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The Equations of MagnetoquasigeostrophyJan 02 2013The dynamics contained in magnetized layers of exoplanet atmospheres are important to understand in order to characterize what observational signatures they may provide for future observations. It is important to develop a framework to begin studying ... More
An idealized model for dust-gas interaction in a rotating channelJan 09 2007Jan 11 2007A 2D model representing the dynamical interaction of dust and gas in a planetary channel is explored. The two components are treated as interpenetrating fluids in which the gas is treated as a Boussinesq fluid while the dust is treated as pressureless. ... More
Potential vorticity dynamics in the framework of disk shallow-water theory: II. Mixed Barotropic-Baroclinic InstabilityMar 08 2012We extend exploration of potential vorticity instabilities in cold astrophysical disks whose mean states are baroclinic. In particular, we seek to demonstrate the potential existence of traditional baroclinic instabilities of meteorological studies in ... More
Low magnetic-Prandtl number flow configurations for cold astrophysical disk models: speculation and analysisFeb 02 2010Simulations of astrophysical disks in the shearing box that are subject to the magnetorotational instability (MRI) show that activity appears to be reduced as the magnetic Prandtl number (Pm) is lowered. On the other hand, calculations for laboratory ... More
A shallow-water theory for annular sections of Keplerian DisksFeb 24 2008Sep 22 2008A scaling argument is presented that leads to a shallow water theory of non-axisymmetric disturbances in annular sections of thin Keplerian disks. To develop a theoretical construction that will aid in physically understanding the relationship of known ... More
Potential vorticity dynamics in the framework of disk shallow-water theory: I. The Rossby wave instabilityAug 12 2010The Rossby wave instability in astrophysical disks is as a potentially important mechanism for driving angular momentum transport in disks. We aim to understand this instability in an approximate three-dimensional disk model environment which we assume ... More
On the stratorotational instability in the quasi-hydrostatic semi-geostrophic limitJun 01 2005Sep 13 2005The linear normal-mode stratorotational instability (SRI) is analytically reexamined in the inviscid limit where the length scales of horizontal disturbances are large compared their vertical and radial counterparts. Boundary conditions different than ... More
On the viability of the shearing box approximation for numerical studies of MHD turbulence in accretion disksNov 06 2007Feb 28 2008Most of our knowledge on the nonlinear development of the magneto-rotational instability (MRI) relies on the results of numerical simulations employing the shearing box (SB) approximation. A number of difficulties arising from this approach have recently ... More
Linear dynamics of weakly viscous accretion disks: A disk analog of Tollmien-Schlichting wavesOct 30 2008Nov 04 2008This paper discusses new perspectives and approaches to the problem of disk dynamics where, in this study, we focus on the effects of viscous instabilities influenced by boundary effects. The Boussinesq approximation of the viscous large shearing box ... More
On the nature of the hydrodynamic stability of accretion disksNov 15 2004Jan 30 2005The linear stability of accretion disks is revisited. The governing equations are expanded asymptotically and solved to first order in the expansion parameter $\epsilon$ defined by the ratio of the disk's vertical thickness to its radial extent. Algebraically ... More
Hydrodynamic stability of rotationally supported flows: Linear and nonlinear 2D shearing box resultsApr 01 2004Aug 31 2004We present here both analytical and numerical results of hydrodynamic stability investigations of rotationally supported circumstellar flows using the shearing box formalism. Asymptotic scaling arguments justifying the shearing box approximation are systematically ... More
On the nonlinear saturation of the magnetorotational instability near threshold in a thin-gap Taylor-Couette setupFeb 28 2007Jul 01 2007We study the saturation near threshold of the axisymmetric magnetorotational instability (MRI) of a viscous, resistive, incompressible fluid in a thin-gap Taylor-Couette configuration. A vertical magnetic field, Keplerian shear and no-slip, conducting ... More
A weakly nonlinear analysis of the magnetorotational instability in a model channel flowAug 17 2006Jan 09 2007We show by means of a perturbative weakly nonlinear analysis that the axisymmetric magnetorotational instability (MRI) of a viscous, resistive, incompressible rotating shear flow in a thin channel gives rise to a real Ginzburg-Landau equation for the ... More
Hydrodynamic response of rotationally supported flows in the Small Shearing Box modelMar 14 2007Mar 05 2008The hydrodynamic response of the inviscid small shearing box model of a midplane section of a rotationally supported astrophysical disk is examined. An energy functional ${\cal E}$ is formulated for the general nonlinear problem. It is found that the ... More
Linear analysis of the vertical shear instability: outstanding issues and improved solutions (Research Note)May 07 2015May 28 2015The Vertical Shear Instability is one of two known mechanisms potentially active in the so-called dead zones of protoplanetary accretion disks. A recent analysis indicates that a subset of unstable modes shows unbounded growth - both as resolution is ... More
Stellar OscillonsJun 15 1998We study the weakly nonlinear evolution of acoustic instability of a plane- parallel polytrope with thermal dissipation in the form of Newton's law of cooling. The most unstable horizontal wavenumbers form a band around zero and this permits the development ... More
The instability of counter-propagating kernel gravity waves in a constant shear flowNov 29 2007The mechanism describing the recently developed notion of kernel gravity waves (KGWs) is reviewed and such structures are employed to interpret the unstable dynamics of an example stratified plane parallel shear flow. This flow has constant vertical shear, ... More
Hydrodynamical stability of thin accretion discs: transient growth of global axisymmetric perturbationsFeb 20 2005The purpose of this paper is to explore how accretion discs manifest the phenomenon of transient growth on a global scale. We investigate analytically the time response of a thin accretion disc to particular axisymmetric perturbations. To facilitate an ... More
Non-exponential hydrodynamical growth in density-stratified thin Keplerian discsFeb 08 2010Mar 12 2010The short time evolution of three dimensional small perturbations is studied. Exhibiting spectral asymptotic stability, thin discs are nonetheless shown to host intensive hydrodynamical activity in the shape of non modal growth of initial small perturbations. ... More
Interacting vorticity waves as an instability mechanism for MHD shear instabilitiesDec 10 2014Dec 19 2014The interacting vorticity wave formalism for shear flow instabilities is extended here to the magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) setting, to provide a mechanistic description for the stabilising and destabilising of shear instabilities by the presence of a background ... More
Linear and nonlinear evolution of the vertical shear instability in accretion discsSep 12 2012(Abridged) We analyse the stability and evolution of power-law accretion disc models. These have midplane densities that follow radial power-laws, and have either temperature or entropy distributions that are power-law functions of cylindrical radius. ... More
Vortex formation in protoplanetary discs induced by the vertical shear instabilityJan 08 2016We present the results of 2D and 3D hydrodynamic simulations of idealized protoplanetary discs that examine the formation and evolution of vortices by the vertical shear instability (VSI). In agreement with recent work, we find that discs with radially ... More
Global transient dynamics of three-dimensional hydrodynamical disturbances in a thin viscous accretion diskJun 01 2009Jun 11 2009Thin viscous Keplerian accretion disks are considered asymptotically stable, even though they can show significant dynamic activity on short timescales. In this paper the dynamics of non-axisymmetric hydrodynamical disturbances of disks are investigated ... More
On the physical mechanism of centrifugal-gravity wave resonant instability in swirling free surface rotating PolygonsMar 08 2017We present an explicit analysis of wave-resonant instability of swirling flows inside fast rotating cylindrical containers. The linear dynamics are decomposed into the interaction between the horizontal inner centrifugal edge waves, the outer vertical ... More
On the mechanism of self gravitating Rossby interfacial waves in proto-stellar accretion discsMar 29 2015Jan 12 2016The dynamical response of edge waves under the influence of self-gravity is examined in an idealized two-dimensional model of a proto-stellar disc, characterized in steady state as a rotating vertically infinite cylinder of fluid with constant density ... More
Critical layers and protoplanetary disk turbulenceJan 04 2016Jul 09 2016A linear analysis of the zombie vortex instability is performed in a stratified shearing sheet setting for three model barotropic shear flows. The linear analysis is done by utilizing a Green's function formulation to resolve the critical layers of the ... More
Modeling glacial flow on and onto Pluto's Sputnik PlanumJun 18 2016Observations of Pluto's surface made by the New Horizons spacecraft indicates present-day nitrogen ice glaciation in and around the basin known as Sputnik Planum. Motivated by these observations, we have developed an evolutionary glacial flow model of ... More
Non-Dissipative Saturation of the Magnetorotational Instability in Thin DisksOct 19 2012A new non-dissipative mechanism is proposed for the saturation of the axisymmetric magnetorotational (MRI) instability in thin Keplerian disks that are subject to an axial magnetic field. That mechanism relies on the energy transfer from the MRI to stable ... More
The CH4 cycles on Pluto over seasonal and astronomical timescalesMar 05 2019New Horizons observations suggest that CH4 on Pluto has a complex history, involving reservoirs of different composition, thickness and stability controlled by volatile processes occurring on different timescales. In order to interpret these observations, ... More
Modeling glacial flow on and onto Pluto's Sputnik PlanitiaJun 18 2016Jul 26 2018Observations of Pluto's surface made by the New Horizons spacecraft indicates present-day nitrogen ice glaciation in and around the basin known as Sputnik Planum. Motivated by these observations, we have developed an evolutionary glacial flow model of ... More
The nitrogen cycles on Pluto over seasonal and astronomical timescalesApr 06 2018Pluto's landscape is shaped by the cycles of the volatile ices covering its surface. In particular, the Sputnik Planitia (SP) ice sheet displays a large diversity of terrains, with bright and dark plains, pits, topographic depressions and evidences of ... More
Intercomparison of General Circulation Models for Hot Extrasolar PlanetsNov 20 2013We compare five general circulation models (GCMs) which have been recently used to study hot extrasolar planet atmospheres (BOB, CAM, IGCM, MITgcm, and PEQMOD), under three test cases useful for assessing model convergence and accuracy. Such a broad, ... More
Reorientation of Sputnik Planitia implies a Subsurface Ocean on PlutoMar 13 2019The deep nitrogen-covered Sputnik Planitia (SP; informal name) basin on Pluto is located very close to the longitude of Pluto's tidal axis[1] and may be an impact feature [2], by analogy with other large basins in the solar system[3,4]. Reorientation[5-7] ... More
Formation of Charon's Red Poles From Seasonally Cold-Trapped VolatilesMar 09 2019A unique feature of Pluto's large satellite Charon is its dark red northern polar cap. Similar colours on Pluto's surface have been attributed to organic macromolecules produced by energetic radiation processing of hydrocarbons. The polar location of ... More
Convection in a volatile nitrogen-ice-rich layer drives Pluto's geological vigorMar 13 2019The vast, deep, volatile-ice-filled basin informally named Sputnik Planum is central to Pluto's geological activity[1,2]. Composed of molecular nitrogen, methane, and carbon monoxide ices[3], but dominated by N2-ice, this ice layer is organized into cells ... More
Mean radius and shape of Pluto and Charon from New Horizons imagesMar 02 2016Jun 22 2016Approach images taken by the LORRI imaging system during the New Horizons spacecraft encounter have been used to determine the mean radii and shapes of Pluto and Charon. The primary observations are limb locations derived using three independent approaches. ... More
Development of Wearable Systems for Ubiquitous Healthcare Service ProvisioningApr 01 2014This paper reports on the development of a wearable system using wireless biomedical sensors for ubiquitous healthcare service provisioning. The prototype system is developed to address current healthcare challenges such as increasing cost of services, ... More
On the value of the Curie temperature in doped manganitesApr 26 2000Dec 11 2000We have verified that the variational mean field theory approach suggested by Narimanov and Varma (preprint cond-mat/0002191) being applied to the realistic two-band model provides a good agreement with experimental data for the Curie temperature in doped ... More
Unconventional superfluidity in Bose-Fermi MixturesJun 11 2009Pairing between fermions that attract each other, reveal itself to the macroscopic world in the form of superfluidity. Since the discovery of fermionic superfluidity, intense search has been going on to find various unconventional forms of fermion pairing ... More
On Static Dielectric Response of Microcomposites of the Type Ferrolastics-Dielectrics For Application in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC)Oct 30 2016We describe the static dielectric response of ferroelastic-dielectric microcomposites. Dependence on temperature, pressure and concentration is considered for temperatures in the paraelastic transition. In recent years there has been considerable interest ... More
Subtracted dispersion relation formalism for the two-photon exchange correction to elastic electron-proton scattering: comparison with dataAug 22 2014Jan 28 2016We apply a subtracted dispersion relation formalism with the aim to improve predictions for the two-photon exchange corrections to elastic electron-proton scattering observables at finite momentum transfers. We study the formalism on the elastic contribution, ... More
The Jackiw-Pi model: classical theorySep 25 2012Mar 07 2013The massive even-parity non-Abelian gauge model in three space-time dimensions proposed by Jackiw and Pi is studied at the tree-level. The propagators are computed and the spectrum consistency is analyzed, besides, the symmetries of the model are collected ... More
Probing the Nielsen identitiesFeb 27 1999May 26 1999We present some comments concerning the validity of the Nielsen identities for renormalizable theories quantized in general linear covariant gauges in a context of compact gauge Lie groups.
Two-photon exchange correction to muon-proton elastic scattering at low momentum transferDec 30 2015Mar 11 2016We evaluate the two-photon exchange (TPE) correction to the muon-proton elastic scattering at small momentum transfer. Besides the elastic (nucleon) intermediate state contribution, which is calculated exactly, we account for the inelastic intermediate ... More
What is Surrealistic about Bohm Trajectories?Sep 03 1998We discuss interferometers in Bohmian quantum mechanics. It is shown that, with the correct configuration space, Bohm trajectories in a which way interferometer are not surrealistic, but behaves exactly as common sense suggests. Some remarks about a way ... More
U(1,1)--Invariant Generation of Charges for Einstein--Maxwell--Dilaton--Axion TheoryAug 21 1996The action of the isometry subgroup which preserves the trivial values of the fields is studied for the stationary D=4 Einstein--Maxwell--Dilaton--Axion theory. The technique for generation of charges and the corresponding procedure for construction of ... More
Separation of variables for the classical and quantum Neumann modelJan 16 1992The method of separation of variables is shown to apply to both the classical and quantum Neumann model. In the classical case this nicely yields the linearization of the flow on the Jacobian of the spectral curve. In the quantum case the Schr\"odinger ... More
Possible high-temperature superconductors predicted from electronic structure and data-filtering algorithmsSep 30 2011We report here the completion of the electronic structure of the majority of the known stoichiometric inorganic compounds, as listed in the International Crystal Structure Data-base (ICSD). We make a detailed comparison of the electronic structure, crystal ... More
Exploring the Gamma Ray Horizon with the next generation of Gamma Ray Telescopes. Part 2: Extracting cosmological parameters from the observation of gamma-ray sourcesJun 02 2004The potential of the new generation Cherenkov Telescopes to measure the energy spectrum of both, the already established extragalactic very high energy gamma-ray emitters and the best very high energy candidates from the EGRET catalogue is discussed. ... More
Timescales of Kozai-Lidov oscillations at quadrupole and octupole order in the test particle limitApr 22 2015Jul 09 2015Kozai-Lidov (KL) oscillations in hierarchical triple systems have found application to many astrophysical contexts, including planet formation, type Ia supernovae, and supermassive black hole dynamics. The period of these oscillations is known at the ... More
The non-perturbative QCD Debye mass from a Wilson line operatorMay 05 1999May 25 1999According to a proposal by Arnold and Yaffe, the non-perturbative g^2T-contribution to the Debye mass in the deconfined QCD plasma phase can be determined from a single Wilson line operator in the three-dimensional pure SU(3) gauge theory. We extend a ... More
Gauge-invariant scalar and field strength correlators in 3dNov 13 1997Gauge-invariant non-local scalar and field strength operators have been argued to have significance, e.g., as a way to determine the behaviour of the screened static potential at large distances, as order parameters for confinement, as input parameters ... More
Photoinduced electrification of solids: II. Photovoltage transientsAug 19 2005In relevance to the photoelectrification mechanisms proposed in Part I, we derive rate equations for the negative-u and STE photoelectrification modes and solve them under conditions close to experimental ones. Exact solutions are obtained for the case ... More
Hall-Littlewood plane partitions and KPSep 12 2008Feb 14 2009MacMahon's classic generating function of random plane partitions, which is related to Schur polynomials, was recently extended by Vuletic to a generating function of weighted plane partitions that is related to Hall-Littlewood polynomials, S(t), and ... More
Stability and symmetry breaking in the general three-Higgs-doublet modelAug 28 2014Jul 17 2015Stability, electroweak symmetry breaking, and the stationarity equations of the general three-Higgs-doublet model (3HDM) where all doublets carry the same hypercharge are discussed in detail. Employing the bilinear formalism the study of the 3HDM potential ... More
Quantum Hall EffectsSep 10 2009Oct 21 2009These lecture notes yield an introduction to quantum Hall effects both for non-relativistic electrons in conventional 2D electron gases (such as in semiconductor heterostructures) and relativistic electrons in graphene. After a brief historical overview ... More
Vortex lattice of a Bose-Einstein Condensate in a rotating anisotropic trapSep 26 2003We study the vortex lattices in a Bose-Einstein Condensate in a rotating anisotropic harmonic trap. We first investigate the single particle wavefunctions obtained by the exact solution of the problem and give simple expressions for these wavefunctions ... More
Autoresonant soliton and decay pumpingJan 29 2013The primary resonance equation in partial derivatives with external force and slowly varying frequency is derived. The leading-order term of asymptotic solution is constructed as a soliton with growing amplitude when time is large. This growing solution ... More
Asymptotic approach for the rigid condition of appearance of the oscillations in the solution of the Painleve-2 equationFeb 05 1999The asymptotic solution for the Painleve-2 equation with small parameter is considered. The solution has algebraic behavior before point $t_*$ and fast oscillating behavior after the point $t_*$. In the transition layer the behavior of the asymptotic ... More
Is Quantum Einstein Gravity Nonperturbatively Renormalizable?Oct 02 2001We find considerable evidence supporting the conjecture that four-dimensional Quantum Einstein Gravity is ``asymptotically safe'' in Weinberg's sense. This would mean that the theory is likely to be nonperturbatively renormalizable and thus could be considered ... More
Point massive particle in General RelativityJul 15 2012Sep 03 2013It is well known that the Schwarzschild solution describes the gravitational field outside compact spherically symmetric mass distribution in General Relativity. In particular, it describes the gravitational field outside a point particle. Nevertheless, ... More
No evidence yet for hadronic TeV gamma-ray emission from SNR RX J1713.7-3946May 16 2002Jun 25 2002Recent TeV-scale gamma-ray observations with the CANGAROO II telescope have led to the claim that the multi-band spectrum of RX J1713.7-3946 cannot be explained as the composite of a synchrotron and an inverse Compton component emitted by a population ... More
Delta-Operator on Semidensities and Integral Invariants in the Batalin-Vilkovisky GeometrySep 21 1999The action of Batalin-Vilkovisky Delta-operator on semidensities in an odd symplectic superspace is defined. This is used for the construction of integral invariants on surfaces embedded in an odd symplectic superspace and for more clear interpretation ... More
Decay estimates for One-dimensional wave equations with inverse power potentialsAug 16 2012Oct 23 2014We study the one-dimensional wave equation with an inverse power potential that equals $const.x^{-m}$ for large $|x|$ where $m$ is any positive integer greater than or equal to 3. We show that the solution decays pointwise like $t^{-m}$ for large $t$, ... More
The Pluto system: Initial results from its exploration by New HorizonsOct 26 2015The Pluto system was recently explored by NASA's New Horizons spacecraft, making closest approach on 14 July 2015. Pluto's surface displays diverse landforms, terrain ages, albedos, colors, and composition gradients. Evidence is found for a water-ice ... More
A proof of polynomial identities of type $\widehat{sl(n)_1} \otimes \widehat{sl(n)_1} / \widehat{sl(n)_2}$Jul 19 1995We present a proof of polynomial identities related to finite analogues of the branching functions of the coset $\widehat{sl(n)_1} \otimes \widehat{sl(n)_1} / \widehat{sl(n)_2}$.
Photonic band gap via quantum coherence in vortex lattices of Bose gasesMar 02 2005May 02 2005We investigate the optical response of an atomic Bose-Einstein condensate with a vortex lattice. We find that it is possible for the vortex lattice to act as a photonic crystal and create photonic band gaps, by enhancing the refractive index of the condensate ... More
An experimental setup for high resolution 10.5 eV laser-based angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy using a time-of-flight electron analyzerApr 18 2011Sep 26 2011We present an experimental setup for laser-based angle-resolved time-of-flight (LARTOF) photoemission. Using a picosecond pulsed laser, photons of energy 10.5 eV are generated through higher harmonic generation in xenon. The high repetition rate of the ... More
Violation of Ioffe-Regel condition but saturation of resistivity of the high Tc cupratesOct 24 2002We demonstrate that the resistivity data of a number of high Tc cuprates, in particular La(2-x)SrxCuO4, are consistent with resistivity saturation, although the Ioffe-Regel condition is strongly violated. By using the f-sum rule together with calculations ... More
Odd Invariant Semidensity and Divergence-like Operators on an Odd Symplectic SuperspaceJun 04 1997The divergence-like operator on an odd symplectic superspace which acts invariantly on a specially chosen odd vector field is considered. This operator is used to construct an odd invariant semidensity in a geometrically clear way. The formula for this ... More
On the phenomenology of a two-Higgs-doublet model with maximal CP symmetry at the LHCJan 28 2009May 06 2009Predictions for LHC physics are worked out for a two-Higgs-doublet model having four generalized CP symmetries. In this maximally-CP-symmetric model (MCPM) the first fermion family is, at tree level, uncoupled to the Higgs fields and thus massless. The ... More
Generalized spacetimes defined by cubic forms and the minimal unitary realizations of their quasiconformal groupsJun 01 2005Aug 26 2005We study the symmetries of generalized spacetimes and corresponding phase spaces defined by Jordan algebras of degree three. The generic Jordan family of formally real Jordan algebras of degree three describe extensions of the Minkowskian spacetimes by ... More
Minimal Unitary Realizations of Exceptional U-duality Groups and Their Subgroups as Quasiconformal GroupsSep 26 2004Sep 28 2004We study the minimal unitary representations of noncompact exceptional groups that arise as U-duality groups in extended supergravity theories. First we give the unitary realizations of the exceptional group E_{8(-24)} in SU*(8) as well as SU(6,2) covariant ... More
Supersonic and multiple topological excitations in the driven Frenkel-Kontorova model with exponential interactionOct 08 2000The criteria for the existence of supersonic and multiple topological excitations (kinks) in the driven Frenkel-Kontorova model (a chain of atoms placed into an external periodic potential) with anharmonic (exponential) interatomic interactions are studied. ... More
Interplay Between Non-adiabatic Dynamics and Frenkel Exciton Transfer in Molecular Aggregates: Formulation and Application to a Perylene Bismide ModelMar 14 2013May 02 2013The quantum dynamics of linear molecular aggregates in the presence of S0-S1 and S0-S2 transitions is investigated putting emphasis on the interplay between local non-adiabatic S2 to S1 deactivation and Frenkel exciton transfer. The theoretical approach ... More
The symplectic structure of rational Lax pair systemsDec 07 1998We consider dynamical systems associated to Lax pairs depending rationnally on a spectral parameter. We show that we can express the symplectic form in terms of algebro--geometric data provided that the symplectic structure on L is of Kirillov type. In ... More
Variations on Slavnov's scalar productJul 30 2012We consider the rational six-vertex model on an L-by-L lattice with domain wall boundary conditions and restrict N parallel-line rapidities, N < L/2, to satisfy length-L XXX spin-1/2 chain Bethe equations. We show that the partition function is an (L-2N)-parameter ... More
Slavnov determinants, Yang-Mills structure constants, and discrete KPMar 26 2012Aug 19 2012Using Slavnov's scalar product of a Bethe eigenstate and a generic state in closed XXZ spin-1/2 chains, with possibly twisted boundary conditions, we obtain determinant expressions for tree-level structure constants in 1-loop conformally-invariant sectors ... More
Colour-independent partition functions in coloured vertex modelsJan 22 2013Mar 16 2013We study lattice configurations related to S_n, the scalar product of an off-shell state and an on-shell state in rational A_n integrable vertex models, n = {1, 2}. The lattice lines are colourless and oriented. The state variables are n conserved colours ... More
Torsional Elastic Waves in Double Wall TubeMar 03 2015We describe the double wall tube with cylindrical dislocation in the framework of the geometric theory of defects. The induced metric is found. The dispersion relation is obtained for the propagation of torsional elastic waves in the double wall tube. ... More
Unconventional superfluidity of fermions in Bose-Fermi mixturesMar 01 2010We examine two dimensional mixture of single-component fermions and dipolar bosons. We calculate the self-enregies of the fermions in the normal state and the Cooper pair channel by including first order vertex correction to derive a modified Eliashberg ... More
Supersymmetric Higgs mediated lepton flavor violation at a Photon ColliderDec 15 2008We study a new signature of lepton flavor violation (LFV) at the Photon Collider (PC) within Supersymmetric (SUSY) theories. We consider the minimal supersymmetric standard model within a large $\tan\beta$ scenario with all superpartner masses in the ... More
Hypothetical Gravity Control and Possible Influence on Space PropulsionDec 30 2004Jul 13 2005In nearly all concepts invoked or proposed to change or shield gravity it is intuitively assumed that manipulation of gravity automatically leads to a breakthrough for propulsion. In this study it is shown, that even if gravity could be hypothetically ... More
The partition function of the two-matrix model as an isomonodromic tau-functionSep 09 2008We consider the Itzykson-Zuber-Eynard-Mehta two-matrix model and prove that the partition function is an isomonodromic tau function in a sense that generalizes Jimbo-Miwa-Ueno's. In order to achieve the generalization we need to define a notion of tau-function ... More
Generalized Wick's theorem at finite temperature for a quadratic HamiltonianAug 17 2012In Gaudin (1960), Michel Gaudin showed the Wick's theorem at finite temperature using a diagonal Hamiltonian. We extend the Gaudin's prove for a statistical density operator which depend on a quadratic Hamiltonian. To illustrate the utility of the theorem, ... More
Asymptotic behaviour of a solution for Kadomtsev-Petviashvili-2 equationMar 16 2000An asymptotic behaviour of solution of Kadomtsev-Petviashvili-2 equation is obtained as $t\to\infty$ uniformly with respect to spatial variables.
On geometry of deformed black holes: I. Majumdar-Papapetrou binaryAug 21 2016Although black holes are eminent manifestations of very strong gravity, the geometry of space-time around and even inside them can be significantly affected by additional bodies present in their surroundings. We study such an influence within static and ... More
Challenges in Double Beta DecayOct 17 2013Dec 15 2013After nearly 80 years since the first guess on its existence, neutrino still escapes our insight: the mass and the true nature (Majorana or Dirac) of this particle is still unknown. In the past ten years, neutrino oscillation experiments have finally ... More
Effects of disc midplane evolution on CO snowline locationMar 28 2017Temperature changes in the planet forming disc midplanes carry important physico-chemical consequences, such as the effect on the locations of the condensation fronts of molecules - the snowlines. Snowlines impose major chemical gradients and possibly ... More
Behavior of lacunary series at the natural boundaryOct 16 2008We develop a local theory of lacunary Dirichlet series of the form $\sum\limits_{k=1}^{\infty}c_k\exp(-zg(k)), \Re(z)>0$ as $z$ approaches the boundary $i\RR$, under the assumption $g'\to\infty$ and further assumptions on $c_k$. These series occur in ... More
Boundary value problem for a multidimensional system of equation with Riemann-Liouville derivativesJun 22 2018In the paper boundary-value problem for a multidimensional system of partial differential equations with fractional derivatives in Riemann-Liouville sense with constant coefficients is studied in a rectangular domain. The existence and uniqueness theorem ... More
Free deconvolution for signal processing applicationsJan 04 2007Situations in many fields of research, such as digital communications, nuclear physics and mathematical finance, can be modelled with random matrices. When the matrices get large, free probability theory is an invaluable tool for describing the asymptotic ... More
Two-photon exchange corrections in elastic muon-proton scatteringMay 07 2014Jul 14 2014We extend the general formalism of two-photon exchange to elastic lepton-nucleon scattering by accounting for all lepton mass terms. We then perform a numerical estimate of the muon-proton scattering at low momentum transfer in view of the future MUSE ... More
Role of entropy barriers for diffusion in the periodic potentialOct 08 2000Diffusion of a particle in the N-dimensional external potential which is periodic in one dimension and unbounded in the other N-1 dimensions is investigated. We find an analytical expression for the overdamped diffusion and study numerically the cases ... More
The Jackiw-Pi model and its symmetriesApr 01 2011The non-Abelian gauge model proposed by Jackiw and Pi, which generates an even-parity mass term in three space-time dimensions, is revisited in this letter. All the symmetries of the model are collected and established by means of BRS invariance and Slavnov-Taylor ... More
Generation of Noise Time Series with arbitrary Power SpectrumJun 16 2010Nov 12 2010Noise simulation is a very powerful tool in signal analysis helping to foresee the system performance in real experimental situations. Time series generation is however a hard challenge when a robust model of the noise sources is missing. We present here ... More
AGT, Burge pairs and minimal modelsApr 28 2014Jul 16 2014We consider the AGT correspondence in the context of the conformal field theory $M^{\, p, p^{\prime}}$ $\otimes$ $M^{H}$, where $M^{\, p, p^{\prime}}$ is the minimal model based on the Virasoro algebra $V^{\, p, p^{\prime}}$ labeled by two co-prime integers ... More
KLUN+ peculiar velocity surveySep 30 2003The enhanced Kinematics of the Local Universe (KLUN+) galaxy sample is a collection of galaxies suitable for Tully-Fisher (TF) or Faber-Jackson (FJ) distance estimation. Here we extract a subsample of 6229 KLUN+ galaxies closer than 80 Mpc/h, and calculate ... More
Partial domain wall partition functionsMay 20 2012Aug 31 2012We consider six-vertex model configurations on an n-by-N lattice, n =< N, that satisfy a variation on domain wall boundary conditions that we define and call "partial domain wall boundary conditions". We obtain two expressions for the corresponding "partial ... More
Torsional Elastic Waves in Cylindrical Waveguide with Wedge DislocationFeb 25 2015We describe propagation of torsional elastic waves in cylindrical waveguide with wedge dislocation in the framework of geometric theory of defects. The defect changes the dispersion relation. For positive deficit angles, it increases the phase velocity, ... More