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Are My Invariants Valid? A Learning ApproachMar 14 2019Ensuring that a program operates correctly is a difficult task in large, complex systems. Enshrining invariants -- desired properties of correct execution -- in code or comments can support maintainability and help sustain correctness. Tools that can ... More
Generative Code Modeling with GraphsMay 22 2018Generative models for source code are an interesting structured prediction problem, requiring to reason about both hard syntactic and semantic constraints as well as about natural, likely programs. We present a novel model for this problem that uses a ... More
Robust Text-to-SQL Generation with Execution-Guided DecodingJul 09 2018Sep 13 2018We consider the problem of neural semantic parsing, which translates natural language questions into executable SQL queries. We introduce a new mechanism, execution guidance, to leverage the semantics of SQL. It detects and excludes faulty programs during ... More
Quantum inverse iteration algorithm for near-term quantum devicesJan 28 2019We propose a quantum protocol for estimating the ground state energy (GSE) of a quantum system. It is based on the inverse power iteration method, where the initial guess for the ground state energy given by the classical Hartree-Fock solution is progressively ... More
On the singular sheaves in the fine Simpson moduli spaces of 1-dimensional sheaves supported on plane quarticsMay 10 2013Sep 24 2015In the case of the fine Simpson moduli spaces of 1-dimensional sheaves supported on plane quartics, the subvariety of sheaves that are not locally free on their support is connected, singular, and has codimension 2.
Basic industrial funds of cargo motor transport enterprises: problems of effective useOct 13 2015This work investigates the structure of basic industrial funds of cargo motor transport enterprises and peculiarities of the processes of their reproduction in the conditions of social and economic relations transformation. On the basis of statistic data ... More
Universal plane curve and moduli spaces of 1-dimensional coherent sheavesMar 08 2011Jan 08 2014We show that the universal plane curve M of fixed degree d > 2 can be seen as a closed subvariety in a certain Simpson moduli space of 1-dimensional sheaves on a projective plane contained in the stable locus. The universal singular locus coincides with ... More
Information-Theoretic Security for the MassesJun 26 2013We combine interactive zero-knowledge protocols and weak physical layer randomness properties to construct a protocol which allows bootstrapping an IT-secure and PF-secure channel from a memorizable shared secret. The protocol also tolerates failures ... More
An observation on the Poincaré polynomials of moduli spaces of one-dimensional sheavesMay 07 2018We notice that for $0<d\le 6$ the Poincar\'e polynomial of Simpson moduli space $M_{dm + 1}(\mathbb P_2)$ is divisible by the Poincar\'e polynomial of the projective space $\mathbb P_{3d-1}$. A somehow regular behaviour of the difference of the Poincar\'e ... More
Charm Production and QCD Analysis at HERA and LHCDec 07 2016This review is devoted to the study of charm production in ep and pp collisions. The total set of measurements obtained by the two collaborations H1 and ZEUS from HERA and their combination is outlined, as well as complementary data obtained by the LHCb ... More
Variational method for the calculation of critical distance between two Coulomb centers in grapheneMay 15 2014The supercritical instability in a system of two identical charged impurities in gapped graphene described in the continuous limit by the two-dimensional Dirac equation has been studied. The case where the charge of each impurity is subcritical, but their ... More
Solutions to WDVV from generalized Drinfeld-Sokolov hierarchiesMar 21 2000The dispersionless limit of generalized Drinfeld-Sokolov hierarchies associated to primitive regular conjugacy class of Weyl group W(g) is discussed. The map from these generalized Drinfeld - Sokolov hierarchies to algebraic solutions to WDVV equations ... More
Closed categories vs. closed multicategoriesApr 20 2009We prove that the 2-category of closed categories of Eilenberg and Kelly is equivalent to a suitable full 2-subcategory of the 2-category of closed multicategories.
A global description of the fine Simpson moduli space of 1-dimensional sheaves supported on plane quarticsJul 05 2016Jul 09 2016A global description of the fine Simpson moduli spaces of $1$-dimensional sheaves supported on plane quartics is given: we describe the gluing of the Brill-Noether loci described by Dr\'ezet and Maican and show that the Simpson moduli space $M=M_{4m\pm ... More
IncSQL: Training Incremental Text-to-SQL Parsers with Non-Deterministic OraclesSep 13 2018Oct 01 2018We present a sequence-to-action parsing approach for the natural language to SQL task that incrementally fills the slots of a SQL query with feasible actions from a pre-defined inventory. To account for the fact that typically there are multiple correct ... More
Learning Syntactic Program Transformations from ExamplesAug 31 2016IDEs, such as Visual Studio, automate common transformations, such as Rename and Extract Method refactorings. However, extending these catalogs of transformations is complex and time-consuming. A similar phenomenon appears in intelligent tutoring systems ... More
Quasiconformal Realizations of E_{6(6)}, E_{7(7)}, E_{8(8)} and SO(n+3,m+3), N=4 and N>4 Supergravity and Spherical VectorsApr 06 2009After reviewing the underlying algebraic structures we give a unified realization of split exceptional groups F_{4(4)},E_{6(6)}, E_{7(7)}, E_{8(8)} and of SO(n+3,m+3) as quasiconformal groups that is covariant with respect to their (Lorentz) subgroups ... More
Unital ${A}_\infty$-categoriesFeb 20 2008We prove that three definitions of unitality for A-infinity-categories suggested by the first author, by Kontsevich and Soibelman, and by Fukaya are equivalent.
Random Sequential Adsorption of Oriented SuperdisksFeb 18 2009In this work we extend recent study of the properties of the dense packing of "superdisks," by Y. Jiao, F. H. Stillinger and S. Torquato, Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 245504 (2008), to the jammed state formed by these objects in random sequential adsorption. ... More
The microscopic phase density functional approach to the construction of the kinetic and hydrodynamic description for the system of self-propelled particlesApr 24 2013Jul 18 2014We use the method of the microscopic phase density to get the kinetic equation for the system of self-propelled particles with Vicsek-like alignment rule. The hydrodynamic equations are derived for the ordered phase taking into account the mean-field ... More
Dynamics of the inhomogeneous Dicke modelNov 14 2008May 29 2009We study the time dynamics of a single boson coupled to a bath of two-level systems (spins 1/2) with different excitation energies, described by an inhomogeneous Dicke model. Analyzing the time-dependent Schrodinger equation exactly we find that at resonance ... More
Dispersion relation formalism for the two-photon exchange correction to elastic muon-proton scattering: elastic intermediate stateMar 14 2018Jun 25 2018We evaluate the two-photon exchange correction to the unpolarized cross section in the elastic muon-proton scattering within dispersion relations. One of the six independent invariant amplitudes requires a subtraction. We fix the subtraction function ... More
A new (1+1)-dimensional matrix k-constrained KP hierarchyMar 28 2013We introduce a new generalization of matrix (1+1)-dimensional k-constrained KP hierarchy. The new hierarchy contains matrix generalizations of stationary DS systems, (2+1)-dimensional modified Korteweg-de Vries equation and the Nizhnik equation. A binary ... More
On feebly compact inverse primitive (semi)topological semigroupsOct 16 2013Oct 27 2015We study the structure of inverse primitive feebly compact semitopological and topological semigroups. We find conditions when the maximal subgroup of an inverse primitive feebly compact semitopological semigroup $S$ is a closed subset of $S$ and describe ... More
Weak chimeras in minimal networks of coupled phase oscillatorsJul 30 2014Dec 10 2014We suggest a definition for a type of chimera state that appears in networks of indistinguishable phase oscillators. Defining a "weak chimera" as a type of invariant set showing partial frequency synchronization, we show that this means they cannot appear ... More
Spectrum of an electron spin coupled to an unpolarized bath of nuclear spinsFeb 11 2011The main source of decoherence for an electron spin confined to a quantum dot is the hyperfine interaction with nuclear spins. To analyze this process theoretically we diagonalize the central spin Hamiltonian in the high magnetic B-field limit. Then we ... More
Spin vortices and vacancies: interactions and pinning on a square latticeMar 12 2010The study gives a decisive answer to the recently risen question about the type and origin of interaction between spin vortices and spin vacancies in 2D spin models. The approach is based on the low-temperature approximation of the 2D XY model known as ... More
Diffusion, subdiffusion, and trapping of active particles in heterogeneous mediaOct 02 2013We study the transport properties of a system of active particles moving at constant speed in an heterogeneous two-dimensional space. The spatial heterogeneity is modeled by a random distribution of obstacles, which the active particles avoid. Obstacle ... More
A new bidirectional generalization of (2+1)-dimensional matrix k-constrained KP hierarchyMar 26 2013Dec 30 2013We introduce a new bidirectional generalization of (2+1)-dimensional k-constrained KP hierarchy ((2+1)-BDk-cKPH). This new hierarchy generalizes (2+1)-dimensional k-cKP hierarchy, $(t_A,\tau_B)$ and $(\gamma_A,\sigma_B)$ matrix hierarchies. (2+1)-BDk-cKPH ... More
Ultrafilters on $G$-spacesJul 01 2015For a discrete group $G$ and a discrete $G$-space $X$, we identify the Stone-\v{C}ech compactifications $\beta G$ and $\beta X$ with the sets of all ultrafilters on $G$ and $X$, and apply the natural action of $\beta G$ on $\beta X$ to characterize large, ... More
On the Lyapunov numbersMar 25 2013We introduce and study the Lyapunov numbers -- quantitative measures of the sensitivity of a dynamical system $(X,f)$ given by a compact metric space $X$ and a continuous map $f:X \to X$. In particular, we prove that for a minimal topologically weakly ... More
On Stochastic Cucker-Smale flocking dynamicsJun 15 2018We present a stochastic version of the Cucker-Smale flocking dynamics based on a markovian $N$-particle system of pair interactions with unbounded and, in general, non-Lipschitz continuous interaction potential. We establish the infinite particle limit ... More
Spin-Orbit Coupled Bose Gases at Finite TemperaturesJan 03 2014Spin-orbit coupling is predicted to have dramatic effects on thermal properties of a two-component atomic Bose gas. We show that in three spatial dimensions it lowers the critical temperature of condensation and enhances thermal depletion of the condensate ... More
Quantum criticality near the Stoner transition in a two-dot with spin-orbit couplingJun 09 2009We study a system of two tunnel-coupled quantum dots, with the first dot containing interacting electrons (described by the Universal Hamiltonian) not subject to spin-orbit coupling, whereas the second contains non-interacting electrons subject to spin-orbit ... More
Gravitational waves from the evolution of magnetic field after electroweak epochSep 17 2014It was recently demonstrated that the evolution of helical magnetic field in the primordial plasma at temperatures $T\gtrsim10$ MeV is affected by the phenomenon of chiral quantum anomaly in the electroweak model, leading to a possibility of self-sustained ... More
Sturm-Liouville operators with matrix distributional coefficientsDec 13 2016The paper deals with singular Sturm-Liouville expressions with matrix-valued distributional coefficients. Due to a suitable regularization, the corresponding operators are correctly defined as quasi-differentials. Their resolvent convergence is investigated ... More
Equalizers in the category of cocomplete cocategoriesDec 07 2006May 31 2007We prove existence of equalizers in certain categories of cocomplete cocategories. This allows us to complete the proof of the fact that A-infinity functor categories arise as internal Hom-objects in the category of differential graded cocomplete augmented ... More
Quotients of unital ${A}_\infty$-categoriesJun 01 2003Feb 17 2008For a full subcategory B of a unital A_infinity-category C a quotient unital A_infinity-category `C/B' is defined. For differential graded categories such quotient is constructed by V.Drinfeld. Our construction is explicit and uses freely generated A_infinity-categories. ... More
Diamagnetic persistent currents for electrons in ballistic billiards subject to a point fluxJun 04 2008Jun 05 2008We study the persistent current of noninteracting electrons subject to a pointlike magnetic flux in the simply connected chaotic Robnik-Berry quantum billiard, and also in an annular analog thereof. For the simply connected billiard we find a large diamagnetic ... More
Spectrum Generating Conformal and Quasiconformal U-Duality Groups, Supergravity and Spherical VectorsJan 12 2009Mar 02 2009After reviewing the algebraic structures that underlie the geometries of N=2 Maxwell-Einstein supergravity theories (MESGT) in five and four dimensions with symmetric scalar manifolds, we give a unified realization of their three dimensional U-duality ... More
A Unified Approach to the Minimal Unitary Realizations of Noncompact Groups and SupergroupsApr 10 2006Sep 18 2006We study the minimal unitary representations of non-compact groups and supergroups obtained by quantization of their geometric realizations as quasi-conformal groups and supergroups. The quasi-conformal groups G leave generalized light-cones, defined ... More
Desynchronization transitions in nonlinearly coupled phase oscillatorsFeb 03 2011We consider the nonlinear extension of the Kuramoto model of globally coupled phase oscillators where the phase shift in the coupling function depends on the order parameter. A bifurcation analysis of the transition from fully synchronous state to partial ... More
Towards three-loop QCD corrections to the time-like splitting functionsMay 12 2015We report on the status of a direct computation of the time-like splitting functions at next-to-next-to-leading order in QCD. Time-like splitting functions govern the collinear kinematics of inclusive hadron production and the evolution of the parton ... More
On Calculation of Amplitudes in Quantum ElectrodynamicsJun 05 2012A new method of calculation of amplitudes of different processes in quantum electrodynamics is proposed. The method does not use the Feynman technique of trace of product of matrices calculation. The method strongly simplifies calculation of cross sections ... More
Evolution of states and mesoscopic scaling for two-component birth-and-death dynamics in continuumAug 22 2016Two coupled spatial birth-and-death Markov evolutions on $\mathbb{R}^d$ are obtained as the unique weak solutions to the associated Fokker-Planck equations. Such solutions are constructed by its associated sequence of correlation functions satisfying ... More
Pseudocompactness, products and topological Brandt $λ^0$-extensions of semitopological monoidsOct 17 2015In the paper we study the preservation of pseudocompactness (resp., countable compactness, sequential compactness, $\omega$-boundedness, totally countable compactness, countable pracompactness, sequential pseudocompactness) by Tychonoff products of pseudocompact ... More
Matrix generalizations of integrable systems with Lax integro-differential representationsDec 14 2012We present (2+1)-dimensional generalizations of the k-constrained Kadomtsev-Petviashvili (k-cKP) hierarchy and corresponding matrix Lax representations that consist of two integro-differential operators. Additional reductions imposed on the Lax pairs ... More
Normalized classes of generalized Burgers equationsMay 13 2016A hierarchy of normalized classes of generalized Burgers equations is studied. The equivalence groupoids of these classes are computed. The equivalence groupoids of classes of linearizable generalized Burgers equations are related to those of the associated ... More
Dispersion Relation Tool for generalized lower-hybrid mode with, density gradient, equilibrium ExB drift, collisions and finite electron Larmor radiusOct 02 2016MATLAB solver has been developed for studies of local instabilities in partially magnetized plasmas typical for ExB discharge plasmas. Examples for the Simon-Hoh, lower-hybrid and ion-sound instabilities in Penning discharge. The detailed behavior of ... More
Intersubband polaritonics revisitedDec 01 2011Mar 04 2013We revisited the intersubband polaritonics - the branch of mesoscopic physics having a huge potential for optoelectronic applications in the infrared and terahertz domains - and found that, contrary to the general opinion, the Coulomb interactions play ... More
NLS breathers, rogue waves, and solutions of the Lyapunov equation for Jordan blocksSep 12 2016The infinite families of Peregrine, Akhmediev and Kuznetsov-Ma breather solutions of the focusing Nonlinear Schroedinger (NLS) equation are obtained via a matrix version of the Darboux transformation, with a spectral matrix of the form of a Jordan block. ... More
A-infinity-bimodules and Serre A-infinity-functorsJan 05 2007Feb 15 2008We define A-infinity-bimodules similarly to Tradler and show that this notion is equivalent to an A-infinity-functor with two arguments which takes values in the differential graded category of complexes of k-modules, where k is a ground commutative ring. ... More
Free ${A}_\infty$-categoriesDec 17 2003Feb 17 2008For a differential graded k-quiver Q we define the free A-infinity-category FQ generated by Q. The main result is that for an arbitrary A-infinity-category A the restriction A-infinity-functor A_\infty(FQ,A) -> A_1(Q,A) is an equivalence, where objects ... More
Recurrence Quantification Analysis of Financial Market Crashes and CrisesJul 27 2011Financial markets are systems with the complex behavior, that can be hardly analyzed by means of linear methods. Recurrence Quantification Analysis (RQA) is a nonlinear methodology, which is able to work with the nonstationary and short data series. Thus, ... More
Random Sequential Adsorption of Objects of Decreasing SizeSep 29 2008We consider the model of random sequential adsorption, with depositing objects, as well as those already at the surface, decreasing in size according to a specified time dependence, from a larger initial value to a finite value in the large time limit. ... More
The classical and quantum dynamics of the inhomogeneous Dicke model and its Ehrenfest timeFeb 20 2010We show that in the few-excitation regime the classical and quantum time-evolution of the inhomogeneous Dicke model for N two-level systems coupled to a single boson mode agree for N>>1. In the presence of a single excitation only, the leading term in ... More
Active particles in heterogeneous media display new physics: existence of optimal noise and absence of bands and long-range orderJan 28 2015Mar 18 2015We present a detailed study of the large-scale collective properties of self-propelled particles (SPPs) moving in two-dimensional heterogeneous space. The impact of spatial heterogeneities on the ordered, collectively moving phase is investigated. We ... More
Modification of the Simpson moduli space M_{3m+1}(P_2) by vector bundles (I)Dec 28 2010We consider the moduli space of stable vector bundles on curves embedded in P_2 with Hilbert polynomial 3m+1 and construct a compactification of this space by vector bundles. The result is a blow up of the Simpson moduli space M_{3m+1}(P_2).
On the singular sheaves in the fine Simpson moduli spaces of $1$-dimensional sheavesNov 05 2015May 26 2016In the Simpson moduli space $M$ of semi-stable sheaves with Hilbert polynomial $dm-1$ on a projective plane we study the closed subvariety $M'$ of sheaves that are not locally free on their support. We show that for $d\ge 4$ it is a singular subvariety ... More
Equivalence groupoid of generalized potential Burgers equationsMay 13 2016We find the equivalence groupoid of a~class of $(1+1)$-dimensional second-order evolution equations, which are called generalized potential Burgers equations. This class is related via potentialization with two classes of variable-coefficient generalized ... More
Convex polynomial approximation in $R^d$ with Freud weightsAug 09 2014Nov 13 2014We show that for multivariate Freud-type weights $W_\alpha(x)=\exp(-|x|^\alpha)$, $\alpha>1$, any convex function $f$ on $R^d$ satisfying $fW_\alpha\in L_p(R^d)$ if $1\le p<\infty$, or $\lim_{|x|\to\infty}f(x)W_\alpha(x)=0$ if $p=\infty$, can be approximated ... More
Darboux Transformations for (2+1)-Dimensional Extensions of the KP HierarchySep 18 2014Apr 10 2015New extensions of the KP and modified KP hierarchies with self-consistent sources are proposed. The latter provide new generalizations of $(2+1)$-dimensional integrable equations, including the DS-III equation and the $N$-wave problem. Furthermore, we ... More
Additional reductions in the k-constrained modified KP hierarchyMar 26 2013Dec 30 2013Additional reductions in the modified k-constrained KP hierarchy are proposed. As a result we obtain generalizations of Kaup-Broer system, Korteweg-de Vries equation and a modification of Korteweg-de Vries equation that belongs to modified k-constrained ... More
Nonlinear perturbations of evolution systems in scales of Banach spacesMay 27 2018A variant of the abstract Cauchy-Kovalevskaya theorem is considered. We prove existence and uniqueness of classical solutions to the nonlinear, non-autonomous initial value problem \[ \frac{du(t)}{dt} = A(t)u(t) + B(u(t),t), \ \ u(0) = x \] in a scale ... More
Evolution of states and mesoscopic scaling for two-component birth-and-death dynamics in continuumAug 22 2016Jan 05 2017Two coupled spatial birth-and-death Markov evolutions on $\mathbb{R}^d$ are obtained as unique weak solutions to the associated Fokker-Planck equations. Such solutions are constructed by its associated sequence of correlation functions satisfying the ... More
Dual cut-off dc-tunable microwave low-pass filter on superconducting Nb microstrips with asymmetric nanogroovesApr 08 2015We present a dual cut-off, dc-tunable low-pass microwave filter on a superconducting Nb microstrip with uniaxial asymmetric nanogrooves. The frequency response of the device was measured in the range $300$\,KHz to $14$\,GHz at different temperatures, ... More
Continuous wave single photon transistor based on a superconducting circuitMar 21 2016Sep 09 2016We propose a microwave frequency single photon transistor which can operate under continuous wave probing, and represents an efficient single microwave photon detector. It can be realized using an impedance matched system of a three level artificial ladder-type ... More
Floquet quantum simulation with superconducting qubitsMar 14 2017We propose a quantum algorithm for simulating spin models based on periodic modulation of transmon qubits. Using Floquet theory we derive an effective time-averaged Hamiltonian, which is of the general XYZ class, different from the isotropic XY Hamiltonian ... More
The dynamics of developing Cooper pairing at finite temperaturesDec 27 2007Apr 16 2009We study the time evolution of a system of fermions with pairing interactions at a finite temperature. The dynamics is triggered by an abrupt increase of the BCS coupling constant. We show that if initially the fermions are in a normal phase, the amplitude ... More
Perturbation expansion for the diluted two-dimensional XY modelNov 28 2006We study the quasi-long-range ordered phase of a 2D XY model with quenched site-dilution using the spin-wave approximation and expansion in the parameter which characterizes the deviation from completely homogeneous dilution. The results, obtained by ... More
Transverse-momentum-dependent quark splitting functions in $k_T$-factorization: real contributionsNov 26 2015We calculate transverse momentum dependent quark splitting kernels $P_{gq}$ and $P_{qq}$ within $k_T$-factorization, completing earlier results which concentrated on gluon splitting functions $P_{gg}$ and $P_{qg}$. The complete set of splitting kernels ... More
Comparative Computational Study of the Energetics of Li, Na, and Mg Storage in Amorphous and Crystalline SiliconJan 30 2014To assess the potential of amorphous Si (a-Si) as an anode for Li, Na, and Mg-ion batteries, the energetics of Li, Na, and Mg atoms in a-Si are computed from first-principles and compared to those in crystalline Si (c-Si). It is shown that Si preamorphization ... More
Combined analysis of charm-quark fragmentation-fraction measurementsSep 03 2015Jul 21 2016A summary of measurements of the fragmentation of charm quarks into a specific hadron is given. Measurements performed in photoproduction and deep inelastic scattering in $e^{\pm}p$, $pp$ and $e^+e^-$ collisions are compared, using up-to-date branching ... More
Interactions, superconducting $T_c$, and fluctuation magnetization for two coupled dots in the crossover between the Gaussian Orthogonal and Unitary ensemblesApr 06 2007We study a system of two quantum dots connected by a hopping bridge. Both the dots and connecting region are assumed to be in universal crossover regimes between Gaussian Orthogonal and Unitary ensembles. Using a diagrammatic approach appropriate for ... More
Experimental study and critical review of structural, thermodynamic and mechanical properties of superhard refractory boron suboxide, B6OJul 25 2011Dec 01 2011In the present paper we performed the analysis of available data on structural, thermodynamic and mechanical properties of B6O. Although the compound is known for half a century and has been extensively studied, many properties of this boron-rich solid ... More
Generalized Volterra lattices: binary Darboux transformations and self-consistent sourcesJun 12 2016We study two families of (matrix versions of) generalized Volterra (or Bogoyavlensky) lattice equations. For each family, the equations arise as reductions of a partial differential-difference equation in one continuous and two discrete variables, which ... More
Extended symmetry analysis of generalized Burgers equationsMar 30 2016May 26 2016Using advanced classification techniques, we carry out the extended symmetry analysis of the class of generalized Burgers equations of the form $u_t+uu_x+f(t,x)u_{xx}=0$. This enhances all the previous results on symmetries of these equations and includes ... More
Entanglement signatures of quantum Hall phase transitionsSep 09 2008We study quantum phase transitions involving fractional quantum Hall states, using numerical calculations of entanglements and related quantities. We tune finite-size wavefunctions on spherical geometries, by varying the interaction potential away from ... More
Optimal noise maximizes collective motion in heterogeneous mediaMay 24 2013We study the effect of spatial heterogeneity on the collective motion of self-propelled particles (SPPs). The heterogeneity is modeled as a random distribution of either static or diffusive obstacles, which the SPPs avoid while trying to align their movements. ... More
Non-linear Elastic Response in Solid Helium: critical velocity or strainDec 31 2009Jan 29 2010Torsional oscillator experiments show evidence of mass decoupling in solid 4He. This decoupling is amplitude dependent, suggesting a critical velocity for supersolidity. We observe similar behavior in the elastic shear modulus. By measuring the shear ... More
Intrinsic and dislocation induced elastic behavior of solid heliumMar 06 2009Recent experiments showed that the shear modulus of solid 4He stiffens in the same temperature range (below 200 mK) where mass decoupling and supersolidity have been inferred from torsional oscillator measurements. The two phenomena are clearly related ... More
Critical pairing fluctuations in the normal state of a superconductor: pseudogap and quasi-particle dampingApr 18 2017Apr 19 2017We study the effect of critical pairing fluctuations on the electronic properties in the normal state of a clean superconductor in three dimensions. Using a functional renormalization group approach to take the non-Gaussian nature of critical fluctuations ... More
Individual based model with competition in spatial ecologyMar 25 2008We analyze an interacting particle system with a Markov evolution of birth-and-death type. We have shown that a local competition mechanism (realized via a density dependent mortality) leads to a globally regular behavior of the population in course of ... More
'Riemann Equations' in Bidifferential CalculusSep 03 2014Feb 23 2015We consider equations that formally resemble a matrix Riemann (or Hopf) equation in the framework of bidifferential calculus. With different choices of a first-order bidifferential calculus, we obtain a variety of equations, including a semi-discrete ... More
The interior transmission eigenvalue problem for an inhomogeneous media with a conductive boundaryOct 06 2015May 11 2016In this paper, we investigate the interior transmission eigenvalue problem for an inhomogeneous media with conductive boundary conditions. We prove the discreteness and existence of the transmission eigenvalues. We also investigate the inverse spectral ... More
Thermalization in closed quantum systems: semiclassical approachAug 19 2014Nov 03 2014Thermalization in closed quantum systems can be explained either by means of the eigenstate thermalization hypothesis or the concept of canonical typicality. Both concepts are based on quantum mechanical formalism such as spectral properties of the eigenstates ... More
NLS breathers, rogue waves, and solutions of the Lyapunov equation for Jordan blocksSep 12 2016Mar 07 2017The infinite families of Peregrine, Akhmediev and Kuznetsov-Ma breather solutions of the focusing Nonlinear Schroedinger (NLS) equation are obtained via a matrix version of the Darboux transformation, with a spectral matrix of the form of a Jordan block. ... More
Ginzburg-Landau model with small pinning domainsMar 20 2011We consider a Ginzburg-Landau type energy with a piecewise constant pinning term $a$ in the potential $(a^2 - |u|^2)^2$. The function $a$ is different from 1 only on finitely many disjoint domains, called the {\it pinning domains}. These pinning domains ... More
Diagonals of separately absolutely continuous mappings and their analoguesDec 23 2015We prove that, for an interval $X\subseteq \mathbb R$ and a normed space $Z$ diagonals of separately absolute continuous mappings $f:X^2\to Z$ are exactly such mappings \mbox{$g:X\to Z$} that there is a sequence $(g_n)_{n=1}^{\infty}$ of continuous mappings ... More
Extended Linear Response for Bioanalytical Applications Using Multiple EnzymesMay 25 2013We develop a framework for optimizing a novel approach to extending the linear range of bioanalytical systems and biosensors by utilizing two enzymes with different kinetic responses to the input chemical as their substrate. Data for the flow-injection ... More
Solutions of Mathisson-Papapetrou equations for highly relativistic spinning particlesJul 07 2015Different types of essentially nongeodesic motions of highly relativistic spinning particles in Schwarzschild's and Kerr's background which follows from the Mathisson-Papapetrou (MP) equations are considered. It is shown that dependently on the correlation ... More
Thermoelastic Equation of State of Boron Suboxide B6O up to 6 GPa and 2700 K: Simplified Anderson-Grüneisen Model and Thermodynamic ConsistencyJul 07 2014p-V-T equation of state of superhard boron suboxide B6O has been measured up to 6 GPa and 2700 K using multianvil technique and synchrotron X-ray diffraction. To fit the experimental data, the theoretical p-V-T equation of state has been derived in approximation ... More
The 2D XY model on a finite lattice with structural disorder: quasi-long-range ordering under realistic conditionsDec 06 2006We present an analytic approach to study concurrent influence of quenched non-magnetic site-dilution and finiteness of the lattice on the 2D XY model. Two significant deeply connected features of this spin model are: a special type of ordering (quasi-long-range ... More
Entanglement entropy in fermionic Laughlin statesSep 12 2006Sep 15 2006We present analytic and numerical calculations on the bipartite entanglement entropy in fractional quantum Hall states of the fermionic Laughlin sequence. The partitioning of the system is done both by dividing Landau level orbitals and by grouping the ... More
Statistical Treatment of Beam Position Monitor DataSep 05 2016We review beam position monitors adopting the perspective of an analogue-to- digital converter in a sampling data acquisition system. From a statistical treatment of independent data samples we derive basic formulae of position uncertainty for beam position ... More
Vlasov scaling for the Glauber dynamics in continuumFeb 25 2010Jan 22 2011We consider Vlasov-type scaling for the Glauber dynamics in continuum with a positive integrable potential, and construct rescaled and limiting evolutions of correlation functions. Convergence to the limiting evolution for the positive density system ... More
Lattice birth-and-death processesJun 13 2015Aug 04 2015Lattice birth-and-death Markov dynamics of particle systems with spins from the set of non-negative integers are constructed as unique solutions to certain stochastic equations. Pathwise uniqueness, strong existence, Markov property and joint uniqueness ... More
Dense Cold Nuclear Matter Study with Cumulative Trigger. ProposalNov 09 2009Experimental program for the study of dense cold matter is proposed. Droplets of such a matter are expected to be created in light ion collisions at the initial energy range of future facilities FAIR and NICA with extremely small but measurable cross ... More
Fine structure and size dependence of exciton and bi-exciton optical spectra in CdSe nanocrystalsSep 30 2010Nov 09 2010Theory of electronic and optical properties of exciton and bi-exciton complexes confined in CdSe spherical nanocrystals is presented. The electron and hole states are computed using atomistic $sp^3d^5s^*$ tight binding Hamiltonian including an effective ... More
On Two-generated Non-commutative Algebras Subject to the Affine RelationAug 04 2011We consider algebras over a field K, generated by two variables x and y subject to the single relation yx = qxy + ax + by + c for q in K^* and a, b, c in K. We prove, that among such algebras there are precisely five isomorphism classes. The representatives ... More