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Submillimeter - sized proximity effect in graphite and bismuthFeb 08 2019In this work, we probe the electrical properties of macroscopic graphite and bismuth in which the electrical current is injected via superconducting electrodes, few millimeters apart from each other. Results reveal the induction of a partial superconducting-like ... More
Large Social Networks can be Targeted for Viral Marketing with Small Seed SetsMay 20 2012Mar 15 2013In a "tipping" model, each node in a social network, representing an individual, adopts a behavior if a certain number of his incoming neighbors previously held that property. A key problem for viral marketers is to determine an initial "seed" set in ... More
Comparison of PBO solvers in a dependency solving domainJul 07 2010Linux package managers have to deal with dependencies and conflicts of packages required to be installed by the user. As an NP-complete problem, this is a hard task to solve. In this context, several approaches have been pursued. Apt-pbo is a package ... More
Towards a Study of Meta-Predicate SemanticsSep 20 2010We describe and compare design choices for meta-predicate semantics, as found in representative Prolog module systems and in Logtalk. We look at the consequences of these design choices from a pragmatic perspective, discussing explicit qualification semantics, ... More
Proceedings Fifth International Workshop on Classical Logic and ComputationSep 09 2014Classical Logic and Computation (CL&C) 2014 is the fifth edition of this workshop series. The workshop series intends to cover all work aiming to explore computational aspects of classical logic and mathematics. Its focus is on the exploration of the ... More
Entropy and Poincaré recurrence from a geometrical viewpointSep 17 2008Jul 05 2009We study Poincar\'e recurrence from a purely geometrical viewpoint. We prove that the metric entropy is given by the exponential growth rate of return times to dynamical balls. This is the geometrical counterpart of Ornstein-Weiss theorem. Moreover, we ... More
A continuous model of ant foraging with pheromones and trail formationFeb 23 2014We propose and numerically analyze a PDE model of ant foraging behavior. Ant foraging is a prime example of individuals following simple behavioral rules based on local information producing complex, organized and ``intelligent'' strategies at the population ... More
The Continuous Tower of Scalar Fields as a System of Interacting Dark Matter -- Dark EnergyAug 19 2015This paper aims to introduce a new parameterisation for the coupling Q in interacting dark matter and dark energy models by connecting said models with the Continuous Tower of Scalar Fields model. Based upon the existence of a dark matter and a dark energy ... More
Non-uniform specification and large deviations for weak Gibbs measuresJun 18 2009Oct 26 2011We establish bounds for the measure of deviation sets associated to continuous observables with respect to not necessarily invariant weak Gibbs measures. Under some mild assumptions, we obtain upper and lower bounds for the measure of deviation sets of ... More
Finite-sample Guarantees for Winsorized Importance SamplingOct 25 2018Importance sampling is a widely used technique to estimate the properties of a distribution. The resulting estimator is always unbiased, but may sometimes incur huge variance. This paper investigates trading-off some bias for variance by winsorizing the ... More
Default priors for Gaussian processesMay 27 2005Motivated by the statistical evaluation of complex computer models, we deal with the issue of objective prior specification for the parameters of Gaussian processes. In particular, we derive the Jeffreys-rule, independence Jeffreys and reference priors ... More
Topological Attractors of Contracting Lorenz MapsDec 01 2016We study the non-wandering set of contracting Lorenz maps. We show that if such a map $f$ doesn't have any attracting periodic orbit, then there is a unique topological attractor. Precisely, there is a compact set $\Lambda$ such that $\omega_f(x)=\Lambda$ ... More
Controller synthesis for bisimulation equivalenceJun 06 2007Nov 22 2007The objective of this paper is to solve the controller synthesis problem for bisimulation equivalence in a wide variety of scenarios including discrete-event systems, nonlinear control systems, behavioral systems, hybrid systems and many others. This ... More
Unique SRB measures and transitivity for Anosov diffeomorphismsJun 01 2016Jun 03 2016We prove that every $C^2$ Anosov diffeomorphism in a compact and connected Riemannian manifold has a unique SRB and physical probability measure, whose basin of attraction covers Lebesgue almost every point in the manifold. Then, we use structural stability ... More
On a nonlocal hyperbolic conservation law arising from a gradient constraint problemFeb 06 2012In some models involving nonlinear conservation laws, physical mechanisms exist which prevent the formation of shocks. This gives rise to conservation laws with a constraint on the gradient of the solution. We approach this problem by studying a related ... More
Statistical properties of generalized-Viana mapsJul 19 2012Mar 31 2013We study quadratic skew-products with parameters driven over piecewise expanding and Markov interval maps with countable many inverse branches, a generalization of the class of maps introduced by Viana. In particular we construct a class of multidimensional ... More
On the symmetry properties of the PT kernels and recurrence relationsOct 24 2016Perturbation Theory to Large Scale Structure Cosmology proposes corrections to the linearly evolved density contrast and velocity in terms of a series development in which all terms are integrals of powers of the linear density contrast multiplied by ... More
Poisson quasi-Nijenhuis structures with backgroundAug 29 2008We define the Poisson quasi-Nijenhuis structures with background on Lie algebroids and we prove that to any generalized complex structure on a Courant algebroid which is the double of a Lie algebroid is associated such a structure. We prove that any Lie ... More
A version of Kac's lemma on first return times for suspension flowsNov 14 2014Nov 23 2014In this article we study the mean return times to a given set for suspension flows. In the discrete time setting, this corresponds to the classical version of Kac's lemma \cite{K} that the mean of the first return time to a set with respect to the normalized ... More
Unifying Functional Interpretations: Past and FutureOct 16 2014This article surveys work done in the last six years on the unification of various functional interpretations including G\"odel's dialectica interpretation, its Diller-Nahm variant, Kreisel modified realizability, Stein's family of functional interpretations, ... More
A nonlinear model describing a short wave long wave interaction in a viscoelastic mediumFeb 06 2012In this paper we introduce a system coupling a nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation with a system of viscoelasticity, modeling the interaction between short and long waves, acting for instance on media like plasmas or polymers. We prove the existence and ... More
Modeling ant foraging: a chemotaxis approach with pheromones and trail formationSep 11 2014Jun 22 2015We consider a continuous mathematical description of a population of ants and simulate numerically their foraging behavior using a system of partial differential equations of chemotaxis type. We show that this system accurately reproduces observed foraging ... More
Correlation decay and recurrence estimates for some robust nonuniformly hyperbolic mapsMay 18 2008We study decay of correlations, the asymptotic distribution of hitting times and fluctuations of the return times for a robust class of multidimensional non-uniformly hyperbolic transformations. Oliveira and Viana [15] proved that there is a unique equilibrium ... More
Projection Methods for some Constrained SystemsOct 09 2011This article is concerned with a geometric tool given by a pair of projector operators defined by almost product structures on finite dimensional manifolds, polarized by a distribution of constant rank and also endowed with some geometric structures (Riemann,resp.Poisson,resp.symplectic).The ... More
Dependability in Aggregation by AveragingNov 30 2010Aggregation is an important building block of modern distributed applications, allowing the determination of meaningful properties (e.g. network size, total storage capacity, average load, majorities, etc.) that are used to direct the execution of the ... More
Second order hydrodynamics of a CFT plasma from boost invariant expansionAug 12 2008Sep 08 2008We compute finite coupling correction to a nonlinear second order hydrodynamic coefficient in the boost invariant expansion of the N=4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills plasma. The result is universal for a large class of strongly coupled four dimensional conformal ... More
Positive Lyapunov exponents for Hamiltonian linear differential systemsApr 13 2013Jul 01 2014In the present paper we give a positive answer to some questions posed by Viana on the existence of positive Lyapunov exponents for Hamiltonian linear differential systems. We prove that there exists an open and dense set of Hamiltonian linear differential ... More
Quantification of electrical charges in Kaluza Klein theory without strings of DiracJan 28 2006Apr 19 2006It is proposed a formalism of quantification of the electric charges in the Kaluza Klein theory of five dimensions and a explanation of the cause of the variation of the electromagnetic fine-structure constant in cosmological times.There is a formalism ... More
$C^r$-generic Anosov diffeomorphisms have trivial centralizerJun 01 2016In the late nineties, Smale proposed a list of problems for the next century. Among these, it was conjectured that for every $r\ge 1$ a $C^r$-generic diffeomorphism has trivial centralizer. Here we provide an affirmative answer to Smale's conjecture on ... More
Mass Renormalization in Lorentz-violating Scalar Field TheoryMar 07 2014In this work we evaluate the $\gamma_{m}$ function corresponding to mass renormalization for O($N$) scalar field theory with Lorentz violation. We calculate this function up to two-loop order for a theory renormalized utilizing the counterterm method ... More
A Direct Proof of Schwichtenberg's Bar Recursion Closure TheoremJul 18 2016Oct 17 2016In 1979 Schwichtenberg showed that a rule-like version Spector's bar recursion of lowest type levels $0$ and $1$ is closed under system $\text{T}$. More precisely, if the functional $Y$ which controls the stopping condition of Spector's bar recursor is ... More
On Various Negative TranslationsJan 28 2011Several proof translations of classical mathematics into intuitionistic mathematics have been proposed in the literature over the past century. These are normally referred to as negative translations or double-negation translations. Among those, the most ... More
Functional Interpretations of Intuitionistic Linear LogicDec 06 2010Mar 24 2011We present three different functional interpretations of intuitionistic linear logic ILL and show how these correspond to well-known functional interpretations of intuitionistic logic IL via embeddings of IL into ILL. The main difference from previous ... More
A Sampling Theorem for Rotation Numbers of Linear Processes in ${\R}^{2}$Apr 22 2014We prove an ergodic theorem for the rotation number of the composition of a sequence os stationary random homeomorphisms in $S^{1}$. In particular, the concept of rotation number of a matrix $g\in Gl^{+}(2,{\R})$ can be generalized to a product of a sequence ... More
A Comparison of Methods for Cascade PredictionJun 18 2016Information cascades exist in a wide variety of platforms on Internet. A very important real-world problem is to identify which information cascades can go viral. A system addressing this problem can be used in a variety of applications including public ... More
Masses, Radii, and Equation of State of Neutron StarsMar 08 2016We summarize our current knowledge of neutron star masses and radii. Recent instrumentation and computational advances have resulted in a rapid increase in the discovery rate and precise timing of radio pulsars in binaries in the last few years, leading ... More
Charged kaon condensation in high density quark matterOct 21 2001Oct 24 2001We show that at asymptotically high densities the ``color-flavor-locked + neutral kaon condensate'' phase of QCD develops a {\it charged} kaon condensate through the Coleman-Weinberg mechanism. At densities achievable in neutron stars a charged kaon condensate ... More
A Schwartz type algebra for the Tangent GroupoidFeb 25 2008We construct an algebra of smooth functions over the tangent groupoid associated to any Lie groupoid. This algebra is a field of algebras over the closed interval [0, 1] which fiber at zero is the algebra of Schwartz functions over the Lie algebroid, ... More
Multifractal analysis of the irregular set for almost-additive sequences via large deviationsOct 08 2014Aug 23 2015In this paper we introduce a notion of free energy and large deviations rate function for asymptotically additive sequences of potentials via an approximation method by families of continuous potentials. We provide estimates for the topological pressure ... More
Backstepping design for incremental stabilityMay 26 2010Nov 10 2010Stability is arguably one of the core concepts upon which our understanding of dynamical and control systems has been built. The related notion of incremental stability, however, has received much less attention until recently, when it was successfully ... More
Robust Linear Temporal LogicOct 30 2015Although it is widely accepted that every system should be robust, in the sense that "small" violations of environment assumptions should lead to "small" violations of system guarantees, it is less clear how to make this intuitive notion of robustness ... More
Total cohomology of solvable Lie algebras and linear deformationsMar 17 2014Given a finite dimensional Lie algebra $\mathfrak{g}$, let $\Gamma_\circ(\mathfrak{g})$ be the set of irreducible $\mathfrak{g}$-modules with non-vanishing cohomology. We prove that a $\mathfrak{g}$-module $V$ belongs to $\Gamma_\circ(\mathfrak{g})$ only ... More
Non-Holonomic Connections Following Élie CartanOct 06 2011In this note we revisit E. Cartan's address at the 1928 International Congress of Mathematicians at Bologna, Italy. The distributions considered here will be of the same class as those considered by Cartan, a special type which we call strongly non-holonomic. ... More
A Scalable Heuristic for Viral Marketing Under the Tipping ModelSep 11 2013In a "tipping" model, each node in a social network, representing an individual, adopts a property or behavior if a certain number of his incoming neighbors currently exhibit the same. In viral marketing, a key problem is to select an initial "seed" set ... More
A Survey of Distributed Data Aggregation AlgorithmsOct 04 2011Distributed data aggregation is an important task, allowing the decentralized determination of meaningful global properties, that can then be used to direct the execution of other applications. The resulting values result from the distributed computation ... More
A Direct Proof of Schwichtenberg's Bar Recursion Closure TheoremJul 18 2016In 1979 Schwichtenberg showed that a rule-like version Spector's bar recursion of lowest type levels $0$ and $1$ is closed under system $\text{T}$. More precisely, if the functional $Y$ which controls the stopping condition of Spector's bar recursor is ... More
Compactly supported analytic indices for Lie groupoidsMar 13 2008For any Lie groupoid we construct an analytic index morphism taking values in a modified $K-theory$ group which involves the convolution algebra of compactly supported smooth functions over the groupoid. The construction is performed by using the deformation ... More
An analytic index for Lie groupoidsDec 15 2006For a Lie groupoid there is an analytic index morphism which takes values in the $K-$theory of the $C^*$-algebra associated to the groupoid. This is a good invariant but extracting numerical invariants from it, with the existent tools, is very difficult. ... More
Polytropic stars in three-dimensional spacetimeFeb 18 2003We investigate three-dimensional perfect fluid stars with polytropic equation of state, matched to the exterior three-dimensional black hole geometry of Banados, Teitelboim and Zanelli. A new class of exact solutions for a generic polytropic index is ... More
Unexpected behavior in 3He films and the theory of fermions in two dimensionsAug 24 2000Sep 01 2000It is shown that the recently observed and unexplained behavior for the spin diffusion in 3He films can be understood in terms of the Fermi liquid theory, provided nonperturbative effects characteristic of the two dimensions are taken into account. It ... More
On sensitivity to initial conditions and uniqueness of conjugacies for structurally stable diffeomorphismsMay 23 2016In this paper we study $C^1$-structurally stable diffeomorphisms, that is, $C^1$ Axiom A diffeomorphisms with the strong transversality condition. In contrast to the case of dynamics restricted to a hyperbolic basic piece, structurally stable diffeomorphisms ... More
(Dual) Hoops Have Unique HalvingMar 02 2012Oct 14 2013Continuous logic extends the multi-valued Lukasiewicz logic by adding a halving operator on propositions. This extension is designed to give a more satisfactory model theory for continuous structures. The semantics of these logics can be given using specialisations ... More
On the adoption of abductive reasoning for time series interpretationSep 19 2016Time series interpretation aims to provide an explanation of what is observed in terms of its underlying processes. The present work is based on the assumption that common classification-based approaches to time series interpretation suffer from a set ... More
A Fast Incremental Gaussian Mixture ModelJun 14 2015Jun 18 2015This work builds upon previous efforts in online incremental learning, namely the Incremental Gaussian Mixture Network (IGMN). The IGMN is capable of learning from data streams in a single-pass by improving its model after analyzing each data point and ... More
Eccentric Binary Millisecond PulsarsJul 18 2009In this paper we review the recent discovery of several millisecond pulsars (MSPs) in eccentric binary systems. Timing these MSPs we were able to estimate (and in one case precisely measure) their masses. These results suggest that, as a class, MSPs have ... More
On the entropy of conservative flowsFeb 11 2010We obtain a $C^1$-generic subset of the incompressible flows in a closed three-dimensional manifold where Pesin's entropy formula holds thus establishing the continuous-time version of \cite{T}. Moreover, in any compact manifold of dimension larger or ... More
Computing Robust Controlled Invariant Sets of Linear SystemsJan 04 2016We consider controllable linear discrete-time systems with perturbations and present two methods to compute robust controlled invariant sets. The first method results in an (arbitrarily precise) outer approximation of the maximal robust controlled invariant ... More
The gluing orbit property, uniform hyperbolicity and large deviations principles for semiflowsJul 14 2015Mar 21 2018In this article we introduce a gluing orbit property, weaker than specification, for both maps and flows. We prove that flows with the $C^1$-robust gluing orbit property are uniformly hyperbolic and that every uniformly hyperbolic flow satisfies the gluing ... More
Equilibrium states for non-uniformly expanding maps: decay of correlations and strong stabilityMay 24 2012Jul 19 2012We study the rate of decay of correlations for equilibrium states associated to a robust class of non-uniformly expanding maps where no Markov assumption is required. We show that the Ruelle-Perron-Frobenius operator acting on the space of Holder continuous ... More
Existence, uniqueness and stability of equilibrium states for non-uniformly expanding mapsMar 18 2008We prove existence of finitely many ergodic equilibrium states for a large class of non-uniformly expanding local homeomorphisms on compact manifolds and Holder continuous potentials with not very large oscillation. No Markov structure is assumed. If ... More
The structure of the environment and the complexity of rational choice proceduresSep 18 2018Sep 25 2018Beginning with Herbert Simon [10], the literature on bounded rationality has investigated in great detail how internal limitations affect an agent's choice process. The structure of the choice environment, deemed as important as internal limitations by ... More
Exploiting isochrony in self-triggered controlSep 27 2010Apr 26 2011Event-triggered control and self-triggered control have been recently proposed as new implementation paradigms that reduce resource usage for control systems. In self-triggered control, the controller is augmented with the computation of the next time ... More
Symbolic Models for Nonlinear Control Systems: Alternating Approximate BisimulationsJul 28 2007Symbolic models are abstract descriptions of continuous systems in which symbols represent aggregates of continuous states. In the last few years there has been a growing interest in the use of symbolic models as a tool for mitigating complexity in control ... More
A Large Deviation Principle at play in Large-Scale Structure cosmologyNov 27 2015We present an application of Large Deviation Theory to the problem of structure growth on large-scale structure cosmology. Starting from gaussian distributed overdensities on concentric spherical shells, we show that a Large Deviation Principle holds ... More
Nonequilibrium interacting electrons in a ferromagnetNov 27 2007Dec 13 2007Dynamics of the magnetization in ferromagnets is examined in the presence of transport electrons allowing the latter to interact. It is found that the existence of inhomogeneities such as domain wall (DW) structures, leads to changes that affect the dynamical ... More
Generation of entangled light via dynamical Casimir effectMar 27 2012This paper addresses the excitation of vacuum fluctuations of the electromagnetic field through periodic modulations of a refractive index and the possibility of using entanglement as a distinctive marker of the quantum nature of the phenomenon. It introduces ... More
New Proposal for a 5-dimensional Theory of Kaluza-Klein typeJan 30 2001A new 5-dimensional Classical Unified Field Theory of Kaluza-Klein type is formulated using 2 separate scalar fields which are related in such a way as to make the 5-dimensional matter-geometry coupling parameter constant. It is shown that this procedure ... More
The gluing orbit property, uniform hyperbolicity and large deviations principles for semiflowsJul 14 2015In this article we introduce a gluing orbit property, weaker than specification, for both maps and flows. We prove that flows with the $C^1$-robust gluing orbit property are uniformly hyperbolic and that every uniformly hyperbolic flow satisfies the gluing ... More
All-loop order critical exponents for massless scalar field theory with Lorentz violation in the BPHZ methodMar 03 2015We compute analytically the all-loop level critical exponents for a massless thermal Lorentz-violating O($N$) self-interacting $\lambda\phi^{4}$ scalar field theory. For that, we evaluate, firstly explicitly up to next-to-leading order and later in a ... More
Hoops, Coops and the Algebraic Semantics of Continuous LogicDec 12 2012B\"{u}chi and Owen studied algebraic structures called hoops. Hoops provide a natural algebraic semantics for a class of substructural logics that we think of as intuitionistic analogues of the widely studied {\L}ukasiewicz logics. Ben Yaacov extended ... More
A Constructive Interpretation of Ramsey's Theorem via the Product of Selection FunctionsApr 25 2012Jun 01 2012We use G\"{o}del's Dialectica interpretation to produce a computational version of the well known proof of Ramsey's theorem by Erd\H{o}s and Rado. Our proof makes use of the product of selection functions, which forms an intuitive alternative to Spector's ... More
The Herbrand Functional Interpretation of the Double Negation ShiftOct 16 2014Oct 19 2015This paper considers a generalisation of selection functions over an arbitrary strong monad $T$, as functionals of type $J^T_R X = (X \to R) \to T X$. It is assumed throughout that $R$ is a $T$-algebra. We show that $J^T_R$ is also a strong monad, and ... More
The centralizer of $C^r$-generic diffeomorphisms at hyperbolic basic sets is trivialJun 01 2016Nov 27 2016In the late nineties, Smale proposed a list of problems for the next century and, among these, it was conjectured that for every $r\ge 1$ a $C^r$-generic diffeomorphism has trivial centralizer. Our contribution here is to prove the triviality of $C^r$-centralizers ... More
A Criticism on "A Mathematician's Apology" by G. H. HardyDec 19 2011This paper is a criticism on "A Mathematician's Apology" by G. H. Hardy.
Rank stable instantons over positive definite four manifoldsJan 15 2003We study the moduli space of rank stable based instantons over a connected sum of q copies of CP^2. For c_2=1 we give the homotopy type of the moduli space. For c_2=2 we compute the cohomology of the moduli space.
Blowups of surfaces and moduli of holomorphic vector bundlesDec 12 2002We examine the moduli of framed holomorphic bundles over the blowup of a complex surface, by studying a filtration induced by the behavior of the bundles on a neighborhood of the exceptional divisor.
Rank-stable limit of completed moduli spaces of instantonsDec 31 2012Aug 15 2013Nakajima introduced a resolution of singularities of the Donaldson-Uhlenbeck completion of the moduli space of based instantons over $S^4$. For $k\leq 4$, we extend this result to $\mathbb P^2$ and compute, in the rank-stable limit, the homotopy type ... More
Paracategories I: internal parategories and saturated partial algebrasMar 06 2003Based on the monoid classifier, we give an alternative axiomatization of Freyd's paracategories, which can be interpreted in any bicategory of partial maps. Assuming furthermore a free-monoid monad T in our ambient category, and coequalisers satisfying ... More
Positive Lyapunov exponents for symplectic cocyclesJul 01 2014Nov 30 2016In the present paper we give a positive answer to a question posed by Viana on the existence of positive Lyapunov exponents for symplectic cocycles. Actually, we prove that for an open and dense set of Holder symplectic cocycles over a non-uniformly hyperbolic ... More
Adaptive Priors based on Splines with Random KnotsMar 14 2013Splines are useful building blocks when constructing priors on nonparametric models indexed by functions. Recently it has been established in the literature that hierarchical priors based on splines with a random number of equally spaced knots and random ... More
Online Tracking of a Predictable Drifting Parameter of a Time SeriesJun 03 2013Nov 14 2013We propose an online algorithm for tracking a multidimensional time-varying parameter of a time series, which is also allowed to be a predictable process with respect to the underlying time series. The algorithm is driven by a gain function. Under assumptions ... More
Eclipsing Binary PulsarsApr 05 2004The first eclipsing binary pulsar, PSR B1957+20, was discovered in 1987. Since then, 13 other eclipsing low-mass binary pulsars have been found, 12 of these are in globular clusters. In this paper we list the known eclipsing binary pulsars and their properties, ... More
The Pulsar Population in Globular Clusters and in the GalaxyOct 15 2012Oct 23 2012In this paper, I review some of the basic properties of the pulsar population in globular clusters (GCs) and compare it with the the Galactic disk population. The neutron stars (NSs) in GCs were likely formed - and appear to continue forming - in highly ... More
Impact of Human Behavior on Social Opportunistic ForwardingAug 01 2014The current Internet design is not capable to support communications in environments characterized by very long delays and frequent network partitions. To allow devices to communicate in such environments, delay-tolerant networking solutions have been ... More
Social-aware Opportunistic Routing: The New TrendJul 31 2014Since users move around based on social relationships and interests, the resulting movement patterns can represent how nodes are socially connected (i.e., nodes with strong social ties, nodes that meet occasionally by sharing the same working environment). ... More
Neutrino emissivity from Goldstone boson decay in magnetized neutron matterDec 23 2013Neutron matter at densities somewhat above nuclear densities is believed to be superfluid due to the condensation of neutron pairs in the 3 P2 channel. This condensate breaks rotational symmetry spontaneously and leads to the existence of Goldstone bosons ... More
Chiral perturbation theory analysis of baryon temperature mass shiftsNov 18 1995Nov 30 1995We compute the finite temperature pole mass shifts of the octet and decuplet baryons using heavy baryon chiral perturbation theory and the 1/N_c expansion, where N_c is the number of QCD colors. We consider temperatures of the order of the pion mass m_\pi, ... More
Hawkes Process for Understanding the Influence of Pathogenic Social Media AccountsFeb 05 2019Over the past years, political events and public opinion on the Web have been allegedly manipulated by accounts dedicated to spreading disinformation and performing malicious activities on social media. These accounts hereafter referred to as "Pathogenic ... More
Extension of germs of holomorphic foliationsJul 30 2014We consider the problem of extending germs of plane holomorphic foliations to foliations of compact surfaces. We show that the germs that become regular after a single blow up and admit meromorphic first integrals can be extended, after local changes ... More
Pseudodifferential Calculus, Twisted gerbes and twisted index theory for Lie groupoidsFeb 26 2016Apr 05 2016The goal of this paper is to construct a calculus whose higher indices are naturally elements in the twisted K-theory groups for Lie groupoids. Given a Lie groupoid $G$ and a $PU(H)$-valued groupoid cocycle, we construct an algebra of projective pseudodifferential ... More
A note on statistical properties for nonuniformly hyperbolic systems with slow contraction and expansionNov 28 2014Mar 10 2016We provide a systematic approach for deducing statistical limit laws via martingale-coboundary decomposition, for nonuniformly hyperbolic systems with slowly contracting and expanding directions. In particular, if the associated return time function is ... More
Out of Equilibrium Phase Transitions and a Toy Model for Disoriented Chiral CondensatesJul 19 1993We study the dynamics of a second order phase transition in a situation thatmimics a sudden quench to a temperature below the critical temperature in a model with dynamical symmetry breaking. In particular we show that the domains of correlated values ... More
Computing Robust Controlled Invariant Sets of Linear SystemsJan 04 2016Feb 20 2017We consider controllable linear discrete-time systems with bounded perturbations and present two methods to compute robust controlled invariant sets. The first method tolerates an arbitrarily small constraint violation to compute an arbitrarily precise ... More
Convergence of a finite difference method for the KdV and modified KdV equations with $L^2$ dataFeb 06 2012We prove strong convergence of a semi-discrete finite difference method for the KdV and modified KdV equations. We extend existing results to non-smooth data (namely, in $L^2$), without size restrictions. Our approach uses a fourth order (in space) stabilization ... More
There are no rigid filiform Lie algebras of low dimensionSep 14 2017We prove that there are no rigid complex filiform Lie algebras in the variety of (filiform) Lie algebras of dimension less than or equal to 11. More precisely we show that in any Euclidean neighborhood of a filiform Lie bracket (of low dimension), there ... More
Complex Correntropy: Probabilistic Interpretation and OptimizationAug 17 2016Recent studies have demonstrated that correntropy is an efficient tool for analyzing higher-order statistical moments in nonGaussian noise environments. Although correntropy has been used with complex data, no theoretical study was pursued to elucidate ... More
Convergence of a numerical scheme for a coupled Schrödinger--KdV systemFeb 06 2012We prove the convergence in a strong norm of a finite difference semi-discrete scheme approximating a coupled Schr\"odinger--KdV system on a bounded domain. This system models the interaction of short and long waves. Since the energy estimates available ... More
Relaxation time of a CFT plasma at finite couplingJun 04 2008Following recent formulation of second order relativistic viscous hydrodynamics for conformal fluids, we compute finite coupling corrections to the relaxation time of N=4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills plasma. The result is expected to be universal for any ... More
Proposing a Experimental Astronomical Test to the Existence of the Quantum StringsApr 19 2006It is proposed a model of Kaluza Klein that does make the quantification of the electric charges without magnetic monopoles. This model of Kaluza Klein allows to calculate de radius of compactation proposed for Klein. The model is of Kaluza Klein, but ... More
Metric operators for non-Hermitian quadratic su(2) HamiltoniansDec 01 2010Jun 13 2011A class of non-Hermitian quadratic su(2) Hamiltonians having an anti-linear symmetry is constructed. This is achieved by analysing the possible symmetries of such systems in terms of automorphisms of the algebra. In fact, different realisations for this ... More