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Hybrid Maximum Likelihood Modulation Classification Using Multiple RadiosMar 04 2013Jun 11 2013The performance of a modulation classifier is highly sensitive to channel signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). In this paper, we focus on amplitude-phase modulations and propose a modulation classification framework based on centralized data fusion using multiple ... More
A 3D Probabilistic Deep Learning System for Detection and Diagnosis of Lung Cancer Using Low-Dose CT ScansFeb 08 2019We introduce a new end-to-end computer aided detection and diagnosis system for lung cancer screening using low-dose CT scans. Our system is based on 3D convolutional neural networks and achieves state-of-the-art performance for both lung nodule detection ... More
Asymptotic Properties of Likelihood Based Linear Modulation Classification SystemsNov 28 2012The problem of linear modulation classification using likelihood based methods is considered. Asymptotic properties of most commonly used classifiers in the literature are derived. These classifiers are based on hybrid likelihood ratio test (HLRT) and ... More
Permutation Trellis Coded Multi-level FSK Signaling to Mitigate Primary User Interference in Cognitive Radio NetworksJul 11 2014Dec 12 2014We employ Permutation Trellis Code (PTC) based multi-level Frequency Shift Keying signaling to mitigate the impact of Primary Users (PUs) on the performance of Secondary Users (SUs) in Cognitive Radio Networks (CRNs). The PUs are assumed to be dynamic ... More
Propagating Uncertainty in Multi-Stage Bayesian Convolutional Neural Networks with Application to Pulmonary Nodule DetectionDec 01 2017Motivated by the problem of computer-aided detection (CAD) of pulmonary nodules, we introduce methods to propagate and fuse uncertainty information in a multi-stage Bayesian convolutional neural network (CNN) architecture. The question we seek to answer ... More
Spherical symmetric charged solution with cosmological constantNov 29 2007A spherically symmetric charged ideal fluid solution of Einstein field equation is given in the presence of the cosmological constant and two well known example of this type of solution is presented. If the matter is confined in a region, the exterior ... More
The Role-Relevance Model for Enhanced Semantic Targeting in Unstructured TextApr 20 2018Apr 29 2018Personalized search provides a potentially powerful tool, however, it is limited due to the large number of roles that a person has: parent, employee, consumer, etc. We present the role-relevance algorithm: a search technique that favors search results ... More
Avoiding the Flip Ambiguities in 2D Wireless Sensor Localization by Using Unit Disk Graph PropertyApr 12 2016In this paper, we propose a range-based localization algorithm to localize a wireless sensor network (WSN) in 2D. A widely used algorithm to localize a WSN in 2D is trilateration, which runs in polynomial time. Trilateration uses three distance measurements ... More
Tag-based Semantic Website Recommendation for Turkish LanguageFeb 06 2013Aug 06 2013With the dramatic increase in the number of websites on the internet, tagging has become popular for finding related, personal and important documents. When the potentially increasing internet markets are analyzed, Turkey, in which most of the people ... More
Exploiting Coplanar Clusters to Enhance 3D Localization in Wireless Sensor NetworksFeb 26 2015Mar 08 2015This thesis studies range-based WSN localization problem in 3D environments that induce coplanarity. In most real-world applications, even though the environment is 3D, the grounded sensor nodes are usually deployed on 2D planar surfaces. Examples of ... More
Effects of Individual Success on Globally Distributed Team PerformanceAug 04 2013Necessity of different competencies with high level of knowledge makes it inevitable that software development is a team work. With the today's technology, teams can communicate both synchronously and asynchronously using different online collaboration ... More
Stochastic Integral Operator Model for IS, US and WSSUS ChannelsSep 30 2016In this article, we proved that, under weak and natural requirements, uncorrelated scattering (in particular WSSUS) channels can be modeled as stochastic integrals. Moreover, if we assume (not only uncorrelated but also) independent scattering, then the ... More
Learning Mixtures of Ising Models using PseudolikelihoodJun 08 2015Maximum pseudolikelihood method has been among the most important methods for learning parameters of statistical physics models, such as Ising models. In this paper, we study how pseudolikelihood can be derived for learning parameters of a mixture of ... More
A New Iterative Projection Method for Approximating Fixed Point Problems and Variational Inequality ProblemsMar 13 2014May 21 2014In this paper, we introduce and study a new extragradient iterative process for finding a common element of the set of fixed points of an infinite family of nonexpansive mappings and the set of solutions of a variational inequality for an inverse strongly ... More
De- Moivre's and Euler Formulas for Matrices of Split QuaternionsMar 13 2015In this paper, real matrix representations of split quaternions are examined in terms of the casual character of quaternion. Then, we give De-Moivre' s formula for real matrices of timelike and spacelike split quaternions, separately. Finally, we state ... More
Weak Convergence Theorem by a New Extragradient Method for Fixed Point Problems and Variational Inequality ProblemsMar 13 2014We introduce a new extragradient iterative process, motivated and inspired by [S. H. Khan, A Picard-Mann Hybrid Iterative Process, Fixed Point Theory and Applications, doi:10.1186/1687-1812-2013-69], for finding a common element of the set of fixed points ... More
A High-Throughput Energy-Efficient Implementation of Successive-Cancellation Decoder for Polar Codes Using Combinational LogicDec 11 2014Jan 11 2016This paper proposes a high-throughput energy-efficient Successive Cancellation (SC) decoder architecture for polar codes based on combinational logic. The proposed combinational architecture operates at relatively low clock frequencies compared to sequential ... More
Power Control for Two User Cooperative OFDMA ChannelsJul 26 2012For a two user cooperative orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA) system with full channel state information (CSI), we obtain the optimal power allocation (PA) policies which maximize the rate region achievable by a channel adaptive implementation ... More
Aging in the GREM-like trap modelJan 13 2015The GREM-like trap model is a continuous time Markov jump process on the leaves of a finite volume $L$-level tree whose transition rates depend on a trapping landscape built on the vertices of the whole tree. We prove that the natural two-time correlation ... More
The existence and location of eigenvalues of the one particle discrete Schroedinger operatorsMay 14 2015We consider a quantum particle moving in the one dimensional lattice Z and interacting with a indefinite sign external field v. We prove that the associated discrete Schroedinger operator H can have one or two eigenvalues, situated as below the bottom ... More
Robust Camera Location Estimation by Convex ProgrammingNov 29 2014Jun 04 2015$3$D structure recovery from a collection of $2$D images requires the estimation of the camera locations and orientations, i.e. the camera motion. For large, irregular collections of images, existing methods for the location estimation part, which can ... More
A Sign-Based Phrase Structure Grammar for TurkishAug 26 1996Aug 28 1996This study analyses Turkish syntax from an informational point of view. Sign based linguistic representation and principles of HPSG (Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar) theory are adapted to Turkish. The basic informational elements are nested and inherently ... More
DNA Replication via Entanglement SwappingAug 26 2010Mar 31 2011Quantum effects are mainly used for the determination of molecular shapes in molecular biology, but quantum information theory may be a more useful tool to understand the physics of life. Organic molecules and quantum circuits/protocols can be considered ... More
Morphological Productivity in the LexiconAug 23 1996In this paper we outline a lexical organization for Turkish that makes use of lexical rules for inflections, derivations, and lexical category changes to control the proliferation of lexical entries. Lexical rules handle changes in grammatical roles, ... More
Characterizations of Slant Ruled Surfaces in the Euclidean 3-spaceNov 27 2013In this study, we give the relationships between the conical curvatures of ruled surfaces drawn by the unit vectors of the ruling, central normal and central tangent of a regular ruled surface in the Euclidean -space. We obtain the differential equations ... More
Connecting Dream Networks Across CulturesFeb 10 2014Many species dream, yet there remain many open research questions in the study of dreams. The symbolism of dreams and their interpretation is present in cultures throughout history. Analysis of online data sources for dream interpretation using network ... More
On the Wiener disorder problemOct 22 2010In the Wiener disorder problem, the drift of a Wiener process changes suddenly at some unknown and unobservable disorder time. The objective is to detect this change as quickly as possible after it happens. Earlier work on the Bayesian formulation of ... More
The Processing Using Memory Paradigm:In-DRAM Bulk Copy, Initialization, Bitwise AND and OROct 30 2016In existing systems, the off-chip memory interface allows the memory controller to perform only read or write operations. Therefore, to perform any operation, the processor must first read the source data and then write the result back to memory after ... More
New Inequalities for Hermite-Hadamard and Simpson Type and ApplicationsMar 10 2011In this paper, we obtain new bounds for the inequalities of Simpson and Hermite-Hadamard type for functions whose second derivatives absolute values are P-convex. These bounds can be much better than some obtained bounds. Some applications for special ... More
Scalable Gaussian Processes for Supervised HashingApr 25 2016We propose a flexible procedure for large-scale image search by hash functions with kernels. Our method treats binary codes and pairwise semantic similarity as latent and observed variables, respectively, in a probabilistic model based on Gaussian processes ... More
The stochastic encounter-mating modelAug 21 2014May 08 2015We propose a new model of permanent monogamous pair formation in zoological populations comprised of k types of females and males, which unifies and generalizes the encounter-mating models of Gimelfarb (1988). In our model, animals randomly encounter ... More
Construction of a surface pencil with a common special surface curveFeb 26 2016In this study, we introduce a new type of surface curves called D-type curve. This curve is defined by the property that the unit Darboux vector W0 of a space curve r(s) and unit surface normal n1 along the curve r(s) satisfy the condition <n1,W0>=constant. ... More
Persistence of Chaos in Coupled Lorenz SystemsOct 07 2016The dynamics of unidirectionally coupled chaotic Lorenz systems is investigated. It is revealed that chaos is present in the response system regardless of generalized synchronization. The presence of sensitivity is theoretically proved, and the auxiliary ... More
Long-term evolution of anomalous X-ray pulsars and soft gamma repeatersJan 28 2016We have investigated the long-term evolution of individual anomalous X-ray pulsars (AXPs) and soft gamma repeaters (SGRs) with relatively well constrained X-ray luminosity and rotational properties. In the frame of the fallback disc model, we have obtained ... More
Entanglement Swapping Model of DNA ReplicationDec 30 2010Dec 25 2011Molecular biology explains function of molecules by their geometrical and electronical structures that are mainly determined by utilization of quantum effects in chemistry. However, further quantum effects are not thought to play any significant role ... More
The stochastic encounter-mating modelAug 21 2014Nov 04 2016We propose a new model of permanent monogamous pair formation in zoological populations with multiple types of females and males. According to this model, animals randomly encounter members of the opposite sex at their so-called firing times to form temporary ... More
A new generalization of the midpoint formula for n-time differentiable mappings which are convexApr 21 2014In this paper, we establish several new inequalities for n- time differentiable mappings that are connected with the celebrated Hermite-Hadamard integral inequality.
Motion of charged particles around a rotating black hole in a magnetic fieldAug 09 2002We study the effects of an external magnetic field, which is assumed to be uniform at infinity, on the marginally stable circular motion of charged particles in the equatorial plane of a rotating black hole. We show that the magnetic field has its greatest ... More
An integral-equation method using interstitial currents devoted to the analysis of multilayered periodic structures with complex inclusionsAug 17 2014An efficient surface integral equation-based method is proposed for the analysis of electromagnetic scattering from multilayered media containing complex periodic inclusions. The proposed method defines equivalent currents at the interfaces between layers ... More
Fluid and diffusion limits for the Poisson encounter-mating modelNov 26 2014Stochastic encounter-mating (SEM) models describe monogamous permanent pair formation in finite zoological populations of multitype females and males. In this article we study SEM with Poisson firing times. We prove that an infinite population corresponds ... More
Homoclinical Structure of Dynamic Equations on Time ScalesJan 19 2016Homoclinic and heteroclinic motions in dynamics equations on time scales is investigated. The utilized time scale is a specific one such that it is a union of disjoint compact intervals. A numerical example that supports the theoretical results is presented. ... More
A study on Marangoni convection by the variational iteration methodMar 08 2012In this letter, we will consider the use of the variational iteration method and Pad\'e approximant for finding approximate solutions for a Marangoni convection induced flow over a free surface due to an imposed temperature gradient. The solutions are ... More
Charged lepton electric dipole moments with the localized leptons and the new Higgs doublet in the two Higgs doublet modelNov 20 2005Apr 30 2007We study the lepton electric dipole moments in the split fermion scenario, in the two Higgs doublet model, where the new Higgs scalars are localized around the origin in the extra dimension, with the help of the localizer field. We observe that the numerical ... More
Power Control for User CooperationJan 30 2006For a fading Gaussian multiple access channel with user cooperation, we obtain the optimal power allocation policies that maximize the rates achievable by block Markov superposition coding. The optimal policies result in a coding scheme that is simpler ... More
Darboux Slant Ruled SurfacesNov 04 2013In this study, we introduce Darboux slant ruled surfaces in the Euclidean 3-space which is defined by the property that the Darboux vector of orthonormel frame of ruled surface makes a constant angle with a fixed, non-zero direction. We obtain the characterizations ... More
Fluid limit for the Poisson encounter-mating modelNov 26 2014Nov 18 2016Stochastic encounter-mating (SEM) models describe monogamous permanent pair formation in finite zoological populations of multitype females and males. In this article, we study SEM with Poisson firing times. First, we prove that the model enjoys a fluid ... More
Learning to Repair Software Vulnerabilities with Generative Adversarial NetworksMay 18 2018Oct 28 2018Motivated by the problem of automated repair of software vulnerabilities, we propose an adversarial learning approach that maps from one discrete source domain to another target domain without requiring paired labeled examples or source and target domains ... More
Finding Planted Subgraphs with Few Eigenvalues using the Schur-Horn RelaxationMay 12 2016Extracting structured subgraphs inside large graphs - often known as the planted subgraph problem - is a fundamental question that arises in a range of application domains. This problem is NP-hard in general, and as a result, significant efforts have ... More
An annotation based approach to support design communicationNov 15 2007The aim of this paper is to propose an approach based on the concept of annotation for supporting design communication. In this paper, we describe a co-operative design case study where we analyse some annotation practices, mainly focused on design minutes ... More
Testing a Dilaton Gravity Model using NucleosynthesisOct 23 2013Sep 05 2014Big Bang Nucleosynthesis (BBN) offers one of the most strict evidences for the Lambda-CDM cosmology at present, as well as the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) radiation. In this work, our main aim is to present the outcomes of our calculations related ... More
Existence of Unpredictable Solutions and ChaosFeb 08 2016In paper [1] unpredictable points were introduced based on Poisson stability, and this gives rise to the existence of chaos in the quasi-minimal set. This time, an unpredictable function is determined as an unpredictable point in the Bebutov dynamical ... More
Entrainment of ChaosSep 09 2012A new phenomenon, entrainment of chaos, which is understood as a seizure of an irregular behavior by limit cycles, is discussed. As a result, chaotic cycles appear if the chaos amplitude is small. Otherwise, the chaos is not necessarily cyclic, if the ... More
Extension of Lorenz UnpredictabilitySep 03 2015It is found that Lorenz systems can be unidirectionally coupled such that the chaos expands from the drive system. This is true if the response system is not chaotic, but admits a global attractor, an equilibrium or a cycle. The extension of sensitivity ... More
Li-Yorke chaos in hybrid systems on a time scaleMay 17 2015Sep 04 2015By using the reduction technique to impulsive differential equations [1], we rigorously prove the presence of chaos in dynamic equations on time scales (DETS). The results of the present study are based on the Li-Yorke definition of chaos. This is the ... More
Angle-resolved X-ray photoemission electron microscopyDec 27 2012Synchrotron based photoemission electron microscopy with energy filter combines real space imaging with microprobe diffraction ($\mu$-ARPES), giving access to the local electronic structure of laterally inhomogeneous materials. We present here an overview ... More
Unpredictable solutions of differential equationsNov 15 2016We apply the topology of convergence on compact sets to define unpredictable functions [5, 6]. The topology is metrizable and easy for applications with integral operators. To demonstrate the effectiveness of the approach, the existence and uniqueness ... More
Unpredictable Points and ChaosJan 31 2016It is revealed that a special kind of Poisson stable point, which we call an unpredictable point, gives rise to the existence of chaos in the quasi-minimal set. The existing definitions of chaos are formulated in sets of motions. This is the first time ... More
Morphogenesis of ChaosMay 05 2012Morphogenesis, as it is understood in a wide sense by Ren\'e Thom, is considered for various types of chaos. That is, those, obtained by period-doubling cascade, Devaney's and Li-Yorke chaos. Moreover, in discussion form we consider inheritance of intermittency, ... More
Interacting Majorana fermions in strained nodal superconductorsFeb 18 2019Landau levels (LL) have been predicted to emerge in systems with Dirac nodal points under applied non-uniform strain. We consider 2D, $d_{xy}$ singlet (2D-S) and 3D $p \pm i p$ equal-spin triplet (3D-T) superconductors (SCs). We demonstrate the spinful ... More
Temporal and Spatial Characteristics of mmWave Propagation Channels for UAVsMar 22 2018May 25 2018Unmanned aerial vehicles~(UAVs) are envisioned to be an integral part of future 5G communication systems. The agile nature of UAVs for serving users at different locations can help to dynamically optimize coverage and quality-of-service (QoS) in future ... More
On new general integral inequalities for s-convex functionsApr 03 2014In this paper, the authors establish some new estimates for the remainder term of the midpoint, trapezoid, and Simpson formula using functions whose derivatives in absolute value at certain power are s-convex. Some applications to special means of real ... More
Hermite-Hadamard-type inequalities for (g,Φ_{h})- convex dominated functionsAug 05 2012In this paper, we introduce the notion of (g,\Phi_{h})-convex dominated function and present some properties of them. Finally, we present a version of Hermite-Hadamard-type inequalities for (g,\Phi_{h})-convex dominated functions. Our results generalize ... More
An Explicit Formula of the Intrinsic Metric on the Sierpinski Gasket via Code RepresentationSep 27 2016The computation of the distance between any two points of the Sierpinski Gasket with respect to the intrinsic metric has already been investigated by several authors. In the literature there is not an explicit formula using the code space of the Sierpinski ... More
Infrared light detection using a whispering-gallery-mode optical microcavityMar 06 2014We demonstrate a thermal infrared (IR) detector based on an ultra-high-quality-factor (Q) whispering-gallery-mode (WGM) microtoroidal silica resonator, and investigate its performance to detect IR radiation at 10 micron wavelength. The bandwidth and the ... More
Hermite-hadamard-type inqualities for new different kinds of convex dominated functionsFeb 09 2012In this paper, we establish several new convex dominated functions and then we obtain new Hadamard type inequalities.
Poincaré chaos and unpredictable functionsAug 25 2016The results of this study are continuation of the research of Poincar\'e chaos initiated in papers (Akhmet M, Fen MO. Commun Nonlinear Sci Numer Simulat 2016;40:1-5; Akhmet M, Fen MO. Turk J Math, doi:10.3906/mat-1603-51, accepted). We focus on the construction ... More
Weak Measurements and Counterfactual ComputationDec 19 2006Vaidman, in a recent article adopts the method of 'quantum weak measurements in pre- and postselected ensembles' to ascertain whether or not the chained-Zeno counterfactual computation scheme proposed by Hosten et al. is counterfactual; which has been ... More
Some new general integral inequalities for P-functionsApr 30 2014In this paper, we derive new estimates for the remainder term of the midpoint, trapezoid, and Simpson formulae for functions whose derivatives in absolute value at certain power are P-functions. Some applications to special means of real numbers are also ... More
Playing games in quantum mechanical settings: A necessary and sufficient conditionAug 15 2005A number of recent studies have focused on novel features in game theory when the games are played using quantum mechanical toolbox (entanglement, unitary operators, measurement). Researchers have concentrated in two-player-two strategy, 2x2, dilemma ... More
Vacuum Fluctuations of a massless spin-1/2 field around multiple cosmic stringsMar 12 1998We study the interaction of a massless quantized spinor field with the gravitational filed of N parallel static cosmic strings by using a perturbative approach. We show that the presence of more than one cosmic string gives rise to an additional contribution ... More
A necessary and sufficient condition to play games in quantum mechanical settingsMar 01 2007Quantum game theory is a multidisciplinary field which combines quantum mechanics with game theory by introducing non-classical resources such as entanglement, quantum operations and quantum measurement. By transferring two-player-two strategy (2x2) dilemma ... More
Optical Detection of Single Nanoparticles with a Sub-wavelength Fiber-TaperMay 30 2013A nanoparticle detection scheme with single particle resolution is presented. The sensor contains only a taper fiber thus offering the advantages of compactness and installation flexibility. Sensing method is based on monitoring the transmitted light ... More
Tunable add-drop filter using an active whispering gallery mode microcavityAug 30 2013An add-drop filter (ADF) fabricated using a whispering gallery mode resonator has different crosstalks for add and drop functions due to non-zero intrinsic losses of the resonator. Here, we show that introducing gain medium in the resonator and optically ... More
UAV Air-to-Ground Channel Characterization for mmWave SystemsJul 01 2017Oct 15 2017Communication at mmWave bands carries critical importance for 5G wireless networks. In this paper, we study the characterization of mmWave air-to-ground (AG) channels for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) communications. In particular, we use ray tracing ... More
Einstein-Cartan-Dirac Theory in (1+2)-DimensionsFeb 04 2010Einstein-Cartan theory is formulated in (1+2)-dimensions using the algebra of exterior differential forms. A Dirac spinor is coupled to gravity and the field equations are obtained by a variational principle. The space-time torsion is found to be given ... More
Two new different kinds of convex dominated functions and inequalities via hermite-hadamard typeFeb 09 2012In this paper, we establish two new convex dominated function and then we obtain new Hadamard type inequalities related to this denitions.
Automated Vulnerability Detection in Source Code Using Deep Representation LearningJul 11 2018Nov 28 2018Increasing numbers of software vulnerabilities are discovered every year whether they are reported publicly or discovered internally in proprietary code. These vulnerabilities can pose serious risk of exploit and result in system compromise, information ... More
Comments on "Bayesian Solution Uncertainty Quantification for Differential Equations" by Chkrebtii, Campbell, Calderhead & GirolamiOct 21 2016We commend the authors for an exciting paper which provides a strong contribution to the emerging field of probabilistic numerics (PN). Below, we discuss aspects of prior modelling which need to be considered thoroughly in future work.
Increasing Smart Meter Privacy Through Energy Harvesting and Storage DevicesMay 03 2013Smart meters are key elements for the operation of smart grids. By providing near realtime information on the energy consumption of individual users, smart meters increase the efficiency in generation, distribution and storage of energy in a smart grid. ... More
Synchronization over Cartan motion groups via contractionNov 30 2016Group contraction is an algebraic map that relates two classes of Lie groups by a limiting process. We utilize this notion for the compactification of the class of Cartan motion groups. The compactification process is then applied to reduce a non-compact ... More
Reconstruction and Estimation of Scattering Functions of Overspread Radar TargetsJun 27 2011Nov 17 2011In many radar scenarios, the radar target or the medium is assumed to possess randomly varying parts. The properties of a target are described by a random process known as the spreading function. Its second order statistics under the WSSUS assumption ... More
Parabolic Anderson model with a finite number of moving catalystsOct 23 2010Mar 23 2011We consider the parabolic Anderson model (PAM) which is given by the equation $\partial u/\partial t = \kappa\Delta u + \xi u$ with $u\colon\, \Z^d\times [0,\infty)\to \R$, where $\kappa \in [0,\infty)$ is the diffusion constant, $\Delta$ is the discrete ... More
A pulsed Sagnac source of narrowband polarization-entangled photonsOct 29 2007Feb 04 2008We demonstrate pulsed operation of a bidirectionally pumped polarization Sagnac interferometric down-conversion source and its generation of narrowband, high-visibility polarization-entangled photons. Driven by a narrowband, mode-locked pump at 390.35 ... More
Optimizing the Information Retrieval Trade-off in Data Visualization Using $α$-DivergenceMay 21 2015Mar 29 2016Data visualization is one of the major applications of nonlinear dimensionality reduction. From the information retrieval perspective, the quality of a visualization can be evaluated by considering the extent that the neighborhood relation of each data ... More
All-optical mode conversion via spatially-multimode four-wave mixingAug 03 2016We experimentally demonstrate the conversion of a Gaussian beam to an approximate Bessel-Gauss mode by making use of a non-collinear four-wave mixing process in hot atomic vapor. The presence of a strong, spatially non-Gaussian pump both converts the ... More
The parabolic Anderson model on the hypercubeOct 03 2016We consider the parabolic Anderson model $\frac{\partial}{\partial t} v_n=\kappa\Delta_n v_n + \xi_n v_n$ on the $n$-dimensional hypercube $\{-1,+1\}^n$ with random i.i.d. potential $\xi_n$. We parametrize time by volume and study $v_n$ at the location ... More
Moment asymptotics for branching random walks in random environmentAug 01 2012We consider the long-time behaviour of a branching random walk in random environment on the lattice $\Z^d$. The migration of particles proceeds according to simple random walk in continuous time, while the medium is given as a random potential of spatially ... More
Kondo Breakdown and Quantum Oscillations in SmB$_6$Oct 08 2015Jan 31 2016Recent quantum oscillation experiments on SmB$_6$ pose a paradox, for while the angular dependence of the oscillation frequencies suggest a 3D bulk Fermi surface, SmB$_6$ remains robustly insulating to very high magnetic fields. Moreover, a sudden low ... More
SICNNs with Li-Yorke Chaotic Outputs on a Time ScaleDec 29 2015In the present study, we investigate the existence of Li-Yorke chaos in the dynamics of shunting inhibitory cellular neural networks (SICNNs) on time scales. It is rigorously proved by taking advantage of external inputs that the outputs of SICNNs exhibit ... More
Learning the Information DivergenceJun 05 2014Information divergence that measures the difference between two nonnegative matrices or tensors has found its use in a variety of machine learning problems. Examples are Nonnegative Matrix/Tensor Factorization, Stochastic Neighbor Embedding, topic models, ... More
Secret Key Generation Via Localization and MobilityDec 13 2011May 20 2014We consider secret key generation from relative localization information of a pair of nodes in a mobile wireless network in the presence of a mobile eavesdropper. Our problem can be categorized under the source models of information theoretic secrecy, ... More
Ferromagnetic exchange, spin-orbit coupling and spiral magnetism at the LaAlO_3/SrTiO_3 interfaceMar 13 2013Mar 15 2013The electronic properties of the polar interface between insulating oxides is a subject of great current interest. An exciting new development is the observation of robust magnetism at the interface of two non-magnetic materials LaAlO_3 (LAO) and SrTiO_3 ... More
Consistent inference of a general model using the pseudo-likelihood methodFeb 07 2014Jul 14 2014Recently maximum pseudo-likelihood (MPL) inference method has been successfully applied to statistical physics models with intractable likelihoods. We use information theory to derive a relation between the pseudo-likelihood and likelihood functions. ... More
Moment asymptotics for multitype branching random walks in random environmentOct 29 2013We study a discrete time multitype branching random walk on a finite space with finite set of types. Particles follow a Markov chain on the spatial space whereas offspring distributions are given by a random field that is fixed throughout the evolution ... More
Probabilistic Linear Multistep MethodsOct 26 2016We present a derivation and theoretical investigation of the Adams-Bashforth and Adams-Moulton family of linear multistep methods for solving ordinary differential equations, starting from a Gaussian process (GP) framework. In the limit, this formulation ... More
Entrainment by Spatiotemporal Chaos in Glow Discharge-Semiconductor SystemsJun 15 2014Entrainment of limit cycles by chaos [1] is discovered numerically through specially designed unidirectional coupling of two glow discharge-semiconductor systems. By utilizing the auxiliary system approach [2], it is verified that the phenomenon is not ... More
Stable Camera Motion Estimation Using Convex ProgrammingDec 18 2013Jan 15 2015We study the inverse problem of estimating n locations $t_1, ..., t_n$ (up to global scale, translation and negation) in $R^d$ from noisy measurements of a subset of the (unsigned) pairwise lines that connect them, that is, from noisy measurements of ... More
Homoclinic and Heteroclinic Motions in Hybrid Systems with ImpactsJan 14 2016In this paper, we present a method to generate homoclinic and heteroclinic motions in impulsive systems. We rigorously prove the presence of such motions in the case that the systems are under the influence of a discrete map that possesses homoclinic ... More
Phase and TV Based Convex Sets for Blind Deconvolution of Microscopic ImagesMar 16 2015In this article, two closed and convex sets for blind deconvolution problem are proposed. Most blurring functions in microscopy are symmetric with respect to the origin. Therefore, they do not modify the phase of the Fourier transform (FT) of the original ... More