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Analysis on Cohort Effects in view of Differential Geometry and its ApplicationsFeb 21 2017This paper analyzes birth cohort effects and develops an approach which is based on differential geometry to identify and measure cohort effects in mortality data sets. The measurement is quantitative and provides a potential method to compare cohort ... More
Mortality cohort effect detection and measurement based on differential geometryMar 31 2015Apr 02 2015This paper analyzes mortality cohort effect of birth year and develops an approach to identify and measure cohort effects in mortality data set. The approach is based on differential geometry and leads to an explicit result which can describe how strong ... More
Analysis and Approximation of Dual Tandem Queues with Finite Buffer CapacityJul 10 2014Jun 01 2016Tandem queues with finite buffer capacity commonly exist in practical applications. By viewing a tandem queue as an integrated system, an innovative approach has been developed to analyze its performance through the insight from reduction method. In our ... More
Global existence of a generalized Cahn-Hilliard equation with biological applicationsDec 08 2017In this paper, on the basis of the Schauder type estimates and Campanato spaces, we prove the global existence of classical solutions for a generalized Cahn-Hilliard equation with biological applications.
Combined local implementation of nonlocal operations using GHZ statesApr 04 2008We propose a protocol for local implementation of two consecutive nonlocal operations by three parters. It consumes one shared GHZ state in this protocol. We also demonstrate that these resources are sufficient and necessary to locally implement two consecutive ... More
Hybrid protocol of remote implementations of quantum operationsAug 04 2007We propose a protocol of remote implementations of quantum operations by hybridizing bidirectional quantum state teleportation's (BQST) and Wang's one. The protocol is available for remote implemetations of quantum operations in the restricted sets specified ... More
Near horizon symmetry and entropy of black holes in the presence of a conformally coupled scalarMar 08 2014We analyze the near horizon conformal symmetry for black hole solutions in gravity with a conformally coupled scalar field using the method proposed by Majhi and Padmanabhan recently. It is shown that the entropy of the black holes of the form $\mathrm{d}s^2 ... More
Multi-channel Wireless Networks with Infrastructure Support: Capacity and DelayOct 06 2013Feb 15 2014In this paper, we propose a novel multi-channel network with infrastructure support, called an \textit{MC-IS} network, which has not been studied in the literature. To the best of our knowledge, we are the first to study such an \textit{MC-IS} network. ... More
Fixing Gaussian Mixture VAEs for Interpretable Text GenerationJun 16 2019Variational auto-encoder (VAE) with Gaussian priors is effective in text generation. To improve the controllability and interpretability, we propose to use Gaussian mixture distribution as the prior for VAE (GMVAE), since it includes an extra discrete ... More
Multi-particle and High-dimension Controlled Order Rearrangement Encryption ProtocolsJan 14 2007Based on the controlled order rearrange encryption (CORE) for quantum key distribution using EPR pairs[Fu.G.Deng and G.L.Long Phys.Rev.A68 (2003) 042315], we propose the generalized controlled order rearrangement encryption (GCORE) protocols of $N$ qubits ... More
Higgs boson mass corrections in the $μν$SSM with effective potential methodsApr 11 2017To solve the $\mu$ problem of the MSSM, the $\mu$ from $\nu$ Supersymmetric Standard Model ($\mu\nu$SSM) introduces three singlet right-handed neutrino superfields $\hat{\nu}_i^c$, which lead to the mixing of the neutral components of the Higgs doublets ... More
Dynamics of a two-level system under the simultaneous influence of a spin bath and a boson bathAug 08 2013We study dynamics of a two-level system coupled simultaneously to a pair of dissimilar reservoirs, namely, a spin bath and a boson bath, which are connected via finite interbath coupling. It is found that the steady-state energy transfer in the two-level ... More
Experimental Quantum Error Rejection for Quantum CommunicationMay 03 2005Jun 09 2006We report an experimental realization of bit-flip error rejection for error-free transfer of quantum information through a noisy quantum channel. In the experiment, an unknown state to be transmitted is encoded into a two-photon entangled state, which ... More
Efficient augmentation and relaxation learning for individualized treatment rules using observational dataJan 03 2019Individualized treatment rules aim to identify if, when, which, and to whom treatment should be applied. A globally aging population, rising healthcare costs, and increased access to patient-level data have created an urgent need for high-quality estimators ... More
Existence of solutions for a higher order Kirchhoff type problem with exponential critical growthJul 19 2015The higher order Kirchhoff type equation $$\int_{\mathbb{R}^{2m}}(|\nabla^m u|^2 +\sum_{\gamma=0}^{m-1}a_{\gamma}(x)|\nabla^{\gamma}u|^2)dx \left((-\Delta)^m u+\sum_{\gamma=0}^{m-1}(-1)^\gamma \nabla^\gamma\cdot(a_\gamma (x)\nabla^\gamma u)\right) =\frac{f(x,u)}{|x|^\beta}+\epsilon ... More
Giant exchange bias in a single-phase magnet with two magnetic sublatticesJun 06 2013Exchange bias phenomenon is generally ascribed to the exchange coupling at the interfaces between ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic layers. Here, we propose a bulk form of exchange bias in a single-phase magnet where the coupling between two magnetic ... More
Experimental Test of Quantum Nonlocality in Four-photon Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger EntanglementFeb 19 2003Apr 23 2003We report the first experimental violation of local realism in four-photon Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger (GHZ) entanglement. In the experiment, the non-statistical GHZ conflicts between quantum mechanics and local realism are confirmed, within the experimental ... More
Experimental Realization of Entanglement Concentration and A Quantum RepeaterJan 22 2003We report an experimental realization of entanglement concentration using two polarization-entangled photon pairs produced by pulsed parametric down-conversion. In the meantime, our setup also provides a proof-in-principle demonstration of a quantum repeater. ... More
Experimental Violation of Bell Inequality beyond Cirel'son's BoundJul 27 2006The correlations between two qubits belonging to a three-qubit system can violate the Clauser-Horne-Shimony-Holt-Bell inequality beyond Cirel'son's bound [A. Cabello, Phys. Rev. Lett. 88, 060403 (2002)]. We experimentally demonstrate such a violation ... More
Distinguishing Individual Red Pandas from Their FacesAug 09 2019Individual identification is essential to animal behavior and ecology research and is of significant importance for protecting endangered species. Red pandas, among the world's rarest animals, are currently identified mainly by visual inspection and microelectronic ... More
Enhancement of UV Second-Harmonic Radiation at Nonlinear Interfaces with Discontinuous Second-order SusceptibilitiesDec 16 2016We investigate the generation of ultraviolet (UV) second-harmonic radiation on the boundary of a UV transparent crystal, which is derived from the automatic partial phase matching of the incident wave and the total internal reflection. By adhering to ... More
Phonon Effects on Spin-Charge Separation in One DimensionNov 08 2005Apr 24 2006Phonon effects on spin-charge separation in one dimension are investigated through the calculation of one-electron spectral functions in terms of the recently developed cluster perturbation theory together with an optimized phonon approach. It is found ... More
Convergence of ground state solutions for nonlinear Schrödinger equations on graphsMay 11 2017We consider the nonlinear Schr\"{o}dinger equation $-\Delta u+(\lambda a(x)+1)u=|u|^{p-1}u$ on a locally finite graph $G=(V,E)$. We prove via the Nehari method that if $a(x)$ satisfies certain assumptions, for any $\lambda>1$, the equation admits a ground ... More
Broken-up Spectra of the Loop-top Hard X-ray Source during a Solar Limb FlareJun 04 2019Jun 09 2019Solar hard X-rays (HXRs) appear in the form of either footpoint sources or coronal sources, and each individual source provides its own critical information on acceleration of nonthermal electrons and plasma heating. Earlier studies found that the HXR ... More
Source Imaging of a Moving Type-IV Solar Radio Burst and its Role in Tracking Coronal Mass Ejection From the Inner to the Outer CoronaOct 28 2018Nov 09 2018Source imaging of solar radio bursts can be used to track energetic electrons and associated magnetic structures. Here we present a combined analysis of data at different wavelengths for an eruption associated with a moving type-IV (t-IVm) radio burst. ... More
Arbitrary tunable spaser based on double-Fano resonance of two sets of disk-ring nanostructureDec 03 2015This paper demonstrates an arbitrary tunable spaser based on double-Fano resonance of a plasmonic nanostructure consisting of two sets of disk-ring (TSDR) nanostructure. TSDR nanostructure supports two Fano resonances, which can be served as the lasing ... More
Aryl Functionalization as a Route to Band Gap Engineering in Single Layer Graphene DevicesJan 20 2012Chemical functionalization is a promising route to band gap engineering of graphene. We chemically grafted nitrophenyl groups onto exfoliated single-layer graphene sheets in the form of substrate-supported or free-standing films. Our transport measurements ... More
Magnetoconductance Oscillations in High-Mobility Suspended Bilayer and Trilayer GrapheneApr 30 2010Nov 30 2010We report pronounced magnetoconductance oscillations observed on suspended bilayer and trilayer graphene devices with mobilities up to 270,000 cm2/Vs. For bilayer devices, we observe conductance minima at all integer filling factors nu between 0 and -8, ... More
Implementation of LDA+DMFT with pseudo-potential-plane-wave methodNov 09 2011Nov 14 2011In this paper, we propose an efficient implementation of combining Dynamical Mean field theory (DMFT) with electronic structure calculation based on the local density approximation (LDA). The pseudo-potential-plane-wave method is used in the LDA part, ... More
Phase-locked array of quantum cascade lasers with an intracavity spatial filterNov 23 2016Dec 17 2016Phase-locking an array of quantum cascade lasers is an effective way to achieve higher output power and beam shaping. In this article, based on Talbot effect, we show a new-type phase-locked array of mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers with an integrated ... More
Spectroscopic analysis of metal-poor stars from LAMOST: early resultsJan 13 2015We report on early results from a pilot program searching for metal-poor stars with LAMOST and follow-up high-resolution observation acquired with the MIKE spectrograph attached to the Magellan~II telescope. We performed detailed abundance analysis for ... More
Biomimetic Polymer Film with Brilliant Brightness Using a One-Step Water Vapor-Induced Phase Separation MethodJun 11 2019The scales of the white Cyphochilus beetles are endowed with unusual whiteness arising from the exceptional scattering efficiency of their disordered ultrastructure optimized through millions of years of evolution. Here, a simple, one-step method based ... More
An effective formulation on quantum hadrodynamics at finite temperatures and densitiesSep 16 2002May 10 2006According to Wick's theorem, the second order self-energy corrections of hadrons in the hot and dense nuclear matter are calculated. Furthermore, the Feynman rules are summarized, and an effective formulation on quantum hadrodynamics at finite temperatures ... More
An inductive proof of Straub's q-analogue of Ljunggren's congruenceJan 14 2013Jan 20 2013Recently, Straub gave an interesting $q$-analogue of a binomial congruence of Ljunggren. In this note we give an inductive proof of his result.
Existence theorem on spectral function for singular nonsymmetric first order differential operatorsDec 31 2014In this paper we study spectral function for a nonsymmetric differential operator on the half line. Two cases of the coefficient matrix are considered, and for each case we prove by Marchenko's method that, to the boundary value problem, there corresponds ... More
Wildly Compatible Systems and Six OperationsJan 18 2018Feb 15 2019For a scheme $X$ separated and of finite type over an excellent regular scheme $S$, we define wildly compatible systems of constructible sheaves of modules over finite fields on $X$ for certain vector spaces $V$. The main result is that for $\dim S \leq ... More
Spin-Spin Interactions in Gauge Theory of Gravity, Violation of Weak Equivalence Principle and New Classical Test of General RelativityDec 06 2006Mar 21 2007For a long time, it is generally believed that spin-spin interactions can only exist in a theory where Lorentz symmetry is gauged, and a theory with spin-spin interactions is not perturbatively renormalizable. But this is not true. By studying the motion ... More
Classical Gravitational Interactions and Gravitational Lorentz ForceMar 09 2005Apr 23 2005In quantum gauge theory of gravity, the gravitational field is represented by gravitational gauge field. The field strength of gravitational gauge field has both gravitational electric component and gravitational magnetic component. In classical level, ... More
Unification of Electromagnetic Interactions and Gravitational InteractionsNov 18 2002Unified theory of gravitational interactions and electromagnetic interactions is discussed in this paper. Based on gauge principle, electromagnetic interactions and gravitational interactions are formulated in the same manner and are unified in a semi-direct ... More
Renormalizable Quantum Gauge Theory of GravityJul 29 2002The quantum gravity is formulated based on gauge principle. The model discussed in this paper has local gravitational gauge symmetry and gravitational field is represented by gauge potential. A preliminary study on gravitational gauge group is presented. ... More
New Mechanism for Mass Generation of Gauge FieldsMay 09 2000A new mechanism for mass generation of gauge fields is proposed in this paper. By introducing two sets of gauge fields and making the variatons of these two sets of gauge fields compensate each other under local gauge transformations, the mass term of ... More
Supersymmetric U(1) Gauge Field Theory With Massive Gauge FieldMar 06 1998A supersymmetric model with U(1) gauge symmetry will be discussed in this paper. The model has strict U(1) gauge symmetry and supersymmetry simultaneously. Besides, there is a massive U(1) gauge field contained in the model.
Gauge Field Model With Massive Gauge BosonsFeb 04 1998A gauge field model, which simultaneously has strict local gauge symmetry and massive gauge bosons, is discussed in this paper. The model has SU(N) gauge symmetry. In the limit $\alpha \longrightarrow 0$, the gauge field model discussed in this paper ... More
On bodies with congruent sections or projectionsNov 28 2017In this paper, we construct two convex bodies $K$ and $L$ in $\mathbb{R}^n$, $n\geq 3$, such that their projections $K|H$, $L|H$ onto every subspace $H$ are congruent, but nevertheless, $K$ and $L$ do not coincide up to a translation or a reflection in ... More
Finite Dimensionality of the Global Attractor for the Solutions to 3D Primitive Equations with ViscosityJul 21 2015Jul 23 2015A new method is presented to prove finiteness of the fractal and Hausdorff dimensions of the global attractor for the strong solutions to the 3D Primitive Equations with viscosity, which is applicable to even more general situations than the recent result ... More
QCD corrections to the production of $t\bar{t}γ$ at the ILCDec 16 2011A precise calculation of the top quark pair production associated with a hard photon is essential for testing the electroweak property of the top quark in the Standard Model (SM). We investigate the one-loop QCD corrections to the process $e^{+}e^{-} ... More
A class of holomorphic self-maps of the loop space of P^nJul 12 2014The loop space LP^n of the complex projective space P^n consisting of all C^k or Sobolev W^{k,p} maps S^1 \to P^n is an infinite dimensional complex manifold. We identify a class of holomorphic self-maps of LP^n, including all automorphisms.
Global Uniform Boundedness of Solutions to viscous 3D Primitive Equations with Physical Boundary ConditionsOct 12 2017Oct 13 2017Global uniform boundedness of solutions to 3D viscous Primitive equations in a bounded cylindrical domain with physical boundary condition is proved in space $H^m$ for any $m\geqslant2$. A bounded absorbing set for the solutions in $H^m$ is obtained. ... More
The Grothendieck--Serre Conjecture over Semilocal Dedekind RingsFeb 06 2019Mar 09 2019For a reductive group scheme $G$ over a semilocal Dedekind ring $R$ with the total ring of fractions $K$, we prove that no nontrivial $G$-torsor trivializes over $K$. This generalizes a result of Nisnevich--Tits, who settled the case when $R$ is local. ... More
A Likelihood Ratio Framework for High Dimensional Semiparametric RegressionDec 06 2014Nov 23 2015We propose a likelihood ratio based inferential framework for high dimensional semiparametric generalized linear models. This framework addresses a variety of challenging problems in high dimensional data analysis, including incomplete data, selection ... More
New jamming scenario: From marginal jamming to deep jammingJan 04 2011Mar 24 2011We study properties of jammed packings of frictionless spheres over a wide range of volume fractions. There exists a crossover volume fraction which separates deeply jammed solids from marginally jammed solids. In deeply jammed solids, all the scalings ... More
Systematic study of 16O-induced fusions with the improved quantum molecular dynamics modelNov 12 2014The heavy-ion fusion reactions with 16O bombarding on 62Ni, 65Cu, 74Ge, 148Nd, 180Hf, 186W, 208Pb, 238U are systematically investigated with the improved quantum molecular dynamics (ImQMD) model. The fusion cross sections at energies near and above the ... More
Special uniform decay rate of local energy for the wave equation with variable coefficients on an exterior domainMay 23 2019We consider the wave equation with variable coefficients on an exterior domain in $\R^n$($n\ge 2$). We are interested in finding a special uniform decay rate of local energy different from the constant coefficient wave equation. More concretely, if the ... More
Dynamic aerodynamic-structural coupling numerical simulation on the flexible wing of a cicada based on ansysNov 15 2014Dec 17 2014Most biological flyers undergo orderly deformation in flight, and the deformations of wings lead to complex fluid-structure interactions. In this paper, an aerodynamic-structural coupling method of flapping wing is developed based on ANSYS to simulate ... More
Fusion and quasi-fission dynamics in nearly-symmetric reactionsNov 04 2015Some nearly-symmetric fusion reactions are systematically investigated with the improved quantum molecular dynamics (ImQMD) model. By introducing two-body inelastic scattering in the Fermi constraint procedure, the stability of an individual nucleus and ... More
Local implementation of nonlocal operations of block formsMar 20 2008Mar 27 2008We investigate the local implementation of nonlocal operations with the block matrix form, and propose a protocol for any diagonal or offdiagonal block operation. This method can be directly generalized to the two-party multiqubit case and the multiparty ... More
Controlling spectral energies of all harmonics in programmable way using time-domain digital coding metasurfaceJun 12 2018Modern wireless communication is one of the most important information technologies, but its system architecture has been unchanged for many years. Here, we propose a much simpler architecture for wireless communication systems based on metasurface. We ... More
Edge-Mediated Skyrmion Chain and Its Collective Dynamics in a Confined GeometryMay 19 2015Oct 19 2015The emergence of a topologically nontrivial vortex-like magnetic structure, the magnetic skyrmion, has launched new concepts for memory devices. There, extensive studies have theoretically demonstrated the ability to encode information bits by using a ... More
Vibration-assisted exciton transfer in molecular aggregates strongly coupled to confined light fieldsFeb 22 2019We investigate exciton transport through one-dimensional molecular aggregates interacting strongly with a cavity mode. Unlike several prior theoretical studies treating the monomers as simple two-level systems, exciton-vibration coupling is explicitly ... More
An End-to-End Solution for Effectively Demoting Watermarked Images in Image SearchJan 28 2019Aug 26 2019We propose an end-to-end solution, from watermark feature generation to metric design, for effectively demoting watermarked images surfed by a real world image search engine. We use a few fundamental techniques to obtain effective watermark features of ... More
Escape Metrics and its ApplicationsNov 30 2018Geodesics escape is widely used to study the scattering of hyperbolic equations. However, there are few progresses except in a simply connected complete Riemannian manifold with nonpositive curvature. We propose a kind of complete Riemannian metrics in ... More
Watermark Signal Detection and Its Application in Image RetrievalJan 28 2019We propose a few fundamental techniques to obtain effective watermark features of images in the image search index, and utilize the signals in a commercial search engine to improve the image search quality. We collect a diverse and large set (about 1M) ... More
Visualizing Electrical Breakdown and ON/OFF States in Electrically Switchable Suspended Graphene Break JunctionsMay 02 2012Narrow gaps are formed in suspended single to few layer graphene devices using a pulsed electrical breakdown technique. The conductance of the resulting devices can be programmed by the application of voltage pulses, with a voltage of 2.5V~4.5V corresponding ... More
Suspension and Measurement of Graphene and Bi2Se3 Atomic MembranesNov 12 2010Coupling high quality, suspended atomic membranes to specialized electrodes enables investigation of many novel phenomena, such as spin or Cooper pair transport in these two dimensional systems. However, many electrode materials are not stable in acids ... More
Silicon nitride metalenses for unpolarized high-NA visible imagingSep 02 2017As one of nanoscale planar structures, metasurface has shown excellent superiorities on manipulating light intensity, phase and/or polarization with specially designed nanoposts pattern. It allows to miniature a bulky optical lens into the chip-size metalens ... More
Penalized pairwise pseudo likelihood for variable selection with nonignorable missing dataMar 19 2017Jul 28 2017The regularization approach for variable selection was well developed for a completely observed data set in the past two decades. In the presence of missing values, this approach needs to be tailored to different missing data mechanisms. In this paper, ... More
Resonant energy transfer enhanced by off-diagonal exciton-phonon couplingMar 31 2011Aug 03 2011Dynamics of resonant energy transfer of a single excitation in a molecular dimer system is studied in the simultaneous presence of diagonal and off-diagonal exciton-phonon coupling. It is found that the off-diagonal coupling plays an important role in ... More
Nonregular and Minimax Estimation of Individualized Thresholds in High Dimension with Binary ResponsesMay 26 2019Given a large number of covariates $Z$, we consider the estimation of a high-dimensional parameter $\theta$ in an individualized linear threshold $\theta^T Z$ for a continuous variable $X$, which minimizes the disagreement between $\text{sign}(X-\theta^TZ)$ ... More
Incompressible Navier-Stokes-Fourier Limit from The Boltzmann Equation: Classical SolutionsJan 24 2014The global classical solution to the incompressible Navier-Stokes-Fourier equation with small initial data in the whole space is constructed through a zero Knudsen number limit from the solutions to the Boltzmann equation with general collision kernels. ... More
Degenerate Higgs bosons: hiding a second Higgs at 125 GeVJul 07 2016More than one Higgs boson may be present near the currently discovered Higgs mass, which can not be properly resolved due to the limitations in the intrinsic energy resolution at the Large Hadron Collider. We investigated the scenarios where two $CP$-even ... More
A note on nowhere-zero 3-flow and Z_3-connectivityJun 06 2014Jul 18 2014There are many major open problems in integer flow theory, such as Tutte's 3-flow conjecture that every 4-edge-connected graph admits a nowhere-zero 3-flow, Jaeger et al.'s conjecture that every 5-edge-connected graph is $Z_3$-connected and Kochol's conjecture ... More
Reduced-Complexity Reed--Solomon Decoders Based on Cyclotomic FFTsNov 02 2008In this paper, we reduce the computational complexities of partial and dual partial cyclotomic FFTs (CFFTs), which are discrete Fourier transforms where spectral and temporal components are constrained, based on their properties as well as a common subexpression ... More
Dynamics of the sub-Ohmic spin-boson model: a time-dependent variational studyFeb 07 2013The Dirac-Frenkel time-dependent variation is employed to probe the dynamics of the zero temperature sub-Ohmic spin-boson model with strong friction utilizing the Davydov D1 ansatz. It is shown that initial conditions of the phonon bath have considerable ... More
Superhigh moduli and tension-induced phase transition of monolayer gamma-boron at finite temperaturesJan 04 2016Two dimensional (2D) gamma-boron ({\gamma}-B28) thin films have been firstly reported by the experiments of the chemical vapor deposition in the latest study [Tai et al., Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 54, 1-6 (2015)]. However, their mechanical properties are ... More
The meson-exchange model for the $Λ\barΛ$ interactionFeb 07 2013In the present work, we apply the one-boson-exchange potential (OBEP) model to investigate the possibility of Y(2175) and $\eta(2225)$ as bound states of $\Lambda\bar{\Lambda}(^3S_1)$ and $\Lambda\bar{\Lambda}(^1S_0)$ respectively. We consider the effective ... More
Small data global regularity for 3-D Ericksen-Leslie's hyperbolic liquid crystal model without kinematic transportDec 20 2018In this article, we consider the Ericksen-Leslie's hyperbolic system for incompressible liquid crystal model without kinematic transport in three spatial dimensions. Global regularity for small and smooth initial data near an equilibrium is proved for ... More
Ba(Zn,Co)2As2: a II-II-V Diluted Ferromagnetic Semiconductor with N-type CarriersDec 19 2017Diluted ferromagnetic semiconductors (DMSs) that combine the properties of semiconductors with ferromagnetism have potential application in spin-sensitive electronics (spintronics) devices. The search for DMS materials exploded after the observation of ... More
A Search for Strongly Mg-enhanced Stars from the Sloan Digital Sky SurveyMay 20 2014Strongly Mg-enhanced stars with [Mg/Fe] $>$ 1.0 show peculiar abundance patterns and hence are of great interest for our understanding of stellar formation and chemical evolution of the Galaxy. A systematical search for strongly Mg-enhanced stars based ... More
An efficient and compact quantum switch for quantum circuitsMay 22 2016The engineering of quantum devices has reached the stage where we now have small scale quantum processors containing multiple interacting qubits within them. Simple quantum circuits have been demonstrated and scaling up to larger numbers is underway. ... More
Fusion-fission reactions with modified Woods-Saxon potentialDec 15 2007A modified Woods-Saxon potential model is proposed for a unified description of the entrance channel fusion barrier and the fission barrier of fusion-fission reactions based on the Skyrme energy-density functional approach. The fusion excitation functions ... More
Small data global regularity for simplified 3-D Ericksen-Leslie's compressible hyperbolic liquid crystal modelMay 13 2019In this article, we consider the Ericksen-Leslie's hyperbolic system for compressible liquid crystal model in three spatial dimensions. Global regularity for small and smooth initial data near equilibrium is proved for the case that the system is a nonlinear ... More
Myoelectric Control of Artificial Limb Inspired by Quantum Information ProcessingFeb 16 2013Nov 21 2014Precise and elegant coordination of a prosthesis across many degrees of freedom represents a significant challenge to efficient rehabilitation of people with limb deficiency. Processing the electrical neural signals, collected from the surface of the ... More
Rainbow C_4's and Directed C_4's: the Bipartite Case StudyJan 24 2013Jul 28 2013In this paper we obtain a new sufficient condition for the existence of directed cycles of length 4 in oriented bipartite graphs. As a corollary, a conjecture of H. Li is confirmed. As an application, a sufficient condition for the existence of rainbow ... More
Spectral radius and Hamiltonian properties of graphsSep 01 2013Feb 10 2015Let $G$ be a graph with minimum degree $\delta$. The spectral radius of $G$, denoted by $\rho(G)$, is the largest eigenvalue of the adjacency matrix of $G$. In this note we mainly prove the following two results. (1) Let $G$ be a graph on $n\geq 4$ vertices ... More
On the Three-dimensional Lattice ModelJan 16 1995Using the restricted star-triangle relation, it is shown that the $N$-state spin integrable model on a three-dimensional lattice with spins interacting round each elementary cube of the lattice proposed by Mangazeev, Sergeev and Stroganov is a particular ... More
Weyl Pair, Current Algebra and Shift OperatorOct 08 1994The Abelian current algebra on the lattice is given from a series of the independent Weyl pairs and the shift operator is constructed by this algebra. So the realization of the operators of the braid group is obtained. For $|q|\neq 1$ the shift operator ... More
Baxter-Bazhanov Model, Frenkel-Moore Equation and the Braid GroupAug 25 1994Apr 13 1995In this paper the three-dimensional vertex model is given, which is the duality of the three-dimensional Baxter-Bazhanov (BB) model. The braid group corresponding to Frenkel-Moore equation is constructed and the transformations $R, I$ are found. These ... More
Sparse learning of maximum likelihood model for optimization of complex loss functionNov 18 2015Traditional machine learning methods usually minimize a simple loss function to learn a predictive model, and then use a complex performance measure to measure the prediction performance. However, minimizing a simple loss function cannot guarantee that ... More
Dolbeault cohomology of a loop spaceMar 24 2004The loop space LP_1 of the Riemann sphere is an infinite dimensional complex manifold consisting of maps (loops) from S^1 to P_1 in some fixed C^k or Sobolev W^{k,p} space. In this paper we compute the Dolbeault cohomology groups H^{0,1}(LP_1).
Parabolic presentations of the super Yangian $Y(\mathfrak{gl}_{M|N})$ associated with arbitrary 01-sequencesJan 29 2015Oct 14 2015For any fixed composition $\mu$ of $M+N$ and any fixed $0^M1^N$-sequence $\mathfrak{s}$, we obtain a new presentation of the super Yangian $Y_{M|N}$ associated to the general linear Lie superalgebra $\mathfrak{gl}_{M|N}$.
Finite W-superalgebras and truncated super YangiansApr 14 2013Aug 15 2013We give a new proof of the fact that the super Yangian of general linear Lie superalgebra is isomorphic to the finite W-superalgebra of the general linear Lie superalgebra associated to a rectangular nilpotent element.
Spectral analogues of Moon-Moser's theorem on Hamilton paths in bipartite graphsJan 26 2016Nov 17 2016In 1962, Erd\H{o}s proved a theorem on the existence of Hamilton cycles in graphs with given minimum degree and number of edges. Significantly strengthening in case of balanced bipartite graphs, Moon and Moser proved a corresponding theorem in 1963. In ... More
Instability of the solitary wave solutions for the generalized derivative nonlinear Schrödinger equation in the endpoint caseApr 08 2018We consider the stability theory of solitary wave solutions for the generalized derivative nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation $$ i\partial_{t}u+\partial_{x}^{2}u+i|u|^{2\sigma}\partial_x u=0, $$ where $1<\sigma<2$. The equation has a two-parameter family ... More
Polarization of top quark in vector-like quark decayJan 08 2019Feb 17 2019Vector-like quarks (VLQs) are attractive extensions to the Standard Model. They mix with the SM quarks and can lead to rich phenomenology. Determination of VLQ's interaction structure with the SM is then an important issue, which can be inferred from ... More
One-loop QCD correction to top pair production in the littlest Higgs model with T-parity at the LHCJul 25 2015In this work, we investigate the one-loop QCD correction to top pair production in the littlest Higgs model with T-parity at the LHC. We calculate the relative correction of the top pair production cross section and top-antitop spin correlation at the ... More
Isocapacity Estimates for Hessian OperatorsMay 03 2013Apr 13 2014Through a new powerful potential-theoretic analysis, this paper is devoted to discovering the geometrically equivalent isocapacity forms of Chou-Wang's Sobolev type inequality and Tian-Wang's Moser-Trudinger type inequality for the fully nonlinear $1\leq ... More
Retinal Vessel Segmentation Based on Conditional Deep Convolutional Generative Adversarial NetworksMay 11 2018The segmentation of retinal vessels is of significance for doctors to diagnose the fundus diseases. However, existing methods have various problems in the segmentation of the retinal vessels, such as insufficient segmentation of retinal vessels, weak ... More
Spectral radius and Hamiltonian properties of graphs, IIJun 28 2016Mar 18 2019In this paper, we first present spectral conditions for the existence of $C_{n-1}$ in graphs (2-connected graphs) of order $n$, which are motivated by a conjecture of Erd\H{o}s. Then we prove spectral conditions for the existence of Hamilton cycles in ... More
Spectral analogues of Erdős' and Moon-Moser's theorems on Hamilton cyclesApr 14 2015Feb 27 2016In 1962, Erd\H{o}s gave a sufficient condition for Hamilton cycles in terms of the vertex number, edge number, and minimum degree of graphs which generalized Ore's theorem. One year later, Moon and Moser gave an analogous result for Hamilton cycles in ... More
New Approach on the General Shape Equation of Axisymmetric VesiclesJan 10 1999The general Helfrich shape equation determined by minimizing the curvature free energy describes the equilibrium shapes of the axisymmetric lipid bilayer vesicles in different conditions. It is a non-linear differential equation with variable coefficients. ... More