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Overlapping hot spots and charge modulation in cupratesFeb 29 2016Particle-hole instabilities are studied within a two dimensional model of fermions interacting with antiferromagnetic spin fluctuations (spin-fermion model). In contrast to previous works, we assume that neighboring hot spots overlap due to a shallow ... More
Spin-fermion model with overlapping hot spots and charge modulation in cupratesNov 04 2015Mar 01 2016We study particle-hole instabilities in the framework of the spin-fermion (SF) model. In contrast to previous studies, we assume that adjacent hot spots can overlap due to a shallow dispersion of the electron spectrum in the antinodal region. In addition, ... More
Quasiparticle Interference and Symmetry of Superconducting Order Parameter in Strongly Electron-Doped Iron-based SuperconductorsMar 14 2019Motivated by recent experimental reports of significant spin-orbit coupling (SOC) and a sign-changing order-parameter in the Li$_{1-x}$Fe$_x$(OHFe)$_{1-y}$Zn$_y$Se superconductor with only electron pockets present, we study the possible Cooper-pairing ... More
Dynamics of Order Parameters near Stationary States in Superconductors with a Charge-Density WaveFeb 06 2014Jul 22 2014We consider a simple model of a quasi-one-dimensional conductor in which two order parameters (OP) may coexist, i.e., the superconducting OP $\Delta$ and the OP $W$ that characterizes the amplitude of a charge-density wave (CDW). In the mean field approximation ... More
Noncommutative HypergeometryDec 03 2003A certain special function of the generalized hypergeometric variety is shown to fulfill a host of useful noncommutative identities.
Comment on "Mesoscopic Superconducting-Normal Metal-Superconducting Transistor"Nov 13 1998Dec 02 1998Comment withdrawn. To be superseded by a subseqent paper.
q-combinatorics and quantum integrabilityFeb 03 1997The idea that a Dynkin diagram can provide one of the `spatial' variables for an integrable difference-difference system is no news. I propose a `model' where the only variable is of this sort.
Beyond the `Pentagon Identity'Mar 06 1996An algebraical background of the Lattice Conformal Field Theory is refined with the help of a novel $q$-exponential identity.
Comment on "Density of states and reflectionless tunneling in an NS junction with a barrierOct 02 1997In a recent paper Schechter, Imry and Levinson (cond-mat/9709248) \cite{r1} analysed the density-of-states (DOS) and the conductance of a S/N junction with a barrier. They showed that the DOS in the N conductor near the barrier is strongly affected by ... More
Surface effects in magnetic superconductors with a spiral magnetic structureOct 17 2007Oct 24 2007We consider a magnetic superconductor MS with a spiral magnetic structure. On the basis of generalized Eilenberger and Usadel equations we show that near the boundary of the MS with an insulator or vacuum the condensate (Gor'kov's) Green's functions are ... More
Comment on: ''Radiation-Induced ''Zero-Resistance State'' and the Photon Assisted Transport''Feb 28 2003Mar 14 2003Shi and Xie [8] predicted the N-shape current-voltage characteristic $(CVC)$ for a 2DEG in a magnetic field where the zero-resistance state has been observed in recent experiments. However it is known that in the absence of a magnetic field the zero resistance ... More
Charge imbalance and Josephson effects in superconductor-normal metal mesoscopic structuresSep 26 2007Oct 18 2007We consider a $SBS$ Josephson junction the superconducting electrodes $S$ of which are in contact with normal metal reservoirs ($B$ means a barrier). For temperatures near $T_{c}$ we calculate an effective critical current $% I_{c}^{\ast}$ and the resistance ... More
Alternative mechanism of the sign-reversal effect in superconductor-ferromagnet-superconductor Josephson junctionsJul 13 2004Nov 15 2004We consider a simple model of a multidomain superconductor-ferromagnet-superconductor (SFS) Josephson junction. Sign-alternating magnetization $M$ in domains leads to a spatial modulation of the phase difference $\phi (x)$. Due to this modulation the ... More
Abelian Current Algebra and the Virasoro Algebra on the LatticeJul 07 1993We describe how a natural lattice analogue of the abelian current algebra combined with free discrete time dynamics gives rise to the lattice Virasoro algebra and corresponding hierarchy of conservation laws.
Suppression and enhancement of the critical current in multiterminal S/N/S mesoscopic structuresFeb 14 2000We analyse the measured critical current $I_{m\text{}}$ in a mesoscopic 4-terminal S/N/S structure. The current through the S/N interface is shown to consist not only of the Josephson component $I_{c}\sin \phi ,$ but also a phase-coherent part $I_{sg}\cos ... More
Phase-coherent effects in multiterminal superconductor/normal metal mesoscopic structuresMar 23 2000Mar 26 2000In this report we analyse three effects which may arise in a mesoscopic multiterminal S/N structure (two normal and two superconducting reservoirs). We show that the Josephson critical current is a non-monotonic function of a voltage between the normal ... More
Giant thermoemf in multiterminal superconductor/normal metal mesoscopic structuresMay 26 2000Jul 09 2000We considered a mesoscopic superconductor/normal metal (S/N) structure in which the N reservoirs are maintained at different temperatures. It is shown that in the absence of current between the N reservoirs a voltage difference $V_{T}$ arises between ... More
The decay $τ\rightarrow K^{0}K^{-}ν_τ$ in the extended Nambu-Jona-Lasinio modelMar 21 2016Nov 11 2016The full and differential widths of the decay $\tau \rightarrow K^{0}K^{-}\nu_{\tau}$ are calculated in the framework of the extended Nambu-Jona-Lasinio model. The contributions of the subprocesses with the intermediate vector mesons $\rho$(770) and $\rho$(1450) ... More
Water and Ice Dielectric Spectra Scaling at 0 °CAug 06 2013Dielectric spectra (10^4-10^11 Hz) of water and ice at 0 {\deg}C are considered in terms of proton conductivity and compared to each other. In this picture, the Debye relaxations, centered at 1/{\tau}_W ~ 20 GHz (in water) and 1/{\tau}_I ~ 5 kHz (in ice), ... More
Long-range thermoelectric effects in mesoscopic superconductor-normal metal structuresMay 06 2005We consider a mesoscopic four-terminal superconductor/normal metal (S/N) structure in the presence of a temperature gradient along the N wire. A thermoemf arises in this system even in the absence of the thermoelectric quasiparticle current if the phase ... More
Electronic and atomic kinetics in solids irradiated with free-electron lasers or swift-heavy ionsFeb 21 2017In this brief review we discuss the transient processes in solids under irradiation with femtosecond X-ray free-electron-laser (FEL) pulses and swift-heavy ions (SHI). Both kinds of irradiation produce highly excited electrons in a target on extremely ... More
Collective oscillations in superconductors revisitedDec 08 1997In the recent paper Ohashi and Takada (OT) made statements that in the clean limit considered by us (AV) in 1975, weakly damped collective oscillations in superconductors do not exist due to the Landau damping and their spectrum differs from that obtained ... More
Hybridization of Spin and Plasma Waves in Josephson Tunnel Junctions Containing a Ferromagnetic LayerDec 02 2008Jul 16 2009We study dynamics of tunnel Josephson junctions with a thin ferromagnetic layer F [superconductor-insulator-ferromagnet-superconductor (SIFS) junctions]. On the basis of derived equations relating the superconducting phase and magnetic moment to each ... More
Discrete evolution for the zero-modes of the Quantum Liouville ModelMar 03 2008The dynamical system for the zero modes of the Liouville Model, which is separated from the full dynamics for the discrete shifts of time $ t \to t + \pi $, is investigated. The structure of the modular double in quantum case is introduced.
Odd triplet superconductivity in superconductor-ferromagnet structures with a narrow domain wallFeb 21 2008May 15 2008We study the proximity effect in superconductor-ferromagnet (SF) structure with a narrow domain wall (DW) at the SF interface. The width of the domain wall is assumed to be larger than the Fermi wave length, but smaller than other characteristic lengths ... More
Odd spin-triplet superconductivity in a multilayered superconductor-ferromagnet Josephson junctionMar 09 2010May 03 2010We study the dc Josephson effect in a diffusive multilayered SF'FF'S structure, where S is a superconductor and F,F' are different ferromagnets. We assume that the exchange energies in the F' and F layers are different ($% h $ and $H$, respectively) and ... More
From the Tetrahedron Equation to Universal R-MatricesDec 02 1998Modified universal R-matrices, associated with the central extension (through the Drinfeld's double construction) of the quantum groups U_q(sl_n), are realized through an infinite dimensional spectral parameter dependent solution for the tetrahedron equation, ... More
Diffusion-Oscillatory Dynamics in Liquid Water on Data of Dielectric SpectroscopyJun 20 2016When analyzing the broadband absorption spectrum of liquid water (10^10 - 10^13 Hz), we find its relaxation-resonance features to be an indication of Frenkel's translation-oscillation motion of particles, which is fundamentally inherent to liquids. We ... More
The fifth-order partial differential equation for the description of the α+β Fermi-Pasta-Ulam modelFeb 09 2017We study a new nonlinear partial differential equation of the fifth order for the description of perturbations in the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam mass chain. This fifth-order equation is an expansion of the Gardner equation for the description of the Fermi--Pasta--Ulam ... More
Algebraic Quantization of Integrable Models in Discrete Space-timeOct 04 1997Oct 08 1997Just like decent classical difference-difference systems define symplectic maps on suitable phase spaces, their counterparts with properly ordered noncommutative entries come as Heisenberg equations of motion for corresponding quantum discrete-discrete ... More
Method of quasiclassical Green's functions in the theory of transport phenomena in superconducting mesoscopic structuresNov 24 1997A short introduction to the theory of matrix quasiclassical Green's functions is given and possible applications of this theory to transport properties of mesoscopic superconducting-normal metal (S/N) structures are considered. We discuss a simplified ... More
Extraordinary waves in two dimensional electron gas with separate spin evolution and Coulomb exchange interactionApr 29 2016Hydrodynamics analysis of waves in two-dimensional degenerate electron gas with the account of separate spin evolution is presented. The transverse electric field is included along with the longitudinal electric field. The Coulomb exchange interaction ... More
Spin current contribution in the spectrum of collective excitations of degenerate partially polarized spin-1/2 fermions at separate dynamics of spin-up and spin-down fermionsJun 05 2016Jan 20 2018The spectrum of collective excitations of degenerate partially polarized spin-1/2 fermions is considered. The spin-up fermions and the spin-down fermions are considered as different fluids. Corresponding two-fluid hydrodynamics consistent with a non-linear ... More
Coulomb-induced instabilities of nodal surfacesJul 24 2018Dec 14 2018We consider the stability of nodal surfaces in fermionic band systems with respect to the Coulomb repulsion. It is shown that nodal surfaces at the Fermi level are gapped out at low temperatures due to emergent particle-hole orders. Energy dispersion ... More
Spin electron acoustic soliton: Separate spin evolution of electrons with exchange interactionApr 30 2015Aug 30 2015Separate spin evolution quantum hydrodynamics is generalized to include the Coulomb exchange interaction. The Coulomb exchange interaction is considered as the interaction between the spin-down electrons being in the quantum states occupied by one electron, ... More
Simultaneous dipole and quadrupole moment contribution in the Bogoliubov spectrum: Application of the non-integral Gross-Pitaevskii equationMay 30 2014Nov 04 2014We present the Gross-Pitaevskii equation for Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs) possessing the electric dipole and the electric quadrupole moments in a non-integral form. These equations are coupled with the Maxwell equations. The model under consideration ... More
Separated spin-up and spin-down quantum hydrodynamics of degenerated electrons: spin-electron acoustic wave appearanceMay 04 2014Quantum hydrodynamic (QHD) model of charged spin-1/2 particles contains physical quantities defined for all particles of a species including particles with spin-up and with spin-down. Different population of states with different spin direction is included ... More
First principles derivation of NLS equation for BEC with cubic and quintic nonlinearities at non zero temperature. Dispersion of linear wavesSep 05 2011In this work we presented a derivation of the quantum hydrodynamic equations for neutral bosons. We considered short range interaction between particles. This interaction consist binary interaction $U(\textbf{r}_{i},\textbf{r}_{j})$ and three particle ... More
Kinetic analysis of spin current contribution to spectrum of electromagnetic waves in spin-1/2 plasma, Part I: Dielectric permeability tensor for magnetized plasmasOct 30 2016The dielectric permeability tensor for spin polarized plasmas is derived in terms of the spin-1/2 quantum kinetic model in six-dimensional phase space. Expressions for the distribution function and spin distribution function are derived in linear approximations ... More
Extraordinary SEAWs under influence of the spin-spin interaction and the quantum Bohm potentialMar 30 2018The separate spin evolution (SSE) of electrons causes the existence of the spin-electron acoustic wave. Extraordinary spin-electron acoustic waves (SEAWs) propagating perpendicular to the external magnetic field have large contribution of the transverse ... More
Quaternionic WavefunctionDec 13 2017Feb 05 2019We argue that quaternions form a natural language for the description of quantum-mechanical wavefunctions with spin. We use the quaternionic spinor formalism which is in one-to-one correspondence with the usual spinor language. No unphysical degrees of ... More
Hydrodynamic model of BEC with anisotropic short range interaction and the bright solitons in the repulsive BECAug 31 2018The quantum hydrodynamic model is developed for the axial symmetric anisotropic short-range interaction. The quantum stress tensor presents the interaction. It is derived up to the third order by the interaction radius. The first order by the interaction ... More
Interaction-induced enhancement of $g$-factor in grapheneAug 02 2012We study the effect of electron interaction on the spin-splitting and the $g$-factor in graphene in perpendicular magnetic field using the Hartree and Hubbard approximations within the Thomas-Fermi model. We found that the $g$-factor is enhanced in comparison ... More
Proton Electrodynamics in Liquid WaterFeb 20 2013The dielectric spectrum of liquid water, $10^{4} - 10^{11}$ Hz, is interpreted in terms of diffusion of charges, formed as a result of self-ionization of H$_{2}$O molecules. This approach explains the Debye relaxation and the dc conductivity as two manifestations ... More
Prospects for time reversal invariance studies with the use of five-fold correlationFeb 09 2004Advantages of investigation of time reversal invariance violation with the use of three-fold (P,T-odd) and five-fold (P-even,T-odd) correlations in the interaction of resonance neutrons with nuclei are briefly considered. Possible enhancements of T-odd ... More
Low energy process $e^{+}e^{-} \rightarrow K^{+} K^{-}$ in the extended Nambu-Jona-Lasinio modelMar 25 2018In the extended Nambu-Jona-Lasinio model, the process of production of charged kaon pair on colliding electron-positron beams in the energy interval 1 - 1.7 GeV is described. In studying of this process, we take into account the contact terms when the ... More
Production of $ρ(770)$, $η$ pairs in the decays $ρ(1450)\rightarrow ρ(770)η$, $τ\rightarrow ρ(770)ην_τ$, and in the process of $e^{+}e^{-} \rightarrow ρ(770)η$ in the Extended Nambu - Jona-Lasinio modelNov 27 2017Production of $\rho(770)$, $\eta$ pairs at colliding of electron-positron beams and in the decays $\rho(1450)\rightarrow \rho(770)\eta$, $\tau\rightarrow \rho(770)\eta\nu_{\tau}$ is calculated in the framework of the Nambu - Jona-Lasinio model. In the ... More
Quasiclassical description of a superconductor with a spin density waveFeb 25 2011May 05 2011We derive equations for the quasiclassical Green's functions $\check{g}$ within a simple model of a two-band superconductor with a spin-density-wave (SDW). The elements of the matrix $\check{g}$ are the retarded, advanced, and Keldysh functions each of ... More
Odd triplet superconductivity in a superconductor/ferromagnet structure with a spiral magnetic structureFeb 22 2006Mar 06 2006We analyze a superconductor-ferromagnet (S/F) system with a spiral magnetic structure in the ferromagnet F for a weak and strong exchange field. The long-range triplet component (LRTC) penetrating into the ferromagnet over a long distance is calculated ... More
Spin-polarized Josephson and quasiparticle currents in superconducting spin-filter tunnel junctionsJul 04 2012Aug 14 2012We present a theoretical study of the effect of spin-filtering on the Josephson and dissipative quasiparticle currents in a superconducting tunnel junction. By combining the quasiclassical Green's functions and the tunneling Hamiltonian method we describe ... More
Autoionization of water: does it really occur?Aug 01 2015The ionization constant of water Kw is currently determined on the proton conductivity sigma1 which is measured at frequencies lower than 10^7 Hz. Here, we develop the idea that the high frequency conductivity sigma2 (~10^11 Hz), rather than sigma1 represents ... More
Electronic transport through ferromagnetic and superconducting junctions with spin-filter tunneling barriersNov 05 2012Feb 20 2013We present a theoretical study of the quasiparticle and subgap conductance of generic $X/I_{sf}/S_{M}$ junction with a spin-filter barrier $I_{sf}$, where $X$ is either a normal $N$ or a ferromagnetic metal $F$ and $S_{M}$ is a superconductor with a built-in ... More
Josephson-like spin current in junctions composed of antiferromagnets and ferromagnetsNov 23 2011Jan 31 2012We study Josephson-like junctions formed by materials with antiferromagnetic (AF) order parameters. As an antiferromagnet, we consider a two-band material in which a spin density wave (SDW) arises. This could be Fe-based pnictides in the temperature interval ... More
Inhomogeneous state in non-equilibrium superconductor/normal metal tunnel structures: a LOFF-like phase for non-magnetic systemsJun 23 2009Aug 26 2009We analyze non-equilibrium states in a tunnel superconductor-normal metal (NSN) structure in the presence of a tunnel current $I$. We use an approximation of an effective temperature $T$ and calculate the current-voltage I-V characteristics. It is shown ... More
Model-Stable Universality of the Air Shower Electromagnetic Component: an Approach to Solving the Mass Composition ProblemDec 05 2016On the basis of the scaling approach and CORSIKA simulations data the radial scale factor of lateral distribution of electrons in extensive air showers is confirmed as potentially effective primary mass estimator, and its sensitivity to hadronic interaction ... More
Frequency and temporal entanglement of biphoton states in spontaneous parametric down conversion with a short-pulse pumpJan 04 2008Jul 12 2008Spectral and temporal coincidence and single-particle photon wave packets are described and their widths and durations are found. The degree of entanglement is characterized by the experimentally measurable parameter R defined as the ratio of the coincidence ... More
Superconducting phase coherent electron transport in proximity conical ferromagnetsNov 03 2005We report superconducting phase-periodic conductance oscillations in ferromagnetic wires with interfaces to conventional superconductors. The ferromagnetic wires were made of Ho, a conical ferromagnet. The distance between the interfaces was much larger ... More
Current-voltage characteristics and the zero-resistance state in a 2DEGMar 25 2003Jun 11 2003We study the current-voltage characteristics (CVC) of two-dimensional electron gases (2DEG) with microwave induced negative conductance in a magnetic field. We show that due to the Hall effect, strictly speaking there is no distinction between N- and ... More
Manifestation of triplet superconductivity in superconductor-ferromagnet structuresMar 26 2003Jul 08 2003We study proximity effects in a multilayered superconductor/ferromagnet (S/F) structure with arbitrary relative directions of the magnetization ${\bf M}$. If the magnetizations of different layers are collinear the superconducting condensate function ... More
Resistance of a domain wall in the quasiclassical approachAug 27 2002Nov 08 2002Starting from a simple microscopic model, we have derived a kinetic equation for the matrix distribution function. We employed this equation to calculate the conductance $G$ in a mesoscopic F'/F/F' structure with a domain wall (DW). In the limit of a ... More
Enhancement of the Josephson current by an exchange field in superconductor-ferromagnet structuresFeb 01 2001We calculate the dc Josephson current for two superconductor-ferromagnet (S/F) bilayers separated by a thin insulating film. It is demonstrated that the critical Josephson current $I_{c}$ in the junction strongly depends on the relative orientation of ... More
Long-range effects in superconductor-ferromagnet structuresNov 24 2000Mar 05 2001We analyze the proximity effect in a superconductor/ferromagnet (S/F) structure with a local inhomogeneity of the magnetization in the ferromagnet near the S/F interface. We demonstrate that not only the singlet but also the triplet component of the superconducting ... More
Electron-hole imbalance in superconductor-normal metal mesoscopic structuresJul 03 2002We analysed the electron-hole or, in another words, branch imbalance (BI) and the related electric potential $V_{imb}$ which may arise in a mesoscopic superconductor/normal metal (S/N) structure under non-equilibrium conditions in the presence of a supercurrent. ... More
Fluctuation Conductivity in Mesoscopic Superconductor - Normal Metal ContactsSep 11 1997The fluctuation conduction of NSN and SNS contacts above T_c are analyzed. For NSN contacts, both Aslamazov-Larkin and Maki- Thompson corrections to the conduction are found to be of the same order and diverge for T_c^* < T_c according to the law (T - ... More
Excitation of Physical VacuumFeb 16 2004Introducing such a notion as a "excitation of physical vacuum" we do an attempt to explain some strange experimental facts such as large value of $\sigma$-term measured in pion-nucleon low energy scattering, $\Delta T=1/2$ rule in kaon two pion decay ... More
The screening Horndeski cosmologiesApr 20 2016Jul 27 2016We present a systematic analysis of homogeneous and isotropic cosmologies in a particular Horndeski model with Galileon shift symmetry, containing also a $\Lambda$-term and a matter. The model, sometimes called Fab Five, admits a rich spectrum of solutions. ... More
Interplay between spin-relaxation and Andreev reflection in ferromagnetic wires with superconducting contactsJan 07 1999We analyze the change in the resistance of a junction between a diffusive ferromagnetic (F) wire and normal metal electrode, due to the onset of superconductivity (S) in the latter and a double Andreev scattering process leading to a complete internal ... More
Proximity-induced transport in hybrid mesoscopic normal-superconducting metal structuresNov 11 1998Nov 26 1998Using an approach based on quasiclassical Green's functions we present a theoretical study of transport in mesoscopic S/N structures in the diffusive limit. The subgap conductance in S/N structures with barriers (zero bias and finite bias anomalies) are ... More
Anomalous transport in normal-superconducting and ferromagnetic-superconducting nanostructuresNov 16 1998We have calculated the temperature dependence of the conductance variation ($\delta S(T)$) of mesoscopic superconductor normal metal(S/N) structures, in the diffusive regime, analysing both weak and strong proximity effects. We show that in the case of ... More
Comment on Yerin et al , Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 077002 (2018), and, Mironov et al, Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 237002 (2012)Oct 11 2018In this communication we refute a criticism concerning results of our work [3] that was presented in references [1] and [2].
Josephson effect due to the long-range odd-frequency triplet superconductivity in SFS junctions with Neel domain wallsOct 16 2006Mar 22 2007We consider a SFS Josephson junction made of two superconductors S and a multidomain ferromagnet F with an in-plane magnetization. We assume that the neighboring domains of the ferromagnet are separated by Neel domain walls. An odd-frequency triplet long-range ... More
Biphoton Double-Bell States and Ququarts with "Invisible" VariablesMay 12 2011We analyze features of mixed biphoton polarization states which arise from pure states of polarization-frequency biphoton ququarts after averaging over frequencies of photons. For mixed states we find their concurrence C, Schmidt parameter K and degree ... More
Extended two dimensional equation for the description of nonlinear waves in gas-liquid mixtureFeb 13 2017We consider a system of equations for the description of nonlinear waves in a liquid with gas bubbles. Taking into account high order terms with respect to a small parameter, we derive a new nonlinear partial differential equation for the description ... More
Long-range odd triplet superconductivity in SF structures with Neel wallsJul 16 2005Nov 09 2005We consider a multidomain superconductor/ferromagnet (SF) structure with an in-plane magnetization, assuming that the neighboring domains are separated by the Neel domain walls. We show that an odd triplet long-range component arises in the domain walls ... More
Josephson current in superconductor-ferromagnet structures with a nonhomogeneous magnetizationJun 25 2001We calculate the dc Josephson current $I_J$ for two types of superconductor-ferromagnet (S/F) Josephson junctions. The junction of the first type is a S/F/S junction. On the basis of the Eilenberger equation, the Josephson current is calculated for an ... More
Boundary conditions for quasiclassical equations in the theory of superconductivityOct 25 1996In this paper we derive effective boundary conditions connecting the quasiclassical Green's function through tunnel barriers in superconducting - normal hybrid (S-N or S-S') structures in the dirty limit. Our work extends previous treatments confined ... More
The ranks of central factor and commutator groupsApr 20 2012Apr 25 2012The Schur Theorem says that if $G$ is a group whose center $Z(G)$ has finite index $n$, then the order of the derived group $G'$ is finite and bounded by a number depending only on $n$. In the present paper we show that if $G$ is a finite group such that ... More
A contribution of 26Al to the O-Al anticorrelation in globular cluster red giantsJul 11 2001We modify our combined ("deep mixing" plus "primordial") scenario explaining the star-to-star abundance variations in globular cluster red giants in such a way that it confirms with new experimental data: (i) the new and better constrained (NACRE) thermonuclear ... More
Sub-wavelength imaging at optical frequencies using canalization regimeSep 20 2005Oct 01 2005Imaging with sub-wavelength resolution using a lens formed by periodic metal-dielectric layered structure is demonstrated. The lens operates in canalization regime as a transmission device and it does not involve negative refraction and amplification ... More
Disruption of Dwarf Satellite Galaxies without Dark MatterFeb 05 2011The evolution of a satellite galaxy of a Milky Way like galaxy has been studied using N-Body simulations. The initial satellites, containing one million particles, have been simulated by a Plummer sphere, while the potential of the host galaxy is a three ... More
De novo inference of diversity genes and analysis of non-canonical V(DD)J recombination in immunoglobulinsJan 08 2019The V(D)J recombination forms the immunoglobulin genes by joining the variable (V), diversity (D), and joining (J) germline genes. Since variations in germline genes have been linked to various diseases, personalized immunogenomics aims at finding alleles ... More
Charge and current orders in the spin-fermion model with overlapping hot spotsFeb 02 2018Apr 26 2018Experiments carried over the last years on the underdoped cuprates have revealed a variety of symmetry-breaking phenomena in the pseudogap state. Charge-density waves, breaking of $C_{4}$ rotational symmetry as well as time-reversal symmetry breaking ... More
Charge and current orders in the spin-fermion model with overlapping hot spotsFeb 02 2018Experiments carried over the last years on the underdoped cuprates have revealed a variety of symmetry-breaking phenomena in the pseudogap state. Charge-density waves, breaking of $C_{4}$ rotational symmetry as well as time-reversal symmetry breaking ... More
Subtraction Procedure for Calculation of Anomalous Magnetic Moment of Electron in QED and its Application to Numerical Computation at 3-loop LevelJul 23 2015Jul 28 2016A new subtraction procedure for removal both ultraviolet and infrared divergences in Feynman integrals is proposed. This method is developed for computation of QED corrections to the electron anomalous magnetic moment. The procedure is formulated in the ... More
BV-differential on Hochschild cohomology of Frobenius algebrasMay 20 2014For a finite-dimensional Frobenius $k$-algebra $R$ with the Nakayama automorphism $\nu$ we define an algebra ${\rm HH}^*(R)^{\nu\uparrow}$. If the order of $\nu$ is not divisible by the characteristic of $k$, this algebra is isomorphic to the Hochschild ... More
A nonfinitely based semigroup of triangular matricesJun 15 2014A new sufficient condition under which a semigroup admits no finite identity basis has been recently suggested in a joint paper by Karl Auinger, Yuzhu Chen, Xun Hu, Yanfeng Luo, and the author (see Here we apply this condition ... More
Forest fires on $\Z_+$ with ignition only at 0Jul 10 2009Sep 15 2009We consider a version of the forest fire model on graph $G$, where each vertex of a graph becomes occupied with rate one. A fixed vertex $v_0$ is hit by lightning with the same rate, and when this occurs, the whole cluster of occupied vertices containing ... More
Levy Differential Operators and Gauge Invariant Equations for Dirac and Higgs FieldsDec 01 2016Jul 29 2018We study the Levy infinite-dimensional differential operators (differential operators defined by the analogy with the Levy Laplacian) and their relationship to the Yang-Mills equations. We consider the parallel transport on the space of curves as an infinite-dimensional ... More
Random geometric subdivisionsDec 05 2011We study several models of random geometric subdivisions arising from the model of Diaconis and Miclo (2011). In particular, we show that the limiting shape of an indefinite subdivision of a quadrilateral is a.s.\ a parallelogram. We also show that the ... More
Numerical calculation of 5-loop QED contributions to the electron anomalous magnetic momentMay 20 2019Preliminary numerical results of calculating the 5-loop QED contributions to the electron (and muon) anomalous magnetic moment are presented. The results include the total contribution of the 5-loop Feynman diagrams without lepton loops and the contributions ... More
A class of p-adic Galois representations arising from abelian varierties over Q_pMay 22 2003May 26 2003Let V be a p-adic representation of the absolute Galois group G of Q_p that becomes crystalline over a finite tame extension, and assume p odd. We provide necessary and sufficient conditions for V to be isomorphic to the Tate module V_p(A) of an abelian ... More
The identities of the free product of a pair of two-element monoidsJan 02 2019Up to isomorphism, there exist two non-isomorphic two-element monoids. We show that the identities of the free product of every pair of such monoids admit no finite basis.
Constraints on the Distance Moduli, Helium and Metal Abundances, and Ages of Globular Clusters From Their RR Lyrae and Non-Variable Horizontal-Branch Stars. III. M55 and NGC 6362Jun 07 2018M55 (NGC 6809) and NGC 6362 are among the few globular clusters for which masses and radii have been derived to high precision for member binary stars. They also contain RR Lyrae variables which, together with their non-variable horizontal-branch (HB) ... More
A new approach to the family of singularities $Re(x+iy)^m$Sep 17 2008Assume that $m\ge 2$ and let $l$ be a nonnegative integer with $l\ge m-4$. We give an alternative proof of the fact that any smooth function defined locally around $(0,0)\in \mathbb{R}^2$ with the Taylor power series at $(0,0)$ beginning with $$Re(x+iy)^m+0+...+0$$ ... More
Slowly Synchronizing Automata with Idempotent Letters of Low RankJul 18 2018Apr 02 2019We use a semigroup-theoretic construction by Peter Higgins in order to produce, for each even $n$, an $n$-state and 3-letter synchronizing automaton with the following two features: 1) all its input letters act as idempotent selfmaps of rank $\dfrac{n}2$; ... More
Origin of hardening and universality of cosmic rays spectra in GV-PV rigidity regionMay 16 2019Recent balloon-borne and satellite experiments have established new features in the behavior of the spectra of cosmic rays. An analysis of all the data showed that hardening of most abundant primary cosmic ray nuclei spectra with increasing rigidity is ... More
Non-equilibrium critical relaxation of the 3D Heisenberg magnets with long-range correlated disorderOct 04 2012Monte Carlo simulations of the short-time dynamic behavior are reported for three-dimensional Heisenberg model with long-range correlated disorder at criticality, in the case corresponding to linear defects. The static and dynamic critical exponents are ... More
Nonperturbative Reduction of Yang-Mills Theory and Low Energy Effective ActionNov 12 1998Dec 12 1998The method of reduction of a non-Abelian gauge theory to the corresponding unconstrained system is exemplified for SU(2) Yang-Mills field theory. The reduced Hamiltonian which describes the dynamics of the gauge invariant variables is presented in the ... More
Order Statistics Based List Decoding Techniques for Linear Binary Block CodesJan 26 2011The order statistics based list decoding techniques for linear binary block codes of small to medium block length are investigated. The construction of the list of the test error patterns is considered. The original order statistics decoding is generalized ... More
Sub-wavelength imaging by wire mediaAug 29 2005Sep 01 2005Original realization of a lens capable to transmit images with sub-wavelength resolution is proposed. The lens is formed by parallel conducting wires and effectively operates as a telegraph: it captures image at the front interface and the transmit it ... More