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Multidimensional random walks conditioned to stay ordered via generalized ladder height functionsMay 14 2019Random walks conditioned to stay positive are a prominent topic in fluctuation theory. One way to construct them is as a random walk conditioned to stay positive up to time $n$, and let $n$ tend to infinity. A second method is conditioning instead to ... More
Dini derivatives for Exchangeable Increments processes and applicationsMar 12 2019Let $X$ be an exchangeable increment (EI) process whose sample paths are of infinite variation. We prove that, for any fixed $t$ almost surely, \[ \limsup_{h\to 0 \pm} (X_{t+h}-X_t)/h=\infty \quad\text{and}\quad \liminf_{h\to 0\pm} (X_{t+h}-X_t)/h=-\infty. ... More
Dini derivatives for Exchangeable Increment processes and applicationsMar 12 2019Mar 14 2019Let $X$ be an exchangeable increment (EI) process whose sample paths are of infinite variation. We prove that, for any fixed $t$ almost surely, \[ \limsup_{h\to 0 \pm} (X_{t+h}-X_t)/h=\infty \quad\text{and}\quad \liminf_{h\to 0\pm} (X_{t+h}-X_t)/h=-\infty. ... More
Convenient filtering techniques for LIGO strain of the GW150914 eventMar 01 2019We present a new strategy for the pre-processing filtering techniques of the LIGO strain of the GW150914\cite{Abbott:2016blz,TheLIGOScientific:2016wfe} event that intends to extract as much physical information as possible, minimizing the use of prior ... More
A Comparison between two methods for the measurement of the Planck constant h, the watt balance and the superconductor electromechanical oscillator methodsAug 14 2009The purpose of this note is to make a brief analysis of the physical principles upon which two methods for relating the mass of an object to fundamental physical constants are based. The two methods are, namely, the watt balance method, and a still untested ... More
Robust Coding for Lossy Computing with Observation CostsMay 24 2011Apr 16 2012An encoder wishes to minimize the bit rate necessary to guarantee that a decoder is able to calculate a symbol-wise function of a sequence available only at the encoder and a sequence that can be measured only at the decoder. This classical problem, first ... More
Cosmological singularity theorems for $f(R)$ gravity theoriesFeb 13 2016May 13 2016In the present work some generalizations of the Hawking singularity theorems in the context of $f(R)$ theories are presented. The assumptions are of these generalized theorems is that the matter fields satisfy the conditions $\bigg(T_{ij}-\frac{g_{ij}}{2} ... More
Exhaustion of the curve graph via rigid expansionsNov 23 2016For an orientable surface $S$ of finite topological type with genus $g \geq 3$, we construct a finite set of curves whose union of iterated rigid expansions is the curve graph of $S$. The set constructed, and the method of rigid expansion, are closely ... More
Optimal Resource Allocation for Mobile Edge Computing-Based Augmented Reality ApplicationsNov 28 2016Mobile edge computing enables the provision of computationally demanding Augmented Reality (AR) applications on mobile devices. AR mobile applications have inherent collaborative properties in terms of data collection in the uplink, computing at the edge, ... More
Constructing balanced equations of motion for particles in general relativity: the harmonic gauge caseNov 22 2017Mar 14 2018Based in the framework of article (arXiv:1609.02110), where we have presented the general problems one encounters in the construction of balanced equations of motions for particles in relativistic theories of gravity, we present in this work the explicit ... More
A superfield realization of the integrated vertex operator in an $AdS_5\times S^5$ backgroundSep 16 2017Sep 21 2017The integrated massless vertex operator in an $AdS_5\times S^5$ background in the pure spinor formalism is constructed in terms of superfields.
Explicit expressions for optical scalars in gravitational lensing from general matter sourcesDec 11 2012We present explicit expressions for the optical scalars and the deection angle in terms of the energymomentum tensor components of matter distributions. Our work generalizes standard references in the literature where normally stringent assumptions are ... More
Source Coding When the Side Information May Be DelayedSep 06 2011Jul 17 2012For memoryless sources, delayed side information at the decoder does not improve the rate-distortion function. However, this is not the case for more general sources with memory, as demonstrated by a number of works focusing on the special case of (delayed) ... More
Rest Frame System for Asymptotically Flat SpacetimesMar 22 2002The notion of center of mass for an isolated system has been previously encoded in the definition of the so called nice sections. In this article we present a generalization of the proof of existence of solutions to the linearized equation for nice sections, ... More
Alternating maps on Hatcher-Thurston graphsNov 30 2016Let $S_{1}$ and $S_{2}$ be connected orientable surfaces of genus $g_{1}, g_{2} \geq 3$, $n_{1},n_{2} \geq 0$ punctures, and empty boundary. Let also $\varphi: \mathcal{HT}(S_{1}) \rightarrow \mathcal{HT}(S_{2})$ be an edge-preserving alternating map ... More
Extragalactic neutrinos as tracers of Dark Matter?Apr 08 2019Neutrinos produced in extragalactic sources may experience flavor-oscillations and decoherence on their way to Earth due to their interaction with dark matter (DM). As a result, they may be detected in pointer-states other than the flavor states at the ... More
An operator-theoretic approach to invariant integrals on quantum homogeneous sl_{n+1}(R)-spacesApr 04 2009We present other examples illustrating the operator-theoretic approach to invariant integrals on quantum homogeneous spaces developed by Kuersten and the second author. The quantum spaces are chosen such that their coordinate algebras do not admit bounded ... More
Lebesgue-Type inequalities for quasi-greedy basesNov 02 2011Nov 16 2011We show that for quasi-greedy bases in real Banach spaces the error of the thresholding greedy algorithm of order N is bounded by the best N-term error of approximation times a constant which depends on the democracy functions and the quasi-greedy constant ... More
Robust utility maximization for Lévy processes: Penalization and solvabilityJun 04 2012In this paper the robust utility maximization problem for a market model based on L\'evy processes is analyzed. The interplay between the form of the utility function and the penalization function required to have a well posed problem is studied, and ... More
Characterization of the minimal penalty of a convex risk measure with applications to Levy processesMay 16 2012Jan 30 2014The minimality of the penalization function associated with a convex risk measure is analyzed in this paper. First, in a general static framework, we provide necessary and sufficient conditions for a penalty function defined in a convex and closed subset ... More
Epireflections in topological algebraic structuresApr 04 2017Nov 20 2018Let $\sR$ be an epireflective category of $\topo$ and let $F_\sR$\, be the epireflective functor associated with $\sR$. If $\sA$ denotes a (semi)topological algebraic subcategory of $\topo$, we study when $F_\sR\,(A)$ is an epireflective subcategory of ... More
Gravitational lens optical scalars in terms of energy-momentum distributions in the cosmological frameworkOct 19 2016We present new results on gravitational lensing over a cosmological Robertson-Walker backgrounds which extend and generalize previous works. Our expressions show the presence of new terms and factors which have been neglected in the literature on the ... More
Fundamental Latency Limits for D2D-Aided Content Delivery in Fog Wireless NetworksJan 02 2018Apr 04 2018Device-to-Device (D2D) communication can support the operation of cellular systems by reducing the traffic in the network infrastructure. In this paper, the benefits of D2D communication are investigated in the context of a Fog-Radio Access Network (F-RAN) ... More
Multi-Tenant C-RAN With Spectrum Pooling: Downlink Optimization Under Privacy ConstraintsOct 17 2017Spectrum pooling allows multiple operators, or tenants, to share the same frequency bands. This work studies the optimization of spectrum pooling for the downlink of a multi-tenant Cloud Radio Access Network (C-RAN) system in the presence of inter-tenant ... More
Cache Aided Wireless Networks: Tradeoffs between Storage and LatencyDec 24 2015We investigate the fundamental information theoretic limits of cache-aided wireless networks, in which edge nodes (or transmitters) are endowed with caches that can store popular content, such as multimedia files. This architecture aims to localize popular ... More
Training Probabilistic Spiking Neural Networks with First-to-spike DecodingOct 29 2017Feb 22 2018Third-generation neural networks, or Spiking Neural Networks (SNNs), aim at harnessing the energy efficiency of spike-domain processing by building on computing elements that operate on, and exchange, spikes. In this paper, the problem of training a two-layer ... More
Fog-Aided Wireless Networks for Content Delivery: Fundamental Latency Trade-OffsMay 05 2016Apr 03 2018A fog-aided wireless network architecture is studied in which edge-nodes (ENs), such as base stations, are connected to a cloud processor via dedicated fronthaul links, while also being endowed with caches. Cloud processing enables the centralized implementation ... More
Lossy Compression with Privacy Constraints: Optimality of Polar CodesApr 21 2015A lossy source coding problem with privacy constraint is studied in which two correlated discrete sources $X$ and $Y$ are compressed into a reconstruction $\hat{X}$ with some prescribed distortion $D$. In addition, a privacy constraint is specified as ... More
Power spectra in extended tachyon cosmologiesFeb 03 2015Sep 08 2015In the present work the power spectrum of a particular class of tachyon fields is compared with the one corresponding to a cosmological constant model. This is done for different barotropic indexes $\gamma_0$ and the background space time is assumed to ... More
Massless geodesics in $AdS_5\times Y(p,q)$ as a superintegrable systemMay 15 2012Oct 10 2012A Carter like constant for the geodesic motion in the $Y(p,q)$ Einstein-Sasaki geometries is presented. This constant is functionally independent with respect to the five known constants for the geometry. Since the geometry is five dimensional and the ... More
On $\mathbb R$-embeddability of almost disjoint families and Akemann-Doner C*-algebrasJan 02 2019An almost disjoint family $\mathcal A$ of subsets of $\mathbb N$ is said to be $\mathbb R$-embeddable if there is a function $f:\mathbb N\rightarrow \mathbb R$ such that the sets $f[A]$ are ranges of real sequences converging to distinct reals for distinct ... More
A New Cryptographic Approach: Iterated Random Encryption (IRE)Oct 27 2018A new cryptographic approach -- Iterated Random Encryption (IRE) -- is presented here. Although it is very simple, and easy to implement, it provides a very high level of security. According to this approach, a sequence of operations applied to a message ... More
Analysis of time series and signals using the Square Wave MethodAug 07 2016Aug 26 2016The Square Wave Method (SWM), previously introduced for the analysis of signals and images, is presented here as a mathematical tool suitable for the analysis of time series and signals. To show the potential that the SWM has to analyze many different ... More
A New Method for Signal and Image Analysis: The Square Wave MethodJan 04 2015A brief review is provided of the use of the Square Wave Method (SWM) in the field of signal and image analysis and it is specified how results thus obtained are expressed using the Square Wave Transform (SWT), in the frequency domain. To illustrate the ... More
Using Inclusion Diagrams as an Alternative to Venn Diagrams to Determine the Validity of Categorical SyllogismsSep 03 2015Dec 10 2018Inclusion diagrams are introduced as an alternative to using Venn diagrams to determine the validity of categorical syllogisms, and are used here for the analysis of diverse categorical syllogisms. As a preliminary example of a possible generalization ... More
Cloud and Cache-Aided Wireless Networks: Fundamental Latency Trade-OffsMay 05 2016Jun 08 2016A cloud and cache-aided wireless network architecture is studied in which edge-nodes (ENs), such as base stations, are connected to a cloud processor via dedicated fronthaul links, while also being endowed with caches. Cloud processing enables the centralized ... More
Mobile Edge Computing via a UAV-Mounted Cloudlet: Optimal Bit Allocation and Path PlanningSep 17 2016Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have been recently considered as means to provide enhanced coverage or relaying services to mobile users (MUs) in wireless systems with limited or no infrastructure. In this paper, a UAV-based mobile cloud computing system ... More
On the probabilistic approach to the solution of generalized fractional differential equations of Caputo and Riemann-Liouville typeSep 14 2015Dec 03 2015This paper provides a probabilistic approach to solve linear equations involving Caputo and Riemann-Liouville type derivatives. Using the probabilistic interpretation of these operators as the generators of interrupted Feller processes, we obtain well-posedness ... More
Neutrino-induced one-pion production revisited: the $ν_μn\toμ^- nπ^+$ channelDec 07 2016We reanalyze our previous studies of neutrino-induced one-pion production on nucleons for outgoing $\pi N$ invariant masses below 1.4 GeV. Our motivation is to get a better description of the $\nu_\mu n\to\mu^- n\pi^+$ cross section, for which current ... More
Study of the influence of surface anisotropy and lattice structure on the behaviour of a small magnetic clusterApr 01 2003May 12 2005We have studied by Monte Carlo simulations the thermal behaviour of a small (N=13 particles) cluster described by a Heisenberg model, including nearest-neighbour ferromagnetic interactions and radial surface anisotropy, in an applied magnetic field. We ... More
Similarity networks for classification: a case study in the Horse Colic problemMar 18 2014This paper develops a two-layer neural network in which the neuron model computes a user-defined similarity function between inputs and weights. The neuron transfer function is formed by composition of an adapted logistic function with the mean of the ... More
Resonant quantum kicked rotor with two internal levelsOct 26 2012We develop a system consisting of a quantum kicked rotor with an additional degree of freedom. This models a single two-level atom with internal ground and excited states, and it is characterized by its quantum resonances with ballistic spreading and ... More
F-purity of hypersurfacesDec 12 2011Feb 10 2012In this note, we study F-purity of pairs, and show (as is the case with log canonicity) that F-purity is preserved at the F-pure threshold. We also characterize when F-purity is equivalent to sharp F-purity, an alternate notion of purity for pairs introduced ... More
Critical region for an Ising model coupled to causal dynamical triangulationsFeb 13 2014Jun 12 2015This paper extends results obtained by [15] for the annealed Ising model coupled to two-dimensional causal dynamical triangulations. We employ the Fortuin-Kasteleyn (FK) representation in order to determine a region in the quadrant of parameters $\beta,\mu>0$ ... More
Nondegeneracy and the Jacobi fields of rotationally symmetric solutions to the Cahn-Hillard equationMay 11 2017May 27 2017In this paper we study rotationally symmetric solutions of the Cahn-Hilliard equation in $\mathbb R^3$ constructed by the authors. These solutions form a one parameter family analog to the family of Delaunay surfaces and in fact the zero level sets of ... More
Countable dense homogeneity of function spacesApr 09 2019In this paper we consider the question of when the space $C_p(X)$ of continuous real-valued functions on $X$ with the pointwise convergence topology is countable dense homogeneous. In particular, we focus on the case when $X$ is countable with a unique ... More
Isomorphisms between curve graphs of infinite-type surfaces are geometricJun 12 2017Let $\phi:\mathcal{C}(S)\to\mathcal{C}(S')$ be a simplicial isomorphism between the curve graphs of two infinite-type surfaces. In this paper we show that in this situation $S$ and $S'$ are homeomorphic and $\phi$ is induced by a homeomorphism $h:S\to ... More
Topological recursion, topological quantum field theory and Gromov-Witten invariants of BGJun 02 2016The purpose of this paper is to give a twisted version of the Eynard-Orantin topological recursion by a 2D Topological Quantum Field Theory. We define a kernel for a 2D TQFT and use an algebraic definition for a topological recursion to define how to ... More
Top quark effects in composite vector pair production at the LHCAug 05 2010Sep 25 2012In the context of a strongly coupled Electroweak Symmetry Breaking, composite light scalar singlet and composite triplet of heavy vectors may arise from an unspecified strong dynamics and the interactions among themselves and with the Standard Model gauge ... More
A novel and economical explanation for SM fermion masses and mixingsDec 30 2015Sep 03 2016I propose the first multiscalar singlet extension of the Standard Model (SM), that generates tree level top quark and exotic fermion masses as well as one and three loop level masses for charged fermions lighter than the top quark and for light active ... More
A locking-free optimal control problem with $L^1$ cost for optimal placement of control devices in Timoshenko beamJul 24 2017The numerical approximation of an optimal control problem with $L^1$-control of a Timoshenko beam is considered and analyzed by using the finite element method. From the practical point of view, inclusion of the $L^1$--norm in the cost functional is interesting ... More
Countable Dense Homogeneity and the Double Arrow SpaceSep 18 2018Let $\mathbb{A}$ denote the Alexandroff-Urysohn double arrow space. We prove the following results: (a) $\mathbb{A}\times{}^\omega{2}$ is not countable dense homogeneous; (b) ${}^{\omega}{\mathbb{A}}$ is not countable dense homogeneous; (c) $\mathbb{A}$ ... More
Countable dense homogeneity and the Cantor setMay 02 2017It is shown that CH implies the existence of a compact Hausdorff space that is countable dense homogeneous, crowded and does not contain topological copies of the Cantor set. This contrasts with a previous result by the author which says that for any ... More
Paraphrasing verbal metonymy through computational methodsSep 18 2017Verbal metonymy has received relatively scarce attention in the field of computational linguistics despite the fact that a model to accurately paraphrase metonymy has applications both in academia and the technology sector. The method described in this ... More
Restricted non-linear approximation in sequence spaces and applications to wavelet bases and interpolationAug 12 2011Restricted non-linear approximation is a type of N-term approximation where a measure $\nu$ on the index set (rather than the counting measure) is used to control the number of terms in the approximation. We show that embeddings for restricted non-linear ... More
Finite size scaling analysis of a nonequilibrium phase transition in the naming game modelSep 09 2016We realize an extensive numerical study of the Naming Game model with a noise term which accounts for perturbations. This model displays a non-equilibrium phase transition between an absorbing ordered consensus state, which occurs for small noise, and ... More
On the locus formed by the maximum heights of projectile motion with air resistanceJan 04 2010Mar 20 2010We present an analysis on the geometrical place formed by the set of maxima of the trajectories of a projectile launched in a media with linear drag. Such a place, the locus of apexes, is written in term of the Lambert $W$ function in polar coordinates, ... More
The Locus of the apices of projectile trajectories under constant dragMay 25 2017We present an analytical solution for the projectile coplanar motion under constant drag parametrised by the velocity angle. We found the locus formed by the apices of the projectile trajectories. The range and time of flight are obtained numerically ... More
Wave-particle duality from stochastic electrodynamicsFeb 26 2014The wave-particle duality is one of the most mysterious phenomena of the quantum theory, in this paper first it's studied the rise of the wave properties of matter from the theory of stochastic electrodynamics (SED), in which de Broglie's idea of a guiding ... More
F-invariants of diagonal hypersurfacesDec 12 2011In this note, we derive a formula for the F-pure threshold of diagonal hypersurfaces over a perfect field of prime characteristic. We also calculate the associated test ideal at the F-pure threshold, and give formulas for higher jumping numbers of Fermat ... More
Anomalous diffusion in the resonant quantum kicked rotorAug 31 2009Mar 26 2010We study the resonances of the quantum kicked rotor subjected to an excitation that follows a deterministic time-dependent prescription. For the primary resonances we find an analytical relation between the long-time behavior of the standard deviation ... More
Pile-up corrections in laser-driven pulsed x-ray sourcesNov 22 2016May 31 2018A formalism for treating the pile-up produced in solid-state detectors by laser-driven pulsed x-ray sources has been developed. It allows the direct use of x-ray spectroscopy without artificially decreasing the number of counts in the detector, assuming ... More
Dynamics of induced homeomorphisms of one-dimensional solenoidsApr 01 2017We study the displacement function of homeomorphisms isotopic to the identity of the universal one-dimensional solenoid and we get a characterization of the lifting property for an open and dense subgroup of the isotopy component of the identity. The ... More
Remote Filters and Discretely Generated SpacesDec 05 2013Dec 10 2015Alas, Junqueira and Wilson asked whether there is a discretely generated locally compact space whose one point compactification is not discretely generated and gave a consistent example using CH. Their construction uses a remote filter in $\omega\times{}^{\omega}2$ ... More
Nonstandard quasi-monotonicity: an application to the wave existence in a neutral KPP-Fisher equationJan 28 2019We revisit Wu and Zou non-standard quasi-monotonicity approach for proving existence of monotone wavefronts in monostable reaction-diffusion equations with delays. This allows to solve the problem of existence of monotone wavefronts in a neutral KPP-Fisher ... More
Online Reinforcement Learning of X-Haul Content Delivery Mode in Fog Radio Access NetworksMar 18 2019We consider a Fog Radio Access Network (F-RAN) with a Base Band Unit (BBU) in the cloud and multiple cache-enabled enhanced Remote Radio Heads (eRRHs). The system aims at delivering contents on demand with minimal average latency from a time-varying library ... More
Coded Federated Computing in Wireless Networks with Straggling Devices and Imperfect CSIJan 16 2019Distributed computing platforms typically assume the availability of reliable and dedicated connections among the processors. This work considers an alternative scenario, relevant for wireless data centers and federated learning, in which the distributed ... More
Spiking Neural Networks: A Stochastic Signal Processing PerspectiveDec 10 2018May 08 2019Spiking Neural Networks (SNNs) are distributed trainable systems whose computing elements, or neurons, are characterized by internal analog dynamics and by digital and sparse synaptic communications. The sparsity of the synaptic spiking inputs and the ... More
Crude oil market and geopolitical events: an analysis based on information-theory-based quantifiersApr 14 2017This paper analyzes the informational efficiency of oil market during the last three decades, and examines changes in informational efficiency with major geopolitical events, such as terrorist attacks, financial crisis and other important events. The ... More
Cloud Radio Access Networks: Uplink Channel Estimation and Downlink PrecodingAug 26 2016The gains afforded by cloud radio access network (C-RAN) in terms of savings in capital and operating expenses, flexibility, interference management and network densification rely on the presence of high-capacity low-latency fronthaul connectivity between ... More
Edge Detection based on Kernel Density EstimationNov 05 2014Edges of an image are considered a crucial type of information. These can be extracted by applying edge detectors with different methodology. Edge detection is a vital step in computer vision tasks, because it is an essential issue for pattern recognition ... More
AdS pure spinor superstring in constant backgroundsApr 03 2014May 15 2014In this paper we study the pure spinor formulation of the superstring in $AdS_5\times S^5$ around point particle solutions of the classical equations of motion. As a particular example we quantize the pure spinor string in the BMN background.
Learning How to Demodulate from Few Pilots via Meta-LearningMar 06 2019Consider an Internet-of-Things (IoT) scenario in which devices transmit sporadically using short packets with few pilot symbols. Each device transmits over a fading channel and is characterized by an amplifier with a unique non-linear transfer function. ... More
Online Edge Caching and Wireless Delivery in Fog-Aided Networks with Dynamic Content PopularityNov 28 2017Apr 22 2018Fog Radio Access Network (F-RAN) architectures can leverage both cloud processing and edge caching for content delivery to the users. To this end, F-RAN utilizes caches at the edge nodes (ENs) and fronthaul links connecting a cloud processor to ENs. Assuming ... More
Text authorship identified using the dynamics of word co-occurrence networksJul 29 2016The identification of authorship in disputed documents still requires human expertise, which is now unfeasible for many tasks owing to the large volumes of text and authors in practical applications. In this study, we introduce a methodology based on ... More
Master symmetry in the $AdS_5\times S^5$ pure spinor stringJul 01 2016We lift the set of classical non-local symmetries recently studied by Klose, Loebbert, and M\"unkler in the context of $\mathbb Z_2$ cosets to the pure spinor description of the superstring in the $AdS_5\times S^5$ background.
Compactification of the Heterotic Pure Spinor Superstring IIAug 17 2011Sep 01 2011We study compactifications of the heterotic pure spinor superstring to six and four dimensions focusing on two simple Calabi-Yau orbifolds. We show that the correct spectrum can be reproduced only if, in the twisted sector, there remain exactly 5 and ... More
Flexible Parametrization of Generalized Parton Distributions from Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering ObservablesDec 16 2010Feb 16 2011We present a physically motivated parametrization of the chiral-even generalized parton distributions in the non-singlet sector obtained from a global analysis using a set of available experimental data. Our analysis is valid in the kinematical region ... More
PhilosometricsOct 09 2010Oct 21 2010The hypothesis that philosophy is driven by difference/innovation is checked in a quantitative manner. This was performed by assigning grades to eight main philosophical features with respect to seven prominent philosophers, which allowed sound concepts ... More
Throughput of Cellular Uplink with Dynamic User Activity and Cooperative Base-StationsAug 21 2009The throughput of a linear cellular uplink with a random number of users, different power control schemes, and cooperative base stations is considered in the large system limit where the number of cells is large for non fading Gaussian channels. The analysis ... More
Finite size corrections to random Boolean networksNov 03 2006Dec 19 2006Since their introduction, Boolean networks have been traditionally studied in view of their rich dynamical behavior under different update protocols and for their qualitative analogy with cell regulatory networks. More recently, tools borrowed from statistical ... More
Positioning via Direct Localization in C-RAN SystemsNov 24 2015May 18 2017Cloud Radio Access Network (C-RAN) is a prominent architecture for 5G wireless cellular system that is based on the centralization of baseband processing for multiple distributed radio units (RUs) at a control unit (CU). In this work, it is proposed to ... More
Emergent Universe as an interaction in the dark sectorAug 20 2015Sep 08 2017A cosmological scenario where dark matter interacts with a variable vacuum energy for a spatially flat Friedmann-Robertson-Walker space-time is proposed and analysed to show that with a linear equation of state and a particular interaction in the dark ... More
Beamforming Design for Joint Localization and Data Transmission in Distributed Antenna SystemNov 07 2013Apr 29 2014A distributed antenna system is studied whose goal is to provide data communication and positioning functionalities to Mobile Stations (MSs). Each MS receives data from a number of Base Stations (BSs), and uses the received signal not only to extract ... More
Effective su_q(2) models and polynomial algebras for fermion-boson HamiltoniansJul 25 2007Schematic su(2)+h3 interaction Hamiltonians, where su(2) plays the role of the pseudo-spin algebra of fermion operators and h3 is the Heisenberg algebra for bosons, are shown to be closely related to certain nonlinear models defined on a single quantum ... More
Double beta decay and the proton-neutron residual interactionNov 05 1996The validity of the pn-QRPA and -RQRPA descriptions of double beta decay transition amplitudes is analyzed by using an exactly solvable model. It is shown that the collapse of the QRPA is physically meaningful and that it is associated with the appearance ... More
Double beta decay to excited states in Nd150Jan 26 1995The pseudo SU(3) model is used to study the double beta decay of Nd150 to the ground and excited states of Sm150 . Low lying collective excitations of Sm150 and its BE(2) intensities are well reproduced. Expressions for the two neutrino double beta decay ... More
Finite-size scaling for the left-current correlator with non-degenerate quark massesJul 26 2007We study the volume dependence of the left-current correlator with non-degenerate quark masses to next-to-leading order in the chiral expansion. We consider three possible regimes: all quark masses are in the $\epsilon$-regime, all are in the $p$-regime ... More
FlavorspinFeb 13 2015Jul 02 2015We propose that the flavor structure of the quark sector of the Standard Model is determined by a vectorial SU(2) flavor symmetry, which we dub Flavorspin, under which quarks transform as triplets. The fundamental Yukawa couplings are real and CP violation ... More
Finite size scaling analysis of a nonequilibrium phase transition in the naming game modelSep 09 2016Nov 14 2016We realize an extensive numerical study of the Naming Game model with a noise term which accounts for perturbations. This model displays a non-equilibrium phase transition between an absorbing ordered consensus state, which occurs for small noise, and ... More
Exploring the onset of collective motion in self-organised trails of social organismsMay 11 2017Feb 24 2018We investigate the emergence of self-organised trails between two specific target areas in collective motion of social organisms by means of an agent-based model. We present numerical evidences that an increase in the efficiency of navigation in dependence ... More
Composite Vectors and Scalars in Theories of Electroweak Symmetry BreakingJul 30 2011In the context of a strongly coupled Electroweak Symmetry Breaking, composite triplet of heavy vectors belonging to the $SU(2)_{L+R}$ adjoint representation and a composite scalar singlet under $SU(2)_{L+R}$ may arise from a new strong interaction invariant ... More
A Multidimensional Gauss MapFeb 05 2017The classical Gauss Map is a piecewise continuous map from the unit interval to itself. From this map we retrieve the continued fraction expansion of irrational numbers and its dynamical properties give information about some arithmetic and algebraic ... More
Driving the resonant quantum kicked rotor via extended initial conditionsMay 24 2011We study the resonances of the quantum kicked rotor subjected to an extended initial distribution. For the primary resonances we obtain the dispersion relation for the map of this system. We find an analytical dependence of the statistical moments on ... More
Quantum walks: decoherence and coin-flipping gamesAug 23 2010We investigate the global chirality distribution of the quantum walk on the line when decoherence is introduced either through simultaneous measurements of the chirality and particle position, or as a result of broken links. The first mechanism drives ... More
A Whitney map onto the Long ArcDec 05 2013Feb 12 2014In a recent paper, Garc\'{\i}a-Velazquez has extended the notion of Whitney map to include maps with non-metrizable codomain and left open the question of whether there is a continuum that admits such a Whitney map. In this paper, we consider two examples ... More
Three-Point Vortex Dynamics as a Lie-Poisson SystemSep 19 2016Jan 25 2019This paper studies the reduced dynamics of the three-vortex problem from the point of view of Lie-Poisson reduction on the dual of the Lie algebra of $ U(2) $. The algebraic study leading to this point of view has been given by Borisov and Lebedev 1998 ... More
Study of the strong $Σ_b\to Λ_b\, π$ and $Σ_b^{*}\to Λ_b\, π$ in a non-relativistic quark modelAug 01 2011Sep 02 2011We present results for the strong widths corresponding to the $\Sigma_b\to \Lambda_b\, \pi$ and $\Sigma_b^{*}\to \Lambda_b\, \pi$ decays. We apply our model in Ref. Phys. Rev. D 72, 094022 (2005) where we previously studied the corresponding transitions ... More
Three-Point Vortex Dynamics as a Lie-Poisson Reduced SpaceSep 19 2016This paper studies the reduced dynamics of the three-vortex problem from the point of view of Lie-Poisson reduction on the dual of the Lie algebra of $ U(2) $. The algebraic study leading to this point of view has been given by Borisov and Lebedev 1998 ... More
Neutrino Masses, Scale-Dependent Growth, and Redshift-Space DistortionsAug 30 2016Massive neutrinos leave a unique signature in the large scale clustering of matter. We investigate the wavenumber dependence of the growth factor arising from neutrino masses and use a Fisher analysis to determine the aspects of a galaxy survey needed ... More