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Aleksandrov projection problem for convex lattice setsFeb 17 2016Let $K$ and $L$ be origin-symmetric convex integer polytopes in $\mathbb{R}^n$. We study a discrete analogue of the Aleksandrov projection problem. If for every $u\in \mathbb{Z}^n$, the sets $(K\cap \mathbb{Z}^n)|u^\perp$ and $(L\cap \mathbb{Z}^n)|u^\perp$ ... More
The Picard group of the loop space of the Riemann sphereFeb 28 2006Jul 12 2014The loop space of the Riemann sphere consisting of all C^k or Sobolev W^{k,p} maps from the circle S^1 to the sphere is an infinite dimensional complex manifold. We compute the Picard group of holomorphic line bundles on this loop space as an infinite ... More
A class of holomorphic self-maps of the loop space of P^nJul 12 2014The loop space LP^n of the complex projective space P^n consisting of all C^k or Sobolev W^{k,p} maps S^1 \to P^n is an infinite dimensional complex manifold. We identify a class of holomorphic self-maps of LP^n, including all automorphisms.
Mortality cohort effect detection and measurement based on differential geometryMar 31 2015Apr 02 2015This paper analyzes mortality cohort effect of birth year and develops an approach to identify and measure cohort effects in mortality data set. The approach is based on differential geometry and leads to an explicit result which can describe how strong ... More
Analysis on Cohort Effects in view of Differential Geometry and its ApplicationsFeb 21 2017This paper analyzes birth cohort effects and develops an approach which is based on differential geometry to identify and measure cohort effects in mortality data sets. The measurement is quantitative and provides a potential method to compare cohort ... More
Limiting Weak Type Estimate for Capacitary Maximal FunctionNov 21 2012A capacitary analogue of the limiting weak type estimate of P. Janakiraman for the Hardy-Littlewood maximal function of an L1-function is discovered.
Isocapacity Estimates for Hessian OperatorsMay 03 2013Apr 13 2014Through a new powerful potential-theoretic analysis, this paper is devoted to discovering the geometrically equivalent isocapacity forms of Chou-Wang's Sobolev type inequality and Tian-Wang's Moser-Trudinger type inequality for the fully nonlinear $1\leq ... More
Strong limit theorems for weighted sums of negatively associated random variables in nonlinear probabilityJun 19 2017In this paper, based on the initiation of the notion of negatively associated random variables under nonlinear probability, a strong limit theorem for weighted sums of random variables within the same frame is achieved without assumptions of independence ... More
Non-central sections of convex bodiesSep 28 2015We study the following open problem, suggested by Barker and Larman. Let $K$ and $L$ be convex bodies in $\mathbb R^n$ ($n\ge 2$) that contain a Euclidean ball $B$ in their interiors. If $\mathrm{vol}_{n-1}(K\cap H) = \mathrm{vol}_{n-1}(L\cap H)$ for ... More
Nanoscale Self-Healing Mechanisms in Shape Memory CeramicsDec 28 2018Shape memory (SM) ceramics, such as yttria-stabilized tetragonal zirconia (YSTZ), are a unique family of SM materials that offer unique properties including ultra-high operating temperature, and high resistance to chemical corrosion and oxidation. However, ... More
A Linearly Convergent Majorized ADMM with Indefinite Proximal Terms for Convex Composite Programming and Its ApplicationsJun 06 2017Feb 07 2018This paper aims to study a majorized alternating direction method of multipliers with indefinite proximal terms (iPADMM) for convex composite optimization problems. We show that the majorized iPADMM for 2-block convex optimization problems converges globally ... More
Observational Evidences of Electron-driven Evaporation in two Solar FlaresSep 24 2015We have explored the relationship between hard X-ray (HXR) emissions and Doppler velocities caused by the chromospheric evaporation in two X1.6 class solar flares on 2014 September 10 and October 22, respectively. Both events display double ribbons and ... More
Local community extraction in directed networksAug 10 2015Network is a simple but powerful representation of real-world complex systems. Network community analysis has become an invaluable tool to explore and reveal the internal organization of nodes. However, only a few methods were directly designed for community-detection ... More
Resonant Driving induced Ferromagnetism in the Fermi Hubbard ModelAug 12 2018Sep 17 2018In this letter we consider quantum phases and the phase diagram of a Fermi Hubbard model under periodic driving that has been realized in recent cold atom experiments, in particular, when the driving frequency is resonant with the interaction energy. ... More
Blockchain for Internet of Things: A SurveyJun 01 2019Jun 06 2019Internet of Things (IoT) is reshaping the incumbent industry to smart industry featured with data-driven decision-making. However, intrinsic features of IoT result in a number of challenges such as decentralization, poor interoperability, privacy and ... More
Unsupervised Learning of Disentangled and Interpretable Representations from Sequential DataSep 22 2017We present a factorized hierarchical variational autoencoder, which learns disentangled and interpretable representations from sequential data without supervision. Specifically, we exploit the multi-scale nature of information in sequential data by formulating ... More
Knowledge-Guided Deep Fractal Neural Networks for Human Pose EstimationMay 05 2017Aug 08 2017Human pose estimation using deep neural networks aims to map input images with large variations into multiple body keypoints which must satisfy a set of geometric constraints and inter-dependency imposed by the human body model. This is a very challenging ... More
Degree conditions restricted to induced paths for hamiltonicity of claw-heavy graphsJun 18 2015Broersma and Veldman proved that every 2-connected claw-free and $P_6$-free graph is hamiltonian. Chen et al. extended this result by proving every 2-connected claw-heavy and $P_6$-free graph is hamiltonian. On the other hand, Li et al. constructed a ... More
Poor man's holography: How far can it go?Apr 10 2012May 23 2013One of the most exciting things in recent theoretical physics is the suspicion that gravity may be holographic, dual to some sort of quantum field theory living on the boundary with one less dimension. Such a suspicion has been supported mainly by a variety ... More
Grünbaum's inequality for sectionsNov 03 2017We show \begin{align*} \frac{ \int_{E \cap \theta^+} f(x) dx }{ \int_E f(x) dx } \geq \left(\frac{k \gamma+1}{(n+1) \gamma+1}\right)^{\frac{k \gamma+1}{\gamma}} \end{align*} for all $k$-dimensional subspaces $E\subset\mathbb{R}^n$, $\theta\in E\cap S^{n-1}$, ... More
The initial-boundary value problems for the coupled derivative nonlinear Schrödinger equations on the half-lineDec 16 2018The unified transform method is used to analyze the initial-boundary value problem for the coupled derivative nonlinear Schr\"odinger(CDNLS) equations on the half-line. In this paper, we assume that the solution $u(x,t)$ and $v(x,t)$ of CDNLS equations ... More
Simultaneous transverse and longitudinal oscillations in a quiescent prominence triggered by a coronal jetNov 02 2017In this paper, we report our multiwavelength observations of the simultaneous transverse and longitudinal oscillations in a quiescent prominence on 2015 June 29. A C2.4 flare took place in active region 12373, which was associated with a pair of short ... More
Cyclability of $id$-cycles in graphsJan 07 2016Let $G$ be a graph on $n$ vertices and $C'=v_0v_1\cdots v_{p-1}v_0$ a vertex sequence of $G$ with $p\geq 3$ ($v_i\neq v_j$ for all $i,j=0,1,\ldots,p-1$, $i\neq j$). If for any successive vertices $v_i$, $v_{i+1}$ on $C'$, either $v_iv_{i+1}\in E(G)$ or ... More
Multiple Change-point Detection: a Selective OverviewDec 13 2015Jul 14 2016Very long and noisy sequence data arise from biological sciences to social science including high throughput data in genomics and stock prices in econometrics. Often such data are collected in order to identify and understand shifts in trend, e.g., from ... More
Two sufficient conditions for the existence of Hamilton cycles in graphsSep 18 2012Jan 04 2013Let $G$ be a graph on $n\geq 3$ vertices, claw the bipartite graph $K_{1,3}$, and $Z_i$ the graph obtained from a triangle by attaching a path of length $i$ to its one vertex. $G$ is called 1-heavy if at least one end vertex of each induced claw of $G$ ... More
Boundary Conditions for NHEK through Effective Action ApproachMay 14 2011We study the asymptotic symmetry group(ASG) of the near horizon geometry of extreme Kerr black hole through the effective action approach developed in 1007.1031. By requiring a finite boundary effective action, we derive a new set of asymptotic Killing ... More
Solution to a problem on hamiltonicity of graphs under Ore- and Fan-type heavy subgraph conditionsSep 11 2014Sep 02 2015A graph $G$ is called \emph{claw-o-heavy} if every induced claw ($K_{1,3}$) of $G$ has two end-vertices with degree sum at least $|V(G)|$ in $G$. For a given graph $R$, $G$ is called \emph{$R$-f-heavy} if for every induced subgraph $H$ of $G$ isomorphic ... More
Electromagnetic Lens-focusing Antenna Enabled Massive MIMOJun 06 2013Massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) techniques have been recently advanced to tremendously improve the performance of wireless networks. However, the use of very large antenna arrays brings new issues, such as the significantly increased hardware ... More
Fully Computable Error Bounds for Eigenvalue ProblemJan 07 2016Jun 19 2016This paper is concerned with the computable error estimates for the eigenvalue problem which is solved by the general conforming finite element methods on the general meshes. Based on the computable error estimate, we can give an asymptotically lower ... More
Dynamic aerodynamic-structural coupling numerical simulation on the flexible wing of a cicada based on ansysNov 15 2014Dec 17 2014Most biological flyers undergo orderly deformation in flight, and the deformations of wings lead to complex fluid-structure interactions. In this paper, an aerodynamic-structural coupling method of flapping wing is developed based on ANSYS to simulate ... More
Weakly Supervised Audio Source Separation via Spectrum Energy Preserved Wasserstein LearningNov 11 2017May 17 2018Separating audio mixtures into individual instrument tracks has been a long standing challenging task. We introduce a novel weakly supervised audio source separation approach based on deep adversarial learning. Specifically, our loss function adopts the ... More
On the sure screening properties of iteratively sure independence screening algorithmsDec 04 2018Apr 03 2019This paper theoretically studies the sure screening property for some variants of the famous iteratively sure independence screening (ISIS) algorithm proposed by Fan and Lv (2008) more than a decade ago.
The $p$-capacitary Orlicz-Hadamard variational formula and Orlicz-Minkowski problemsMar 04 2017Nov 19 2017In this paper, combining the $p$-capacity for $p\in (1, n)$ with the Orlicz addition of convex domains, we develop the $p$-capacitary Orlicz-Brunn-Minkowski theory. In particular, the Orlicz $L_{\phi}$ mixed $p$-capacity of two convex domains is introduced ... More
Overlapping Sliced Inverse Regression for Dimension ReductionJun 23 2018Sliced inverse regression (SIR) is a pioneer tool for supervised dimension reduction. It identifies the effective dimension reduction space, the subspace of significant factors with intrinsic lower dimensionality. In this paper, we propose to refine the ... More
The Novel Symmetry Constraint and Binary Nonlinearization of the Super Generalized Broer-Kaup Hierarchy with Self-consistent Sources and Conservation LawsOct 19 2018The super generalized Broer-Kaup(gBK) hierarchy and its super Hamiltonian structure are established based on a loop super Lie algebra and super-trace identity. Then the self-consistent sources, the conservation laws, the novel symmetry constraint and ... More
Global classical solutions to a Compressible Model for Micro-Macro Polymeric Fluids Near EquilibriumJun 27 2017In this paper we first employ the energetic variational method to derive a micro-macro model for compressible polymeric fluids. This model is a coupling of isentropic compressible Navier-Stokes equations with a nonlinear Fokker-Planck equation. We then ... More
Self-Sustaining Caching Stations: Towards Cost-Effective 5G-Enabled Vehicular NetworksJun 26 2017In this article, we investigate the cost-effective 5G-enabled vehicular networks to support emerging vehicular applications, such as autonomous driving, in-car infotainment and location-based road services. To this end, self-sustaining caching stations ... More
Riemann-Hilbert approach for a mixed coupled nonlinear Schrödinger system and its soliton solutionsSep 22 2018In this work, we examine the integrable mixed coupled nonlinear Schr\"odinger (mCNLS) system, which describe the propagation of an optical pulse in a birefringent optical fiber. By the Riemann-Hilbert(RH) approach, the N-soliton solutions of the mCNLS ... More
A Proximal Point Dual Newton Algorithm for Solving Group Graphical Lasso ProblemsJun 11 2019Undirected graphical models have been especially popular for learning the conditional independence structure among a large number of variables where the observations are drawn independently and identically from the same distribution. However, many modern ... More
Cost-Effective Cache Deployment in Mobile Heterogeneous NetworksJul 13 2017This paper investigates one of the fundamental issues in cache-enabled heterogeneous networks (HetNets): how many cache instances should be deployed at different base stations, in order to provide guaranteed service in a cost-effective manner. Specifically, ... More
Riemann-Hilbert method and soliton solutions in the system of two-component Hirota equationsSep 19 2018In this letter we examine the two-component Hirota (TH) equations which describes the pulse propagation in a coupled fiber with higher-order dispersion and self-steepening. As the TH equations is a complete integrable system, which admits a $3\times 3$ ... More
Field-Driven Evolution of Chiral Spin Textures in Thin Nanodisk of the HelimagnetsOct 10 2012The magnetic field-driven evolution of chiral spin textures in thin helimagnet nanodisk with varied size are investigated by means of Monte Carlo simulation. It is demonstrated that the complex spin texture may simply be regarded as the superposition ... More
A simple setup to measure muon lifetime and electron energy spectrum of muon decay and its Monte Carlo simulationAug 24 2016We designed a simple setup to measure the muon lifetime and the electron energy spectra of muon decay. A low cost coincidental circuit was designed to select the signals of muon decay events detected by a plastic scintillator detector. It triggered a ... More
Holomorphic line bundles on the loop space of the Riemann sphereOct 02 2002The loop space LP_1 of the Riemann sphere consisting of all C^k or Sobolev W^{k,p} maps from the circle S^1 to P_1 is an infinite dimensional complex manifold. The loop group LPGL(2,C) acts on LP_1. We prove that the group of LPGL(2,C) invariant holomorphic ... More
Simultaneous induction of SSMVEP and SMR Using a Gaiting video stimulus: a novel hybrid brain-computer interfaceMay 30 2019We proposed a novel visual stimulus for brain-computer interface. The stimulus is in the form gaiting sequence of a human. The hypothesis is that observing such a visual stimulus would simultaneously induce 1) steady-state motion visual evoked potential ... More
Pion Transverse Momentum Spectrum, Elliptic Flow and Interferometry in the Granular Source Model in Ultra-Relativistic Heavy Ion CollisionsJan 15 2015We systematically investigate the pion transverse momentum spectrum, elliptic flow, and Hanbury-Brown-Twiss (HBT) interferometry in the granular source model of quark-gluon plasma droplets in ultra-relativistic heavy ion collisions. The granular source ... More
Fluctuations of pion flow harmonics and HBT correlation functions in ultrarelativistic heavy ion collisionsMay 27 2014Feb 10 2015We investigate the fluctuations of pion elliptic flow, triangular flow, and Hanbury-Brown-Twiss (HBT) correlation functions for the hydrodynamic sources with fluctuating initial conditions in the heavy ion collisions of the Au-Au at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=200$ ... More
Superior Structural, Elastic and Electronic Properties of 2D Titanium Nitride MXenes Over Carbide MXenes: A Comprehensive First Principles StudyFeb 19 2018Jul 05 2018The structural, elastic and electronic properties of two-dimensional (2D) titanium carbide/nitride based pristine (Tin+1Cn/Tin+1Nn) and functionalized MXenes (Tin+1CnT2/Tin+1NnT2, T stands for the terminal groups: -F, -O and -OH, n = 1, 2, 3) are investigated ... More
Fine-grained pose prediction, normalization, and recognitionNov 22 2015Pose variation and subtle differences in appearance are key challenges to fine-grained classification. While deep networks have markedly improved general recognition, many approaches to fine-grained recognition rely on anchoring networks to parts for ... More
Stability, Adiabaticity and Transfer efficiency in a nonlinear Λ-systemDec 16 2011We investigate the relationship between stability, adiabaticity and transfer efficiency in a \Lambda-type atom-molecule coupling system via a nonlinear stimulated Raman adiabatic passage. We find that only when the pump and control lasers overlap in time ... More
Magnetic Vortex with Skyrmionic Core in Thin Nanodisk of the Chiral MagnetsOct 10 2012Dec 21 2012A type of vortex spin texture with skyrmionic core and a series of circle spin stripes was obtained in thin nanodisk of the chiral magnets with Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction and uniaxial anisotropy by means of micromagnetic approach and Monte Carlo ... More
Joint Audio-Video Fingerprint Media Retrieval Using Rate-Coverage OptimizationSep 05 2016In this work, we propose a joint audio-video fingerprint Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology for media retrieval. The problem is focused on how to balance the query accuracy and the size of fingerprint, and how to allocate the bits of the fingerprint ... More
Induced subgraphs with large degrees at end-vertices for hamiltonicity of claw-free graphsSep 16 2014Jan 19 2016A graph is called \emph{claw-free} if it contains no induced subgraph isomorphic to $K_{1,3}$. Matthews and Sumner proved that a 2-connected claw-free graph $G$ is hamiltonian if every vertex of it has degree at least $(|V(G)|-2)/3$. At the workshop C\&C ... More
Premature Switching in Graphene Josephson TransistorsMar 04 2009We investigate electronic transport in single layer graphene coupled to superconducting electrodes. In these Josephson transistors, we observe significant suppression in the critical current Ic and large variation in the product IcRn in comparison to ... More
Catalyzing Cloud-Fog Interoperation in 5G Wireless Networks: An SDN ApproachDec 15 2016The piling up storage and compute stacks in cloud data center are expected to accommodate the majority of internet traffic in the future. However, as the number of mobile devices significantly increases, getting massive data into and out of the cloud ... More
Quasi-periodic pulsations with periods that change depending on whether the pulsations have thermal or nonthermal componentsDec 08 2016Context. Quasi-periodic pulsations (QPPs) typically display periodic and regular peaks in the light curves during the flare emissions. Sometimes, QPPs show multiple periods at the same wavelength. However, changing periods in various channels are rare. ... More
Retinal Vessels Segmentation Based on Dilated Multi-Scale Convolutional Neural NetworkApr 11 2019Accurate segmentation of retinal vessels is a basic step in Diabetic retinopathy(DR) detection. Most methods based on deep convolutional neural network (DCNN) have small receptive fields, and hence they are unable to capture global context information ... More
Bitewing Radiography Semantic Segmentation Base on Conditional Generative Adversarial NetsFeb 07 2018Currently, Segmentation of bitewing radiograpy images is a very challenging task. The focus of the study is to segment it into caries, enamel, dentin, pulp, crowns, restoration and root canal treatments. The main method of semantic segmentation of bitewing ... More
Context-Aware Zero-Shot RecognitionApr 19 2019Apr 24 2019We present a novel problem setting in zero-shot learning, zero-shot object recognition and detection in the context. Contrary to the traditional zero-shot learning methods, which simply infers unseen categories by transferring knowledge from the objects ... More
Beyond Frontal Faces: Improving Person Recognition Using Multiple CuesJan 23 2015Jan 30 2015We explore the task of recognizing peoples' identities in photo albums in an unconstrained setting. To facilitate this, we introduce the new People In Photo Albums (PIPA) dataset, consisting of over 60000 instances of 2000 individuals collected from public ... More
A Survey of Distributed Consensus Protocols for Blockchain NetworksApr 08 2019Since the inception of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and the underlying blockchain technology have attracted an increasing interest from both academia and industry. Among various core components, consensus protocol is the defining technology behind the security ... More
Deep Learning Topological Invariants of Band InsulatorsMay 26 2018Jun 09 2018In this work we design and train deep neural networks to predict topological invariants for one-dimensional four-band insulators in AIII class whose topological invariant is the winding number, and two-dimensional two-band insulators in A class whose ... More
Energy-efficient resource allocation for hybrid bursty services in multi-relay OFDM networksJan 05 2018In this paper, we propose Mapped Two-way Water Filling (MTWF) scheme to maximize Energy Efficiency (EE) for hybrid bursty services with Quality of Services (QoS) requirements in Two-Way Multi-Relay (TWMR) OFDM networks. The bursty traffic is first analyzed ... More
A Regression Approach to Certain Information Transmission ProblemsJun 10 2019A general information transmission model, under independent and identically distributed Gaussian codebook and nearest neighbor decoding rule with processed channel output, is investigated using the performance metric of generalized mutual information. ... More
Learning an Inverse Tone Mapping Network with a Generative Adversarial RegularizerApr 20 2018Transferring a low-dynamic-range (LDR) image to a high-dynamic-range (HDR) image, which is the so-called inverse tone mapping (iTM), is an important imaging technique to improve visual effects of imaging devices. In this paper, we propose a novel deep ... More
Throughput Maximization in Two-hop DF Multiple-Relay Network with Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power TransferApr 24 2019This paper investigates the end-to-end throughput maximization problem for a two-hop multiple-relay network, with relays powered by simultaneous wireless information and power transfer (SWIPT) technique. Nonlinearity of energy harvester at every relay ... More
A Unified Algorithmic Framework of Symmetric Gauss-Seidel Decomposition based Proximal ADMMs for Convex Composite ProgrammingDec 17 2018Apr 04 2019This paper aims to present a fairly accessible generalization of several symmetric Gauss-Seidel decomposition based multi-block proximal alternating direction methods of multipliers (ADMMs) for convex composite optimization problems. The proposed method ... More
On bodies with congruent sections or projectionsNov 28 2017In this paper, we construct two convex bodies $K$ and $L$ in $\mathbb{R}^n$, $n\geq 3$, such that their projections $K|H$, $L|H$ onto every subspace $H$ are congruent, but nevertheless, $K$ and $L$ do not coincide up to a translation or a reflection in ... More
Chemical network reduction in protoplanetary disksJan 15 2019Protoplanetary disks (PPDs) are characterized by different kinds of gas dynamics and chemistry, which are coupled via ionization, heating and cooling processes, as well as advective and turbulent transport. However, directly coupling gas dynamics with ... More
Generalized Kerr/CFT correspondence with electromagnetic fieldNov 14 2013The electrovac axisymmetric extreme isolated horizon/CFT correspondence is considered. By expansion techniques under the Bondi-like coordinates, it is proved that the near horizon geometry of electrovac axisymmetric extreme isolated horizon is unique. ... More
On sufficient conditions for rainbow cycles in edge-colored graphsMay 10 2017Mar 18 2019Let $G$ be an edge-colored graph. We use $e(G)$ and $c(G)$ to denote the number of edges of $G$ and the number of colors appearing on $E(G)$, respectively. For a vertex $v\in V(G)$, the \emph{color neighborhood} of $v$ is defined as the set of colors ... More
Accelerating an adiabatic process by nonlinear sweepingJan 10 2012We investigate the acceleration of an adiabatic process with the same survival probability of the ground state by sweeping a parameter nonlinearly, fast in the wide gap region and slow in the narrow gap region, as contrast to the usual linear sweeping. ... More
Finding Needles in a Moving Haystack: Prioritizing Alerts with Adversarial Reinforcement LearningJun 20 2019Detection of malicious behavior is a fundamental problem in security. One of the major challenges in using detection systems in practice is in dealing with an overwhelming number of alerts that are triggered by normal behavior (the so-called false positives), ... More
Pion transverse-momentum spectrum, elliptic flow, and Hanbury-Brown-Twiss interferometry in a viscous granular source modelAug 17 2016Apr 26 2017We examine the evolution of quark-gluon plasma (QGP) droplets with viscous hydrodynamics and analyze the pion transverse-momentum spectrum, elliptic flow, and Hanbury-Brown-Twiss (HBT) interferometry in a granular source model consisting of viscous QGP ... More
Enforcing Private Data Usage Control with Blockchain and Attested Off-chain Contract ExecutionApr 15 2019The abundance of rich varieties of data is enabling many transformative applications of big data analytics that have profound societal impacts. However, there are also increasing concerns regarding the improper use of individual users' private data. Many ... More
AutoScaler: Scale-Attention Networks for Visual CorrespondenceNov 17 2016Finding visual correspondence between local features is key to many computer vision problems. While defining features with larger contextual scales usually implies greater discriminativeness, it could also lead to less spatial accuracy of the features. ... More
Explosive chromospheric evaporation driven by nonthermal electrons around one footpoint of a solar flare loopMay 06 2017We explore the temporal relationship between microwave/HXR emission and Doppler velocity during the impulsive phase of a solar flare on 2014 October 27 (SOL2014-10-27), which displays a pulse on the light curves in microwave (34 GHz) and hard X-ray (HXR, ... More
Coherent population trapping in a dressed two-level atom via a bichromatic fieldAug 14 2008We show theoretically that by applying a bichromatic electromagnetic field, the dressed states of a monochromatically driven two-level atom can be pumped into a coherent superposition termed as dressed-state coherent population trapping. Such effect can ... More
Compact Bilinear PoolingNov 19 2015Apr 12 2016Bilinear models has been shown to achieve impressive performance on a wide range of visual tasks, such as semantic segmentation, fine grained recognition and face recognition. However, bilinear features are high dimensional, typically on the order of ... More
On Sharpness of the Local Kato Smoothing Property of Dispersive Wave EquationsMar 28 2016Constantin and Saut showed in 1988 that solutions of the Cauchy problem for general dispersive equations $$ w_t +iP(D)w=0,\quad w(x,0)=q (x), \quad x\in \mathbb{R}^n, \ t\in \mathbb{R} , $$ enjoy the local smoothing property $$ q\in H^s (\R ^n) \implies ... More
HBT interferometry with quantum transport of the interfering pairMay 10 2008In the late stage of the evolution of a pion system in high-energy heavy-ion collisions when pions undergo multiple scatterings, the quantum transport of the interfering pair of identical pions plays an important role in determining the characteristics ... More
Content Popularity Prediction Towards Location-Aware Mobile Edge CachingSep 01 2018Mobile edge caching enables content delivery within the radio access network, which effectively alleviates the backhaul burden and reduces response time. To fully exploit edge storage resources, the most popular contents should be identified and cached. ... More
Dynamic Mobile Edge Caching with Location DifferentiationSep 15 2017Mobile edge caching enables content delivery directly within the radio access network, which effectively alleviates the backhaul burden and reduces round-trip latency. To fully exploit the edge resources, the most popular contents should be identified ... More
de Haas-van Alphen study on three-dimensional topological semimetal pyrite PtBi2Sep 18 2018We present the systematic de Haas-van Alphen (dHvA) quantum oscillations studies on the recently discovered topological Dirac semimetal pyrite PtBi2 single crystals. Remarkable dHvA oscillations were observed at field as low as 1.5 T. From the analyses ... More
Software Defined Space-Air-Ground Integrated Vehicular Networks: Challenges and SolutionsMar 08 2017May 15 2017This article proposes a software defined space-air-ground integrated network architecture for supporting diverse vehicular services in a seamless, efficient, and cost-effective manner. Firstly, the motivations and challenges for integration of space-air-ground ... More
Vacuum Measurements and Quantum State Reconstruction of PhononsNov 10 2016A quantum state is fully characterized by its density matrix or equivalently by its quasiprobabilities in phase space. A scheme to identify the quasiprobabilities of a quantum state is an important tool in the recent development of quantum technologies. ... More
Scalable global entangling gates on arbitrary ion qubitsJan 11 2019A quantum algorithm can be decomposed into a sequence consisting of single qubit and 2-qubit entangling gates. To optimize the decomposition and achieve more efficient construction of the quantum circuit, we can replace multiple 2-qubit gates with a single ... More
Entropy of isolated horizon from surface term of gravitational actionMar 28 2014Starting from the surface term of gravitational action, one can construct a Virasoro algebra with central extension, with which the horizon entropy can be derived by using Cardy formula. This approach gives a new routine to calculate and interpret the ... More
First-principles calculation on the transport properties of molecular wires between Au clusters under equilibriumApr 22 2005Jul 13 2005Based on the matrix Green's function method combined with hybrid tight-binding / density functional theory, we calculate the conductances of a series of gold-dithiol molecule-gold junctions including benzenedithiol (BDT), benzenedimethanethiol (BDMT), ... More
Energy Harvesting-Aided Spectrum Sensing and Data Transmission in Heterogeneous Cognitive Radio Sensor NetworkApr 06 2016The incorporation of Cognitive Radio (CR) and Energy Harvesting (EH) capabilities in wireless sensor networks enables spectrum and energy efficient heterogeneous cognitive radio sensor networks (HCRSNs). The new networking paradigm of HCRSNs consists ... More
Software Defined Networking Enabled Wireless Network Virtualization: Challenges and SolutionsApr 05 2017Next generation (5G) wireless networks are expected to support the massive data and accommodate a wide range of services/use cases with distinct requirements in a cost-effective, flexible, and agile manner. As a promising solution, wireless network virtualization ... More
Spatial Traffic Shaping in Heterogeneous Cellular Networks with Energy HarvestingAug 20 2015Energy harvesting (EH), which explores renewable energy as a supplementary power source, is a promising 5G technology to support the huge energy demand of heterogeneous cellular networks (HCN). However, the random arrival of renewable energy brings great ... More
Multi-message Authentication over Noisy Channel with Secure Channel CodesAug 09 2017In this paper, we investigate multi-message authentication to combat adversaries with infinite computational capacity. An authentication framework over a wiretap channel $(W_1,W_2)$ is proposed to achieve information-theoretic security with the same key. ... More
The effect of Al doping on the structure and magnetism in cobaltite CaBaCo4O7Apr 04 2013We report the effects of Al-doping on the structure and magnetic properties in CaBa(Co$_{1-x}$Al$_{x}$)$_4$O$_7$ (0$\leq$x$\leq$0.25). The system exhibits a structural transition from an orthorhombic symmetry to a hexagonal symmetry when the Al content ... More
Universal relations for spin-orbit coupled Fermi gas near an s-wave resonanceJan 22 2018Jan 25 2018The synthetic spin-orbit coupled quantum gases is widely studied both experimentally and theoretically in recent years. As previous studies show, this modification of single-body dispersion will in general couple different partial waves and thus distort ... More
A Survey on Gas Sensing TechnologyMay 31 2013Sensing technology has been widely investigated and utilized for gas detection. Due to the different applicability and inherent limitations of different gas sensing technologies, researchers have been working on different scenarios with enhanced gas sensor ... More
The organic functional group effect on the electronic structure of graphene nano-ribbon: A first-principles studyFeb 01 2013May 23 2013We report a first-principles study of the electronic structure of functionalized graphene nano-ribbon (aGNRs-f) by organic functional group (CH2C6H5) and find that CH2C6H5 functionalized group does not produce any electronic states in the gap and the ... More
Uniform Information Exchange in Multi-channel Wireless Ad Hoc NetworksMar 30 2015In the information exchange problem, k packets that are initially maintained by k nodes need to be disseminated to the whole network as quickly as possible. We consider this problem in single-hop multi- channel networks of n nodes, and propose a uniform ... More
ECD: An Edge Content Delivery and Update Framework in Mobile Edge ComputingMay 28 2018This article proposes an edge content delivery framework (ECD) based on mobile edge computing in the era of Internet of Things (IOT), to alleviate the load of the core network and improve the quality of experience (QoE) of mobile users. Considering mobile ... More
Convergence of ground state solutions for nonlinear Schrödinger equations on graphsMay 11 2017We consider the nonlinear Schr\"{o}dinger equation $-\Delta u+(\lambda a(x)+1)u=|u|^{p-1}u$ on a locally finite graph $G=(V,E)$. We prove via the Nehari method that if $a(x)$ satisfies certain assumptions, for any $\lambda>1$, the equation admits a ground ... More