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Convergence of ground state solutions for nonlinear Schrödinger equations on graphsMay 11 2017We consider the nonlinear Schr\"{o}dinger equation $-\Delta u+(\lambda a(x)+1)u=|u|^{p-1}u$ on a locally finite graph $G=(V,E)$. We prove via the Nehari method that if $a(x)$ satisfies certain assumptions, for any $\lambda>1$, the equation admits a ground ... More
Analysis and Approximation of Dual Tandem Queues with Finite Buffer CapacityJul 10 2014Jun 01 2016Tandem queues with finite buffer capacity commonly exist in practical applications. By viewing a tandem queue as an integrated system, an innovative approach has been developed to analyze its performance through the insight from reduction method. In our ... More
Global existence of a generalized Cahn-Hilliard equation with biological applicationsDec 08 2017In this paper, on the basis of the Schauder type estimates and Campanato spaces, we prove the global existence of classical solutions for a generalized Cahn-Hilliard equation with biological applications.
Existence of solutions for a higher order Kirchhoff type problem with exponential critical growthJul 19 2015The higher order Kirchhoff type equation $$\int_{\mathbb{R}^{2m}}(|\nabla^m u|^2 +\sum_{\gamma=0}^{m-1}a_{\gamma}(x)|\nabla^{\gamma}u|^2)dx \left((-\Delta)^m u+\sum_{\gamma=0}^{m-1}(-1)^\gamma \nabla^\gamma\cdot(a_\gamma (x)\nabla^\gamma u)\right) =\frac{f(x,u)}{|x|^\beta}+\epsilon ... More
Local implementation of nonlocal operations of block formsMar 20 2008Mar 27 2008We investigate the local implementation of nonlocal operations with the block matrix form, and propose a protocol for any diagonal or offdiagonal block operation. This method can be directly generalized to the two-party multiqubit case and the multiparty ... More
Fusion and quasi-fission dynamics in nearly-symmetric reactionsNov 04 2015Some nearly-symmetric fusion reactions are systematically investigated with the improved quantum molecular dynamics (ImQMD) model. By introducing two-body inelastic scattering in the Fermi constraint procedure, the stability of an individual nucleus and ... More
Nonregular and Minimax Estimation of Individualized Thresholds in High Dimension with Binary ResponsesMay 26 2019Given a large number of covariates $Z$, we consider the estimation of a high-dimensional parameter $\theta$ in an individualized linear threshold $\theta^T Z$ for a continuous variable $X$, which minimizes the disagreement between $\text{sign}(X-\theta^TZ)$ ... More
Near horizon symmetry and entropy of black holes in the presence of a conformally coupled scalarMar 08 2014We analyze the near horizon conformal symmetry for black hole solutions in gravity with a conformally coupled scalar field using the method proposed by Majhi and Padmanabhan recently. It is shown that the entropy of the black holes of the form $\mathrm{d}s^2 ... More
Incompressible Navier-Stokes-Fourier Limit from The Boltzmann Equation: Classical SolutionsJan 24 2014The global classical solution to the incompressible Navier-Stokes-Fourier equation with small initial data in the whole space is constructed through a zero Knudsen number limit from the solutions to the Boltzmann equation with general collision kernels. ... More
Dynamic aerodynamic-structural coupling numerical simulation on the flexible wing of a cicada based on ansysNov 15 2014Dec 17 2014Most biological flyers undergo orderly deformation in flight, and the deformations of wings lead to complex fluid-structure interactions. In this paper, an aerodynamic-structural coupling method of flapping wing is developed based on ANSYS to simulate ... More
Systematic study of 16O-induced fusions with the improved quantum molecular dynamics modelNov 12 2014The heavy-ion fusion reactions with 16O bombarding on 62Ni, 65Cu, 74Ge, 148Nd, 180Hf, 186W, 208Pb, 238U are systematically investigated with the improved quantum molecular dynamics (ImQMD) model. The fusion cross sections at energies near and above the ... More
Special uniform decay rate of local energy for the wave equation with variable coefficients on an exterior domainMay 23 2019We consider the wave equation with variable coefficients on an exterior domain in $\R^n$($n\ge 2$). We are interested in finding a special uniform decay rate of local energy different from the constant coefficient wave equation. More concretely, if the ... More
Fusion-fission reactions with modified Woods-Saxon potentialDec 15 2007A modified Woods-Saxon potential model is proposed for a unified description of the entrance channel fusion barrier and the fission barrier of fusion-fission reactions based on the Skyrme energy-density functional approach. The fusion excitation functions ... More
A simple setup to measure muon lifetime and electron energy spectrum of muon decay and its Monte Carlo simulationAug 24 2016We designed a simple setup to measure the muon lifetime and the electron energy spectra of muon decay. A low cost coincidental circuit was designed to select the signals of muon decay events detected by a plastic scintillator detector. It triggered a ... More
Experimental Violation of Bell Inequality beyond Cirel'son's BoundJul 27 2006The correlations between two qubits belonging to a three-qubit system can violate the Clauser-Horne-Shimony-Holt-Bell inequality beyond Cirel'son's bound [A. Cabello, Phys. Rev. Lett. 88, 060403 (2002)]. We experimentally demonstrate such a violation ... More
Experimental Test of Quantum Nonlocality in Four-photon Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger EntanglementFeb 19 2003Apr 23 2003We report the first experimental violation of local realism in four-photon Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger (GHZ) entanglement. In the experiment, the non-statistical GHZ conflicts between quantum mechanics and local realism are confirmed, within the experimental ... More
Experimental Realization of Entanglement Concentration and A Quantum RepeaterJan 22 2003We report an experimental realization of entanglement concentration using two polarization-entangled photon pairs produced by pulsed parametric down-conversion. In the meantime, our setup also provides a proof-in-principle demonstration of a quantum repeater. ... More
Community Detection in Complex Networks using Link PredictionNov 01 2016Jul 10 2017Community detection and link prediction are both of great significance in network analysis, which provide very valuable insights into topological structures of the network from different perspectives. In this paper, we propose a novel community detection ... More
Dynamics of a two-level system under the simultaneous influence of a spin bath and a boson bathAug 08 2013We study dynamics of a two-level system coupled simultaneously to a pair of dissimilar reservoirs, namely, a spin bath and a boson bath, which are connected via finite interbath coupling. It is found that the steady-state energy transfer in the two-level ... More
Mortality cohort effect detection and measurement based on differential geometryMar 31 2015Apr 02 2015This paper analyzes mortality cohort effect of birth year and develops an approach to identify and measure cohort effects in mortality data set. The approach is based on differential geometry and leads to an explicit result which can describe how strong ... More
Analysis on Cohort Effects in view of Differential Geometry and its ApplicationsFeb 21 2017This paper analyzes birth cohort effects and develops an approach which is based on differential geometry to identify and measure cohort effects in mortality data sets. The measurement is quantitative and provides a potential method to compare cohort ... More
Judging Chemical Reaction Practicality From Positive Sample only LearningApr 22 2019Chemical reaction practicality is the core task among all symbol intelligence based chemical information processing, for example, it provides indispensable clue for further automatic synthesis route inference. Considering that chemical reactions have ... More
Experimental Quantum Error Rejection for Quantum CommunicationMay 03 2005Jun 09 2006We report an experimental realization of bit-flip error rejection for error-free transfer of quantum information through a noisy quantum channel. In the experiment, an unknown state to be transmitted is encoded into a two-photon entangled state, which ... More
Correlations between the fragmentation modes and light charged particles emission in heavy ion collisionsNov 09 2015The correlations between the shape of rapidity distribution of the yield of light charged particles and the fragmentation modes in semi-peripheral collisions for $^{70}$Zn+$^{70}$Zn, $^{64}$Zn+$^{64}$Zn and $^{64}$Ni+$^{64}$Ni at the beam energy of 35MeV/nucleon ... More
Progressive Neural Networks for Image ClassificationApr 25 2018The inference structures and computational complexity of existing deep neural networks, once trained, are fixed and remain the same for all test images. However, in practice, it is highly desirable to establish a progressive structure for deep neural ... More
Source Imaging of a Moving Type-IV Solar Radio Burst and its Role in Tracking Coronal Mass Ejection From the Inner to the Outer CoronaOct 28 2018Nov 09 2018Source imaging of solar radio bursts can be used to track energetic electrons and associated magnetic structures. Here we present a combined analysis of data at different wavelengths for an eruption associated with a moving type-IV (t-IVm) radio burst. ... More
Surface enhanced nonlinear Cherenkov radiation in one-dimensional nonlinear photonic crystalDec 16 2016We study the configuration of efficient nonlinear Cerenkov diffraction generated from a one-dimensional nonlinear photonic crystal surface, which underlies the incorporation of both quasi-phase-matching and total internal reflection by the crystal surface. ... More
Machine Learning-Based Delay-Aware UAV Detection and Operation Mode Identification over Encrypted Wi-Fi TrafficMay 15 2019The consumer UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) market has grown significantly over the past few years. Despite its huge potential in spurring economic growth by supporting various applications, the increase of consumer UAVs poses potential risks to public ... More
The production of unknown neutron-rich isotopes in $^{238}$U+$^{238}$U collisions at near-barrier energyMay 24 2016The production cross sections for primary and residual fragments with charge number from $Z$=70 to 120 produced in the collision of $^{238}$U+$^{238}$U at 7.0 MeV/nucleon are calculated by the improved quantum molecular dynamics (ImQMD) model incorporated ... More
Broken-up Spectra of the Loop-top Hard X-ray Source during a Solar Limb FlareJun 04 2019Jun 09 2019Solar hard X-rays (HXRs) appear in the form of either footpoint sources or coronal sources, and each individual source provides its own critical information on acceleration of nonthermal electrons and plasma heating. Earlier studies found that the HXR ... More
Multi-particle and High-dimension Controlled Order Rearrangement Encryption ProtocolsJan 14 2007Based on the controlled order rearrange encryption (CORE) for quantum key distribution using EPR pairs[Fu.G.Deng and G.L.Long Phys.Rev.A68 (2003) 042315], we propose the generalized controlled order rearrangement encryption (GCORE) protocols of $N$ qubits ... More
Higgs boson mass corrections in the $μν$SSM with effective potential methodsApr 11 2017To solve the $\mu$ problem of the MSSM, the $\mu$ from $\nu$ Supersymmetric Standard Model ($\mu\nu$SSM) introduces three singlet right-handed neutrino superfields $\hat{\nu}_i^c$, which lead to the mixing of the neutral components of the Higgs doublets ... More
Free-Standing Two-Dimensional Single-Crystalline InSb NanosheetsNov 21 2015Growth of high-quality single-crystalline InSb layers remains challenging in material science. Such layered InSb materials are highly desired for searching for and manipulation of Majorana fermions in solid state, a fundamental research task in physics ... More
Experimental Demonstration of Five-photon Entanglement and Open-destination TeleportationFeb 15 2004Universal quantum error-correction requires the ability of manipulating entanglement of five or more particles. Although entanglement of three or four particles has been experimentally demonstrated and used to obtain the extreme contradiction between ... More
Magnetoconductance Oscillations in High-Mobility Suspended Bilayer and Trilayer GrapheneApr 30 2010Nov 30 2010We report pronounced magnetoconductance oscillations observed on suspended bilayer and trilayer graphene devices with mobilities up to 270,000 cm2/Vs. For bilayer devices, we observe conductance minima at all integer filling factors nu between 0 and -8, ... More
The suppression of Curie temperature by Sr doping in diluted ferromagnetic semiconductor (La1-xSrx)(Zn1-yMny)AsOJun 16 2014(La1-xSrx)(Zn1-yMny)AsO is a two dimensional diluted ferromagnetic semiconductor that has the advantage of decoupled charge and spin doping. The substitution of Sr2+ for La3+ and Mn2+ for Zn2+ into the parent semiconductor LaZnAsO introduces hole carriers ... More
Scalar neutrino dark matter in $U(1)_X$SSMMay 27 2019May 28 2019$U(1)_X$SSM is the extension of the minimal supersymmetric standard model(MSSM) and its local gauge group is $SU(3)_C\times SU(2)_L \times U(1)_Y \times U(1)_X$. Compared with MSSM, it has three singlet new Higgs superfields and right handed neutrinos. ... More
An effective formulation on quantum hadrodynamics at finite temperatures and densitiesSep 16 2002May 10 2006According to Wick's theorem, the second order self-energy corrections of hadrons in the hot and dense nuclear matter are calculated. Furthermore, the Feynman rules are summarized, and an effective formulation on quantum hadrodynamics at finite temperatures ... More
Higgs boson decay $h^0\rightarrow m_VZ$ in the BLMSSMMay 14 2018In the framework of BLMSSM, the Higgs decays $h^0\rightarrow Z\gamma$ and $h^0\rightarrow m_VZ$ are studied where $m_V$ represents a vector meson($\rho, \omega, \phi, J/\psi, \Upsilon$ etc.). Corrections to the CP-even and CP-odd $h^0\gamma Z$ couplings ... More
Experimental Construction of Optical Multi-qubit Cluster States From Bell StatesJan 09 2005Cluster states serve as the central physical resource for the measurement-based quantum computation. We here present a simple experimental demonstration of the scalable cluster-state-construction scheme proposed by Browne and Rudolph. In our experiment, ... More
Experimental realization of optimal asymmetric cloning and telecloning via partial teleportationDec 02 2004Jul 18 2005We report an experimental realization of both optimal asymmetric cloning and telecloning of single photons by making use of partial teleportation of an unknown state. In the experiment, we demonstrate that, conditioned on the success of partial teleportation ... More
Biomimetic Polymer Film with Brilliant Brightness Using a One-Step Water Vapor-Induced Phase Separation MethodJun 11 2019The scales of the white Cyphochilus beetles are endowed with unusual whiteness arising from the exceptional scattering efficiency of their disordered ultrastructure optimized through millions of years of evolution. Here, a simple, one-step method based ... More
Experimental demonstration of a non-destructive controlled-NOT quantum gate for two independent photon-qubitsApr 22 2004Feb 02 2005Universal logic gates for two quantum bits (qubits) form an essential ingredient of quantum information processing. However, the photons, one of the best candidates for qubits, suffer from the lack of strong nonlinear coupling required for quantum logic ... More
Arbitrary tunable spaser based on double-Fano resonance of two sets of disk-ring nanostructureDec 03 2015This paper demonstrates an arbitrary tunable spaser based on double-Fano resonance of a plasmonic nanostructure consisting of two sets of disk-ring (TSDR) nanostructure. TSDR nanostructure supports two Fano resonances, which can be served as the lasing ... More
Phylogenomic Analyses of Large-scale Nuclear Genes Provide New Insights into the Evolutionary Relationships within the RosidsJun 30 2016The Rosids is one of the largest groups of flowering plants, with 140 families and ~70,000 species. Previous phylogenetic studies of the rosids have primarily utilized organelle genes that likely differ in evolutionary histories from nuclear genes. To ... More
Aleksandrov projection problem for convex lattice setsFeb 17 2016Let $K$ and $L$ be origin-symmetric convex integer polytopes in $\mathbb{R}^n$. We study a discrete analogue of the Aleksandrov projection problem. If for every $u\in \mathbb{Z}^n$, the sets $(K\cap \mathbb{Z}^n)|u^\perp$ and $(L\cap \mathbb{Z}^n)|u^\perp$ ... More
The Picard group of the loop space of the Riemann sphereFeb 28 2006Jul 12 2014The loop space of the Riemann sphere consisting of all C^k or Sobolev W^{k,p} maps from the circle S^1 to the sphere is an infinite dimensional complex manifold. We compute the Picard group of holomorphic line bundles on this loop space as an infinite ... More
Spin-Spin Interactions in Gauge Theory of Gravity, Violation of Weak Equivalence Principle and New Classical Test of General RelativityDec 06 2006Mar 21 2007For a long time, it is generally believed that spin-spin interactions can only exist in a theory where Lorentz symmetry is gauged, and a theory with spin-spin interactions is not perturbatively renormalizable. But this is not true. By studying the motion ... More
Classical Gravitational Interactions and Gravitational Lorentz ForceMar 09 2005Apr 23 2005In quantum gauge theory of gravity, the gravitational field is represented by gravitational gauge field. The field strength of gravitational gauge field has both gravitational electric component and gravitational magnetic component. In classical level, ... More
Unification of Electromagnetic Interactions and Gravitational InteractionsNov 18 2002Unified theory of gravitational interactions and electromagnetic interactions is discussed in this paper. Based on gauge principle, electromagnetic interactions and gravitational interactions are formulated in the same manner and are unified in a semi-direct ... More
Renormalizable Quantum Gauge Theory of GravityJul 29 2002The quantum gravity is formulated based on gauge principle. The model discussed in this paper has local gravitational gauge symmetry and gravitational field is represented by gauge potential. A preliminary study on gravitational gauge group is presented. ... More
New Mechanism for Mass Generation of Gauge FieldsMay 09 2000A new mechanism for mass generation of gauge fields is proposed in this paper. By introducing two sets of gauge fields and making the variatons of these two sets of gauge fields compensate each other under local gauge transformations, the mass term of ... More
Supersymmetric U(1) Gauge Field Theory With Massive Gauge FieldMar 06 1998A supersymmetric model with U(1) gauge symmetry will be discussed in this paper. The model has strict U(1) gauge symmetry and supersymmetry simultaneously. Besides, there is a massive U(1) gauge field contained in the model.
Gauge Field Model With Massive Gauge BosonsFeb 04 1998A gauge field model, which simultaneously has strict local gauge symmetry and massive gauge bosons, is discussed in this paper. The model has SU(N) gauge symmetry. In the limit $\alpha \longrightarrow 0$, the gauge field model discussed in this paper ... More
A class of holomorphic self-maps of the loop space of P^nJul 12 2014The loop space LP^n of the complex projective space P^n consisting of all C^k or Sobolev W^{k,p} maps S^1 \to P^n is an infinite dimensional complex manifold. We identify a class of holomorphic self-maps of LP^n, including all automorphisms.
Global Uniform Boundedness of Solutions to viscous 3D Primitive Equations with Physical Boundary ConditionsOct 12 2017Oct 13 2017Global uniform boundedness of solutions to 3D viscous Primitive equations in a bounded cylindrical domain with physical boundary condition is proved in space $H^m$ for any $m\geqslant2$. A bounded absorbing set for the solutions in $H^m$ is obtained. ... More
Drone-based all-weather entanglement distributionMay 23 2019The quantum satellite is a cornerstone towards practical free-space quantum network and overcomes the photon loss over large distance. However, challenges still exist including real-time all-location coverage and multi-node construction, which may be ... More
Holomorphic line bundles on the loop space of the Riemann sphereOct 02 2002The loop space LP_1 of the Riemann sphere consisting of all C^k or Sobolev W^{k,p} maps from the circle S^1 to P_1 is an infinite dimensional complex manifold. The loop group LPGL(2,C) acts on LP_1. We prove that the group of LPGL(2,C) invariant holomorphic ... More
A long cycle theorem involving Fan-type degree condition and neighborhood intersectionJan 06 2013Oct 19 2013In this short note, we give a new sufficient condition for the existence of long cycles in graphs involving Fan-type degree condition and neighborhood intersection.
Pairs of Fan-type heavy subgraphs for pancyclicity of 2-connected graphsJan 08 2013Aug 13 2013A graph $G$ on $n$ vertices is Hamiltonian if it contains a spanning cycle, and pancyclic if it contains cycles of all lengths from 3 to $n$. In 1984, Fan presented a degree condition involving every pair of vertices at distance two for a 2-connected ... More
Cross-wired lamplighter groups and linearity of automata groupsNov 09 2015We consider the two generalizations of lamplighter groups: automata groups generated by Cayley machine and cross-wired lamplighter groups. For a finite step two nilpotent group with central squares, we study its associated Cayley machine and give a presentation ... More
Watermark Signal Detection and Its Application in Image RetrievalJan 28 2019We propose a few fundamental techniques to obtain effective watermark features of images in the image search index, and utilize the signals in a commercial search engine to improve the image search quality. We collect a diverse and large set (about 1M) ... More
Structural signature of jamming transition in thermal amorphous systemsNov 09 2009Jan 07 2012In thermal amorphous systems, the first peak of the pair correlation function $g(r)$ shows a maximum height $g_1^{\rm max}$ at a volume fraction $\phi=\phi_v$ that increases with the temperature. $g_1^{\rm max}$ diverges at the T=0 jamming transition ... More
Notes on q-analogues of a binomial congruence of GlaisherJan 21 2013Jan 31 2013Andrews once gave $q$-analogues of a binomial congruence of Glaisher, and he suggested perfect $q$-analogues. In this note we give ones meeting the demand of Andrews.
Notes on a conjecture of Manoussakis concerning Hamilton cycles in digraphsApr 20 2014In 1992, Manoussakis conjectured that a strongly 2-connected digraph $D$ on $n$ vertices is hamiltonian if for every two distinct pairs of independent vertices $x,y$ and $w,z$ we have $d(x)+d(y)+d(w)+d(z)\geq 4n-3$. In this note we show that $D$ has a ... More
Fan-type degree condition restricted to triples of induced subgraphs ensuring HamiltonicityMar 09 2013Sep 10 2013In 1984, Fan gave a sufficient condition involving maximum degree of every pair of vertices at distance two for a graph to be Hamiltonian. Motivated by Fan's result, we say that an induced subgraph $H$ of a graph $G$ is $f$-heavy if for every pair of ... More
Integral-type operators from Hardy space to Bloch space on the upper half-planeDec 07 2012The boundedness of compactness of integral-type operators from Hardy space to Bloch space on the upper half-plane $\Pi_+=\{z\in\mathbb{C}:Imz>0\}$ are characterized.
Products of redial derivative and integral-type operators from Zygmund spaces to Bloch spacesNov 22 2011Let $H(\mathbb{B})$ denote the space of all holomorphic functions on the unit ball $\mathbb{B}\in \mathbb{C}^n$. In this paper we investigate the boundedness and compactness of the products of radial derivative operator and the following integral-type ... More
Transport in Suspended Monolayer and Bilayer Graphene Under Strain: A New Platform for Material StudiesAug 06 2013We develop two types of graphene devices based on nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS), that allows transport measurement in the presence of in situ strain modulation. Different mobility and conductance responses to strain were observed for single layer ... More
Controlling spectral energies of all harmonics in programmable way using time-domain digital coding metasurfaceJun 12 2018Modern wireless communication is one of the most important information technologies, but its system architecture has been unchanged for many years. Here, we propose a much simpler architecture for wireless communication systems based on metasurface. We ... More
A Lattice Study of $(\bar{D}_1 D^{*})^\pm$ Near-threshold ScatteringJan 31 2016Jun 28 2016In this exploratory lattice study, low-energy near threshold scattering of the $(\bar{D}_1 D^{*})^\pm$ meson system is analyzed using lattice QCD with $N_f=2$ twisted mass fermion configurations. Both s-wave ($J^P=0^-$) and p-wave ($J^P=1^+$) channels ... More
Resonant energy transfer enhanced by off-diagonal exciton-phonon couplingMar 31 2011Aug 03 2011Dynamics of resonant energy transfer of a single excitation in a molecular dimer system is studied in the simultaneous presence of diagonal and off-diagonal exciton-phonon coupling. It is found that the off-diagonal coupling plays an important role in ... More
Penalized pairwise pseudo likelihood for variable selection with nonignorable missing dataMar 19 2017Jul 28 2017The regularization approach for variable selection was well developed for a completely observed data set in the past two decades. In the presence of missing values, this approach needs to be tailored to different missing data mechanisms. In this paper, ... More
Combined local implementation of nonlocal operations using GHZ statesApr 04 2008We propose a protocol for local implementation of two consecutive nonlocal operations by three parters. It consumes one shared GHZ state in this protocol. We also demonstrate that these resources are sufficient and necessary to locally implement two consecutive ... More
Hybrid protocol of remote implementations of quantum operationsAug 04 2007We propose a protocol of remote implementations of quantum operations by hybridizing bidirectional quantum state teleportation's (BQST) and Wang's one. The protocol is available for remote implemetations of quantum operations in the restricted sets specified ... More
Search for charged lepton flavor violation of vector mesons in BLMSSM modelOct 20 2017Oct 23 2017We analyze the charged lepton flavor violating (CLFV) decays of vector mesons $V\rightarrow l_i^{\pm}l_j^{\mp}$ with $V\in\{\phi, J/\Psi, \Upsilon, \rho^0, \omega \}$ in BLMSSM model. This new model is introduced as an supersymmetric extension of Standard ... More
Experimental Quantum Secret Sharing and Third-Man Quantum CryptographyFeb 21 2005May 25 2005Quantum secret sharing (QSS) is a protocol to split a message into several parts so that no subset of parts is sufficient to read the message, but the entire set is. In the scheme, three parties Alice, Bob and Charlie first share a three-photon entangled ... More
A Likelihood Ratio Framework for High Dimensional Semiparametric RegressionDec 06 2014Nov 23 2015We propose a likelihood ratio based inferential framework for high dimensional semiparametric generalized linear models. This framework addresses a variety of challenging problems in high dimensional data analysis, including incomplete data, selection ... More
New jamming scenario: From marginal jamming to deep jammingJan 04 2011Mar 24 2011We study properties of jammed packings of frictionless spheres over a wide range of volume fractions. There exists a crossover volume fraction which separates deeply jammed solids from marginally jammed solids. In deeply jammed solids, all the scalings ... More
In vitro protease cleavage and computer simulations reveal the HIV-1 capsid maturation pathwayDec 26 2016HIV-1 virions assemble as immature particles containing Gag polyproteins that are processed by the viral protease into individual components, resulting in the formation of mature infectious particles. There are two competing models for the process of ... More
Quantum-Relay-Assisted Key Distribution over High Photon Loss ChannelsAug 07 2005The maximum distance of quantum communication is limited due to the photon loss and detector noise. Exploiting entanglement swapping, quantum relay could offer ways to extend the achievable distance by increasing the signal to noise ratio. In this letter ... More
Phase-locked array of quantum cascade lasers with an integrated Talbot cavitySep 28 2016Dec 17 2016We show a phase-locked array of three quantum cascade lasers with an integrated Talbot cavity at one side of the laser array. The coupling scheme is called diffraction coupling. By controlling the length of Talbot to be a quarter of Talbot distance (Zt/4), ... More
Vibration-assisted exciton transfer in molecular aggregates strongly coupled to confined light fieldsFeb 22 2019We investigate exciton transport through one-dimensional molecular aggregates interacting strongly with a cavity mode. Unlike several prior theoretical studies treating the monomers as simple two-level systems, exciton-vibration coupling is explicitly ... More
Escape Metrics and its ApplicationsNov 30 2018Geodesics escape is widely used to study the scattering of hyperbolic equations. However, there are few progresses except in a simply connected complete Riemannian manifold with nonpositive curvature. We propose a kind of complete Riemannian metrics in ... More
Holographic Storage of Biphoton EntanglementApr 06 2012Coherent and reversible storage of multi-photon entanglement with a multimode quantum memory is essential for scalable all-optical quantum information processing. Although single photon has been successfully stored in different quantum systems, storage ... More
Gyrosynchrotron emission generated by nonthermal electrons with energy spectra of a broken power lawNov 27 2018Latest observational reports of solar flares reveal some uncommon features of microwave spectra, such as unusually hard (or even positive) spectra, and/or a super-high peak frequency. For a better understanding of these features, we conduct a parameter ... More
Multi-channel Wireless Networks with Infrastructure Support: Capacity and DelayOct 06 2013Feb 15 2014In this paper, we propose a novel multi-channel network with infrastructure support, called an \textit{MC-IS} network, which has not been studied in the literature. To the best of our knowledge, we are the first to study such an \textit{MC-IS} network. ... More
Applications of Skyrme energy-density functional to fusion reactions spanning the fusion barriersSep 26 2005Jan 25 2006The Skyrme energy density functional has been applied to the study of heavy-ion fusion reactions. The barriers for fusion reactions are calculated by the Skyrme energy density functional with proton and neutron density distributions determined by using ... More
Bayesian Linear Regression for Multivariate Responses Under Group SparsityJul 10 2018Jul 25 2018We study the frequentist properties of a Bayesian high-dimensional multivariate linear regression model with correlated responses. Two features of the model are unique: (i) group sparsity is imposed on the predictors. (ii) the covariance matrix is unknown ... More
Shell and isospin effects in nuclear charge radiiJul 09 2013The shell effect and isospin effect in nuclear charge radii are systematically investigated and a four-parameter formula is proposed for the description of the root-mean-square (rms) charge radii by combining the shell corrections and deformations of ... More
Limiting Weak Type Estimate for Capacitary Maximal FunctionNov 21 2012A capacitary analogue of the limiting weak type estimate of P. Janakiraman for the Hardy-Littlewood maximal function of an L1-function is discovered.
Exact bipartite Turán numbers of large even cyclesJan 18 2019Feb 13 2019Let the bipartite Tur\'an number $ex(m,n,H)$ of a graph $H$ be the maximum number of edges in an $H$-free bipartite graph with two parts of sizes $m$ and $n$, respectively. In this paper, we prove that $ex(m,n,C_{2t})=(t-1)n+m-t+1$ for any positive integers ... More
A note on nowhere-zero 3-flow and Z_3-connectivityJun 06 2014Jul 18 2014There are many major open problems in integer flow theory, such as Tutte's 3-flow conjecture that every 4-edge-connected graph admits a nowhere-zero 3-flow, Jaeger et al.'s conjecture that every 5-edge-connected graph is $Z_3$-connected and Kochol's conjecture ... More
Spectral radius and traceability of connected claw-free graphsJun 20 2014Jun 25 2015Let $G$ be a connected claw-free graph on $n$ vertices and $\overline{G}$ be its complement graph. Let $\mu(G)$ be the spectral radius of $G$. Denote by $N_{n-3,3}$ the graph consisting of $K_{n-3}$ and three disjoint pendent edges. In this note we prove ... More
Instability of the solitary wave solutions for the generalized derivative nonlinear Schrödinger equation in the endpoint caseApr 08 2018We consider the stability theory of solitary wave solutions for the generalized derivative nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation $$ i\partial_{t}u+\partial_{x}^{2}u+i|u|^{2\sigma}\partial_x u=0, $$ where $1<\sigma<2$. The equation has a two-parameter family ... More
Isocapacity Estimates for Hessian OperatorsMay 03 2013Apr 13 2014Through a new powerful potential-theoretic analysis, this paper is devoted to discovering the geometrically equivalent isocapacity forms of Chou-Wang's Sobolev type inequality and Tian-Wang's Moser-Trudinger type inequality for the fully nonlinear $1\leq ... More
Asteroseismic modelling of the metal-poor star Tau CetiOct 15 2010Context. Asteroseismology is an effcient tool not only for testing stellar structure and evolutionary theory but also constraining the parameters of stars for which solar-like oscillations are detected, presently. As an important southern asteroseismic ... More
A Search for Strongly Mg-enhanced Stars from the Sloan Digital Sky SurveyMay 20 2014Strongly Mg-enhanced stars with [Mg/Fe] $>$ 1.0 show peculiar abundance patterns and hence are of great interest for our understanding of stellar formation and chemical evolution of the Galaxy. A systematical search for strongly Mg-enhanced stars based ... More
Long-term Stabilization of Fiber Laser Using Phase-locking Technique with Ultra-low Phase Noise and Phase DriftMar 11 2014We review the conventional phase-locking technique in the long-term stabilization of the mode-locked fiber laser and investigate the phase noise limitation of the conventional technique. To break the limitation, we propose an improved phase-locking technique ... More
Hamilton cycles in almost distance-hereditary graphsJun 22 2013Aug 05 2013Let $G$ be a graph on $n\geq 3$ vertices. A graph $G$ is almost distance-hereditary if each connected induced subgraph $H$ of $G$ has the property $d_{H}(x,y)\leq d_{G}(x,y)+1$ for any pair of vertices $x,y\in V(H)$. A graph $G$ is called 1-heavy (2-heavy) ... More