dissipative laminate metamaterialJun 02 2015We study the evolution of high amplitude stress pulses in periodic dissipative laminates taking into account the nonlinear constitutive equations of the components and their dissipative behavior. Aluminum and Tungsten laminate was taken as an example ... More
Isotropic extensions of the vacuum solutions in general relativityJul 22 2011Oct 29 2011In this work, we obtain isotropic extensions of the usual spherically symmetric vacuum geometries in general relativity. Exact and perturbative solutions are derived. The classes of geometries obtained include black holes in compact and noncompact universes, ... More
The small black hole illusionAug 30 2018Small black holes in string theory are characterized by a classically singular horizon with vanishing Bekenstein-Hawking entropy. It has been argued that higher-curvature corrections resolve the horizon and that the associated Wald entropy is in agreement ... More
$α'$-corrected black holes in String TheoryMar 05 2018May 11 2018We consider the well-known solution of the Heterotic Superstring effective action to zeroth order in $\alpha'$ that describes the intersection of a fundamental string with momentum and a solitonic 5-brane and which gives a 3-charge, static, extremal, ... More
Invariance of second order ordinary differential equations under two-dimensional affine subalgebras of EP Lie algebraDec 01 2017Using the only admissible rank-two realisations of the Lie algebra of the affine group in one dimension in terms of the Lie algebra of Lie symmetries of the Ermakov-Pinney (EP) equation, some classes of second order nonlinear ordinary differential equations ... More
Local Conjugacy of Irreducible Hyperbolic Toral AutomorphismsNov 17 2016This paper is dedicated to the conjugacy problem in $GL(n,\Z)$ and its connection with algebraic number theory. This connection may be summed up in the Latimer-MacDuffee-Taussky Theorem, which, in a very broad sense, identifies the conjugacy relation ... More
Probing atmospheric mixing and leptonic CP violation in current and future long baseline oscillation experimentsFeb 10 2017Sep 26 2017We perform realistic simulations of the current and future long baseline experiments such as T2K, NO$\nu$A, DUNE and T2HK in order to determine their ultimate potential in probing neutrino oscillation parameters. We quantify the potential of these experiments ... More
Regulator Maps for Higher Chow Groups via Current TransformsMar 27 2019We show how to use equidimensional algebraic correspondences between complex algebraic varieties to construct pull-backs and transforms of certain classes of geometric currents. Using this construction we produce explicit formulas at the level of complexes ... More
Various aspects of differential equations having a complete set of independent first integralsJun 13 2011In this paper we study the differential equations in $D\subseteq \R^{2N}$ having a complete set of independent first integrals. In particular we study the case when the first integrals are \[f_\nu=(Ax_\nu+By_\nu)^2+\displaystyle\sum_{j=1}^{N}\dfrac{(x_\nu ... More
An Introduction to Inversion in an EllipseSep 25 2013In this paper we study the inversion in an ellipse and some properties, which generalizes the classical inversion with respect to a circle. We also study the inversion in an ellipse of lines, ellipses and other curves. Finally, we generalize the Pappus ... More
Una breve historia imaginariaApr 11 2019In this paper, from the historical point of view, we present short anecdotes about the development of the object that we well known as complex numbers.
Stratifications of tangent cones in real closed (valued) fieldsSep 10 2015We introduce tangent cones of subsets of cartesian powers of a real closed field, generalising the notion of the classical tangent cones of subsets of Euclidean space. We then study the impact of non-archimedean stratifications (t-stratifications) on ... More
The Pascal Rhombus and the Generalized Grand Motzkin PathsNov 14 2015May 04 2016In the present article, we find a closed expression for the entries of the Pascal rhombus. Moreover, we show a relation between the entries of the Pascal rhombus and a family of generalized grand Motzkin paths.
Internal character dictates phase transition dynamics between isolation and cohesive groupingJun 21 2015We show that accounting for internal character among interacting, heterogeneous entities generates rich phase transition behavior between isolation and cohesive dynamical grouping. Our analytical and numerical calculations reveal different critical points ... More
Non-equilibrium quantum systems: Divergence between global and local descriptionsOct 29 2014Feb 24 2015Even photosynthesis -- the most basic natural phenomenon underlying Life on Earth -- involves the non-trivial processing of excitations at the pico- and femtosecond scales during light-harvesting. The desire to understand such natural phenomena, as well ... More
Revisiting the quantum harmonic oscillator via unilateral Fourier transformsNov 10 2015The literature on the exponential Fourier approach to the one-dimensional quantum harmonic oscillator problem is revised and criticized. It is shown that the solution of this problem has been built on faulty premises. The problem is revisited via the ... More
High-Speed Tracking with Kernelized Correlation FiltersApr 30 2014Nov 05 2014The core component of most modern trackers is a discriminative classifier, tasked with distinguishing between the target and the surrounding environment. To cope with natural image changes, this classifier is typically trained with translated and scaled ... More
Sparse and Constrained Attention for Neural Machine TranslationMay 21 2018In NMT, words are sometimes dropped from the source or generated repeatedly in the translation. We explore novel strategies to address the coverage problem that change only the attention transformation. Our approach allocates fertilities to source words, ... More
Khintchine types of translated coordinate hyperplanesMay 28 2014Jan 14 2015There has been great interest in developing a theory of "Khintchine types" for manifolds embedded in Euclidean space, and considerable progress has been made for curved manifolds. We treat the case of translates of coordinate hyperplanes, decidedly flat ... More
An MDL framework for sparse coding and dictionary learningOct 11 2011The power of sparse signal modeling with learned over-complete dictionaries has been demonstrated in a variety of applications and fields, from signal processing to statistical inference and machine learning. However, the statistical properties of these ... More
Kinematics from spectral lines for AGN outflows based on time-independent radiation-driven wind theoryAug 08 2011Aug 29 2011We build a bulk velocity-dependent photoionization model of the warm absorber of the Seyfert 1 galaxy NGC 3783. By adopting functional forms for velocity of the flow and its particle density with radius, appropriate for radiation driven winds, we compute ... More
Abelian fibrations and SYZ mirror conjectureMar 14 2011Aug 01 2012SYZ mirror conjecture predicts that a Calabi-Yau manifold $X$ consists of a family of tori which are dual to a family of special lagrangian tori on the mirror dual manifold $\hat{X}$. Here we consider a fibration of polarized abelian varieties and we ... More
Cartesian approach for constrained mechanical systemsNov 14 2010In the history of mechanics, there have been two points of view for studying mechanical systems: Newtonian and Cartesian. According the Descartes point of view, the motion of mechanical systems is described by the first-order differential equations in ... More
Incomplete Generalized Fibonacci and Lucas PolynomialsAug 19 2013In this paper, we define the incomplete h(x)-Fibonacci and h(x)-Lucas polynomials, we study recurrence relations and some properties of these polynomials
On the multipliers at fixed points of self-maps of the projective planeFeb 09 2019Feb 15 2019This paper deals with holomorphic self-maps of the complex projective plane and the algebraic relations among the eigenvalues of the derivatives at the fixed points. These eigenvalues are constrained by certain index theorems such as the holomorphic Lefschetz ... More
Genus fields of global fieldsJan 22 2019In this paper we obtain the extended genus field of a global field. First we define the extended genus field of a global function field and we obtain, via class field theory, the description of the extended genus field of an arbitrary global function ... More
A $q$-analogue of the Biperiodic Fibonacci SequenceJan 23 2015The Fibonacci sequence has been generalized in many ways. One of them is defined by the relation $t_n=at_{n-1}+t_{n-2}$ if $n$ is even, $t_n=bt_{n-1}+t_{n-2}$ if $n$ is odd, with initial values $t_0=0$ and $t_1=1$, where $a$ and $b$ are positive integers. ... More
A Rule-Based Approach For Aligning Japanese-Spanish Sentences From A Comparable CorporaNov 19 2012The performance of a Statistical Machine Translation System (SMT) system is proportionally directed to the quality and length of the parallel corpus it uses. However for some pair of languages there is a considerable lack of them. The long term goal is ... More
Massive open star clusters using the VVV survey IV. WR 62-2, a new very massive star in the core of the VVV CL041 clusterOct 09 2015Context The ESO Public Survey VISTA Variables in the V\'ia L\'actea (VVV) provides deep multi-epoch infrared observations for an unprecedented 562 sq. degrees of the Galactic bulge and adjacent regions of the disk. Nearly 150 new open clusters and cluster ... More
Causality, unitarity thresholds, anomalous thresholds and infrared singularities from the loop-tree duality at higher ordersApr 17 2019We present the first comprehensive analysis of the unitarity thresholds and anomalous thresholds of scattering amplitudes at two loops and beyond based on the loop-tree duality, and show how non-causal unphysical thresholds are locally cancelled in an ... More
A non-classical class of variational problemsNov 02 2009We study a new non-classical class of variational problems that is motivated by some recent research on the non-linear revenue problem in the field of economics. This class of problem can be set up as a maximising problem in the Calculus of Variations ... More
A Discrete Algorithm to the Calculus of VariationsMar 03 2010A numerical study of an algorithm proposed by Gusein Guseinov, which determines approximations to the optimal solution of problems of calculus of variations using two discretizations and correspondent Euler-Lagrange equations, is investigated. The results ... More
Applications in Enumerative Combinatorics of Infinite Weighted Automata and GraphsOct 09 2013Dec 25 2013In this paper we studied infinite weighted automata and a general methodology to solve a wide variety of classical lattice path counting problems in an uniform way. This counting problems are related to Dyck paths, Motzkin paths and some generalizations. ... More
D-ADMM: A Communication-Efficient Distributed Algorithm For Separable OptimizationFeb 13 2012Apr 22 2013We propose a distributed algorithm, named Distributed Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers (D-ADMM), for solving separable optimization problems in networks of interconnected nodes or agents. In a separable optimization problem there is a private ... More
Mechanical Properties of Protomene: A Molecular Dynamics InvestigationOct 23 2018Recently, a new class of carbon allotrope called protomene was proposed. This new structure is composed of sp2 and sp3 carbon-bonds. Topologically, protomene can be considered as an sp3 carbon structure (~80% of this bond type) doped by sp2 carbons. First-principles ... More