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Improving Variational Quantum Optimization using CVaRJul 10 2019Hybrid quantum/classical variational algorithms can be implemented on noisy intermediate-scale quantum computers and can be used to find solutions for combinatorial optimization problems. Approaches discussed in the literature minimize the expectation ... More
Fermionic Hamiltonians for quantum simulations: a general reduction schemeJun 12 2017Jun 14 2017Many-body fermionic quantum calculations performed on analog quantum computers are restricted by the presence of k-local terms, which represent interactions among more than two qubits. These originate from the fermion-to-qubit mapping applied to the electronic ... More
Cauchy type identities and corresponding fermatian matrices via non-comuting variables of extended finite operator calculusMar 05 2004New family of extended Cauchy type identities is found and related Fermat type matrices are provided ready for applications in extended scope. This is achieved due to the use specifically non-commuting variables of extended finite operator calculus introduced ... More
Entanglement generation in superconducting qubits using holonomic operationsApr 13 2018We investigate a non-adiabatic holonomic operation that enables us to entangle two fixed-frequency superconducting transmon qubits attached to a common bus resonator. Two coherent microwave tones are applied simultaneously to the two qubits and drive ... More
Quantum optimization using variational algorithms on near-term quantum devicesOct 03 2017Oct 09 2017Universal fault-tolerant quantum computers will require error-free execution of long sequences of quantum gate operations, which is expected to involve millions of physical qubits. Before the full power of such machines will be available, near-term quantum ... More
Quantum algorithms for electronic structure calculations: particle/hole Hamiltonian and optimized wavefunction expansionsMay 11 2018In this work we investigate methods to improve the efficiency and scalability of quantum algorithms for quantum chemistry applications. We propose a transformation of the electronic structure Hamiltonian in the second quantization framework into the particle-hole ... More
The interaction between air ions and aerosol particles in the atmosphereSep 20 2012Charged particles are continually generated in atmospheric air, and the interaction between natural ionisation and atmospheric particles is complicated. It is of some climatic importance to establish if ions are implicated in particle formation. Atmospheric ... More
Gate-efficient simulation of molecular eigenstates on a quantum computerSep 13 2018A key requirement to perform simulations of large quantum systems on near-term quantum hardware is the design of quantum algorithms with short circuit depth that finish within the available coherence time. A way to stay within the limits of coherence ... More
3D Mesh Segmentation via Multi-branch 1D Convolutional Neural NetworksMay 31 2017Feb 01 2018There is an increasing interest in applying deep learning to 3D mesh segmentation. We observe that 1) existing feature-based techniques are often slow or sensitive to feature resizing, 2) there are minimal comparative studies and 3) techniques often suffer ... More
Local control theory for superconducting qubitsAug 31 2018In this work, we develop a method to design control pulses for fixed-frequency superconducting qubits coupled via tunable couplers based on local control theory, an approach commonly employed to steer chemical reactions. Local control theory provides ... More
An embedded circumnuclear disk in Mrk 273May 06 2004Radio observations using very long baseline interferometry (VLBI) and the Westerbork interferometer have been carried out to study the hydroxyl Megamaser emission in Mrk~273 at different spatial resolutions. Line and continuum observations were carried ... More
Measurements of jet-related observables at the LHCSep 07 2015During the first years of the LHC operation a large amount of jet data was recorded by the ATLAS and CMS experiments. In this review several measurements of jet-related observables are presented, such as multi-jet rates and cross sections, ratios of jet ... More
label.switching: An R Package for Dealing with the Label Switching Problem in MCMC OutputsMar 08 2015Label switching is a well-known and fundamental problem in Bayesian estimation of mixture or hidden Markov models. In case that the prior distribution of the model parameters is the same for all states, then both the likelihood and posterior distribution ... More
Solving the two envelopes problem with the Intermediate Amount StrategyFeb 16 2015This paper introduces a strategy in the two envelopes problem that utilizes the prior beliefs of two players about the amount of money that their envelopes can contain. This strategy gives them more information about the decision of switching they have ... More
Real-time jam-session support systemJan 27 2012We propose a method for the problem of real time chord accompaniment of improvised music. Our implementation can learn an underlying structure of the musical performance and predict next chord. The system uses Hidden Markov Model to find the most probable ... More
Variations on the Two Envelopes ProblemNov 06 2014There are many papers written on the Two Envelopes Problem that usually study some of its variations. In this paper we will study and compare the most significant variations of the problem. We will see the correct decisions for each player and we will ... More
The size of the singular set of a Type I Ricci flowOct 02 2015In a singular Type I Ricci flow, we consider a stratification of the set where there is curvature blow-up, according to the number of the Euclidean factors split by the tangent flows. We then show that the strata are characterized roughly in terms of ... More
Stochastic Optimal Prediction for the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky EquationJul 10 2003We examine the problem of predicting the evolution of solutions of the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation when initial data are missing. We use the optimal prediction method to construct equations for the reduced system. The resulting equations for the resolved ... More
Continuous-variables quantum cryptography: asymptotic and finite-size security analysisJun 12 2019In this thesis we study the finite-size analysis of two continuous-variables quantum key distribution schemes. The first one is the one-way protocol using Gaussian modulation of thermal states and the other is the measurement-device-independent protocol. ... More
On the spectrum of differential operators under Riemannian coveringsMar 08 2018For a Riemannian covering $p \colon M_{2} \to M_{1}$, we compare the spectrum of an essentially self-adjoint differential operator $D_{1}$ on a bundle $E_{1} \to M_{1}$ with the spectrum of its lift $D_{2}$ on $p^{*}E_{1} \to M_{2}$. We prove that if ... More
A maximum likelihood algorithm for the estimation and renormalization of exponential densitiesSep 14 2004We present an algorithm based on maximum likelihood for the estimation and renormalization (marginalization) of exponential densities. The moment-matching problem resulting from the maximization of the likelihood is solved as an optimization problem using ... More
The size of the singular set of a Type I Ricci flowOct 02 2015Nov 04 2016In a singular Type I Ricci flow, we consider a stratification of the set where there is curvature blow-up, according to the number of the Euclidean factors split by the tangent flows. We then show that the strata are characterized roughly in terms of ... More
Investigation of the obscuring circumnuclear torus in the active galaxy Mrk231Feb 19 2003Here we report on observations of powerful hydroxyl (OH) line emissions that trace the obscuring material within the circumnuclear environment of the galaxy Markarian 231. The hydroxyl (mega)-maser emission shows the characteristics of a rotating, dusty, ... More
Topological superconductivity in Rashba semiconductors without a Zeeman fieldSep 18 2014Jul 08 2015In this manuscript I present new hybrid devices based on multi-wire/channel Rashba semiconductors, which harbor Majorana fermions (MFs) without a Zeeman field. In contrast, magnetic fluxes, supercurrents or electric fields can be employed, yielding an ... More
Conditional path sampling of stochastic differential equations by drift relaxationJun 12 2010Feb 10 2011We present an algorithm for the efficient sampling of conditional paths of stochastic differential equations (SDEs). While unconditional path sampling of SDEs is straightforward, albeit expensive for high dimensional systems of SDEs, conditional path ... More
A new ergodic proof of a theorem of W. VeechMar 06 2017Our goal in the present paper is to give a new ergodic proof of a well-known Veech's result, build upon our previous works.
Positive harmonic functions on covering spacesJun 27 2019We show that if $p \colon M \to N$ is a normal Riemannian covering, with $N$ closed, and $M$ has exponential volume growth, then there are non-constant, positive harmonic functions on $M$. This was conjectured by Lyons and Sullivan in \cite{LS}.
Universal partial sums of Taylor series as functions of the centre of expansionOct 09 2017V. Nestoridis conjectured that if $\Omega$ is a simply connected subset of $\mathbb{C}$ that does not contain $0$ and $S(\Omega)$ is the set of all functions $f\in \mathcal{H}(\Omega)$ with the property that the set $\left\{T_N(f)(z)\coloneqq\sum_{n=0}^N\dfrac{f^{(n)}(z)}{n!} ... More
Coverings preserving the bottom of the spectrumNov 19 2018We prove that if a Riemannian covering preserves the bottom of the spectrum of a Schr\"{o}dinger operator, which belongs to the discrete spectrum of the operator on the base manifold, then the covering is amenable.
Mori-Zwanzig reduced models for uncertainty quantification I: Parametric uncertaintyNov 19 2012In many time-dependent problems of practical interest the parameters entering the equations describing the evolution of the various quantities exhibit uncertainty. One way to address the problem of how this uncertainty impacts the solution is to expand ... More
On the isomorphism between the reduction algebra and the invariant differential operators on Lie groupsMar 22 2011Oct 29 2012Using techniques of deformation (bi)quantization we establish a non-canonical algebra isomorphism between the deformed reduction algebra and the invariant differential operators on G/H. Further results concerning other deformations of these two algebras ... More
Numerical computation of solutions of the critical nonlinear Schrodinger equation after the singularityOct 11 2010We present numerical results for the solution of the 1D critical nonlinear Schrodinger with periodic boundary conditions and initial data that give rise to a finite time singularity. We construct, through the Mori-Zwanzig formalism, a reduced model which ... More
Classification of engineered topological superconductorsMay 01 2013Sep 21 2013I perform a complete classification of 2d, quasi-1d and 1d topological superconductors which originate from the suitable combination of inhomogeneous Rashba spin-orbit coupling, magnetism and superconductivity. My analysis reveals alternative types of ... More
A note on the topology of irreducible ${\rm SO}(3)$-manifoldsAug 25 2015We give necessary and sufficient topological conditions for the existence of an irreducible ${\rm SO}(3)$-structure on a $5$-manifold. Using these conditions we provide some new examples of $5$-manifolds with an irreducible ${\rm SO}(3)$-structure.
Mori-Zwanzig reduced models for uncertainty quantification II: Initial condition uncertaintyDec 27 2012In a recent preprint (arXiv:1211.4285v1) we addressed the problem of constructing reduced models for time-dependent systems described by differential equations which involve uncertain parameters. In the current work, we focus on the construction of reduced ... More
Stochastic global optimization as a filtering problemDec 21 2009We present a reformulation of stochastic global optimization as a filtering problem. The motivation behind this reformulation comes from the fact that for many optimization problems we cannot evaluate exactly the objective function to be optimized. Similarly, ... More
Renormalized reduced models for singular PDEsJun 08 2011Nov 18 2011We present a novel way of constructing reduced models for systems of ordinary differential equations. The reduced models we construct depend on coefficients which measure the importance of the different terms appearing in the model and need to be estimated. ... More
Higher order Mori-Zwanzig models for the Euler equationsJul 05 2006In a recent paper \cite{CHSS06}, an infinitely long memory model (the t-model) for the Euler equations was presented and analyzed. The model can be derived by keeping the zeroth order term in a Taylor expansion of the memory integrand in the Mori-Zwanzig ... More
Clustering Multivariate Data using Factor Analytic Bayesian Mixtures with an Unknown Number of ComponentsJun 02 2019Recent work on overfitting Bayesian mixtures of distributions offers a powerful framework for clustering multivariate data using a latent Gaussian model which resembles the factor analysis model. The flexibility provided by overfitting mixture models ... More
A comparative study of two stochastic mode reduction methodsSep 01 2005We present a comparative study of two methods for the reduction of the dimensionality of a system of ordinary differential equations that exhibits time-scale separation. Both methods lead to a reduced system of stochastic differential equations. The novel ... More
Asymptotic Dimension of Graphs of Groups and One Relator GroupsMay 20 2019We prove a new inequality for the asymptotic dimension of HNN-extensions. We deduce that the asymptotic dimension of every one relator group is at most two, confirming a conjecture of A.Dranishnikov. As another corollary we calculate the exact asymptotic ... More
Model reduction and mesh refinementFeb 26 2014In recent work we have presented a novel algorithm for mesh refinement which utilizes a reduced model. In particular, the reduced model is used to monitor the transfer of activity (e.g. mass, energy) from larger to smaller scales. When the activity transfer ... More
A level raising result for modular Galois representations modulo prime powersMar 29 2012In this work we provide a level raising theorem for $\mod \lambda^n$ modular Galois representations. It allows one to see such a Galois representation that is modular of level $N$, weight 2 and trivial Nebentypus as one that is modular of level $Np$, ... More
A possible generalization of Maeda's conjectureMay 15 2012We report on observations we made on computational data that suggest a generalization of Maeda's conjecture regarding the number of Galois orbits of newforms of level $N = 1$, to higher levels. They also suggest a possible formula for this number in many ... More
A Deep Learning Driven Active Framework for Segmentation of Large 3D Shape CollectionsJul 17 2018High-level shape understanding and technique evaluation on large repositories of 3D shapes often benefit from additional information known about the shapes. One example of such information is the semantic segmentation of a shape into functional or meaningful ... More
Binaries with a $δ$ Scuti component: Results from a long term observational survey, updated catalogue and future prospectsJun 24 2015Results from a six year systematic observational survey on candidate eclipsing binaries with a $\delta$ delta Sct component are presented. More than a hundred systems with component(s) of A-F spectral types were observed in the frame of this survey in ... More
A new photometric and spectroscopic study of the eclipsing binaries CC Her and CM Lac: Physical parameters and evolutionary statusApr 09 2014New complete light and radial velocities curves were obtained for the eclipsing binaries CC Her and CM Lac. The data are analysed with modern techniques in order to derive the physical parameters of the systems and study their present evolutionary status. ... More
Catalogue and Properties of δ Scuti Stars in BinariesNov 01 2016The catalogue contains 199 confirmed cases of binary systems containing at least one pulsating component of {\delta} Scuti type. The sample is divided into subgroups in order to describe the properties and characteristics of the {\delta} Sct type stars ... More
Quantifier Elimination by Dependency SequentsJan 26 2012Jun 02 2013We consider the problem of existential quantifier elimination for Boolean formulas in Conjunctive Normal Form (CNF). We present a new method for solving this problem called Derivation of Dependency-Sequents (DDS). A Dependency-sequent (D-sequent) is used ... More
Secrecy Capacity Scaling in Large Cooperative Wireless NetworksDec 11 2013Feb 28 2015We investigate large wireless networks subject to security constraints. In contrast to point-to-point, interference-limited communications considered in prior works, we propose active cooperative relaying based schemes. We consider a network with $n_l$ ... More
q-Symmetries in DNLS-AL chains and exact solutions of quantum dimersJul 05 1999Dynamical symmetries of Hamiltonians quantized models of discrete non-linear Schroedinger chain (DNLS) and of Ablowitz-Ladik chain (AL) are studied. It is shown that for $n$-sites the dynamical algebra of DNLS Hamilton operator is given by the $su(n)$ ... More
ILP Modulo TheoriesOct 14 2012Apr 08 2013We present Integer Linear Programming (ILP) Modulo Theories (IMT). An IMT instance is an Integer Linear Programming instance, where some symbols have interpretations in background theories. In previous work, the IMT approach has been applied to industrial ... More
Chirality Induced Tilted-Hill Giant Nernst SignalNov 13 2009Feb 20 2010We reveal a novel source of giant Nernst response exhibiting strong non-linear temperature and magnetic field dependence including the mysterious tilted-hill temperature profile observed in a pleiad of materials. The phenomenon results directly from the ... More
Berry phase and topological spin transport in the chiral d-density wave stateMay 20 2009In this paper we demonstrate the possibility of dissipationless spin transport in the chiral d-density wave state, by the sole application of a uniform Zeeman field gradient. The occurrence of these spontaneous spin currents is attributed to the parity ... More
An Efficient Multi-core Implementation of the Jaya Optimisation AlgorithmDec 09 2017In this work, we propose a hybrid parallel Jaya optimisation algorithm for a multi-core environment with the aim of solving large-scale global optimisation problems. The proposed algorithm is called HHCPJaya, and combines the hyper-population approach ... More
Equivariant K-theory and Resolution I: Abelian actionsJul 22 2018The smooth action of a compact Lie group on a compact manifold can be resolved to an iterated space, as made explicit by Pierre Albin and the second author. On the resolution the lifted action has fixed isotropy type, in an iterated sense, with connecting ... More
A Parallel Data Compression Framework for Large Scale 3D Scientific DataMar 18 2019Large scale simulations of complex systems ranging from climate and astrophysics to crowd dynamics, produce routinely petabytes of data and are projected to reach the zettabytes level in the coming decade. These simulations enable unprecedented insights ... More
Criteria for p-ordinarity of families of elliptic curves over infinitely many number fieldsApr 12 2014Let $K_i$ be a number field for all $i \in \mathbb{Z}_{> 0}$ and let $\mathcal{E}$ be a family of elliptic curves containing infinitely many members defined over $K_i$ for all $i$. Fix a rational prime $p$. We give sufficient conditions for the existence ... More
Mesh refinement for uncertainty quantification through model reductionFeb 20 2014We present a novel way of deciding when and where to refine a mesh in probability space in order to facilitate the uncertainty quantification in the presence of discontinuities in random space. A discontinuity in random space makes the application of ... More
Distribution Network Marginal Costs -- Part II: Case Study Based Numerical FindingsJun 04 2019This two-part paper considers the day-ahead operational planning problem of a radial distribution network hosting Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), such as Solar Photovoltaic (PV) and Electric Vehicles (EVs). In Part I, we develop a novel AC Optimal ... More
On the heat kernel of a class of fourth order operators in two dimensions: sharp Gaussian estimates and short time asymptoticsDec 08 2017Jul 03 2018We consider a class of fourth order uniformly elliptic operators in planar Euclidean domains and study the associated heat kernel. For operators with $L^{\infty}$ coefficients we obtain Gaussian estimates with best constants, while for operators with ... More
Atiyah classes and dg-Lie algebroids for matched pairsJan 23 2016Sep 21 2017For every Lie pair $(L,A)$ of algebroids we construct a dg-manifold structure on the $\mathbb{Z}$-graded manifold $\mathcal M=L[1]\oplus L/A$ such that the inclusion $\iota: A[1] \to \mathcal M$ and the projection $p:\mathcal M\to L[1]$ are morphisms ... More
Douglas-Rachford splitting and ADMM for nonconvex optimization: tight convergence resultsSep 18 2017Nov 09 2018Although originally designed and analyzed for convex problems, the alternating direction method of multipliers (ADMM) and its close relatives, Douglas-Rachford splitting (DRS) and Peaceman-Rachford splitting (PRS), have been observed to perform remarkably ... More
Asymmetric Forward-Backward-Adjoint Splitting for Solving Monotone Inclusions Involving Three OperatorsFeb 28 2016Oct 14 2016In this work we propose a new splitting technique, namely Asymmetric Forward-Backward-Adjoint splitting, for solving monotone inclusions involving three terms, a maximally monotone, a cocoercive and a bounded linear operator. Classical operator splitting ... More
Truth in Web Mining: Measuring the Profitability and Cost of Cryptominers as a Web Monetization ModelJun 06 2018The recent advances of web-based cryptomining libraries along with the whopping market value of cryptocoins have convinced an increasing number of publishers to switch to web mining as a source of monetization for their websites. The conditions could ... More
Effective-mass model of surface scattering in locally oxidized Si nanowiresFeb 02 2010We present a simple model to describe the lowest-subbands surface scattering in locally oxidized silicon nanowires grown in the [110] direction. To this end, we employ an atomistically scaled effective mass model projected from a three-dimensional effective ... More
The Composition of Wage Differentials between Migrants and NativesJun 07 2013Oct 20 2013We consider the role of unobservables, such as differences in search frictions, reservation wages, and productivities for the explanation of wage differentials between migrants and natives. We disentangle these by estimating an empirical general equilibrium ... More
Active Adversaries from an Information-Theoretic Perspective: Data Modification AttacksApr 25 2014We investigate the problem of reliable communication in the presence of active adversaries that can tamper with the transmitted data. We consider a legitimate transmitter-receiver pair connected over multiple communication paths (routes). We propose two ... More
Routing Directions: Keeping it Fast and SimpleSep 17 2013The problem of providing meaningful routing directions over road networks is of great importance. In many real-life cases, the fastest route may not be the ideal choice for providing directions in written, spoken text, or for an unfamiliar neighborhood, ... More
Ricci flow from spaces with isolated conical singularitiesOct 31 2016Let $(M,g_0)$ be a compact $n$-dimensional Riemannian manifold with a finite number of singular points, where the metric is asymptotic to a non-negatively curved cone over $(\mathbb{S}^{n-1},g)$. We show that there exists a smooth Ricci flow starting ... More
Atiyah classes and dg-Lie algebroids for matched pairsJan 23 2016Apr 01 2016For every Lie pair $(L,A)$ of algebroids we construct a dg-manifold structure on the $\mathbb{Z}$-graded manifold $\mathcal{M}=L[1]\oplus L/A$ such that the inclusion $\iota: A[1] \to \mathcal{M}$ and the projection $p:\mathcal{M}\to L[1]$ are morphisms ... More
Training of Convolutional Networks on Multiple Heterogeneous Datasets for Street Scene Semantic SegmentationMar 15 2018Jul 08 2018We propose a convolutional network with hierarchical classifiers for per-pixel semantic segmentation, which is able to be trained on multiple, heterogeneous datasets and exploit their semantic hierarchy. Our network is the first to be simultaneously trained ... More
Partial Quantifier EliminationJul 17 2014We consider the problem of Partial Quantifier Elimination (PQE). Given formula exists(X)[F(X,Y) & G(X,Y)], where F, G are in conjunctive normal form, the PQE problem is to find a formula F*(Y) such that F* & exists(X)[G] is logically equivalent to exists(X)[F ... More
Input Hard Constrained Optimal Covariance SteeringMar 26 2019In this work we address the problem of optimal covariance steering for stochastic discrete linear systems with additive noise under state chance constraints and input hard constraints. We assume that the additive noise is Gaussian distributed, and thus, ... More
Geodesic orbit metrics in compact homogeneous manifolds with equivalent isotropy submodulesOct 29 2016Feb 07 2018A geodesic orbit manifold (GO manifold) is a Riemannian manifold (M,g) with the property that any geodesic in M is an orbit of a one-parameter subgroup of a group G of isometries of (M,g). The metric g is then called a G-GO metric in M. For an arbitrary ... More
Stochastic Model Predictive Control for Constrained Linear Systems Using Optimal Covariance SteeringMay 30 2019This work develops a stochastic model predictive controller (SMPC) for uncertain linear systems with additive Gaussian noise subject to state and control constraints. The proposed approach is based on the recently developed finite-horizon optimal covariance ... More
FZZT branes and non-singlets of Matrix Quantum MechanicsNov 12 2017Oct 31 2018We explore the non-singlet sector of matrix quantum mechanics dual to $c=1$ Liouville theory. The non-singlets are obtained by adding $N_{f}\times N$ bi-fundamental fields in the gauged matrix quantum mechanics model as well as a one dimensional Chern-Simons ... More
A non-commutative differential module approach to Alexander modulesApr 14 2019The theory of R. Crowell on derived modules is approached within the theory of non-commutative differential modules. We also seek analogies to the theory of cotangent complex from differentials in the commutative ring setting. Finally we give examples ... More
Group Actions on cyclic covers of the projective lineApr 19 2018Apr 11 2019We use tools from combinatorial group theory in order to study actions of three types on groups acting on a curve, namely the automorphism group of a compact Riemann surface, the mapping class group acting on a surface (which now is allowed to have some ... More
W- algebras and Duflo IsomorphismOct 29 2012Jul 27 2016We prove that when Kontsevich's deformation quantization is applied on weight homogeneous Poisson structures, the operators in the $\ast-$ product formula are weight homogeneous. We then consider the linear Poisson case $X=\mathfrak{g}^\ast$ for a semi ... More
Path sampling for particle filters with application to multi-target trackingSep 10 2010Feb 10 2011In recent work (arXiv:1006.3100v1), we have presented a novel approach for improving particle filters for multi-target tracking. The suggested approach was based on drift homotopy for stochastic differential equations. Drift homotopy was used to design ... More
Interacting particle systems at the edge of multilevel Jack processesDec 11 2016We consider a multilevel continuous time Markov chain $X(s;N) = (X_i^j(s;N): 1 \leq i \leq j \leq N)$, which is defined by means of Jack symmetric functions and forms a certain discretization of the multilevel Dyson Brownian motion. The process $X(s;N)$ ... More
Geodesic orbit metrics in compact homogeneous manifolds with equivalent isotropy submodulesOct 29 2016A geodesic orbit manifold (GO manifold) is a Riemannian manifold (M,g) with the property that any geodesic in M is an orbit of a one-parameter subgroup of a group G of isometries of (M,g). The metric g is then called a G-GO metric in M. For an arbitrary ... More
The oEA stars QY Aql, BW Del, TZ Dra, BO Her and RR Lep: Photometric analysis, frequency search and evolutionary statusApr 09 2014New and complete multi-band light curves of the oEA stars QY Aql, BW Del, TZ Dra, BO Her and RR Lep were obtained and analysed with the Wilson-Devinney code. The light curves residuals were further analysed with the Fourier method in order to derive the ... More
Constrained Colluding Eavesdroppers: An Information-Theoretic ModelDec 11 2013We study the secrecy capacity in the vicinity of colluding eavesdroppers. Contrary to the perfect collusion assumption in previous works, our new information-theoretic model considers constraints in collusion. We derive the achievable secure rates (lower ... More
Magnetic field induced chiral particle-hole condensatesMay 20 2009Nov 19 2009We demonstrate that a chiral particle-hole condensate is always induced by a number-conserving ground state of non-zero angular momentum in the presence of a magnetic field. The magnetic interaction originates from the coupling with the intrinsic orbital ... More
Actions on Symmetric curves from the Arithmetic Topology viewpointApr 19 2018Oct 14 2018We give an explanation of the MKR dictionary in Arithmetic topology using Ihara's theory of profinite braid groups. Motivated by the analogy we perform explicit computations for representations of both braid groups and the absolute Galois group $\mathrm{Gal}(\bar{\Q}/\Q)$ ... More
Reduced Wiener Chaos representation of random fields via basis adaptation and projectionMar 15 2016Mar 22 2016A new characterization of random fields appearing in physical models is presented that is based on their well-known Homogeneous Chaos expansions. We take advantage of the adaptation capabilities of these expansions where the core idea is to rotate the ... More
On Boosting Semantic Street Scene Segmentation with Weak SupervisionMar 08 2019Training convolutional networks for semantic segmentation requires per-pixel ground truth labels, which are very time consuming and hence costly to obtain. Therefore, in this work, we research and develop a hierarchical deep network architecture and the ... More
Combinatorial Wall-Crossing and the Mullineux InvolutionNov 14 2017Aug 25 2018In this paper, we define the combinatorial wall-crossing transformation and the generalized column regularization on partitions and prove that a certain composition of these two transformations has the same effect on the one-row partition $(n)$. As corollaries ... More
Analyticity results in Bernoulli PercolationNov 18 2018We prove (rigorously) that in 2-dimensional Bernoulli percolation, the percolation density is an analytic function of the parameter in the super-critical interval. For this we introduce some techniques that have further implications. In particular, we ... More
Equivariant discretizations of diffusions, random walks, and harmonic functionsJun 27 2019For covering spaces and properly discontinuous actions with compatible diffusion processes, we discuss Lyons-Sullivan discretizations of the processes and the associated function theory.
Poisson Cohomology of Broken Lefschetz FibrationsMay 11 2018We compute the formal Poisson cohomology of a broken Lefschetz fibration by calculating it at fold singularities and singular points. Near a fold singularity the computation reduces to that for a point singularity in 3 dimensions. For the Poisson cohomology ... More
Proving Skipping Refinement with ACL2sSep 21 2015We describe three case studies illustrating the use of ACL2s to prove the correctness of optimized reactive systems using skipping refinement. Reasoning about reactive systems using refinement involves defining an abstract, high-level specification system ... More
Skipping RefinementFeb 10 2015We introduce skipping refinement, a new notion of correctness for reasoning about optimized reactive systems. Reasoning about reactive systems using refinement involves defining an abstract, high-level specification system and a concrete, low-level implementation ... More
Topics on modular Galois representations modulo prime powersDec 15 2016Jul 03 2017This article surveys modularity, level raising and level lowering questions for two-dimensional representations modulo prime powers of the absolute Galois group of the rational numbers. It contributes some new results and describes algorithms and a database ... More
A characterization of ordinary modular eigenforms with CMJun 01 2012Jul 18 2013For a rational prime $p \geq 3$ we show that a $p$-ordinary modular eigenform $f$ of weight $k\geq 2$, with $p$-adic Galois representation $\rho_f$, mod ${p^m}$ reductions $\rho_{f,m}$, and with complex multiplication (CM), is characterized by the existence ... More
Aggregate-Eliminate-Predict: Detecting Adverse Drug Events from Heterogeneous Electronic Health RecordsJul 13 2019We study the problem of detecting adverse drug events in electronic healthcare records. The challenge in this work is to aggregate heterogeneous data types involving diagnosis codes, drug codes, as well as lab measurements. An earlier framework proposed ... More
The Role of Vertex Consistency in Sampling-based Algorithms for Optimal Motion PlanningApr 29 2012Motion planning problems have been studied by both the robotics and the controls research communities for a long time, and many algorithms have been developed for their solution. Among them, incremental sampling-based motion planning algorithms, such ... More
Incremental Sampling-based Motion Planners Using Policy Iteration MethodsSep 19 2016Recent progress in randomized motion planners has led to the development of a new class of sampling-based algorithms that provide asymptotic optimality guarantees, notably the RRT* and the PRM* algorithms. Careful analysis reveals that the so-called "rewiring" ... More