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DeepFlow: History Matching in the Space of Deep Generative ModelsMay 14 2019The calibration of a reservoir model with observed transient data of fluid pressures and rates is a key task in obtaining a predictive model of the flow and transport behaviour of the earth's subsurface. The model calibration task, commonly referred to ... More
Stochastic reconstruction of an oolitic limestone by generative adversarial networksDec 07 2017Stochastic image reconstruction is a key part of modern digital rock physics and materials analysis that aims to create numerous representative samples of material micro-structures for upscaling, numerical computation of effective properties and uncertainty ... More
Stochastic seismic waveform inversion using generative adversarial networks as a geological priorJun 10 2018We present an application of deep generative models in the context of partial-differential equation (PDE) constrained inverse problems. We combine a generative adversarial network (GAN) representing an a priori model that creates subsurface geological ... More
Conditioning of three-dimensional generative adversarial networks for pore and reservoir-scale modelsFeb 15 2018Geostatistical modeling of petrophysical properties is a key step in modern integrated oil and gas reservoir studies. Recently, generative adversarial networks (GAN) have been shown to be a successful method for generating unconditional simulations of ... More
Reconstruction of three-dimensional porous media using generative adversarial neural networksApr 11 2017To evaluate the variability of multi-phase flow properties of porous media at the pore scale, it is necessary to acquire a number of representative samples of the void-solid structure. While modern x-ray computer tomography has made it possible to extract ... More
The Clemens-Griffiths method over non-closed fieldsMar 19 2019We use the Clemens-Griffiths method to construct smooth projective threefolds, over any field $k$ admitting a separable quadratic extension, that are $k$-unirational and $\overline{k}$-rational but not $k$-rational. When $k=\mathbb{R}$, we can moreover ... More
Three errors in the article: "The OPERA neutrino velocity result and the synchronisation of clocks"Oct 13 2011We found three mistakes in the article " The OPERA neutrino velocity result and the synchronisation of clocks" by Contaldi \cite{Contaldi}. First, the definition of the angle of the latitude in the geoid description leads to a prolate spheroid (rugby ... More
On Hilbert's 17th problem in low degreeFeb 23 2016Artin solved Hilbert's 17th problem, proving that a real polynomial in $n$ variables that is positive semidefinite is a sum of squares of rational functions, and Pfister showed that only $2^n$ squares are needed. In this paper, we investigate situations ... More
Indecomposable vector bundles and stable Higgs bundles over smooth projective curvesJun 15 2014Oct 04 2014We prove that the number of indecomposable vector bundles of fixed rank r and degree d over a smooth projective curve X defined over a finite field is given by a polynomial (depending only on the pair (r,d) and the genus g of X) in the Weil numbers of ... More
Infinite Games Specified by 2-Tape AutomataDec 13 2013We prove that the determinacy of Gale-Stewart games whose winning sets are infinitary rational relations accepted by 2-tape B\"uchi automata is equivalent to the determinacy of (effective) analytic Gale-Stewart games which is known to be a large cardinal ... More
On the cosmic convergence mechanism of the massless dilatonDec 16 2013Jun 15 2014The converging mechanism discussed in [Damour & Nordtvedt, Physical Review Letters,70,15] for scalar-tensor theories has been applied to dilaton-like theories in several subsequent papers. In the present communication, we show that an unfortunate assumption ... More
Hierarchical Modeling of Multidimensional Data in Regularly Decomposed Spaces: Applications in Image AnalysisMay 04 2016This last document is showing the gradual introduction of hierarchical modeling techniques in image analysis. The first chapter is dealing with the first works carried out in the field of industrial applications of pattern recognition. The second chapter ... More
$p$-adic properties of motivic fundamental lines (Kato's conjecture is (probably) false for (not so) trivial reasons)Apr 21 2016We prove the conjectured compatibility of $p$-adic fundamental lines with specializations at motivic points for a wide class of $p$-adic families of $p$-adic Galois representations (for instance, the families which arise from $p$-adic families of automorphic ... More
Arbitrariness of peer review: A Bayesian analysis of the NIPS experimentJul 23 2015The principle of peer review is central to the evaluation of research, by ensuring that only high-quality items are funded or published. But peer review has also received criticism, as the selection of reviewers may introduce biases in the system. In ... More
Asymptotic expansions of some Toeplitz determinants via the topological recursionNov 17 2016In this article, we study the large $n$ asymptotic expansions of $n\times n$ Toeplitz determinants whose symbols are indicator functions of unions of arc-intervals of the unit circle. In particular, we use an Hermitian matrix model reformulation of the ... More
The critical Galton-Watson process vanishesOct 10 2016The Galton-Watson process belongs to standard teaching in probability. The basic theorem says that survival is only possible when the fecondity exceeds 1. The classical proof is essentially analytic, using generating functions and convexity arguments. ... More
Informations in models of evolutionary dynamicsApr 29 2015Biological organisms adapt to changes by processing informations from different sources, most notably from their ancestors and from their environment. We review an approach to quantify these informations by analyzing mathematical models of evolutionary ... More
Yet Another Proof of the Entropy Power InequalityJun 20 2016Yet another simple proof of the entropy power inequality is given, which avoids both the integration over a path of Gaussian perturbation and the use of Young's inequality with sharp constant or R\'enyi entropies. The proof is based on a simple change ... More
Full affine equivariance and weak natural transformations in numerical analysis - the case of B-SeriesMay 24 2016Many algorithms in numerical analysis are affine equivariant: they are immune to changes of affine coordinates. This is because those algorithms are defined using affine invariant constructions. There is, however, a crucial ingredient missing: most algorithms ... More
Wide field interferometric imaging with single-mode fibersApr 16 2002Classical single-mode fiber interferometers, using one fiber per aperture, have very limited imaging capabilities and small field of view. Observations of extended sources (resolved by one aperture) cannot be fully corrected for wavefront aberrations: ... More
Execution and block trade pricing with optimal constant rate of participationOct 29 2012Dec 03 2013When executing their orders, investors are proposed different strategies by brokers and investment banks. Most orders are executed using VWAP algorithms. Other basic execution strategies include POV (also called PVol) -- for percentage of volume --, IS ... More
Spherical Hall algebras of curves and Harder-Narasimhan stratasFeb 04 2010Let X be any smooth projective curve defined over a finite field. We show that the characteristic functions of any Harder-Narasimhan strata S_a of Bun_{GL_n}X belongs to the spherical Hall algebra H_X^{sph} of X. We give a geometric analog of the above ... More
On the Hall algebra of an elliptic curve, IIAug 28 2005Jul 28 2009This paper is a sequel to math.AG/0505148, where the Hall algebra U^+_E of the category of coherent sheaves on an elliptic curve E defined over a finite field was explicitly described, and shown to be a two-parameter deformation of the ring of diagonal ... More
Lectures on Hall algebrasNov 20 2006Oct 23 2009These are notes for a minicourse on Hall algebras given at the ICTP in Trieste in January 2006. After giving the definition and first properties of Hall algebras, we study in some details the classical Hall algebra, the Hall algebra of quivers, and the ... More
On classification of dynamical r-matricesJun 17 1997Sep 25 1997Using recent results of P. Etingof and A. Varchenko on the Classical Dynamical Yang-Baxter equation, we reduce the classification of dynamical r-matrices r on a commutative subalgebra l of a Lie algebra g to a purely algebraic problem under some technical ... More
Master equation of proteins in interaction with implicit or explicit solventFeb 03 2012Theoretical studies of protein folding on lattice models relie on the assumption that water close to amino-acids is always in thermal equilibrium all along the folding pathway. Within this framework, it has always been considered that out-of-equilibrium ... More
How does the first water shell fold proteins so fast ?Jan 28 2011First shells of hydration and bulk solvent plays a crucial role in the folding of proteins. Here, the role of water in the dynamics of proteins has been investigated using a theoretical protein-solvent model and a statistical physics approach. We formulate ... More
Solution to a combinatorial puzzle arising from Mayer's theory of cluster integralsMar 31 2008Mayer's theory of cluster integrals allows one to write the partition function of a gas model as a generating function of weighted graphs. Recently, Labelle, Leroux and Ducharme have studied the graph weights arising from the one-dimensional hard-core ... More
Observations of dusty torii and compact disks around evolved stars: the high spatial resolution IR viewOct 06 2010The recent high angular resolution observations have shown that the transition between a globally symmetrical giant and a source surrounded by a spatially complex environment occurs relatively early, as soon as the external layers of the stars are not ... More
High spatial resolution study of the inner environment around two young planetary nebulaeOct 24 2005We present observations of the dusty emission from the young planetary nebulae Hen2-113 and CPD-56 obtained with VLT/NACO, VLTI/MIDI. The central stars of these two objects are Wolf-Rayet stars of the same spectral type [WC10]. They share an impressive ... More
On the CNF encoding of cardinality constraints and beyondDec 17 2010In this report, we propose a quick survey of the currently known techniques for encoding a Boolean cardinality constraint into a CNF formula, and we discuss about the relevance of these encodings. We also propose models to facilitate analysis and design ... More
The Determinacy of Context-Free GamesDec 06 2011We prove that the determinacy of Gale-Stewart games whose winning sets are accepted by real-time 1-counter B\"uchi automata is equivalent to the determinacy of (effective) analytic Gale-Stewart games which is known to be a large cardinal assumption. We ... More
Three Applications to Rational Relations of the High Undecidability of the Infinite Post Correspondence Problem in a Regular omega-LanguageJul 29 2011It was noticed by Harel in [Har86] that "one can define $\Sigma_1^1$-complete versions of the well-known Post Correspondence Problem". We first give a complete proof of this result, showing that the infinite Post Correspondence Problem in a regular $\omega$-language ... More
An Effective Extension of the Wagner Hierarchy to Blind Counter AutomataMay 31 2010The extension of the Wagner hierarchy to blind counter automata accepting infinite words with a Muller acceptance condition is effective. We determine precisely this hierarchy.
Closure Properties of Locally Finite Omega LanguagesMar 12 2008Locally finite omega languages were introduced by Ressayre in [Journal of Symbolic Logic, Volume 53, No. 4, p.1009-1026]. They generalize omega languages accepted by finite automata or defined by monadic second order sentences. We study here closure properties ... More
Decision Problems for Recognizable Languages of Infinite PicturesJul 29 2011Altenbernd, Thomas and W\"ohrle have considered in [ATW02] acceptance of languages of infinite two-dimensional words (infinite pictures) by finite tiling systems, with the usual acceptance conditions, such as the B\"uchi and Muller ones, firstly used ... More
On Omega Context Free Languages which are Borel Sets of Infinite RankMay 31 2010This paper is a continuation of the study of topological properties of omega context free languages (omega-CFL). We proved before that the class of omega-CFL exhausts the hierarchy of Borel sets of finite rank, and that there exist some omega-CFL which ... More
On the Topological Complexity of Infinitary Rational RelationsMar 12 2008We prove in this paper that there exists some infinitary rational relations which are analytic but non Borel sets, giving an answer to a question of Simonnet [Automates et Th\'eorie Descriptive, Ph. D. Thesis, Universit\'e Paris 7, March 1992].
Borel Ranks and Wadge Degrees of Context Free Omega LanguagesDec 09 2007We show that, from a topological point of view, considering the Borel and the Wadge hierarchies, 1-counter B\"uchi automata have the same accepting power than Turing machines equipped with a B\"uchi acceptance condition. In particular, for every non null ... More
On the Accepting Power of 2-Tape Büchi AutomataDec 02 2007We show that, from a topological point of view, 2-tape B\"uchi automata have the same accepting power than Turing machines equipped with a B\"uchi acceptance condition. In particular, we show that for every non null recursive ordinal alpha, there exist ... More
An Example of Pi^0_3-complete Infinitary Rational RelationFeb 12 2007We give in this paper an example of infinitary rational relation, accepted by a 2-tape B\"{u}chi automaton, which is Pi^0_3-complete in the Borel hierarchy. Moreover the example of infinitary rational relation given in this paper has a very simple structure ... More
Theoremes de connexites et varietes abeliennesSep 01 1993Sep 21 1993We prove a connexity theorem for abelian varieties in characteristic $0$: if $X$ is an abelian variety and $V\rightarrow X$ and $W\rightarrow X$ two morphisms, then, under certain hypotheses, the fiber product of $V$ and $W$ over $X$ is connected. This ... More
Properties of the connection associated with planar webs and applicationsFeb 12 2007Apr 18 2007We give various results and applications using the connection $(E,\nabla)$ associated with a $d$-web. Precisely, we exhibit fundamental invariants of the web related to the differential equation of first order which presents the web. They cast some new ... More
Zéro-cycles sur les fibrations au-dessus d'une courbe de genre quelconqueOct 10 2010May 31 2012Let X be a smooth and proper variety over a number field k. Conjectures on the image of the Chow group of zero-cycles of X in the product of the corresponding groups over all completions of k were put forward by Colliot-Th\'el\`ene, Kato and Saito. We ... More
Hadron Spectroscopy in electrons-protons Collisions at HERAFeb 01 2006Recent results from H1 and ZEUS on searches for exotic baryons in $ep$ collisions at HERA are reviewed. Evidence for the production of the strange pentaquark $\Theta^+$ and of a narrow anti-charmed baryon decaying to $D^{*-} p$ together with negative ... More
A simple model of ultrasound propagation in a cavitating liquid. Part II: Primary Bjerknes force and bubble structuresFeb 23 2013In a companion paper, a reduced model for propagation of acoustic waves in a cloud of inertial cavitation bubbles was proposed. The wave attenuation was calculated directly from the energy dissipated by a single bubble, the latter being estimated directly ... More
On the spanning trees of the hypercube and other products of graphsJul 04 2012Jul 12 2012We give two combinatorial proofs of an elegant product formula for the number of spanning trees of the $n$-dimensional hypercube. The first proof is based on the assertion that if one chooses a uniformly random rooted spanning tree of the hypercube and ... More
Self-organization on surfaces: forewordApr 17 2005After decades of work, the growth of continuous thin films, i.e., two-dimensional structures, is progressively becoming a technological issue more than a field of fundamental research. Incidentally self-organization of nanostructures on surfaces is now ... More
The $γ$ parameter in Brans-Dicke-like (light-)Scalar-Tensor theory with a universal scalar/matter coupling and a new decoupling scenarioAug 11 2012May 08 2013The post-Newtonian parameter $\gamma$ resulting from a universal scalar/matter coupling is investigated in Brans-Dicke-like Scalar-Tensor theories where the scalar potential is assumed to be negligible. Conversely to previous studies, we use a perfect ... More
Periodic orbits and semiclassical form factor in barrier billiardsMar 31 2005Using heuristic arguments based on the trace formulas, we analytically calculate the semiclassical two-point correlation form factor for a family of rectangular billiards with a barrier of height irrational with respect to the side of the billiard and ... More
Velocity correlations in dense granular flowsFeb 28 2005Velocity fluctuations of grains flowing down a rough inclined plane are experimentally studied. The grains at the free surface exhibit fluctuating motions, which are correlated over few grains diameters. The characteristic correlation length is shown ... More
Game semantics for first-order logicSep 22 2010Oct 20 2010We refine HO/N game semantics with an additional notion of pointer (mu-pointers) and extend it to first-order classical logic with completeness results. We use a Church style extension of Parigot's lambda-mu-calculus to represent proofs of first-order ... More
How to generate an object under an ordinary Boltzmann distribution via an exponential Boltzmann samplerJun 15 2010This short note presents an efficient way to derive from an exponential Boltzmann sampler a ordinary Boltzmann sampler
On the Minimum Size of a Contraction-Universal TreeNov 14 2009A tree T_uni is m-universal for the class of trees if for every tree T of size m, T can be obtained from T_uni by successive contractions of edges. We prove that a m-universal tree for the class of trees has at least mln(m) + (gamma-1)m + O(1) edges where ... More
Fixed point theorems involving numerical invariantsFeb 05 2018We exhibit invariants of smooth projective algebraic varieties with integer values, whose nonvanishing modulo p prevents the existence of an action without fixed points of certain finite p-groups. The case of base fields of characteristic p is included. ... More
Existence d'un feuilletage positivement transverse à un homéomorphisme de surfaceJun 01 2012Jul 28 2013Let F be a homeomorphism of an oriented surface M that is isotopic to the identity. Le Calvez proved that if F admits a lift without fixed points to the universal covering of M, then there exists a topological foliation of M transverse to the dynamics. ... More
Degrés d'homogénéité de l'ensemble des intersections complètes singulièresSep 03 2010Sep 10 2012A classical result of Boole shows that, in characteristic 0, the set of singular degree d hypersurfaces in P^N is a divisor of degree (N+1)(d-1)^N in the projective space of all hypersurfaces. We give here analogous formulae for complete intersections ... More
Degree formula for the Euler characteristicMar 21 2011Jul 10 2011We give a proof of the degree formula for the Euler characteristic previously obtained by Kirill Zainoulline. The arguments used here are considerably simpler, and allow us to remove all restrictions on the characteristic of the base field.
A Simple Master Theorem For Discrete Divide And Conquer RecurrencesFeb 27 2019The aim of this note is to provide a Master Theorem for some discrete divide and conquer recurrences: $$X_n = a_n+\sum_{j=1}^m b_j X_{\lfloor p_j n\rfloor},$$ where the $p_i$'s belong to $(0,1)$. The main novelty of this work is there is no assumption ... More
On a Conjecture of Voisin on the Gonality of Very General Abelian VarietiesFeb 04 2019We adapt a method of Voisin to powers of abelian varieties in order to study orbits for rational equivalence of zero-cycles on very general abelian varieties. We deduce that a very general abelian variety of dimension at least $2k-2$ has gonality at least ... More
Intersection Subtyping with ConstructorsApr 23 2019We study the question of extending the BCD intersection type system with additional type constructors. On the typing side, we focus on adding the usual rules for product types. On the subtyping side, we consider a generic way of defining a subtyping relation ... More
Short interval results for a class of arithmetic functionsApr 30 2016Using estimates on Hooley's $\Delta$-function and a short interval version of the celebrated Dirichlet hyperbola principle, we derive an asymptotic formula for a class of arithmetic functions over short segments. Numerous examples are also given.
A Purely Algebraic Summation MethodJan 17 2019It is mathematical folklore that 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + ... = --1/12. This result is usually achieved using elaborate analytical methods, such as zeta function regularization or Ramanujan summation. However, in its notebooks, Ramanujan has also provided a very ... More
Counting p'-characters in finite reductive groupsJun 09 2009Jun 10 2009This article is concerned with the relative McKay conjecture for finite reductive groups. Let G be a connected reductive group defined over the finite field F_q of characteristic p>0 with corresponding Frobenius map F. We prove that if the F-coinvariants ... More
Perron vector optimization applied to search enginesNov 09 2011In the last years, Google's PageRank optimization problems have been extensively studied. In that case, the ranking is given by the invariant measure of a stochastic matrix. In this paper, we consider the more general situation in which the ranking is ... More
Central limit theorems in Random cluster and Potts ModelsAug 20 2003We prove that for q>=1, there exists r(q)<1 such that for p>r(q), the number of points in large boxes which belongs to the infinite cluster has a normal central limit behaviour under the random cluster measure phi_{p,q} on Z^d, d>=2. Particularly, we ... More
The Equivariant Tamagawa Number Conjecture for modular motives with coefficients in the Hecke algebraJan 08 2014Apr 24 2014We propose a formulation of the Equivariant Tamagawa Number Conjecture for modular motives with coefficients in universal deformation rings and Hecke algebras; something which seems to have been heretofore missing because the complexes of Galois cohomology ... More
On triangulations with high vertex degreeJan 27 2006We solve three enumerative problems concerning families of planar maps. More precisely, we establish algebraic equations for the generating function of non-separable triangulations in which all vertices have degree at least d, for a certain value d chosen ... More
Upper limits of Sinai's walk in random sceneryOct 10 2006Nov 08 2007We consider Sinai's walk in i.i.d. random scenery and focus our attention on a conjecture of R\'ev\'esz \cite{r05} concerning the upper limits of Sinai's walk in random scenery when the scenery is bounded from above. A close study of the competition between ... More
Reductions of Operator PencilsAug 15 2012Feb 23 2014We study problems associated with an operator pencil, i.e., a pair of operators on Banach spaces. Two natural problems to consider are linear constrained differential equations and the description of the generalized spectrum. The main tool to tackle either ... More
Réduction stable en dimension supérieure [d'après Kollár, Hacon-Xu...]Apr 06 2019The moduli space of stable curves of Deligne and Mumford is a compactification of the moduli space of smooth curves of genus >=2 that parametrizes certain nodal curves. It is a powerful tool for the study of algebraic curves. Higher-dimensional analogues ... More
Hyperkähler manifoldsOct 04 2018The aim of these notes is to acquaint the reader with important objects in complex algebraic geometry: K3 surfaces and their higher-dimensional analogs, hyperk\"ahler manifolds. These manifolds are interesting from several points of view: dynamical (some ... More
Single-index Regression models with right-censored responsesMar 07 2008In this article, we propose some new generalizations of M-estimation procedures for single-index regression models in presence of randomly right-censored responses. We derive consistency and asymptotic normality of our estimates. The results are proved ... More
Sums of three squares and Noether-Lefschetz lociJun 07 2017Dec 18 2017We show that the set of real polynomials in two variables that are sums of three squares of rational functions is dense in the set of those that are positive semidefinite. We also prove that the set of real surfaces in P^3 whose function field has level ... More
On Hilbert's 17th problem in low degreeFeb 23 2016Jul 03 2017Artin solved Hilbert's 17th problem, proving that a real polynomial in $n$ variables that is positive semidefinite is a sum of squares of rational functions, and Pfister showed that only $2^n$ squares are needed. In this paper, we investigate situations ... More
The 3x+1 problem: a lower bound hypothesisOct 06 2015Nov 17 2016Much work has been done attempting to understand the dynamic behaviour of the so-called "3x+1" function. It is known that finite sequences of iterations with a given length and a given number of odd terms have some combinatorial properties modulo powers ... More
The Algebra of Multitangent FunctionsApr 03 2014Multizeta values are numbers appearing in many different contexts. Unfortunately, their arithmetics remains mostly out of reach. In this article, we define a functional analogue of the algebra of multizetas values, namely the algebra of multitangent functions, ... More
Quasi-projectivity of normal varietiesDec 05 2011Sep 10 2012We prove that a normal variety contains finitely many maximal quasi-projective open subvarieties. As a corollary, we obtain the following generalization of the Chevalley-Kleiman projectivity criterion : a normal variety is quasi-projective if and only ... More
Conditional density estimation in a censored single-index regression modelJul 24 2008Mar 22 2009Under a single-index regression assumption, we introduce a new semiparametric procedure to estimate a conditional density of a censored response. The regression model can be seen as a generalization of Cox regression model and also as a profitable tool ... More
COP2: Continuously Observing Protocol PerformanceFeb 12 2019As enterprises move to a cloud-first approach, their network becomes crucial to their daily operations and has to be continuously monitored. Although passive monitoring can be convenient from a deployment viewpoint, inferring the state of each connection ... More
On Packing Colorings of Distance GraphsNov 03 2010Feb 20 2014The {\em packing chromatic number} $\chi_{\rho}(G)$ of a graph $G$ is the least integer $k$ for which there exists a mapping $f$ from $V(G)$ to $\{1,2,\ldots ,k\}$ such that any two vertices of color $i$ are at distance at least $i+1$. This paper studies ... More
Variants of a-T-menability for actions on non-commutative Lp spacesApr 20 2013We investigate various characterizations of the Haagerup property (H) for a second countable locally compact group G, in terms of orthogonal representations of G on non-commutative Lp spaces. We introduce a variant (H_Lp) for orthogonal representations ... More
Property (T) with respect to non-commutative Lp-spacesJul 07 2011We show that a group with Kazhdan's property $(T)$ has property $(T_{B})$ for $B$ the Haagerup non-commutative $L_{p}(\mathcal{M})$-space associated with a von Neumann algebra $\mathcal{M}$, $1
Métriques hyperkählériennes pliéesMar 13 2015Oct 19 2015N. Hitchin recently introduced the notion of folded hyperK\"ahler metrics, in relation with SL(\infty,R) Higgs bundles. We provide a construction of such metrics, and prove the local existence of the Hitchin component for SL(\infty,R).
Optimal execution of ASR contracts with fixed notionalOct 06 2014May 04 2016Be it for taking advantage of stock undervaluation or in order to distribute part of their profits to shareholders, firms may buy back their own shares. One of the way they proceed is by including Accelerated Share Repurchases (ASR) as part of their repurchase ... More
Geometric Time and Causal Time in Relativistic Lagrangian MechanicsSep 06 2016In this article, we argue that two distinct types of time should be taken into account in relativistic physics: a geometric time, which emanates from the structure of spacetime and its metrics, and a causal time, indicating the flow from the past to the ... More
An Energy Preserving Monolithic Eulerian Fluid-Structure Numerical SchemeJul 27 2016The conservation laws of continuum mechanic written in an Eulerian frame make no difference between fluids and solids except in the expression of the stress tensors, usually with Newton's hypothesis for the fluids and Helmholtz potentials of energy for ... More
Verifiable Elections with Commitment Consistent Encryption -- A PrimerDec 23 2014This note provides an introduction to the PPATS Commitment Consistent Encryption (CCE) scheme proposed by Cuvelier, Pereira and Peters and its use in the design of end-to-end verifiable elections with a perfectly private audit trail. These elections can ... More
On the maximal use of Monte Carlo samples: re-weighting events at NLO accuracyJul 04 2016Accurate Monte Carlo simulations for high-energy events at CERN's Large Hadron Collider, are very expensive, both from the computing and storage points of view. We describe a method that allows to consistently re-use parton-level samples accurate up to ... More
Hierarchical Modeling of Multidimensional Data in Regularly Decomposed Spaces: Main PrinciplesMay 03 2016May 05 2016The described works have been carried out in the framework of a mid-term study initiated by the Centre Electronique de l'Armement and led by ADERSA, a French company of research under contract. The aim was to study the techniques of regular dividing of ... More
Deformations of the braid arrangement and TreesApr 22 2016We establish counting formulas and bijections for deformations of the braid arrangement. Precisely, we consider real hyperplane arrangements such that all the hyperplanes are of the form $x\_i-x\_j=s$ for some integer $s$. Classical examples include the ... More
Dimensions of spaces of level one automorphic forms for split classical groups using the trace formulaJun 17 2014We consider the problem of explicitly computing dimensions of spaces of automorphic or modular forms in level one, for a split classical group $\mathbf{G}$ over $\mathbb{Q}$ such that $\mathbf{G}(\R)$ has discrete series. Our main contribution is an algorithm ... More
Elements of proof for conjectures of Witte and Forrester about the combinatorial structure of Gaussian Beta EnsemblesMay 06 2014Aug 19 2014The purpose of the article is to provide partial proofs for two conjectures given by Witte and Forrester in "Moments of the Gaussian $\beta$ Ensembles and the large $N$ expansion of the densities" with the use of the topological recursion adapted for ... More
Asymptotic profiles for the third grade fluids equationsFeb 24 2014We study the long time behaviour of the solutions of the third grade fluids equations in dimension 2. Introducing scaled variables and performing several energy estimates in weighted Sobolev spaces, we describe the first order of an asymptotic expansion ... More
Sensitivity Analysis of Resonant CircuitsMay 30 2015We use first-order perturbation theory to provide a local linear relation between the circuit parameters and the poles of an RLC network. The sensitivity matrix, which defines this relationship, is obtained from the systems eigenvectors and the derivative ... More
Orthogonality and DimensionalitySep 18 2013Nov 06 2013In this article, we present what we believe to be a simple way to motivate the use of Hilbert spaces in quantum mechanics. To achieve this, we study the way the notion of dimension can, at a very primitive level, be defined as the cardinality of a maximal ... More
On the geometry and the deformation of shape represented by a piecewise continuous Bézier curve with application to shape optimizationFeb 18 2013In this work, we develop a framework based on piecewize B\'ezier curves to plane shapes deformation and we apply it to shape optimization problems. We describe a general setting and some general result to reduce the study of a shape optimization problem ... More
Epitaxial self-organization: from surfaces to magnetic materialsApr 18 2005Self-organization of magnetic materials is an emerging and active field. An overview of the use of self-organization for magnetic purposes is given, with a view to illustrate aspects that cannot be covered by lithography. A first set of issues concerns ... More
High Sensitivity Wavefront Sensing with a non-linear Curvature Wavefront SensorNov 06 2009A new wavefront sensing approach, derived from the successful curvature wavefront sensing concept but using a non-linear phase retrieval wavefront reconstruction scheme, is described. The non-linear curvature wavefront sensor (nlCWFS) approaches the theoretical ... More
On Albanese torsors and the elementary obstructionNov 09 2006Aug 16 2007We show that the elementary obstruction to the existence of 0-cycles of degree 1 on an arbitrary variety X (over an arbitrary field) can be expressed in terms of the Albanese 1-motives associated with dense open subsets of X. Arithmetic applications are ... More